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Definitely Take the Outerbridge Crossing...

please do not double when they post up Williams and Johnson

and like Brian said dont switch

sorry this isn't really related to the post, but I noticed JJ Hickson now has 7 double-doubles in a row, and is averaging 12 & 11 on the season in just 29 minutes a game. he was waived by Sac last year and i remember thinking the Sixers could really use a big like him. wonder if they even had him on their radar.

eddies' heady's reply to Mike on Dec 23 at 9:07

I often wonder the same thing. He's no superstar or anything but I like him. But really it just brings forward even more frustration to think that they didn't have him on their radar (it seems) but yet they had Hawes and Kwame on it.

spencer is hired reply to eddies' heady's on Dec 23 at 9:15

Until this year he never played the center position and wasn't known as a solid defender, two reasons why he wasn't on our teams radar. Aldridge and his length allow him to work in Portland.

Does he work next to Thad or Hawes? Maybe.

who cares if he plays center though? they couldn't have used a big strong PF who can rebound the ball?

eddies' heady's reply to spencer is hired on Dec 23 at 10:33

I wasn't really thinking of him in a center mold. I was more of the mindset that he's a 4 who can board, which is what they were selling Hawes as, but without the boarding of course. Preseason they kept saying Hawes would start at PF.

If you go by your logic though of not being seen as a solid defender therefore not being on our teams' radar, what's the excuse for re-upping Hawes besides tall?

It's simple. Hickson was horrendous last year with Sacramento, but somehow figured everything out and started playing to his strengths this year. He clearly had a good summer. This years development defies all logic. Hickson was terrible over the past few years after Lebron left Clevelnd.

That being said the Hawes and Kwame signings were inexcusable.

Mike reply to Xsago on Dec 23 at 11:58

well he only played 1 season in Cleveland after Lebron left, and he averaged 13.8 points and 8.7 rebounds in 28.2 minutes a game. i wouldn't call that terrible.

the only improvement numbers-wise about his game this season has been his FG%.

Hickson's one of those upside guys - has the potential but never really performed - the sixers don't tend to take risks on those guys when they can sign a useless twat like Kwame Brown instead.

Mike reply to GoSixers on Dec 23 at 12:23

i know you're being somewhat sarcastic, but wasn't Hawes one of those types of guys?

Was Hawes really an upside guy when they got him - I just though he was a big stiff no one else wanted?

Mike reply to GoSixers on Dec 23 at 13:14

i just remember they liked him in the draft because he was a big who could shoot and work the perimeter, a prototype Collins loves for some reason in theory, then when he actually has them on the roster he complains that they're not tough enough, play no D, and can't rebound.

but i guess this is what happens when you let the coach make personnel decisions, a dynamic that has failed time and time again but leave it to Philly to give it another shot.

Not sure how sarcastic it is

Royal Ivey keeps coming back - instead of maybe finding a 'diamond in the rough' type player - no history of 'stashing euros' you can bring over ala the spurs.

They'll draft some upside guys I guess (Speights) but they don't seem to be doing a lot to try and improve the plethora of crappy big men they've had since - um - well - Barkley?

Look deeper and you'll see that Hickson's percentages were terrible in that lone Cleveland without LeBron year and they got far worse last year in Sacramento. Somehow he managed to salvage his career in Portland.

And i disagree that he had plenty of "upside". Hawes had more upside than Hickson when he was signed by the Sixers. People keep mixing upside with athleticism.

There is also another thing. Everyone seems to think that it's up to the front office of a team to sign someone. That's not the way things work. Players are interested in maximizing their earning potential so unless you pay more than anyone else and give the player a long term contract, every single one of them will sign with the team he thinks he will have the most opportunity to play and play well so he can earn more in his next contract.

Have you looked at the sixers front court recently? Do you think it's so crowded with skill a player who believes in himself and looking for minutes would say 'man i can't play on that team, they got lavoy allen and spencer hawes at the 4, I can't beat that'

Last time i checked, going into the season, the Sixers had Bynum and T.Young penciled in for 70 minutes a night, with only 26 minutes to be divided between Hawes, Allen, Kwame Brown and a rookie picked in the first round. I'd say that's a fairly crowded front court situation. Even if that "hypothetical player" beats everyone's expectations he still wouldn't have played more than 10-15 minutes per game. JJ Hickson who is the example in this conversation is getting far more than that.

Yes, with Bynum injured, the Sixers frontcourt outside of T.Young is one of the worst (if not the worst) in the league. That doesn't mean you can fix it with some "quick fixes" on short term deals. There aren't a lot of quality big men in the league in general and almost all of them are on long term deals and payed more than what the Sixers can afford to pay with their long term strategy in mind.

