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Wholesale changes - Part 3

A major concern of mine is Thaddeus Young stepping up as an every night four. My best guess would place him alongside Bynum, Holiday, and Turner as the perceived core of the team. But two absolutely horrendous playoff showings later, what the hell is a Thaddeus Young and how much is he actually worth?

I think between all the talk about this season being key for Holiday and Turner, we all kind of forgot that this season is actually make or break for Thad too. Finally he has a legit defensive inside presence to play next to. Can he become an ultra effective small PF on both ends of the floor? Can he become a versatile forward that will be a matchup nightmare for the opposition for extended periods of time? Or will he just prove that he is a 6th-7th man on a good team?

His 2 major weaknesses which were the reason for him not getting a more prominent role in the past (defensive rebounding and post defense) are masked with Bynum at C, and i expect Thad to have some sort of a breakout season. In the end he might end up having a bigger positive impact on the season than Jrue and Turner.

Eh, they've already made their decision on Thad. This season is huge for Jrue because (unless they extend him prior to Oct. 31) they might have to decide whether he's worth locking up their cap (at least partially) to keep him. Same thing with Turner. They can trade Thad, or not trade him if this is all he ever is, and this is the number he's going to cost you. With Jrue and Turner, a franchise-altering decision could be looming, depending on how they play.

I wasn't talking about the financial and contract implications. I was merely discussing on court contribution. Thad may have been locked up long term, but his real long term on court value is still a major question mark.

Is last year's regular season Thad the real Thad? The one who can blossom next to Bynum into a legit top4 player on a championship team. Or is it the Thad that struggled in the playoffs in the last two seasons? Did he struggle in the playoffs because the Sixers played the top 3 defensive teams over the last 2 years (Miami, Chicago and Boston) or because he can't handle the pressure and his game simply isn't suitable for playoff basketball?

Just waiting for the sixers to announce bynum needs microfracture surgery. This eskin report worries the heck out of me. Are we 10O percent sure they are telling us the truth about the knee? How did he get the bone bruise anyway? The story is shaky.


Big Will on Oct 11 at 10:37

Good point. It will be interesting to see how Thad does this season now that he has put on some extra weight. The additional lbs. and playing next to Bynum should help his game down low. Maybe this will be the year that Thad starts to use his right hand also. I'm not expecting any miracles there though!

Tom Moore on Oct 11 at 10:44


Rafer Alston 56 G 1494 min 171 assists WS 1.6 WS/48 .052

Jameer Nelson 44 G 1429 min 204 assists WS 4.2 WS/48 .142

"Skip to My Lou": accessory, not cog; '08'-'09 Magic playoffs contribution - 11.8 mpg ORtg 97 DRtg 106 WS 0.7 WS/48 .043

Jameer is short, but don't sell him short. Dwight, imposing and at times spectacular, is saddled with himself. (Kobe, Steve & Lakers winning tradition/bright lights should help the smiling muscular wonder.)

What are Dwight's numbers with each guy at PG?

You tell me. And then ask yourself about their significance.

Win shares hardly tell the tale here. Brian's argument is talking about what a true point guard could've (and did, in the case of Rafer Alston) done alongside Howard. Compatibility is the key here.

You'd want to look more toward assist percentages and assist/turnover ratios in this case.

Of course, Jameer made one of the worst plays in recent Finals' history (Along with Rasheed doubling off Big Shot Bob in '05) when he somehow let Derek Fisher shoot a three in the waning seconds of Game 4. If he doesn't back off a washed-up Fisher, that series gets back to 2-2 (3-1 Magic, if Courtney Lee makes an alley-oop).

Nelson's defense wasn't all that bad (view it again). Jameer picked up a running-out Fisher at the arc, coverage just a little soft (had no help on that side behind him), should've wrapped him up/chopped him before Fisher got into his deep shot. Didn't. Mistake. "Worst play in recent Finals history"? Only if one has an ax to grind. Nitpickin' at a guy who missed 4 months due to shoulder surgery, surprised all by playing in Finals, contributed what he could. Superman's 8 missed free throws and 7 turnovers had greater impact on Gm 4 outcome, but let's not mention that.

MojoSoDope reply to Dollar Bill on Oct 12 at 10:49

"Superman's 8 missed free throws and 7 turnovers had greater impact on Gm 4 outcome, but let's not mention that."

Good one; ax now dulled.

I don't really dislike Nelson at all, but think it's hilarious how blindly you'll defend him. Jrue looked mighty comfy operating against him last night.

And come on, even if that doesn't fit in with your WINNER narrative, that is a horrible play with under five seconds in the game. Not all that bad? You have a washed up Derek Fisher with the ball and Jameer backs way off, inviting a three. No help behind him is IRRELEVANT. If Fisher shoots a two and takes two more seconds off the clock in the process, the Magic win the game.

That's one of the worst defensive mistakes I've ever seen in my lifetime. If he does his job, which was only to stay close enough to run Fisher off the three-point line, the Magic win. Was he afraid Fisher was going to get to the rim and dunk the ball? That's what his defense looked like.

