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SixersRising on Jan 6 at 19:49

No losing tomorrow Brian. Did you see they waived Malik Wayns? Think that means there will be a trade for a backup point soon?

Might get some good news tonight, but just about Chip Kelly returning to Oregon.

The problem with these predictions is you know they're going to win a game or two they shouldn't and lose a game or two they shouldn't. I know the teams matter, but I can't see this team winning 3 games in a row

Yeah, not a prediction. Purely based on records. I figure based on the teams they're playing, 8-8 would be a success, which is sad when 14 of 16 are at home.

8-8 would be a miracle based on the way they played this trip...

That's not really accurate. They played well in the first five games, and the only one that went worse than you would've thought was the Phoenix game. It's just more frustrating than it should be because of how well they played in the Memphis and LA games.

this schedule is ridiculous. so now they have 14 out of 16 at home? 9 in a row? wtf?

That's what happens when your 'multi purpose stadium' hosts a ridiculous ice show over the holidays

Mike reply to GoSixers on Jan 6 at 20:07

yea i mean they've always had the road trip around the holidays. but i don't remember so many home games immediately following it. it's not good for a team to have extremes like that. not that it matters this season anyway.

For good teams stuff like tht doens't really matter all that much :)

Sadly the sixers aspire to be a good team...

Who is reporting that a Bynum update is in the works for tomorrow?

I could see them going 9-7, given they have so many home games. But that is probably an optomistic take.

I wrote this about Jrue on the other post, but I'm an opolagist:

Jrue has played well. Especially considering his age, contract, teammates and increased responsibbility.

By that I mean that Jrue from age 23-27 will make 11M per year (just checked, his contract does not have raises.) That makes him the 47th highest paid player in the NBA and the 8th highest paid PG and could drip since his contract lacks yearly raises. Over that time there is a good chance he improves, and if not he still is giving you resaonable play for that salary.

The problem is more that he is not good enough to be your best player, nor is he paid like it. But if he remains the best player on the team he will take the blame for the teams struggles- exactly like it was with Iggy.

I think it's too early to say he can't be the best player on your team. The only thing you can say right now is that he can't be the only really good player on your team. There can't be this much of a drop off, and he's not the kind of guy you can just surround with role players to make a good team, of course there aren't many guys like that in the league.

mymanjrue reply to Brian on Jan 6 at 21:36

Brian, can you honestly imagine Jrue being the franchise guy on a Finals team?

The last NBA team to make the finals built around a franchise 'point guard' was who again?:)

do you cant westbrook as a franchise pg?

rondo in 08?, parker in 07?

Hmm...I thought this was obvious - I guess not - I wouldn't say any of the answers given were built around their point guard (and notice the quotes). I was alluding to the 2001 sixers, all the other names mentioned have multiple superstars, and at the time I don't think any of them were built around the point guard.

The only franchise currently 'built' around a great 'point guard' in my mind is the Bulls


nevermind my answers i read your comment wrong

IMO Iggy peaked as maybe a top 25 NBA player. You could argue 20 or 30, but the range is the same.

I think Jrue is a top 30 player right now, and could make it into the top 20 or even top 15 if we are lucky. So you would probably need another 2 top 20 players (one big one wing) to be a contender. Say Bynum and a younger Joe Johnson. And that team would really struggle to make the Finals.

I think Jrue's prime will be at best Tony Parker (not the skill set, but the All NBA level of play as a top second teir PG.) Tony Parker is probably underrated, and has 4 rings- but he can't be the sure fire best player on your team.

The good news is that Jrue can be paired with any other star who is not a PG. Heck, you probably could pair him with a superstar PG and have him play SG and run the point 10 minutes a game. So he won't get you to a title, but he will fit with whatever star piece you bring in. But unfortunately Jrue will take a lot of heat from the media and fans if he remains the teams best player for too long.

Well, there's a remedy in place for that already, if this franchise isn't truly cursed.

