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An Offensive Wrinkle

Kwame played with vim and verve last night. Looked like he was actually having fun. (Nov. 27th has always brought out his best.) Nice complementary job.

Thank goodness one doesn't need to know what words mean to compete. No way Kwame knows what vim, or verve, mean

If that's the case, he should've attended Calipari or Pitino U. for vocab building and Final Four dancing.

Abraham reply to GoSixers on Nov 29 at 12:49

GoSixers pretending he knows what those words mean. Funny stuff.

Speaking of centers, "Superman" Dwight stayed with man in left corner, arrived too late to influence Hill's game-winning right side drive and high drop off glass. (speculation: "Goliath" Wilt would've swatted it away.) And Artest's weak resistence up top at start of Hill's foray was surprising.

Wilt owned several Great Danes. One was named Kareem.

You didn't even mention Kobe's triple-double in that game.

40 points, 10 boards, 10 turnovers!

Counting the turnovers and FTs, Kobe had 40 points on 42 possessions.

10 turns! Jack, Dyan and Adam must've been disgusted.

I love how hiring mike dantoni has really upped the offensive output of that team.

I really liked the part where mike called out pau gasol publicly after coaching him for like a few days

It was a really good shot by Hill. Check out how high he threw the ball. -


When was the last time anyone sent a double-team at Turner?? I counted at least four different times in last night when he had the ball in the post/lane area that Dallas doubled him. They scored or drew a foul three of those four times too.

ItAintEZ on Nov 28 at 14:39

Tony DiLeo will be on 97.5 @3:30

Hopefully not to make an announcement, just for a normal interview?

ItAintEZ reply to Brian on Nov 28 at 16:37

He pretty much said that the cartilage is in a softened state and that with rest it should heal on its own along with the bone bruises. He also said he will be re-examined and get new MRIs in the middle of Dec. Said it's a matter of when Andrew feels healthy enough to come back.

Has the team asked him not to do any bowling between now and then?

ojr107 reply to ItAintEZ on Nov 28 at 18:11

Thanks for the recap,

it seems like they are insinuating that Bynum could be playing with pain, but is choosing not to. I have heard this "Up to Andrew" comment a few times now.

ItAintEZ reply to ojr107 on Nov 28 at 18:34

I get the feeling that they would like him to play but he wants to wait as long as he can in order to finish out the year on the court. I think if he finishes the year playing he will get his max deal. If he plays now and breaks down who knows.

johnrosz on Nov 28 at 15:25

why am I not seeing a team that's bottoming out without Iguodala's advanced stat prowess? I think that sounds sarcastic, but I'm serious. He really is a good player, what's the deal, they don't miss him that much. It looks pretty much like the same product. Sure, it's a small sample size, and the emergence of Jrue has been huge.

The only times where I've truly noticed it are when KD and Melo were torching our wings.

Tuck reply to johnrosz on Nov 28 at 15:44

Their team stats are down overall from last year so I would say they're missing Iggy (really missing Brand). Their schedule has been soft so far but to their credit, they've played just well enough to win some games. We'll know a lot more about this team after the next 20 games in which 16 are on the road. Hopefully, Jrue, ET and Thad can keep it going.

Rich reply to johnrosz on Nov 29 at 15:56

They are playing well thanks to Jrue, Thad and recently Turner, but their schedule has been ridiculously soft so far. In a major way it's been a more successful season with Jrue and Turner finally showing something. But if the Sixers play the way they've played the last 10 days, they are going to get rocked on that Ice Capades trip.

Honestly though, their defense, while still Top 10, is starting to trend downwards from last year. The last week hasn't helped things, especially with the starting lineup not defending well. They need to fix that fast, or at least hold the fort where it is.

Offensively, they are starting to trend up from a rocky start. Even though it's still not great and also worse than 2011-12, the approach is a lot better. I just worry about the defense holding up, especially with how pitiful the bigs have been.

Statistically, they're much worse than they were last year. So far, their record is better than it should be. Last year, it was much worse than it should've been.

