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Updating the Sixers Cap Situation

Ouch! The Sixers would only have $42 million in committed salary after re-signing Bynum if they hadn't signed Hawes or Kwame.

I think Jrue is worth what Rondo is worth today, around $10-11 million a year. My fear is that he tests FA and some dumbass team like Charlotte will offer him the max.

There aren't many good FAs in the next two years. The Sixers have about $15 million in the short term contracts of Turner, Hawes, and Brown. I think a trade would be more appealing.

From here on in the Sixers will have to make moves the way most good teams due- trades. Hopefully they become good enough that good players are open to coming to Philly and get their agents to get things moving.

I think they see Bynum/Jrue/Thad and probably ET as their core players. If those guys are good then they should be able to package some junk to get another big ticket player.

Eventually (in 2 years):

Bynum 20M
Jrue 11M
Thad 9M

So that would eventually leave about 20M to spend on 1 more key player + 7 role players. So maybe 8-10M on that key player. Not a superstar number, but enough to target a very good player (say Ginobili or Gerald Wallace level forward- not those players but that talent level.)

Does that get you into contension in 2-3 years? Who knows.

Is the max contract that Bynum can earn on the FA market equal to an average of 17.733 over the course of 4 years? The Sixers can offer him a starting salary of 17.733 and have it escalate by 1.5% over the next 5 years, right?

Am I right, or is the only benefit of signing with Bird Rights is being able to get an extra year of guaranteed salary? The reason I ask this is because I noticed that Gordon and Hibbert's salary start at 13.668 and their entire salary averaged out to their max contract number of 14.59

Benefit of Bird Rights is it can be a five-year deal, and the yearly increase is 7.5% instead of 4.5% (think it's 4.5%).

So here's the math for Bynum next summer:

The Sixers can offer 5 years, $103M.

Another team can offer 4 years, $75.9M.

So Bynum would be turning down the fifth year ($23.7M) and the value over the four years would be about $3.4M less.

If he was to roll the dice and assume he's going to get another max contract after the fourth year if he signs with another team, then the fifth year (the first year of the new contract) would be a lower starting point than the fifth year of the deal he could sign w/ the Sixers (105% of the fourth year of the contract he signed w/ the other team, vs. 107.5% of the fourth year of his contract w/ the Sixers). Anyway, so if you do the math, he'd lost about $6M over the next five years if he leaves, even if he then signs a max contract w/ the next team.

If you look out even further (assuming he signs another max contract when he's thirty), then he'd be losing $15M over 9 years, and missing out on a $30M payday in year 10, when he's 35.

That seems like a lot of money, but the $3.4M over the first 4 year years is really the key. They need to keep him happy this year, because that's not a ton of money.

For better or worse, this is the starting lineup next year, based on the information we've seen:


Schoolboy reply to Jesse on Aug 11 at 9:00

i think j rich will start instead so he and nick youn
g wont be on the 2nd team together without a good ball handler

mymanET reply to Jesse on Aug 14 at 3:39

there is no way that turner does not play the 3. a point forward role fits his abilities like a glove. one of our new shooters at the 2, giving us two threats from distance in the backcourt and giving turner the space he needs to do his thing(namely, get into the paint and wreck havoc on opposing defenses with andrew bynum)

turner should be shooting midrange jumpers all day every day for the next two months. if he can knock those down consistently he will be dropping 20 points on a routine basis. even if he can't manage that, our new passel of shooting threats means space for him to to play in the paint, his specialty. i also hope turner will be spending a lot of time standing at the free throw line for the rest of the offseason, because the sixers have weapons that will routinely overwhelm opposition d, and overwhelmed foul guys who attack the rim off dribble penetration

How does Hawes and Kwame prevent them from signing big free agents? They could trade either one for cap space. Contrary to popular belief neither one is overpaid and as long as Dallas has a team big men have a place to go play badly at. Brendan Haywood ring a bell? Chris Kamen, Elton Brand etc. They got a long history of taking in mediocre bigs.

Really as far as big men go they aren't overpaid. Hawes was producing all-star caliber numbers pre-injury. Kwame can defend, rebound and intimidate opponents Reggie Evans-style. Package Kwame with Thad and you got a taker with most teams a 6'8 stud and a defensive 7 footer.

