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Cleared for Basketball Activities

dude, post title is very misleading

today's agenda:

1:00 p.m.: tolerate agent's phone call

2:00 p.m.: hairdresser appointment

4:00 p.m.: technical training session on how to feign interest in playing for the 76ers

7:00 p.m.: deep knee bends - Thunderbird Lanes

9:00 p.m.: mental agility drills - video games

11:00 p.m.: nutrition attention - large extra cheese, double pepperoni pizza delivery

Apparently he and Turner are on the same diet.

Yeah, two fatheaded fat cats. Evan can't chase Betty Crocker off the line.

Rob_STC reply to Brian on Dec 20 at 9:45

Funny Turner thinks he is in shape. He said he came in at 230 in camp and says he is down to 220. Meanwhile he saod his legs got tired in the 2nd half of the Dallas game.

There's just too much chatter going on in the press about how Bynum is "damaged goods" and how the Sixers "got taken".

I'll be shocked if he is not shut down for the season today.

I can't believe how excited I was over the summer and how I feel right now. Last night's game was brutal and now it feels like the news is only going to get worse. Back to square one.

Just one happy day. Is that too much to ask after decades of suffering?

They made the finals in the 90s, they won a title in 93 - so - not even two full decades

And I third the whole misleading post title thing - you evil genius bastard

As for anyone who says the sixers got took - I'll say it again - those are going to be the same people who were claiming that Andre Iguodala was over paid, in Evan Turners way and needed to go, they dumped Iguodalas salary for next year, then when Bynum doesn't play he walks, and the New York living stock market guys who run the sixers will increase their bottom line.

The delusion is to think that the new owners really are going to care about winning a title...like most NBA owners the bottom line comes first, and probably second...

obvious typo - they won the title in 83 - my bad :)

83 is almost three decades ago.

Damn, you're right, they say the memory is the first to go, For me I guess it's basic addition - but still - i mean when Iverson was here they were pretty competitive for a while.

Since the Iverson trade sure, but the Iverson era wasn't that bad

That's just a counting stat. Dig deeper. See through the backboard glass lightly. The thrills and anticipation of Alphonso Ford's training camp for instance. Todd MacCullouch's leaping ability and Canadian sense of humor, replete with chortles. Or the draft hope that was blocky guard Brian Oliver. Pat Croce rapelling from the rafters and scaling to the top of the Walt Whitman Bridge - - now that there's leadership! Don't forget Doug Moe's determined insouciance. Willie Burton scorching Heat, his former team, for 53 on 12-19, 5-8 from 3, 24-28 from the FT line. Matt Geiger raising bison. It never ends.

I love it when your rants include things I was actually alive to witness. Bravo.

I don't know that I consider them rants so much as the old man sitting in the home reminisicing back to the old days when men were men, women were silent and knew their places, and children drank malts

One man's ceiling is another man's floor. Just knock if the music's too loud. Wouldn't want you to be inconvenienced down there.

Yes, men have changed. (Today's would say "evolved" - and feel utterly proud of themselves.)

Wake up. Women have never been silent. A disseminated canard that you've swallowed hook, line & sinker.

When the world was right, children drank whole milk, sometimes with the amplifier Bosco, and of course they eventually wanted their Maypo. Tang got us to the moon - never forget that, Buster Brown.

I prefer Encyclopedia Brown grandpa. I promise to make sure I stay off your lawn

Scram, you wisenheimer!

It's whipper snapper to you old man

I like your reminder, however, it wasn't in my pocket argot as I went.

Points for paying attention to your elders.

Look man, just have a coke and a smile and stfu ;)

Or watch this - it will make you laugh


That's good for what it's worth... snappy pace, some scripted bon mots, but you know it's hard to measure up to "Marty", "Imitation Of Life", "Butterfield 8" and "Demetrius & the Gladiators."

Only thing I know about Marty is that Ernest Borgnine was in it and it won an oscar for best picture (because it was a key plot point in Redford's Quiz Show)

Would you respect me more if I told you I felt one of the best films of all time was released in 1940?

Gotta go. Will get back to your movie reply at some point in time. Your '40 choice will be interesting.

There's a certain respect implicit in conversation, no matter the discord.