Don't get me wrong, the Hawes/Kwame signing were inexcusable, but at least they are relatively short.

Lets face it, there is not a single front office in the NBA (or in the world really) that is perfect and has never made a mistake. Every single GM has made a mistake in the draft, signed a bad player in free agency or made a bad trade. You can't just look at the mistakes. You have to pay equal respect to the good and great decisions. For example, i've read hundreds of complaints about Hawes and Kwame this season and not a single positive reference for the deal they convinced Jrue Holiday to sign, which is looking more and more like a steal.

Mike reply to Xsago on Dec 23 at 13:37

my point is that it's just a symptom of a larger issue, that the Sixers are never the team to find these guys. i know it's an extreme to use the Spurs as an example, but i saw a highlight the other night with yet another dude i've never heard of tearing it up, Nando De Colo. do the Sixers even employ scouts?

First of all, yeah the Spurs are an extreme example, as they are the best front office in the league. Second, i'm not satisfied with the "finds" of the Sixers organization, but saying they have never found anyone is wrong. Remember Mr.500? Everyone thought he was terrible that he will never make the league and that he should've gone undrafted. Yet he defied all logic and became a rotation level player. The Sixers are not at the Spurs level, far from it, but they are not that bad. I think it's safe to say they are average in that regard. No organization can find all of the "finds". There is 1-2 for everyone. That's the way it usually works. And being better in that department is not something that happens overnight.

Mike reply to Xsago on Dec 23 at 19:02

i disagree, i think they've been bottom tier of the league when it comes to adding roster pieces not through the draft, going on 2 decades now, and maybe even longer.

Mike reply to Mike on Dec 23 at 19:03

some of that probably does have to do with what you said, that players have to want to come here too. but can you blame them?

But they found Marko Milic, the kid who jumped over Yugos - - that he couldn't play was beside the point. Spongediver Efthimios something helped out in training camp. Thabo of Switzerland still yodels for the Thunder and netted us Rodney Carney in another shrewd move on draft day. Back when the Talking Heads were still talking: 7' Christian Welp, who had the mobility of a Black Forest Christmas tree, pulled down 217 rebounds in 82 games in 2 seasons. These things take time.

In the off season Doug Collins named Spencer Hawes his starting 4 - that's when Hickson was available.

Oh yeah, Thaddeus Young still ain't a four, and still isn't a good rebounder

You pay to much attention to what Collins says in the summer, rather than what he actually does in autumn/winter.

As for T.Young, he is a very good basketball player, capable of being a starting level 4 on a very good team at the very least, whether you like him or not. He may not be the kind of player you want as the starting 4 on your favorite NBA team, but he is effective and successful at what he does. Let me give you a simple stat: The Sixers are better by 19.2 points per 100 possessions when Young is on the court, compared to when he is off the court. He is also +2.3 per 100 possessions, whereas the team as a whole is at -3.1 points per 100 possessions. You may not like him but Thad has outplayed most 4s in the league this year.

...anyone else worried that if the Sixers don't max out Bynum after this season, the Nets will and suddenly they become the beastly team they thought they'd be all along?

No. The Nets are the new Hawks - perennial 4th/5th seed, at best.

Why would those two things be connected, the Nets can't afford to sign Bynum, they have to keep over paying joe johnson, wallace, and lopez

wallace starting at PF, bogans at SF for todays game

Interesting. It seems as that the Nets are matching the Sixers, instead of going with a big lineup. I'd say that's good for the Sixers.

nice play to lavoy

evan jumper

nice lavoy

good start. love the gang rebounding mentality and tipping boards that are 50/50

sissy T

Spencer Hawes in about two minutes has missed two shots, been involved in two turnovers, and been scored on (I think) three times by Lopez.

bad nick young jumper goes in

BS call for Holiday's 2nd foul. Even the Nets announcers acknowledge it.
Wallace - All NBA flop team

Hawes in for Allen and Swaggy for Turner, ball handlers are few in between. TOs hopefully few

All NBA flop team

they also have evans who will be flopping when he comes in

I'm guessing with jrue out, we get to see more Dorrell Wright Point Forwards.
.... play the cards you're dealt.

ET - stay in front of your man!

respectable, hang in there till the Holiday rolls in.

evan jumper

DC called zone D. didnt know we could do those.
ET might be hitting a stride, mid range shots are his staple.

lavoy tip in

nice jrue

somehow only down 2

bodes well I think. brooklyn wont maintain intensity, there will be a drop, plus the sixers are notoriously slow starters.

