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Two Games Up, The Second Ten Coming

I have 6-4 these next 10 as well, but I (overoptimistically) had 8-2 in the first 10. Thought the losses would be @NYK and @Bos. Was feeling great after the first 5 but the Bucks game and Pistons game obviously put an end to my 8-2 hopes. The crappy home play has been disturbing. Last year the Sixers used those early home games to build a nice lead in the Atlantic. 3-3 at home to start this year is not cutting it IMO. Not too pissed with 6-4, but not happy either. I know my expectations are probably unrealistic, but after last year, I thought this team would protect home court better.


"A prominent, highly respected orthopedic surgeon who is not involved in Bynum's treatment and has not seen his MRIs, told The News Journal that Bynum has likely been diagnosed with osteochondral lesions. The condition may heal on its own, but will likely keep Bynum from practicing until March or April, at the earliest. If it doesn't heal, Bynum will require surgery that could sideline him for up to a year. He should find out if he needs surgery by as early as December, the surgeon said.:

Court_visioN reply to Stan on Nov 19 at 12:46

you have a link to this?

Court_visioN reply to Court_visioN on Nov 19 at 12:48

I hope this does not translate to "Brandon Roy Knees."

Joe Namath's two bad knees and one rifle arm won the '69 Super Bowl. And Willis Reed dragged a bad wheel (torn right thigh muscle) onto the court against Lakers in Game 7 of '70 Finals, inspiring many, including his teammates. Two timeless tales to tell the timid.

What's the internet equivalent of sticking your fingers in your ears and saying, "nanner, nanner, nanner. I can't hear you!"? Whatever it is, I'm doing it right now. Tell that respected orthopedist to shut his pie hole.

This sounds a bit less ominous if he does have the lesions.

vs Raptors - Win
at Cavaliers - Loss
vs Thunder - Loss
vs Suns - Win
vs Mavericks - Win
at Bobcats - Win
at Bulls - Loss
vs Timberwolves - Win
vs Celtics - Win
at Celtics - Win

I am going with an optimistic 7-3. Talent wise they probably shouldn't be better than 4-6, but i am willing to roll the dice and predict they will beat the Celtics twice, the Timberwolves with Love who could be back by then and the rest of the mediocre opponents on their schedule.

The dude on Nov 19 at 12:45

Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man.

Tomorrow: vs. Toronto - Win
Wednesday: @ Cleveland - Loss
Saturday: vs. OKC - Loss
Sunday: vs. PHO - Loss
11/27: vs. DAL - Win
11/30: @ CHA - Win
12/1: @ CHI - Loss
12/4: vs. MIN - Win
12/7: vs. BOS - Win
12/8: @ BOS - Loss


Will reply to Will on Nov 19 at 14:08

Toronto has struggled this year despite getting a lot better talent wise. Still can't play defense.

Cavs gave us a good match at home, I'd expect Irving to play better and beat us in Cleveland.

Thunder will be a good matchup for us. We'll keep it close, but we don't have an answer for Kevin Martin.

Suns got Dragic back and Luis Scola makes them a good offensive team. Plus, we don't really have anyone that can matchup well with Beasley.

Dallas is pretty old and washed up. Plus they suck on the road.

Bobcats are still too young and inconsistent.

Guards like Hinrich do well against Holiday. Plus we will get outrebounded a ton by Boozer and Noah.

Minnesota is giving AK47 and Luke Ridnour 40+ minutes. Half of their roster is composed of d-leaguers.

Boston has been very inconsistent this year. KG and Pierce continue to decline while Rondo continues to not improve his jump shot. They'll take one just because they'll be at home and it's very tough to win back-to-backs against the same team, especially when Doc Rivers is coaching.

Thunder will be a good matchup for us. We'll keep it close, but we don't have an answer for Kevin Martin.

Do we have an answer for Kevin Durant?

Will reply to Brian on Nov 19 at 14:22

I just figured it was implied that we wouldn't stop Durant. I don't think there ever will be an answer to stopping Durant.

sfw reply to Will on Nov 19 at 14:50

Plus, we don't really have anyone that can matchup well with Beasley

Does that matter?

SixersRising on Nov 19 at 14:12

I agree with 6-4, but expect they'll win 2 games they shouldn't and lose 2 games they should win.

I'm really surprised that it is taking them so long as a group to gel. I knew the Sixers had a big edge last year going into the short season since they already had a team in place experienced in Collins expectations --- but did not anticipate seeing such a chaotic start this year.

