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Wholesale changes - Part 1

Great writeup, Brian. What's your take on Bynum as a defender? My hope is that having a serious center who can block some shots will make up for at least part of the defense that will be lost with Iguodala's departure. Also, all else being equal, from a defensive standpoint I might rather have my best defender in the middle rather than on the perimeter. This is not to take away from Iggy's elite defense, but to say that Bynum's presence might offset some of the loss.

I see someone is still going through Iguodala withdrawal.

Brian, I take it part of this series will also look at the massive massive massive upgrade from 00 to Bynum?

Stan reply to das411 on Aug 27 at 21:24

Which is negated by the massive downgrade from 42 to 00

I think we can all agree that the team both gained and lost a lot at the same time on both ends on the floor. The only way we can truly see the results is in a year or so IMO. Even the Heat couldn't figure it out in their first season.

I do have one comment though. I agree that Iguodala is a great defender and he will be greatly missed at the wings. However the Sixers managed to be the 3rd ranked defense (1st for the majority of the year) for reasons far beyond having Iguodala on the team. Some of them include:

- Brand despite his foot speed was among the post defenders in the league
- Holiday was among the best on-the-ball defenders in the league
- They had more discipline on defense than any other team in the league. Some of that is coaching, some is personality and some is chemistry.
- Say what you want about Collins, but he is an exceptional defensive coach along with Michael Curry.
- Young was terrific defending pick and rolls off the bench

So, all in all, the Sixers lost Iguodala an Brand, but they added Bynum who can provide the post defense Brand provided and possibly more. They also replaced Lou and Meeks with shooters who are better individual defenders than either of them (we'll see how they'll fare with the team defense concepts). They also added Brown, who may be a laughing stock around the league, but is a pretty good post defender as well.

Basically, i do expect to take step back on the defensive end, but it's not going to be a huge slide. They are still a top 10 defensive team. And i think they have a realistic shot at becoming a top 10 offensive team as well, with the additions of a legit double team threat, post scorer and multiple legitimate three point shooters.

The future is bright and time is key factor now. And it's all on Collins now, cause he more or less got what he wanted and he is the one that needs to make everything work and do it very fast.

Btw, nice post Brian :).

spencer is hired on Aug 28 at 7:56

We have wanted Jrue to have a lowpost option for years but I worry that Collins will show impatience if turnovers increase while the Jrue/Bynum combo get used to each other. I hope you are right Brian and our coach allows for growth there.

I expect a lot of our offense to run through Hawes to offset Iggy and Lou's play making. I know Spence at the p.f. has a lot of issues but I am looking at the positives and if a smaller man is guarding Hawes I expect a lot of easy dumpoff passes into the post from him.

Our coach has a lot of versatility at the 4 this year and matchups will probably dictate the minutes there.

Xsago mentioned the personality of our players and my one fear is Bynum will be an issue there and if he could be anywhere near the type of guy Elton was I will be a happy camper.

Great post, Brian. I would venture to say that the Sixers may not miss Iguodala's defense in the regular season as much as in the postseason (hopefully there is one), when isolation plays and dependence on superstars (most of which in the East are wing players) increases. The defensive findings are no surprise; Iguodala again led the league in 82games' opponent PER, though I would say his sterling numbers this year came more as a result of consistently shutting down poor/mediocre players than spectacular performance against great players (which happened more last year).

Offense is another issue, but it may again be a mixed bag. I've been doing an analysis of championship teams in the NBA's "Superstar Era," and the Sixers' formula for scoring enough to obtain a positive point differential was different from almost every championship team of the past: low turnovers, low free throw rate, good passing (a league-best assist-to-turnover ratio), good three-point percentage.

The lineup changes enable the Sixers to better fit the profile of a "classical" championship team (efficiency through low-post scoring and high free throw rate), but the changes also make the Sixers more similar to many other teams in the league. So, for example, Jrue will be asked to be a "classical" PG and needs to be a better classical PG than the twenty or so other starting 1's who are asked to do that. Bynum will be asked to be a classical low-post scorer, but the offense and surrounding cast needs to come together so that his higher FG% makes up for his higher turnover rate.

I'll post the championship team analysis when I get a chance.

ojr107 reply to Statman on Aug 28 at 13:41

Can you explain how Opponent PER is calculated?

In theory, you would use the same statistics used to calculate PER and accumulate them for whoever a player is guarding. The trick is to determine who a player is guarding while on the floor. Short of watching every game and tabulating that by hand, I would guess 82games looks at game logs and makes logical guesses as to who each player is guarding.

Although the defense this past season was laudable it was probably due, at least in part, to the low turnovers, i.e. fewer fast break points for the opponents. It seems to me that defense and offense (including assist/turnover ratio) shouldn't be looked at in a vacuum. What really matters is the differential.

What I'll really miss with the departure of Iguodala, and Williams as well (although I know people on this board aren't the biggest LouWill fans.), is the pure entertainment value of their athleticism. The idea of watching Bynum clogging up the middle on D, followed by Jrue bringing the ball up the floor and feeding Bynum in the post for a baby hook or a kick out for a three, just leaves me a little cold. Winning is great. But winning with flair is even better.

Yeah, Thad is really the only outstanding athlete they have right now. I think Bynum is pretty athletic, for his size, but nothing like Iguodala in terms of sheer athleticism.

I couldn't agree more, Ben. Iguodala dunks on fast breaks and Lou pulling up for 3s were actually really fun to watch. If Turner can figure it out, he's going to be a really entertaining player - he doesn't give up his dribble and seems to find a way into the paint after you think he got shut down.

As much fun as it was to watch that team completely lock down in the 3rd and 4th Qs, and turn 10-12 point deficits into 2-4-6 point leads as the clock bled away...isn't it just going to be that muche easier to pick up Ws if they have the firepower to get leads (and rebounds!) or stay close early on instead?

The Lakers were a below average defensive team last year. Was it scheme, talent, or both? In terms of defense I'd take Gasol over Hawes, Peace over Wright, and Kobe over Richardson. Michael Curry has his work cut out for him.

Next year's team will take a while to get used to. Perimeter defense has been a staple of this team for a long time.

