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Next Stop: Memphis

I have seen Memphis play this season.
I'll be happy if they are even competitive.

You didn't mention Speez, who's boarding furiously 14 minutes a night, at a pace greater than any Sixer, and greater than Flint Tropic's elbow greaser Jackie Moon.

Grizz 12-2 at FedEx Forum. Fairly deep squad. Coming off a drubbing by Rockets. 3 days of rest. Coach Lionel, no B.S approach. Richardson out. Chemistry still evasive. Cards are stacked against Sixers; career game from someone might help.

Speez is complete garbage

In all fairness, Speights is a marginally better player than he was here, now in Memphis, maturing a bit, contributing very well in spurts.
As much as we whine about Hawes being flaccid and Lavoy being clueless. Maurice Speights is STILL not a better option than either.
And that's just the truth.

File this in the "grass looks greener" section along with Vucevic.

To gather your "truth", how many Memphis games have you watched this season?

yeah......actually only 3; vs. Miami, against the Lakers and in OKC, the last being the only one I watched to completion.

In my earlier post I was alluding to the fact that their starting lineup is physically intimidating and their defense is still very physical, together with Gay doing very well, I didnt think we have much of a chance.

WRT Sp8, some guys are only bench players for a reason. All of our bigs minus Thad should not be starting in the NBA. Same goes for Sp8s. He still looks like he needs a traffic light on D. So that puts him no better than any of ours IMO.
I was wrong.
I should correct 'the truth' to 'my novice opinion based on common sense'.

That's what I call an opinion.

I would like to hear Lionel Hollins' thoughts about it. We know Doug Collins agrees with you; and he likes Kwame, Spencer and Lavoy - - frontline finger food.

From the amount Lionel plays him, it looks like he's so fond of Speights, he plays him less than 10 minutes/game about a quarter of the time. Which seems about right.

Since he came into the league, scoring has been really his only ability, and that ability has gotten worse in each of his seasons in the league (including his time post-Collins in MEM). An scoring bit player who doesn't score very will is garbage, in my opinion.

Speights has a lot of raw talent and was always good at putting up numbers, unfortunately he's an idiot. If memory serves right, his offense consisted of chucking a jumper the second he touched the ball and his defense was mostly fouls.

On defense, when he was actually on the correct side of the floor, he always tried to draw charges. But at least he tried.

Beyond finding a way to make it appear you have anyone with a pulse on the inside, I'm going to say securing the ball on the perimeter is the big key. Conley and Allen both gamble for turns very effectively. Don't get lazy or sloppy and give them easy hoops in transition. Their offense hasn't been especially good recently, make them work for points.

No Rudy Gay. That should help greatly.

Aaaaand we're off Lavoy loses the tip.

Pretty much no way to stop Gasol if you let him get into the lane like that.

Thad to the hoop, avoids the contact and finishes :)

Three sixers vs. Zach, out of bounds off the Sixers. Come on. Clean the glass.

Gasol again.

Jrue lefty runner off the high s&r pulling randolph out. Conley answers the other way.

No pick needed that time, Jrue right to the cup for two.

Good D by Thad there. Jrue turnover.

Don't have the firepower to just keep trading hoops. Need to get some stops.

Nice feed, Jrue. Thought he might take the corner three.

1-2-2 zone, huh? They broke this out against the Nets, too.

back-to-back threes for MEM against the zone. Not perfect.

I'll be content if they play zone all game and Poindexter and Allen end up killing us with wide open 3s.

That's what we said against MIN :)

D. Wright having no problem w/ Tony Allen. Nice to see.

PHI 26, MEM 29 after one.

Need to find a way to get some stops, because they aren't going to score at this rate against Memphis. Lucky to be so close. 3/8 for 6 points for Jrue isn't going to cut it.

johnrosz on Dec 26 at 20:34

Jrich was kinda dogging it these last few weeks, I don't know, maybe he's just old and banged up. But yeah, like Wright out there more as of now. JRich can come off the bench when he gets back, maybe they were playing him too many minutes.

