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Wing Minutes

I see this is going to be a season where you try to find every angle possible to bury Evan Turner.

I don't have the ability to bury anyone. If he gets buried, it'll be because he hasn't performed at this level. I'll just write the obit.

Turner will start and get 34 min per game. We'll see if he deserves them or not. Richardson will start as well but won't play more than 26. That leaves Young at 16 and Wright at 20. Wright will finish games alongside Turner on the wings.

All this being said, i believe mid season trade is possible that ill result in a better all-round player on the wings.

I've been impressed by Wright and Young thus far. I think Jrue, nick and Dorrell would make for an interesting offensive combo, but nor sure there is enough d.

Also, already been spoiled by the shooting thus far. The thought of every guard and forward being a weapon from deep seems intriguing in a Don Nelson sort of way. Bombs away is fun to watch and less cringe worthy than middling shooters taking 20 footers.

I hope this is the year when Collins applies his defensive philosophy on the offensive end (the whole yard/house/fence thing).

Rob_STC on Oct 19 at 8:05

Great subject for a post. In seeing the 2 pre-season games live I believe Wright is a pretty good defender and a suprisingly good ball handler. What would be interesting is that if you need some defensive energy, Damien Wilkins is probably the best defender of them all. Looks like he will make the team and could possibly crack the rotation at some point.

I was trying to figure out if there's a roster spot for him:

1. Bynum
2. Lavoy
3. Spence
4. Kwame
5. Moultrie
6. Thad
7. Turner
8. Wright
9. Richardson
10. Young
11. Holiday
12. Wayns
13. Ivey

Did I miss anyone? I guess Wilkins would be the 14th, so yeah, there's a spot for him.

ojr107 reply to Rob_STC on Oct 19 at 8:36

I agree, he has played really good team defense so far; his long arms are quite an asset in getting into the passing lanes. I can't say I payed a great deal of attention to how good his man defense was, I don't remember watching him matched up with good offensive players.

With the exception of the second half of the Cavs game, N.Young has done a good job staying within himself. He played some difficult to watch one on one basketball against the Cavs, but in his defense, its not like we had anyone on the court that could create their own shot.

I think Turner's role depends entirely on the health of Bynum.

If Bynum is healthy, they need Turner to defend, rebound, and pick up the scoring load when Bynum is on the bench. Unfortunately, I think Turner will be in gunner mode right out of the gate, out to prove to the world that he is not a bust. With a healthy Bynum, this is not what they need from Turner. In this scenario, I see ET & Collins clashing, and he will either find himself on the bench or subject to trade rumors by the All-Star break.

If Bynum is not healthy, Turner will have to do more of the heavy lifting on offense, which probably suits him more right now. I don't think he will be effective or efficient, but I see less of a chance of clashing with Collins and their style of play.

Either way, I don't think Turner is the type of player that he thinks he is, and his days here are numbered.

eddies' heady's reply to mike on Oct 19 at 10:17

A particular poster will run along any minute to tell you that you're insuating Turner's a bad person. Try not to make it so personal next time ok.

As for your post, I agree 100% with it and how it may play out.

i hope that's not what my post sounded like. i think it's unfortunate for him that he was POY in college & the #2 pick in terms of expectations. he can absolutely have a long, productive career in the NBA if he accepts what he is and focuses on things he does well. in my view he's not capable of being the best or 2nd best player on a playoff team. he's much better suited in a complementary role.

eddies' heady's reply to mike on Oct 19 at 10:45

I was just ribbing you, it didn't sound like that. There's just certain ones that harbor ill-will for far too long and senselessly around these parts. They exhibit confirmation bias when one poster says the same thing another poster does yet they only have a "problem" with one of them saying it. Catty stuff, pay it no mind.

I do agree that Turner could be useful in a complementary role, it's just that I don't see any signs yet that his mindset or ego will allow him to succumb to what he likely sees as a beneath-me role.

Buke reply to mike on Oct 19 at 15:45

I agree with your assessment of Turner, Mike. I think he can be a valuable player but more in the way that Iguodala would be on a good team. He's less athletic than Iguodala, of course, but maybe a little grittier. If he gets 25-30 minutes a game, he could have a valuable year being the fourth or fifth leading scorer on a surprisingly good Sixers team. I hope that is good enough for him because this team appears to have more players than last year's team who are capable of shooting the ball well. Incidentally, Turner and Iguodala's preseason numbers to this point are very similar.

