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be prepared for alot of sissy jumpers cause Howard will sag off him and spence will shoot them

Well, if he's on, they have a shot. I guess.

It's true, great season for Kobe just ask him

I'm glad I get to see this game in high def.

I have modest goals - lose by less than 5

This Royce White situation is getting a bit out of hand. Obviously, I don't have inside info into what's being said between the sides, but I think a team should have a legitimate recourse if a player refuses to do something like go to the D-League. He's in breech of contract, they should just be able to void it and recoup the money against the cap. Whatever's happening, White isn't exactly doing a service to anyone with an anxiety disorder who enters the draft in the future...or himself.

I saw that and just shook my head, this is just a mess. Voiding NBA contracts is tough - I mean - if you can't void the contract when a guy goes into the stands and gets in fights with fans what can you do...there's always 'conduct' portions of these contracts but they hardly ever seem to come in to play no matter what...

I'm sure a large part of how he dealt with his problem in college and HS was to have the release that came with being on the court, being a star and all of the special treatment that came with it. Not all that surprising that he is struggling to cope with that taken from him. If he was a star level NBA player he would get a lot of that back (and more) but he may never be able to get to that point either because of his illness, his talent or both.

Then why refuse a trip to the d-league which gets him more time on the court?

It's the publicness of it that I question, this shouldn't be playing out in the media, on either side

There is nothing rational about anxiety disorders. My point is that a good part of his previously successful "treatment" involved his play and star standing. With both of those things gone I expect it will take quite a while for him to regain his footing to where he can make rational decisions.

mymanjrue reply to tk76 on Jan 1 at 21:50

you make a very good poinit tk

Mike reply to Brian on Jan 1 at 21:08

i don't understand what his reasoning is for refusing assignment. am i correct that he's saying he thinks doctors should be making decisions about where and when he plays(as opposed to Morey and the Rockets front office people)? so, according to White, the Rockets don't have the right to send him to the D-League because of his anxiety? that's completely ridiculous, if that is indeed what he's saying.

Great analysis of the game. My first time on the blog.

i seem to remember the Sixers playing against Kwame Brown years ago and he had developed a very consistent 10-12 ft jumper. not sure what happened to that. or more likely it was just because he was playing the Sixers.

JC reply to Mike on Jan 1 at 20:58

I've seen him use it, only problem is he does it when he's 2 feet from the rim. Never seen so many bricked shots that close.

mymanjrue on Jan 1 at 21:49

Happy New Year depressedfan!hope everyone has a joyous and fulfilling year in store

(particularly evan turner!)

enjoyed my day at the mummer's parade(broad and pine) hoping for a entertaining win to top it off

mymanjrue on Jan 1 at 21:52

and by the way, great preview brian...looking for a big night from jrue on the big stage in his hometown

So Teague, Williams, Conley, Curry and Lillard. Five straight PGs Jrue has outplayed, 2-3 record. Going against Nash tonight. He's going to have to make six in a big way to get the win tonight. I'm not feeling very hopeful 10 minutes before the tip, though.

mymanjrue on Jan 1 at 22:31

tom mcginnis filling in for zumoff tonight...weird

mcginnis(hes good on radio) filling in for zumoff tonight

McGinnis in for Zumoff tonight!

McGinnis and Rose together should be a fun night.

Clippers winning streak in danger in Denver. Iguodala is 1-5 from the line. whatever happened there will forever be a mystery to me.

worried he passed it to thad before he left, cause thad all of sudden is bad at free throws

yup, seems like it's always been an issue for this team

directv is fucked up.

mymanjrue on Jan 1 at 22:38

the passionate intense proud commercial with jrich hitting a three in what looks to be a preseason game depresses me

Fucking customer service pieces of shit. OK, I'm back.

mymanjrue reply to Brian on Jan 1 at 22:39

you got mcginnis and malik?

No. Lakers broadcast. I always get the other team.

Man, I don't need that type of blood pressure bullshit five minutes before tip.

Looks like Nash and Hawes go to the same barber.

mymanjrue on Jan 1 at 22:41

the la crowd is funny

Aaaaand we're off....Lavoy loses the tip.

