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A Subtle Adjustment

hornets are 11-5 when gordon plays the last 2 years

Is that supposed to say 'look how good they are with gordon' or - 'damn gordon has only played 16 games in the last 2 years and the hornets paid him a shload of money even though he didn't want to play there'?

both but the sixers should win this game

Until the Hornets' loss yesterday to the second best team in our conference, they had just beaten the Spurs, Rockets and Wolves.

Biggest limitation: Rockets' minds/legs. Tues to Sat: Houston to New Orleans to Boston to Philadelphia (4 games in 5 days). Harden shot the long ball like a stage-weary Richie Havens (2-9). Lin (2-13) was draggin' anchor in the tradition of Yao Ming.

Dmitri Collinsky Bassoon Concerto #16 in E Minor. "Bravo!" shouted Fulbright 'Happy' Merriweather III.

We'll see if Richardson maintains the needed edge he created with coach chat. Must have talked up a storm to go from empty balloon to vital leader in the space of one game (and 3 days off). Mayor potential.

bynum says around the all star game for a return, we will see if it holds

apparently he practiced today. took shots. next step is running in a line.


Scott reply to Scott on Jan 14 at 13:13

tweet from:

Brian Seltzer ‏@BrianSeltzer

Bynum also said that today was not the first time had done on-court work. Sounds like still pleased with progress he has been making.

Tom Moore on Jan 14 at 15:05

Sixers practice video: Andrew Bynum shows his form and talks about his first public shooting of the season:


He did not practice or take jumpers or dunks - all were standstill shots.

Tom Moore on Jan 14 at 16:30

Link to story (with Bynum video): Bynum shooting to play 'around all-star break':


twitter: @tmoorepburbs

Heh, Bynum's shooting threes in the video. Collins trying to turn him into a Sixers big.

or he's just doing what worked to get 00 an extension

surprised there's not more chatter in here over the Bynum update/footage

Not really news. I'm just holding my breath for no setbacks.

Mike reply to Brian on Jan 14 at 19:40

first time we've had footage of him on the court all season though.

Yep, baby steps.

mymanjrue on Jan 14 at 22:04

great read, brian, and thanks for the heads up on fresh evidence of the ongoing oppression of evan marcel turner at the hands of schizophrenic grinch doug collins(was a nice coaching job by dc against houston though_)

evan...lemme see you shine like you grew up in a shrine in peru

Tray reply to mymanjrue on Jan 15 at 0:43

Evan Turner will be playing in Europe in five years.

mymanjrue reply to Tray on Jan 15 at 16:46

correction, STARRING in europe!!!

Only if his coach doesn't hold him back.

tk76 reply to mymanjrue on Jan 15 at 17:45

His game will not work in Europe.

In tonight's big men the Sixers should've drafted/kept update (I'm kidding, I would've traded Vucevic too), Vuce had 13 and 13, and Cousins had 26, 14, 6, 2 steals, and 3 blocks. Only Webber and Shaq did that at a younger age; in fact, the only players who had such a game at 25 or younger are Webber, Shaq, Cousins, Garnett, Barkley, LeBron, Olajuwon, Robinson, and Malone.

Cousins puts up numbers, but I worry that he can't score inside. His career percentages at the rim (per hoopdata) are near;y Hawes bad. And he takes a fair amount of shots at 3-9 (3+ per game) feet where he shoots worse than 31% every year. That, more than his poor shot selection, drives his terrible efficiency numbers.

People worry about Cousins bad attitude, but I worry about his basketball ability. His raw numbers are great- but if he is like Hawes in terms of being unable to finish in the lane, then he is not helping. Maybe he is like Moses, in that he grabs enough of his misses to make him more efficient than it seems. Or maybe he just lacks the lift and touch to be an effective scorer in the lane. I have not seen him play enough to judge.

On the flip side, if the could have Bynum and Cousins it would be great insurance. You can go real big if both are healthy, and then fall back to Cousins at C when Bynum is on the shelf. And if they could keep Thad then you have even more versatility.

Hey, at least Cousins suits up and gives ya somethin'.

Sixers trade for a player impersonator sniffin' for his next gargantuan payday and fans are directed to look for his February shadow/recital. Now there's a deal ya can't get everyday, even at Chapman Ford.

The Charlie Swift-Jim Barniak-Steve Fredericks Memorial Trivia Questions:

Which of two players hasn't finished in the lane in '12-'13? A) DeMarcus Cousins B) Andrew Bynum

Which of two players is averaging 20.4, 11.9 & 3.3 for his team in '12-'13? A) DeMarcus Cousins B) Andrew Bynum

Which of two players submarines his team's offense 30% of the time when he's on the floor? A) DeMarcus Cousins B) Andrew Bynum?

30%? Pulled that one of thin air.

Funny, you should be so patient for no-show Bynum while condemning Cousins at every turn.

It's actually his usage rate, so not out of thin air. Sorry, 29%.

Though his TS% is north of .500, which happens for a day or two every season.

