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eddies' heady's on Jan 16 at 9:56

"and really, this is completely on Doug. Thorn was shoved out. DiLeo is taking orders from Collins)"

Do we really have enough inside info/evidence to conclude this? Or is it more just assumptions on our part derived from snippets of public comments here and there?

I guess what I'm saying is, it's hard for me to see how all the other employees in management and ownership just suddenly stepped aside, threw in their hand of cards and said "Doug, you're the dealer, the only player, and the shuffler too". In a heirarchy within a multi-million dollar organization, this just seems borderline outlandish. That or, everyone just casted aside their dignity and integrity as a person and employee and instantly decided to become a mute puppet.

I don't see that happening.

Experience, egos, tenure and knowledge would somehow find their way into the fray also. No way this mish-mash is solely at one man's feet. Logic tells you it can't be, no matter the assumptions, no?

Here's the evidence. The hoops guy who came in with the ownership group walked. Thorn was forced out. After looking for a new GM, they had to go with company man DiLeo. To me, that screams ownership ceding control to Collins, exclusively.

The only caveat being they seem to have put a leash on his long-term spending. Meaning, you can do whatever you want with this roster over the next two years, but don't commit any money beyond that.

All my assumptions here, but I think there's evidence to back them up.

That or, everyone just casted aside their dignity and integrity as a person and employee and instantly decided to become a mute puppet.

I mean, everyone is just DiLeo at this point, right? Unless Josh Harris and Adam Aaron wanted to make the decisions themselves, which doesn't appear to be the case.

There's always that Wojo article - how much credibility you give it is how much credibility you give him

As fans we have no idea what is really going on and everyone is just going to pick the side they want to be on, collins is the one commenting on how the players will be great additions or how smart he thinks it is to play Hawes at the 4 (thankfully that never materialized) but since the sixers were looking for a new GM most of the off season and really didn't name one until after all the major moves are made, I'm not sure how anyone can blame DiLeo for this roster - it's either Thorn or it's Collins, and most reports were that Thorn had no voice in the room long before they started the GM search

As the adage goes, stupidity is doing the same thing twice and expecting different results.

I would hate to think what happens if it's done a third time.

The only sigh of relief we can breath is from knowing that Hawes, Kwame, et al are short-term deals.

The take away from this season is knowing that Jrue is good enough to build around him. We also have the opportunity to sign Bynum to a longer deal than any other team.

Also, in my personal belief, I feel that Thad is worth keeping as someone to have next to Bynum. He's really the only one besides Jrue that has held up his weight at times on defense, and has shown to be very consistent on offense (yesterday's game be damned).

As I said, these are short term deals. Let's see if they're stupid...again.

Well I like the adage in its original form so I wanted to share :)

Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result :)

We also have the opportunity to sign Bynum to a longer deal than any other team.

Opportunity / Curse - depends on how you look at it based on the number of games he's played this season.

insanity/stupidity...same thing depending on how you look at it :)

I'd like to think that we as fans can put our faith in doctors and their evaluations, but history has told us otherwise. I just hope that for once some luck shines on this franchise and Bynum (if re-signed) plays through a majority of his contract.

As the saying goes - you can't cure stupid :) You can work on insanity :)

If this guy wins, I wonder if we'll be able to sue when the team shows no life on the floor. If so, I hope the Sixers are lawyered up.

Well, here's an alternative theory: these players are capable of playing better (and are not as hopeless as some people want to claim) but the season has just devolved into a miserable situation, the players have become demoralized, and no one really knows how to get out of the funk. Consider the following:

1) This team got off to a 10-6 start with the same players and looked pretty good overall. Yes, they had one of the NBA's weaker schedules, but it was still an NBA schedule and the team was beating (or competitive with) the types of teams then that are clobbering them now.

2) In the 2009-2010 season, the team had Iguodala, Williams, Brand, Young, Dalembert, and Holiday (albiet only a rookie). The team had no Hawes, Turner, or Nick Young but finished with a record that may be similar in the end to this team's. I'm no fan of Eddie Jordan, but I don't think he should be credited with supernatural voodoo powers that commanded otherwise capable players to have a collectively miserable season. These kinds of years happen to many clubs.