The only thing Iguodala is doing well offensively this preseason is shooting free throws. 9/11, so far.

eddies' heady's on Oct 19 at 10:33

"Will Turner be in the starting lineup on opening night?"

Yes, but I'm coming around to the belief that there's more than two options to start at this position (Dorell) if Nick Young can show he can defend adequately enough. He has the height but maybe not the bulk to play the three full time. But I'm leaning toward the idea that Collins will want to keep some scoring punch on that second unit ala Lou last year and he may be reluctant to change Nick's role from a bench spark plug.

"Will he be there for the first game of the playoffs?"

Likely, who else around the league would want the guy or give you anything more than a 2nd round pick for him? I hope he's not here so they can either 1)shed his money as soon as possible, or 2)have the decision already made about having to pick up his option for next year.

"Who do you want on the wings when the game is on the line?"

Dorell Wright and Jason Richardson or Nick Young. Defense is ratcheted up in crunch time. These guys will step it up enough to secure the crucial stop(s).

"Will Wayns be able to grab the backup PG spot and hold on to it?"

Eh, I kind of sort of think so. He'll have such a tight leash that the kid will feel at times like he's being choked, but in the long run this will be good for him, and more importantly the team's success. He'll obviously get yanked when he coughs it up carelessly or doesn't run the offense and throws up a quick shot, but it will be necessary on-the-job training for the kid.

Good post.

Interesting that Collins loves Jason Richardson so much. To me, he looks like the slowest of the bunch (he, Dorrell, Swaggy) and not any better of a shooter. Maybe his D is better than that of the other two, but I'd have to see more games to determine that. Yes, I believe he starts to begin the season, but I agree with Xsago that he doesn't get to 30mpg. Either Dorrell or N. Young will get hot, and Collins will ride him to the end of each game. Imagining a lineup of Jrue, N. Young, Wright, Thaddeus, and Bynum is pretty exciting in terms of length, athleticism, shooting, and running the fast break.

TwoSense reply to Jesse on Oct 19 at 11:19

You left out alley-oopin' and dunking on heads. Seems forever when they had a center who could actually catch a lob and just dunk period.

Wouldn't it make sense to start Moultrie in the NBA Development League?

Court_visioN reply to Brad on Oct 19 at 14:26

I think Moultrie would gain just as much from being in practice with the Sixers bigs.

One thing I like about the big men on the roster is the versatility. You have the shifty and quick (Thad), a slow almost-strictly-outside-shooter (Hawes), a strong post defender (Kwame), a middle-of-the-pack-solid guy (Lavoy) and a beast inside (Bynum). Definitely will help with Moultrie's development in practice to be getting all these different looks.

I don't think Richardson is the best of the three guys at this point in his career.

And I think Turner is going to have to produce quickly, because Wright is going to command more than 18 minutes, as he strikes me as the most useful of the new three guys, and Young will have games where he's simply on fire. I think Turner will only have a month to figure it out or Collins will lighten his load after a couple of losses/poor performances by early December.

Sixers Rising on Oct 19 at 14:31

My expectation is that Turner will start the entire year, into the playoffs and that the tone of discourse on this site will shift markedly by the beginning of the calendar year.

I see the minutes at wing breaking down as follows:

Turner 30
Richardson 26
Wright 20
N. Young 20

Knowing Collins, the roles and minutes will likely vary considerably from game to game based on matchups - a luxury he will love to have.

On the defensive end Turner is the best defending wing by more than a little. Richardson is responsible and gives good effort but has slowed down a lot over the past few years - which is why I think his minutes will be managed. Young and Wright are both high average defenders given their height - we'll have to see if Young shows more consistent effort playing for DC over the long haul than he has in previous stops.

Turner is almost certain to get some run at the point to provide depth if there are injuries, or if Wayns doesn't quite thrive in a day to day role [I think he will]. Even with Wayns, we aren't exactly deep in guys that can run the offense.

Young, Wright, Richardson are all solid spot up shooters [as is Jrue when needed] - while Turner clearly is not.

Look for Turner and Richardson to post up in certain games when the matchups are favorable. Young and Wright don't handle the ball well enough to be reliable in that role.