Feel like Richardson is better at slipping into his spots behind the three-point line than Wright is, working without the ball. But if he isn't hitting his shots, it's kind of a pointless skill. Really like what I've seen from Dorell since Jrue's injury.

old??? didnt he just log in career high is Mins last year playing alongside Iguodala.

yeah definitely agree about J-Rich, he's so key to our offense. so reliable from deep.

Huh? Did you think he said Jrue played too many minutes instead of Richardson?

my eyes.
...I must...be old.

Ivey sighting. How much would I love an insanely hot stretch by Nick Young right now?

Good foul, Speights. That's the guy I remember.

Speights 0/2 from the line.

Bench did a good job keeping it even at the start of the third. Wonder if Collins stretches them out a little bit here after the timeout, or gets the starters back in.

He sticks w/ the bench.

Speights draws a charge on Hawes. Nearly 600 pounds of wasted space involved in that action.

Jrue should've taken Bayless, had the entire lane open.

Grizz announcers have noticed our love for the perimeter offense.
One team lives in the paint.
the other lives outside of it.
Team fouls are upside down.

mymanjrue on Dec 26 at 20:52

So far this game has been exhibit A in my "Turner is better on ball than Jrue" argument...he hasn't scored yet, but ET's passing has been tremendous while Jrue's has been nonexistent. One play early in the first sticks out, Turner was open under the basket for a few seconds for a gimme layup and Jrue seemingly did not even see him, instead choosing to execute a safe but useless pass to Thad for a midrange jumper which, needless to say, bricked.

The moment that sticks out for me for Turner thus far is one from the second quarter where he passed to Lavoy, who went tic tac toe to SPencer for an open layup...real, quality passing is contagious. Also a play in the `1st where Turner had the ball on the wing around the three pt line, started going into his iso moves as the shot clock ran down, drew the double team, and dished to Dorell for a wide open corner three that he buried as the shot clock expires.

Last two Sixers possessions...Turner gets Wright a wide open three which he bricks, Turner gets Lavoy a layup which he misses, gets o board, draws foul...

Funny how you ignore the wide open layups Jrue got Thad and Hawes, both of which were missed. And another where Spence was asleep under the hoop and barely got a hand on the ball.

mymanjrue reply to Brian on Dec 26 at 20:58

I missed the last couple mins of the first and the first couple of the second, believe I missed those plays

Jrue is p[assing now, gets Spence for an open j...what percentage of Jrue's assists are on midrange jumpshots?

You can look it up. Last I checked, he had a higher percentage at the hoop and 3pt than your man crush.

Jrue to the line.

65 at the rim, 60 for three, 44 long twos. 22 other (from rim to 15 feet).

mymanjrue reply to Brian on Dec 26 at 21:02

does eightytwo games have that?i don't have synergy...thanks for the info bout last year, am genuinely curious...my mancrush has done a lot more distributing this year than he did during last year's reg season

Aaand Jrue drive and kick to a wide-open D Wright for a three.

mymanjrue on Dec 26 at 20:56

shoulda kept my mouth shut...ET promptly passes directly to a guy inb a white jersey...gets points for hustling back and blocking Randolph's initial shot...maybe

Jrue to Wright for a quick three, his first assist...hopefully the whole "I'm going to hold the ball ninety percent of the time we have possession and score six points on eight shots" thing from the first quarter is over

Wright with the weakside help. Not goaltending.

johnrosz on Dec 26 at 20:58

Thad is giving it his all right now trying to D up Randolph, wish he could bottle up that effort and give some to Hawes

mymanjrue on Dec 26 at 20:59

Dorell Wright has done a great job getting to the line. Team looks better with him starting than Richardson in my opinion...Richardson is better used off the bench...see if he's hot from three and ride him if he is

Aaand, Jrue with the pretty penetration and drop off for Spence.

mymanjrue on Dec 26 at 21:03

jrue with a beautiful bounce pass for the hawes layup...different player since he reentered

thad all over the place!

