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Tom Moore on Nov 25 at 1:01
The Six on Nov 25 at 1:10

Agree on the officiating Brian. I kept looking for Violet Palmer out there. Although I never get to bent over officiating in the NBA. I guess for me the bar is already set so low as the NBA is easily the worst officiated sport of the main four. In no other sport does the name on the back of the jersey influence so many calls. Its really a joke in that sense.

That being said the sixers were in this one and it was great to see ET and Thad step up.

Pretty sure 00 had one decent clothesline of Durant in...the late third maybe? that sent 35 to the floor, you'd think they could at least have old man Battie hang around this team to teach them how to do that!

and the interesting thing about this game was that it looked like the first time this year's team almost won a game against an elite team by playing like last year's - shut them down late and snipe away from long distance - if they bring that same level of effort every game they have at least 3 more Ws so far? which as they've learned do tend to add up and make a difference at the end of the season...

Sorry to bring up Bynum... but this game really brought home why everything depends on what happens to him.

Without Bynum they are deeply flawed and have to be heroic to match up against a quality opponent. Tonight was heroic, but the 18 O-Boards allowed and lack of inside finishes (except Thad) highlighted Bynum's absence.

On the flip side, you can see just how good this team might be with Bynum. Jrue showed that even on a bad night he can spoonfeed bigs, cutters and shooters. They have the shooters and the cutter(Thad) but their bigs are a joke. I'd say Hawes was the worst interior finisher of any big in the league had I not just witness Kwame's comic attempts at finishing. Kwame's power bricks are the perfect complement to Hawes' weak sauce. Add in a great game by ET, and it really hits home what they could have been.

I was sort of resigned after all of these years with watching a low ceiling team. I may have wanted them to blow things up but I still found some satisfaction rooting for the hard working, low upside Sixers. But now that I spent months building up to rooting for a team with a real future, it is that much harder to have to face that long term mediocrity is not only back on the table, but seems more likely with every day.

I find it odd how Philly sports seems to always find a new and novel way to build us up only to crush us with disappointing. Regardless of the sport... there would not be nearly this much pain had it all not started off so promising.

and does anyone know why they used Wilkins instead of Royal for that one stretch?

The Six on Nov 25 at 1:22

What is this team's plan with Moultrie? I'm not saying that this kid should command 20 minutes a night, bit if he isn't going to play with any kind of regularity (even if its just 3 minutes a night) then he needs to be in the D-League getting minutes every night. I think he has played less than 15 minutes to date this season. This team, as is usually the case, is desperate for front court help. We already know they are no where near a championship caliber team, so why not get the kid out there and e what he is made of? I guess it just comes down to Doug.

who the hell hits four straight 3s by FOUR DIFFERENT GUYS to ice that OT too??

speeke reply to das411 on Nov 25 at 13:08

i was impressed thabo was able to hit one after russell tore into for all his misses/turnovers in the fourth quarter

jswigga on Nov 25 at 2:24

some of you may recall I predicted an 18-point blowout. That was not to be... and I happily stand corrected. I agree there were many good things to take away from this contest, but as this is the D.F. forum so I will dwell on some negative instead.

What irked me most was (of course) that we could have easily? won this game were it not for our inability to shoot -- and make -- jump shots. Yes, Tuner was bananas tonight. Yes, Thad was a man. Yes Allen showed presence in the middle. Shit, even Spence upped his game a little. But what bummed me out most was our inability to make jumpers.

You will recall Bynum was billed as a Messiah coming to help space the floor for shooters like Nick Y, Jason R, and Jrue. Well even if he had payed tonight we would likely be facing the same ending... all b/c our guys cannot bury shots. Those 3s in OT by Westbrook, Durant and Sepho were absolute daggers. As I watched I couldn't help but feel jealous. They have guys on their squad who can make shots consistently.

Thoughts on our inability to shoot?

I'd say after years of being a terrible shooting team the shooting this year is the least of the Sixers worries.

Their only weakness IMO is a post and rebounding presence on both ends of the floor. It's funny but Bynum is exactly what they need and if he ever gets healthy and playing at the level he has shown he can play they will be a very very good team indeed.

isn't that exactly why they still have to think about maxing him out even if he doesn't play for them at all?

I don't think they really have much of a choice, unless they can get him for less than the max.

but didn't DiLeo say yesterday they have plans for moving on without him?

spencer is hired on Nov 25 at 11:20

I made the comment from my seat at the game that the refereeing was like "we were watching the game on a 2 second delay" with the hesitation to see if the shot was made or not on a couple of occasions. Star power definitely overranks homecourt when it comes to the refs.

Brian, it seems the opposit happened to what you said in the gamepost, Jrue seemed to make it personal with Westbrook. But in spite of that he could of had 16 assists at least counting a minimum of 3 bunnys missed by our bigs.

As far as Moultrie getting minutes, Thad's "D" on Durant could lead to more small forward time and allow for a Thad,Arnett and [Lavoy,Spence,Kwame] frontcourt from time to time which could help rebounding wise.

Moultries' strength is hitting the offensive glass and should lead to courttime eventually. With doubt forming on the Bynum front in our organization other options must be thought of and Moultrie along with adding a veteran big [E.Curry type] are 2 things they should consider because Kwame is a statue out there.

TwoSense on Nov 25 at 11:38

After seeing these bigs I must ask: Is Mikki Moore and Dan Gadzuric that bad?

j-rich 50-50 to play tonight

tonight is a dollar dog night apparently, and they were selling tix two-for-one after last night's game...why don't they just take awful games like this and do something cool with them, like make random Sixers v Suns a Sir Charles night and try to get him back there?

sfw reply to das411 on Nov 25 at 13:02

Tuesday's night game against Dallas was also a 2 for 1 after last night's game.

ItAintEZ on Nov 25 at 14:21

Just curious what everybodys opinion is an the Bynum situation.
Do you think this is a situation where Bynum and his agent are the ones holding him out because they don't want him to play with discomfort and then shut it down late in the year. If he did this it would raise more questions about his durability. Where if he sits out a good chunk of the year and then plays 20 games and looks healthy teams may not be as hesitant to sign a longer deal.
Do you think this is the Sixers saying lets just wait until Bynum feels better and not rush him back because we are more concerned with AB in the long term.

I myself am really getting the feeling that Bynum just doesn't want to play through the pain if he doesn't have to. He has a history of playing hurt when it matters and maybe regular season games for the Sixers just aren't that important in his mind.

scola hasnt started the last couple of games, morris has

meant for this to be a reply to dollar bill

Thanks. Didn't know that. Good for the Philly twin. But is it good for the Suns' lame defense (103, 27th)?

scola is just as bad defensively

Not real quick afoot is he. Moves like his late countryman Oscar Bonavena did. At least he adds international flavor. And bangs boards by habit.

Spencer "High-Rise" Hawes
Lavoy "Sleeping Thunder" Allen
Kwame "Yoobetchermommy" Brown
Arnett "Hangared Jet" Moultrie

Who among them will step into the breach vs. Gortat & Scola?

The 'High Rise' comes to play tonight!

Hope it doesn't turn into Demolition Derby.

ET making an argument for being the best player in his draft class.

Da Jruth reply to spiller27 on Nov 25 at 15:26

You mean like when you said meeks would never make another nba roster?

He's at least behind Greg Monroe and Paul George. And really, I don't think much of Wall, but we have not seen what he is capable of yet.

Coach Collins says Lavoy Allen will stay in starting line-up tonight vs. PHX; Jason Richardson (left ankle sprain) also available to play.

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