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The Finale (Nothing Grand About It)

Yeah this will definately be the Sixers worst loss of the season tonight

But hey at least this the end of a long heartaching road trip

jswigga on Jan 5 at 15:45

correct you are... even a win is a loss for the 6ers here as no one, no one is going to think it was anything other than an aberration. Which it would be.

Count this as a loss... and the next and the next. But lets continue to cross our fingers for our savior AB as we ride the wave of mediocrity slowly to the bottom of the dung heap.

Middle of the dung heap. How dare you?

mymanjrue reply to Brian on Jan 6 at 14:37

brian with the comment of the game

It would be more Sixer-like to win this one and then lose to the Raptos at home next week.

At this point my sole concerns as a fan are:

1. What will be the outcome of the Bynum debacle?
2. How does Jrue fare against other top PG's (Westbrook yesterday and Parker today.)
3. Knowing each day is 1 day closer to Hawes no longer being a Sixer.

Sean reply to tk76 on Jan 5 at 17:29

I used to count the days until Hawes was gone. Then management decided to tack on an additional 700+ days. Now I fear Spencer's ghostly unathletic shadow will forever haunt this Sixers team.

Sixers are 1-24 in their last 25 games in San Antonio

when was that 1 win?

Jan 3, 2004

Sixers actually beat the Spurs a lot at home lately

before this season, Sixers won 4 in a row at home against SA, and 9 of the last 11

don't see a way we can win this. probably gonna be over by half time. but i'm still gonna watch it happen.

hey remember that time when this team wasn't depressing? ahh i remember that...day...

It was a beautiful June day in 2001

TwoSense reply to GoSixers on Jan 5 at 20:39

Aug 10 2012 for me.

o/u spurs by 22.5

wow are those Spur unis ugly...like almost Turkoglu level ugly

eddies' heady's on Jan 5 at 20:42

How convenient of the schedule makers having this grueling road trip end with the Spurs, and for the cherry on top it's a back to back. Thanks. Even if it's not due.

eddies' heady's on Jan 5 at 20:42

Jrue throws one away. Runout by TP on other end.

mymanjrue on Jan 5 at 20:43

Turner can't finish at the cup but that's alright, I'd rather have him be aggressive and miss a laytup than toss up another ugly twenty footer any day

whoa and now the spurs are about to be up double digits. thanks for playing guys

woah nice i gues technically that was a block on 9 by Lavoy

eddies' heady's on Jan 5 at 20:44

JRich just looks so struggling out there, like he has no legs anymore, and probably rightly so considering his age.

mymanjrue reply to eddies' heady's on Jan 5 at 20:46

you sound like you're explaining why it's time to take the old dog to the pound

eddies' heady's on Jan 5 at 20:45

ET blocked but fouled. To the stripe.

mymanjrue on Jan 5 at 20:45

Turner attacks the rim again and whaddayaknow, gets a whistle

eddies' heady's on Jan 5 at 20:46

We're trying to show something sembling a press. Get beat, Splitter to the line.

eddies' heady's reply to eddies' heady's on Jan 5 at 20:46

resembling, semblance


evan jumper

do not play zone vs this team

eddies' heady's on Jan 5 at 20:47

WHo the fuck has Danny Green?

eddies' heady's on Jan 5 at 20:47

JRich finish off a feed by ET.

hmmm will that one easy basket turn JRich ten years younger like last night?

mymanjrue reply to das411 on Jan 5 at 20:48

hahaha i enjoyed that too

mymanjrue on Jan 5 at 20:48

great look by turner to jrich in transition. good things happen when you push the pace

eddies' heady's on Jan 5 at 20:48

Our defense rolls out the red carpet for Duncan. Come on Evan, ugh runout foul again

When was the last time J-Rich made a free throw?

woah Kwame out there before 00...might'v been nice to still have Moultrie around though #doesntmakeadifference

eddies' heady's on Jan 5 at 20:50

Evan gets stuck on a screen, Manu 3.

eddies' heady's on Jan 5 at 20:51

Kwame's in the game. flubbing a Jrue pass. please don't pass it to him Jrue

damn that Holiday fellow sure does turn the ball over frequently

jrich hit a 3

eddies' heady's on Jan 5 at 20:54

Kwame in the game says it all. Duncan again.

