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JET Show Up, Take Down Pistons

"7 dimes to one assist"

Turner's defense has been disappointing but his improved jump shot has given me confidence in his ability to be compatible with Bynum.

With a healthy* Bynum, I think this team is the 3rd best team in the East behind Miami and NYK(!)

What happened to Royal Ivey? I can't believe the Sixers went into this season without bringing in a backup PG.

ivey strained his groin

Lard ass Evan's defense is at times showy but overall decidedly sporadic. His referee call rebuttals are loud, diva-like and too numerous. Differences in his game this year: Collins' stamp/green light, i.e., permissiveness and "Turnersville J" finding. Always could rebound due to long arms, want-to and intrinsic stubbornness. Versatile, valuable, voluble and veritably obnoxious; semi-valorous in battle.

"With just under four minutes left in the second quarter of the Mavericks’ 119-96 victory over Sacramento, Kings center DeMarcus Cousins delivered what replays showed to be a back-hand, closed-fist punch to O.J. Mayo’s groin."

“I told him, ‘Man, play basketball,’ ” Mayo said. “You’ve got a chance to be a good player, but when you do stuff like that, you’re like a garbage player. It’s not a sign of being great.’”

“Man, that guy has mental issues,” Mayo said. “He’s a talented player. He has an opportunity to be the face of the organization, but I don’t think he wants it.”

“Big maturity problem,” Mayo said of Cousins. “Hopefully he’ll grow out of it and become great. He definitely has the talent.”


.485 TS%, 30.1% usage rate.

Yup, vastly underperforms his potential

I'd still rather have him then every big man who has suited up for the sixers this year

Than. And he'd be buried deeper than Kwame is right now if he was on the Sixers. Guy's a lost cause, don't really care what the reason is, he's a team killer in every imaginable way.

A lost cause in his early 20s on his rookie deal huh? Jesus sometimes you're just more impetuous than me.

Yeah, he should be buried on the bench, that's fine.

You can't MAKE spencer or kwame or lavoy more talented - you can't GIVE them more potential or upside.

You CAN help a player grow up and be more mature, and when you draft a guy like cousins you have to realize that his mental maturity is as important as his game - if you ignore it - you get what you have now - the kings organization screwed this up royalty - you think he's a lost cause I think he's redeemable, and pretty easily actually (assuming he's willing to be redeemed). Cousins does a lot of off the court things if you do a little research that show his heart is in the right place off the court but on the court his head isn't on right.

I would compare him to Suh of the Lions - would you not want the eagles to obtain him either?

I don't disagree that certain mental illnesses can be cured, or at least dealt with, in certain instances. I think when you combine mental illness with utter stupidity, it just doesn't happen. And putting mental illness aside for a second, I just think the guy sucks. He doesn't take a bunch of bad shots because he's got a personality disorder. He takes a bunch of bad shots because he thinks they're good shots. Regardless of whether his heart is in the right place when his agent tells him to do community service or he gets the best therapist in the world, that's probably not going to change. When he's on the floor, he's a black hole on offense and a sieve on defense.

If he could actually perform like Bynum does on the floor, then maybe I'd invest the time and money into trying to develop him into a more mature human being, but I'm not investing anything to wind up with a well-adjusted terrible basketball player who drags the entire team down even when he's on his best behavior.

And it's possible you're confusing mental issues with stupidity. I've never gotten the impression that Cousins was a mental midget. If you don't suffer from any mental illness (or have it run deep in your family) you might confuse the two

I'm pretty sure we all suffer from some degree of mental illness and we're all affected by it to some degree in our circle of friends and family. I'm not confusing the two. I think he's an idiot who probably has some mental health issues on top of limited intelligence.

I don't think he's as dumb as John Wall, though. I'm surprised that guy can tie his own shoes.

Well, there's mental illness and then there's 'mental illness' - my family while quite smart tends to have issues with a variety of things, addiction, adhd, depression, my mother is a paranoid narcissist (which is like the most fun of all) plus - not sure what your situation was - but not having a dad around kind of sucks big time for a male child.

