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I agree that Jrue is ready to handle the 'Nash role' in this offense and should be given the opportunity. He seems genuinely confident and excited to play with legit shooters for the first time and has shown a good ability to find open guys on the perimeter this preseason. Couple that with a low post presence like Bynum, and I believe Jrue finally has the options to evolve into an elite point guard with a high assist rate. It should be exciting to see if he can orchestrate the offense and effectively take advantage of all of these weapons.

was Nash elite before Dirk turned into Dirk?

Jrue's looked crisp so far, his one handed passes off penetration or pick and roll have even made Hawes look like a competent around the rim finisher on occasion.

Interesting post. The Sixers have transformed overnight into an uber-traditional squad with a traditional PG surrounded by pure shooters and a legit post threat. Beyond refreshing to see the team will not have to swim upstream and find unconventional ways to win every night.

Really all that remains to be seen is can they stay healthy and just how talented their pieces are in these traditional roles. I think Jrue, Thad and Bynum have a ton of talent to emerge as dominant players in this system. Jrue as a winning PG and Thad in a Worthy type ungardable role. But it will be also interesting to see how the shooters come through.

But I share your concerns over ET. If he can't finish inside then he will have to reinvent himself as a glue guy- and I'm not sure he will want to do that. He may end up a spectacular failure by simply trying too hard to prove he isn't one. Then maybe in a few years he will learn to play to his strengths. In some ways Iggy had similar issues over funding his best role. Collins got hum there begrudgingly.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Oct 22 at 5:18

Please excuse my typos. I don't think I'll ever past well using a phone.

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Please excuse my typos. I don't think I'll ever past well using a phone.

spencer is hired on Oct 22 at 7:58

Your recipe for this team sounds like what Ohio St. did to surround Evan. I thought Turner would get 10 minutes a night at backup p.g. but Collins would be a fool not to explore the Wayns dynamic.

I want to be a Turner fan and hope he succeeds but watching the preseason he seems to be having trouble blending in offensively.

I have an issue with our coach yoyoing different instructions to our young p.g. on a year to year basis. Last year it was score the ball and now finally he wants him to be a p.g. . He must feel Jrue can handle it though.

One thing Evan is needed for on this team is his physicalness defensively, as Wright seems a bit soft in spite of his length. Although Wilkins seems to supply that toughness also and come playoff time that could be important, in an "Iggy" kind of way.

You don't push a button and get a PG. Distributing, keeping the ball "hot" is a habit, developed over time. Agree with you, Spence, Collins mixes his messages to Jrue, depending on the situation. Jrue showed some good ball movement last night but his instinct to beat his man off the dribble, to score, predominates. When under pressure, one's true self shows. In playoffs, will the "grace" of the assist appear to a winning extent?

Meanwhile, the curtain is about to rise on Wells Fargo's Mystery Theatre. A lot hinges on Bynum - his availibility, his adaptivity, his ultimate effectiveness. He's somewhere on the graph between Wilt Chamberlain and Benoit Benjamin. Exactly where, who knows?

Based on his 2nd team all NBA status I'd say bynum's floor is more Joe Barry Carrol and ceiling Bob Lanier, with a Jeff Ruland possibility based in injury fears. I'd say Benoit and Kareem are probably both equally of the mark- but I get what you are saying

Does Bynum have that sweet mid-range J of Lanier's and same nice touch with a hook or in-close flip? Lefty Bob banked 'em in nicely too. Fairly sure Andre doesn't wear size 22 sneakers like Lanier, a fine player who would've been even more imposing had he not damaged his knee while playing for St. Bonnie against Villanova in his senior year. 20, 10 & 3 in 959 NBA games (plus 67 playoff games) - with bad wheels. Strong man, HOF-er.

JBC could shoot too, but horse of a different color.

As for Jru- I don't think the question is whether he has "learned to be a true PG." It is more whether allowing him to try earlier on in his career would have resulted in too many TO's for Collins to be able to tolerate.

NBA players don't dramatically improve their passing instrincts, but they do learn how to cut down their TO's as the game slows down for them with experience. For example, Iggy has always been a good passer for a wing (but not a true PG) but his TO numbers dramatically improved after about his 4th season.

