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Anxiously Awaiting Andrew

Jack Straw on Oct 24 at 9:26

I'm having some doubts that he'll even be ready to return to the practice floor today. Nobody has come out to say that he'd be ready to join the team... and the organization has gotten pretty adept at parsing their answers when asked about the time-table for his return. I guess we'll find out shortly...

Will Bynum always be ready.

Did any of you guys catch that team talent evaluation on ESPN yesterday? It had the Sixers overall talent level ranked pretty low. What do you think of the nation press's opinion of the Sixers? I'm a little worried that I am looking at things a little too optimistically, but as I look at the Atlantic division rosters, no one really scares me. We are better than last year, no doubt, and we almost beat the Celtics. Courtney Lee, Jason Terry, Jared Sullinger??? This has to be the year we put the knife to them, right? Do you think we are too high on the Sixers this year becuase we are just a bunch of homers or are we being seriously slept on nationally?

I think the Celts are being given too much credit. Their additions are nothing special, and nearly meaningless. Their season hinges on what they can get out of Pierce and Garnett, and even if they get a lot out of those two, I think the Sixers are better, assuming they mesh and bynum is healthy.

Stan reply to Brian on Oct 25 at 10:49

I guess the theory behind the Celtics moves is that their team is deeper and thus Peirce and KG will be able to get more rest.

If KG and Peirce were in their primes, the Celtics would be better than Miami.

Charlie H reply to Brian on Oct 25 at 17:51

I agree. One of my Celtic fan friends keeps saying they're deep, but I just don't see it. They have Barbosa, Terry and Courtney Lee in place of Ray Allen and Avery Bradley (for the first part of the season). Big deal. Garnett is showing his age. Is he the center? They're gonna start him all year at the 5? I heard Sullinger was going to play center. And there's Darko. Their bigs are not all that imposing. Pierce is still great, so they'll go as far as Rondo and he take them. Garnett will be okay, but I think he's gonna wear down because Rivers isn't going to want to play Darko and Sullinger at center for extended minutes.

As for Simmmons, just press IGNORE. He's the ultimate Celtic fan, except that he actually knows something about other teams. If they win 51, Rivers should get COY. Jodie Meeks did some good things for the Sixers? Yeah, he had a 26-point game. That's one of the dumbest things I've heard him say, and that's saying something. Maybe he means that he kept Turner on the bench.

Jack Straw reply to CSTH on Oct 24 at 10:34

I don't see where all the hype is coming from for the C's this year. They are an aging team that hasn't added anything that will elevate them to another level. I need to see us play a little while with a healthy Buynum to have an accurate assessment on how good we can be, but on paper it looks like we are right there with everyone else in the Atlantic.

Jack Straw on Oct 24 at 11:14

Tom Moore and John Mitchell have mentioned that he's there and is EXPECTED to practice...

It oughta be hilarious to see KG try to back down Bynum. He'll finally have to pay for playing out of position at center.

It will also be hilarious watching Bynum try and close out on a KG whose 20 feet out.

Anonymous on Oct 24 at 11:37

I'm skeptical about all things Andrew Bynum. The repeated treatments, the unexplained delay in getting the miracle treatment in Germany and his overall injury history. If Andrew Bynum starts 60 games for the Seventy-Sixers this year I would be ecstatic.

jahfee joe 135 on Oct 24 at 11:56

They need not risk serious injury by rushing bynum back.....imo....his biggest impact will come in the playoffs......which is why he is here

jahfee joe 135 on Oct 24 at 11:56

They need not risk serious injury by rushing bynum back.....imo....his biggest impact will come in the playoffs......which is why he is here

I'm thinking 20 minutes the first game. Collins will take it slow with Bynum the first few games, as he should. Plus- the Nuggets will be trying to run all night long, and Bynum will not be able to keep up getting back on D. We'll be better with a quicker rotation. Stops on D with our transition/3 pt barrage should get us to an opening night win. I'm looking forward to Game 1!

Looking more and more likely it will be 0 minutes. He won't practice today, due to pain in his knee; per tweets from Tom Moore and Dei Lynam.

ojr107 reply to ojr107 on Oct 24 at 13:35

I was slightly off in what I wrote above.