Hey Cousins never did this


Of course you still have Bynum optimism so - well - there's that - yes - a healthy Bynum is a better option than Cousins but I don't thin a healthy Bynum is likely any time soon - nor do I think Bynum 'likes' basketball that much

Cousins' heroes: Reggie Evans, Metta World Peace, Haystacks Calhoun.

ET has started to learn that he needs to only take the shots he can make. His length and handle are enough to get him to his spurs against some players. I don't consider his 17 foot straight on jumpers to be as bad as the typical long 2. That is his shot and he scored a ton of points

tk76 reply to tk76 on Dec 11 at 14:22

...at OSU hitting that exact jumper over smaller defenders- so I an good with that shot just pat the ft line. And obviously the corner three is a great shot if you can hit it like he has.

So if ET sticks to those 2 spits and shots in the lane then he will be an efficient scorer. It is cutting out all of the other shots that is required.

I posted that NBA shot heat map the other day and those two shots are good ones typically.

Could you re-post that link?


The color indicates the quality (pps) while the size of the circle/square shows how often that shot is taken.

ET's recent shots have been in the good yellow/orange zones. Amazing how some players like KG have lived off of the poor "green" shots just beyond the college 3 pt line.

Sort of surprised that the 12 foot baseline shots is the "worst shot in basketball" in terms of being both high volume and low percentage. Also, NBA players can't hit shots in the lane beyond 4 feet unless they are shot straight on- I guess because they are heavily contested.

I like the toe-on-the-line corner twos.

Damn it

I can get shot distances now for every shot taken in the past 5 seasons - but for the life of me still haven't figured out espn's x/y system for the court - let alone how to create a heat map like that - would be so awesome if i could

Man, I saw an explanation for the x,y years ago. Think it was on basketballgeek.com or maybe basketballnerd.com. Can't remember, but he used to post these advanced play-by-play spreadsheets that had x,y coordinates and he had it broken down.

Found it!

How do I interpret the (x,y) shot location coordinates?: If you are standing behind the offensive team’s hoop then the X axis runs from left to right and the Y axis runs from bottom to top. The center of the hoop is located at (25, 5.25).

Thanks for that, couldn't find it before. I'll book mark that (they like to screw you up on FT's - last season it was super easy to find they used a y of '-2', but I think they changed that again this year the little bastards.

Also found 'game flow' information (like on popcorn machine) that would allow for 'close' game research.

At some point I'll do the research but I gotta get all the numbers, clean, and clean up the bad data (i've got about 8 player games from last year that the shot chart doesn't match the box score numbers - which isn't really that many percentage wise but will have to remove)

Recently though (thank you ADHD) i've been obsessed with maple bacon cupcakes

tk76 reply to tk76 on Dec 11 at 14:23

...at OSU hitting that exact jumper over smaller defenders- so I an good with that shot just pat the ft line. And obviously the corner three is a great shot if you can hit it like he has.

So if ET sticks to those 2 spits and shots in the lane then he will be an efficient scorer. It is cutting out all of the other shots that is required.

I posted that NBA shot heat map the other day and those two shots are good ones typically.

The second-best thing Turner did last night was refuse to settle for that 17-footer when he had Monroe on him. Shook him and went all the way to the rim. Not enough of that when a small gets a big on him out in space.

Jrue, Love and Bynum in 2014!

The funniest thing about that article is that kahn marched into the trainer's room after a loss and shoved the contract in Love's face.

i can only dream but id never thought they were gonna get bynum

Stan reply to Brian on Dec 11 at 16:53

"Across a table in a downtown Philadelphia steak house recently, Love digs into a shrimp cocktail and considers the futility of the regime that passed judgment on his future, the power it holds over his championship aspirations."

Miami will maneuver and let bosh and the old wade go - they'll pair the senior lebron with love and continue to whack a mole when it matters

raro reply to Brian on Dec 11 at 17:10

Kahn might actually be dumb enough to take on a Thad Young for KLove package... That would be nuts

Billy King isn't dumb enough to take that package

He'd do it if Thad was maxed out, but not at this price.

So a core of a healthy Bynum, jrue and Love... With the rest the roster filled with average rule players, where does that put them compared to a typical elite team. It would be way to full out the remaining roster given the key skill sets of those 3, but does it get you to the level of recent title teams? Sure would like to find out...