So Jrue either has the passing ability and make-up to be a true PG or he does not. But I think this is the first year where we will be able to find out given his role and weapons(shooters and interior finishers) were rather limitted prior to now.

Obviously Collins feels more comfortable this season letting Jrue run the show this year. That may be out of neccessity. It may be becasue Collins can more of a TO tolerance now that he has 3 pt shooters. Amd maybe Jrue are Collins are finally on the same page to where Collins believes Jrue is an extension of him on the floor.

Whatever the reason, it should be apparent very quickly whether or not Jrue has what is takes from a PG perspective. And either way it helps in terms of knowing how to buiold things going forwards- as Jrue could be valuable either as a true PG or by further developing him as a scoring guard.

But I'm not as certain as you are to what degree Jrue is a "PG" but we will know soon enough. Same regarding ET's game. No excuses this year.

Just came across your 2 replies this morning. Good meditation on Jrue. Thanks for the thoughts.

So I'm checking out yesterday's box scores and I go to the Lakers game to see how Dwight did. Before I even get to the stats, I see the Lakers are 0-6 in the preseason. Which isn't a big deal. Then I see they've played all 6 games at home. Why?

I have no idea why they played all games at home (funny, they have an "away" game vs the Clippers next), but the Lakers should be worried about that 0-6 record IMO. They actually played their top guys (Bryant, Nash and Gasol) relatively heavy minutes considering this is just the preseason and they are veterans. Bynum was clearly important to that team. I expect them to get much better now that Howard is in the mix though, as he is realistically their best player. Their starters actually are doing an OK job, but their reserves are atrocious. When Meeks is your best bench player it speaks volumes about the team IMO.

Exile on Kenny Payne Street on Oct 22 at 9:18

Abyone catch the telecast on Friday night? Fratello said Bynum may be out til next month? I didn't believe him but I doubt he just made it up.

Also, Eskin said on Saturday AM that he won't be ready to start the season. Take that with a pillar of salt but at least it's a local source.

Exile on Kenny Payne Street reply to Exile on Kenny Payne Street on Oct 22 at 9:19

Sorry, Fratello said he will be out til the END OF next month.

A grain of salt should be sufficient.

Iodized or sea?

The thing that drives me nuts about Turner is he is able to get inside, but just can't seem to finish, like a smaller version of Hawes. I want to think this is something he can improve on, if he is willing to take contact and go up strong instead of trying to finess it into the basket. Is this just wishful thinking?

Wright is playing so well at every aspect of the game, that I think it would be unfair not to give him 30 minutes a game.

since this game is on msg it must be on some internet feed somewhere, if someone could find it (like usual) and post it, that'd be awesome. Thanks!

The most interesting (surprising) developments so far in the preseason have to be:
- How little the Sixers need Bynum to be competitive
- Turner looking like he is unnecessary despite Iguodala's departure
- Great AND consistent shooters can make life so easier for everybody

Lets see how the team plays in the regular season, but if they continue to play like this, i wouldn't be surprised if some of the following things happen:
- Thad becomes a borderline allstar
- Turner is packaged with a big (possibly picks) for a star wing
- Wright signs a long term deal and gets entrenched at the starting SF spot.

ojr107 reply to Xsago on Oct 22 at 10:39

Not really sure how we could swing Turner for a star wing.....

By star i don't mean a true star, just a very good player. And i don't think Turner's value is that low. He will show enough during the season to be tradeable. I don't think he will be a bad player (unlike many here of late), but i think he may become the odd man out.

tk76 reply to ojr107 on Oct 22 at 19:13

I was thinking the same thing. I'd be ecstatic for a guy at the level of JRich in his prime (not a star but an above average starter who is a weapon.) It would be great to get a guy like Deng- but that is not happening.

I also agree with you comment comparing Hawes and ET as non-finishers. Throw Sullinger on that list. Games do not always translate- but some players adapt and others don't. This year will tell us a lot about which camp ET falls into.