Better double check that usage rate number; could be Jrue Holiday's, another wild young player who's led his squad to 16 wins.

Jrue's is actually 26.6, and he's led his team to 16 wins.

It's funny how Jrue is a more efficient scorer, with a lower usage rate, and you rip him to shreds, while Cousins is a bawlin' madman who carries his team to 14 wins much less efficiently.

16, 14; 27, 29 - what's the difference? Both are me-first, undisciplined kids on court, do what they want with the ball and byproducts are often the equivalent of fingerpainting. Jrue smiles and claps his hands more.

So why do you consider one an asset, one an impediment if that's your feeling on both?

Not my feeling on both. As I see it, both players are assets in today's NBA, to be used for team benefit in ways deemed fitting, to deploy or discard to refresh hand.

Think this is the first time you've referred to jrue as anything as positive as an asset. Baby steps.

I'm patient for the really, really good player. I condemn the cancer who doesn't score efficiently. Not sure why that would be hard to understand.

Really, really good player or Freddie the Freeloader? "Really, really good player[s]" typically love the game. Some who've been in Bynum's company have testified that he does not.

Seeing as how neither one of us has ever been in the company of either of these guys, I'll put my faith in their actual production. One of them produces wins through dominant, efficient scoring. One of them produces losses by wasting possessions. I'll take the former.

I am a big fan of the "At least he's out there, losing games for his team!" logic, though. It's cute.

You've distortedly misquoted. It's unbecoming.

There's little that's logical about your unrelenting, harsh dismissiveness for the Kentucky kid, especially as you present Bynum charade acceptance, acquiescence.

Cousins adds ballin' heft to a team in need, whether you like him or not. A resource to retain or move.

Nah. It's pretty simple. It's worth waiting for a guy who takes 25% of your possessions and turns them into gold. It's not worth the trouble for a guy who takes 29% of your possessions and turns them into garbage.

You also quoted his per/36 numbers, not per game. Which usually wouldn't matter, but considering he can't play more than 31/g, it's inflation.

Mean streets of the lane a little harder to navigate than Jrue's country roads, takes time toll.

Yeah, Cousins is all about max effort for 31 minutes every night on both ends of the floor.

Haven't watched him at length, but I'd swap Hawes, Allen & Brown for him in a 341 heartbeat. If this town can accomodate Shaqleford, "Dawn" Bradley, Big Dog and Chris "Timeout" Webber, there's a room at the inn for Demarcus... the luxuriously-appointed Blind Faith Suite.

So you think Robinson, Webber, et al helped the team, then?

Get out your workbook and complete Exercise 23 today: "Drawing Inferences".

You said you'd make the trade. Not that the city would stand for the trade. You drew the inference when you followed up what you would do with what the city has tolerated in the past. Ergo, you tolerated it right along with the city, so much so, you'd do it yourself.

Ergo, there ya go, you argue like a politician I happen to know, who discriminately plucks things piecemeal out of their broader, obvious, sensible contexts for expedient purposes and self-determined goals. Manipulation practice. Enjoy.

What is the broader, obvious, sensible context of your original quote? You said "I would do this." And the next sentence was when the team had made similar decisions in the past on questionable players. Was the broader point that you'd like to repeat history and make another stupid decision. Or is it that you agreed with those decisions, which is why you'd be in favor of making this one?

For the record, I'd trade those guys for Cousins as well. Mostly because I don't think the damage he'd do would be permanent, and you could get a better return by swapping him to someone else than Hawes/Lavoy/Kwame. On the floor, he'd hurt the team more than those guys do, though.

Tray reply to tk76 on Jan 15 at 18:53

He does seem to have awful touch around the basket, and very little lift. He does get to the line a ton though, and maybe if you cut out the bad long twos he'd become a reasonably efficient offensive player.

Brian, insightful write-up as usual. If they are indeed switching defenders on the perimeter, (I have not watched any games in the last 2 wks), even if it is a game to game adjustment, do you not worry that they will develop this bad habit of switching defenders and carry it on to future games?
I mean, not so long ago, it seemed to take a lot of effort to get this team to defend the P & R properly, something DC's arrival is credited with. With players like Hawes and ET who are notorious for choosing their man, the former much more accomplished, I worry about regressing into bad habits while we are still struggling to make good ones.
And while this may have been fine for Houston, I doubt it's efficacy against say Indiana, NYK, Memphis or any good team we may face soon; that actually HAVE mismatches to exploit.

Yeah, I don't like zones. Think if you're regularly resorting to a zone, it's probably because you have too many shitty man-on-man defenders. I've seen them use it before, but never with their starters on the floor. Usually, they used it when Jrue was out of the game and I think they were basically trying to slow the other team down more than anything.

You can't use this type of scheme when the other team can create a mismatch they're willing to exploit. It's just too easy to do it. Against Houston, it didn't really matter. It's not like having Jrue on Harden instead of Richardson was a big step down, and Parsons wasn't going to take any of the three down to the blocks. They can probably get away with it tonight, as well.

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