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Happy New Year!

agree on bynum, sign him to what will probably be a max offer

regarding evan, going into the year i wanted j-rich and wright to start at the wing and have evan be a 6th man but that would mean him keeping his head up when he drives, so scrap that, think collins need to bash it into his head that he shouldnt shoot long 2's(like how thad stop shooting jumpers that one year)

i know he hasnt played well this year but what would it take to get maynor

oh and happy new year to everyone

Charlie H on Dec 31 at 21:54

Always look forward to playing the Lakers. The biggest need is the frontcourt, esp. defensively. I tend to agree with you about Bynum, and if he is the answer, they don't have to worry about big men now as long as they have a few passable ones, like Vucevic - oops, Lavoy and Thad. You have a tendency to cut big men more slack, which is understandable, but I think you're forgetting that big men fail as often as other types of players, and more spectacularly. The thought of signing Bynum to play 50 games a year and be good in the playoffs, meaning one of the 3 best big men in the league offensively, seems too good to be true. The Jeff Ruland scenario may be just as likely. If I have to choose, though, I say sign him. He's the kind of player that's really hard to come by. Which makes me think how crazy it is that the Lakers got him with the 10th pick when they weren't very far (one Pau Gasol trade) from being good - not as crazy as getting James Worthy with the top pick the year they win a championship, but close.

Arthritic knees don't get better.

Turner lacks talent and smarts and likability.

What the team needs most are expiring and moveable contracts. And a demolitions expert.

The 76ers' fans are better at hoping than the suits and coaches and players are at winning. Happy new year, everyone. Hope it proves to be a good year for you and yours.

Arthritic is pain, which is manageable. I worry about degenerative, or structurally flawed which means more and more surgery.

It took about all of the patience I had as a fan to wait through the Brand/Iggy era. I'm fine with having a terrible team if the hope is to end up with a superstar and a new era. The ride up is the most fun anyway. I don't even live and die for a championship- but at least have it on the table.

What I hate the most is knowing the team has locked into years of mediocrity without much hope of going up or down. That is what the last 4 years felt like, and it was a great release to see the Bynum trade and roster turnover. The last thing I want to see is to see Jrue and Bynum become the next version of Iguadala and Brand. So this whole Bynum thing is painfully stressful.

With this team I'm a fan of Jrue, who is 22 and on a reasonable contract for what he brings. The rest of the team doesn't seem worth much attention. ET is potentially interesting, but not worth the drama (especially all of the ire from fans on both sides.) I hope he turns out good, but would not mind trading him for a future pick or quality young shooter or big. And Thad is what he is, while the rest of the roster in fungible at best.

So if Bynum is not the answer either make another huge splash for a legit big or blow it all up. Either be bad or go for contention. Just don't lock the team in futher boredom. Unfortunately, this seems like it will be their destiny...

I'm with you on the Bynum thing 100%.

Without him, we are back to square one with little or no hope for the future. Unless the doctors are telling you he is done, you have to roll the dice that he will be able to play. With him, you are only one piece away from being a serious team. Swaggy, Wright and Jrich and really being asked to do more than they can with nobody in the middle. Plop Bynum in the paint every night and those role players look a lot better. ET, well, i have no idea what to think. Some nights i can talk myslef into him, other nights, i am suprised he is in the NBA. I think he is the card that must be flipped for the final piece. Unless the doctors are saying he is done, Bynum must be signed long term. We have no other option.

Arthritic pain is manageable, and pain killers even mild ones work well (I've had arthritis in my left ankle for almost 2 decades now).

Anyone ready to make a decision on Andrew Bynum right now to me is jumping to wrong conclusions. There's not enough information, either way, to decide what to do. If he plays half the season and dominates great, but if he doesn't play a single game this season and it turns out his knee problems are bigger (or his dedication to getting better is worse than I previously believed) then that's not so great. You can't be ready to make a decision on Bynum yet because you don't have all the information yet. At this time, based on what's happened, I wouldn't give him a max deal because, well, he hasn't earned it. I'm not talking only this season, I'm talking about being on the west coast and having more Laker coverage than any other sports league or team around here (USC football is second).

I hope Bynum gets better, I hope he plays 20-30 games, dominates, and helps the sixers win a playoff round and earns a long term deal, but right now I would not give him one.