Think the refs are making amends to Collins tonight.

mymanjrue reply to Brian on Dec 26 at 21:06

Malik Rose said early on that the Sixers had a chance to get a friendly whistle tonight because Memphis has a rep as a team that fouls incessantly...Dorell has capitalized big time

mymanjrue reply to mymanjrue on Dec 26 at 21:10

would love to see Turner try and take it to the effin hoop in the second half and possibly capitalize himself...he gets a lot of contact on drives generally but has not earned his stripes with the zebras and bitches at them relentlessly

his inability to buy a whistle and his improved midrange game have combined to make turner way too jumper happy of late...he needs to get into the lane, to score and to pass

Should've taken the three, Jrue.

PHI 49, MEM 47 at the half.

Very strong second quarter. Excellent finish to the half. Need a third like the end of the second, now.

mymanjrue reply to Brian on Dec 26 at 21:11

That was the most enjoyable half in quite awhile...would love love love to steal this game

we're up, somehow.
DW3 running away with POTG honors.
Funny to see Memphis complaining about too much contact.
Thad hasnt gone off, Jrue not very efficient, Turner silenced. And we're still up.

I'm really impressed with Thad Young's defense of Randolph. He might not be as undersized at the 4 spot as I previously thought.

Hawes was +16 that half, and it's legit. Very good half for him.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Dec 26 at 21:21

he probably got some positive comments for his mullet walking around Memphis today, feeling good about himself

mymanjrue reply to Brian on Dec 26 at 21:21

I liked Thad, Lavoy, and Spencer a lot in that half...Gasol was having his way early but our overmatched frontcourt guys have risen to the challenge

mymanjrue on Dec 26 at 21:20

answered my own question...82games.com says 42% of Turner's assists are "close" buckets or dunks as opposed to 34 percent of Jrue's...but two pt jumpers were 39 percent of Turner's assists as opposed to 34% of Jrue's

mymanjrue reply to mymanjrue on Dec 26 at 21:34

Jrue's big advantage over Turner is this area is that he sets up a lot of threes, way more than Ev...makes tons of sense, Jrue's drive and kick game is superior...but my eyetest analysis that Turner sets up more easy buckets inside is accurate....

Alright, come out with a strong third. Let's go.

Ugh. Lavoy gave too much ground on Randolph. There goes the lead if he hits the freebie.

mymanjrue on Dec 26 at 21:24

NICE jrue, to dorrell for the three

Jrue drive and kick, D Wright for three. Beauty.

mymanjrue reply to Brian on Dec 26 at 21:26

Jrue is so much better when he thinks pass first

Turner to Thad for a 20-footer. Come on, keep executing, keep up the pressure on the other end.

Ugh, what a terrible shot by Tony Allen and we give them the second o-board of the possession. Come on.

Bleh. Jrue should've given it to Wright earlier, then Lavoy gets his pocket picked, then another foul by Lavoy on the other end. Clean it up.

mymanjrue reply to Brian on Dec 26 at 21:29

love when you have the chance to post in the game threads, always good stuff

Yeah, it's too rare these days. I wind up talkin to myself when I watch on DVR.

TwoSense reply to mymanjrue on Dec 26 at 21:54

+ 1

Another Jrue drive and kick to D Wright for three. Beauty again.

mymanjrue on Dec 26 at 21:28

Jrue to DWright for three yet again!nineteen for Wright

Fucking nonsense.

Keep shooting, Tony.

Makeup call, it's Lavoy's 4th. Here come Hawes, hope he plays like he did in the second Q.

Bang! D Wright to Jrue43!

mymanjrue reply to Brian on Dec 26 at 21:36

nice of him to return the favor...Jrue's chemistry with Wright and Hawes has been fun to watch

Come on, Clean up the glass. God damnit! This should be a 10-point game right now. O-boards are keeping them in it.

Tie fucking game. Damnit. That three didn't do it, either. It was three consecutive times down the floor giving them extra shots.

meh keep giving the those 3s.
get a body, or two on Randolph.

Should've kept going to the hole that time, Jrue. Clean it up.

Gets it back with a nice dig-down on Gasol for the steal and the dime to Thad in transition.

Finish this quarter strong, please.

Wonder if Collins goes w/ the same rotation, plays Jrue this entire quarter, then the start of the fourth, then gets him a couple of minutes rest and brings him back for the final 6 or 7 minutes.

mymanjrue on Dec 26 at 21:42

nice take and finish by jrue

Atta boy, Jrue.