My biggest worry is not Bynum being able to come back. I'm mostly worried that Bynum shows enough to be resigned but then ends up declining due to a progressive loss of mobility due to arthritis. Sort of like Brand, but old before his time. So they spend franchise money on a guy who gives them Dalembert level production.

Yeah, that's not my concern. If he's on the floor, even if he's a bit less mobile, he's still a big time weapon. It's the on the floor part that worries me. I can live with a huge big with his offensive skill and maybe below average mobility. That's still a guy 95% of teams have to double.

Sure, he'll be an asset. I just worry about using 20M on that asset.

30M on Iggy and Brand effectively killed the Sixers chances to build a contender (short of finding a superstar in the draft, which ET unfortunately failed to be.)

30+M on Jrue and Bynum is an upgrade, but if Bynum loses a step then you are locked in as a second tier team.

mymanjrue on Jan 6 at 21:29

Does it not seem apparent to other observers that collins is not reaching this team?Don't know how long this can be allowed to go on. He lost the team in the second half last yea but they clung to a playoff spot and Collins was at his best for the postseason and seemingly had the team's ear.

I find it harder to imagine a repeat of that rally...and much easier to imagine an increasingly volatile Collins driven to distraction as guys start quitting and/or gunning for stats

the 'veteran leadership' cliche is much reviled, and deservedly so. but this team sorely misses Elton Brand. Yes, he was a flop in Philly compared to the expectations when he signed. Eddie Jordan didn't help. But he was a pofessional out there game in and game out, working hard to contribute to the team's success. Collins wanted Richardson to turn into that guy but he just isn't it. Brand was still a very good player for his last two years here. He rarely gets anywhere near enough credit for the truly heroic work he did on defense last year, as the only credible shot blocker or post defender on the team, and playing way undersized at the five fequently to boot. His teammates knew this. Harde for the younger guys to go off the rails while the old school Chevy isconsistently giving his all

Richardson by contast is completely beat as a viable rotational player in this league unless he's on a legit contender and can come out for fifteen or twenty minutes and plant himself behind the ac. Shooting guards have a short shelf life. His burst is not coming back but he can't accept it. He's desperately clinging to his self respect. He's probably miserable.

I gotta think there isn't a happy guy in the Sixers loocker room right now. Maybe Jrue. The last three games I got the sense that Jrue was gunning for stats. Against Pheonix it seemed like he had decided he needed a triple double and that was his focus. That's not good. Again last night it seeemed like he knew early on that they didn't really have a prayer

Can't blame him at all but I really, truly wish he could be growing in a more functional environment

Doug has never lasted more than three years in a job. Each time, one gets the distinct impression that no one was terribly sorry to see him leave

You mean you're afraid that in his third season collins may have worn out his welcome?

Considering the assist was the last leg of hi triple double, and he had the points and rebs pretty early, I'd love to know (a) how you were able to discern a pg gunning for an assist and (b) how a pg trying to set up a teammate is a negative. If he needed a board and was leaving his man, or risking floor balance for o-board, maybe. Needing the points and taking bad shots, fine, I'd buy that. But for an assist? As a pg? This is just more anti-Jrue BS. And it has happened sooner than expected, the anti-Iguodala group has a new whipping boy.

When the team plays below their talent level for an extended period of time, then it'll be ok to question whether Collins has lost them. 15-20 is not below their talent level, though. It's probably above it, especially considering Jrue was out for 4 games.

Check out Turner's TS%, btw, even with the dramatic improvement from 3.

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 7 at 0:11

Of course it's possible to give up easy shots and try too hard to rack up assists. Rondo does this a lot, actually.

mymanjrue reply to Brian on Jan 7 at 1:01

I knew you would take issue with that. I don't mean a specific thing, like guys intentionally missing a shot to get their rebound...Jrue didn't do anything like that. It just seemed like he would cycle between energetically rebounding, energetically dishing, and energetically chucking with no real rhyme or reason. High fructose numbers. Tokeepginmself entertained if nothing else. I'm not trying to slam Jrue. He was spectacular for the first half of the trip. But the corrosive effects of a losing team that hates hearing their coach talk are I fear not at all conducive to the type of development I'd like to see from Jrue