Duhon is out. Darius Morris is going to guard Jrue, which means Richardson has Nash on him, probably. Run some small-on-small screens, see if you can switch Nash onto him.

Richardson is on Kobe. Fouls him immediately.

lavoy jumper

mymanjrue on Jan 1 at 22:42


nash answer

Richardson attacks Nash, kicks to Lavoy for a long two.

mymanjrue on Jan 1 at 22:43

Turner lob to thad

Richardson on Bryant, ugh.

mymanjrue on Jan 1 at 22:43

JRUE catch and shoot three

jrue 3

Lavoy again. Looks like they want that shot when they double to help Nash on Richardson.


Great D, Jrue.

Howard o-board, then fouled. Ugh.

mymanjrue on Jan 1 at 22:45

bs second foul on lavoy

mcginnis has been great

malik talks about how turner's 'wasted motion'

Great, here comes Kwame. Hope he fouls Howard with a purpose, if he pulls any of that swipe shit it's going to be a dunk plus the freebie.

mymanjrue on Jan 1 at 22:45

turner overthrows richardson on the runout

Don't need that, Turner.

Lakers really bailing us out by keeping Gasol on the perimeter.

Jrue sucked down into the lane in transition prior to that Kwame foul, Nash was wide open for three, can't have that.

mymanjrue on Jan 1 at 22:47

jesus that was terrible evan

evan block?

j-rich 3!

Ugly, Turner.

jrue, keep it up

mymanjrue on Jan 1 at 22:48

jrue finger roll, d'antoni timeout!

Ha! Jrue abusing Morris that time with the lefty underhanded finish. Love it.

Let's go!

That was a really nice recovery by Turner to get the block a few plays ago, I was ready to make fun of him for getting burned off the dribble before he caught him from behind :)

good start, but it doesn't feel like a sustainable run

Artest in. Wonder who he's going to guard. In for Morris, I assume.

Nash on Jrue, Give him the fucking ball.

evan to the line

Turner to the line. He's scared to death of Dwight.

Hit 'em both. Good job.

Turner with two FT's, think it's been like 5 games since that has happened (him making two)

Jrue, good.

hill jumper blah

Get to the rim, Jrue. No need to settle for the long two.

Thad rushed that second one, looking for Dwight, I think.

mymanjrue on Jan 1 at 22:55

too much hero leads to jrue to

Need to settle down here. Lead down to five, had a turnover on last possession, then an easy hoop for Kobe on the other end.

Charlie H on Jan 1 at 22:57

Happy New Year Sixers fans

Young in for Richardson.

kobe gets so much rope with the refs, find it funny

mymanjrue on Jan 1 at 22:58

nice to see turner all over the glass...been a minute

We've been really bad the last couple of weeks at passing to the guy open for three.

wtf was that, Nick?

Come on, you've got a HUGE mismatch. Just slow the fuck down and exploit it.

nice look for thad

Sweet play, Jrue to Thad. Kwame kep the possession alive.

mymanjrue on Jan 1 at 22:59

nice look from jrue for thad, kobe threesixty

late call

Hawes and Ivey in. Is Jrue out?

Young in particular needs to get better at passing to a guy open for three when he is debating whether or not to shoot a long two.

Sissy runner on the P&R.

lavoy bails them out

mymanjrue on Jan 1 at 23:02

lavoy beats the shotclock

They're playing that defense the Sixers played against Rose on Jrue. Forcing him right into the help.

Lavoy, good.

mymanjrue on Jan 1 at 23:03

jrue to the line

Should be Jrue to the line here, and a two-for-one.

Does Lavoy Allen have a dunk this season?


Yeah, he can dunk. Usually it's a one-hander where takes off from like 10 feet away from the hoop. I always have to look twice to see if it was really him.

I think playing with Spencer Flaws is the rubbing off on him. Allen is too big and strong to play so soft.

I'm still of the belief that - though not a good defender - Nash's defense is underrated. He understands positioning as well as any.

Eh. I understand positioning as well, and I'd be about as effective as him guarding these guys. He's too slow, too weak. Always been a liability.