When all is said and done, we have a luxury of weapons compared to last year. I have confidence that Collins will find a way to optimize those weapons to exploit the strengths and weaknesses of specific opponents.

I'm also confident that perspectives on this site with regard to Turner will change after 4 to 6 weeks of real basketball.

End of game minutes, I expect we'll see: Holiday, Turner, Wright, Lavoy and Bynum.

I can understand someone hoping that's what we get out of Turner. We should all be hoping for it. I don't see how anyone can really expect it after what we've seen from him to this point in his career.

Steve reply to Brian on Oct 19 at 21:23

I'm not sure why everyone seems so certain that we've seen the "best" of Evan Turner yet. He's played less than two full seasons worth of games and was the starter in 34 of them.

Are we such experts these days that we can accurately say a player is a finished product at this stage of his career and is done improving after just over 1.5 seasons?

Da Jruth reply to Steve on Oct 21 at 18:39

Even the most novice of novices can accurately predict that Turner's flatlined as mostly a finished product. What do you see that he could possibly improve upon?

Athleticism isn't going to just appear.
Shooting is a lost cause at this point.
Passing leaves alot to be desired.
Ball-handling is questionable at times; see turnovers.
Defense is labeled legit by some, suspect by others.
Team defense has always lacked.
Can he become a better rebounder?

Again, where's the improvement coming from?

I think the realization that most are finally coming to is that Evan Turner's "best" just isn't very good to begin with.

Interesting post. I think with the depth we have at wing, it'll be at least possible to objectively evaluate Turner. If he becomes who he was projected to be, wonderful. If not, his replacements are already on the roster. Plus, now he's got a clear position (without Iguodala supposedly "holding him back"). It's all on him now.

For the record, I hope he's our starting 3 come playoffs. But if he isn't, it's not the end of the world like it seemed last year.

Not sure if it means anything or not but the weekly email newsletter the team sent out today refers to their losing "the inaugural Boardwalk Classic" to NJ the other day - guess it can't hurt to make that an annual thing but have we seen that anywhere else?

From the twittersphere, Aron has said this week that the new blue unis will be on sale starting with the opener, and that they'll have that 50 patch of them...and the court will be refinished so the logo will look more white, which apparently people were complaining about? And of course Matt Cord the previous Louuuuuuu-for-two PA announcer will be back in case that hasn't been reported here yet...

TwoSense on Oct 19 at 19:53

These guys out there right now have a crispness to em even without Bynum.

Thad looks frisky. Jrue looks spry with a more developed J, Wright is just straight nasty - already brought the ball up and initiated a possession and he knocks down a 3(!), JRich looking like a pick-your-poison matchup - just hit his 2nd triple after faking one and driving in for 2 a sec ago. Wright another 3! Shit, I can't keep up....

Oh, Lavoy looks interested and gives major effort, more focused look from him.

Is Turner hurt? I'm about 6 minutes behind on the DVR right now, will be caught up soon. Collins doesn't like the turnovers, I'd think.

Hawes with the four-second collect and flush off Wayns penetration.

Sixers draw their first foul with 52 seconds left in the first quarter. Looking familiar in that respect.

I think Turner will stay in the starting lineup baring injury simply because he is need on offense as a secondary ball handler. Neither N. young or Wright handle the ball well enough to allow Jrue to play off the ball. He is also needed as there best wing defender, again, not a strong suit of N. Young or Wright.

As far as Turners offense goes, I think if is IMPOSSIBLE for a guy to make it to this level and miss so many easy shots. He seems to have no touch around the basket at all. Too much time in the weight room? Maybe. Bad shooting form? Possible. A fixable problem? Lets hope.

Does anyone have the comcast feed? Any word on why Turner isn't playing?

Sixers Rising on Oct 19 at 20:27

Turner was announced to be resting for this game. Apparently Jrue will be rested in one of the next two as well, per DC earlier today

South Broad reply to Sixers Rising on Oct 19 at 20:29

This is correct.

OK, I'm caught up now. Hope Wayns is better in his second stretch.

God Hawes is bad.

Sixers Rising on Oct 19 at 20:37

Comment from a guy who just saw Hawes haircut for the first time, "so Spence has decide he wants to try and look like Novitski, huh? I'm thinking that works only if he's sitting on the bench.