Pretty sure Jrue was supposed to sit tonight for rest. Not sure if that'll change due to turner's injury. If they're both out, it's going to be 40 minutes of Wayns running the point, and 8 minutes of who knows what.

I wouldn't mind giving Wayns a chance to do what he can for as many minutes as possible. Ivey will get the rest of the minutes at PG IMO and Wright will handle the ball quite a bit. It'll be interesting to see how good Thad can be with Bynum, Jrue and Turner all out. Can he carry this team, as he is probably the best remaining player on the roster (with Wright close behind him if these few games are any indication).

I think Jrue is ready to dump the ball into the post early and often. If that defines options A, B, and C, then I'm not too worried if there's a learning curve for him as the defacto floor general. I don't think living and dying by him as the only facilitator on the court is wise, but Turner's nonexistent shooting touch does muddle things. I really do like the Turner-Thaddeus inside and transition game and want them to be on the floor together.

"I really do like the Turner-Thaddeus inside and transition game"

Are you talking about Evan Turner here? You like watching his physical limitations exposed a half dozen times/game on the inside and in transition?

I'm talking about the chemistry between the two of them. Turner was pretty good about getting the ball up the court to a sprinting Thad. Turner himself has been embarrassing at the rim, but he does possess above average court vision, especially on the inside, dating back to his days at Ohio State.

For what it's worth, I do remember DX criticizing Turner's low percentage of drawing fouls in transition. For all Collin's talk of Turner doing well in space, he doesn't do anything with it.

I'm not worried about Jrue. He looked like a kid in a candy store last night. So many options, and this is without Thad and Bynum.

I am fully on board with those who think Turner is a square peg on this team, now. Seeing him force things last night really crystalized things for me. His rebounding becomes much less important with Bynum and that whole sprinting to the ball as opposed to sprinting down court is an excellent point. If he were Iggy, then you could deal with his limitations because his distribution, ball handling and all-world D more than makes up for the fact that he hurts the spacing. Now, I am drooling to see Jrue with the ball, Jrich and Wright on the wings, Thad carving slower/bigger 4's with his slashes to the rim and Bynum just being big as shit.

I would have been on board with Turner as the back-up point guard, but I love Wayns speed and pace. I guess we have to look at Turner as being a back up 3, with Wayns, Swaggy, Spence and Lavoy. That is a pretty solid back up unit and I think Turner can have a great impact with that unit. But keeping him on the floor for 30 minutes a night while taking minutes away from Wright, JRich and Swaggy makes no sense. It's clear as day.

So now the question is, what can we get for Turner, what do you want for Turner? Also, all of the sudden I like Spence on the second time playing against second stringers with Lavoy providing the muscle.

One last thing, what is the word on Bynum? Is he going to be ready for opening night or not? Is it his knee keeping him out or his conditioning?

i pray that he is just out of shape and the knee is feeling better.

What have you heard?

Haven't heard anything but the alarmist stuff from Eskin. Nothing definitive from the team, as far as I know.

buke reply to csth on Oct 22 at 13:12

I agree with the "square peg in a round hole" slogan as a description of Turner's problematic place on the current team. Ironically, the departure of Iguodala was expected to reduce the team's redundancies and lead to a better fit for Turner, but the players picked up over the summer suddenly make Turner a poorer fit than he was on last year's team.

I know it's only preseason, but Wright clearly looks like he should be getting the majority of minutes at small forward. Turner might be more physical on defense than Wright, but that shouldn't compensate for the parts of the game where Wright is clearly ahead of Turner. Furthermore, Turner doesn't seem to handle the bigger small forwards as well as he did the shooting and point guards.

With N. Young and Richardson now on the team, it hardly makes sense to move Turner back to shooting guard. With Wayns' impressive potential, it now makes less sense to give Turner significant time as a backup point.

In short, there now doesn't appear to be a starting position on this team where, objectively, Turner can be considered a better option than someone else and even using him as a backup point guard takes minutes away from a player the Sixers should be developing. The best use for Turner appears to be as a backup small point forward, but I have serious doubts that use will be in Turner's best interest or in the very best interest of the team itself.