From what I hear, "winners" don't blame Dwight Howard, they simply make winning plays. And that was a losing play.


Just rewatched it. Van Gundy and Jackson absolutely tear into Nelson for 45 seconds after the play. They just kill him for his positioning. Hilarious.

Your supplied argument by (overly-emotional) authority [it's called venting] is a flat tire. What happened to YOUR two eyes and YOUR critical basketball judgement? Only have 19 days left to locate. Good luck.

Is the game on TV tonight?

ojr107 reply to T McL on Oct 11 at 13:17

no, its not on tv. :(. I feel like my first child is being born but I can't be there to witness it.

As filler, Comcast may rerun Toronto Raptor's first-ever footprint in Philadelphia (3/12/96), when Stack ruled his house for 34, Trevor "Touche" Ruffin notched 24 and Vernon Maxwell, Tony Massenburg and Sean Higgins added double-figure scoring to effectively counter Tracy Murray's 31 and Sharone Wright's 22 in a ferocious battle of 12 & 16 win behemoths before 8,806 bloodthirsty Sixers fans. Final Sixers 118, Raptors 110. Billy Oakes, former Bishop Neumann and St. Joe's guard (and Matty Guokas' backcourt mate), was one of the game's whistleblowers.

24 players suited up for the Sixers that non-championship season, lending support to the notion that John Lucas is a people person.

One thing that just came to mind - how happy must Andrew Bynum be to no longer have to be in the general presence of Kobe Bryant on a regular basis?

Is there an athlete you guys can think of who would be more insufferable than #24? Maybe Dwight...

Roadrunner John Wall might be tough to take, not for his personality, but because he has the keys to the car and he can't shoot, doesn't defend much. Time for him to show some growth. Change to Randy Wittman might help Wiz. Nene & Okafor, not bad boardmen.

FKD215 reply to T McL on Oct 11 at 15:35

That's funny. In addition to a ton of talent, there's also a ton of crazy in that locker room, between Kobe, Metta and Howard. They're still going to the Finals, though (hope I'm wrong.)

The only thing standing between the lakers and a title this year is Eddie Jordan.

Eddie's already got one L.A. Ring. Had 5 assists in 6 min of 4-2 '82 Championship series vs. Sixers. 84.7 AST% hard to beat. Let that be a lesson to you, Jrue Holiday!

Charlie H reply to T McL on Oct 11 at 17:52

Call me crazy, but I honestly think it's going to help Bynum to get away from Kobe. I read over the summer how Kobe nurtured him or whatever over the last few years; I don't know the relationship between the two, but I remember when Kobe called him out 3 or 4 years ago. It's got to be a relief to get away from such an overbearing team leader. Another way he wants to be like Mike: be a dick for the sake of being a dick.

Now Kobe feels the need to humiliate Smush Parker and Kwame Brown in his interviews. Petty.

Court_visioN reply to Charlie H on Oct 11 at 18:01

Kobe's been bashing Smush and Kwame for years now though, this is nothing new.

Reporters haven't quoted Smush and Kwame but I bet they're not bad at the dozens either. At least Kobe works hard at the game he loves; gotta give him that.

Smush's and Kwame's play has warranted smushing.

Charlie H reply to Dollar Bill on Oct 12 at 15:46

Ha ha, good one DB. I'm sure those 2 deserve it, my point is that Kobe still brings it up and it makes him look small. Not that he cares.

If anyone knows of any potential link to watch this game, please pass it along. Happy faux opening day everyone.

Anybody know what channel the game is on???

I'm already warming up the trade machine with Evan Turner trade proposals. A change of scenery might do Evan some good. I've heard Cleveland is real nice this time of year...

South Broad reply to Jakey on Oct 12 at 8:25

Any noteworthy reason you wrote this?

Probably a reaction to the 2/12. I think Turner's a bum, but even I'm not going to read much into the first preseason game.

Check out the tweets with Kobe commenting on Meeks.

Charlie H reply to Brian on Oct 12 at 15:52

Goliath beats David and brags about it to the press. What an asshole. I guess that's part of what makes him so good.

jrue, 27 points 0 FTA

The more things change...Dollar Bill can't figure out how anyone could explode like that on jameer, who is the toughest cookie out there.

Didn't view it. But I know NBA exhibition games have always meant an awful lot.

Thanks so much for playing. You'll receive a take-home version of "Jrue's Jramatic Jroppings" (Superfan Edition) as a parting gift. Bye now.

The funny thing is I was actually saying something negative about Jrue. Apparently if anything comes too close to your Jameer boner you lose your powers of comprehension.

stonedeightytoo on Oct 12 at 10:27

anyone aware if sat nights game is going to be televised?

not much surprise that Hawes and Turner struggled. really wish Turner would light it up coming out of the gates this year just so he can gain back a shred of value so they can get something for him.. no need to prolong the inevitable. just a matter of time before Lavoy sits Hawes in his rightful place

Wouldn't mind if we signed Smush Parker to a non guranteed (then immediatley cutting Smush after the game) contract before we play the Lakers. Lets raise the intensity of that game another notch...

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