Thad J miss. Kwame o-board. Thad to JRich for 3.

eddies' heady's on Jan 5 at 20:55

JRich brick! come on man pass the damn ball. Duncan attacks. Our bigs are so slow, Kwame looking at you.

good foul thad.

eddies' heady's on Jan 5 at 20:56

Jrue down-low lefty finish by TD. wow

eddies' heady's on Jan 5 at 20:57

Manu 3 on ET cheating down on Tony Parker.

Jrue miss.

Manu dunk. great Kwame how's that feel?

what the hel since when can you pass to yourself??

eddies' heady's on Jan 5 at 20:59

Play some defense will ya? Kwame fouled. This is a lacking team.

But if I'm allowed to say, we have seen enough of Kwame, but we HAVEN't seen Spencer Hawes yet. Yeehaa!

eddies' heady's on Jan 5 at 21:00

Chant time:

Spencer sits! Spencer sits! Spencer sits! .... Soooo we get to look at Kwameeeeee!

jrue 3

eddies' heady's on Jan 5 at 21:01

Jrue 4 3!

jrue dunk!

woah nice dunk Jrue...why don't you do that every time dude??

ouch so much for that mini-comeback

sissy layup

At least they are getting to the rim and taking some free throws

ugh even Bonner is scoring now??

oy am i the only person still here? guess that means it's me that Dei just put on her people to kill list

ugh jrue

thats better jrue

see what happens when your roll

vuce 18 rebounds tonight vs the knicks

ugh just keep clanking shots early in the clock guys, that'll totally WOAH 00 actually got a board and Thad took a foul!

hawes channels is inner duncan and banks it in

Jrue is really passing well today. His growth as a driving PG has been the only thing enjoyable this season.

This trip is almost over, and it actually have gone worse.

Hawes' terrible outlet passing is an underappreciated part of his overall crappiness. One of the worst "passing bigs." He averages about a TO per assist.

Yet another example of how one of his "strengths" actually hurts the team. The guy is like a case study in what you do not want in a 7 footer.

ugh we're going to get beaten by the ugly little Frenchman again aren't we?

and of course he gets the call on the other end after Thad gets smacked around and no whistle

evan jumper

cmon Spence you're in texas dammit

well this is normally around the time of the game when they start jacking up 3s except tonight they've been doing that since about midway through the first Q

heh well apparently even Comcast is sick of this team, anyone else's feed cut out?

well at least 00 will get some cool stitches out of this one...Brian does that earn Wayns the POTG for this one?

So started 10-6 on an easy schedule. 5 and 14 since.

Does anyone think this team is anywhere near the playoffs if Bynum remains out? A shame it is a weak draft. They need someone with some toughness.

No, no prayer without Bynum. Probably no prayer unless Bynum is back before Valentine's day.

They needed a cushion heading into this trip. 2-6 was a foregone conclusion. 5 games under goes to 10 very easily.

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 6 at 2:42

That just can't be right. We're only 2 games out of the playoffs as is, coming out of the toughest part of our schedule, and after a pretty surprising pair of wins from Boston. Boston could continue to improve; their key players could also break down. For all we know their front office will blow the team up; I'm not sure what they have to gain from a first-round appearance. Milwaukee, losers of their last four, is also a team that could implode. Their team (8th ranked defense, 27th ranked offense) is basically built around defensive contributions from big men in their rookie, sophomore and third seasons, which isn't really a recipe for consistency. If their backcourt shoots them out of games, there isn't much they can do about it. on the other hand, I wouldn't completely count out Detroit, Orlando, or Toronto, especially if they jettison Bargnani.

Yeah, MIL could drop. I wouldn't count on Boston staying this bad, though. They were worse than this last year at this time. Barring an injury (or a white flag from Ainge) they'll finish at lest better than .500. I don't think this Sixers team is a .500 team with the players they have on the floor right now, and if they slip to 10 games under, I'm not sure they'd have enough time to get their heads above water.

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 6 at 13:15

Boston (like us - we've plummeted to 28th in offensive rating) doesn't score and hasn't for a couple years, and I don't think it's too shocking that, with everyone a year older, declining minutes for Garnett, and a lot of new players who aren't great defenders, their defense would fall from elite to okay.