KH reply to Stan on Aug 29 at 15:15

Except Jrue Holiday is a much better defender then anybody on the Lakers. And Even Turner is a solid defender. So really while the perimeter defense will slip a little I don't think it will be as big as you seem to think. Hawes will not last a month as the starter at power forward. The Sixers have been a average to mediocre defensive team in many of the years Igoudala was here so that tell me how important scheme and team effort is. Lastly, the Lakers were 12th in defensive efficency last year you have to look at the right stats. That is not below average.

It's tough to say whether the defense as a whole will be much better/worse or about the same because it's tough to calculate the advantage of having Bynum at the five over Hawes/Voose, and it's impossible to figure out if Curry/Collins can come up w/ a scheme to maximize what they have (like they did to focus on perimeter defenders). But you really shouldn't downplay the loss going from Iguodala to Turner (if Turner does get the bulk of the minutes at the three). Last year, the team was 5.5 points/100 possessions better with Turner on the bench than they were w/ him in the game. 3.3/100 worse w/ Iguodala on the bench. Turner wasn't terrible, but he also didn't spend a whole lot of time guarding really good wings. He was downright terrible at chasing guys off the ball. I think Richardson and Turner are probably comparable, and they're both maybe average. Wright and N. Anderson are probably average...at best.

Did Turner play a higher percentage of his minutes with Lou and without Brand than Iggy did? I would imagine yes, and this could certainly help explain the higher points per possession given up when Turner was on the court.

I can give you those numbers, if you want. Have to check my spreadsheet at home. Probably also worth mentioning that Turner spent a lot of time on the floor with Iguodala, who always took the harder cover.

No need to go digging around if it's a pain, but if it's easy to obtain, sure, I'd be curious. Good point about Turner being on the floor with Iggy a lot, I agree on that.

In addition to running/jumping athleticism, with the exit of Iguodala we've also lost our one really good (sometimes great) passer. Although labeled a point guard, vision/passing seems to me the weakest aspect of Jrue's game (although still respectable.).

I suppose Hawes. But we'll have to see if he can stay on the floor, i.e. out of Collin's dog house and relatively healthy.

If there was anyone on the Sixers who deserved to be in Collins doghouse it was Hawes. Unfortunately, he never made it there.

I suppose I should have footnoted the "joeykey" link above which I just(subconciously?) ripped off. Whatever. I'm going to shut up now.

Unrelated to this post, but i have to start throwing out some fantasy trades. Ever since the Bynum stuff become reality i can't help myself dreaming about on of these two scenarios:

Hawes + N. Young + Moultrie

for J.Smith or Millsap

Thad and Turner are the other trade options, but i'd rather keep them for the time being.

All we need is Hawes to have a start similar to last years :). Of course deadline for completion is late December at the earliest.

I guess the acquisition of Bynum is starting to pay dividends in the media first.

Here's an article about Holiday and how he needs to increase his 3pt attempts and get to the line more in order to take a step towards stardom.


Basically, something that we are all very familiar with and agree wholeheartedly.

In other news, Zarren has removed himself from consideration. It's looking more and more like Jeff Bower as the new Sixers GM.

I find it kind of troubling that multiple guys now have taken their names out of consideration. It's not like there are a ton of GM jobs in the league, usually guys are dying to sign on the dotted line, even if it isn't an ideal situation.

Rich reply to Brian on Aug 31 at 10:41

Really have to think they aren't in love with the Collins dynamic. As you said, there aren't that many GM jobs...

I don't think the issue is specifically working with Collins. I'm guessing these guys would love to work with Collins, just not under him.

The Sixers position is not really a GM position. It is really an assistant GM position because Collins is the GM. It is hard to make an assistant GM switch from one assistant GM position to another one (even if the official title is GM.)

One thing that should help our defense is that we will no have Meeks/Williams on the team(not to mention in the game at the same time).

I would really interested in seeing some statistical discussion about the defensive abilities of Richardson/Young/Wright.

jswigga on Sep 4 at 11:18

Kind of bittersweet to see AI9 finally getting his daps. Excellent write up, Brain.
I suspect the Sixers will be challenged by all the reasons you cited; Iggy was/is elite.
Anyhow, I look forward to the coming year and your thoughts and insight too.

Pretty interesting video. Love the reaction to the Harkless pick.

Nice post Brian.

A lot to take in, especially while staring at numbers all day at work, but I appreciated your method as always.

For the Stat Heads.. Nice article on centers..


so this Chet Walker - legit Hall of Famer, or Ron Santo-esque eh we've got to elect somebody HoFer?

before my time. dollar bill probably has an opinion.

Chester Walker, of an impoverished Michigan youth, Bradley U (of Indy) stardom and Syracuse Nats rookiedom, original Sixer #25 (encircled with 13 Betsy Ross stars - - a beaut of a uniform by the way), averaged 17 & 10 at age 23 in his first year here in this blushing, always-sweet, ever-romantic and most faithful resort by the babbling Schuylkill and Delaware brooks.

Chet wouldn't win many high jump or sprint competitions (not that he was an inferior athlete or plodding in movement), but he would win many basketball games in his 1000-plus NBA game career. His teams - Nats, Sixers, Bulls - ALWAYS made the playoffs.

Smart, durable (never missed more than 6 gms), even demeanor; tough, as opposed to macho. Was a key two-way component to competitive clubs throughout career.

Need a bucket/some points? See Chet. Sweet shooter, great one-on-one operator. Used glass well on angles. Used both hands and directions, right and left, without handicap. Used pump fakes. Used knack, special feel. Consequently, he used his man often. (Of modern players, Adrian Dantley resembled his means of attack to some extent, though Chet was more fluid in motion, not quite as dependent on bulk as A.D.)

Pet moves: [1] left side, dribble hard toward baseline, pull up, pump-till-defender-jump, up (sometimes fading away), release with control, often in (or FTs awarded) [2] left side wing, get man leaning with head feint or jab step, wide first stride (gaining edge on defender), dribble right-slash into lane, hang, absorb bump, pump, drop another in (and/or get free throw/s).

Walker-"Kangaroo Kid" Cunningham and Walker-the late "Butterbean" Love: 2 nice scoring forward pairings.

Walker-Luke Jackson-Wilt frontline: history's greatest. Bird, McHale, Parrish: sit yourself down!!!