TwoSense on Oct 19 at 21:04

Seeing Dorell Wright thoroughly for the first time, all that needs to be invoked is, Black Rob ... "like whoa..!"

There you go, Jrue! Sticks a three after keeping his dribble against the double, then drives, draws the contact and finishes the three-point play. More of that.

TwoSense on Oct 19 at 21:08


South Broad on Oct 19 at 21:18

Jrue's defensive awareness was so sick just now it's not even funny.

TwoSense on Oct 19 at 21:41

Side note: stretch lineup - Maalik, Jrue, Wright, Thad, Hawes. Good-looking unit. Active.

South Broad on Oct 19 at 21:46

Jrue's nifty. Sight to see.

TwoSense on Oct 19 at 21:57

Absolutely admire the leadership Dorell Wright just displayed. Well done.


Didn't think they played particularly well, they were without Bynum, NJ played their regulars and the Sixers won pretty easily.

Jrue's shooting was bad, the rest was great. 6 boards, 12 dimes, 3 turnovers in 33 minutes.

Thad w/ a really quiet 24/9 in 39 minutes.

Impressed by Wright (but he doesn't have a handle, don't know what everyone's talking about). Thought Wayns looked a little shaky. Hate Nick Young's game, but he hit a couple big shots. Love Allen's work down low.

Jesse reply to Brian on Oct 20 at 2:06

"(Wright) he doesn't have a handle, don't know what everyone's talking about"

"Hate Nick Young's game, but he hit a couple big shots"

Is this the only preseason game you've watched? You may hate Young's game (weirdly), but if you've seen the other televised preseason games, you would know that Wright has a very decent handle.

Court_visioN reply to Jesse on Oct 20 at 16:33

I haven't seen Wright have a good change of direction on the dribble. straight line he can dribble, he can drive the ball, but he isn't really a ballhandler IMO.

I like Wright. He makes a real effort to get defensive boards and is active. J-Rich, even though he has slowed down, is still a smart player. I liked what I saw of Wayns. Still too much Hawes handing off the ball from 20 feet IMO.

Nick Young can totally take over Lou's role of taking-ill-advised-shots-but-sometimes-hitting-them. He's less of a size mismatch defensively and doesn't dribble the clock down.

For this season at least we look good on the wings. I'm becoming more optimistic the more I see of the team. Even excluding Bynum it feels like the team has improved from last season. Still hoping his fitness will not be too much of a long term concern.

tk76 reply to Alvin on Oct 20 at 0:56

Agree with all of this. They really did not play all that well or hit open 3's but still had enough. But I do worry how well they will close games without go to plays. That is where having a healthy Bynum comes in and probably is the difference between a 45 and 50+ win team.

Having shooters gives you a margin for error. You can make these huge spurts by hitting a few 3's in a row. I hate teams that live and die by the 3 (prior Orlando and Indiana squads) but to have it as one of your weapons is great and frankly refreshing as a Sixer fan. A big difference between having a 3 pt shooter (KK) and having a team that buries the 3 with volume and accuracy.

"If Bynum can’t go in the opener, expect Lavoy Allen to get the starting nod at center. Meanwhile, it appears as if Thad Young will be the starting power forward with or without Bynum in the lineup."


Hope Finger is correct, as I am much more tolerant of Hawes in an off the bench roll. I think what led to this was Collins realizing he had enough firepower on the bench to afford to move Thad into the starting lineup.

A little off topic, but looking at the Knicks, it seems like Melo gets the vast majority of the criticism. After watching their entire last season and this year's preseason (I live in NYC), I wonder why Amare doesn't draw way more criticism. His defense is pathetic, and he cannot post up even against the second unit of other teams because he is extremely weak. Right now, Melo is the only productive offensive player on the team. This is going to be a brutal year for the Knicks, and Melo is going to draw the majority of the criticism, but Amare will once again be the most disappointing player on the team.

Mike reply to Jesse on Oct 20 at 9:12

i think it's because Amare was having an MVP season until the Melo trade brought him to NY, and he's been horrible since then, so it fits the narrative that no one can play with Melo. i agree with you and i think it's common knowledge at this point that Amare is one of the worst defenders in the entire league. but it's easy to hate on Melo right now.

