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Does anyone remember this?

But as the 1983-84 NBA season drew to a close and what became the legendary 1984 NBA draft approached, Barkley wasn't the 76ers' first option.
Heck, he wasn't even Plan B.
The Sixers had been poised to select either Michael Jordan or Hakeem Olajuwon with one of the first two picks, at least until the Houston Rockets allegedly tanked the final month of the season to get into the coin flip.
Back then, in the final season before the NBA instituted the draft lottery, the worst team in each conference called heads or tails for the right to pick No. 1 overall. The Rockets lost 18 of their final 24 games, including nine of their last 10, to finish with one more loss than the San Diego Clippers, thereby securing the worst record in the Western Conference.
Philadelphia owned the perennially struggling Clippers’ first-round draft pick that season, which it had received by trading World B. Free six years earlier.
"It was a good long term annuity." Williams said. "And the entire year we were in the coin flip, but in the last month Houston went on that incredible losing rampage. They lost every night. And on the last Saturday of the season, Houston loses again and the Clippers win. We go from the coin flip, from Jordan or Olajuwon, to the fifth pick."

I'll never forget San Antonio tanking and stealing Tim Duncan from the Sixers and what could've been, but didn't realize the Sixers were poised to get either Jordan or Hakeem.

Didn't Robinson miss that entire season...not so much tanking as their best player was out for the season?

I think it was like a 'wink-wink' he's done for the year deal. Like how Pierce was done for the year the Celtics tried to tank for Greg Oden.

I remember doing the 'research' in the Lebron draft to see what history showed, in the 14 team lottery the worst team had gotten the #1 pick, I think, only once, if that, before the Cavs 'tanked' for Lebron (I'm sorry - if you think the knicks lottery was fixed, you should think the lebron lottery was fixed as well, 75% chance they don't get the pick yet somehow the worst team finally wins the lottery when they can get the best player in like 20 years to his home town? )

Tanking for a player hardly ever works out - though don't you wish it worked out for the celtics when they tanked for oden :)

Yep and neither of "fixed" drafts (prior this past draft, of course) wound up with a title for that city.

But keep in mind - it's ok if players fix it so they all end up in the same place - just not teams working it out in advance :)

Well, player movement isn't sold as the luck of the pinballs. Right now, I'm just wondering which team is going to facilitate the Dwight to Brooklyn sign-and-trade this summer.

Or ping pong balls, even.

It's going to be some 3 way deal involving bynum where the sixers end up getting back all the 'stars' they gave up for Bynum

Wouldn't shock me. Howard and Chris Paul really limited their options, though. The new CBA left the window open for sign-and-trades last season, but they're different starting this year (they gave the extra year specifically for Howard and Paul who would've been free agents last summer, had they not exercised their player options). I can't remember what the limitations were, but they were big. Basically, there was no financial bonus to the player for a sign-and-trade, so to get the extra Bird money, they had to re-sign with their current team.

TwoSense reply to Brian on Dec 28 at 19:54

Remember it well; heartbreaking after realization. But after all these years of questionable management it's surprising they weren't interested in Sam Bowie way back when. Imagine the possibilites, which whet the appetite even moreso than Bynum.

Charlie H reply to Brian on Dec 28 at 21:14

I had always buried that memory, forgot how blatant it was when Houston was losing all those games with Ralph Sampson starting 82 games, and that it was, after all, the immediate cause of the institution of the draft lottery. The Sixers got jobbed both times.

I remember them talking up Sam Perkins, whom they would have picked before Barkley. The latter was a borderline circus act while the former graced the cover of SI alongside fellow blue blood MJ, and they were going with the consensus pick. They were basically stuck with Barkley, that's how they saw it IMO.

Thank you Lloyd Free. And Bill Fitch!

Also seem to remember that the Sixers, i.e. Pat Williams, were lusting mightily for Jordan, to the tune of offering Andrew Toney and the 5th pick to Chicago. Sadly, the offer was refused.

when they play jack and curry together id like to see if Evan or jrue can post up one of them

I was wondering if maybe they'd switch Curry off Jrue, put more size on him, but they can't put Curry on Turner or Wright. I think Jrue's going to have to attack that matchup. If/when they go with Jack and Curry, then you've got something to work with, definitely.