Turner's stats have been in freefall since I made the mistake of bragging on them. Holiday's advanced numbers remain out of sync with his box score stats as well. I don't know precisely what goes into win shares/48, but it seems to effectively chart career progressions and value pretty well a lot of the time, especially guys who play starters minutes. That stat isn't wild about Jrue at all. Has also shown Turner in a stunning nosedive and regressing. his true shooting percentage is on the wrong side of fifty now, if I'm not mistaken. Jrue's is below the nba average by that metric

Didn't you find Jrue at all frustrating on this trip?He has stretches of play where poor decisionmaking really plagues him. It looks like he is uncoached sometimes. Must remind him of senior year in high school

mymanjrue reply to Brian on Jan 7 at 1:15

eh, it's a stretch to say they're outperforming their talent level in my estimation. And what's more telling to me is that guys do not seem to be buying in at all.

Thad Young, our consumnate hardworking, lunchpail, hustle kid s[ent this road trip trying to compete with Spencer Hawes to be the big that shoots the most eighteen footers. He's playing on the perimeter way too much. He complained about the bigs not getting consistent touches in the paper a couple weeks ago and since then he has been more of a black hole than ever as well as more jumper happy.

Nick Young does whatever he wants. Jason Richardson can't produce but he's in the starting lineup because Doug isn't man enough to tell him he's gotta do what'sn best for the team

it's not a cohesive group. Guys aren't gona sacrifice for the good of the team if it seems fruitless and they're all miserable

Doug was seething at the last three postgames. Knocing his team to the press for doing the same things its been doing just about all year long. Players singularly nonplussed

Ill portents. Don't say I didn't warn you

Not really ill portents given they are 5-14 in the last 19 games. More like ill results well reflected in the W-L column. There was fair warning befoer this free-fall started.

mymanjrue reply to tk76 on Jan 7 at 3:23

Good point

I'm hoping they play a lot better now they are home. I guess we will see.

I still never think about Iverson as a PG. There's a difference between a team being a PG and nothing else, and a team's best player being a PG. for the former, Iverson is the only one who ever took a team to the finals, for the latter you've got Kiddx2, Chaunceyx2, Isiah, Magic, Payton (the Sonics made the Finals one year, didn't they?), I'm sure there are others.

I guess my point is that in his fourth year, with nothing around him, Jrue is averaging basically 19/9 with decent efficiency. What's his ceiling with some help?

The whole best player thing is a moot point anyway. At least it is if Bynum ever plays for this team.

Well that's why i used the 'quotes'. I never thought of Iverson as a point guard either, but he was touted as one, and honestly, the best on the team while he was here at creating for his teammates...

Just looking at the ESPN pre-season NBA player rankings...

#73: Jrue
#74: Varajao
#75: George

All three having great seasons on struggling teams. All 3 ranked way too low based on the first 1/3 of this season.

well at least we'll have hockey back soon so this team can be safely ignored until..if 33 ever shows up

mymanjrue on Jan 7 at 1:33

meanwhile dwight howard despises kobe bryant. nash must be so sad right now

First of all they play 13 of those 16 games at home not 14. The last game before the allstar break is @Milwaukee.

Second, i think, you guys are underselling them a bit. They haven't been good by any stretch of imagination but 7-9 with 13 games at home bad? That surely isn't the case.

This is how i see it all happen:

vs. BKL, Tuesday - Win
@ TOR, Wednesday - Loss
vs. HOU, Saturday - Win
vs. NOH, 1/15 - Win
vs. TOR, 1/18 - Win
vs. SAS, 1/21 - Win / Loss
@ MIL, 1/22 - Loss
vs. NYK, 1/26 - Win
vs. MEM, 1/28 - Loss
vs. WAS, 1/30 - Win
vs. SAC, 2/1 - Win
vs. ORL, 2/4 - Win
vs. IND, 2/6 - Loss
vs. CHA, 2/8 - Win
vs. LAC, 2/11 - Loss
@ MIL, 2/13 - Loss

Essentially i see them going somewhere between 9-7 and 10-6. Not great, but a pretty decent record. Of course they will probably drop some of those games i have as wins, but they will probably steal some of the losses as well.