Game 7 @ Boston, Eastern Conference Finals, Thurs night, Apr 16, '65, Q4: Sixers down 110-109. Chet, hands high, guarding Russell on in-bounds play under Sixers basket when Russell's pass hits the backboard-supporting guy wire, resulting in a Celtics turnover. The late Earl "Yogi" Strom of Pottstown makes the call. Sixers ball with 5 seconds left. Madness in the Gahdin! A screaming-to-be-heard Dolph Schayes designs an away-from-Wilt inbounds play: Greer inbound to Walker, Johnny "Red" Kerr to set pick for Greer; Greer to step up, receive return pass for last shot. Greer's soft lob, a little short; Havlicek anticipatory power enacted, Sam Jones gains possession of ball. Johnny Most goes berserk.

Chet the Jet was the genuine article. Is deserving of HOF honor. Would've attended his Springfield induction but learned of date too late.

Congrats to one cool gunslinger who "quieted" many challengers in the 60s and 70s! 18.2/7.1/2.1. All-time lists: 55th in scoring, 91st in rebounding. Not bad, Mr. Walker.

(The one-and-only "Zink" at the mic: "Waw-keah... faw tew"... "THIS - is-the-penaldy-shot"... "Ladies and gentlemen, tonight's attendance is _, _ _ _; the Sevendee Sixuzz THANK Yew!!")

eddies' heady's reply to Dollar Bill on Sep 8 at 21:46

I hope you never elect to stop posting here. That, or, I'd relish the opportunity to actually meet you one day so I could worry the shit out of you by picking your brain all day long about Sixers of past lore before my fandom was able to begin.

Wow, nice post DB.

Thanks, T McL.

A simple compliment amid election year partisan popping-off and strains of allegiant delirium - swish!

Charlie H reply to Dollar Bill on Sep 14 at 13:29

Yes, great post Dollar Bill. I saw Chet play in his rookie year and he became one of my favorites right away. I've always thought he deserved to be in. I saw him once in Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles in LA - he was in the film business in some capacity. Nice guy.

I see you mentioned the trade for Jimmy Washington. Never understood that one. I saw the latter play in Syracuse that first year he was on the Sixers. He didn't even look good in warm-ups. Chet was the best one-on-one forward in the league at that point. The AD comparison is a good one.

Agree about the Sixers 66-67 front line. When you consider that Cunningham was the 4th guy, it's clearly better than Boston's. Who'd they have off the bench, Scott Wedman? Rick Robey? People forget how good Luke was.

TwoSense reply to das411 on Sep 7 at 23:30

From what I gathered from Dollar's references to Chet, he was actually legit, if I recall correctly.

Don't think Ron Santo is a worthy comparison. May be off base though.

and check out who has jumped way way way up the ESPN annual best fan experience thing:


Good stuff.

Last heard him referenced with regards to Andre Millers pump fake and crafty offensive skills.

Obit edit: Oops. Am happy to report that Bob "Butterbean" Love's death has been greatly exagerrated by me. He currently works for the Bulls in an "ambassador" capacity while inhaling and exhaling (got him mixed up with Bob Hope, whose famous profile mildly resembled a butterbean). "Butterbean" may indeed have been late to Chet's induction however, though research in that regard is incomplete and, for now, he gets the benefit of any doubt.

Chet Walker's HOF speech and some game footage available at http://www.nba.com/bulls/history/bulls-chet-jet-finally-lands-springfield.html - worth the trip!

eddies' heady's reply to Dollar Bill on Sep 9 at 15:03

Any particular reason why the Sixers traded him in '69? From reading about him, it seems he had several good years left. Appears to be the type of trade that would have drew my ire if I were around when it happened.

Jack Ramsey got too cute. Thought he was still in the Big 5. Thought West Catholic HS & Villanova Univ. star/young hustling running pogo stick/pro mediocrity Jim Washington was a better fit for his coaching designs - including his then-touted "revolutionary" trapping zone press - than an entering-his-prime Chet Walker. (Or maybe he just liked uttering the playgroundish "Jimbo" and hearing the echo bounce off gym walls :) Result: 55 wins to 42 wins.

With just 2 trades, Wilt and Chet for litter, Ramsey, Upper Darby HS alum and St. Joseph's College coaching godfather, ruined the Sixers for a while. It was sad. Supervised as GM-then-head coach 62 to 55 to 42 to 47 to 30 wins, then off to coach the brand-new Buffalo Braves (who would win 21, 12 more than his rearview mirror team). His Sixers segment was an inauspicious start to an eventual NBA HOF career; was never happy that he apprenticed here.

Charlie H reply to Dollar Bill on Sep 14 at 13:36

The Cunningham defection was a big part of it too. The Sixers won 50 games with Darrell Imhoff at center (not that it was a good trade).

Did you read The Breaks Of The Game? Ramsay was always undervaluing players. I remember one quote. He asked a group of his guys about Dave Debusschere. "What does he do?" They were astonished. "He plays defense, he rebounds, he scores...he's really good, Coach." Kinda like Larry Brown. Dr. Jack will always be my favorite coach, though, except for Alex Hannum.

You're forgetting, Billy C jumped for the big ABA dollars (and to play for his Tar Heel buddy Larry Brown) AFTER 30 win season. His leaving then only took Sixers from bad to putrid. Sixers ship had been taking on water; he instinctively skurried off gangplank like a Brooklyn rat. Greer was spent; big Luke Jackson had become a ghost of self due to achilles injury; "Shake 'n Bake" Clark had been shipped to Baltimore for a bushel of crabs. (When Freddie Foster is your 6th man you're competing at a serious operational deficit.) Philly boy Ramsey scampered away to beautiful downtown Buffalo, NY - 'nuff said. Hello 9-73.

Never read "The Breaks Of The Game." Got my fill of Portland 2 wks in Spring of '77 - with a thud. Deciding Gm 6, Blazers 109-Sixers 107: Erving 40, McGinnis 28; all 5 Blazers starters 13 or more. The "great" Doug Collins had 6, Lionel Hollins 20; Steve Mix, the Mayor of Mixville 2, Corky "The Quaker" Calhoun 6.

Enjoyed reading your take on that time.

Charlie H reply to Dollar Bill on Sep 21 at 17:42

Yeah, I conveniently forgot all that. I remember now having that Billy-C-bailed-on-our-sorry-ass-team feeling.