PHI 28, LAL 25 after one.

Poor finish to the quarter, but leading. Beginning of the second has me worried when Jrue goes to the bench.

We need set plays for what to do when getting the ball under the basket with five seconds left in a quarter. We almost never get a decent look out of it.

mymanjrue on Jan 1 at 23:07

man was that a hideous first possession. almost comical

That first play of the second quarter was the most poorly executed offense set I've ever seen.

mymanjrue on Jan 1 at 23:08

dwight blocks et

Why doesn't evan drive to the basket this much against teams without a shotblocker?

mymanjrue on Jan 1 at 23:08

lead gone

mymanjrue on Jan 1 at 23:09



Dear Lord, a fading 20-footer from Hawes. Excellent offense.

Turner can't get the ball up the floor to get them into their sets. If they have sets.

D. Wright for three. Thank you.

mymanjrue on Jan 1 at 23:10

spence blocks howard, howard blcoks him back, spence hits wright for three

evan leaves people at the 3 point line way too often

mymanjrue on Jan 1 at 23:11

turner at least attacking the paint...not effectively per se but still

turner hard foul

Turner w/ the clothesline.

Yeah, flagrant will probably stand. Not worse. Didn't go after the head, didn't make an attempt at the ball.

he fouled him but morris flopped

mymanjrue on Jan 1 at 23:12

malik:sixers not getting back on defense 'a disturbing trend'

mymanjrue on Jan 1 at 23:14


Great fucking job. Fucking get the turnover, and it turns into a Lakers three. Fuck me.

evan long 2

mymanjrue on Jan 1 at 23:14

bad offense from et but he sinks the long j

Dribble for 20 seconds, take a contested long two. At least he hit it.

Kwame bit on on a Dwight Howard pump fake from the three point line.

Yeah, that was comical.

This team really really needs a backup point guard.

Clips streak is done.

Is Lawson hurt?

Thad back in, still no Jrue.

Nice cut by Turner, nice find by Hawes, nice finish through contact by Turner. Nice play.

mymanjrue on Jan 1 at 23:19

ET and one

Looks like the new game plan is attack whoever Jodi Meeks is guarding.

It took Turner 12 seconds to get the ball to the timeline against pressure that time. Come on, man.


Wright three off Hawes penetration, heh.

mymanjrue on Jan 1 at 23:20

nice look from turner to right...et's best half since the atlanta game easily(faint praise)

did they keep even with jrue on the bench

Yeah, that's big.

OK, bench played even while Jrue was out.

Is there any reason the Sixers can't get one of these live body bigs to play off the bench? They sure don't seem rare.

thad to jrue

Thad to Jrue, nice.

mymanjrue on Jan 1 at 23:25

jrue catch and shoot close baseline


Tie game.

Nope. They're free, Kobe.

Jodie just dunked on us, worst moment of the season so far?

Bad shot, Jrue.

ojr107 reply to Brian on Jan 1 at 23:33

On that last play, Young had Turner open for three for about 5 seconds, but its like he isn't even looking to see if anyone is open.

Not sure why Turner didn't rotate back with his man.

Great P&R. Get a stop here, please.

Young is starting to become a black hole on office.

ojr107 reply to ojr107 on Jan 1 at 23:34

Offense, not office. Its late here on the east coast.

Has Turner hit a three recently? My guess is that percentage is down to 30% by the end of the year

ojr107 reply to MCT on Jan 1 at 23:35

We haven't been passing to him in the last two weeks when he's open for three.

sissy jumper

Hawes long two from Jrue. Come on, stops.


Hawes to D Wright for three. Jrue is killing them w/ the pick and roll.

That one was a nice pass from Hawes when they rotated to him after doubling Jrue. Keep attacking.

Turner over Meeks in the post.

evan from the post

mymanjrue on Jan 1 at 23:36

evan over jodie meeks that was fun

mymanjrue on Jan 1 at 23:37

generous pass from jrue to turner on the three on one...great end to the half!

PHI 54, LAL 50 at the half.