Jrue attacks. Oh does Jrue attack. With relish. A little mustard. Sometimes with stale buns. Our very own Earl Monroe Lite.

By the way, Holiday's defensive rating to date is identical to paunchy-but-only partly punchy Raymond Felton's, 108. Yes, that's right, Jrue devotees - 108, cliff territory.

Holiday's WS/48, .080. Advanced staticians swear that's below average.

Tennesseean nutcruncher Conley's numbers: DRtg, 99; WS/48, .153... "Davy, Davy Crockett, king of the wild frontier. Born on a mountaintop in... ."


JH TS% .512 EFG% .481 FT% .741
MC TS% .547 EFG% .495 FT% .814

Both players were the basketball equivalent of dogmeat Wednesday night. The Monitor & the Merrimack, a tie; slight edge to the Union vessel if a "victory" call must be made.

*intermediate spelling statistician sends regrets


JH - 1
MC - 0

Sorry, just using your argument against you.

And DFR where you're taking it from is a team stat. The team's DFR when he's on the floor. Last year, when he was playing with Iguodala, Brand, etc, Jrue's was 101, Conley's was 102. This year, playing with Turner as his wing "stopper" and the slop down low, the team defense is trash. Not a lot Holiday can do about that.

Stars make their team mates play defense better

I mean look how better Dwight is defensively this year playing with Kobe, oh, wait, sorry

I wonder if Teddy KGB is going to offer Phil Jackson an ownership stake in the team (and his sex trade import/export business).

Can you do that with a coach? I mean Oakland did it with Billy Beane (and did the red sox really offer beane the job before they gave it to theo or was that just dramatic license)

Here's a better way to look at Jrue's individual defensive performance.

last year
this year

I usually go with synergy for the best measure, can't access it here, though.

Then ya gotta adjust for variants in schedules, opponents, teammates, contemporaneous matters - - numbers, fun but faulty, as we both know.

Thanks though.

Happens. More so than not without cushioning buckets of leading scorer. Memphis guards Conley, Allen, Ellington, Bayless - aggregate 8-37 shooting... that's no way to win Cybill Shepherd's heart.

Richardson's absence actually helped Sixers: Dorell's pump primed by Collins, mind freed of bench worries. Bingo!

And what can be said about Spencer that hasn't already been said? GET OUT OF HIS WAY!! The man's a freak. 5 returned-to-senders!!!!! And a J that turned automatic. "Please, please, Mr. Postman, look and see, if there's a letter in your bag for [Lee]."

By PER standards, Jrue is at 18.1 this year. The players he's guarding are at 13.9. I could make a definitive statement about those numbers and say he's winning the battle every night like you do (except the other way), but that wouldn't be right either. There's a context to every statistic.

Saying he has a bad defensive rating (a team stat, one that of course is going to go up without Brand and Iguodala) accomplishes little when no context is placed on it. Mike Conley is a pretty good player, but I think his shooting numbers, win shares, defensive rating, and all that good stuff might go down a bit if Z-Bo and Gasol are replaced with the Sixers' frontcourt. I think his defensive numbers might be a bit worse if he was playing with Jason Richardson at the 2 compared to Tony Allen as well.

But Conley is actually a pretty damn good player. It's not embarrassing for Jrue to have worse numbers than him in some areas. Especially when comparing the team's talent levels.

Off topic here but has anyone noticed Maynor has lost the backup pg duties in OKC. I'm sure there is some rust on him but does anyone else think hed be an intriguing add in? We probably don't have the assets to acquire but I'd sure like an upgrade to our current options. More of a pipedream but I thought it was noteworthy given his early success.

Big game tonight. I wonder if Jrue's atrociously low vote total will change his attitude at all. Being an all star seems to be the only thing he has been relatively "Outspoken" about.

mymanjrue reply to Rusty on Dec 28 at 18:18

yeah, not a positive in my opinion

mymanjrue reply to Rusty on Dec 28 at 18:20

i also would love ot have maynor...backup pg who can hit a three

speeke reply to mymanjrue on Dec 28 at 20:20

Yea it looks like that kid from Boston college took his backup spot. He's bigger and stronger than maynor and probably a little more disruptive defensively. I've always liked maynor though and he can even play off the ball a little. I think he's a free agent after this year

any ruling yet on whether Deron is still a superstar now that he's gotten two coaches fired and his team is still only at .500?