People thought we were stuck with all these wings until the traded two of them for Bynum. Anybody on this roster could be moved. Easily. Plus next summer they become expiring contracts. Even good-great teams can use them.

Elton Brand even now is better than Spencer Hawes and Kwame Brown, probably combined.

I don't get the assumption that the sixers could easily dispose of Spencer Hawes...especially when he'll be even more exposed as suck next year now that the sixers have a real big man.

Gotta put the cap hold for Jrue in there, as 52.7 isn't the number they'll be at heading into free agency next year.

So at a 250% cap hold, that puts Jrue's number at $6,687,130, and the Sixers financial commitments to 56,764,986, or effectively over the cap.

Yeah, they're going to be over the cap either way. Over the cap w/ only 7 players signed, and probably looking at spending more than the QO to re-sign Jrue.

lakers seriously thinking about hiring eddie jordan...

please someone tell me if they think that will fit with la, because eddie fucking jordan was an absolutely huge mistake for our team. does the princeton offense work w their players?

Where is the cap number supposed to be for 2013-14?

That's the first year it goes to 50/50 split of BRI. For the past two seasons it's been frozen at the level of the last year prior to the lockout. It's probably going to drop from $57M.

Insert obligatory comment about them screwing up the Lavoy contract here...

...and Brian how many site rules would I break by pointing out that the cap and luxury tax levels may very well depend on what happens on Nov. 6?

I'm not sure I agree that what happens on November 6th will have that much impact...I get why you think it will but I think rhetoric is the biggest part of those things and most of the rhetoric used to win on the 6th fades when faced with the reality of the 535 people who you need to help you follow through on your rhetoric and their own selfish interests

So, if we're going to be close to or over the cap anyway, the two year deals for Hawes and Brown are not just harmless; they're positive assets in terms of acquiring players. Next year we'll effectively have almost 12M in "cap space" (with the caveat that we can only use it in trades), assuming the +/- 25% rule is still in place for teams over the cap.

That's the ludicrous thing about the NBA. A team that is right at the salary cap is actually in the worst possible situation, since it can't sign free agents, and it can't take on additional salary in trades.

If you know you're going to be close to the salary cap, the best strategy is to put yourself over using Bird Rights on good players and signing mediocre ones to short, possibly overpriced contracts that can be used as trade chips. And hey, that's what the Sixers seem to have done (though it's tough to say whether that was their intention).

We'll get exceptions. Basically, if you're under the cap by less than the exceptions, you're considered over the cap and you get those exceptions.


Out of curiosity, if Bynum (still only 24) signed the 3 year extension (maxed out) what would his 5 year contract look like after that...just curious what the 8 year total might look like...I doubt it's more than he'd make signing a 5 year then looking for another contract when he is only 30 but still...

Tom Moore on Aug 11 at 11:49

Sixers story: Bynum trade initiated by Sixers calling Magic about Howard:


Twitter: @tmoorepburbs

Bynum & throw-in Richardson for Iguodala, 2 tadpoles & future protoplasm:

steak for hamburger
battleship for PT boat
Rocky Colavito for Harvey Keunn
Jim Bunning & Gus Triandos for Don Demeter & Jack Hamilton
Lou Brock for Ernie Broglio
rising Bobby Jones for declining George McGinnis
Robert Parish for Joe Barely Cares
Manhattan for $24

Gentleman Rod Thorn has delivered.

Fergie Jenkins and Adolfo Phillips for veteran pitchers Bob Buhl and Larry Jackson.

Not the first time Rod Thorn has delivered over his career. I bet he's an excellent poker player.

But admit it, for a while there you were calling him Rod Van Winkle.

Never was bothered by the Jenkins trade. He hadn't proven anything at that point. Phils were goin' for it, tryin' to win the NL. Didn't work out. Buhl was done, Jackson pitched pretty well for them though for 3 yrs - check out his Philly composite numbers... 2.95 ERA, 11 shutouts in 104 starts, 752.1 innings! And the only powder on his nose was from his morning donut. :)

Gotta give the late wallbanger his due: last name is spelled 'Kuenn'... capped his good playing career at 35, batting .296 as part-timer - OF/1B - for the disappointing '66 4th place Phils. Nice contact hitter: struck out just 404 times in 7,617 plate appearances. Prime: mid-Fifties to early Sixties.