Ugh, liked Jrue's jumper better than a dump to Hawes there.

Bad shot by Nick one-on-four.

Nick+1. Heh.

Stop and a hoop. Come on. Finish it.

South Broad on Dec 26 at 21:46

Why was Ivey casually bringing the ball up there? Time was running out.

Excellent question.

johnrosz on Dec 26 at 21:46

Doug has totally lost it with the end of Q execution without Lou, you had 7 fucking seconds to get a look, and that's what you get?

PHI 75, MEM 70 after three.

Won the third. Now take it right at them here to start the fourth.

Collins pulled Jrue for the final minute there, had Ivey in. Probably cost them a decent look on the final possession, too.

johnrosz on Dec 26 at 21:49

Lavoy come on

South Broad on Dec 26 at 21:49

Does Turner have a shooting hand hurt or something? 2 shots?

Wish he would've stayed at 2 instead of taking that as his third.

Fuck. Ivey running the point. Recipe for disaster. I bet Jrue's back with about 10 minutes to go.

johnrosz on Dec 26 at 21:50

horrible evan

Fuck, get Jrue back in.

South Broad on Dec 26 at 21:50

oops, spoke to soon on Turner, 2 bad shots in succession, one a charge

mymanjrue on Dec 26 at 21:51

Turner drives and gets a whistle, heh...He was playing really well early outside of scoring...seems like his offensive struggles are impacting his whole game in the second half

When you were all over his jock he had 3 assists and 3 turns. That's not really good by my definition.

That's two possessions w/ o-boards in a row. That's fucking effort, man. Grow a god damned sack.

just got home, saw most of the first 3 quarters


mymanjrue on Dec 26 at 21:52

ivey three!from turner...good ball movement from young to evan to ivey...swinging it around the perimeter, what a concept

johnrosz on Dec 26 at 21:52


Nick for three!!!

sissy jumper

mymanjrue on Dec 26 at 21:53

more good ball movement, turner to young for three...turner to hawes for the baseline j...yeehaw

johnrosz on Dec 26 at 21:53

nice job facilitating there from ET after his crappiest sequence of the year(so far)

There we go, baby. 10-point lead. Man, that unit pulled it together after a shaky start.

Good help on the boards by Turner there. Randolph was about to get that o-board.

Lavoy. Bang.

ivey 3!!!!


mymanjrue on Dec 26 at 21:57


South Broad on Dec 26 at 21:57

Royal. Nice.

sissy jumper

Hawes, heh.

South Broad on Dec 26 at 21:58

Turner would seem to be best served to use his teammates here. He's iso'ing a little too much.

Had Nick for a three on that last drive. Think he keeps looking up and seeing that goose egg.

Jrue and Thad back. Let's settle and execute. Put this game away.

mymanjrue reply to Brian on Dec 26 at 22:03

yeah that was ugly and he was forcing it, trying to get rid of the goose egg...but on the whole he's done a good job of not forcing his offense, realizing he can contribute more tonight by passing than by shooting

mymanjrue reply to South Broad on Dec 26 at 22:00

he has taken four shots in the entire game and he has eight assists...

Shot clock violation wasn't what I had in mind. Jrue has to have that clock in his head, can't make that pass.

mymanjrue on Dec 26 at 22:04

terrible turnover evan

let jrue initiate

Come on, Turner. Wake the fuck up.

South Broad on Dec 26 at 22:04

This is going downhill quickly, Tony Allen with a gift.

Turner to the line. Phew.

had nick young in the corner

D Wright back in. Might've been in for Turner if he wasn't on the line after that sequence. Let's go. Get a stop.


back-to-back turns by Jrue. This is textbook what not to do to protect a lead.

sissy block

Settle down. Run a play going toward the hoop.

Spence w/ the o-board. Hit the freebies.

Allergic to closing tonight.

TGFTA. Thank God For Tony Allen.


Jrue to DWright for three!

South Broad on Dec 26 at 22:09

Wright with the tough three.