4 on j-rich

bs call

nice move thad

Some terrible officiating. Collins looked extremely pissed at the refs multiple times.

thad jumper

nice pass lavoy to thad

they are doubling Jrue up top but he's making the right decisions so far.
Awesome D Jrue!

it's really obvious how much Jrue bothers DW, he cannot drive into the lane at will, there is no strength advantage, and speedwise, he may even be outmatched.

perfect back-pedalling by Jrue ensures no BS calls on drives.

jrue 3!

stonedeightytoo on Dec 23 at 16:42

JJ shootin em from queens
and harlem

JJ gets hot late. down 5. as long as the trend doesnt continue in the 4th, I'll take it.
Does Turner press JJ now that he's hot? considering his ability to put the ball on the floor with minimal explosiveness, I vote YES!

jrue 3!!!

Jrue going all out. rest of Sixers need some more caffeine

jrue to the bench, down 1

sissy putback

every time Swaggy handles the ball, I take a deep breadth.
poor possessions. got lucky.
Turner has been silent for a while. part

stonedeightytoo on Dec 23 at 16:54

turners never smelt a hard foul

down 3 when jrue came back in

Jrue back in, defense flailing.

when Andray Blatche is dominating, you've got a problem.
Defensive assignments are just missed. dont like this lineup, need to get Hawes and Nick Young out of there.

evan 3, get some stops now

Not smart basketball but we can still pull this one out.
CJ Watson coming in for JJ might help Turner get going again, cant depend on jumpers for this.
Thad has quietly carried the team with his efficiency.

big screen = big 3pt FG by DW.
might be the game.

...so is Deron still a superstar playing for an average team in an empty building?

Da Jruth reply to das411 on Dec 23 at 17:23

...was Iguodala one?

together with the NY Press, depression might be factoring into his 'shooting' slump.
looked spectacularly average tonight.\
Jerry Sloan is gloating somewhere.

stonedeightytoo on Dec 23 at 17:20

only 6 FTA from back court and wings
only 4 from front court
what happened to the fast break.

Miracle scramble made it interesting but...
Another loss. not sure what to take out of this one.
Thad = POTG, Holiday did well, the rest not so much.
When you have to choose between Hawes, lavoy and Kwame Brown, it's always a losing proposition.
Nick Young can score but meen he makes me long for Lou.
Hope Wright can get back in DC's good book and replace him at the 3, or 2, first of the bench.

mymanjrue on Dec 23 at 17:25

Ugh, a frustrating loss in what was a crucial game. Holiday was fantastic. Turner's missed three on a terrible shot with a little less than two mins left and the bkn lead at four killed me.

Dirk is playing his first game tonight - surprising everyone cause there was no word of it - if only Bynum's situation seemed to be headed that way instead of the way it seems headed to me

Vucevic with 16 and 16 on 10 shots today. On the month, he's averaging 11.6 points and 12.3 rebounds.

johnrosz on Dec 24 at 0:21

What the hell happened to Deron Williams

I can't believe Avery Johnson went away from an astounding mismatch by going small, and they still won. Just a brilliant example of terrible coaching. Oh well.

Great game for Jrue, great game for Thad. I'm giving Jrue the POTG for winning his matchup vs. Deron. Thad was second best. Tough matchups for Turner.

On the good side, we've got Dorell playing heavy minutes (over Nick Young). On the bad side, Collins is barely scratching an 8-man rotation. It's basically 7 with some token minutes for Nick Young and Wilkins.

Odd rotations tonight for Doug, stretching Jrue out for the entire third, then the first couple minutes of the fourth as well. Really nice to see Jrue's threes drop tonight. He'd been shaky from deep for a while.

Good fight to the end, but I hope close but no cigar isn't the theme of the rest of this trip.

Jrue played well. "Great", not quite...

D. Williams:

Q4 1:04 left - 3 pt fg, Brooklyn goes up 89-82 (1st nail)

Q4 0:41 left - 2 pt fg, Brooklyn goes up 91-83 (2nd, final nail)

"It's money that matters, hear what I say.
It's money that matters in the U.S.A."
- Randy Newman

Jrue actually followed both of those with shots of his own. So even in the final minutes, dominated the rest of the game.

When you're down in final minute, it's not about tradin' buckets.

Holiday: critical stops - no. Give me less individual pizazz, better action and leadership to more Ws.

Jrue's gaining favor with the media thanks to Collins' boostings and offensive output (for which he's been given the key and a tank o' gas), but borrowed opinions mushroom in some darkness. Room for growth. Gets up for the glamour names, goes flat at times vs. "the ordinaries"... a tendancy of youth.




262 games. Plenty from which to discern player trends, draw some conclusions. One being, Jrue can score but he's L.A. prep school soft, shys from lane contact. Two: his dishing is habitually sloppy. Three: his defense is consistently inconsistent. Other than that, he's a phenom on wheels.