Tom Moore‏@tmoorepburbs

"Bynum experienced discomfort doing a drill and stopped at that point"



This sucks!

I know we can't rush him back and I know we have to be patient, uber-patient in fact but.....FARG!

my guess is bynum never really gets in shape, and re-aggravates the knee or has some other problem. we might get half-bynum for 25 games or so. but oh that POTENTIAL!!

i'm looking forward to another exciting .500 season!!

Bynum out until he's pain-free. No timetable. Lovely.

Tom Moore on Oct 24 at 15:04
Tom Moore on Oct 24 at 15:27

Wednesday practice video: Bynum, Collins and DiLeo on the news that Bynum will stay sidelined until he's pain-free:


ok - so back to the original plan, guys!! we got kwame and hawes splitting time at the 5!! thad at the 4?! a bunch of mix-n-match guys at the wings!! and Jrue "Max Deal" Holiday running the point!!!

this season is gonna be so awesome

I can only hope that Bynum's issues will be resolved. But I'm happy that this (and the increased scrutiny on his knees)is happening now and not AFTER we've offered him a max deal. If he had a good healthy 2012-2013 season and this was happening 12 months from now, y'all would be jumping off Wawa rooftops.

As far as the Cs, there gonna have the best shot at a #2 seed until they're turning to dust. I'm way more offended that everyone seems to think that the Knicks/Nets are locks for the #3 seed.

So lets me get this straight. Bynum just had a second injection on Monday for inflation of his knee? (This is due to a bone bruise he suffered during an offseason workout)


eddies' heady's on Oct 24 at 19:52

Disappointing of course, but I'm fine with Lavoy going out there and matching up with Javal McGee next Wed. night and the subsequent set of games after that. With what they've shown in the preseason they're ready and armed for battle without the big fellah. I'm of the approach that they went out there last year with Spencer Hawes at center and Elton Brand absent in certain areas on different nights and still were respectable competition-wise. Granted, no Iguodala but, the three newcomers on the wings and the assets they each bring may end up coming out as a push. Therefore, I see no reason to believe they won't go out there and compete their tails off and look like they belong with even the elites on some nights and wax some above average teams along the way too without Bynum.

I think this squad with all the added pieces, and some of the subtractions, already is the icing. Andrew will just be the cherry on top if/when he gets his lower extremity right.

I think everyone is sleeping on the Sixers. This team without Bynum is an upgrade on last year offensively. Defensively I think we're ok, and will become good once guys settle in. Our bench is deep...nearly everyone is worthy of minutes and can come in and produce if someone else is having an off night. If Bynum takes two months from now, we should be no lower then 50% wins by then with the current roster. I've no idea why the Nets and Knicks and even Hawks are being ranked higher than us, and with Bynum, we're unquestionably the best team in the Atlantic, and second to the Heat in the East.

I am sort of interested in how these guys do in the regular season after tearing it uip in the preseason. But I'm much more interested in seeing the team with Bynum on the floor.

I can see it now... the article written in Feb about how the team will finally get a few days of practice time to work on integrating Bynum into the offense. Not that I expect him to be out that long- but I do expect there be some ongoing story about how hard it to find the practice time to work Bynum in during the busy season. And I hate having excuses and asterics regarding player and team evaluation.

tk76 reply to Mike on Oct 24 at 22:16

Definitely worth a read. Thanks for the link

76ciology on Oct 24 at 23:21

Yes, things are not happening as what we've expected. But let's look at the brightside..

For now:
It didn't happen in the middle of the season.
We are not forcing Bynum to play even though he's not ready.
Bynum is not pressured to rush things and risk a worse injury in the future.

In the offseason:
We're still going to overpay him. But I think this questions about his health could somehow make a limit on how much we're going to overpay him.

For the future:
I do think that not rushing things and being careful about Bynum's health would prolong his knees.

It's all about the big picture guys.

Bynum IMO is determined to have a big year this season. That explains his treatment in Germany and how he is cautious with his knee. And being cautious and smart rather than being hasty and impatient, in handling Bynum's health should pay off in his young promising career.

And for the team, honestly, I think we are still a top 5 team in the east without Bynum. We're one of the best shooting/scoring teams in the league. We looked well-oiled in executing our halfcourt sets. Our newly acquired shooters made a big difference in spacing the floor. We can score at the break with Turner and Jrue pushing the ball and our shooters. We have a potent bench scoring headed by Nick and Thad Young or Dorell Wright.