Really strong finish there. Great ball movement. 24 more minutes like the last five and I'll be a happy man.

mymanjrue on Jan 1 at 23:38

jrue and turner: 9/16, twenty four pts, 7 boards, 9 assists, 4 steals, just two turns

mymanjrue reply to mymanjrue on Jan 1 at 23:40

and 5/5 from the line

Jrue for 3 to start the half, bang!

Here we go.

Jrue with a three in Morris' eye.

mymanjrue on Jan 1 at 23:54

Jrue sinks the iso three

ugh jrue

Jrue breaks up the oop to Dwight. Then throws up a brick on the other end. Ugh.

mymanjrue on Jan 1 at 23:55

nice turnaround j by et

Turner w/ the old man move in the paint for two!

Dwight to the line on the other end.

Richardson with the hook from Jrue, I believe. +9.

Smart move by Kobe to get to the line to stop the draught.

mymanjrue on Jan 1 at 23:59

that was NOT a foul on richardson

that last call on J-Rich was bullshit

lavoy tip in

mymanjrue on Jan 2 at 0:00

lavoy with the putback off blackhole thad's bricked j

Nice work, Lavoy.

Man, they're going to go to the line 15 times this quarter.

stonedeightytoo on Jan 2 at 0:01

why does thad keep shooting it so quick like spencer

mymanjrue on Jan 2 at 0:01

22-5 FTs

is it me or does doug have a quick trigger with subbing lavoy out


never mind didnt notice the foul trouble tonight

damn, Lavoy with 4 fouls in 13 mins...too bad, he's playing well when he's in

Another P&R for a layup. Jrue to Thad.

Evan Turner: making it possible for Metta World Peace to drive since 2010

Great look by Jrue, Spence to the line. Would've been a dunk if they had a center with a pulse.

mymanjrue on Jan 2 at 0:04

thad is pissing me off

Howard to the line, I believe. Aren't they in the bonus already? Guess not.

Jrue backdoor from Spence. nice.

holy fucking shit, Dwight's first FG tonight? wow

stonedeightytoo on Jan 2 at 0:05

what does it say that the staff puts richardson on kobe instead of et

That Turner is a shit defender, for the most part. That, and he's out of shape. At least that's my take.

evan corner 3!

mymanjrue on Jan 2 at 0:06

ET corner three!

Turner corner three from Jrue. Should've had a dunk with his first pass, then a three with his second. Beauty.

mymanjrue reply to Brian on Jan 2 at 0:07

jrue is having an excellent game

sissy jumper

Hawes with a shorter long two, from Jrue.

Sissy travel.

When's the last time Hawes hit a three? Fuck me.

johnrosz on Jan 2 at 0:12

Hawes with a hawesian stretch

Fucking sissy fouls drive me so crazy.

Gotta finish this quarter strong. Up 4 or 5 with 2:49 to go. Build on that lead heading into the fourth.

Sissy foul for the and 1

a tech on kobe?!

OK, up 5 with 2:49 to go. Let's get it done.

Kobe w/ the foul and the tech. That should help.

thad jumper

Thad didn't want to take it. Hit it anyway. Let's go. Get a stop.

Wasn't his foot on the line there? come on. That's fucking terrible.

Jrue to the line.

jrue looking like nash there


PHI 81, LAL 73 after three.

Strong finish to the quarter. Really strong. Let's fucking go.

Jrue is having a game

Swaggy - quit basketball, cut your hair, and become Nick Canon's body double already

johnrosz on Jan 2 at 0:20

Nick Young is an embarrassing player, fucks up the 2 for 1 to throw up that garbage

South Broad on Jan 2 at 0:20

Won every quarter thus far.

Alright, big stretch here. Can't let them back in it when Jrue sits to start the fourth. The bench played them even in the beginning of the second. Another stretch like that here and this game is yours. Come on!

+8 jrue to bench

Turner bailed out. Had to take the shot against the clock, hit the freebies, baby.

Metta World Piece with the bailout

Nick to the line. Stupid foul, makes up for the whistle Turner didn't get the last time down the floor.