The reason for this is their performance in close games, which has been dramatically better this season, and was beyond atrocious last season.

Their expected W/L last season was 43-23, actual was 35-31

Expected W/L this season is 7-8, actual is 9-6.

They're playing over their heads, which is fine and I hope they keep it up, because they're stealing wins until Bynum joins them, when everything should change, on both ends of the floor.

Jason reply to Brian on Nov 29 at 16:32

out of curiosity, how did you come up with the 43-23 record?

link Look at expected record, near the top.

sorry, expected w-l, not expected record.

The bigs inability to set quality picks is so frustrating. Hawes barley even touches the defender before trying to slip to an open spot to take a jumper he'll hit 35% of the time. It amazes me how this simple thing can't get corrected.

Sometimes the "littles" are impatient, don't wait, don't use extra man-age to full advantage. Sometimes the bigs bend and sway (or vacate), are as imposing as a cornstalk. Like Coach Marvin Gaye & Ass't Kim Weston said to their team way back when, "it takes two, baby; it takes two, baby - just takes two."

I agree that the guards don't wait long enough at times for a proper screen to be set, but when it comes to Hawes, it is almost always his fault. Just watch him next game trying (is he really trying?) to set screens. It's like watching a drunk baby. At first you think its kind of funny but after a while its just sad and depressing. He's always looking to slip the screen and get open for a jumper rather than actually setting a solid screen. Maybe that's by design which then the blame should be on Collins. Either way, it's very ineffective and needs to stop.

tk76 reply to Tuck on Nov 29 at 2:45

Hawes is just soft. Not only a soft big, but asoft basketball player.

You can tell from his good stretches that he had the ability to play with greater aggression... But the guy is just afraid of making physical contract with other players whether it is picks, drives our rebounds.

Tom Moore on Nov 28 at 15:54

Sixers video: Kwame Brown Wednesday on playing a role and overcoming the stigma of being a No. 1 overall pick:


IT's not a stigma to be a #1 pick - it's a stigma to suck when you're a #1 pick - if not for olowakandi Kwame would have a legitimate shot at worst big man (skill, not injury, eliminating oden) taken #1 in at least the last 30 years or so

Charlie H reply to GoSixers on Nov 29 at 11:26

He's better than Pervis Ellison was. Both were picked by former superstars turned GMs.

How stigmatized does one feel when making 7 figures?

It's probably worse than that fat kid stealing money on 2 and 1/2 men for making 'filth'

Seriously - how much of his 'filthy' money do you think he'll donate to folks?

Actually, he sounds like the type who will get fleeced by his church.

14 out of the next 20 games are on the road

though 8 of those games come on a road trip

Tom Moore on Nov 28 at 21:48

Sixers story (with Kwame Brown video): Brown: 'You don’t survive 12 years thinking about (being No. 1 overall pick)'


Stan reply to Tom Moore on Nov 28 at 22:03

He doesn't come across as a bum in the video. This is actually the first time I've listened to him speak. I'm surprised as to how well spoken he is.

All left coast infringements are forgiven in my eyes. When he starts doing pushups in his driveway in front of reporters is when I'll start to worry. Either then, or when the MRI comes back in mid-January and DiLeo says they're shutting him down for the year.

Stan reply to Brian on Nov 29 at 10:28

I don't mind the marijuana and loud video games. The drag racing does worry me.

specifically "Currency" by Trina, featuring Lil Wayne and Rick Ross

I suppose they now know the lyrics to that song.
Well, at least it's not Juicy J's "Bandz A Make her Dance"
Bynum is 25, I suppose you could still give a pass.

Tray reply to jkay on Nov 29 at 19:33

I like Bandz a Make Her Dance.

Continuing on tk76's 'soft' theme... after a little uptick in Brown's play, Collins suggested to media after Mavs game that they could help in advancing Brown's value to team, in getting WFC fans off Kwame's back. Cued up by the Pied Piper Of Munich, Bob Cooney writes article, published in today's DN, entitled "Kwame Brown Eager to Fill Role with Sixers." Even after the media was treated brusquely and dismissively in press conference after Saturday's Thunder loss. Quadruple espressos, anyone?

