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Hero Ball No More

The funny thing about us trying to ape the end of the game one on one(or 5) heroics from superstar led teams is that it doesn't really work that well for the games best scorers, it was destined not to work for us.

I can't help but wonder if Holidays improved play is a result of the development or Coach Collins finally giving him the keys to the car. He's the guy I want to have the ball in his hands late in the game, sort of like Nash, he might dominate the ball for most of the possession but if someone gets open he will see it happening right away.

I'm interested to see if anyone here has a different opinion on Turner than they did coming into the season. I know a lot of people were extremely down on him - has his play changed that opinion? I'm asking because even though he's had games where he is nowhere to be found, he's had some really really nice ones too.

ojr107 reply to Tyler on Nov 26 at 15:33

My outlook for him has improved somewhat. If he can became get to a point where his points per shot is average for a guard, I see him being a net positive on the floor. He needs to become a smarter offensive player. More threes, more drives to the basket, less long range two point shots. He has showed flashes of this the last couple weeks, we'll see if he can keep it up and improve upon it.

Games like last night encourage me more than games like he played vs. OKC do. When his shot is on, he can score. So when he's hitting the 15-footers, and he shoots better than 50% from the floor, he's going to be useful. Those games are going to be few and far between, though. If he can somehow manage to score efficiently when he doesn't shoot the ball particularly well, then maybe he'll be a decent offensive player. Last night, he was 4/13 from the floor, but still managed break-even efficiency (16 points on 16 attempts). If that's one of his average, or even bad games, then you might have something. But we're talking about three games the entire year where he's been better than 1:1, and that's not going to cut it for one of your offensive weapons, if that's what you're hoping for.

also, he needs to get a lot tougher on the defensive end. I was extremely impressed with how he handled Westbrook's quickness, but he's their starting three and he gets bullied by other SFs. If people thought he'd take over for Iguodala, they were wrong. He didn't even get the assignment on Durant in that game, Richardson did. They put Turner on Thabo.

Exile on Kenny Payne Street on Nov 26 at 15:48

I read all the posts but not all the comments, so I'm sorry if this has been discussed before, but it'll be interesting to see what type of contract Bynum is offered if he doesn't play at all this season, and if the Sixers would still sign him long-term, max deal or less. Obviously his status/condition at the time will be the biggest factor, but does anyone think he will get a max offer?

Yep. He'll get a max offer, and if the prognosis is that he'll be 100% for next season, he'll get the max offer from the Sixers. They really don't have a choice in the matter at this point, unless they can get him for less, or they find out he won't be ready to start next season either.

ojr107 reply to Brian on Nov 26 at 16:24

Speaking of Summer Time Offers, its a good thing we signed Holiday to an extension. He'd command a lot more on the open market than he got in November.

Tom Moore on Nov 26 at 20:03

No NHL - the eagles terrible - I mean it's ripe for the sixers ain't it? If only bynum didn't - you know

Yeah, the Sixers sudden ability to finish games is one of the hidden secrets of this young season. It's probably the biggest reason why they have a relatively solid record so far. Their overall play has been worse than last year, but their record is better completely because of finishing games without isos on every singe offensive possesion.

sure seems like that's something the young core learned in the past two playoff runs...which certain people would rather have tanked than had them experience...

Easy on the "sudden ability" 'finishing game' tack. I offer Exhibit A, Nov. 12, Milwaukee Bucks (4Q 13-22) and Exhibit B, Nov 24, Oklahoma City Thunder (OT 11-18). The last 2 weeks have also included 1st half pancakes against Pistons and Cavs. (Even Mrs. Butterworth cringed.)

Sixers are a "pre-owned" car with frequent maintenance needs and a devout, tinkering mechanic. That this automobile has traveled to the 8-6 highway marker is testament to the chatty laborings of town favorite son "Goob" Collins and his cogitative garage buddies.

No team is perfect at finishing games. I'd say the Sixers have shown more good in that area in these 14 games than in the past 2-3 seasons, when they were on the brink of blowing almost every single game.

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