As a massive film snob, I don't think 1940 was a great year for film, at least in America (and probably in France, and obviously in Germany). 1939's another story. Running through the list of 1940 films, The Great Dictator is minor Chaplin even by the standards of his sound work, Foreign Correspondent is very minor Hitchcock (Rebecca, less so, but not a masterpiece by any means), The Grapes of Wrath probably isn't among Ford's 10 or 20 best films, nor is The Long Voyage Home... probably the best of 1940 is Fantasia, Pinocchio, His Girl Friday, The Philadelphia Story, and W.C. Fields's The Bank Dick.


The Great Dicator is one of the best films ever made not only for the fact that it's one of the few tramp talkies, but for its prescience towards the vile evil in Germany.

Most Film Snobs in my experience know very little (I work for a former Hollywood Producer from the 80s, so I know a lot of film snobs) and fall somewhere behind 'hipster douche' but ahead of 'wine putz' in the terms of detestability.

Never saw "The Great Dictator." I'll buy your position on its artistry and import. Hitler-ish Adenoid Hynkel of Tomania and Mussolini-inspired Benzino Napaloni of Bacteria... somebody had a serious mind and a survivalist's sense of humor. "... you'll find that life is still worthwhile, if you just smile." Good ol' Charlie, that little tramp.

Best, matter of personal taste. "The Philadelphia Story" - the original bluenosed Mainline, great script, Katherine Hepburn, Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart - gets my vote for top enjoyable entertainment. Uncle Walt's "Pinocchio" enchanted long ago, and the adaptation of Thornton Wilder's classic "Our Town" also makes my list... "wherever you find human beings, you'll find layers and layers of nonsense."

Stan reply to GoSixers on Dec 20 at 10:31

You mean the naughts, not the 90s.

Yeah, we've established that this early in the morning in December my math skills are off .

Mostly just giving brian crap - but doing it poorly - his title of article is just MEAN :)

"Turner actually came back into the game after turning his ankle last night, but was quickly yanked by Collins after only a couple plays. I'm not sure how that bodes for him."

You make it sound like Turner was yanked for bad play. He came back and on his very first play, he turned his ankle again while trying to guard Asik on a switch. He was then immediately taken out of the game. It had nothing to do with his play which admittedly was poor before he turned his ankle the first time.

Didn't mean he was yanked for bad play. It was so quick, I assumed Collins saw him limping or something. The Houston broadcast didn't show him turning the ankle again.

Tuck reply to Brian on Dec 20 at 9:53

No worries. He didn't turn it as badly as the first time but it was clear he wasn't comfortable on it. Probably should have never brought him back in the first place. Especially since he was doing his best Evan Turner pouting performance and wasn't much of a factor on either end.

I agree with the first comment by Mike.

Incredibly misleading title to this post.

Only thing worse than me eventually finding out that Bynum is done for the season will be that fact that earlier in the day I thought he was cleared for b-ball activities.

I may be taking out my frustration with the Sixers by overreacting, though.

Think of it as a fleeting moment of happiness, no matter what we hear later. You're welcome.

I know we're not supposed to post links from there - so I won't but BR blames Bynums injury, not Kobe, for growth stunting

I'm trying to figure out how they worked that topic into a slideshow.

Surprisingly they didn't, I think now that they have 'some legitimacy' partnering with CNN they don't need to do the 'click tricks' (however CNN and CNBC both still do them :)

In doing a google search for Bynum and MRI this article popped up. This guy has a job as a journalist? His editor thought the article was 'funny'?

Tom Moore ‏@tmoorepburbs
Sounds like #Sixers #Bynum update on MRIs probably won't happen until tomorrow.


Pot - meet kettle :)

I'm going to be really pissed if I chose not to go see Zero Dark Thirty tonight and hellfire rains down tomorrow.

Nah, if hellfire rains down tomorrow what we do today doesn't matter at all - go see Lincoln - I hear it's good

the next cycle of this bynum news should be out until the all star break if continuing with the same pattern that started with the first one of out till end of training camp

If he isn't cleared to start working out, my guess is the push it another month. Check back with the doctor in late Jan. They're encouraged by the right knee, but the left knee needs more time. I think he's cleared to start today, though.

Guys, come on there is no way he says he is out for months. That would mean a very low likelihood of him getting the max in the offseason and there is no way he would risk that. I think even if he is not completely ready, he will say something very positive, start doing some low impact training right away and start practicing within 2-3 weeks.