If Bynum can't get back, they will struggle to make the playoffs (i won't count them out yet though), but if he comes back, they should be able to make the playoffs comfortably. They won't have home court (which was the hope going into the season), but they will be a dark horse type of team surrounded with a lot of uncertainty. All this however assumes Bynum will mesh well with the current roster though. Realistically we have no idea, how it will all pan out, but it does look good on paper with him.

Rob_STC reply to Xsago on Jan 7 at 8:03

I agree with Xsago. No one expected them to win against Memphis and LA on the road. Since they have more games at home they could possibly spring an upset or 2 because one thing they usually do is play hard. The Eastern Conference is really inferior so making the playoffs is never out of the question and for those last teams in that will go down to the wire. I would love to see what this team would look like with Bynum. Hopefully we get the opportunity.

Assuming there's a surprise win or two sprinkled in, how confident are you there won't be a clunker or two as well?

I did my list up top based purely on win/loss, but there are swing games in there as well. 2 against MIL, 1 against the Nets, maybe 1 against Indy. Those are teams who aren't really head and shoulders better than the Sixers, probably just better. Still think 8-8 is the top of what we should reasonably expect.

Rob_STC reply to Brian on Jan 7 at 9:06

Definitely a clunker or 2 is possible. The optimist in me is also hoping for some improvement although this team without Bynum is probably a 500 team at best.

The latest on Royce White:

Feigen writes: "According to a person with knowledge of the talks between White and the team, White has refused to play or practice until the Rockets agree in writing to an addendum to his contract that he has written. That kind of addition to a player contract would conflict with the NBAs collective bargaining agreement with the players association. Though White has not publicly specified the conditions he would need to practice or play, he has indicated through his tweets he wants players to be able to choose the doctors who would then be given the authority to determine players work environment and expectations. If the Rockets agreed to that in writing, it would violate the CBA."

link They suspended him without pay.

mymanjrue reply to Brian on Jan 7 at 9:37

The whole saga really depreses me(pun a little bit intended). White is making big mistakes. You don't defeat the stigmas associated with mental illness by demanding that your shrink be able to tell your employer what to do. What an absurd precedent that would set.

I feel he is being led astray by people he trusts...the number one suspect?whatever doctor would be calling the shots for him if his demands were met.

Just by participating in this, whoever that person is is a complete slimeball in my book. He is not serving the best interests of the patient. Instead, he is helping to jeopardize his patient's chance to earn tens of millions of dollars in the nba.

I know a fair amount about these issues and while it is unquestionably true that stigmas exist, it is also true that our society is now demanding a diagnosis for everyone who is a little bit different.

Royce-fire your guru, take a fuking valium, and go to work. It's gonna be alright

mymanjrue reply to mymanjrue on Jan 7 at 9:42

i think it was a omment someone posted here that I'm recalling, making the point that White could very well be suffering without basketball as an outlet, and the positive attention it got him.

Lots of guys suffer upon getting to the NBA. It doesn't do anyone's self confidence any favors to sit at the end of the bench after playing a starring role whenever you took the floor at lower levels.

I really would like to know who has this kid's ear

Mike reply to mymanjrue on Jan 7 at 10:07

i think you prove by this comment:

"Royce-fire your guru, take a fuking valium, and go to work. It's gonna be alright"

that you don't know anything about these issues

mymanjrue reply to Mike on Jan 7 at 18:29

Mike. You truly don't know who you're talking to. I am intimately familiar with anxiety and how crippling it can be

Honestly I think Royce SHOULD take a valium...the 'deal with it' was tongue in cheek though, I know better than most that it isn't that easy...but right now he is just getting all grandiose and misguidedly self righteous and doing neither himself or the public understanding of mental health problems any good

If he could just take some deep breaths, perhaps with the aid of a benzodiazepine as those drugs lift the paralyzing anxiety like nothing else, a tried and true a plus family of drugs-0and just go back to practice and try to get into a normal routine...that's the only way...unfortunately he looks to be on an irreversible path towards the destruction of his career. If a doctor has helped encourage this he should have his license stripped

I think this is getting ridiculous. White clearly wants to waste his opportunity to play in the NBA. He is treating the NBA as an organization of fools. He has alienated the Rockets organization, the same organization that liked him enough to spend a high draft pick on him. And the funniest thing is there is noone that wants him to succeed more than the Rockets.