After watching the last 2 1/2 preseason games, love Wright's length on defense and his versatility. NYoung AKA Swaggy P, is going to drive Dougie C crazy but will make this year entertaining. Richardson adds much needed leadership. M. Allen looks ready to play the Rick Mahorn role without the nasty. Hawes is ready to play the backup role for which he is suited. Thad's game looks the same but with the added muscle. Jrue is ready to blossom. If ET accepts a supplemental/facilitator role on offense he will get his 12-6-5 line in 28-30 minutes per game. Wayns must of really been unhappy playing at Nova. Moultrie has length, hands and upside. Brown is MIA. In general, the team looks really deep at every position. Once Bynum suits up, It will be up to the coaching staff to juggle these players and keep them satisfied. A good challenge for coach collins and co. The 3 point shooting and a Big post up scorer will certainly make his job easier.

Love the election year reset of incumbent Senator Hawes.

If "Saggy E" is concerned with a 12-6-5 line, he should be postmarked for Cuyahoga Falls.

Bynum, what a bruiser.

Charlie H reply to Dollar Bill on Oct 20 at 14:57

"Saggy E" - nice!

Nice to see you're in midseason form already.

Thanks, Charlie H! I hit the weight room long and hard, pumped a lot of paraprosdokian this summer.

mymanjrue reply to Dollar Bill on Oct 26 at 16:44

I spent the summer reworking my quipping form with Herb Mage and Dollar Bill still puts me to shame

Tom Moore on Oct 20 at 16:52

Sixers video: Dorell Wright, Jrue Holiday and Doug Collins on what the team wants to do in the final two preseason games:


APPLAUSE BECAUSE (Alumni Report; Sat. night games):

"Beltin'" Elton Brand 21 min 4 pts 10 rbs 2 a

Lou "Comfy Shoe" Williams 25 min 13 pts 1 rb 6 a

Kyle "Korny" Korver 20 min 7 pts 3 rbs 1 a

"Mo Speezy" of Beale St. 23 min 10 pts 8 rbs 2 a

Sam "Hardly Knew Ye" Young 16 min 4 pts 2 rbs 1 a

Rod "Circus Tightrope" Carney 6 min 0 pts 4 rbs 0 a

Sam "Ruler Of Notions" Dalembert 20 min 2 pts 4 rbs 0 a

Matt "Tats" Barnes 32 min 22 pts 7 rbs 1 a

spencer is hired on Oct 21 at 9:17

Watching D. Wright play with his length, I.Q., and shooting ability I have to wonder why no team locked him up in the last couple of years. Golden St. just drafted a similar player, H.Barnes, with a top ten pick. What is the reason?

N.Young is a bit of a knucklehead but Wright seems level headed. I guess we will find out as the year goes on and he is resigned or not.

Our coach wanted competition at all positions and it seems to be paying dividends. Spences' defensive energy has been high all preseason and for Evan it is put up or shut up time with Wright and Wayans ready to give the team what he should.

The team is #1 in 3pt. shooting and ppg. in the preseason and their length, even without Bynum , is sure to create plenty of turnovers. Jrue looks real comfortable running the break and finding our shooters on the 3pt. line. How does he feel when Evan is that wing?

"How does he feel when Evan is on that wing?"

Prodded and pessimistic.

I know Warriors fans complained about his inability to put the ball on the floor and drove to the basket successfully (something he often tries but with little success).

But in reality, Wright had a subpar lockout season and was the odd man out in the Warriors wing rotation with all those shooters. With Rush, Barnes and Thompson they have plenty of shooters already and decided to save some money by shipping Wright immediately instead of waiting for a whole season. Lucky Sixers :)

stonedeightytoo reply to spencer is hired on Oct 21 at 12:46

"How does he feel when Evan is that wing?"

i thought i stopped playing with scrubs in high school

i think Jrue's assist totals will skyrocket this season

A logical surmise. With stable of shooters, all it takes is open eyes and fundamental passes (flip, skip, bounce, chest, lob). It's time he proves that basic ability; and to mothball head-down streetball tendencies. 4th year: apprenticeship is over. (But who was his mentor? Paul Douglas "Pull The Trigger" Collins is never far from his ear.) Preseason numbers won't be as easily achieved when the bell rings.