A full season healthy bynum? While we are shooting pie in the sky - if Jrue continues his maturity - that team should dominate the east - I mean - no one in the east could stop a front court of Love and BYnum could they? Hell Evan Turner on that team as the starting three...and who the hell cares about the two guard at that point.

That's immediately the second best, if not top, team in the east...a serious title contender against the thunder....

Of course, since we are talking pipe dreams we can fantasize about the lottery going slightly different and iverson and duncan spending a decade together

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Dec 11 at 20:35

I figure they would lose Thad and ET in order to acquire Love. So they would need to pick up two new wings on the cheap. Maybe one shooter and one athletic defender. So they would be a bit weak on the wings but amazing up the middle. Still not sure where that puts them compared to the Heat and OKC.

Who on the Heat is going to stop a front court of Love and Bynum - I mean, ok Ibaka can get in the way on OKC but only on one of them.

But getting love is actually more likely to me than bynum being healthy long term

Stan reply to GoSixers on Dec 11 at 23:19

Tyson Chandler?

Stan reply to Stan on Dec 11 at 23:20

Read that question wrong.

Stan reply to tk76 on Dec 11 at 23:21

They still have Richardson and the MLE. Who then on the Sixers could stop Lebron/Wade or Durant/Westbrook.

South Broad on Dec 11 at 21:29

Really good wrap. Rare this season, no less insightful, yet welcomed thoroughly. This squad is quite the roller coaster. They're like a pack of Now&Laters as a kid - they keep you comin' back for more. Though certain flavors don't whet the taste buds as much as others do. See: Pistons W (green apple) / Celtics L (banana).

mymanjrue on Dec 11 at 21:48

Great recap, Brian, thoroughly enhoyed reading it...fitting game to dedicate the extra time to, much appreciated

Here's a question for you guys. With their contracts and ages in mind, who would you rather have on the Sixers right now, Jrue or Deron Williams? Now forget the contracts and ages, who would you rather have based on their games right now?

Hawaii Phil reply to Brian on Dec 12 at 0:03

NI question that considering age and contract, Jrue is the clear choice. If you look at their game at this moment only, I'd lean towards Deron, but I'd have to give it a lot of thought - it's a lot less clear-cut than the decision would have been entering this season.

Hawaii Phil reply to Hawaii Phil on Dec 12 at 0:05

*No question...*

For the first question I would rather have Jrue but not for the reasons most would assume. I would rather have Deron on a max contract than Jrue at his "Monta Ellis" (and not Mike Conley, oh well) deal, but not on this Sixers team. Jrue has a lot more to prove and Deron would just coast until things got "serious." Speaking solely on theoretical terms, I would rather have Deron next to Bynum.

Keeping their contracts and ages in mind, Jrue is the expedient choice with the current salary cap. Although if you gave me the Lakers' salary flexibility or a guaranteed healthy Bynum, i would go with Williams.

I have not watched much of Deron lately so I dont know if his game has lost a step but if it is anything like it was, he would be my clear choice withstanding age et al. While Jrue is exciting and has upside, Williams is head and shoulders above when you factor in consistency, court vision and intangibles. Considering their style of play is quite similar, it's not even a contest IMO. Deron any day, any time.

is Deron still a "superstar" being with a Nets team that...um...is still the Nets? did we ever get a ruling on whether Bynum somehow became one coming from the Lakers to here?

and hey Brian and everyone else who wants this team to have a backup point guard who is not Maalik Wayns...any idea what that mulleted Argentenian from last year is up to these days?

Regardless of age/contract, I think it's a lot closer than people think. Williams' shooting percentages have been abysmal since joining the Nets, and he's never been a great defender. The times I have seen him the past couple years it seems like he's lost a step and definitely plays with less of an edge than when he entered the league.

Considering the teams around them, and the numbers, I don't think anyone can say w/ a straight face that Williams has been better this season.

I'm so happy to read this. This is the type of manual that needs to be given and not the accidental misinformation that is at the other blogs. Appreciate your sharing this greatest doc.

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