Regarding Kuenn. Kind of liked him. Was just getting into watching pro-baseball then. Get your point about Jenkins but we really missed the boat on him. Felt the same about Don Money and Larry Hisle. Didn't realize Jackson had that much success for the Phillies.

Had trust in Rod from the get go. Gritty player in his NBA career. It will now be up to the coach(I know he's not one of your favorites), to make something of this group. He's going to have to work magic to get Bynum to hustle and concentrate for 35 min. a game; however, the next raise may be all the motivation Bynum needs.

Don Money had to go in any case as Mike Schmidt was on deck. The trade that made me stop following the Phillies was Larry Bowa and Ryne Sandberg for Ivan DeJesus.

buke reply to Bob on Aug 11 at 18:39

I actually felt that DeJesus was a better shortstop than Bowa so that part I didn't mind. Letting Sandberg go so soon did bite them hard and quick but, at the time, they had Sandberg, Juan Samuel, and Julio Franco as second base prospects. They couldn't play all of them. Portland should have never drafted Sam Bowie in 1984 either, but, with Clyde Drexler drafted just the year before, one can understand why they chose to pass on Michael Jordan at the time.

Bowa was still a better shortstop but DeJesus was younger. Consensus at the time was that Sandberg was going to be really good. The Phillies were so desperate to get rid of Bowa and his tantrums that they allowed Dallas Green -- who still knew their farm system better than they did -- to steal their best prospect. And, as you say, the Phils kept Juan Samuel and his legendary strikeout-to-walk ratio.

Whenever I see Gus Triandos' name, I laugh, thanks to the greatest TV show of all time.

shdwmyth on Aug 11 at 21:30

I am a new poster and have a question. Couldn't you sign a free agent next summer and then sign Bynum? You can go over the cap to keep your own players right? I thought that same scenario played out with Brand where they signed him and then signed Iggy.

You cannot. Bynum is going to have a massive cap hold once his contract expires, and it stays in place until Bynum is signed by someone or we renounce his rights.

Favorite quote: "The Sixers now probably wish they hadn't already signed two centers, Spencer Hawes ($13 million over two years) and Kwame Brown ($6 million over two), earlier in the summer. But Collins and general manager Rod Thorn will be loath to trade any of their bangers, especially having just endured two seasons with an undersized squad that struggled on the boards."

...yes, but how do they feel about trading KWAME BROWN or SPENCER HAWES?

South Broad on Aug 11 at 22:16

Have a close friend that is an astute Lakers fan and during convo today about the trade and changes for the teams involved he mentioned that he was stoked that they have DH12 instead of Andrew Bynum. Unknowingly, as I've not watched Bynum's game that closely, he was particularly in favor of swapping the big men for one major reason - Bynum's huge struggles defending the pick and roll and DH's prowess at it. Anyone else in tune with this line of observation?

Anonymous reply to South Broad on Aug 11 at 23:29

this guy seems to think he's not terrible

I can't wait to see this next year...


stonedeightytoo on Aug 11 at 23:38

Is Andrew Bynum really a 76er...

Hey Brian, the Sixers made the biggest trade since Malone, and there is no Podcast. WTF?

Now if they can somehow trade Hawes for a backup PG... we really don't have a need or use for Hawes anymore.

AAronMcKie4MVP on Aug 12 at 9:15

its very refreshing to see that $15-$20mm nut at the top of our salary list being paid to someone that we can actually build around to win more than 43 games.

a lot of complaints around hawes and kwame contracts, but cmon, its only $6.5 and $3mm. so what, hawes is overpaid by $2 or $3mm, not the worst thing in the world. kwame did something to command an $8mm per deal a few yrs back, he really cant be that bad for $3mm.. the guy is 7 foot and pretty jacked, hes got to be able to do something.

i look at that list and the fact is there are some serious bargains, this team is completely remodeled and i like it.