Speaking of drafts, this upcoming one appears to be rather weak. Here's what the sixers owe from the last two trades: http://www.prosportstransactions.com/basketball/DraftTrades/Future/76ers.htm

I hope the front office will consider giving up the 2013 pick even if it's protected. For example if they get the 7th overall pick and they don't love anyone there. 2014 appears to be a much better crop.

Obviously things can change and maybe this draft shows some impressive talent, but the early returns don't indicate much.

With regards to Bynum and Bogut... Aside from Shaq, how many quality 7 footers have stayed on the floor for most of their careers?

Is it a 'newer' problem? I mean did kareem, wilt, russell have prolonged injury issues? I honestly don't know

I always wonder if the 'advancements' in physical working and muscle toning might cause 'taller' folks just to be carrying too much weight...shaq was just built like a football player - like lebron

Charlie H reply to GoSixers on Dec 28 at 21:29

Well yeah. I think you have to consider a CAREER AVG minutes per game of over 45 (Wilt Chamberlain) "staying on the floor."

Russell wasn't close to a 7-footer. Kareem was extremely durable, arguably the most durable player in the history of the league.

hes 6-11 but Duncan

You'd think, judging by Turner's season thus far, with the Warriors' small and not overly athletic backcourt, that he could have some success tonight. I had a bad feeling about Allen and Pondexter the other night, and he was worse than I thought, barely able to even muster a shot. Well, as always, we'll see.

I keep reading that Curry's defense has improved. As a team, they're 9th in efg% allowed and 4th in defensive rebounding percentage. I expect us to lose by a reasonably comfortable margin.

Dorell Wright will start again tonight for #Sixers, Coach Collins calls Jason Richardson a game time decision.

Ugh, looks like this game isn't going to be in HD on DirecTV. Garbage.

Or maybe it is, just no labelled as such. Nice.

btw, I haven't gotten the Sixers feed in over a month, if at all this season. Wonder why.

dont have league pass but when games are on NBATV i usually get the home team feed

Yeah, on league pass even when they're home, I get the other team's feed. Might have something to do with Comcast, they don't like airing their broadcasts, or something. Who knows.

Alright, I'm pumped. The Knicks are losing to the Kings. PJ Carleisimo is undefeated (Andray Blatche is the most likely guy on that roster to pull a Sprewell on him, btw). Get this win.

they won the tip!

Aaaaaand we're off....Lavoy wins the tip.

Thompson on Turner, tries to post him. Bad shot.

That play was supposed to be Jrue in the post, no entry pass, winds up in a bad shot late in the clock. Ugh.

Lavoy to the line to hopefully end the shutout.

splits them

turner in transition

Turner slam off the turn. Let's go.

They're running the P&R on the sideline for some reason. Not sure why, they don't usually do that.


Bang, penetration, kick to corner, kick out to D3.

Come on, Thad. Don't need that with 17 left on the clock. Curry for three.

jrue and one maybe

More of that, Jrue. Abuses Curry for the traditional 3-point play.

Ugh, Turner.

evan jumper

jrue stop trying to cheat on the screen the guy just goes the other way

Jrue, can't jump the screen if there's no help the other way, not on Curry.

Good job by Wright to push the ball and get the lob to Thad.

Bucher is GSW's sideline guy.

mymanjrue reply to Brian on Dec 28 at 22:58

I kind of like Bucher...do feel like it's not an accident he's posted in the bay area but maybe that's just me

Well, he just said Turner is trash at running the offense.

mymanjrue reply to Brian on Dec 28 at 23:02

ha!oh no!

mymanjrue on Dec 28 at 22:55

This has been a great game thus far. Loving the Jrue/Turner/Wright...like JTI with everyone on the perimeter ale to handle...loved Jrue's and one on Curry(he got a pretty friendly whistle, didn't see any contact really). Turner's one on three turnover was painful; his foul line j was nice. Holiday looking nice...etter perimeter ball movement than we've generally seen this year

Jack and Curry in there now. Turner should get the ball in the post, methinks.

thad jumper

Knicks down 22! to the kings

mymanjrue reply to sixerfan1220 on Dec 28 at 22:59

yeah i was just saw that wtf. no melo right?

no melo and felton

Is Cousins playing?