I was a huge supporter of picking Turner in 2010 and I still think he can have a good (although not great) career, but the cards seem to point to a future where that development will need to occur somewhere else.

The team really could use another veteran power forward or another small forward with potential. Packaging Turner perhaps with another player (like Kwame once Bynum returns) might get the team one of those.

I've never seen a non-shooting, non-athlete (NBA scale) like Turner succeed in a big way.
Hype and hope are closely related, especially in his case. At least the energy of his delusions of grandeur snatches rebounds.

Yeah, that's interesting. The best I could come up with is Mark Jackson. He suddenly learned to shoot in his 10th year, but before that I think he fit the bill as non-athletic/non-shooter.

That's not a bad spinoff. Mark was essentially a useful journeyman, winning spirit. Taught by Louie, NYC PG gene, just wanted to play, win - "star" ambition like Turner's wasn't evident, ego integrated well into team causes.

I don't think I agree with your (and others') assertion that Turner sees himself as the unrecognized "star" of this team who has been unfairly relegated to a lesser role. The young man doesn't strike me as a blind fool. I think he probably recognizes that Collins wanted him to succeed and tried to create a scenario (at least after his first year and a half) where he could succeed and that he himself has not had accomplishments meriting the "star in waiting" status.

However, I do think that Turner sees himself as a starter or at least a sixth man who can distinguish himself as an all around type player. He might be right but probably not on this team. Right now it looks like Turner only deserves about 15-18 minutes a game at small forward which probably translates to 8th man status. That might not be good for the Sixers or for Turner.

Try to remember that this isn't politics, so you don't have to see the worst in everyone you don't consider "on your side."

Your disagreement is fine with me. I see what I see, say what I say. Meant every word about Evan Turner, the undertalented prima donna. "Blind fool" or sage visionary, on the court he's languished for over 2 years now. There, I've taken all politics out of it, told the truth. G'day mate.

You sound like a Tea Partier. Who needs brains and class when rage, scorn, and contempt are so much more viscerally satisfying.

You sound like an asshole but I suppose it's part of your charm.

Charlie H reply to Dollar Bill on Oct 22 at 21:54


In response to your prior musing, what about Dennis Johnson? Never was much of a shooter, pretty slow and earthbound.

I originally wanted Turner out there as a starter to give Jrue some relief with ballhandling duties but after watching a few preseason games I just think Jrue is ready to handle that full time. Also, I'm as down on Evan Turner as I ever have been. I kept hearing how hard he was working in the offseason, but his shot looks worse than ever and he looks even more out of shape than last year. I know he isn't a very good athlete to begin with but he just looks really sluggish to me.

I hope they trade him and I'll wish him well, I'm sure some people around here will wish him bad fortune no matter where he goes. I am definitely sick of him dominating the conversation on every single Sixers website/forum.

MCT reply to MCT on Oct 22 at 14:20

for the record, the end of the last comment was not directed at the article

Rich reply to MCT on Oct 22 at 17:38

I'd agree with this. It'll be interesting to see what Collins does if inserting Wright and Young into the game continues to obviously boost the team's play. I don't think he gives a shit about Evan Turner if he's going to be detrimental, which is fine of course.

I also agree with the idea that everything has to be a big deal when he's involved, good or bad. I don't understand why anyone treats him with kid gloves anymore. He's been a bad basketball player up to this point in his career any way you look at it, and blaming more then 5-10 percent of that on Collins is ridiculous.

Aside from physical limitations, I don't think Turner knows how to play the game without the ball and without a green light - it's as simple as that.

I'm not sure if he knows how to or not. To this point, he hasn't been willing to do it, IMO.

The sad thing is, I can't envision a role in which his skill set is helpful at all if he's off the ball. And he's not good enough when he's on the ball to warrant giving him the responsibility.

Maybe making him the backup PG, and playing him there with a tremendous size advantage against backup PGs would give him enough confidence to be productive.

That's a kind assessment. I haven't seen Evan productively BLEND with 4 others on the pro level, brief spurts excluded. Until I do, I'll assume he can't. He'd suit an expansion tream. Virginia Beach Bouys?