Because it adds up to $9 million that could have been used elsewhere.

eddies' heady's on Aug 12 at 10:06

I come before you this morning to ask permission if I can add some garnishments to my full plate of crow being served up. I held firmly and tightly to the belief for two-plus years that Andre Iguodala would not be traded for various reasons but particularly because no one would want him for that much money. The teams new owners and control-freak head coach acting-GM along with tag-along Rod "schweepy" Thorn threw me under the bus with no warning whatsoever. Some allegiance they showed for my 29 years of misery, save for one near-magical season.

Nonetheless, never have I wanted to indulge in a plate-full of corvine with permissible blackberries, blueberries, and maybe even a cherry sitting atop some Cool Whip so bad.

How sweet it is, and ala Campbells it's ummmmm... ummmmm... good!

Well, I had serious doubts about whether he could be traded, too, at least until his expiring year and about whether he would be even if a fair opportunity came up. The Joe Johnson trade did give me a new sense what is possible, but I never, ever imagined they would pull off something like this. Maybe the new ownership really does feel the need to show the fans that they are bigger and bolder than the old ownership and they had to sense a bit of fan disappointment with the offseason until this trade.

Stan reply to buke on Aug 12 at 17:57

The Sixers could have traded him a long time ago if they had wanted to. It was matter of getting a fair return. The guy's contract won't finish till he's 30 and his average salary over the course of his contract is $13.33 million.

Joe Johnson signed his contract at the age of 29 and it wasn't set to finish till he reached the age of 35. Not only that but his salary would average to around $20 million a year.

Andre and Johnson aren't in the same situation. Two years from now the Nets will have a 33 year old Joe Johnson and will have to pay a steep penalty for the $48 million remaining on Johnson's contract.

Olympics trivia: Iguodala becomes the second NBA player to play the previous season with the Sixers before winning an Olympic Gold Medal and get traded before the following season (famously, Charles Barkley was the first in 1992). Can you name the last player to play a game for the Sixers after winning a Gold Medal for the U.S.? (Hint: as far as I can tell, there has only been one such player since the 60's.)

Hersey Hawkins got the bronze. Johnny Dawkins was an alternate in '84. Those were my two guesses.

Stan reply to Brian on Aug 12 at 23:39

Toni Kukoc won a silver in 88'

ojr107 reply to Statman on Aug 12 at 22:04

Doug Collins is my guess.

Doug Collins (famously) earned a silver, but the team has refused to accept it. He's never won a gold.

Rich reply to Statman on Aug 12 at 22:56

Looked it up. Interesting name.

Stan reply to Statman on Aug 12 at 23:37

Looked it up as well. It's a pretty interesting name that I don't expect anyone to guess.

Statman reply to Statman on Aug 13 at 1:00

Answer: Leon Wood won the Gold in 1984 and played with the Sixers from 1984-86. Wood was highly regarded in college and the Sixers drafted him 10th in 1984 (ahead of Kevin Willis and John Stockton), but unfortunately he was a journeyman as a pro.

Previous to Wood, as far as I can tell, were Luke Jackson in 1964 (Sixer for his entire career, 1964-72) and Darrall Imhoff in 1960 (Sixer from 1968-70).

Of course, if I didn't add "for the U.S.," then Nocioni won Gold for Argentina in 2004 and then played with the Sixers ...

And let's not forget Mel Counts.

... or, casting aside the Olympics connection, MEL DANIELS (believed by archeologists and social historians to be the only ex-Minnesota Muskie/Indiana Pacer/Memphis Sound/New York Net in the long trail of mankind), MEL BENNETT (former Peabody HS of Pittsburgh rebounding & scoring supervisor; wore glasses like Dick Van Dyke sit-com boss, MEL COOLEY), MEL ROACH ('62 Phils utility infielder who was nowhere-near-great but gave it all he had, just like teammate Bob Oldis), MEL BRIDGEMAN (mean, mustachioed middleman of puck-mucking mania) or MEL TORME ('The Velvet Fog'... inimitable song stylist who co-wrote "The Christmas Song" ... "chesnuts roasting on an open fire").