Wow, that's the first I heard Livingston was headed to the Sixers when he was dropped.

Come on, get some fucking d-boards. 3 tries that trip.

pitiful rebounding.

Jrue to the line.

mymanjrue on Dec 28 at 23:03

jrue to the line, now royal ivey!

Ivey to the line, good job holding onto that board in traffic.

They're free.

Ugh, come on Spence, gotta hit that.

mymanjrue on Dec 28 at 23:04

i guess memphis spencer is officially back in hiding

malik loves the pace!

PHI 24, GSW 25 after one.

Let's not have a letdown here to start the second. Turner probably back in, Jrue out.

mymanjrue reply to Brian on Dec 28 at 23:07

wright probably back in too

keep trading baskets and we'll lose.
need to get Hawes out, GS bigs are too quick for him; go small

mymanjrue reply to jkay on Dec 28 at 23:08

agreed dorell at the four

Turner in, not Wright. Get Nick Young out, his shot isn't falling and he's useless when that's the case.

bad shot evan

Turner drive is cut off, bad shot.

sissy hook

mymanjrue on Dec 28 at 23:09

nick young has def not caught ball movement fever

bad turner jumper, nice turner steal, NYOUNG LAYUP SMACKED AWAY BY BIEDRINS, ha

Sissy hook. That was one of the ugliest post ups I've ever seen.

mymanjrue on Dec 28 at 23:10

spencer t, sheesh. where is dorell!

Smart, Spence. Really fucking smart. Stupid offensive foul, then a tech on top.

mymanjrue reply to Brian on Dec 28 at 23:11

he is feeling his oats after his second good game of the season

nice turner drive can't finish, lavoy tip in

need to get nick young out now

lavoy tip in

mymanjrue on Dec 28 at 23:12


Sit Young, please.

evan but i think he had young in the corner

mymanjrue on Dec 28 at 23:12

nice job turner. stop yapping at the refs tho. malik says so

Think Turner got contact there. Also got nearly 2 inches of air, but converted.

mymanjrue reply to Brian on Dec 28 at 23:13

DEF got contact there!

mymanjrue reply to mymanjrue on Dec 28 at 23:14

i mean by biedrins a play or two later

stop shooting 3's hawes

Turner to the line. Spence, enough w/ the threes. 4 fouls on Biedrins in the first half, heh.

keep driving Evan, keep driving.

mymanjrue reply to jkay on Dec 28 at 23:16


bricks first free throw

they are free

Jrue back quickly.

They're free, Turner.

mymanjrue on Dec 28 at 23:16

come on dude make your effing freethrows

I think someone should get a piss test from Landry after the game. He looks like a completely different human.

mymanjrue reply to Brian on Dec 28 at 23:18


DWright hits

mymanjrue on Dec 28 at 23:17

malik: good hustle "unfortunately hasn't been a staple of lavoy's game this season"

DW stroke just looks sooo good.

mymanjrue on Dec 28 at 23:19

well definitely the letdown brian feared. shoulda started the quarter with et and wright

turner miss

jarrett jack killing us

Great D, Jrue. Going for the o-board cost you on the other end, though.

great D by Jrue, not so good shot selection ET.
need to get a hoop out of this timeout, this game could get away real quick if we are not active.

I wish I had one of those mechanical rebounders in my driveway.

jrue jumper

mymanjrue on Dec 28 at 23:22

jrue long two

mymanjrue on Dec 28 at 23:23

nice finish by turner from jrue

OK, Jrue. Get hot. Now let's have some stops on the other end.

Turner finish. Nice.

someone threw wrights shoe

Is Turner on Jack?

mymanjrue reply to Brian on Dec 28 at 23:26

malik just said hes on klay thompson

Put your fucking shoe on, Dorell. We don't need Nick Young in there right now.

evan to thad

mymanjrue on Dec 28 at 23:25

turner got contact on that last drive too...he is definitely better at that than jrue...but the ref community despises him, it's his own fault

turner decent look from the baseline but misses, throws the lob for thad off his board

Thad is so fucking fast.

wow well done Curry

That's a goaltend on Landry.

mymanjrue on Dec 28 at 23:27

nice!jrue to thad

Good job, Thad. Good look, Jrue.

