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One More For the W Column

South Broad on Nov 21 at 0:22

A wrap? Welcome sight. Good comeback win for the guys.

Yeah, I was inspired. I'm such a sucker for this team, no idea why.

kaohken on Nov 21 at 0:23

that one stretch when Turner hit a jumper and then for the next few offensive possessions EVERYTHING ran through him when Jrue was on the floor with very few positive things happening

please no more of that...

Yep, I know exactly the stretch you're talking about. Jrue was actually on a roll, set up Turner for that J, then Turner all of a sudden decides he's going to take over. Offense grinds to a halt.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Nov 21 at 8:39

Was this the stretch where he I think muffed two straight possessions and Doug immediately pulled him? Trying to figure out which you're referring?

I can't remember if Doug pulled him, let me look at the play-by-play. Pretty sure I can find it.

Hmmn. It's not standing out to me.

I checked out the game thread, you were pissed w/ Jrue's shots in the fourth, huh? I didn't really have a problem w/ them. He took that one three, but he got the ball w/ 4 seconds on the shot clock and sort of had to let it fly. Think maybe he should've realized he didn't have his legs and taken it to the hole more, but he didn't seem to be pressing that much. Really changed his approach in the final five minutes. I guess you could say he should've changed it earlier.

I think it's time to see Wayns again. I agree that the Ivey stretch of minutes is getting tired. Maybe Wayns can spark some easy offense at the end of the 1st and 3rd.

I loved the move by Doug in the 4th. If Bynum ever comes back, this team is going to be really fun to watch.

i'm curious as to what you guys think the team lacks once Bynum comes back. I was thinking about it this morning, i think they need an Amir Johnson type off the bench. A super high energy, big that hits the glass and a real small forward. Not sure if we can flip Turner, but i think the sooner the better. He is about 20 games away from Michael Beasley status in terms of trade value. I guess we need a real back up point guard as well. A Calderon type off the bench would be great. That's three players plus a new pair of knees for Christmas please!

I think his value is probably much less than Beasley's was. Beasley could always score, even if he did it inefficiently. There's a market for that.

speaking of Wayns, he got a write-up from Cooney today. seems like a smart kid, and already has more self-awareness than probably 90% of the rest of the NBA:


Does anyone know why Doug has relegated Wright to the deepest part of the bench? Just a few weeks ago he was raving about how Wright is so much more than just a sharp-shooter, and was impressed by his defense. And I didn't see anything in the first few games to justify a drastic limit to his minutes. What happened? He needs to be on the floor.

pargo starting for irving tonight, however i would expect waiters to initiate most of the offense

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