Dr. Jack really did screw it all up, didn't he? Which makes me wonder why he's been one of my heroes all these years... Just because he was the GM of the Greatest Team Of All Time (or at least the first 35 years of the NBA)? Then, after abandoning the franchise he had set back 10 years, he beats us with Buffalo and his shiny new toy Bob McAdoo in '76 and humiliates us in '77 on his way to his only championship as a coach. Wow. (Sound familiar young dudes? Larry Brown, 2002-3?) Remember how awful McGinnis was in that series by the way? I just looked it up - he shot 37.4% for the entire playoffs. And he was 26! What a waste of talent.

Still love you Jack - those are the "breaks of the game."

Doug Collins on 97.5 FM at 4

Anything of interest- such as Thad's role?

ItAintEZ reply to tk76 on Sep 12 at 7:07

He said he is going to use training camp to expore his options at the 3 and 4. He thinks that Hawes is a fit at the 4 on offense but has to see how him and Bynum will do in trasition D. Thad and Lavoy are the others he wants to see at the 4. He also said he wanted to see how thad will do at the 3 against certain players.

When asked if ET could possibly play some 3, he said he could play the 3 on D and play the point on offense.

From what I gathered there is nothing set in stone other than Bynum and Jrue are starting.

sfw reply to ItAintEZ on Sep 12 at 8:57

At least he's open to all options at the 4 spot. So the twin towers are not a sure thing. Thankfully.

I really hope it doesn't take too long for Thad to be slotted in as the starting PF. Thad at the three and Hawes at the four is distracting nonsense, imo.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Sep 12 at 21:48

Wondering why you feel like this? I'd much rather see Lavoy grab that spot, keeping Thad in his spark plug off the bench role. I feel if we give Thad starters minutes at the four we'll need Turner to keep his boarding up from the perimeter to make up for Thad's lack of.

I'd be fine w/ Lavoy starting at the four, but I'd prefer Thad. Think he fits next to Bynum and you need to worry a lot less about his rebounding when he's next to Bynum. I'm really expecting nothing out of Turner, just hoping he doesn't drag the team down. If he improves by leaps and bounds over the summer, great, but if he's the same player next year, I expect to see Richardson and Wright starting at the 2/3 by the new year. That's the lineup I'd start with out of camp, actually. Jrue, Richardson, Wright, Thad, Bynum.

ojr107 reply to Brian on Sep 13 at 17:48

I'm not as down as you are on Turner, but I'd still bring him off the bench so he and Holiday get all the minutes at point guard. I realize its possible to do this with both them starting, but then one of them has to play a ton of consecutive minutes.

Actually he said he has 3 starters already penciled in: Bynum, Jrue and Turner. He also said that the third spot on the perimeter is pretty much up for grabs and Richardson, Young and Wright (mentioned them in that order) will all get a look. Thad at the 3 was only mentioned as a possiblity on the defensive end against certain SFs with Iguodala gone.

So overall it's appears there are two major training camp battles to keep an eye on: Hawes/Thad/Allen at the PF and Richardson/Young/Wright next to Turner on the wings.

Stan reply to Xsago on Sep 12 at 18:31

I can't imagine the Sixers giving the contract they gave Thad without envisioning him as a starter. I know it's different management, but if he can't average 30 mpg without being a liability, the Sixers should look to trade him.

I think Thad can easily be a starter with Bynum at the C spot. Bynum minimizes his weaknesses. I expect a big year from Thad next year and hopefully Doug Collins will realize that he is a perfect front court mate for Bynum.

Thad can't pass (but he doesn't monopolize the ball), shows a Venus de Milo right hand, gets overpowered by beef and shoots inconsistently from 18 out; other than that, he's worth every red penny. A likeable but flawed player. Good spirit, good team guy; avoids criticism because he plays with obvious heart. Got directive to bulk up some. Wonder how he'll do without Night Shift buddy Lou. 24, 5 yrs of experience - it's high time his game jumps higher.

Jrue came in at #73 in the ESPN NBArank this year, up from last year's #85. That leaves only one player from this year's Sixers (Bynum) or last year's (Iguodala) in the top 72.

Saw that Turner and Hawes were too high. Jrue's probably about right based off last year.

i totally disagree with everyone that is 100% against turner bc i truly believe he will show something next year. with iguodala gone, it only creates more plays for turner. obviously there is concern because he hasn't lived up to his #2 expectations, but i think next year will he prove that he will be a presence on this team. i see him as our future sf, but we have to wait til the season to see how he does. 12-13 is most definitely a make or break year for evan turner, but to giving up on him now is not that smart....to me......and what do i know......what does ANYONE know?


A recent Thaddeus Young interview:


interesting note: He is working at being a SF again, as the coaches told him he will play some 3 next season.

I'm not crazy about Thad at the three, but he'd have some nice size mismatches on the offensive end, and honestly, he's a better jump shooter than Turner. That might be important. Still think the best lineup is Thad at the four w/ the starters, though.

spencer is hired reply to Brian on Sep 15 at 7:42

My biggest problem with Thad is what kind of offensive player is he? The first 2 years he seemed ready to become a Rashard Lewis type when he was hitting 35% from 3 and an efficient scorer. Than he was told score the ball 12 ft. and in in the butterbean Love style and now last season he started expanding his shot selection again.

As Dollar Bill said he is 5 years in and do we know what we have? Defensively he is our best option until Lavoy shows enough quickness to guard p.f.'s, in my opinion, or until Moultrie develops.

But starting him really affects our bench energy till our coach gets a feel for what works and that is why I believe Collins brings him off the bench, even if he wants to start him. Imagine going from the night shift that outplayed most teams last year to five new guys coming off the bench.

And K.Brown also may be a good fit next to Thad and cover up his weakness's.

Just saw rumor on twitter that Knicks are pursuing Tony DiLeo for GM.

Would anyone be seriously upset? I'm not sure if he had anything to do with the Bynum trade outside of evaluating the benefits. He has drafted some solid players, especially the Jrue pick, but he also was part of the Turned pick (though I highly doubt his opinion would have mattered there). I think it would be a legitimate loss but certainly not unreplaceable.

So on top of the game in Atlantic City they've now announced another exhibition game in Syracuse..interesting move, can't hurt to build something of a regional fanbase:


TwoSense on Sep 18 at 0:14

Anyone have any insight into the insider article written by Haberstroh about Bynum becoming a superstar?