'Buoys' (first spelling didn't float)

I guess prior to this offseason so much of our hope was tied to Turner's development that I just wanted him to be good so bad that i ignored how average he really is. Last night was the first time, and coincidentally the first pre-season game i have caught, where I literally could barely stand to see him on the court. He can get to the rim, he just can't finish. Doug should make the move now and see if he can find his place on the 2nd team. He is not going to have a size advantage over most thress and he is definitely going to be at an athletic disadvantage against most 3's.

can we pull the plug now before his trade value drops when we inevitable move him to the bench?

Does Evan have any trade value? I can't imagine he does. He hasn't impressed anyone and has a hefty rookie contract.

I was looking for a leader chart for BA. If Turner does indeed start, I think he'll be a lock to lead the league in this department.

His value is probably somewhere between Thabeet and Beasley's when they were traded from the teams that drafted them.

Has the team said anything about how bad Turner's ankle is? Maybe they decide to be cautious and he doesn't come back in time for the firt few games. Then Wright starts, plays well enough, and Turner doesn't get the starting spot back.

With all the crap we keep hearing about Bynum possibly missing the beginning of the season, I worry about our defense and rebounding if he's not on the floor. Turner hasn't looked good this preseason at all, but he does have more value if Bynum is stuck on the bench.

Attendance number in Syracuse will be interesting. Will the students leave the library for Amare? Can the beautiful Finger Lakes region support a franchise again?
Will lanky Dolph Schayes take a bow?

Regional trivia question: Who represented Cornell University in the NBA last season? That's right, you guessed it, 7' center Jeff Foote of the New Orleans Hornets; 4 pts, 6 rbs in 39 min of play.

When do the Sixers have until to decide if they want to extend Turner's contract?

And if we don't extend, what kind of cap space does that free up for this summer to go after a free agent(assuming we resign Bynum to the Max).

I agree with this. In that we haven't seen how our offense looks when run through Bynum, having Evan on the court (mainly when Jrue's on the bench) does provide us with some creativity when the ball's in his hands for iso's and the pick and roll. At the end of the clock when (again when Jrue's not on the floor) the team does seem to lack the ability to break down their men and create for others. Dorrel, Nick, and JRich can get their own shots off occasionally at the end of the clock, but I don't see them setting up others as well as Turner (granted they are new to the team and its ET's 3rd year). As for M Waynes I just dont think he's there yet, certainly does show flashes however.

And to Brian's point I don't think Evan has much if any trade value, so I'm inclined to stick with him as kind of a wild-card combo guard that can come off the bench and at the very least defend and rebound. Maybe he develops maybe he doesn't. I'm rooting for him, and at least we all don't have as much riding on him as we have in the past. Now we have Andrew's balky knees.

speeke reply to speeke on Oct 22 at 17:59

sorry that was in reply to Scott above

Link for tonights feed anyone?

johnrosz on Oct 22 at 19:20

maybe some of you guys should wait for the actual season to start before trashing ET mercilessly. Don't really get the hatred, why not just hope for the best, this is a good team. Why harp on potential negatives before anything has even happened

buke reply to johnrosz on Oct 22 at 20:25

"Don't really get the hatred"

What's to understand? Some people are just hateful. Feeling hatred invigorates them. Go to any type of webpage on any subject with any controversy today and you will see that the cup of hatred runneth over. Usually these kinds of people aren't very good and thinking, explaining, and communicating so they just substitute expressions of scorn for those qualities.

eddies' heady's reply to johnrosz on Oct 22 at 21:39

What I don't really get is why is it called hatred?

Is it labeled this by so many just because they feel this eerie attachment personally to this particular player? Or is it that they feel everyone should succeed and no one ever fails? Or because they can't stand others to "down" someone they in turn "love"?

Instead of hatred, why isn't it looked at for what it is - objective analysis, reality, or just realizations in general.