E, blogger; correction - "chestnuts"

Can't forget MEL SHARPLES, greasy spoon owner & cook on "Alice." And Warner Brothers' friend, MEL BLANC. That's all folks!

I never imagined that mere mention of Butch van Breda Kolff's darling would elicit such a profusion of Melvins. And thanks DB for excluding the Mels we'd all like to forget. Your cavalcade reminds me of Melvin ____, the eponymous Thriftway supervisor, who by his hatefulness inspired the slowest - and one of the better - band in rock 'n roll history.

buke reply to Statman on Aug 13 at 12:35

Yes, Leon Wood never did quite meet expectations as an NBA player, but he did manage to have a steadier second NBA career - as a ref.

Charlie H reply to Statman on Aug 13 at 19:39

I saw that team play and I didn't get it. Chris Mullin & MJ were on that team, Ewing too. They got 2 gold medals. Darrell Imhoff was on the '60 team that everybody thought was the best until '92. (Or maybe '84.) Oscar, Jerry West, Walt Bellamy & Jerry Lucas. Not to mention Adrian Smith.

Rich reply to Statman on Aug 14 at 1:01

I can't say how much I enjoyed rooting against Nocioni in this tournament. Even though he was somehow pretty effective at times, watching people score on him was a treat. As was any time he put the ball on the floor.

God, I stood up and applauded Barbosa for that crossover. Made my week.

Kind of odd to see about six players go over to the media table and shake hands/hug DC after winning the gold...but so far as we saw AI9 was not one of them, hmm...


FYI did everybody see the tweets from SixersCEOAdam today? Trade isn't official until all of the physicals are done on Friday, there will be a Bynum bobblehead this season, and asked his followers whether the post trade press conference should be open to the public..shall we all bombard him?

Any news on Bynum and what he thinks about being traded to the Sixers yet? It's been almost too quiet on that front.

Hope he doesn't think like Dwight: "If it doesn't work out, there's always Dallas."

Hopefully his durability concerns will entice Bynum to opt in for that extra year.

Thorn said that he spoke with Bynum before the trade to assess his enthusiasm for playing in Philly and was optimistic that Sixers could sign him long term.

Delay of press conference has much to do with Olympics I'm sure.

According to Mr.Aron, the Bynum/JR press conference will take place on Wednesday

How many minutes did Iguodala play vs. Argentina? Saw he only played 2 vs. Spain, wondering if maybe someone didn't talk to coach K about protecting him. The physicals aren't done for the trade yet, I believe.

Tom Moore on Aug 13 at 11:53

Adam Aron‏ @SixersCEOAdam

HELP WELCOME ANDREW BYNUM TO PHILADELPHIA. Join us at initial press conference, open to @Sixers fans. Time and place TBD, likely Wednesday

Adam Aron ‏@SixersCEOAdam

TWITTER VOICES HEARD: all @Sixers fans invited to attend open Bynum/JR press conference this week. Season/20/10 tix holders reserved area.

Adam Aron ‏@SixersCEOAdam

We are checking logistics right now to see if we can stream live. RT @Caleb_Mezzy: @SixersCEOAdam @sixers It won't be online?”

The Sixers could do something radical by trading Hawes and Kwame along with Turner for an expiring contract this year, and then use the stretch provision to waive Jason Richardson. It would reduce their salary to about $39 million (which includes the cap hold for Bynum and Holiday) while giving them cap space for free agency next year.

I'm not fond of the free agent class for next year unless Ginobili and CP3 are interested in coming here, if Andre decides to opt out and re-sign with the Sixers, or if the Thunder are willing to let go of Harden.

Next year's FA class seems more like a year to use the MLE- JJ Reddick, Anthony Morrow, Tony Allen, Reggie Williams, James Johnson, Kyle Korver, Jarret Jack, C.J. Watson or Devin Harris.

Pretty sure they can't use the stretch on Richardson.

Stan reply to Brian on Aug 13 at 14:11

I think they can. The remaining two years of his contract would be summed up and the cap hold would be averaged out over the course of 5 years. That cap hold would come out be around 2.56 million a year for the next 5 years.