"If he can stay healthy and lead the Sixers to the upper half of the East playoff picture, don't be surprised if he's at the center of the MVP discussion."

if he can stay healthy
upper half of the East playoff picture
don't be surprised
center of MVP discussion

guy likes to hedge his bets
writer's commitment is reminiscent of Doug Moe's

aaiatdb on Sep 19 at 9:57

Josh Harris and these Sixers owners are all a bunch of spoiled rich New York nerd douche bags who should be ashamed of themselves. The don't give a crap about Philly or the fans, and the Sixers are just another toy for them to brag about with their other hedge fund friends. Love the team. Hate the owners and Adam Aron, their lackey, who until they bought the team didn't know a basketball was round. Worth hundreds of millions of dollars and want Romney as Prez so they wont have to pay an extra 3% in taxes. Can no longer buy a ticket knowing that it is more money going into their pockets. At least Comcast and Snyder were Philly guys and great corporate citizens. Screw these guys!


What took you so long? You needed a year and a videotape? Stephen Girard, they're not; obviously, from the start.

I guess you won't be attending the Boca Hanukkah bash.

As for previous owners, I know Comcast still loves me... get a letter every month without fail.

ComeOnMan reply to Dollar Bill on Sep 19 at 12:51

These owners have been great for the team, that much is obvious. If you're concerned about money, the first thing they did was slash Ed Snider's ticket prices. And GASP, how dare they vote for a candidate who will further their OWN interests??? Oh my god!!! What has this country come to??? These guys are brilliant businessmen who made their own fortune and want to protect it. So far that has not in any way interfered with the running of the Sixers. This will be the most anticipated year since AI's days.

thewhettingstone reply to ComeOnMan on Sep 19 at 13:37

yeah. decisions made via motivations of self interest can only advance the Team so far. See AI's NBA career. get your head out of your ass. The extremely wealthy making decisions for their self interests does not translate to the interests of the mass populace.

Can I get me one of them $17.76 ducats this year? That was some deal; showed a refreshingly kind regard for the limitations of the working stiff (in an economy headed for a brick wall). I sure hope that pricing's available again. As nice as the new owners are, don't see why not. Save me a place in line, will ya?

Reduced ticket prices only for the upper level seats that were otherwise going unsold. Raised prices on all other tickets this year. None of these guys care anything about Philly or the fans. Adam Aron left Abington after high school and only came back because he is Josh Harris' lap dog. Think any of theses guys were sixers fans before last year? These are New Yorkers who are trying to buy their way into "cool" because they never were. Instead of being nerds, now they are just rich nerds. I guess as long as they spend the money for players, that's all that matters, but it is important to know what makes them tick and whose pockets the fans are lining They are one injury away from this town turning on them.

Really want to avoid political and religious arguments here, but out of curiosity, doesn't your description fit pretty much every owner in all of professional sports...and most of the athletes as well?

Until recently, almost all NBA franchises were locally owned. When they became trophies for the rich and famous, they began to be purchased by outsiders. Even so, only the following teams are foreign owned: Atlanta, Denver, Golden State, Orlando, Portland and Sacramento (counting MJ as a native North Carolinian). I'm not sure, but I am willing to bet that no foreign owned team has ever won an NBA championship. Do these New Yorkers really care about winning a championship for the city and the Philly fans or is it just another monument to themselves??

Mark Cuban is from Pittsburgh.

And whether owners care about building a monument to themselves (which they all do) or about bringing a championship to their city is irrelevant, so long as they're focused on winning a title. Who cares what their motivation for doing so is? The bad owners are the ones who are more worried about lining their pockets than winning. I don't get this carpetbagging argument.

MikeW reply to Brian on Sep 19 at 23:46

Yeah this discussion is absurd. Not to mention the majority of Sixers ownership is local anyway. Harris is a Wharton guy, Aron is a local guy, Michael Rubin is a local guy, Will Smith is a local guy, etc. Plus whoever is arguing this is clearly just a NY hater. There is a reason why the best/brightest minds often end up in NYC. This ownership group, as pointed out by someone already, treats this team like a "toy." This is a GOOD thing. It means they use it for entertainment, not an investment vehicle. They've done everything right so far, and it has barely been a year.

Cuban and his family have made Dallas their home for over 10 years and are active members of the community, including local civic and charitable contributions. When the city helps build a stadium for a team it does it for more than just winning. There is an implicit bond between the team and the community that is more than just winning games. These New York hedge fund guys know nothing about giving back to the community. It is all about the bottom line. These guys are frauds, and Aron is just their huckster who knows nothing about basketball and should be ashamed to have compared himself to Pat Croce.

I don't think there's any evidence that it's only about the bottom line for this particular group of owners. If it was, I don't see why they'd use the amnesty provision on Brand.

I don't have any idea how much money these guys give to charities, or the arts, and if any of that money goes to Philly charities or institutions, I'd bet you don't either. Honestly, I don't really care. The only thing I'm going to judge them on, as owners, is the decisions they make regarding the team, and their willingness to spend to win.

So far, it's a mixed bag. Getting Bynum was an awesome move. The rest of what they did this summer? Well, they opened the purse strings and gave their basketball people the flexibility to get what they believed they needed. I think it would've been a miserable failure had they not gotten Bynum, so maybe they don't have the right people in place. Time will tell.

Ultimately, the best thing a sports owner can do for the city is to win games, put people in the seats, and create jobs to support that.

Bottom line reasons:

Brand = high supply, oversold, old regime commodity with diminishing returns

Amnesty = eliminate some spending strictures, make room for new investments with greater potential, goose marketing effects with fresh product appeal, increase fanbase and corollary spending

Financial bottom line: -$16M. Spending $34M this season instead of $18M. Steep price to pay to make room for new investments etc. Could've just waited a year for his contract to expire.

Time is money. The time is now. Besides, 16 mil is relative chump change to cadre of new owners. Well-allocated dollars make dollars.

Charlie H reply to Dollar Bill on Sep 21 at 17:58

But Brand wouldn't have hurt the team this year, especially in light of the Bynum trade. They still could have signed Dorrell Wright with Lou's money and skipped the other signings, Nick Young & Kwame. But they didn't know they were going to get Bynum. Still, it's an argument for not rushing into the amnesty. (Is there a deadline on that?) It's not like they were competing for top notch talent. Brand was pretty good last year after all, esp in the playoffs. They could have traded Brand at the deadline as an expiring contract, and they still would have had Bynum and Richardson, and maybe Wright or Nick Young. The problem with trading a big expiring contract is you have to take on approximately equal contracts and who knows what that would be - mediocre talent for more than 1 year is how it usually works out.