Well, let's look 3 players deep and no further. For argument's sake, say Jrue and Rondo are equal (I'm not saying that, but just assume it). Pierce and Garnett or Thad and Turner? When you go further down the bench, Jason Terry or Nick Young? Avery Bradley or Jason Richardson?

Without a major injury or dismantling, the Celts are better than the Sixers without Bynum. On talent, it's not really close, forget about experience. I expect Boston to make a similar run to the one they made last year, won't be good enough to take the division, but it'll certainly get them into the playoffs. I don't think there's a threat from below, so it's probably going to come down to the Sixers or the Bucks for the final spot, and it's probably going to take a record around .500.

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 7 at 0:07

Oh, Boston ought to be better than us, but their record's their record and they could get worse.

That was an atrocious pair of games. We better be getting some positive news about Bynum on Monday.

Also, believe it or not, there is a player on the team that is even more unwatchable than Hawes. That's Nick Young. I just can't stand him.

are we getting news on Bynum tomorrow?

Bynum, Stage 2 ascension: repetitions of tying green, red and tan shoes to maximize comfort while simultaneously maintaining possession of Big Gulp with dexterous and foreboding glances. Practice duration: 4 weeks. Skill mastery forecast: probable yet indeterminate. Proctors: Don Carter and Dick Weber progeny, alternating weeks and styles.

Doug Collins, the 76ers' music man, knows the score. Yet following 23 and 24 point consecutive losses and a 2-6 trip, he defensively asserts that his "team plays hard every night." Who is he trying to persuade, the blind or the indifferent?

Last 15, 4-11, ppg allowed - a sagging 99.4, porous; hardly "hard" play, often careless.

The Philadelphia Jrues are one-dimensional. How did that happen? Another non-all-star exhibition by "Mr. Etch-a-Sketch." Trap, trap, trap, they call him the dribbler. Offensive Biddy League offense.

When four of your starters are really bench players, it's difficult to have variety or diversity...you got jrue and 11 bench guys until (if) Bynum recovers

Jrue, head and shoulders above his teammates? That's the sell. I don't buy it. Is often a headless horseman.

Labels, false or true, don't matter when a game is in motion. Takes 5 to function. If you're on the court, you're on the spot. 1 player on 5 never won anything.

Outlet passes (remember them?), running, EARLY start to offense, SMART cuts, ball MOVEMENT/SHARING, COMMITTED boarding have got to be part of the plan. If that cuts into organization's Jrue-marketing via reduced personal stats, tough. This team (term used loosely) is ugly right now. Jrue's a talent, but Grade B (knows his big dreams, knows how to score, knows he's got a loose leash, doesn't know of the sacrifices it takes to win); not an alpha dog.

Blend Turner & Holiday into one and you might have something. On second thought - nah, start anew. Trade 'em both while there's speculative upside and overanxious, overbidding GMs, restock with interior emphasis (Bynum's a blooper). What team has won with a parade of swing men?

Collins' torch is getting dimmer. But he picked the crusaders and his priorities.

You really are the epitome of the phrase that ends signifying nothing

Dude, I dismiss you and your sly, vacuous putdown. Congrats on achieving the rank of sphincter again.

mymanjrue reply to Dollar Bill on Jan 6 at 14:35

"Outlet passes (remember them?), running, EARLY start to offense, SMART cuts, ball MOVEMENT/SHARING, COMMITTED boarding have got to be part of the plan. If that cuts into organization's Jrue-marketing via reduced personal stats, tough"

testify, brother bill.

Hobbes reply to Dollar Bill on Jan 6 at 15:15

I'm not as critial of Jrue as you.

Among all PGs this year,...

-4th in assists
-6th in scoring
-6th in double-doubles
-tied for 9th in fouls per game
-17th in FT attempts
-19th in FG%
-41st in AST/TO ratio
-42nd in 3pt%
-60th in FT%
-95th in TO per game (wow!)

He's a mixed bag, "B-level" talent, as you say. Can't understand the man-love around here for him, especially when I watch him. But I also think he's a pretty good PG for age and for price. A bargain ingredient, but one that's in a bag of really crappy other ingredients. More perplexing to me than the Jrue-love, though, is all the expecations and excitement and enthusiasm for an expensive piece of meat that pretty clearly seems to be be freezer burned (or rotting, or dried out, or whatever) in AB. Seven years in the league and he played one of them from start to finish. People here, saying, eh, umpteen knee procedures, arthritis, no big deal. Could have played 593 games, give or take, in the regular seasons of his career. Played 392 of them!!!! So, at 25, he's already missed a third of his career. Plus, the afro. Sure, let's get him back. Let's sign him. Our future depends on it.