I understand he has issues and those issues need to be treated. But if you want to play in the NBA there are things that you must be able to do. Things like trusting your organization, who truly wants to help you. If you can't do that, regardless of the reason, you are never going to become an NBA player.

I don't understand how mental illness is treated that differently from career threatening injuries to be honest. If a guy gets injured so badly that his career is over, there is nothing you can do to help him. It's not fair, but it's what has to happen.

Is he a head case or a special needs player?

Are you an asshat or a douchebag?

Royce White has a diagnosed (and highly publicized) neurological disorder that requires psychiatric/psychologic treatment and shouldn't be mocked by clueless morons like yourself.

I don't think Royce's 'rider' is out of line personally, I said it before, this isn't your physical health, this is mental health, and you need to build trust with someone before you will trust them with your mental health, and letting others pick your doctors is just not a way to go about it. The fact that the CBA would prevent such a thing just goes further to indicate that the players are 'chattel' to the NBA

stonedeightytoo reply to GoSixers on Jan 7 at 11:47

at least the cursing in game threads isnt personally and condescendingly directed.. stop being such a hypocrite

As i understand you have more knowledge about mental illness than most of us here, so i have a question for you.

According to you how should the Rockets deal with White?

Also if you had a large successful company, would you let your employees dictate what they will work and who they will work with? Would you (and should you) care about the employees reasons why they do what they do?

Mike reply to Xsago on Jan 7 at 11:57

i think Royce White at this point is more concerned about being a pioneer and changing how sports franchises deal with players with mental illness than actually playing in the NBA. i don't think anyone has the right to judge his motivations.

Even if that's what he is trying to do he is doing it all wrong. He is trying to force the organization that is paying him to do what he thinks is best for him, rather than do what's best for the organization. That's never going to work. His agent, or whoever is handling this situation on his behalf should get fired asap IMO.

The CBA doesn't prevent riders about medical care, it prevents riders being added to contracts after contracts have been signed and executed. Riders of any kind.

To me, it looks like this is just never going to work.

Sensitive today, I see. Maybe you should switch to Sanka.

It was a succinct positing of the conundrum involved in approaching Mr. White's predicament, employment and otherwise, prior to advancing to the consultation room, if I may say so myself.

Of course, maintaining the dignity of Mr. White is of paramount importance to all of us as we proceed delicately up the mysterious mountain of inquiry so that every fart and yawn and moan is heard, measured, properly evaluated, sobbed over quietly and entered into our problem-solving process... resolution, may it be our byword!

Mr. Handwringer, please, let me finish my statement prior to the highly-anticipated presentation of findings within the case to date by our esteemed colleague, Dr. Cuckoo, to be followed by a Q & A mediated by the nearly-pulseless but never dull Professor Quagmire... .

mymanjrue reply to GoSixers on Jan 7 at 18:38

but John, the thing is, so much about mental illness is so hard to pin down. It isn't like you can point out the exact neorological flaw and just fix it. There is so much that is not known. One doctor's course of recommended action will be very different from another's. what white is demanding is not a realistic solution. He's building barriers. seems like he wants to be a martyr, a victim of brutish jock ignorance.

i so want white to have an nba career. it seems like it's not going to happen

if he's anything like me he is terrified of failing and looking for a way to avoid facing the challenge of an nba career without it being due to failure on the court

I'm not going to go over old ground, but the trust thing when it comes to therapists is very important in my mind, i told my story I really don't want to tell it agian, but I think it's atrocious that the rockets feel they could pick Whites therapists - it's not like a trainer - and some of the comments I've seen from people here demonstrate a complete ignorance of mental illness and absoultely no compassion for it whatsoever.