South Broad on Dec 26 at 22:10

Spencer Hawes got a heart for Christmas? Beastin'.

hmm, technically that'd be courage.

I think Richardson might've gotten Wally Pipped tonight.

sissy jumper

Spence. Layup (from 20)

ugh jrue

Road Big Macs at Memphis?

mymanjrue on Dec 26 at 22:14

wtf jrue

mymanjrue on Dec 26 at 22:14

wtf jrue part II


mymanjrue reply to Brian on Dec 26 at 22:18

ha you beat me to the punch

Heh. Another turn. Jrue and Turner taking turns effing up.

mymanjrue on Dec 26 at 22:15

wtf jrue part III

ugly game. tenacious defense.
Go 76ers.
Try and repeat the effort again.

Wright jammer!

nice win

HA! Turner w/ the capping turnover.

PHI 99, MEM 89 Final.

Sloppy finish to a double-digit win on the road? I'll take 6 more of those on this trip with a big smile (or even 3 more).

POTG: Spence, with a big nod to Wright.

mymanjrue on Dec 26 at 22:23

huge win, wonderful to see. Nine assists each for Turner and Jrue...six and five turns for each respectively but I'll take it

Pretty impressive three-game stretch since Jrue came back. Keep it going on Friday night @ GSW.

Pretty bad game for Jrue, but I'm going to give him the nod over Mike Conley. Though I'm sure Dollar Bill will find something wonderful about Conley's 3/17, 2 assist/2 turnover effort.

Hawes with 5 blocks!! So rare to see him block anyone taller than Ty Lawson. Glad I watched it, else I never would believe it.

Great to be home for the holidays and watch a game with the local guys, Malik and Mark.

Very strange game. Jrue and Evan weren't spectacular but executed at the right times. Conley was awful and Evan used his strengths (rebounding + occasional assists) and massively leveraged that.

Hawes was most impressive I have seen him... Still has some sissy plays but I can't complains.

Jrue had 4 blocks?!

Dorrel obviously exceeded expectations... But how about Nick Young. He looked like quite the opportune chucked out there.

Very pumped with the win.

for the next game please put turner on barnes and wright on Thompson,

Not exactly a recipe for success, given the terrible scoring numbers for Jrue and ET coupled with an invisible Thad... But you get about 5 games a year were Hawes is a monster, and this was one of them. Couple that with a streaky Wright on fire and it is just enough to win.

I'll take it

Sixers - Bynum > Griz - Gay

sure is nice to see them somehow picking up wins over quality teams...

True. I didn't realize that Atlanta and Memphis are still in the single digit loss column. Golden State is 19-10 with a starting front court of David Lee and Carl Landri. I'm still waiting for NYK's collapse. Success follows Jason Kidd and Mike Woodson is my choice for COTY. I wonder how the Sixers would rank if they had a healthy Bynum. Probably 6th best in the NBA behind Miami, OKC, LAC, NYK, and SAN.

It's tough to say where they'd be. When one of their bigs plays like a legit NBA big, they're pretty tough to beat. Having that every night? I don't know. Probably would've been an adjustment period at the beginning of the season. Everyone's role would be a bit different, but having a big man in the middle, well, it should make everything easier for everyone.

Tray reply to Stan on Dec 27 at 11:08

They don't start Landry; they start Festus Ezeli.

Have you seen them at all? Any idea why they start that guy at the 4?

Actually, Ezeli is their starting C and Lee is the starting PF. They are only starting him, because they are waiting for their prized big man Andre Bogut themselves and their only other choice is Biedrins who has completely lost his confidence as a basketball player.

That being said they do rely heavily on a Lee/Landry frontcourt that has had surprisingly good success so far. I read somewhere (i think it was on Grantland), that they are a good defensive team, but a bad offensive team with Ezeli or Biedrins and completely the opposite (a great offensive team , and bad defensive team with the Lee/Landry frontcourt).

And here's the article:


It's a month old, but i think it describes the Warriors fairly well.

Nice, I'll give it a read on my way home tonight. Just from looking at their numbers, I think they're playing over their heads. It'll be an interesting matchup.

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