Holiday is having a breakout offensive season, but he's doing it for a lousy team that often resembles a headless horseman on offense. Perhaps he warrants a new nickname: Tracy McGrady.

Collins probably has to go after this season whether this situation is primarily his fault or not. Then a number of players need a change of scenery: either here or somewhere else. At this point I don't care that much who gets shipped and who stays. Collectively it's just not a good mix.

Your contention is that the players on the team are better than they're performing right now. I just don't see any evidence of that. Turner is playing pretty much right at his career level, so is Thad, so is Hawes. Richardson has fallen off, probably due to age. Wright and Nick Young are what they are. They aren't 4-14 bad, but they're bad. More importantly, on the defensive end, they have maybe 2 guys who are above average at their positions. To be shocked that the team you assembled with two decent defensive pieces can't defend is pretty loony, no?

I'm not sure I get the McGrady comment. He was one of the best in the game in his prime, the knock on him was never getting out of the first round.

Here's Jrue's competition for the All Star game. I guess two or three of these guys will make it.

Matt reply to Brian on Jan 16 at 11:58

What's hurting Jrue's WS/48 so much? Is it just turnovers? Comparing him to JJ and Deron Williams, the only major weaknesses I see are turnovers and a small relative dip in TS%.

Out of that list, I'd rank them:

1. Irving - best player available
2. Deron Williams - stacks up well statistically, W/L record
3. Jrue - somewhat inefficient star of a sinking ship

The team defense is killing his ws48.

Wow, didn't realize the Nets defense was so bad. The dif between Jrue and the 2 Nets is turnover rate, mostly.

If we can trade for him this year or sign him when he's a free agent after this season...Paul Millshap would make a great addition!

You'll excuse Brian if he's distracted today - the eagles just hired the coach no one thought was going to the NFL :)

Can't make hay with disarray. The Sixers really turned the D down a notch last night. Calling Hank Iba, Harry Litwack and Bobby Knight.

Ironic that POTG had a plus/minus of -22, worst integer on Sixers by 10.

New doghouse resident Nick's white-hot flurry was a Gene Hart-like statement: I shoot, I score; I should play more, Coach Cornball!

Thanks "John" for asking the simple but loaded question that begged to be asked to a coach whose team has now lost 17 of last 23. Imperious Doug's how-dare-you stare on way out gave view to a coach who isn't confident in answers, but knows doo-doo when he sees it.

Confucious say, many seat to sit in Friday night.

Ironic or fitting, considering the outcome.

Was there another candidate? Nick Young for 3 minutes of fury? Eh, I don't care.

DB is just now a boring 'anti jrue' troll it seems - goading you - focus on Chip Kelly baby - maybe we get to see michael vick again next year - OH YEAH !:)

I'm hoping we see Foles running this offense so they can tank for the Heisman kid.

There seems to be some confusion as to whether or not manziel is eligible for the 2014 draft. Was he a red shirt or not?

People talking how vick has a shot to stay forget that in a 'read' option you gotta READ and vick can't read anything

Kwame: +9 in 7 min, stayed out of Nick's way, 2 RBs, 0 TOs, shirt remained tucked in. Exemplary. Hornets called about his availability this morning.

OK, you got it. Jrue sucks.

Periodically. But keep the faith.

Past two games being prime examples, obviously.

In DB's defense, this was inevitable for the fools who think 'big salary' means 'much better player' - Iguodala is gone - someone making big money has to take the blame - Jrue gets the extension - the simpletons just shift to blaming him.

Nah. He blamed Jrue for the loss to the Celtics last year, too. Big Speights fan, though. Willie Green, too. Those guys are gamers.

Hey - the clippers are doing great without chris paul and willie green is on their roster - that can't be a coincidence

Hey, he's a true pro's pro.

Brain, you are spot on and while I like Liberty Ballers Depressed Fan is the best Sixers blog on the internet. I have defended Doug's coaching in the past but he put together this roster and deserves all the blame for it. He is the typcial coach that can diagram a play but can judge talent if his life depended on it. They pulled the Bynum move out of there rear end they were flailing like a drowning man before that. Seriously Kwame Brown for 2 years has DC tatooed all over it. The BS I got his best year out of him the last time I coached him nonsense proves it. DC thought he could get a stiff that appears to not particularly enjoy basketball to play hard. Does anybody watch the pressers after games? Doug is insufferable after a bad loss like Andy Reid on his worst day belligerent.