First appearance as a Sixer? Second half of January, after the tough part of the schedule has ended. It's all about the contract for him.

What if the doctors say he is out for months, what if the doctors say he can't play. There might still be issues with his knees, and in the NBA injuries are ignored when you can over pay someone - or did you forget about Brandon Roy, or Eric Gordon. Unless you're repeatedly missing entire seasons, like Oden did, BYnum will still get big offers, it's ludicrous to assume he won't. Eric Gordon played nine games last year, NINE, it's not like Bynum has to play tons of games to make big money - he just has to convince teams in the off season that his knees are now 100%

There is a big difference to the contract Eric Gordon got and the one Bynum can get. The max for a player on his second contract is some 5-6 million less per year than the max for a player on his third contract. Gordon got 58 million for 4 years and Bynum can get 100 million for 5 years. That is a BIG difference. As for Roy, he played a lot and well before getting the contract if i remember correctly. Also he was their face of the franchise for years before that. There was no way they could have let him go and save face in front of the fans.

1. It's the nba, big men are over paid, they can convince anyone their knees are fine with MRI's regardless of play - they'll just say he didn't want to risk long term injury - don't ignore Bynum's history of 'gutting it out' or lack thereof unless he's 100%

2. Whatever you remember about Brandon Roy that's great, he had bad knees when he entered the league, everyone knew it, everyone knew his career wouldn't last and yet Portland STILL maxed him out - 'losing face' is an asinine reason to vastly over pay a player who most likely will play out very little of his contract - fans are dumb - if you are motivated by the fans - you will lose every time - the blazers would have done better spending that money smartly instead of wasting their money, then amnesty, and having to rebuild later than they could have started.

And since we're randomly picking names out for 'over paying' big men who miss a lot of games - how about Amare Stoudemire

Rob_STC reply to Xsago on Dec 20 at 13:02

I agree with Xsago. I also believe Bynum wants to play. Not only for a new contract but I would think every player has a major ego, hence his comment about being traded and trading number 1 for number 2. It he doesn't play this year teams might think he is done.

Bynum has never shown himself to be a 'wanting to play' guy if there's even the small chance of aggravating injury. I live in 'laker country' - his work ethic and dedication has always been questioned

Bynum has been ruled out for the season. Just kidding.

Oh, no. The true believers here are going to be shaking their fists today. Jrue Holiday's name isn't even mentioned as a top-5 guard in the last 5 draft classes.

And right when everyone was worrying about whether Bynum would be back in time to allow the Philly Brass to resign him to a contract he doesn't deserve(i.e. any contract).

Not sure what the Jrue believers are going to say, depends on who is on the list.

Rose, fine
Westbrook, fine
Rubio, fine
Steph Curry - he's not a point guard
Lawson but that's the Philadunkia Douch
Clipper Blog Homer says Bledsoe


Some of these people put Kyrie Irving the #1 point guard.

Good to see ya, Hobbes.

Hobbes reply to Dollar Bill on Dec 20 at 14:07

Mostly, I just stop by occasionally to see how you're needling fellow posters.

I appreciated the summer moves made by the organization, but I've already decided for myself that the Bynum gamble didn't work out and I'm hoping he doesn't play a single minute. Too much accumulated scar tissue to have faith that the brass will do the right thing regarding him if he plays this season. I could imagine a string of five good games producing a sequel to the Brand contract.

New season, old story. Role players. Little to nothing to build with.

The more the merrier. Variety is the spice. Egg noggin your fellow man. The writer & bball - perfect together; John McPhee & Bill Bradley.

I get a sense of where you are regarding Sixers. Am in the same neighborhood, as you've most likely inferred. :)

Ahh, Bill Bradley. A guy who probably couldn't play in college these days.

tk76 reply to Brian on Dec 20 at 17:01

Why not? A 6'5" swingman who averaged 15pts/3.5/4 on 46% shooting through the prime of his career? 1st or second team All American for 3 years in college. Not sure why he would not have been a player in any era. Given the average person is a bit taller these days, sounds like a rich man's Gordon Hayward- talent swingman who was a great college player aty a mid-major who is a productive pro.

