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Their defensive drop can be attributed to a single problem IMO and it's defensive rebounding. It's been horrible of late (69% is atrocious) and the opponents eFG% benefits from the easy looks on put backs and dunks off of offensive boards.

If they can fix this issue the defense will be fine. I'm not sure if they can though with their current big man rotation.

As for their offense they are shooting the ball better while turning it over less. I am confident they keep this up in the turnover department, but i am not sure their shooting will be this good going forward. It's almost entirely a result of Turner suddenly becoming an efficient scorer and his consistency is a major question mark. We have seen this before after all and it's difficult to assume that he will be this good going forward. However, i am reasonably confident that he has indeed improved.

Eh. For a 5% drop in DRB to equate to 10 points worse in DFR would mean 2 points per o-board, which just doesn't happen. It might be the main factor, though.

Well it's 6.3% to be exact and i'd say the shooting percentage on shots following offensive rebounds is far better than 50%. Not to mention that watching these games it feels like most of those situations lead to dunks or putbacks by the opposing big men.

Anyway, my point wasn't that the defense will be as good as it was if the defensive rebounding improved to the previous levels. I'm just saying that if they can fix that, they will have an elite defense or something reasonably close to it. The DFR can be 102 (2.5 points higher) or so and the defense will still be elite IMO.

SixersRising on Dec 3 at 13:21

I think there is clearly an argument to be made that there is a lack of consistency ... but I honestly feel the difference in performance defensively is mostly attributable to the relatively easy schedule early, combined with inconsistent effort from the newer players on the bench.

With this many new players, it takes a while to undo years of bad defensive culture and get them totally bought into a new way of playing ball.

The most glaring problem is bench defense. The only decent contribution defensively off the bench is with Kwame now that he's not starting.

Court_visioN on Dec 3 at 13:24

Jesus. The big mens' TS% is atrocious.

until Bynum first steps on the court is the team's record.

I love your optimism

Tom Moore on Dec 3 at 15:11

Monday practice video: Thaddeus Young and Doug Collins on the Sixers' 5-1 record this season in games decided by 6 points or fewer despite having some room for improvement at crunch time:


johnrosz on Dec 3 at 17:23

I think the main issue this season has been that they've gotten nothing from Hawes...certainly not 6.5 mil worth. Second biggest issue is that Nick Young isn't Lou Williams.

Andrei Kirilenko (back spasms) sat out Monday's practice and is not expected to travel with the Wolves for road games on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Very good news for Turner.

Was trying to figure out how the Wolves are a top-ten defensive team. Love's absence and AK47's presence are the only reasons I could come up with.

Haven't seen AK play in the nba this year but in the Olympics I was shocked at how many shots he blocked from the weak side. I'm going to the game tomorrow and I kinda wanted to see him play live. That said I'd rather ETs confidence not be crushed by that lanky ruski. Maybe Derrick Williams will get more time, interested to see his game too.

Where does this term "ice capades" mean and where does it come from? I was wondering last season too, but i guess better to ask now than never.

Also, does the basketballreference table have some order that it is sorted?

It's sorted by total win shares, which is hidden in this view.

Ice Capades is a kids' ice skating show that takes over the WFC for a couple weeks around the holidays, that's the reason for this yearly extended road trip. At least it used to be, they still have the ice Capades, right?

Where does this term "ice capades" mean and where does it come from? I was wondering last season too, but i guess better to ask now than never.

Also, does the basketballreference table have some order that it is sorted?

I have no insight or reason to believe this - i didn't do any research at all - but a pure shot in the dark guess is that 'capades' started out as 'escapades' and since the first word is 'ice' and has the same 's' sound they dropped the e?

As I said - pure spitballing

eddies' heady's on Dec 3 at 19:41

Isn't it pretty alarming that Maalik Wayns has the highest usage rate yet the 3rd fewest minutes? Just asking for those that decipher these numbers better than me.

Yeah, usage rate is the percentage of team offensive possessions you use while on the floor (via shot, FTA or turnover). So if you play 10 minutes, your team has 20 offensive possessions, you take 5 shots, and turn the ball over 5 times, your usage rate would be 50%. If you take 4 shots w/ no turnovers in the same span, it would be 20%. If you take two shots, two free throw attempts and turn the ball over once, then you're at 25% again.

You can look at Jrue's numbers. He's playing 38.5 minutes/game, the team is averaging 90.5 possessions per 48 minutes, so he's on the floor for roughly 72.5 possessions/game (assuming they don't play significantly faster or slower when he's on the floor). He averages 15.7 shots, 3.8 FTA, and 4.1 turns. So somewhere around 21.47 possessions used. (they multiply FTA times .44 to estimate their possession value, taking and-one and technical into account). 20 or so possessions out of a possible 72 and change. A little over a quarter.

johnrosz reply to eddies' heady's on Dec 4 at 1:31

Man, I just don't know if he sees the floor that well, he's got a talent for pushing the ball in transition and getting himself to the line...a useful skill for sure, just when he's in the halfcourt he seems like he doesn't really do much but pound the air out of the rock.

Collins told Wayns to be aggressive, and that when he comes in teams don't want him to be looking for his shot, so he should put some pressure on them. apparently he interpreted this to mean he should force his way into the paint every possession against 3 defenders.

johnrosz on Dec 4 at 1:34

in fairness to Wayns, they're asking a lot of him right out of the gate. Doug is hoping for some change of pace, off the bench explosiveness from a guy that's still trying to get his feet wet. Can't stress enough how much I think they're missing Lou right now. You watch a guy like Nick Young and realize how out there scorers off the bench can be. Lou's shot selection was elite compared to what they've got off the pine now...

Lavoy's poor defensive boardwork really jumps out from that table. On the flip side, Hawes is grabbing a good amount of D-boards by the numbers, but it does not pass the eye test. I guys 7 footers standing in the lane can get a fair amount of d-boards by default- because I sure don't see him grab many contested ones.

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