Interesting rundown.

Advanced stats aren't as kind to our latest designated hero-amok.

Holiday's WS/48 (estimate of no. of Ws contibuted by player per 48; league AVERAGE is approximately .100):

'09-'10 .032
'10-'11 .094
'11-'12 .092
'12-'13 .080


'09-'10 111 (sieve)
'10-'11 106 (sponge)
'11-'12 101 (economy stopper)
'12-'13 108 (clogged sieve)


The less said about Bynum, the better. "Gentleman, stop your engines."

Heh. Actually, the one time they tried to send a pure trap at him to get the ball out of his hands he used three dribbles to go around it and dunk with his left hand.

Otherwise, not really sure what the point of your scorn is. Is it your contention that Jrue is holding this great roster back with his play? If so, why weren't they world beaters when he was out with injury? Are you saying he doesn't distribute enough? Only two guys in the league do it more (and those guys have viable offensive options on their teams). This team without Bynum is not good. That's why they're five games under .500. Jrue is the best of the bunch, by a large margin, which is why a mere triple-double from him, or 11/8/8 or 15/9 aren't enough against good teams.

tk76 reply to Brian on Jan 6 at 21:11

Agree. Jrue has played well. Especially considering his age, contract, teammates and increased responsibbility.

By that I mean that Jrue from age 23-27 will make 11M per year (just checked, his contract does not have raises.) That makes him the 47th highest paid player in the NBA and the 8th highest paid PG and could drip since his contract lacks yearly raises. Over that time there is a good chance he improves, and if not he still is giving you resaonable play for that salary.

The problem is more that he is not good enough to be your best player, nor is he paid like it. But if he remains the best player on the team he will take the blame for the teams struggles- exactly like it was with Iggy.

I saw that righty drive and lefty dip. That was an important part of the game. The Spurs were tryin' exceedingly hard to defend at that point, janglin' almost. :)

My "trap, trap, trap... dribble" comment was a general one, not Spurs-specific, though you took it that way.

The "point of [my] scorn" was to express distaste for Jrue's self-absorbed, sloppy play of last 3 games, all losses:

18-44 FG, 3-11 from arc, 3-4 FT (4 FTA in over 102 minutes of ball-dominated play), 27 A/15 TOs, GmSc (Game score): 14.2, 10.1, 6.6 (8 of his 31 game efforts have been in single digits aka piss-poor performances, more than 25 percent).

At one point of observing Jrue-refuse vs. SAS, I threw up my hands and said I can't watch this garbage.

Yes, he and Thad are the best of the lot, but I don't want my PG running down the clock looking for his, shooting 52 more shots than anyone else on the team (16.4 apg). Basketball, even with a challenged group of players, has greater possibilities and potential.

"apg" - field goal attempts per game

"The Spurs were tryin' exceedingly hard to defend at that point, janglin' almost. :)"

It was the first quarter, are you saying they stopped trying to defend 11:58 into the game? And their method when they stop trying to defend is to send a big sprinting out at the point guard to double team him and get the ball out of his hands? Makes sense.

And if you're making the argument that he should be spreading the ball around more than he is (which I guess means that he only wouldn't suck in your eyes if he was averaging something like 13 assists/game, which is a standard you only hold him to), who should he be passing to? I mean, if he's not taking those shots, who is? Take a look at the stats I mentioned earlier today in the post. On that trip, who deserved more touches? Who was Jrue denying? Turner and Richardson were historically bad. That's 40% of your starting lineup. Lavoy was terrible. Only Thad was even mildly efficient, and still not as efficient as Jrue.

I love the fact that the team has a tough road trip, where literally one guy played well, and you pin all the losses on the one guy who's performing.

Gary Neal softly, exaggeratedly overplays his left; Splitter hops out hurriedly, standing straight up (easy right direction drive detour); Diaw, "the help", stands passively under net, doesn't leave his feet, turns sideways for Jrue to land - - yeah, tough D. I give your boy an 'A' for initiative there. 2 Q1 regular NBA season pts.