PS - I've never met a single person who isn't afraid to fail - it's why i've been trying to teach my self object oriented programming in the past year

And the rockets just turned me down because of a long shot job application i made with their stats department :)

mymanjrue reply to GoSixers on Jan 7 at 19:02

You are right that it's very hard to develop trust and a functioning working relationship with a therapist. It takes time. You can't just breeze in and instantly be an authority on a patient

What I fear however is a dynamic that I have seen far too many times...where it begins to seem more like the doctor has decided the way to keep the checks rolling in is to indulge people, pretend to buy into their bs...instead of trying to actually help with all that wisdom the diplomas on the wall advertise

If Royce wants his doctor to be able to tell the Rockets that they can't send him to the d league because it would threaten his health, that is rank bs

mymanjrue reply to GoSixers on Jan 7 at 19:06

pretty funny about the Rockets job!you should tweet Royce in solidarity.

Thing is if I'm right about that fear of failing theory(which is not exactly an earthshattering insight obviously) that just makes me feel more convinced that Royce's doctors are not giving him what they claim to offer

My only dynamic experiences are my own - and i've been in an out of therapy for 80% of my life...I just know my experiences and the experiences of a few others.

As for the rockets job - I was overly qualified in a few areas and under qualified in others, being a sql expert who can query the crap out of any data isn't enough these days - hence the codeacademy ruby progression :)

mymanjrue reply to GoSixers on Jan 7 at 20:08

well yeah me too...just personal experience and that of friends and loved ones...

profit motive does not serve the practice of medicine well in my view, and if anything it's in the mental health field

what i saw in more than one case was kids in their early twentie's with very serious substance isues and doctors who were either remarkably oblivious or not willing to risk the two hundred bucks a wk by trying to get real

both parties just working their hustles

keep trying for those long shot dream jobs...shoot your old buddy hollinger a rez why doncha

mymanjrue on Jan 7 at 9:49

dig dougie c in the video at the top of this article http://www.csnphilly.com/basketball-philadelphia-sixers/sixers-talk/Sixers-hope-to-feast-on-some-home-cookin?blockID=820641&feedID=694

dei lynam:are there any positives you can take from this trip?

doug: that our guys played hard every night(maniacal fake smile complete with clenched jaw)

dei:but isn't it hard to avoid getting discouraged when youre playing hard and not getting results?


anyone know if theres a royce white clause in doug's contract?

are we getting a Bynum update today?

no idear.

csth reply to Brian on Jan 7 at 11:18

where did the idea that we were come from?

Think Cooney talked to DiLeo a couple days ago and he intimated they'd have an update when they got back from the trip. Might've been Mitchell, can't remember.

mymanjrue reply to Brian on Jan 7 at 11:21

cooney speculates about a pre asg return in today's paper

That would be a positive update. Very positive. Guess we'll have to wait and see (some more).

South Broad reply to Brian on Jan 7 at 11:32

May have come from those two mentioned, but wasn't Mike Preston the one that tweeted about it?

well Twitter seems to be saying that Bynum will be stepping up the rehab and has no more visits lined up with that doctor, no timeline yet though...

Here is the video i found on twitter of Bynum updating his status


Tom said most likely end of February, if he had to guess.

So, which available PG ca defend the P&R? Apparently that's what the Sixers will be after with the spot vacated by Wayns.


Don't think that's really the most pressing need in a backup PG, but whatever.

Just saw the video you were referring to. He was saying play pick-and-roll on the offensive side of the ball, not defending it. If you were talking about Collins.

Just read a comment from Tom Moore's twitter feed. I will watch the video now to confirm. He may have been wrong.

Tom Moore on Jan 7 at 14:43

Link to Bynum video interview after Monday practice:


My bet is immediately after the All Star break. They open the nominal second half with one game on the road in Minnesota, then two off days before they come home to face Miami. Probably a sell-out crowd. Let him get his legs under him a little bit on the road, then unveil their big score from the summer at home vs. the Heat. Then he probably sits the next night on the second night of a back-to-back in NYC.