Lavoy. Why not give him the ball in the post every time w/ Artest on him?

johnrosz reply to Brian on Jan 2 at 0:28

exploiting mismatches, or going back to the well in general is never really something Doug does with this offense

He went right back to it, but Lavoy caught the ball at the three point line and had to drive on Artest. That's not what you want with a size mismatch. Get position, work him over w/ your size.

Timeout at 8:47. Up by 10. Wonder if Doug goes back to Jrue here, or tries to get him a little more rest.

MCT reply to Brian on Jan 2 at 0:30

Jrue back, and I like the decison

+10 with jure back in

Jrue back. Come on, put them away.

evan jumper

Turner over Meeks from the foul line. I really don't like the Turner show when he grabs a d-board, but it gets a hoop there.

don't like that shot Turner, but I'll live with the result

ah thad

Stupid, fucking, foul.

OK, you've got 7 minutes in the penalty now. ATTACK.

mymanjrue on Jan 2 at 0:34


jrue over nash

Jrue methodically eating Nash's lunch.

mymanjrue on Jan 2 at 0:35

bad shot jrue

Kobe switches onto Jrue. Shook him, but settled for the long two.

Glad the timeout came when it did. LAL had momentum. Settle down now, get a stop out of this timeout and score on the other end.

Shit. Too easy.

mymanjrue on Jan 2 at 0:38


evan 3!!!

Turner 3!!!

Hawes drive and kick to Turner for a THREE!

bad shot evan, mwp 3 shit

and then a bad shot, and allows a three on the other end

Get the fuck up, Turner. You're flailing around on the floor while your man is hitting a three.

Drive and kick, Turner to Hawes.

mymanjrue on Jan 2 at 0:40


nice pass jrue

Great fucking pass, Jrue.

Hawes to the line. Dumb foul by Artest. Frustration.

splits them

ugggh, they're free you fucking SISSY

mymanjrue on Jan 2 at 0:42

alright let's get this

hawes to j-rich

mymanjrue on Jan 2 at 0:42

GREAT look hawes to jrich

Payton to Richardson! Again, that pick and roll is killing the Lakers. KILLING THEM!

wow nice sissy pass to J Rich, 9 point lead

Kobe over ET

Richardson to the line. Kobe looking for his second technical after the refs should've called a travel on him.

Hit 'em both, Richardson.

Motherfucking free.


come on dude, missed them both

mymanjrue on Jan 2 at 0:46

come on richardson, unacceptable

johnrosz on Jan 2 at 0:46

JRICH is a fucking dog

nice block, by thad and hawes

Pau got rejected by Spence, and then the rim after the whistle. Heh. Of course Howard hits his freebie.

big offensive possession here

mymanjrue on Jan 2 at 0:47

fuck me

jesus christ, timeout please

sissy jumper!!!

mymanjrue on Jan 2 at 0:48


Big fucking shot, Hawes. Come on, get a stop here.

Fuck, Richardson.

mymanjrue on Jan 2 at 0:49




Fuck yeah!

Jrue should jump up on the table and yell "This is my fucking town!!" at the end of the game like D-Wade did in Chicago a few years ago.

for all the shit i(we)give hawes, he outplayed gasol tongiht

And Howard.

make the shots Evan

stonedeightytoo on Jan 2 at 0:51

nominated hawes for the playa of the game 4 swats 6 dimes dwight who


mymanjrue on Jan 2 at 0:51

JESUS evan misses both too

Jesus christ, Turner. FUCK.

nice win!!!!!!!!

mymanjrue on Jan 2 at 0:54


Wade would have.


PHI 103, LAL 99 Final.

Great game Turner. Great game Spence. Jrue is player of the game, hands down. Possibly the best game of his career. 26 points, 10 dimes, 1 turn.

Charlie H on Jan 2 at 0:55

Great game from Jrue. Sixers always seem to play well in LA. Did Hawes look as good as his numbers? He had 4 blocks & 6 dimes.