To me, it's pretty much the same thing with Hawes last year. Many fans on this forum (not all of course) pined for Lavoy Allen or Tony Battie to start or at least get Hawes minutes because the reality of Spencer's play spoke volumes. Even though the consensus wasn't unanimous with regards to Hawes, there wasn't all this in-fighting and petty bickering and basically just polarization amongst the fan base. But with Evan, for whatever unknown reason the gloves come off and all hell breaks loose.

Spencer Hawes plays like dirt and most are on board with a reduction in his minutes, discussion and comments and opinions are expressed, but all this cattyness doesn't rear its' head. Andre Iguodala had his share of struggles or non-shows in games, and not all agreed that he should sit the pine more, discussion and opinions were tossed about but, again, none of this bitchyness. Evan Turner's body of work can fairly be compared to that of Spencer Hawes' (and that may be doing Hawes an injustice, really) thus far, discussion and opinions are delivered, and the convos tend to take a nose dive toward 6th grade girls at the middle school dance that are pissed because one two-stepped with the other's boyfriend. How silly you ask? Yeah, I'm asking too.

Just can't wrap my mind around why what is construed as negative comments about a player on the team, when in actuality it is the realities of the situation and objective analysis, is turned into mere skullduggery by some; or a term better served by some, "hate".

It's quite perplexing to hear that convos on a team's forum, whether negative or positive, shouldn't be had in whatever shape or form, just because it happens to be Player X. Ludicrous.

Read Brian's post, and read Rich's comment below this one. That is how an adult objectively (and fairly) criticizes a player's perfomance, unlike your petty bullshit. You try to antagonize people, and then when they get pissed and call you out on it you say "what did I do?" It's not because you're talking about Evan Turner, or Hawes, or anyone, it's because you are you.

eddies' heady's reply to MCT on Oct 22 at 22:28

You really need to go suck your thumb.

Dude, not my fault everyone hates you.

eddies' heady's reply to MCT on Oct 22 at 22:34

Everyone meaning your bitchy alias?

I've been posting with the same name since I started coming here. Not only are you fucking weird but you're also fucking paranoid.

Rich reply to johnrosz on Oct 22 at 22:04

I'm sorry, because I respect you as a poster, but this type of response is exactly the problem with the ever so polarizing Evan Turner debate. The word "hatred" gets thrown around in response when anybody says anything negative about Evan Turner, and frankly, it's flat-out wrong and deflecting of the real issue here, Evan Turner's play. And anybody who has a history on this site knows that I do not hate Evan Turner and want him to do great.

But still, Turner has been a below average basketball player in his time as a Sixer. Anyway you slice it, statistically or X and O wise, has been an extremely below average offensive player and his defense, while pretty good, doesn't make up for it. Pointing that out has no malice attached whatsoever, it's simply a fact.

He has also been the one major Sixer has struggled this preseason, and not looked particularly great in doing it. It's not "hating" to say that either, just honesty. And honestly, I just hope everyone stops treating him with kid gloves this year, and talking about hatred is just that.

So yeah, I "hope" he's fantastic, but am not optimistic at all that he will be. And if Turner continues at this pace, they are going to have a real decision whether pick up his option next year.

Charlie H reply to Rich on Oct 22 at 22:09

well said

Jesse reply to Rich on Oct 22 at 22:14


MCT reply to Rich on Oct 22 at 22:27

Rich - I think people are referring to the likes of eddie's and not yourself.

eddies' heady's reply to MCT on Oct 22 at 22:33

You're funny as shit to me and I'm gonna tell you why - you're the epitome of a whiny petulant child. Petulant in the truest sense of the word.

I'm a bit behind. Like putting Thad on the blocks w/ Melo "guarding" him. Led to a Richardson three.

Keep taking fallaway 20-footers, Melo. that's your game.

God, Hawes. You are one soft bitch.

And Hawes can't even get a shot off in the post w/ Melo on his back 2 feet from the rim.

Nick Young taking all these long twos makes me sick to my stomach a little bit.

Knicks and Lakers are over-rated.

Wayns with 6 minutes? Why?

eddies' heady's reply to MikeW on Oct 22 at 21:50

Have no idea why, just guessing but, because he played 17 min last night and he's already done enough to have proved himself?