Funny to look at those NCAA All American Teams. Bill Bradlety was 1st team F the same year Billy Cunningham was 3rd team.

1964/5 1st team:
Rick Barry Miami (FL)
Bill Bradley Princeton
Wayne Estes Utah State
Gail Goodrich UCLA
Fred Hetzel Davidson
Cazzie Russell Michigan

Surely you jest. Either that or you don't know your rectum from the Spectrum. 58 pts vs Wichita State (and Dave Stallworth, 3rd overall pick, future Knick teammate) still most in Final Four history. 30.2 NCAA career avg. Captain of '64 Tokyo Olympics gold medal winner. 2-time NBA champ. Just a little good. Watch silent films of him.

At least Wall wasn't in there.

Bledsoe's a joke, he's been good in 18 minutes/game this year, wasn't very good at any other point of his career.

Think Jrue probably belonged more than Bledsoe, but really prior to the 22 games he played this year, he didn't belong. Don't have a problem w/ them leaving him off the list.

No news today just means they need
More time to work on the spin. I'm predicting that the results are "cloudy" and they punt for another
onth. Shutting him down now would kill ticket sales and revs.

You know, that's kind of what I thought, but I tend to take grief for bringing up the concept of spin and pr so I didn't say anything :) Having to wait a day after the MRI just is suspicious in my mind. They have to know what they're looking for in the scans right?

Hmm...for the hell of it I might take a look at home attendance so far last year versus this year (reported) tonight

I have a search for "Bynum" updating live on Twitter right now. It really amazes how many completely idiotic people there are in this world. No one should ever be subjected to Twitter without a user filter.

No one should ever be subjected to Twitter (and my prediction is that in two years no one will be)


(come on - you can't allow the tags?)

Heh, here's the first sentence of that BR story about Bynum:

If Andrew Bynum wants to know the real culprit of his "stunted growth," he needs to find a mirror and stare directly down at his own balky knees

Why does he need a mirror to stare at his knees? Can't he just look down?

They're being all sly and pointing out that he's fat - he can't see his knees?

Fat people can see their knees.

Depends on how fat they are

I'm not sure ralphie may can see his knees :)

My guess would be that Bynum attempts to play sometime this season. It's unfortunate that he has bad knees but at least the Sixers didn't sign him to a long term deal well at least not yet

I wouldn't be surprised to see him play some games, but, like Gordon, just a few at the end of the season / playoffs to establish his knee helath

Marcus reply to GoSixers on Dec 20 at 14:52

Yeah tough decision for the Sixers to make. Give him a max or near max deal or trade him at the deadline so u don't lose him for nothing.

I'd say there's zero chance they trade him before the deadline.

If he doesn't play I wonder how much value he'd have at the trade deadline - as I said earlier - I'd trade him for Varrejao but reports are that the Cavs want an arm and a leg for him - I don't think right now the cavs would do it straight up (though honestly - if they believe in bynums future health they'd be stupid not to - that 25 Mil (approx) extra they'd be able to offer is really the only way to get anyone to agree to live in Cleveland "our primary export is crippling depression")

I don't really see the logic behind that trade for the Sixers. Varejao isn't going to elevate this team to the top of the East, or anywhere near it, and they wouldn't have any cap space to add anyone else if they made the deal. He might fit an immediate need (though his offensive game is pretty crappy), but is a core of Jrue/Turner/Thad/Varejao ever going to even get out of the first round?

If you aren't going to roll the dice with Bynum, trading for an older center doesn't make sense to me.

I disagree, Varrejao is better at both ends of the floor than every big man the sixers of put on the floor this year


I'm not arguing that. What I don't get is the ultimate goal of a move like that. Yes, he would undoubtedly make this team better. Let's say he makes them good enough to get home court in the first round, even. That's best-case scenario, right? While his contract is pretty fair, adding him still means no significant cap space, so your ceiling is your ceiling. Unless you're saying trade for him, then flip him for a younger, impact player down the line.

My point is there are two directions you can go with this team, and two obvious decisions to lead you one way or the other:

1) Put all your eggs in Bynum's basket. He's legitimately good enough to make the team elite. It's nearly impossible for teams not located in Miami, LA or New York to get those guys via free agency, so you pay $100M in the hope that he can actually stay on the floor.