Defensively, we're still very good with always having a line-up that have none to very little (Hawes at PF) liabilities on defense. We still have one of the league's best defensive coaches in Michael Curry to lead our guys on that end of the floor.

Remember, prior to the acquisition of Bynum, THIS TEAM WAS BUILT WITHOUT HAVING BYNUM IN MIND. We're going to be fine.

I agree that Bynum is motivated to have a big season. He is a free agent after the season after all. The Sixers however are not going to save anything by limiting how much they will overpay Bynum. They will give him the max without any hesitation. There are both good and bad things about that i.e. Bynum will be happy playing for the Sixers, but he will not play very often due to injuries.

This was mean't as a reply yo the above comment of 76ciology

Anyone else listen to sports guy's annual over/under podcast with Joe House? He has always been a Sixers hater (prob rooted in his upbringing) but this year he said "41-41...and I was tempted to go all the way down to 35 wins." House said 47-35.

What was his logic?

His logic included, they replaced Lou Williams with Nick Young and the most damning piece of evidence presented by Bill "They lost Jodie Meeks who did some good things for them"

30 minutes later in the podcast he picked the Celtics to win over 51 games

Stan reply to Brian on Oct 25 at 10:46

If Bynum isn't healthy, doesn't play at least 65 games, and is out of shape, I see them being worse than .500.

Without Bynum we are essentially worse than last year.

Cotton reply to MikeW on Oct 26 at 10:41

I think a very telling part of this was that neither of them even mentioned Dorell Wright (or Thad, FWIW) whatsoever when talking about the Sixers, but repeatedly talked about his loss being crucial to the Warriors' decline.

Granted, I didn't expect much out of Wright. But what limited time I've seen him in a Sixers uni has been a pleasant surprise. Same goes for Swaggy P, who I was convinced would be a massive liability.

At the end of the day, though, this is still about Bynum's health. Without him, they might not be far off.

Either way, I don't know why Sixer fans need to constantly feel outraged about being slept on. It's a mostly new and largely unproven lineup. The team needs to prove itself, and stuff like this will only motivate them to do so.

mymanjrue reply to Cotton on Oct 26 at 16:37

Agreed. Really seemed like Simmons just blanked on Dorell Wright being a Sixer. And he had looked at his ADVANCED STATS, clearly, for help in overrating the departed Lou Will and Jodie Meeks. The way he harped on Jodie Meeks was pretty hilarious given that you know he watched a handful-at very best-of Sixers reg season games last year..guess he didn't notice that Meeks stayed glued to the bench while we pushed the Celtics to seven games, making a negligible impact with the limited time he received...

Whenever national people keyed in on Williams and Meeks when explaining the success of last year's Sixers, I took it as a dead giveaway that they never saw the team play and were basing their opinions solely on things like winshare per 48 mins and those awesome scoring efficiency numbers (fascinating that a role player who shoots three almost exclusively and makes 90% of his free throws does well on efficiency metrics)

I think everyone here would concede that Bynum is never going to play 75+ games per year. How much good would strategically sitting him throughout the year do for the team? For instance, this Nuggets game is, IMO, a perfect game for him to sit because of what the pace of the game will be. Bynum trucking up and down the court to get back on defense and run the fast break is not an ideal game pace for him. Would Collins and the staff be smart in predetermining Bynum's optimal "sit games" before the season started and build them in, setting a goal for maybe 70 games rather than as many as possible? So games against scrub teams with no interior presence and games where the Sixers want to play at a higher than normal pace, would turn into standard sit games for Bynum.

Should Bynum turn into our Stephen Strasburg?

anybody know why he waited so long to get that german knee procedure? if i remember correctly, kobe didn't wait until august. my laker-fan buddies warned me.

To me, that seemed like the Sixers idea. Like they wanted to protect their investment.

It's tough to tell whether that treatment is causing the delay, or if he tweaked the knee. The only thing that's clear is the fluid injections are pretty much routine for him.

I guess just say better now than in late May, and get him on the floor healthy when games matter.