South Broad on Jan 2 at 0:56

That was fun.

mymanjrue on Jan 2 at 0:56

HA molly sullivan is interviewing jrue and evan together, she said "evan, you have been calm cool and collected throughout this process" and jrue caught turner's eye and made a priceless face

Tray reply to mymanjrue on Jan 2 at 1:03

I liked the part when Turner vigorously nodded in agreement. One forgets that he was once the best player in college basketball and has some reason to think of himself as hot shit.

Yellow on Jan 2 at 0:57

Ah, that was fun!
Finally, we win a close one against a good team.

Man, how does Howard only get 7 shots against this front line. That's shameful on LA's part.

kobe- 29 FGA, 0 AST

SixersRising on Jan 2 at 0:59

Go Sixers!!

Great road win and great start for the new year. How about ET congratulating Jrue after he game! Nice win!

How are all star reserves picked? Is it a coach's vote? If so, Jrue's making his case with a bunch of coaches on on this trip.

MCT reply to Brian on Jan 2 at 1:03

yes it is the coaches

That was a big, big game for Turner. Tough matchups for him, he picked his spots, attacked the mismatches when he got them, and most importantly, hit those big threes when he was set up. Great work on the glass as well.

Hope they have something left in the tank for tomorrow night, because Phoenix was really the only game on this trip you could pencil in as a win when it started.

Charlie H reply to Brian on Jan 2 at 1:03

Did he have Artest on him most of the time?

Actually, no. Mostly Kobe early. Took advantage when Meeks and Nash were on him.

yep the ET haters AND his fan club will certainly have plenty to work with after this game no?

...was Gasol even out there tonight? kind of strange how this team plays down to everybody except the two best teams they've played on this trip so far hmm...

gotta wonder how much Doug rips into these guys about those free throws after games like this though, do you let it slide ir still have them practice those?

MCT reply to das411 on Jan 2 at 2:00

I think when you're winning consistently you can rip into the guys for the poor FT shooting down the stretch, but when you pick up a much needed win in a tough arena during a long road trip you probably let it slide.

Fun one to watch. Funny how Hawes always plays well against the Lakers. Also great to see ET bouce back after a bad couple of weeks.

is D'Antoni one of the worst coaches in the league at this point? i know he's dealing with a terrible bench and injuries to his top 2 big men, but he is beyond awful at planning for an opponent.

ha Kobe when asked about the Lakers' lack of energy: "Cause we're old as shit."

eddies' heady's on Jan 2 at 9:37

Turner's ankle got suddenly better huh?

Looks like Hawes is turning himself into the X-factor on this road trip. He plays out of his mind vs. Memphis and they win handily. He plays sort of above his head vs. the Lakers and they win. Seems to be a pattern developing here.

Don't know why Doug Collins has such a penchant for limiting Dorell's minutes. With the way JRich is struggling lately and Dorell's other contributions besides scoring, why not keep Dorell on the floor more at SF and just move Evan Turner down to the SG spot where mismatches may be more plentiful for him, since Doug has obviously shown that Turner is going to get mucho burn regardless of how he's performing each night.

Jrue was masterful protecting the ball if you take into account the pace and how much traffic he was mostly always around.

Thad needs to stop shooting jumpers so quickly when he's not shown to be hitting them.

Lavoy was motivated and rather manly last night vs. their two beasts (when he wasn't riding pine with foul trouble).

Seeing Jordan Hill come in like he did and be so active and bouncy, it's ashamed we didn't give Jarvas Varnado a look.

Yeah, I asked during the game why the Sixers can't find a single live-bodied big to come off the bench. They practically grow on trees.

Jeezus Eddie. Are you this much of an a-hole in real life? Or just on the interwebs?

Was it really that much of a stretch to suggest that a player who had his three worst games of the season in the four games following an ankle injury, might have been affected by said ankle?

Argh...why am I even taking this bait...

eddies' heady's reply to Steve on Jan 3 at 10:07

Hey, you threw out the artificial lure first. I was just helping you see how artificial it really was. Whereas, the Atlanta game should have done that for you. But as is the norm with this particular player, excuses and reasons for his poor play are always placed on something else besides where they actually should lie - with the player himself. As approximately 85% of career has proven, though often ignored.

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