Did Doug Collins really use the word DOO DOO to answer an interview question?

97.5 has a sound bite that was the question - Jim Lynam as mouth piece for the sixers after the game is just as laughable

Yeah, I thought CSN might be a bit more objective once they no longer owned the team, but I guess not.

Except that to make money off the sixers, CSN needs ad revenue, you put down the team, admit they suck, you maybe drive viewers away.

Bad mouthing the team is bad for the bottom line

Creating controversy isn't bad for ratings, though. Isn't Rose pretty critical on the air? I don't ever get to see any Sixers broadcasts.

Mike reply to Brian on Jan 16 at 17:54

yea, Rose criticizes their effort, pick and roll D, schemes all the time.

Lynam is a joke but i think that's just because he's a former coach and it's one of those fraternal things for old school guys where they don't bad mouth each other. plus he was with the organization forever.

Is rose employed by Comcast or is rose employed by the sixers?

ojr107 reply to Brian on Jan 16 at 18:02

Rose is very critical, as is John Celestand. The two Lynams and Zumoff come across as tools of the orginization.

Or it could be the 'coaching fraternity' - lyman was a coach - so he'll protect the coach - while rose is a player?

ojr107 reply to GoSixers on Jan 16 at 18:19

It may be that. Which is unfortunate, because Jim Lynam is in a better position than anyone to second guess Doug Collins.

Oh man. I just read the name Tebow in relation to the Eagles QB job for the first time.

I head people mention that - people who don't understand anything will mentioned that

I'm all for it if it locks up the #1 pick. I'll laugh if people are suggesting it because they think he'll help them win games.

Interested to see what they do with this draft pick.

Trading it is what i'm hoping

Maybe. I wouldn't mind a defensive player not on the defensive line who can make a tackle or cover someone. Wonder if Te'o would be someone they'd consider. At least it'll be different. Any QBs coming out who ran this type of offense successfully in college? Like someone they can get in a later round to show Foles the ropes? :)

Ugh - Te'o - aside from my loathing of Notre Dame - he's vastly over rated - and how over rated he is was shown as Alabama bitch slapped every player on that defense.

Especially with the kelly hire - next year is going to be a down year most likely - people over value draft picks in the NFL with that stupid cowboys created 'chart' that people dogmatically follow - it's a good draft to move down and accumulate picks - you'll still get good quality but more of it and the eagles have a lot of holes (i don't know a lot per se but isn't their secondary just suck?)

Mike reply to GoSixers on Jan 16 at 18:33

he got Catfish'd

Mike reply to GoSixers on Jan 16 at 18:34

i find it much more likely he lied about meeting her because an online girlfriend sounds pathetic and he was embarrassed. have you seen this Catfish shit? people will lie to themselves in amazing ways to believe what they want to believe. for a super religious macho guy, i find it more believable that he lied about certain parts of this online relationship than him totally making up a person.

I've seen the catfish stuff - yes - I also have met people online - i know people who have used dating services and fell in love - worlds changing folks - i met my wife online

The whole story sounds fishy to me - it makes me question the 'character' of Te'o which is one of his huge selling points. I think if he weren't off to the NFL Notre Dame might be whistling a different tune - but he's not their problem any more AND he's their poster child.

I'm a skeptic, I think most things are spin (as I've stated repeatedly) - this whole thing reads wonky - how does something like this get pulled off with out TE'o knowing? The article is actually written in a slightly confusing manner in my opinion - it's even unclear what really they are talking about

Mike reply to GoSixers on Jan 16 at 19:43

of course, people meet online all the time and end up getting married. i meant people who never actually meet in person, just keep up a relationship online and over the phone.