Also, if that's the timetable, then they can get at least a couple practices with the full team in over the All Star break (they have a week between games), and they might not have anyone headed to All Star weekend.

Jrue will be there

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Jan 7 at 16:45

Maybe as a late addition if other PG's have to pull out.

What PG in the east deserves to be on the team more than Jrue?

Someone is going to get voted in (rondo probably, or rose in abstentia), but after that person who deserves it? Deron Williams probably will suffer from expectations, the nets suck, so does he...Jrue is impressing people with his play even on a crappy team (that everyone knew would be crappy until Bynum played)

Seriously, good point guard play is hard to find in the east

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Jan 7 at 17:26

I'm not saying someone deserves it more... just that others will be chosen before Jrue unless the team starts winning.

Rondo, Williams and Irving will get chosen before Jrue. But Rose is not on the ballot... Irving is featured in the NBA All Star game promos, which I take to mean the league wants to showcase him (he also has many more votes than Jrue.) They may also pick Felton over Jrue due to record and NY.

I do agree that the East lacks healthy stars right now, and really weak at the SG position. So maybe they take all 4 PG's and take only Wade at SG? It will be disapointing if they take Ellis, George or Derozen over Jrue, but it is possible.

Irving definitely makes it over Jrue. No doubt about that. Paul doesn't deserve it, Monta has just been terrible.

tk76 reply to Brian on Jan 7 at 17:58

In the past 5 years, the East has fielded 4 PG's once. Typpically there are eitehr 2 or 3 PG's on the roster. But I guess they can have Jrue play SG as he is better than any reserve SG.

Expect BKN to have multiple All Stars...

Well, if Joe Johnson and Deron make it, that probably pushes Jrue out. I hope Jrue doesn't make it, and Bynum is available to practice that week. Get them reps together, maybe Jrue plays a little angry if less-deserving guys go instead of him.

tk76 reply to Brian on Jan 7 at 18:44

And if Bynum had been playing I expect Jrue would have made it (as well as Bynum.)

Here are some more numbers from the trip. Opposing starting PGs. (Deron Williams, Mike Conley, Steph Curry, Damian Lillard, Steve Nash, Goran Dragic, Russell Westbrook and Tony Parker):

291 MP, 52/144 FG (45.6%), 12/34 3P (35.3%), 20/28 FT (71.4%), 26 REB (3.3/game), 42 AST (5.3/g), 8 STL (1/g), 5 BLK (.6/g), 118 PTS (14.75/g), .467 TS%, 2.33 AST/TOV

We'll see. They hate taking guys from shitty teams.

Unless they're on the celtics?

are there any free agent acquisitions they could make that could help them stay in the playoff picture until Bynum returns? I would still like to see how ET plays with Bynum, personally.

A bunch of guys were just cut because their contracts were about to be guaranteed. Maybe there's a decent body among them. Kind of doubt any FA pickup outside of a PG would crack the rotation, though. Collins loves these bigs.

i think right after the AS break is incredibly optimistic. in that video he is asked if he will even play again this season, and his response is something like, "I'm pretty sure I'll play at some point." to think he's coming back in 6 weeks from those comments is a huge leap imo.

He's on a treadmill right now and the doc is telling him he's good to go. I'm sticking with 2/20.

Mike reply to Brian on Jan 7 at 17:01

he could just be walking on a treadmill though. i guess i'm just expecting the worst at this point.

He said running and shooting this week. He's doing fast walking and bike right now.

Mike reply to Brian on Jan 7 at 17:38

well that is good news. the phrase "fast walking" makes me laugh though.

rondo suspended 1 game for making contact with an official and being uncooperative with the league

Does that warrant a "Tommy Point?"

Tom Moore on Jan 7 at 18:57
TwoSense on Jan 7 at 22:45

Does this now mean we're T-minus 20 and counting 'til Bynum suffers his next setback?