Yeah, good call. I thought the stretch was something you could only use on players you signed (like the amnesty), but as far as I can tell, the only limit on the stretch is that the contract was signed under the new CBA (Richardson signed in December of 2011). It looks like the stretch isn't really an exception, it's just the way it's done when a player is cut. Far as I can tell, there's no limit to how many times you can do it, etc.

Any thoughts on what Bynum's line will look like next year? If he stays healthy and gets the usage he should, is 25 ppg, 12 reb, 2 blk line out of the question? In recent history, only Shaq, David Robinson, Hakeem, and Duncan have put up those numbers. That's an MVP caliber year. But it really doesn't seem that crazy on this team.

Tray reply to ryano on Aug 13 at 15:03

"With Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol surrounding him, Bynum wasn’t double-teamed on every possession. But in Philadelphia, it might be a different story. Bynum turned the ball over nearly three times more often when he was double-teamed in the post last season, nearly once every four plays.

Bynum scored the fewest points per post-up play when double-teamed among the 31 players with at least 50 post-up plays last season. Only Kevin Durant turned the ball over more often on those plays."


ryano reply to Tray on Aug 13 at 15:26

Yea, I read that too. I just can't imagine his production not increasing 25% or more- just by being the focal point of the offense. I mean, add 5 more FGA per game for Bynum at the same efficiency and you're adding 7 or 8 points per game right there. Maybe he pisses Doug off by turning the ball over too much, but if he gets 18 shots a game like he should, 25 ppg doesn't seem crazy.

It's tough to maintain efficiency when you're increasing attempts by 50%. I don't think 25/12/2 is out of the question, by any means, but I wouldn't expect it this season. Lot of transition going on.

Operating against the double has a lot to do with floor spacing, as well. Gasol's ability from mid-range was a help, but the Lakers really had no shooters to spread the floor around him.

Stan reply to Brian on Aug 13 at 15:51

I thought Kobe and Fisher were decent shooters. What were Howard's numbers last year? They basically played with 4 jump shooters.

They shot 32.6% from three, and that's been a theme for them over the past couple of years. Howard had a higher turnover rate, overall. He's always turned the ball over too much, but made up for it w/ insane efficiency when he doesn't turn it over.

Bynum had 23.8% usage last season, and 13.9% TOV Rate. That's not terrible for a big. Again, it's on Bynum to get better at handling (and recognizing) doubles, but it has a lot to do w/ his teammates, and more importantly, the scheme. When Brand actually drew doubles a couple years ago, the Sixers were terrible. They'd all go to the weak side of the floor so he didn't have an outlet on the strong side of the floor to kick the ball out to. They were much, much better at that last season. They really made teams pay for doubling, they just didn't draw many of them. If you give the big man a clear outlet on the strong side, it's not terribly hard to work against a double, nor predict when and where it's coming from if you have proper floor spacing. It's when you crowd him with another offensive player that mistakes happen.

Kobe shot 30.3%, Fisher 32%, last season.

Tray reply to Brian on Aug 13 at 18:32

By comparison, Richardson shot 39, 39, and 37 percent the last three seasons; Young shot 41, 39, and 36 percent the last three seasons; Wright shot 39, 38, and 36 percent the last three seasons, and Jrue shot 39, 36, and 38 percent the last three seasons.

Stan reply to Brian on Aug 13 at 18:39

In Kobe's defense, he was probably tripled teamed when he shot those 3 pointers.

Charlie H on Aug 13 at 19:40


I was listening to sports radio today and the radio hosts were having some sort of poll on whether Iguodala was the best player on the Sixers last year. Some guy called in and said that he told Iguodala on twitter that he sucked and that Iguodala responded by telling him to go play in traffic. He then started talking about how Iguodala was the 6th best person on the team and wasn't worth the contract he signed. The best player in his opinion was Elton Brand because of his leadership.

I hope to god that Bynum doesn't monitor his twitter account or listen to local sports radio.

Attendance and fan scorn are two different things, entirely. Winning is pretty much the only thing that's going to impact attendance. But if he averages 20/10, his effort level won't mean a whole lot, he'll be universally loved as the savior. You give Philly fans too much credit, NBA fans in general, really.