2) You start all over and hope you hit the lottery with a draft pick or a trade.

Option 1 is re-signing Bynum. Option 2 is letting him walk and/or trading him for picks and hoping you can attach an albatross contract or two to him on his way out the door.

buke reply to Brian on Dec 20 at 17:14

Can't say I really get the "all or nothing" perspective. The season is 82 games long and then come the playoffs. If all that matters is winning or getting to the NBA championship, then why bother watching so many of the regular season games or the early rounds of the playoffs?

If Bynum spends little or no time playing for the Sixers this year, he is a huge risk to resign. I know a lot of fans think the shot at greatness is worth it, but I'd much rather spend most years watching a 48 win team that gets eliminated in the second round than to watch four or five straight years of sub-30 win teams. I still don't think the limited glories Iverson brought the Sixers during his peak years were worth all the lousy seasons during the nineties.

Bynum could help lead this team to greatness, but he could also end up like Bill Walton, Yao Ming, Greg Oden, or, like a bit less fallen example: our recently departed Elton Brand. If the Sixers' office take steps to find players who will simply deliver us back to goodness instead of taking a big risk for more, I won't complain too much.

Just looked back, you've been pretty consistent in this belief. I don't really have a problem w/ that theory. When we get in seasons, I usually feel the same way. I like building something rather than lucking into it, don't have a problem with watching guys mature into good pros and perform as a unit. Kind of like the underdog thing, as well. But at the same time, I can't stomach giving up on the chance for something more and I believe Bynum represents that. I guess we'll find out tomorrow whether we'll get a glimpse at what he represents before making a decision on whether to re-sign him, but even he doesn't set foot on the floor this season, I'm going to be hard-pressed to forego the opportunity to pair him w/ Jrue.

I think I'm against a Varejao trade because I have this feeling that they were so close, and trading Bynum for Varejao would essentially be giving up on it for a return to last year's team...if we're lucky.

buke reply to Brian on Dec 20 at 21:00

True enough, but now that you mention it, last year is looking pretty good to me. Varejao probably could have gotten us past the Celtics and maybe the Bulls even with Noah.

I don't mind suffering through one terrible regular season. In the end, the Eddie Jordan year wasn't so bad even if all we got to show for it was Turner (I think he'll at least have a better career than other high Sixers' picks like Shawn Bradley and Sharone Wright). It's what happens after this year that concerns me.

Marcus reply to GoSixers on Dec 20 at 15:05

I personally wouldn't like that deal for the Sixers in my opinion varejao is just another role player we have to many of those already. I know its extremely difficult to get a franchise type player but that's exactly what this team needs.

tk76 reply to Marcus on Dec 20 at 17:06

Agree with you and Brian. Either try and build an elite team or tear it down. A healthy Bynum/Jrue/ET/Thad has at least a chance at being elite. Swap in Varajo and you have a chance of maybe making the second round.


it's like every time i'm pretty sure i can throw away the paper bag i put over my head to hide my identity as a sixer fan, i'm totally wrong.

this team fucking BLOWS. they suck ass. it's an embarrassment. and it's not going to get ant better any time soon. even the Knicks figured out a way to stop sucking. and they appeared to be in much worse shape than the sixers, not 3 years ago.

alright that's all i got for today. you guys can keep addressing the finer details concerning contracts, injuries and game play. just keep in mind, it doesn't matter. this team sucks shit, they're not going to get better ever, and you are a fan. like me.

tk76 reply to joeykey on Dec 20 at 17:17

I agree they stink, but I still have hope based on my opinion of the new owners and the current front office.

They have:
1. Finally shown some stability at the coaching position. We are pretty much ensured a minimum of 3 years of Collins followed by a hand picked successor (Curry?) who will carry on the same approach. It might not be the perfect system/coach, but it is much better than the coaching carousel.

2. Ownership willing to eat money in order for a chance at a winner. They are spending 16M for Brand to leave just to accelerate the rebuild by 1 year.

3. They have only committed for more than 2 years to Jrue (and Thad, but he was signed before the new owners.) Everyone else stinks, but are role players on 1 or 2 year contracts. Very unlike the BK years where they lock up role players for 5 years.