As for Turner, meh, he's Turner, he'll have some good games that dazzle people and crappy games that make people vomit, my guess is he'll end up having more crappy than good games. And yeah, I'd trade him. I'd call up Sacramento and say trade me your problem for my problem (which would make Brian punch glass) though of course Sacramentos problem (in a vacuum) has much more talent than the Sixers problem.

Yes, the sixers have a problem with the back up point guard, but when your 'big men' are Lavoy Allen, Spencer Hawes and Kwame Brown, you have a rather obvious bigger problem. Even with a healthy Bynum, I think big men issues are more important than the back up point guard.

Getting Nick Young off the court is pretty important to me...I had just fully gotten over Willie Green

Tray reply to GoSixers on Jan 1 at 13:35

Yeah, I don't think Sacramento would trade us Cousins for Turner. Cousins has way more value than that.

There are those here who wouldn't trade Turner for Cousins :)

Tray reply to GoSixers on Jan 1 at 14:23

There are those who wouldn't trade Malik Wayns for Royce White, but they're nuts.

I think part of the problem with Turner lately is that he isn't used to playing this many minutes and and that he is having trouble keeping his energy level up. Maybe he becomes going from 26 to 36 minutes a game is a pretty big leap.

Or maybe Turner doesn't have the dedication to get himself in shape to be a major contributor on an NBA team?

Happy new year everyone!!!

The Bynum situation has to be resolved with a wait and see approach. Wait until you know with relative certainty what his future in terms of health is and then make an educated decision. At the end of the day however, i guess unless Bynum is done for his career, you have to sign him. The team owes 2 draft picks over the nest 3 years and there are very few big men worthy of being signed to a long term contract available.

Another option that is rarely mentioned is trading Bynum. His value is currently low, but if he returns on the court, his value will suddenly skyrocket. Also, there is the wild card option, the Nuggets version of the resign and trade where they resign their free agents and trade them later when they maximize their value. I'd trade him if i can get 2 relatively young top 60 players on reasonable contracts for him.

As for Turner, i think, too much is being made of his highs and lows. Just like any other player, if you can get something valuable, that you like and need, then try to sell high and get it. But don't trade him just to make a trade. He is a good player, that just like pretty much any other non-star player has good and bad nights. No he is never going to be a franchise player, but he is definitely starter worthy on a good team and that's not something you just let go.

Backup PG is a need, but it's the kind of need you fix when you are making a run as a contender. Right now, the team has bigger issues, like figuring out what to do with the front court, because if Bynum is not healthy and signed for the next few years the team has a huge hole at C.

Tray reply to Xsago on Jan 1 at 18:25

How's he a good player?

Vucevic became the 2nd youngest player to get at least 29 rebounds and 20 points. I don't really care for Vucevic as a player because he will never be on the same level as Bynum, but I am really puzzled as to how he didn't get any playing time over Hawes in the playoffs last year.

He was mentally lost last year. He was a rookie and it was a lockout shortened year. That's why you don't give up on rookie after just one year.

That being said, the Bynum trade was too good to pass on.

Vucevic just set a new franchise record for the Magic with 29 rebounds. Yes, that's the same franchise that had for Shaq and Howard for the better part of the last 2 decades.

and somewhere Dollar Bill is pecking away at his typewriter to come up with just the right incoherent comparison on how 20 & 29 was a busy first quarter for Wilt back in the day!

SixersRising on Jan 1 at 17:25

I am in total agreement with Brian on Bynum. A dominant big gets every opportunity in my book and the risk is worth it.

I am happy to have Turner, Holiday and Jrue. I could really care less about the fan debate over Turner ... He's here to stay and eventually will prove instrumental to the success of this team. His upside is becoming obvious - and Holiday has shown consistency problems too. (if Turner finishes really poorly and doesn't merit the salary hit for his option, then deal with it then)

What I would really like is to figure out what kind of offensive scheme Collins is trying to run. That may have to wait until Bynum is back as well.

Happy New Year everyone. Hoping to see Bynum in the lineup by Valentines Day. Gonna be tired tomorrow after a left coast game tonight but I'm a Sixers fan so I'll watch every minute.

mymanjrue reply to SixersRising on Jan 1 at 21:46

i think they already picked up next year's option for more than eight mill

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