Oh - you're right - THATS insane

And if that's what happened To Te'o - then he's an idiot who will get eaten alive in the NFL

Ok - i know this will be coming off as judgemental - but toug - being a sheltered mormon does not prepare you for the NFL

Tray reply to GoSixers on Jan 16 at 22:36

The deadspin piece says that a friend of Teo's set up the (imaginary) girl's fake Twitter account.

Talk about a recipe for failure:

"The loss of [Stan] Van Gundy has had a noticeable effect on the team’s offensive strategy," Kubatko writes. "He tried to maximize his team’s 3-point attempts while minimizing his team’s long 2-point attempts (2-point attempts from 15 feet or farther). The reason for this was simple: on average, a 3-point attempt is worth 1.06 points, while a long 2-point attempt is worth 8-tenths of a point. Van Gundy wanted his teams to look for more efficient 3-point shots rather than settle for inefficient 2-point shots. ...
"Under the guidance of the new head coach, Jacque Vaughn, Orlando has dropped to 20th in the percentage of 3-point shots taken and risen to 7th in the percentage of long 2-point shots taken."

By the way, the two best things about Jrue's past 2 games: 12/12 from the line, 22 attempts in the lane, 8 threes, only 7 long twos.

That was more than two things at the end there. Apologies.

If the Sixers had a single marketable asset beyond Jrue and Thad, I'd be interested in taking a shot on Josh Smith. But they don't.

Anybody know why anthony davis didnt play the last quarter and a half?

Also do Sixers not practice a normal amount? I ask bevause of this quote from collins, “We have to be connected. We just don’t do it consistently,” Collins lamented. “It hurts that we don’t practice much. Jrue doesn’t practice and Thad doesn’t practice, J-Rich really doesn’t practice. So we don’t have a lot of practice time with a new group of guys. That hurts. We don’t have that consistent time. That’s not an excuse, but when you’ve got a new group of guys, that’s hard when you can’t get out on the floor to protect it."
Quote from www.csnphilly.com/basketball-philadelphia-sixers/sixers-talk/Bynum-unlikely-to-help-Sixers-perimeter-?blockID=824039&feedID=704

Could be doug passing the buck - could be guys dealing with injury - could be doug throwing players under the bus

Richardson is old

Mike reply to Greg on Jan 16 at 20:21

well some guys sit out of practice. that's obv what he was referring to. Jrich is old, Jrue is still prob nursing that injury, and Thad is a maniac who expends all possible energy on the court during gametime.

Greg reply to Mike on Jan 16 at 21:55

Does thad sit out because he is tired and jrich sit out because he is old? I dont go to sixers practices but I figure they would still practice hard most days for at least a short time, and also do walkthroughs and other kinds of practice.

So the eagles made a big splash - the nhl starts soon - sorry sixers you had your brief window - you did not capitalize - you are back to irrelevant to the philly sports landscape - congrats

Vucevic had 16 and 15 tonight. Since the 20/29 game, he's had a double-double in every game (8 straight), and 12 boards or more in each of those 8 games.

Tray reply to Tray on Jan 17 at 0:24

Oh and Cousins with 21, 16, 6 and 3 steals on 19 shots, plus 6 turnovers. He scored a couple huge baskets down the stretch to give Sacramento the lead.

^ one of the baseball blogs i used to read had a term for this: "Who's-to-say-bermetrics"

Tray reply to das411 on Jan 17 at 14:41

Which means what?

That your random use of single game counting stats as an evaluation tool is unworthy of an 8th grader, or lequan glover?

Tray reply to GoSixers on Jan 17 at 15:28

Obviously single games are a valid evaluation tool of a sort. In the first place, they can show you what a player's capable of or may develop into, especially in the case of young players. Part of the reason that people are so down on Turner is that he's only had a few great games on the pro level, and even they weren't that great; with a player like Cousins, we at least know that he's capable of dominant play. Second, they can be indicative, also especially in the case of young players, that a player's getting better than his season numbers suggest. In Vucevic's case, in the seven games after his 20/29 game, he's averaging 15 and 14 on 55% shooting. In Cousins's case, for example, since his triple-double he's averaged 22, 13 and 4 over nine games, and has a .573 TS% over that stretch, fueled by a combination of high-for-Cousins 50% shooting from the field and 7 FTA's per game. Could he be turning a corner? Maybe and maybe not, but it's at least possible, and even if he isn't, it does show that he's probably capable of being a very efficient and productive player if he takes fewer bad shots and gets his field goal percentage to a respectable number. I don't think that any statistician just looks solely at season averages or career averages, as if all fluctuations over the course of a season are just random noise.