Kate Fagan's smart independence and thorough analyses regarding the Sixers is remembered - and missed.

johnrosz reply to Dollar Bill on Nov 29 at 14:25

it's laughable how much Bob Cooney is in love with Doug Collins. I don't think he's ever been critical of the guy.

Rumor has it he once asked him to reduce the winking. Does that count?

I want Stephen A. on the beat.

Figures. NY sub with vehemence, volume and vinegar (hold the onions).

I was kidding.

I know. Boomerang.


Great article Bri-guy. You seem to know your stuff.

Tom Moore on Nov 29 at 13:58

Sixers video: Maalik Wayns Thursday on getting back into the rotation and playing with confidence:


SixersRising on Nov 29 at 15:50

Bill, my impression for the reason Collins was brusque in the post OKC presser was extreme frustration with the officials [his "you can't coach the foul line" comment] and wanted to get out of there before he got fined.

Nonetheless, that doesn't mean he should feel comfortable trying to 'coach up' the media regarding Kwame's morale.

I see where you're comin' from. He WAS miffed at officials and at his team's blown opportunity. But his response wasn't atypical... pissy and brief when he loses or fields an undesired question, the effusive and jesting king with his court when he wins.

It IS a high-pressure, high-profile business. And his intelligence, emotionality and drive/intensity brings "spice" to the proceedings. Could have have a lot worse at the helm as time's ramshackle chariot has proven.

I absolutely agree that the Sixers overall are worse than last years team. However, the fact that they are doing it on the shoulders of the youngsters almost completely has to be factored in as a positive. Moreover, as Rich mentioned their approach (on the offensive end) is much much better. They look like a team with plenty of upside now.

Another thing. They have indeed started to slip up defensively but losing Iguodala interestingly isn't the real reason for that. The defensive slippage is a factor of two things:
- more live ball turnovers (mostly from Jrue)
- Completely useless big men (meaning no Brand)

More live ball turnovers is a direct result of not having Iguodala. Not necessarily a good or bad thing, but he'd be handling if he was here, and his turnover rate was very low.

Also think Iguodala's absence on the perimeter is being felt more than Brand's down low on the defensive end. Iguodala never fouled, never needed help, rarely allowed penetration. Turner's had some good moments, but his man has consistently gotten in the paint, gotten to the line and the whole team has to account for that.

Hopefully those good moments become the norm for Turner. The way he stayed in front of Westbrook was nothing short of spectacular. Not on the level of Jrue's defensive "dagger" on Kyrie Irving (I believe), but really impressive nonetheless.

His turnover rate was lower because he did nothing with the ball off the dribble. In the pic and roll he would never try to penetrate after the pick, he would never try to split a double team with his dribble and he rarely would penetrate below the foul line when he did. Mostly in these situations he would settle for his own 10-15 foot jumpshot or pick up his dribble and find the open man. He was a stellar passer because of his court vision. That was one of his best skills.

I agree about Iguodala not turning the ball over nearly as much as Holiday. It's also true however that Holiday creates more for the team and himself offensively than Iguodala (outside of the turnovers). And i prefer this approach if for nothing else than at least because it offer significant upside.

As for Iguodalas perimeter defense being missed more than Brand's presence down low sorry, but i disagree. I loved and appreciated Iguodala too, but lack of perimeter defense on the wings is not what weakens the Sixers defense right now.