Defensively, I'm not sure anyone could reach your "Ridnour standard."

You and I could. Today. :)

Got carried away on that one. Have seen Luke play since, and immediately assigned myself to 1 week of afterschool eraser clapping and blackboard washing.

This simply makes no sense. Jrue has outplayed D.Williams by a mile this season. He has produced almost the same amount of wins with far far worse supporting cast.

Makes sense, but it didn't make your "Holiday Fan Club member" day. "By a mile" and "far, far" strikes me as loose talk that lacks support and aggrandizes Jrue. Neither player is what they're cracked up to be in this season to date.

Isn't it about "gettin' stops" for Deron as well?

It's pretty clear who won the game. Jrue outplayed Deron, that's also pretty clear. You can break it down into whatever chunks you want, Jrue was the better PG last night. When Deron put his second "dagger" in the Sixers, Jrue responded with 4 straight points (and Williams missed a pair of free throws that would've actually been daggers). It's not like he was a bystander in the fourth and just put up a bunch of meaningless numbers early in the game, he was all over the floor in the fourth.

By your logic, Steve Kerr outplayed John Stockton. By your logic, Robert Horry is the best player of the last 30 years. I realize the Sixers lost the game, it's OK to say someone on the Sixers outperformed someone on the Nets, though.

You seem to want to blame Jrue for the loss, when he not only won his matchup, but did an excellent job of setting his teammates up (9 dimes) and taking care of the ball (2 turns). Instead of maybe looking at the bench shooting 6/21 or Jason Richardson having as many turnovers as made field goals, or Turner using 16 shots to get 15 points.

My point was simple. You said Jrue played great. I said well, but less-than-great, based on his not getting 2 key stops on Williams in closing minutes; "great" does such, my position.

Didn't blame Jrue for the loss, but he contributed with ineffectiveness in stopping Williams with game hanging in the balance.

Holiday's kamikazi back-at-cha buckets don't overly impress; at that point, academic "AAU specials", sheer numbers.

Steve Kerr and Robert Horry are your wild reaches, not mine.

Tom Moore on Dec 24 at 9:45

New poll question: How many games will Sixers win on 7-game holiday trip?


To vote, go halfway down right side of the page.

I went to the game yesterday. My god, Hawes looks 10X worse in person this year. Hate to say that as probably a bigger Hawes supporter than most, but he stuck out on the most awful of ways while watching the game in person. Also, stadium is pretty overrated. Love the exterior and the surroundings (my old home), but stadium itself was weak.

Yeah? I was wondering what the stadium was going to be like. I know they went with a cheaper design when Ratner's grand plans for the Atlantic Yards went down the crapper. I flew the coup about 4 months before the first game there, we used to live about a five minute walk from the stadium. I'll probably catch the next game in Brooklyn, hopefully Bynum will be playing by then.

Also went to that game. I immediately noticed the nets attacking through Lopez once Doug subbed Hawes in for Lavoy. Hawes looks even worse in person.

I also think they need to do away with the announcer. She's very expressionless. Surprisingly, of all the away games Ive attended, the Magic put on the best show.

kind of scary how much better these sixers would be if only they still had that reggie evans fellow

eddies' heady's on Dec 25 at 10:31

Merry Christmas or whatever everyone celebrates out there in Sixer land to the Ward family and the too-long depressed diehards. One big guy still rocks, Goooo Santa!

Charlie H reply to eddies' heady's on Dec 25 at 11:24

Merry Christmas to you eddies'. Maybe we'll see Bynum in a Santa suit.

Knicks / Lakers uniforms - awful

Marcus reply to GoSixers on Dec 25 at 18:51

I actually like the Knicks uniforms as well as heat & thunder

no j-rich tomorrow, lower back strain

The rest should do Richardson good. Has been playin' like an Over-30 leaguer lately.

Dorell, Nick, rise and shine. Tony the tiger is in your path. How much bite is in your game?

The Barclays Center exterior was obviously inspired by Duke Snider's bottle opener.

the Sixers frontcourt of Hawes, Lavoy, Kwame, Thad is designed to give guys like Chris Kaman and Anderson Varejao career nights.
So how about a night against probably the league's finest duo; Randolph and Gasol, and ... yes .... Speights ... for the Mo cheerleaders.
A recipe for destruction.
But that's why you play the game; you never know.
So i predict a win tonight, even though Mike Conley is capable enough defensively to limit Holiday's damage. It seems so outmatched, that it may just end up an anomaly of a game.
Not sure still if i should watch this one, it could be a surprise ... or carnage!

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