Who should he be passing to? The first teammate who's open, on a regular basis. It's called quarterbacking a team. Simple theory, difficult for Jrue to practice without clock consumption and mess.

"Literally one guy played well" - Disagree. Figuratively one guy played well. As I stated before, JH played poorly in last 3 of trip; uptrend at front end, down to finish.

Don't misstate. Of course I don't pin the 6 losses on him; total team result, including coaching staff.

mymanjrue on Jan 6 at 14:28

from Doug's stenographers at the inky/daily today comes the headline "Dorell Wright Stepping Up"...Turner to the bench in five four three two one...and if his play does not quickly and dramatically improve from its putrid recent level, such a move would not be unjustified, to my sorrow

mymanjrue reply to mymanjrue on Jan 6 at 14:34

actually the article in full seems more like a shot across Richardson's bow...which, good God, the man is barely a passable rotational piece at this point let alone a starter, doug shohuld absolutely start Dorell at the three and slide Turner to the two, where perhaps he can better exploit mismatches, when they take the court next...why all this concern for the fragility of jason richardson's ego?we got stuck with him as the price for acquiring bynum, the franchise owes him zilch, he has neve been and will almost certainly never be a vital part of this team...sit his ass fifteen games ago

eddies' heady's reply to mymanjrue on Jan 6 at 14:42

haven't read the article. But I mentioned this a week or so ago, if he's going to give Evan a boatload of minutes no matter how he's performing then just shift him down a position where mismatches may be more plentiful and play Dorell at SF. I was mentioning this because Dorell's other contributions besides shooting threes were calling for him to get more minutes and it's not like they have Turner matched up against the other teams' best wing as a shut down defender. Along with JRich continually stinking up the joint lately.

Also: Maalik Wayns (PHI). As noted in Weekend Dime, MON 5PM is buzzer to waive players w/non-guaranteed deals or else they become guaranteed

I doubt they waive him unless they pick up a backup PG elsewhere. Of course, there are probably a couple dozen unemployed PGs who would give them more than Wayns in limited minutes, but that's beside the point.

they did waive him

#Sixers announce team recalled Arnett Moultrie from Sioux Falls of D-League and waived guard Maalik Wayns today. Roster stands at 13.

Wow. That's a surprise. Wonder if another move is coming soon.

Attendance down, gotta save every penny

When I say attendance down, I"m referring to what would have been expected with Bynum I would think

BRIAN FROM NJ on Jan 6 at 19:12


$64,000,000 of salary for the Sixers of which $17,000,000 does not play. Spending $47 million on players who play buys you 15 wins out of 35 games. That is a fact.

Earning their keep - Young at $8 million, Turner at $5 million, Allen at $3 million and Jrue at $3 million. That is $19 million dollars and 4 players performing at a decent level.

Stealing (not including Bynum) - Wright at $4 million, Young at $6 million, Richardson at $6 million, Kwame at $3 million (are you kidding me??) and Ivey at $1 million.

Not sure - Hawes at $6.5 million surely not earning it but at least he has won them a few games and continues to play occasionally like he could be worth this salary.
That leaves Wayans, Moultrie and Wilkins making a total of $1.5 million who do not make enough to really matter one way or the other anyway.

Conclusion - If Hawes were more consistent (dreaming) or if somebody out of Young, Richardson or Wright could play (obviously that is why they were available) the team would probably be over .500 and things would have a positive spin.

Not sure about hawes? He's stealing money - he's stealing money worse than young richardson or wright

Considering Wayns(based upon reports) played well in training camp and played well in the preseason, cutting him seems premature. Yes, he was awful in the regular season, but his playing time was very sporadic, which is a partial excuse. This sort of reminds of the Vucevic situation last year. If he struggled in his first two minutes of his first action in 10 days he wouldn't get to see the court again that game. Its tough for any rookie to excel in those circumstances.

No 'sparse playing time' is not any kind of excuse. He was great when games didn't count and no one cared when people cared he stunk...good players make the most of limited minutes...he was terrible. Ivey is terrible too but I guess his contract is guaranteed already

If decisions were made based on summer league and preseason, Turner's options would've never been picked up...wait, maybe teams should make decisions based on summer league and preseason.

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