Different but not unrelated. Scorning fans find other things to do with their time and money. Yes, winning propels attendance, just as winning play engenders respect and closer attention. Never underestimate the guy on the street, articulate or not.

Tray reply to Brian on Aug 14 at 0:03

But even leaving attendance aside, no one here thought much of Webber in his Sixers years.

buke reply to Tray on Aug 14 at 18:14

Well, he only had that one good year in the two plus years that he was here and 2005-2006 turned out to be a very disappointing year. That year is a reminder that getting two stars is not a guarantee of success. Iverson averaged 33 and Webber 20 pts. a game that year but the team only won 38 games. Neither lasted another full year more as a Sixer.

I think the distaste for Webber is probably more in hindsight - he cost the team quite a bit for a number of years and didn't produce much to show for it, and, unlike Brand, he didn't seem to be trying that hard either. Mostly he just seemed to want out.

Jamal Crawford dunks on Spencer Hawes' punk ass... Bynum went from playing with Pau Gasol to this scrub. Please trade this bum ASAP.

mymanET on Aug 14 at 3:20

this season, the sixers will have floor spacing at every position, opening driving lanes for turner to attack the rim relentlessly with room in the paint either to finish or dish to a flashing bynum for a highlight reel dunk(the most effective, and most exciting, part of bynum's game, for what it's worth)

remember, for just one example, game four against boston?looking at the box score suggests a pathetic performance from turner, 5-22 from the field. but he alone among the sixers put up a fight for the first three quarters, attacking the rim despite the fact that the celtics d was able to pack the paint with impunity.

try this thought experiment: picture those herky jerky turner drives, the ones that drew routine oohs and ahs from the crowd, only place them in this context:

turner at the 3, taking the ball into the paint against a defense that must be aware of the ability of holliday, wright/richardson, and hawes' ability to knock down open shots from outside while it is keyed on preventing bynum from beating them. turner has ample room to operate. depending on how the defense reacts, he can score it himself, dish to bynum for a highlight reel dunk if his man comes to try to block turner's shot, or kick out for an open three or 18 footer.

but by all means, the optimum starting five is holliday/richardson/wright/young/bynum, as libertyballers declared the other day. lol. we will see what happens, won't we!!

I don't know.

Instead of giving Goran Dragic $30 million over 4 years, he decided to give Jeremy Lin $25 million over 3 years.

He traded Kyle Lowry for a lottery pick.

He was able to get 2 extra first round picks in the top 20 this year.

He made the team worse by replacing Dalembert and Scola with Asik and by giving up Courtney Lee. But the team didn't make the playoffs last year so it's not like he took down a decent roster.

I wouldn't fire him till the following season. The Rockets still have a ton of cap space next year along with the 3 guys they drafted in the top 20 last year and the 2 lottery picks they will have next year (I'm assuming Houston and Toronto will miss the playoffs). He can get something done.

Apparently Bynum is getting the Kobe treatment on his knees. Good? Cause for worry?

None of that has anything to do with Turner's very poor play.

Even though I am really happy with the Bynum acquisition, Iguodala in Denver should be a lot of fun. He seems like the perfect complement to Gallo. I might even start rooting for Lawson. It's not often you make a big splash in a trade and don't screw over the guy you ship out.

Denver's going to be a fun team to watch. Wonder if Denver fans will say Iguodala's holding Lawson back, or if they aren't complete idiots.

eddies' heady's reply to Rich on Aug 14 at 21:22

Was thinking about this the other day. Will be nice to finally see Iguodala play with Ty and run the floor as I wished for so desperately on that draft night.

Denver has some nice pieces. I kind of like McGee, really like Faried, have an appreciation for Gallo, love Dre's all-aroundness, and obviously love Lawson. Should be fun as you say.

Favors is probably a better defender than Bynum right now, but that doesn't really matter. If Turner didn't blow, no one would ever pine for anyone, but he has blown for all but about 3 games in his first two seasons.

this time last week the Sixers were just a really depressing thought. Now, I'm so pumped that I'm putting starting line ups on my white board at work. Crazy. Speaking of those line-ups.