"he's probably capable of being a very efficient and productive player if he takes fewer bad shots."

Isn't that true of pretty much every player in the league? His TS% was .563, not .573 over that stretch.

Of course, you could also take the previous 10 games to see how bad of a player he's capable of being: .497 TS% (which is basically his career number).

If you look back through his game logs, I'm pretty sure you'll find other strings of quality play like this (usually after one of his immature episodes). You'll also find that he always regresses to the mean of shit efficiency.

And this right there my friends is why 'small sample size' isn't a good way to make an intelligent educated point

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 17 at 18:53

I don't think it's true of pretty much every player in the league. If Turner just quit taking mid-range jumpers, he'd only score 6 or 8 a game; it's not like he can get to the basket with any frequency (or finish really well there). Cousins, throughout his whole career, and never more so than this season, has been extremely good at getting to the line, on top of which he's become a very good foul shooter for a big. If he combines that with 48% shooting from the field or so, he'll be an efficient offensive player. And I have a tough time accepting that he's either so mentally screwy or so unskilled that he's doomed to always shoot under 45 percent from the field. For one thing, it's far from obvious that the long twos are his idea, any more than our offense revolving around everyone jacking up long twos is a choice on the part of our roster. And even if he has been told to play differently, shot selection and maturity can improve with age. I think you already see that a bit with his passing.

well at that site it meant retroactive wishcasting that was pretty much pointless bc you can't prove or disprove it either way - who's to say Joel Guzman would not have become the next AROD if the Dodgers/Rays hadnt jerked him around, that type of thing

Your agenda is almost as annoying as DB's

Wayns 10 day expires, sixers sign Shelvin Mack

A slight step up, but a step up. I guess.

wont matter much if ivey is getting his minutes

I've got a feeling Kwame/Wright are going to be inserted into the starting lineup tomorrow night.

Wright for Richardson or Turner?

Richardson had fluid drained from his knee today, hes questionable for tomorrow

ojr107 reply to Brian on Jan 17 at 14:21

For Richardson.

I get the feeling you might be right about Wright. Not sure about Kwame though. I think Doug is satisfied with what Lavoy has done so far considering his contract.

ojr107 reply to Xsago on Jan 17 at 14:23

I don't disagree its just that at least Kwame is somewhat of a deterrent in the paint.

Lavoy has done so far considering his contract.

I'm sorry - but if his contract impacts evaluation of play - fire everyone

Well, Lavoy's backup makes twice as much as him, so I don't think that's the case.

If Lavoy was a backup (4th big on the team) playing 10-15 minutes per game, we would all be relatively happy with his contributions. The fact that he is forced to play a far bigger role is only an indication of how bad the other options are.

I don't mind the Kwame Brown signing.

Player option for year two. What's not to love?

Stan reply to Brian on Jan 17 at 19:01

That's there is no guarantee that he'll be here next year :(

mymanjrue on Jan 17 at 19:38

people always say Chuck hates the Sixers, but he'sthe only guy on the TNT panel with Jrue Holiday in the ASG

mymanjrue reply to mymanjrue on Jan 17 at 19:39

he also has CARLOS BOOZER over Joakim Noah

I don't say chuck hates the sixers

I do say that in most things he is a clueless idiot though

mymanjrue reply to GoSixers on Jan 17 at 21:37

i'm a fan, but i can see what you mean. his defense of himself for leaving tony parker off his all star team in favor of jamal crawford tonight was pretty funny

mymanjrue on Jan 17 at 19:41

enjoyed this post, Brian. death to collins. that is all

mymanjrue on Jan 17 at 19:50

chuck is calling the sixers spurs game monday night

Enjoyed your post as usual but this is only the first time I posted a comment. Anyway, I agree on your points and how I wish they do something to make their roster work (fast) or they should come up with something better than this really soon.

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