Not to mention what they could have done if they didn't sign Hawes.

I think that for all trades the salaries have to match within a certain percentage. The larger the contract, the greater the salary differential.

Brian, this is why we need a new article, it's been almost a month! Don't think I don't wholeheartedly appreciate the free entertainment you provide us, but you can't expect us to rely on libertyballers and philadunkia can you?

It's been a tumultuous month, to say the least. I'll have something soon and hopefully start ramping up for the season.

Well, if that's their POV, that's a good sign. You just don't want guys who say "money is money." Because they're going to look at 5.7% of their purchase price as a pure loss less than 12 months after taking over as a pretty big deal.

Of course, without the Bynum deal we'd be talking about a much different situation even w/ the Brand amnesty.

meant as a reply to Dollar Bill a couple posts up. I'm rusty.

Yes, Bynum changed the organization's aspects and prospects. Good thing George Karl bought the 'Kobe-and-Durant' Iguodala blanket this summer.

Rust never sleeps.

Iguodala moved up to #28 in the ESPN NBArank, up from #34 last year. He's the #4 small forward this year, ahead of Deng, Granger, Gay, and (surprisingly) Pierce. Bynum is in the top 25 this year.

I haven't been following it too closely. I think I'd put Horford ahead of him, just out of that group they're showing right there (26-30). Probably put Duncan below him at this point. Saw that Joe Johnson, Rudy Gay and Granger were all in the previous 10.


Holiday getting a lot of love from ESPN this summer. Despite losing just being compared to Paul is a great at this point :). Hopefully he will prove himself to be worthy of praise during the season.

Jrue threw 4 lobs for dunks last year, and about 200 passes to Hawes that should've been dunks but turned into sissy hooks instead. I love how Bynum and Jrue have chemistry problems that will haunt them in the post season before ever playing a game together.

I didn't know Jrue threw 200 passes in total last yr. The kid loves to shoot. A true Collins sort; gimme-dat-ting. Hawes, famous camel of three humps, isn't his problem. Knowing how to run an offense is, though osmosis is conceivably a friend, along with minutes played (it is hoped but it is doubted). Point guards ... don't make 'em like they used to. No more Dick "the Knick" McGuires.

Saying he hasn't run an offense is a fair criticism, but saying he's shot happy isn't. 13.7 shots/36 minutes and a 21.8% usage rate is middle of the road, probably a little low for one of the key scorers on the team. The sad fact is that he should probably shoot less than that going forward if he doesn't increase his three-point attempts or get to the line at a much better rate.

Jrue's usage rate has risen each yr - 18.4 to 20.8 to 21.8 - but ass't rate hasn't done likewise; in fact, went down big last yr - 29.0 to 21.6 (wanting number for your man on the ball).

Nash usage 19.6 ass't 53.1
Paul usage 24.3 ass't 43.8
Rondo usage 20.7 ass't 52.5

Big contrast. Any similarities between above & Jrue is coincidental.

Agree with your last statement except it's not "sad" if Jrue locates his shooters, a commodity Sixers have acquired in offseason, and delivers the ball in a timely way. His PG job has been made easier through offseason acquisitions. Trouble is, he's got some Tyreke Evans in him... talented, but individual-centric game (to date).

Don't think I see any similarity between Jrue and Tyreke, but like I said before, I'm going on what I think about Jrue more than what the evidence says. This year, Lou and Iguodala are gone, so we should get a chance to see what Jrue's game is like when he's running the show for the majority of the time. Wait and see.

similarities, Jrue & Tyreke:

both 2008 McDonald's All-American
both cut college after a yr (Evans 4th pick, Jrue 17th)
neither naturally disposed or groomed to run an offense
both love ball in hands, like to break man down

NBA careers:

JH 6864min .440/.377/.798 3.3/5.0/1.4/2.3 11.9 ws48.078
TE 6946min .441/.255/.762 4.9/5.3/1.4/3.0 18.2 ws48.067

Interesting. Tyreke shoots a lot more, didn't realize those numbers were that similar. If Tyreke could shoot the three like Jrue, or Jrue could get to the line like Tyreke, they'd be onto something. As it is, both need to improve or shoot less.

Right on.

additional similarities:

both are opposite coast transplants/acclimators
both long strong guards
both have experienced NBA growing pains, ups & downs
both have played for 2 head coaches in 3 seasons
both are playing for a new contract this season
neither has been surrounded with big talent

Tyreke of course had a leg injury that set him back some

Jrue was actually rumored to be going to Sacto w/ that pick prior to the draft, as well.

Didn't know that. Will be interesting to watch dual developments.

Rich reply to Brian on Sep 21 at 15:40

Chris Palmer is the worst.

Hollinger on Turner:

"So it all looks pretty good while it's happening, but he's actually quietly killing the offense."

Can somebody post all of the insider text from the espn article? Thank you.

SixersRising on Sep 21 at 9:47

Hollinger on Turner:

"The one thing Turner does well is defensive rebound, and I mean he does it phenomenally well. Turner's 22.2 defensive rebound rate not only led all shooting guards, it was quite likely the best of all-time by a guard. ... Turner's mark would have ranked in the top quarter of power forwards and bested a majority of the league's centers; Pau Gasol, Emeka Okafor, Roy Hibbert and Paul Millsap all had worse defensive rebound rates than Turner."

I feel like Hollinger always rips on turner for his inefficient shooting. There was more from that article though right? not just turner.

Tony DiLeo to be the new GM but Collins is the de facto GM to me

Pretty sure that was going to be the case no matter who they hired. Probably why it wound up being DiLeo. Company guy.

Interesting. I like DiLeo, but wanted one of those young stat guys that were reportedly interviewed more. It's a clear signal that this will be all about Doug IMO. Will it be a good or bad thing we'll see. I don't like the idea of a coach having too much input on personnel decisions but it doesn't mean it'll be bad. Time will tell. So far i can't complain about the moves he has made/approved of.