Charlie H reply to Dollar Bill on Oct 22 at 10:44

When was the last time you saw a bounce pass that wasn't made by Steve Nash or Rondo? It's a lost art.

I think it was Rex Walters, 1997. You're right about it being out of vogue. (A lot of one-handed garbage today.)
Still as effective as ever, like a glass of water.

Tom Moore on Oct 21 at 11:59

Sixers blog (with video): Collins trying to ensure veterans stay fresh for regular season:


Will the game tonight be televised anywhere? I'm dying to see these guys live.

spencer is hired reply to csth on Oct 21 at 15:05

It is on the other comcast channel, cn8 or tcn.

eddies' heady's on Oct 21 at 14:27

Well, after just finishing watching Friday's game I guess I'll just say that it sure is a big difference in seeing the guys that got minutes versus seeing the guy that sat out that usually gets those minutes. What a difference!

Dorell was all over the place. Attacking the glass on both ends, bringing the ball up court and starting the offense, and of course knocking down shots when open. Spencer playing this inspired, tenacious, protecting the rim D leaves me dumbfounded. Wayns, even though it's just preseason, looks like he belongs. Jrue looks to have taken more than an incremental step and his shot is more dialed-in (though it wasn't on this particular night). And that damn Thad Young, he's looking like he's on a mission and blossoming into a borderline star that I had given up all hope of him becoming. Thad getting the ball in iso's and actually looking comfortable attacking his man is a breath of fresh air. He just looks so determined and aggressive. Lavoy looks like he won't back down from anybody and is willing and able to mix it up. Nick Young has the ability to hit big shots. Damien Wilkins even looked decent out there.

May have left out some, but the thing that blows my mind is that they look like a better unit and look better than these other teams they're playing that are playing their stars significant minutes, and all of this is happening without the biggest catch of the offseason, Andrew Bynum!

Good times indeed.

spencer is hired reply to eddies' heady's on Oct 21 at 15:15

An article on CSN Philly.com talks about the affect the shooters have on Thad and how he can't be doubleteamed now. Imagine when Bynum enters the equation!!! The number that caught my eye was 2 blocked shots for Thad. He should be able to gamble alot when Bynum sits in the paint defensively.

Hawes and Allen could be an interesting combo if Thad starts next to Andrew. But a Bynum/ Allen tandem could bring back memories of the Theo/ T.Hill days where Tyrone always had Theo's back.

Lavoy's ability to cover either PF or C should free up Bynum defensively. It would be a great luxury to be able to put Bynum on the lesser front court player. It would protect him and allow him to better guard the rim.

Lavoy's ability to cover either PF or C should free up Bynum defensively. It would be a great luxury to be able to put Bynum on the lesser front court player. It would protect him and allow him to better guard the rim.

eddies' heady's reply to spencer is hired on Oct 21 at 16:24

Yeah, I agree that the frontcourt combos will be interesting. My take is that I believe they will change with the wind all season long depending on the opponent and what they are putting out there.

I really like this Thad and Lavoy combo with Bynum being out though. I'd say that with the addition of these shooters, we could be competitive with most teams in the East even without Bynum and those two getting major mintues, and Spencer playing his backup role like he has so far.

I can't imagine the possibilities when Andrew comes back though. I know I wouldn't want to be an opposing coach having to gameplan for it. Pick your poison is about your best approach as a strategist.

The backcourt/wings seems to have generated much of the preseason conversation as to who should play where and what, but the frontcourt is where lots of possibilities and options are. After seeing that performance Friday night (both teams were really getting after it with the Nets main guys all playing over 30 min), it shouldn't even be a question that Dorell is your unquestioned starter at the SF spot, with an argument to be made over whether you start JRich or Nick Young at the 2 (my choice is JRich with Nick Young seeing just as many minutes but in a spark off the bench role ala Lou last year). After what I just saw, even though he has been for quite some time to me, Evan Turner is even more of an afterthought. He can't hold Dorell Wright's jock even if he tried. There's no way you can be objective and say that Turner should start over Dorell.