Bad shot, Jrue.

Come on, close this gap in the final 2 minutes.

need to save some face this end of Q.

Kwame sighting.

Just ugly.

mymanjrue reply to Brian on Dec 28 at 23:35

i like that this followed "Kwame sighting"

Malik always hated Utah..."they say the people in utah are nice, but not the sports fans, i can tell you"

malik is a black man which might be the crucial factor there

Jesus Christ. Can't anyone guard Landry?

Festivus is back in, thank God.

15 ugh

mymanjrue on Dec 28 at 23:36

ugh kt343

dwright airball...here's it from his old crowd

PHI 42, GSW 57 at the half.

Need some big adjustments, Doug. Do your thing.

mymanjrue reply to Brian on Dec 28 at 23:37

what would yours be?

Don't know. One thing I'd do is go to Turner in the post when they play Jack/Curry. Didn't see any of that. On the defensive end, no idea. They're just getting eaten alive by Landry. Thad's the big in that p&r, they don't have anyone who can play it better than him. I don't see an easy adjustment to make to help the D, other than boxing out.

mymanjrue reply to Brian on Dec 28 at 23:49

i do not trust in doug

Adjustments are his strength. Rotations, maybe not (though he doesn't have much of a choice this year), but adjustments he can do.

mymanjrue on Dec 28 at 23:37

tray called it

Tray reply to mymanjrue on Dec 28 at 23:48

Yeah, Golden State plays decent team defense and we don't have the size to give them difficulties, nor the shooters to compete with them. I was kind of shocked that the oddsmakers only favored Golden State by five; they're about five points better than us on a neutral court.

mymanjrue reply to Tray on Dec 28 at 23:51

so you make them an eight pt favorite at least...whatd you have on gs tonight?

this is nuts.
cannot keep this up, Kwame Brown is not the answer.
go small, put thad at the 5, live with the results.
if we get the lead back, we can go conventional again.
terrible pick and roll defense.
Was Jack Turner's man?

mymanjrue on Dec 28 at 23:39


With missed shots.

yeah i'm more concerned about the man he's guarding.
even jrue cant stick to Curry through those picks.
personnel change needed.

mymanjrue reply to jkay on Dec 28 at 23:48

i know i know he did not have a good half, i was kidding

1/8 for 3 points from the bench isn't helping.

Here's an adjustment, Thad should blitz that pick-and-roll. Really double Curry hard, see if he can get the pass out of there. Playing it safe isn't working. Other option is to go the other way and sag, make Landry and Lee catch and face the hoop if they get the ball. That leaves Jrue on an island, but that might be a better option than Landry/Lee catching going toward the hoop with a head of steam.

....for perspective, we gave up 57 pts in the 1st half.
well let's see.

mymanjrue on Dec 28 at 23:52

ugly evan

Knew that was a terrible Turner jumper waiting to happen as soon as I saw the fucking horns setup.

mymanjrue reply to Brian on Dec 28 at 23:53

but he used to run that with grant hill!

Nice pass, Turner. Hit the freebies.

ugh evan

mymanjrue on Dec 28 at 23:54

lee lets turner shoot an awful jumper

malik hates late whistles passionately

Yeah, they doubled the screen there.

Stop shooting, Turner.

Why are they running plays for Turner? Did they not see the first two fucking shots he took? Then they run him off a bunch of screens on the third play?

They're fucking free, Dorell.

mymanjrue on Dec 28 at 23:56

jrue airball

Jrue's pissed he didn't get a whistle on that last shot. Shot fake there and he's standing on the line, though.

mymanjrue on Dec 28 at 23:58

thank god turner finished that...had a godawful run starting this quarter...zumoff was palpably nervous when he didnt pass to wright

Come on, Turner. WAKE THE FUCK UP.

Suspect we'll see Nick Young out of the timeout here. Not that he's been any better.

mymanjrue reply to Brian on Dec 29 at 0:02

nope just spence!

Nope, just Hawes.