4. IMO their plan heading into the summer was to build around Jrue and the best interior big they could find. So even before Bynum they assembled a short term roster to work with this (shooters, back up bigs and purge the team of other ball handlers.) They were ready to pounce on the Bynum opportunity, and they still have that blueprint in place to hopefully swap in another big should Bynum never pan out. They will have lots of flexibility through Jrue's prime to find that star big, as most of their other contracts are up in the next 18 months.

As usual of late, i couldn't agree more tk76. All this almost completely mirrors my view at the state of the Sixers.

tk76 reply to Xsago on Dec 20 at 18:40

Yeah, a bunch of us tend to be on the same page about most Sixer related things. But the risk is becomeing an echo chamber where we assume we are right becasue we become a consensus.

Overall it's interesting to hear people with a completely different viewpoint- especially if people can avoid being disagreeable (which is sometimes the hardest part to get past.) I don't understand why things get taken personally when people disagree on something basketnall related.

It's also sort of funny that I often find myself agreeing with people about basketball who are posting from different countries, while others from my hometown (Philly) can be the toughest to talk to. As for New Zealand, I avoid talking about rugby (the All Blacks) both becasue I would show myself to be a fool and I lack the passion for the sport. Although I've read in the local news that Cedric Jackson (former Cleve St player) is tearing it up for the Breakers and might move on to the NBA (played for SA in the summer league.)

Yeah, i like reading about different views as well, but there are some that have bigger "support groups" and this one where essentially we do have some trust in the front office definitely isn't one of them. The problems starts when people start to argue way too hard about other opinions. And even worse, there are some who just post different opinions just for the sake of arguing with others. Anyway, it's all fun as long as the "tone" is right :)

The new owners signed Thad. I'm pretty sure of that. They bought the team before the lockout, Thad was signed immediately after it.

tk76 reply to Brian on Dec 20 at 18:02

O.K. Thanks. I guess I'd argue that Thad fits as a long term option as a small 4 next to a dominant center... or maybe he was just worth the comittment given what he brings on and off the floor. But maybe I'm trying to make the facts fit the theory in this one.

I'm thinking they wouldn't be delaying good news. Jrue, Turner and Wayns all saw a doctor today as well. The only news they've released is on Wayns. X-Ray was negative. Jrue and Turner listed as game-time decisions tomorrow night.

jsmoove reply to Brian on Dec 20 at 17:55

"I'm thinking they wouldn't be delaying good news."

bingo its become a charade

@KBergCBS Altchek, Bynum's agent, Sixers team doctors + other personnel have a "large amount" of information to exchange and discuss

Sounds wonderful.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Dec 20 at 18:37

maybe he doesn't want to play if he doesn't get some sort of assurance of a 5 year offer from the Sixers?

I don't know, there's no positive way to read that tweet. My guess is that he's out for the year.

If it was good news about his knees, you guys think they would've given the MRI results today?

tk76 reply to William on Dec 20 at 20:12

I think the doc has given Bynum a variety of options based on the MRI results and the relative merits of each option. Now the team and player are hammering out which course to take (Surgery, further rest, play though the pain) and want to present a unified fromt tomorrow.

So not the complete clarification of the future that I think everyone would like (unless they decide for season ending surgery.) So we will get really bad news or nebulous news with copious spin that you can interpret through your own prism.

Anyone watching this T-Wolves/Thunder game? Rubio doesn't look anything like he looked last year, to me. Probably still knocking some rust off, and building up trust in that knee, I guess.

i wish the sixers had shved

tk76 reply to Brian on Dec 20 at 21:17

Should be interesting to see when Rose comes back. So much of his game is reliant on his explosiveness- which he won't have initially. All of those times he jumps in the air and then passes as an afterthough will be tougher.

Then again, the refs will still give him the benefit of the doubt if he initially can't finish some of his high degree of dificulty drives.

Yeah, I just worry whether he's going to be able to change the way he plays. Think about those jump cuts and the insane amount of stress they put on his legs. Is he going to start playing like a human all of a sudden?

I watched the first game of his return, he looked pretty damn good and definitely not as someone who has lost a step. I think it's probably expected to need some time for adjustment, not just because of the injury, but because he hasn't played basketball in 9 months or so. I expect Rubio to have a much easier return than Rose, because his game doesn't depend on athleticism all that much. He is not a great athlete to begin with.