...so DiLeo wasn't already the GM?

tk76 reply to das411 on Sep 24 at 21:48

No, just head of scouting, assistant coach, head coach, vice president, assistant GM, director of player personnel... Basically, nearly completed his rotating internship. Only has a few jobs left to do.

Jack Straw on Sep 21 at 18:53

Dei just reported that Thorn will remain on board as Pres of BBall Operations.

Okay, I'm back after the huge letdown on Sunday.

Put up a new post. Entertain me.

speeke reply to Stan on Sep 24 at 19:56


DiLeo, promoted for accomplishment of riding carousel of 13 coaching changes in 22 years without getting dizzy, for voicing not a peep of public complaint during the inept Doug Moe-Fred Carter-John Lucas-Johnny Davis era, for being the Sixers equivalent of Dilbert (or Ed Wade), for his recent pledge to continue to be polite and workmanlike and not in Collins' way.

Charlie H reply to Dollar Bill on Sep 25 at 14:25

I think DiLeo was hired into the front office in '96, near the end of the dark period, the year Johnny Davis was the coach. Before that he was just a scout, wasn't he?

Still, he seems to be a classic yes-man. But a very good talent scout - better than Collins in my opinion.

Yeah, believe he started out as shoe-shiner, then team cobbler, then player-sneaker company liason; front office roles eventually. :)

"Very good talent scout" ... his supporters have averred that; team rosters and performance haven't done so in a convincing sense. As far as I know, there's no 'thumbs up/thumbs down' log for talent decisions of secondary deciders within a franchise. Media noise is media noise. My guess is he's middling range in evaluative skill, like most. How many European players - an area of his mining - have helped Sixers? I know, I know, the drafted Thabo Sefolosha landed Rodney Carney and Kyrylo Fesenko, and Fesenko landed Herbert Hill - - shrewd stuff indeed by a crack front office staff.

I see his promotion as a reward for administrative role in getting Bynum here. If that didn't happen this past summer, GM nameplate might read differently. Loyal service rewarded on a wave of organizational excitement, partly through default, assisted by his loom of outside interviews. Just my opinion.

Charlie H reply to Dollar Bill on Sep 27 at 18:23

I think I base it entirely on the fact (?) that he wanted Pierce in '98. But who wouldn't have? Larry Brown. The '07 draft wasn't good. 4 pickes and they only ended up with Thad.

johnrosz reply to Charlie H on Sep 28 at 3:26

Thad is pretty good value for the 12th pick, not like Iggy at 9 level value obviously, but look at some of the guys that went ahead of him that year.

Charlie H reply to johnrosz on Sep 28 at 16:26

Yeah definitely, but they could have done just as well with one pick. You have to get a role player who sticks with one of the other three. But that's easy for me to say. I thought Derick Byars was a steal.

St. Louis U Billikens - not exactly a treasure trove: Easy Ed McCauley, Buffalo Bob Ferry, Rich The Discardable Numeral Niemann, Gene ABA Moore, Larry Lynchpin Hughes.

Passing on Jayhawk Pierce for a baby athletic Allen Iverson "match" - the rumor of Brown genius quieted.

Tom Moore on Sep 24 at 18:08

Monday video: Tony DiLeo on planning to hire an analytics/statistics expert:


Tom Moore on Sep 24 at 18:09

More Monday video: Tony DiLeo on becoming GM and the possibility of extending Andrew Bynum's contract:


Tom Moore on Sep 24 at 20:40

Sixers story (with photo, video): DiLeo: Bynum 'feels very good' after plasma therapy injection in Germany:


Tom Moore on Sep 25 at 20:15

Sixers story (with photo): Dorell Wright: Andrew Bynum is best center in #NBA 'hands down'


Tom Moore on Sep 26 at 14:25

Wednesday video: Guard Nick Young on meeting with Doug Collins as a free agent, getting Andrew Bynum after he signed in Philadelphia and wanting to be the NBA's Most Improved Player:


Hey Guys,

Is depressedfan going dark? Brian, what's the plan? I miss it.


Don't really know, yet. It's been a hell of a summer for me. Have two more posts in this wholesale changes series I've wanted to write for the past month but just haven't had the time. Should be a new post over the weekend.

Charlie H on Sep 28 at 16:34

I see Brian is under pressure from some of the depressed fans to put out some fresh content. Seems a bit unfair - isn't he under enough pressure in his real life? It's not like we're paying the guy.

Oh wait, this is real life. Hurry up with those projected stats will ya? I would also like a Life After Lou post - Will there be less anger on game threads?

Life is boring with no Depressedfan articles! Probably has to do with me being forced to learn medical stuff all the time though.

pretty sure that guy holding the jersey in that pic up top is the reason nobody here is depressed anymore

South Broad on Oct 1 at 13:12

Bynum being held out of activities for next three weeks with bone bruise in right knee.

Mikki Moore, a center, signed as free agent. Thought they were wanting to sign another SG/SF?

So probably one one preseason game for him, then. Oct 22nd. Doubt they'd have him play a back-to-back in the preseason as his only action (they have a game on 10/21 as well). Not great news for the most important piece on a new team to miss basically the entire preseason, but better now than a month from now. Just get better.

Well, that figures. At least they will have quantity, if not particular quality, at center for the preseason. In any event, with all of the new players they will have plenty of other things to work on in the preseason.

Jesse reply to South Broad on Oct 2 at 11:50

Any word on whether the injury happened while playing basketball or as a complication of the orthokine procedure he had done on his knees this offseason?

Conjecture: slipped on a wayward and fatty wiener-schnitzel while leaving a brauhaus in Garmisch Partenkirchen. Antidote to discomfort: warm spaetzle & sauerkraut wrap.

Tom Moore on Oct 1 at 15:19

Media day video: Andrew Bynum on missing at least three weeks as a "precautionary measure":


well hey at least they get to practice an entirely reworked offense that goes through C instead of from the outside with...Spencer and Kwame as the centers...

my worst fear is that they get off to a slow start while Bynum is out of shape, fans turn on him early and it just nosedives after that. it is going to take them a long time to integrate all these new roster pieces and without the most important guy it's impossible to really do anything until the season starts.

Stanley on Oct 2 at 14:26

I think it's a mullet, but until I can confirm, I'm going to say Hawes grew a rat tail.

Spence looks younger, leaner, revitalized.