This needs to be under 10 by the end of this quarter for them to have any chance. I'll be shocked if it is.

still a lotta time tho

the whole team has been cold from outside since the 2nd.
need to follow jrue and get shots inside

mymanjrue reply to jkay on Dec 29 at 0:04

agreed...dribble penetration is killing them on the other end youd think theyd make the connection

Now it's Nick for Wright. Doesn't matter.

Excuse me, Ivey for Wright. Going smaller on the outside.

mymanjrue on Dec 29 at 0:05


mymanjrue on Dec 29 at 0:05

jrue to the line

Jrue to the line.

Lane violation! (they're still free)

mymanjrue on Dec 29 at 0:07

curry crosses over jrue and feels good about it

That's on you, Jrue. Flat footed way out on the floor.


Damn thad

Heh. Thad w/ a highlight.

ok.....some nights it's just not your night, but there are still ways

mymanjrue on Dec 29 at 0:07

more kwame?what?


oakland crowd is great, glad they have a good team

Ivey on Jack, I assume.

Nick Young, finally, on the drive and kick from Jrue.

warriors' announcers lamenting our matador defense

just get it down to 9....

Jrue to the line again.

Come on, finish this fucking quarter strong.

he made 'em, yay!

Ivey to the line.

Fucking scrub.

mymanjrue on Dec 29 at 0:14

nice flop royal!

they are free

bonus time!
Jrue needs the ball on every possession now

jrue 3!!!!

mymanjrue on Dec 29 at 0:15

yeah jrue!!


Shit. Shit, shit shit.


mymanjrue on Dec 29 at 0:17



PHI 71, GSW 80 after three.

Under 10. Let's fucking go!

This is our game....I hope.

mymanjrue on Dec 29 at 0:18

need thirty from jrue tonight

Man, keep Jrue in the game to start the fourth. Gotta keep this run going. Come on, Doug.

bad shots by Jrue and Nick Young but we're in single digits, sweet flush by Jrue, that'll be on the nightly reels.

mymanjrue on Dec 29 at 0:20

of course jrue sits

get turner in, let him post up.
keep the bakl in jrue's hands.
keep an eye out for nick young.
rebound thad.
win this game.

Ugh. Look at this lineup.

Nick to the hoop for two. Come on.

nick young, give me 5 good minutes

mymanjrue on Dec 29 at 0:20

kwame has actually been big on the dboards here

kings just hit a 3 at the buzzer to win

mymanjrue on Dec 29 at 0:22

turner looks terrible where is jrue

This is what I mean about Turner not being able to initiate.

mymanjrue reply to Brian on Dec 29 at 0:23

gotcha. four steals!

mymanjrue on Dec 29 at 0:22

turner is about to get t'ed

put jrue in

mymanjrue on Dec 29 at 0:24


Put Jrue back in the game, please.

mymanjrue on Dec 29 at 0:24

nice job lavoy. more kwame!

Turner hurts my eyes some games.

mymanjrue reply to Chris on Dec 29 at 0:25

tonight has been brutal

eddies' heady's reply to Chris on Dec 29 at 19:02

Thankfully I don't have that problem, he blinded me pre-draft. If only I didn't still have to watch him...

lavoy 5

Lavoy with two man's rebounds, and scores 4 in a row. Nice.

big lineup works, well I'll be...
down 5. enter jrue?

Jrue for Turner.

mymanjrue reply to Brian on Dec 29 at 0:29

two bad decisions in a row by jrue, says malik and i agree

First one was end of shot clock, had to take that jumper. Second one was bad.

mymanjrue reply to Brian on Dec 29 at 0:32

he mentioned going to lavoy in the post with six or seven seconds on the shotclock

bad shot jrue

Shit. Lavoy had another one. Nick should've shot that three.

ivey 3!

IVEY43 off Jrue penetration. Come on.

mymanjrue on Dec 29 at 0:30

nice kick out by jrue to ivey. four pts

why did the shot clock reset?

I wouldn't have taken Lavoy out.

so they made shots. big deal. still got 5 mins.
get a good play for that zone out of the timeout DC

mymanjrue on Dec 29 at 0:34

why go to kwame there jrue

Wait, that Curry save should've reset it. Same way Ivey's save reset it on the other end. Damnit.

mymanjrue on Dec 29 at 0:35

ugh bad pass

That's game. Ugh.