1. Any chance hawes can start at 4? Any chance at all? After watching Pau fed his brother and vice a versa, i really started wondering if Hawes could be a poor man's Pau. Also, he gives you another shooter on the floor.

2. If you go with Thad at the 4, do you have enough spacing? Aren't Turner and Thad a little redundant in terms of heads down drivers into the paint that clog the lane instead of open it up for Mandrew?

3. I've been looking for Wright's weaknesses online. Why did GS give him away? He doesn't look that bad and I love that he is 6'9. Is he the starting 3 for sure?

4. I cannot believe how big we are all of the sudden. The thought of throwing kwame and lavoy out there when Taj is abusing Thad makes me so happy.

5. Obviously, the big question is Turner. What will he be? Can he get better? I know he sucks and I know we are all apologists because we are fans. Can he be a dynamic playmaker that glues these pieces together, like we know Iggy would have done?

6. We are still one piece away. What is that piece? I've been thinking about who is the one player that we still need to really win it all. If the Heat give up on Bosh, would he put us over the top? Or do we need Iggy back to man up on Lebron, Durant, Carmelo, Pierce, etc.

guys, let's admit it, this is fun! I cannot believe what happened.

woo basketball on Aug 14 at 12:43

just thinking outside the box. is there a way that we could package jrue, turner, and contracts like hawes and brown (after dec 15th) for an all star level wing player. and then still have cap room to sign chris paul? not exactly sure who that player is, maybe harden? or that same deal for aldrige. he would be a good compliment to bynum and portland is rebuilding. if there rookie pg doesnt work out maybe jrue and turner would be appealing to them. i love jrue, but if we could get paul and use him as a trade chip, im not completely apposed.

The Six reply to woo basketball on Aug 14 at 13:26

I'm pretty content to build the team around Jrue and Bynum rather than chase a CP3 or another elite PG. This year will tell us a lot about Jrue not that he has a legit big man to work with. It's nice to even have the conversation about this team's options now! I love it! We got fucking Bynum!

Tried something like trading Jrue, Turner, Hawes, Kwame for Deng, but even if the Bulls would do it, it wouldn't leave enough money to sign anyone, assuming a max contract for Bynum.

Richardson + Thad is $14.8M. If you're trading Jrue, Turner and Hawes/Kwame to get a stud wing, you're going to have to pay him, too. There's no way they'd have the money to sign CP3 w/ that group already in place.

Stam reply to Brian on Aug 14 at 15:05

What about two separate trades in which the Sixers do a sign and trade for CP3 in exchange for Holiday, and another trade in which the Sixers trade Turner, Lavoy, and Hawes for Deng?

A double sign-and-trade sending Jrue to the Clippers...they'd have to give Jrue the max (and the slips would have to be willing to pay Jrue the max), you'd have to get both players to agree to to it and you'd probably have to throw another piece into the deal to make up for the difference in salaries. You'd also have to convince the Bulls to do it, and I'm not sure why they would considering they wouldn't be saving any money or years in the deal.

If you had to build a 3 year plan for this team to win a championship, what would it be?

Stan reply to Los5782 on Aug 14 at 19:28

They can't be traded till December. I bet Lavoy is the one who goes.

ojr107 reply to Stan on Aug 14 at 19:35

Isn't there an exception that says a player can be traded so long as he is the only outgoing player?

Stan reply to ojr107 on Aug 14 at 20:17

I don't think so. I think that has to do with trade exceptions.

Court_visioN reply to ojr107 on Aug 14 at 21:53

i think you can. remember when quentin richardson (i think?) was traded like 4 times in one offseason?

If you sign a player in the off season, you can't trade him till December.

Tom Moore on Aug 14 at 20:06

Nice job, Tom. You boiled that cabbage down. Have your pepper spray ready for rogue Iggy guard dogs.

The 76ers used part of the MLE on Lavoy Allen, they wont have the full MLE until 2014 offseason

That's not how the MLE works. You have a full MLE every year (as long as you're over the cap). If you're a taxpayer, it's a smaller MLE, but you still have it at your disposal every summer.

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