MojoSoDope reply to Brian on Oct 2 at 21:46

Hawes appears to be going for the look of his current idol - Mitt Romney, except with stubble. Such a boyish, politician look.

Bynum looks pretty doughy in all the pics i've seen so far

Steve reply to Mike on Oct 3 at 10:09

Doesn't look doughy here:


Looks unhappy, but not doughy...

Mike reply to Steve on Oct 3 at 13:42

what are you looking at? every pic i've seen he looks like a pudgeball.

Unconfirmed rumor of the day: Rob Hill is being brought in as Jrue's backup.

Stan reply to IHG on Oct 3 at 12:19


Okay I just want to say some things Sixers related:

I thought Jason Richardson was a lot older than 31.

Also, the Tyreke Evans - Jrue Holiday convo between DB and Brian was very interesting. Two guys who I would never associate by mind but those stats have to mean something - right? For Jrue, it can't all be surroundings - or can it?

Like Brian, I have had busiest month in years. Hopefully by the time the season starts that changes - at this rate I would never even be home in time to catch games.

Brian James says they will put the ball in Jrue's hands more this year



"Some people say Dwight Howard is the best center in the league, but me being an old school center, I'm going to go with Robin Lopez and Andrew Bynum because they play with their back to the basket."

I'd be happy about that comment if Lopez wasn't mentioned. That kind of discredits whoever said it.

Stan reply to Brian on Oct 4 at 16:18

John Hollinger said it.

I kid. I kid. Shaq said it.

"Brook, Robin, they are brothers they are the same"....

i actually agree with Howard here:

Howard, who practiced without any limitations for the third straight day as he recovers from offseason back surgery, pointed out what he perceived as O'Neal being a hypocrite.

"He hated the fact when he played that the older guys were talking about him and how he played and now he's doing the exact same thing," Howard said. "Just let it go. There's no sense for him to be talking trash to me. He did his thing in the league. He's one of the most dominant players to ever play the game. Just sit back and relax. You did your thing. Your time is up. So, I don't really care. I don't really care. He can say whatever he wants to say."

Tom Moore on Oct 4 at 22:27

Sixers video: Highlights from Thursday night's scrimmage, including Nick Young's game-winning 3-pointer at the buzzer:


Tom Moore on Oct 4 at 22:28
eddies' heady's on Oct 5 at 8:38

If Collins is talking about Dorell Wright being able to help out the 2nd unit with his ball-handling (in article Tom linked above), who should we speculate is going to start at the three? Turner, with JRich at the two?

they said Richardson has pretty much locked up the starting 2. and Collins already said Turner is starting, so yea it looks like

1- Holiday
2- Richardson
3- Turner
4- Hawes
5- Bynum

The starting lineup is pretty much a lock, but the closing lineup is up for grabs IMO. Thad and Wright have legit chances of ending games.

eddies' heady's reply to Mike on Oct 5 at 10:32

Oh, hadn't seen the bit about JRich locking up the 2. That's a bit concerning though with Turner manning the three. He struggles mightily, on both ends, when he's matched up against an athletic wing/three-man. If Dorell Wright is even adequate at defense I don't see how he's gonna be able to keep him out of the starting lineup (well, moreso playing major minutes there) with the shooting he will bring.

And since Doug mentioned that DWright's ball-handling would be a plus for the 2nd unit in Tom's article, it makes even more sense and wouldn't surprise me in the least to see Turner either be moved back to the bench, or more likely just play his way there (since he can adequately 'handle' the ball just as Wright can).

Well, they haven't said explicitly that Richardson will start, but you can probably assume it from everything they've said and the lineups they've been trying in the scrimmages.

What Doug has said is that Jrue, Turner and Bynum are penciled in as starters and Hawes will get the first look at Pf even though Thad will be in the mix. I also think Collins views Wright and Richardson relatively interchangeable. They will split minutes as the "shooting wing" spot IMO. I expect Richardson to start as the "veteran" and Wright to finish games as he is probably a better defender.

Thad is on the white team with Spencer; also Doug said he is trying to narrow the rotation to five smalls and four bigs- his four bigs at present are Andrew, Spencer, Thad and Lavoy. I took this as meaning Kwame is probably not starting and when he said rotations might change I thought it might be to do with Arnett.

Stein reports that Holiday is likely to get an extension soon. Anyone else mentioned something about that? I thought there was no way Jrue gets extended this offseason...

Stan reply to Xsago on Oct 8 at 11:53

I hope it's not for the max or anywhere near the max. The Sixers have an entire season to get that done, if that's what they're prepared to offer.

Court_visioN on Oct 6 at 12:41

Nick Young looks good in scrimmages for the most part. He looks like he can be the designated corner-three-shooter in crunch time with Jrue handling the ball.

In what may be of some interest to readers here, former Sixers writer Kate Fagan comes out (publicly) as part of an article in the latest issue of ESPN The Magazine. There is no link yet on the main ESPN website (I read it as part of my Insider subscription), but I'll post one if I see it.

The main part of the article discusses how there has yet to be an active male athlete in a team sport come out. Is that coming soon? Will it be a big deal?

captain obvious reply to Statman on Oct 6 at 19:08

Wait, was anyone actually questioning this? We all knew she was a lesbian right? I assumed she had come out years ago. Really wish she was still with the Inq.

Tom Moore on Oct 6 at 17:51

Sixers video: Andrew Bynum taking standstill 3-pointers and rebounding for teammates prior to Saturday night's scrimmage:


TMoore was that Kwame that bowled over SwaggyP Young? How's Nick doing after that fall?

Evan Turner flipcam, pretty funny stuff: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCy-TDtY7_Q&feature=relmfu

jfp reply to Mike on Oct 7 at 16:28

I enjoyed that. Didn't realize the young man had a sense of humor.

Doug Collins speaks about the progression of his starting lineup:

"We have the ability to now be able to lob that ball at the rim and and we have some big guys that will go and get it and finish the play," coach Doug Collins said. "If you look at our team from [last season] you see we didn't really get to the [foul] line. But when we changed the starting lineup and put Evan out there we were a team that started shooting a lot more free throws. Our bigs now are guys, because they are younger and bigger, that are willing to draw fouls and help us. We are a physical team now."

Read more: http://www.philly.com/philly/sports/sixers/20121008_The_tougher__stronger_Sixers.html#ixzz28ikeSKd0
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