Jesse reply to MikeW on Oct 22 at 22:15

Head contusion

eddies' heady's on Oct 22 at 21:46

Brian or anyone have a synopsis of tonight's game? Thad dominate? Spencer still looking unusually inspired? Did what we threw out there still look better than the other teams playing it's starters heavy minutes?

eddies' heady's reply to eddies' heady's on Oct 22 at 21:48

Oh yeah, was Nick the closer again?

Brian - just a suggestion, in the future if you could create an "ignore this user" feature so people who hate each other never have to see each other's posts (philly.com has a feature like this) it might help curb the personal attacks/arguments that clog up your threads.

I am as guilty as anyone of this, and I apologize for that. I do enjoy the site so I just wanted to make that suggestion. I'll continue to read only and avoid posting for now.

eddies' heady's reply to MCT on Oct 22 at 23:01

lol funny as hell that you're the only poster who hates anybody and the lone culprit of personal attacks.

The irony is deep that you make a post today about you're tired of reading every forum and it being about Turner, while it might be safe to say that others that come here are downright tired of reading your ad hominem petulant attacks directed solely at me that have no basis other than being bitchy. At least you admitted you're guilty, except you left out one fact - you're the ONLY guilty party.

Let me get this straight - you prefer to control the conversation, ascertain when and the importance of folks commenting, and now special requests catered specifically to you. Good advice would be to get your own blog. Oh, no ones there....

Brian- I emailed you and article for the site.

My take on tonight's game: The Sixers have been much, much better prepared than everyone they've played, especially the Knicks. New York used Melo for 35 minutes and Tyson Chandler for 38. The Sixers didn't have Bynum, didn't use Jrue, Wright or Turner and they just blew NY's doors off.

The guys on the floor have embraced the defensive philosophies and they're enjoying the freedom of the floor spacing their shooting provides.

I think with or without Bynum at the beginning of the year, they're going to get off to a fast start again. It's really a testament to the coaches that a team with this much turnover is on the same page this quickly.

How long a bump from preparation at the beginning of the year will last is anyone's guess, and really just a means to pile up a few wins before the rest of the league catches up. Quick starts are great, but it's how you play when everyone is up to speed that matters, and we won't even begin to know the answer to that until Bynum is on the floor.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Oct 23 at 0:46

Thanks for the update. I agree and haven't mentioned it yet but the coaches deserve a lot of praise for how they've gotten all these new pieces to buy in. I still keep telling myself it's just the preseason, but when you see teams like Brooklyn and the Knicks play their main guys major minutes, and the Sixers sit integral pieces and still look to be the better team and come out ahead on the final score, I don't think you can just minimize it to just a game that doesn't count. There may be wool over my eyes just because I'm so optimistic about what I've seen, but somewhere in there it has to be legit you'd think with them doing it multiple times against multiple teams, no?

And as many, including myself, keep saying, Bynum hasn't even sniffed the floor yet and he was the so-called main piece. This makes me often wonder does the team have better pieces collectively, and even individually, than us fans have given them credit for?

Jesse reply to Brian on Oct 23 at 0:52

What has your impression of Lavoy been this preseason? To me, he looks a lot like the end of last year - good defense and rebounding and can occasionally hit a long two or make a decent cut to the basket. Although not flashy, I've liked what I've seen so far and am more confident now that he can be a solid contributor off the bench when Bynum returns.

It's funny, love what I've seen from Lavoy, can't help but keep asking myself why did they sign Kwame. Lavoy is such a physical presence on both ends.

Rich reply to Brian on Oct 23 at 1:21

Agree on Kwame obviously, but you loved Lavoy this preseason? He's had moments, but he really had trouble not fouling Garnett and Lopez this past weekend, right? Still like him as a rotation guy.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Oct 23 at 1:45

In the same camp, I absolutely love what he's shown in these limited amount of games.

spencer is hired reply to Brian on Oct 23 at 9:41

Finding Lavoy and Wayns and giving them both a chance gives our front office a pass for a couple of years, in my book. They rank up there with the Lou and Korver 2nd round picks to me.

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