The timing of the orthokine injection was based on the recommendation of the German doctor. His current problems are unrelated to that procedure. He reportedly tweaked his knee while playing over the summer.

Not to be an alarmist or a conspiracy theorist, but....

1. Are we talking another week? 2 weeks? A month? what do they anticipate? Why are they not at least giving us a range?

2. Is there something else at play, here? How do you bruise a bone doing an up and under? How do you bruise your knee when there is no contact? Is there just a bunch of loose bones jangling around down there? Does this not seem like some sort of spin to keep the masses ( or just us die hards that actually care about the Sixers) from freaking out?

3. Eskin. God, he drives me nuts. But when he says something else is going on, that worries me.

Calm me down, please.

My recommendation would be to avoid listening to Eskin. I haven't heard his latest, don't have the heart to.

There's a reason, you have to fly all the way out to Germany to get Bynum's procedure. It isn't regulated by the FDA. Why isn't it regulated? Because there are no conclusive studies showing that it works. It's yet another procedure that relies primarily on the placebo effect.

If you live and die by the FDA's approval, you'll mostly die.

Jesse reply to Cin on Oct 25 at 18:02

Ha, it's actually the complete opposite. Remember thalidomide? Thank god the FDA didn't approve it in the U.S.

You actually can get the procedure in California now and there will be an office in NYC sometime soon, still hasn't been approved by the FDA though


Turner's option picked up, right?

jsmoove reply to Brian on Oct 25 at 13:06


Court_visioN reply to Brian on Oct 25 at 13:49


Let's say Bynum only pays 25 games this season and his long term career ability becomes questionable. Would you still extend him to the max offer for the max # years? Some team out there will always offer him the max deal, so would you still bite the bullet and give him the deal knowing there is a good chance he becomes the next Chris Webber?

Mike reply to Stan on Oct 25 at 14:54

i mean, if Bynum has a career like Webber's i think that would be considered a huge success. he's nowhere close right now.

Gloom and doom.

People, relax your minds! The big fellow made it through the entire season last year. He tweaked his knee. No popping sounds. No talk of surgery.

The glory years are just ahead.

Anonymoust reply to Bob on Oct 25 at 15:02

Yes he made it through a 66 game season in which he was suspended for the first five games (was it five). So basically he played 61 regular seasons games and two playoff series, one of which his team got stomped in.

How many seasons before the last one did he play in all the games?

Actually, staying healthy through that abbreviated schedule is more impressive than staying healthy through a regular 82-game season, imo. Games were stacking on top of each other.

Post suspension, he played every game averaging over 35 minutes per. What other center can match that?

Not sure what LA's loss in the playoffs has to do with Bynum's health.

Steen stepping down on Feb. 14th, 2014. Adam Silver to succeed him, naturally.


Was Stern pretty much handed the mantle like that when he took over? How does a commish usually become a commish?

According to Wojo, Silver was selected by the NBA Board of Governors.

Most important question, who's going to announce picks in the second round of the 2014 draft?

30 years for Stern, wow. Unbelievable growth over that period of time, and a few black eyes as well. 2 lockouts, Malice at the Palace, Donaghy.

Jesse reply to Brian on Oct 25 at 18:05

Haha. My recommendation is Chris Rock. We need some more entertainment in the NBA draft.

Tom Moore on Oct 25 at 20:18
Tom Moore on Oct 25 at 21:54

Sixers story (with Turner video): Holiday wants contract extension:


Here is a portion of what Holiday told me today: 'I definitely want an extension. I want to play here. I feel comfortable. It’s like family to me.'

Twitter: @tmoorepburbs

Holidays agent is aiming for a near-max contract, the team is reportedly offering $9M per year, the middle is Monta Ellis' five year $55M contract. If he can run the Bynum offense then he's worth that amount.

Ellis has a flat contract, right? $11M/year. Jrue's worth more than Ellis right now, but that has more to do with Monta being overpaid. I think I'd probably hold the line if I were them. At least for now. If they can get him for 5/$45, do it. But I wouldn't move into eight figures yearly prior to the season.

I'm trying to not be concerned about Bynum, but all this is reminiscent to me to that 'world cup summer' where he took a lot of grief for how he dealt with his injury needs.

The Celtics would be better than Miami.

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