I think it's just rust. He looked pretty good in his debut the other night. Ridnour is probably the better option to close this game.

Westbrook is so close to a quad-double. 23 points, 8 boards, 9 assists, 9 turnovers.

Worse hair, Hawes or AK47?


AK47 looks like a female golfer, but I have to agree. The pompadour/mullet is ridiculous.

eddies' heady's on Dec 20 at 21:28

Prove me wrong, big man.

Said it before, might as well go there again. He doesn't give a shit or have any allegiance to this team. He's all out for himself (and maybe rightly so?), and how well he and his agent can pull off fooling a sucker team (hope like heck it's not the Sixers) to pony up next year. Best approach for them (Bynum and agent) is to sit this one out and not reveal just how deteriorated he actually may be. If he has broken down to the point of extreme pain while trying to play, they'd be crazy to trot him out there and expose him for all the league to see how damaged he really is. Sit him out all year, put out all these glowing reports of how much he's improved and back close to new all offseason, sit back like a fat cat and patiently wait for that slobbering desperate GM to open the wallet (please don't be DiLeo!)and gloss over the xrays and MRI's. There'll surely be one, if not more, out there willing to do it.

eddies' heady's on Dec 20 at 21:35

I realize things change and unforeseen circumstances occur (did he get a strike or a spare?), but the whole way this thing has went down from the beginning smells fishy. Probably will leave something out or have it in the wrong order but didn't it go something like this:

-Goes for Orthokine treatment later because the closer to the season the injections the longer effect they'll have throughout the season
-Publicly state they're going to sit him out 3 weeks of training camp but will start practicing the last week in preps for debuting the first week or so of the season
-Mike Fratello states on the YES broadcast of the Nets preseason game that his sources advised him that Bynum would be out til end of November
-Sixers come forward with something like he's going to be out a bit longer (than end of training camp) but was released vaguely (may have this one wrong?)
-Stated publicly that he has a mysterious bone bruise (from offseason workouts?) in the left knee which is the same one that was injected
-Bone bruise in the left knee has regressed and he's out further than stated (didn't this one happen? may be off here again..)
-Another bone bruise but this one in the right knee and it stems from bowling
-Bynum states publicly that the Orthokine treatments aren't netting positive results or helping
-He's going to visit his specialist and have MRI on Dec. 20th and could be ready in basketball shape by end of January if positive review
-Bynum publicly states that his right knee is much better but the left knee is still a source of pain to where walking causes discomfort
-Bynum chatters that maybe he can "ramp it up" or be out another month (best case scenario) according to doctor visit results on Dec 20th
-Agent, Sixers' brass, doctors huddle for "large amount" of info exchange the day of MRI on the 20th

Conspiracy theories abound, but it just doesn't pass the smell test to me right from the beginning to how it all has shaken out to this unknown point we're waiting for tomorrow. Something definitely reeks.

it was the right knee first, then the left.

the only thing you missed here was Bynum saying he thought worst case another month or something like that about a week ago.

thing that struck me most about the OKC/Minn game was how much Perkins has deteriorated. guy can't stay on the court anymore. Pekovic was dominating so they had to switch Ibaka onto him in the 2nd half, leaving a rotation including Durant on Love. bad frontcourt matchup for OKC. they're really going to be in trouble against Memphis i think.

Perkins is absolutely terrible of late. OKC looks like the prime candidate to acquire Varejao IMO. I'd be shocked if they won't trade for him. They have plenty of assets from the Harden trade and Perry Jones...

TwoSense on Dec 21 at 9:14

Any timeframe of when the "big huddle" reveal is supposed to be? Today?

@ChrisVito: Sixers say GM Tony DiLeo will be available at 5:30pm tonight to discuss Andrew Bynum's visit with Dr. Altchek.

The way this "new" situation is handled so far seems much much different than in the past few months. It appears to me that the Sixers organization has taken control over this whole Bynum mess. In the past few months everything seemed to be "directed" by Bynum and his agent.

@preston76: Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner both tell media they will play tonight vs. Atlanta.

Wow, anybody saw this? Apparently you can't win just by scoring in the paint and getting to the FT line.


The Nuggets had 74 points in the paint (which is an insane number to begin with) and managed to lose despite holding the opponent to 28 points in the paint.

no devin harris for the hawks tonight

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