When you think about it, the '10-'11 team went 3-13 in their first 16 games under DC - and this year we have 8 new players in the mix so to some degree a little like starting over again I guess. Preseason had me fooled that the transition would be easier, but clearly it has not been.

The offense should come around eventually, but the defense - while good on balance - was very disappointing against Milwaukee and to some degree Detroit.

I'm looking for improvement by the time they begin the Ice Capades trip, and I think there is plenty of upside potential for this group even absent the Bynum factor.

They're 6-4 w/ pretty much the worst starting SF in the league and the absolute worst starting 5 in the league, no backup PG and really no legit 4 on their roster. I don't see how you see that start as chaotic.

Stan reply to Brian on Nov 19 at 15:23

Our SF and our C are top 5 players at their position every 10-15 games.

Kwame is a top 5 center every 10-15 games? Lavoy? Come on.

You're being a tad generous w/ Turner, as well. He hasn't played 10-15 great games in his career.

That whole comment was confusing to me - the structure didn't clearly tell me what he was trying to say

Stan reply to GoSixers on Nov 19 at 23:15

Every 10-15 games. Which means that out of an 82 game season he'll play like a top 5 SF for 6-8 games. It speaks to inconsistency.

7-3. i think they will beat dallas. they havent shown me much other than a lot of very close wins.

johnrosz on Nov 19 at 19:20

The worst small forward in the league?

buke reply to johnrosz on Nov 19 at 20:16

"The worst small forward in the league?"

Actually, he said the worst starting small forward in the league. And that comment was probably intended to be more of an expression of attitude than an incontrovertible fact. Sort of like a tea parier saying that "Obama is the worst president in history."

In any event, it is questionable whether Turner is in fact a small forward. He's listed as a Guard/Forward on the Yahoo positional stats and that's probably what he should be called. Even if one called him a small forward, I would say he is having a better year than Marvin Williams or Matt Barnes and those guys are far more experienced.

johnrosz reply to buke on Nov 19 at 20:32

his numbers through 10 games aren't significantly worse than DF deity Andre Iguodala. I would argue that they miss Lou Williams more than they miss Andre Iguodala to this point.

johnrosz reply to johnrosz on Nov 19 at 20:36

emphasis on "through 10 games".

You're probably right but I don't miss Lou. Seven years of him was enough for me. The ball seems to move around more now that he is gone and I couldn't stand those iso plays at the end of every quarter.

@JeffZillgitt: Kyrie Irving will miss four weeks w/ a hairline/non-displaced fracture in his left index finger, team announces.

lol so Irving played the whole game last night with a broken finger. maybe Jrue wasn't as good as we thought.

on the bright side, w/o bynum on the floor we get a chance to see jrue carry the load offensively. it's not ideal but it's good to see what he's made of when the team is in need of some points. He's by far our best player sans the big guy and i'm really enjoying watching him roam freely and figuring out the offense by himself.

i bet bynum is out the whole year

tk76 reply to Tyler on Nov 20 at 4:57

Sounds like the next shoe to drop will be surgery, which we will hear about next month.

Wish I was more optimistic, but things seem to be pointing in that direction. That would be bad news for all parties involved except the Lakers and maybe Eskin.

Hope I'm wrong.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Nov 20 at 4:59

Sometimes it seems like the Sixers are NBA purgatory.

I'd have no problem with him needing surgery and missing the season if there was a guarantee that he will be healthy going forward. Unfortunately, that's not how things usually work out regarding this types of injuries and the front office will probably be in a lose-lose situation after the end of the season. Resigning him won't be a problem if the front office believes he will be healthy going forward. The problem is... will he...

Charlie H reply to tk76 on Nov 20 at 9:14

Surgery seems inevitable. If it's lesions on the knee, and it looks like it is, then he'll have surgery and will probably have no ill effects. I don't see him coming back in March or April, but the Sixers can't take the stance that they're putting him on the shelf until he's fully recovered, because he'll be a free agent. So do they play him at the end of the season to evaluate him? If he doesn't play, and hasn't proved that he's healthy, they would be wise not to sign him. Quite a dilemma. Do they sign him and hope for the best? The risk is, well, you know the risk. Salary cap purgatory for years.

I mean, maxing out a guy who is guaranteed to be injured every single year is the worst thing they could possibly do going forward. I don't understand how anyone could argue against that at this point.

It's not too hard to argue against a declarative statement like that.

Well at least they'll be free of Iguodalas salary a year early - right?

Interesting look at how the Knicks have been doing it so far...sure would be nice if we had a lockdown elite wing defender, and/or a massive presence in the middle, for guys like Carmelo...


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