Doug went with two zeroes on offense for too long here in the fourth. 10-3 run to bury them.

jrue's not playing well.
he's trying but this wont do.

37 mins of play and counting for Holiday, fatigue might me making him sloppy.

The offense went to hell in the last 3 minutes. Looks like Game.

Playing 3 on 5. That tends to happen.

Court_visioN on Dec 29 at 0:39

hard for a point guard to play well when he's running with ivey, kwame, and nick young.

well, that too

young 3


Thad had his hand on that ball. One of those nights.

they are free

What are they?

14-23 from the line

looked worse

mymanjrue on Dec 29 at 0:45

the cover is on the line here. look out for creative refereeing

Don't use the timeout after this one.

And that's your ballgame. Bleh. Not with a bang, but a turnover.


Court_visioN on Dec 29 at 0:49

all of a sudden this team can't take care of the ball

eh. They have 9 turns on the game.

blazers got crushed by the lakers tonight

they made free throws. we didn't.
they have David Lee. we don't
we couldn't stop David Lee. they didn't have to.

we also went 5-20 from 3

PHI 89, GSW 96 Final.

Too little, too late. This team isn't capable of getting down 15 and coming back to win.

I'd say Jrue for POTG unless someone else has a viable candidate. No one played particularly well. 21 inefficient points, 10 dimes, 2 turns. Yeah, it's Jrue.

Actually, let's go with Thad. 19 points on 16 shots, 10 boards (all defensive), 4 dimes and 5 steals. Yeah, Thad gets it.

Tray reply to Brian on Dec 29 at 0:56

How about Thad with a reasonably efficient 19 points, 10 boards, 4 assists, and 5 steals?

Yeah, see above. The 10 defensive boards did it for me.

the defense on Lee and other bigs does it for me

See you guys tomorrow night, 10pm.

New Rule: There needs to be satisfactory evidence (at least 3-4 consecutive FGs made) before we can declare Nick Young to be "hot" and start feeding him the ball to jack away.

for comparison, ET whose ass deservedly tasted bench for the rest of the quarter was 5-14, Swaggy hoisted 17 shots, made 5.
Of coyrse not to be bested by Jrue with 7-19. Someone's gotta take these shots, but I'm not ok with off balance heaving.

Turner: 10 points on 15 possessions (14 shots, 2FTA)
Swaggy: 13 points on 18 possessions (17, 2)
Jrue: 21 points on 22 possessions (19, 7)

Can't have your three highest usage guys all getting less than 1ppp.

Turner better pull his head out of his ass on this trip. 1 pt against MEM, 10 on 14 shots tonight. Tomorrow, he's going to have Batum on him, I'd assume.

Dollar Bill will disagree, but Jrue's string of opposing PGs outplayed is now Teague, Williams, Conley and Curry. 2-2 in that stretch doesn't cut it, though.

That was about as bad as the Sixers can play offensively. Contested long twos (often airballed or blocked) and missed FT's. Unfortunately, it seems like that is the Sixes game. They are soft.

Tray reply to tk76 on Dec 29 at 16:41

A whopping 28 long twos (four more than the average of the most prolific long two shooting team), of which we made just 6.

If you watch this sequence, Cousins makes a few plays that win Sacramento the game last night.


tk76 reply to Tray on Dec 29 at 17:20

So 12 points on 28 possessions... essentially spotting the opposition about 15 points. Throw in the continued poor FT spotting and you have next to no chance unless you also hit a ton of 3s.

The sad thing is that they often seem to want those shots. They could have lived in the lane, and some of their drives were wasted setting up long 2s.

Rich reply to tk76 on Dec 29 at 18:37

Funny enough, the only team worse in expected field goal percentage is Golden State. Big difference is that they shoot 44 % on long twos where the Sixers shoot 34. Steph sure helps that percentage.

tk76 reply to Rich on Dec 29 at 18:47

Teams that consistently shot wheel on long twos are very hard to defend as what do you do when a team beats you taking the shot you normally want them to take?
Two recent express are the Celtics and
Mavs from a couple of years ago. Dirk, JET, PP and KG all take and hit a ton of long 2s, although those players augment this with either FT's or 3s.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Dec 29 at 18:49

Sorry for the autocorrects.

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