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Awesome Win (If You Ignore the 1st 24)

eddies' heady's on Jan 18 at 23:09

Ol Evan Marcel sat out the stretch run??? ahahahahhaahah

you don't say?....funny stuff right there

Garrettson's eardrum also gladly approves.

ET was bad in the first half, but I don't get this "sat out the stretch run" unless stretch run means OT. He was the most responsible Sixer for the 3rd quarter (Collins essentially agreed as he normally yanks ET around the 4 or 5 minute mark and instead played him throughout while heput Jrue on the bench). He played very good D in the 4th quarter and the Raptors pulled away from the Sixers in the 4th when Turner was on the bench going from a 2 point lead to a 7 point lead.

ET has been wretched these last few weeks, but he was a definite positive yesterday.

mymanjrue reply to jay on Jan 19 at 18:55

agreed jay. and he didn't sit out so much as he fouled out giving those two fouls down the stretch

mymanjrue reply to eddies' heady's on Jan 19 at 19:05

glad you like the evan marcel bit, senor heady's

eddies' heady's on Jan 18 at 23:11

Since Doug was the blame and such a failure to illicit pride in his squad the first half, what does he get credit for in the second half?

Nah, Turner must've mumbled something that inspired everyone else coming out of the locker room.

How many wins can a two-man team accrue before Bynum gets back? Btw, I think it's a lock he's back after the All Star break, he's moving around on the video now, not just standing still for jumpers. Won't be long now!

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Jan 18 at 23:30

I so want to be excited, but it really is hard.

If, and I mean if, he comes around long term, I'd really rather have a high enough draft pick this year instead of wasting a stretch run eventual ousting for a too late desperation shot at it. Give me the former if the guy works out, and they don't foolishly sign him to something extreme. Probably what it'd take, but still.

mymanjrue reply to Brian on Jan 19 at 19:07

ha, kid IS a born leader, you can tell by the way he competes night in and night out ;)

with bynum, this team could actually be pretty damn good. jrue will be scary good, thad should flourish, and even evan m. turner will be positioned to maximie his contributions, along with dorell, richardson...

"the Sixers are nothing if not a roster made up of two legitimate NBA rotational players."

I think Wright's an okay bench shooter, or at least has been historically.

Tonight's box score trivia (all of the below only includes post-1984 numbers):

Paul George had 31 points on seven threes, along with six boards, 5 steals and a block. Only six players ever have had seven threes and 5 steals in the same game; Paul George was already one of them before tonight. Only one player, though, has ever had seven threes, 5 steals, and a blocked shot; that's Paul George, twice in the last two seasons. David West, for his part, became just the 10th player to have a 20/11/7/3 blocks game after his 32nd birthday. Durant became just the third player to have perfect shooting on 21 or more free throw attempts, along with Deron Williams and Dominique Wilkins. He also became the fourth youngest player to have a 52 and 9 night, after LeBron, Shaq and Jordan. Duncan had 24, 10, 2 and 3 blocks; it's the 4th such game he's had this season and just the 7th by a player of his age. That is, Duncan's had 4 of the 7 24/10/2/3 games by a player of his age or older in the last few months, and three of them have been in the last 30 days. He's averaging nearly 4 blocks a game this month. Finally, Cousins had 22 and 12, right on his averages for the month.

just finished watching this one and man if they could just play first Qs the way they did that third...

....where was Dorell in the 4th/OT though??

Wow, what a game.

Jrue is becoming more than anyone of us hoped he would. He is not just approaching allstar status. He is approaching that top 5 PG in the league Doug Collins spoke of ever since he joined the team. I'm at the point where i think he simply has to make the allstar team. There is now way,

And what can i say about Thad. If Jrue's line wasn't that amazing i would've given POTG to him. He was all over the floor, being extremely efficient offensively and terrific defensively. Two sequences stood out (both in OT i think): the one when he played perfect positional defense and eventually blocked Andersons shot (lead to a 24 secon violation) and the one when he dived under the Raptors basket fighting for an offensive rebound and keeping the possession alive (he had 2 offensive rebounds on the same possesseion). And he did that all after player 40+ minutes in the game.

And for all who think Doug Collins isn't getting the job done: How about that third quarter? And it's not the first time this happens. The Sixers are usually good in third quarters. That's a sign of a good coach who makes smart adjustments.

Thank god for Aaron Barzilai or whoever convinced the Sixers should sign Holiday to that contract. He was sooo getting the max after the season.

Excellent article about why 20 ppg scorers are a rare commodity these days:



@ajchawks: Lou Williams is out for the season with ligament tear of right knee. #ATLHawks

I think this was a big win coming back from behind. The Raptors have actually been playing better and had a recent stretch where they won 8 of 9. Sixers on the other hand have been slumping and i honestly had little confidence going into this game. Then out of nowhere in the second half the team finally seemed to have some energy. I think this team can be really good as we saw earlier in some upsets this year. I feel like this team just needs a spark. I dont expect them to get that out of kwame or hawes though. Anyway ths was a big win in my opinion and eased some of my recent concerns.

Starter Willie Green is scorching hot for the 32-9 1st place Los Angeles Clippers. Last 5: 18-27 FG (67%), 7-11 3P (61%), 3-3 FT (100%).

His teams - Hornets, Hawks, Clippers - have gone an aggregate 118-71 in last 3 seasons.