20, ..19, ..18, ...

Standstill shooting could possibly incur similar levels of stress as planting and bowling. His agent likely concurs.

tk76 reply to TwoSense on Jan 8 at 0:13

I sense a H.O.R.S.E. related injury against SwsggyP.

Vucevic with 17, 13 and 5 in 47 minutes tonight (the game went to OT). Going into tonight he was 8th in the league in rebounding percentage.

No Cousins update today?

mymanjrue on Jan 8 at 5:21

all access kentucky has me totally loving calipari. he is giving a bravura. the stud freshman are all appealing characters as well.

on and it's funny because there are like six white guys on the time and none have been heard to speak. calipari has also not been seen talking to them.

viva calipari

mymanjrue on Jan 8 at 5:34

i qiah that someone could teach jrue and evan how to win in the nba the way that calipari coaches his guys.

i also don't think what he's doing is sleazy at all. he is pretty real about everything. he tells kids that he'll provide better preparation for the nba than anyone else and get them drafted in a year. he delivers.

he teaches winning basketball. there's stuff from a practice on the show where he is getting on the kid he id grooming to play the point. he basically chews the guy out for playing point guard the jrue holiday way and says if he wants to make a play every time he catches the ball he can play the two.

viva calipari

Yeah, Cal is great at grooming pass-first PGs like Wall and Rose, and real team-focused guys like Cousins. I wonder if Thad Matta teaches wings to take bad long twos and get their shots blocked in the lane incessantly.

jsmoove reply to Brian on Jan 8 at 17:48

laughoutLOUD good stuff

mymanjrue reply to Brian on Jan 8 at 18:51

ha ok ok

jrue would be a better player if he had had a year with calipari, there is no doubt in my mind

apparently they've been sniffing around some dude named Eric Maynor, who is somewhat hilariously stuck on the OKC bench behind some dude named REGGIE JACKSON?

Sixers Considered Trading For Eric Maynor http://bit.ly/WG3cMq

Wish they'd pull the trigger on one of these ideas for a backup PG. Really don't want to have to watch Turner back the ball up the court anymore and Ivey/Wayns is not the answer.

Maynor was great before the injury. He hasn't played much since. But he used to be one of the best backup PGs on the league, so i am definitely behind that type of trade as long as they don't give up too much. I'm guessing the Hornets 2nd rounder is in play for him.

Read somewhere that Celts have interest in Cousins; Green and Sullinger, alleged bait.

Sullinger hasn't been terrible. Jeff Green is just a bad player making way too much money. Pretty good haul for Sacto to get rid of that cancer, though.

If KG, PP and fellow Wildcat RR can get Cousins to settle down, buy into winning, Ainge might be onto something good. They need a vacuum cleaner. Just got their stopper, Bradley, back.

Sullinger - bulk, mild help; can he jump over a phone book? Green, athletic; have seen a few nice spurts of play... apparently they're too few and far between. Joseph and Varnado were also mentioned.

They cut Joseph and Varnado yesterday, I believe.

Cousins would love an offense where he's encouraged to take a bunch of 18-footers and expend little energy. Perfect fit...until he and Rondo try to strangle each other.

Funny. They're not good friends, huh? Or are they just passionate competitors?

Doc could have a salutary influence. Maybe.

They're just both volatile nutjobs who tend to rub teammates the wrong way. The difference being, Rondo isn't usually destructive to his own team on the floor.

He's a talent. I'd actually like to see the chem class experiment. Some friction can be good. Means they're in the game. Better that than a roster of boy scouts imitating basketball players. Turner, the only Sixer with a nasty edge, but that comes and goes. Opponents are better off if they let "The Villain" sleep.

Brand had an edge. You didn't much care for it, though. Turner's just a bitch most of the time.

Brand's biggest edge: 80-some million George Washingtons.

'Edge' to me has a rawer, more confrontational quality than the sneaky tricks of Brand's trading, and an obliviousness or unconcern for political correctness.

My, how I don't miss him. I wonder if he's averaging 4.2 & 4.2.

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