Three things have hurt the Sixers so far IMO defensively:

- fastbreaks off live turnovers (can't find a statistic for this but the eye-test suggests it's a problem)
- post defense (Brand was terrific at this last year and was among the league leaders in allowed points per possesion on post ups if i am not mistaken)
- defensive rebounding (DRR was 75.23 last year, it's 73.4 this year). The lack of defensive rebounding is the results of 2 things (1. Thad gets major minutes even though he has improved greatly, 2. The better rebounders (shockingly Hawes) can't defend the post and vice versa). Wright and Richardson replace Iguodalas rebounding just fine (Wright DRR 19.4, Richardson DRR 12.1, Iguodala last year 16.4)

Lavoy might improve a bit as the season goes on, especially with those unnecessary fouls, but losing Brand for scraps really stings right now. If they had another big, alongside Thad that could competently finish inside and defend the paint to some degree, they could at least boast an average front-court.


Sixers ownership were played like rookies in the Bynum trade. Adam Aron was in charge of doing due diligence for the trade and had no idea what he was doing. There was a reason why neither Orlando nor the Lakers wanted Bynum, and they took advantage of rookie wall street owners looking to satisfy their huge egos who were trying to make a big splash to sell tickets. Aron, who's main responsibility is to sell tickets, did not do a background check and pushed the trade because of its marketing value. Although the trade was contingent on a medical clearance, the threshold for for such clearance is minimal. Then ownership then withheld the true extent of Bynum's injury so that they could sell season tickets. Now Bynum is out for the year, they have given up 3 first round picks and got nothing for Iguadala. Can no longer build this team through the draft and must rely on getting free agents, even though they have less that $13mm of cap room based on next years guaranteed contracts, and no free agents want to come to Philadelphia. Could be worse than the Jeff Ruland trade, and will set franchise back to mediocrity for the next 5 years.

ha well then we get both mediocrity AND the elusive "superstar" at once, doesn't anyone else find that kind of hilarious?

Or the sixers knew exactly what they were getting and wanted to shut up the stupid annoying fan base that irrationally hated andre iguodala and SAVE MONEY at the same time.

If the sixers had not made the deal the outrage over Iguodala still being on the team would be immense.

He was blocking Evan Turner for gods sake.

Bynums history of knee injury and lackadasical attitude to rehab are well know - if you don't think the sixers knew that he might never play a game - you're a fool - if you think they would TELL YOU they knew - you're a bigger fool

All the fans wanted Iguodala gone, PT Barnum wanted to make a splash - and then at the end of the season they've shed money

Turner is actually doing better now that Iguodala is gone. Because the point ends with Jrue, DC is forced to play ET more out of desperation and I think the duties have greatly improved his court vision.
Turner can now fire passes, accurately, anticipating where his man will be. Something he struggled with before. I think he will be key to this team's success, just because there is no one else.
Just saying.

Andre Iguodala was not responsible for Evan Turners piss poor shooting form - nor does his departure repair it, or his lack of nba level athleticism, or his inability to dribble with his head up.

...yeah I am just glad we dont ever have to have an Andre Iguodala discussion about value, contract etc.
It felt as painful as watching politicians go on TV talk shows.

If saving money was their only goal, Brand would still be here. They're paying roughly $34M instead of $18M this season. The logic to this trade for Bynum so you can get out of Iguodala's contract a year earlier is so convoluted. They took a risk, to this point it hasn't panned out. I would've done the same thing.

Stan reply to Brian on Nov 29 at 23:30

But if you could go back in time, would you still make the trade?

Personally, I don't really care about Harkless, Vucevic, and the 1st round draft pick. The thing that annoys me is that the Sixers have to choose whether to re-sign a guy who may be ineffective and clog up the salary cap for the next 5 years or let a really talented player walk in free agency.

tk76 reply to Stan on Nov 29 at 23:39

I'm not that worried about trading away lottery protected firsts. Unless things have changed, those types of picks can be purchased for cash.

I was a fan of Iggy, but I thought Iggy and Brand should have been moved 2 years ago just to hit the reset button. So I'm fine with the trade regardless of outcome, and am happy with the mindset it represents.

Yes. Knowing what I know now, I still make the trade, and it's not really a tough decision. Vucevic, Harkless, Iguodala, a lottery-protected pick. At best, that's quantity in three years. Maybe a couple of complimentary players on a contender. Bynum is a centerpiece, and there's no other realistic way they were going to get that, not without really sucking for an extended period of time, which is something I've never really been in favor of.