The backcourt should be all but solidified with the frontcourt where all the hubbub and chatter should be. Thad sure as hell made a strong case (as he has the whole preseason so far) for the shotgun seat beside Bynum. He was beasting!

eddies' heady's on Oct 21 at 16:34

A couple of other things after seeing that Brooklyn game:

Maybe it will take some getting used to but that Nets court and the accompanying black was atrocious on the eyes. Something didn't look right about it. Maybe it will grow on me as I can't recall seeing courts with so much black like that.

One good thing about the Barclays Center is something I would really like to see the Sixers do with their arena - dim the lights on the surrounding crowd and have that stage effect only on the court. I've always loved how the Lakers and Knicks and I think Spurs do that. It just looks so much better on TV and brings more of a focus to the on-court game.

Love the herringbone hardwood pattern. As much as I despise the Celtics I always thought the parquet was cool even as a young kid. The herringbone looked sweet.

And just for good measure, one more time, Thad Young and Dorell Wright! Enough said. (here's another kudos looking at you too Jrue Holiday wow)

Feels weird being this excited about this team like this. But I'm not complaining (though I will if he starts Turner's weak game).

eddies' heady's on Oct 21 at 20:02

See if Wayns sparks them when he comes into the game after this break. He and Dorell's first run. Dorell already has a steal and subsequent assist in his first minute or so.

eddies' heady's on Oct 21 at 20:12

Wayns rain!

eddies' heady's on Oct 21 at 20:31

NYoung is forcing too much tonight. He just needs to let it come to him and not keep trying so hard to get it.

eddies' heady's on Oct 21 at 20:34

Jrue's having a good closing run to this 2nd quarter.

eddies' heady's on Oct 21 at 20:43

They looked kind of lethargic at times or in spurts but yet they're up by 10. And that's with no Thad playing. Dorell w/ a quiet 14 off the bench. He played a good amount of time at the 4 when he first came in too.

5 for 13 from deep.

eddies' heady's on Oct 21 at 20:57

Turner just blows.

If you don't think Garnett hacked him you are even more of a fucking douche bag than I thought

eddies' heady's reply to MCT on Oct 21 at 21:09

Look at it again, KG doesn't even really touch him. He is pretty much to the side of him. Turner didn't even do his usual complaining to the ref after getting up to further confirm he wasn't even fouled. Like to hear Brian weigh in on it.

Your objectivity concerning ET is enlightening. You'll defend him even when ET doesn't defend himself (no pleading to the ref). So in summation, no KG didn't hack him,so I am more of that bag than you thought, though you've never met me remember.

I'm defending him on that play, he got fouled on the body. Don't cry to Brian because someone calls you out on being a douche bag. The truth is it a play during a preseason game isn't really worth commenting on, regardless of what happened, but you just can't help yourself.

eddies' heady's reply to MCT on Oct 21 at 21:19

Remember this my friend - you aren't the dictator of when and to what degree of importance that I can comment on the web. And truthfully, if it isn't worth commenting on then why did you even take the time to reply to it? Talking about just can't help yourself...

cool, Turner is hurt, you can celebrate now...fucking waste of a person you are

eddies' heady's reply to MCT on Oct 21 at 21:25

Your ad hominem approach is quite amusing, in addition to upping the immaturity. Jem was right, he wasn't the only culprit around here. Hurling personal insults through the webs is empowering huh? Hope you're having as much fun as I am reading the drivel.

seriously can't go like 10 mins without a Turner comment...we get it, he sucks, move the fuck on

eddies' heady's on Oct 21 at 21:03

Turner with the swish! He's a good kid.

kill yourself

eddies' heady's reply to MCT on Oct 21 at 21:11

You mad, bro? You's got issues. So much immature hostility over a damn basketball player that ain't even all that. I love you man.

oh ok, I take it all back then, you are a remarkable person

eddies' heady's on Oct 21 at 21:20

Heinsohn calling out Turner's reaction/frustration. Funny.

eddies' heady's on Oct 21 at 21:27

Man, Nick Young is really struggling with Courtney Lee tonight.

eddies' heady's on Oct 21 at 21:32

Evan Turner will not return, ankle sprain.

Lavoy fouls out in only 16 min.

At a glance, Wright seems like a confident, positive guy. Can't have too much of that. Looks like a nice addition.

The offense just seems to come too easily. Not used to that. Waiting for some negatives. Can't handle it. Too many positives. Even Spencer looks good!

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