I don't really care what the move says about the owners. I don't care that he's missed the first 15 games. The only thing that really matters to me is that the story hasn't been told. I've watched these games. I've watched the helpless bigs on this team botch so many easy opportunities and just get pushed around. If they didn't make the trade and we were watching this mess, we'd be saying "if they could only get a legit big." Well, they've got him. They've probably got the second-best guy to fill their biggest hole, the only hole that really matters to be honest with you. You don't pass that up. You just don't. It's worth the financial investment and it's worth the angst of playing without him right now. At least for me it is, because instead of dreaming about a miracle draft pick, or a miracle trade, all I'm left dreaming about is a few joints to heal, because they've already got him. The completely unbelievable part already happened.

TwoSense reply to Brian on Nov 30 at 0:32

My concern is this story is never going to be told because it is more likely than not it's never going to be written. Ink (joints) must hit the paper (healed) prior to verbalization.

A breaking-down degenerative-kneed big is how legit really?

If the dream of healed joints never achieves realization, wouldn't we all have been better served to have never woken up from the long-running dreams of miracle draft picks and trades?

Kids on the candy aisle never take well to being teased.

The story could end that he was fool's gold, the story could end that he was copper and not diamond. I prefer a reality check, a stripping of the construct to it's foundation, than a constant modification on something that's broken.

I absolutely agree. You have to make trades of this magnitude any time they present themselves. The NBA isn't for the risk averse, lest they are content to wallow in mediocrity.

If Bynum never plays for the Sixers, oh well, he was a relatively inexpensive chance at glory that didn't pan out. They aren't hamstrung by contracts or bankrupt on talent without him.

tk76 reply to Brian on Nov 29 at 23:34

The fact that they were willing to spend more and swing for the fences makes me more optimistic long term about this ownership.

The Bynum knee situation is bad, but long term these owners appear to have their eye on the ball:

-Not afraid to spend money- even money to not play a guy
-Desire to land a truly elite player to build a high upside team around.
-Not risk averse.
-Not afraid of advanced stats.

It's a little too early for cynicism IMO.
I think 75% of fans would do the Bynum trade over again. It was always a risk, huge upside was the key since the consensus post-Iverson era (OF YES, 6+ yrs)was dedicated to mediocrity.
You could occupy yourself with this young team with its promising star/tease and improving role players.
Or worry about Bynum while he seats on his couch eating chips, smoking Ls and plotting new ways to disturb his sensitive neww neighbors.

I would bet $10M you've been one of the douches complaining about how bad Iguodala is for the past five years.

Nothing amuses me more than idiots treating their own deluded logic as fact.

So the latest Bynum news. His neighbors, most likely in an upscale neighborhood, didn't like having an NBA player living next to them, with all that entails. I'm sure Magic Johnson's neighbors loved having him next door in his heyday.

I swear this team is like a magnet for tiresome stories. I wish Bynum would either be done for the season right now, or come back. I can't take all these little nuggets, drives me crazy.

2 years for $13M.
Spencer Hawes.
We pay this guy $6.5M to play for us.

The Clippers are paying Deandre Jordan around $10.75 million per year. Would you prefer him?

Haven't seen the Clips yet this year. Anyone know why Jordan's only playing 25 minutes/game?

He doesn't play at the end of games because he is a horrible FT shooter (47%). Otherwise he has tremendously improved on the offensive end this season. Before he was possibly worse than Kwame.

Jordan has precedents: Ben Wallace, .414 career. Chris Dudley: .458 career. Andris Biedrens, last 4 seasons - 4-25, 10-31, 1-9, 2-6 (is hot this yr, gives credit to blindfold).

VDN is a moron. Before Billups returned, he was giving our favorite son Willie Green more minutes than Eric Bledsoe...

Green tickles the twine from deep: .441, .442 - this yr & last. [Go, Willie!] Who's Eric Bledsoe? Alright, for an apprentice.

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