Go, go, go-o Willie, go!
_ _ _ _ _

Alas, Willie's former teammate "Altitude" Andre Iguodala hasn't fared as well in last 5: 17-52 FG (24%), 3-19 3P (14%), 9-18 (50%). A roving rapscalion of remorseful rim rocketry indeed.

There's always his strong defense at which to point. Still Richie Rich of the Rockies is causing some Coloradans to recently rule his play rank and rue his residency. Ramparting the wing, in and of itself, does not a rousing Nugget make.

As accuracy is of utmost importance when presenting numbers: Igoudala's 17-52 translates to .326; 3-19, .158. The percentages in error represented those derived from a pre-Folgers formula; my apology. Also, the 9-18 indicates his FT results.

Of the same concern, Willie Green's 'beyond the arc' shooting is revised from 61% to .636.

Thank you.

Tom Moore on Jan 20 at 9:43

With respect to article's title, so might Jrue's ranking #1 in turnovers per game (3.8; tied with "Hopalong" Harden); steals-to-turnover number is nothin' to write home about either (.37). That said, a Jrue Holiday all-star appointment is a salient notion based on his '12-'13 body of work, along with his jabbering coach's fluency.

Jrue's more deserving than any of the alternatives.

That makes 3 votes, minimum: you, Doug & Zumoff. I'll say this: the kid's timing for his best game of the season was impeccable.

He's now showin' a Brian Dawkins-like muscle flex after success. Is the crabwalk during intros next?

God bless Hal Greer. Who just did it. And did it. And did it. (Before Nike.) No player vaudevilling, no coach and commentator pulling out all the stops.

TwoSense reply to Dollar Bill on Jan 20 at 18:57

I really hope he doesn't make it.

Could you name a guard who should make the team over him? Wade and Rondo are the starters, and I take it there are two backup guards who make the team. Irving should be one and who but Jrue could possibly be the other? Felton or Deron Williams or Brandon Jennings or Monta Ellis would be awful choices. I could almost see Calderon as a lifetime achievement award, but that's really the only other alternative.

It's pointless to argue with him. He credited Hawes w/ the big win over the Raptors the other night.

To answer your question, there will probably be either 2 or 3 guards added (2 guards definitely, then two wild cards, which could be guards). It wouldn't drive me crazy if Williams and Joe Johnson made it, they're winning and their numbers aren't that much worse than Jrue's, though they obviously have the luxury of playing with better players. Same with Brandon Jennings, they're in playoff position. But if Irving is going to take one of the slots, then Jrue should get the other because they're obviously discounting team success. Here's a look at all the guys you mentioned. The only one that would really infuriate me is Felton, because overall he's been garbage and he's been even worse when you consider his insanely hot start.

The funny thing is that Collins basically said he wouldn't vote for Jrue if he could (you can't vote for your own players). He said he'd favor the guys on winning teams if it was close. He's played better than everyone on this list but Irving, but being 6 games under should hurt.

Personally, I'd like to see him playing in the game and the national recognition wouldn't hurt, but I think I'd rather have him back in Philly over the break to get some practice time in with Bynum before the second half begins. If Bynum is coming back, they could really use that time as a team to get to know each other.

Argument is welcome, sound or otherwise, but it's pointless to expect a silent nod of my head to pointed cheerleading, to emotional assertions and conclusions.

As is becoming customary, your second statement misrespresents my post's content regarding Raptors game. The careful reader can discern.

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 20 at 23:27

Williams, surprisingly, has a higher TS% than Jrue in spite of shooting .405 from the field. A bit lower assist percentage than Jrue but much less turnovers. And Calderon actually has more win shares per minute than all of them, a .587 TS%, and a ridiculous 45.4% assist percentage. So maybe one of those two should go over Jrue.

First of all, you can forget about Felton and Ellis. Calderon has played pretty well but in limited minutes (28.1) - scratch him too.

Secondly, any PG who has 9 gms of 6 or more TOs can't be considered a shoe-in. Comparing: Williams - one 6; Jennings, a 6 and a 7.

My choice would be Deron Williams. Slow start to season but comin' on. Better floor leader than the other two; tougher, more poise (A/TO 7.7/2.7). Gets to line more (4.7; Jrue 3.6, Jennings 3.9), shoots .863 (Jrue .781, Jennings .841). TS% .534 (Jrue .531, Jennings .512). Team is winning (24-16, 4th in East). First pick in win or sit game? Deron, get over here.

Why would you select Holiday over Williams?

Maybe I wouldn't after all, but my reasons would have been that without Jrue, we'd be about as bad as the Bobcats, while Williams (I thought) was scuffling this season. And to be fair, though his numbers are better than I thought, he's barely shooting 40% from the field.


DW .143
BJ .109
JH .097

mymanjrue reply to Dollar Bill on Jan 20 at 23:46

i do think the team defense has a lot to do with that

hopefully jrue will be extra motivated on natl tv tomorrow night, with chuck calling the action.

It's a complicated combo offense-defense calculation; another stat by which to measure individual performance. .100 is deemed average.

MLK Day, Spurs, national broadcast, Barkley - - Jrue and rest of team shouldn't have any trouble finding juice.

mymanjrue reply to Dollar Bill on Jan 21 at 0:19

turner's has plummeted to a sorry .44. oops

Tray reply to Dollar Bill on Jan 21 at 0:28

I don't think .100's average. For example, Houston has only two players over .100 and one of them's Greg Smith. Omer Asik, a great rebounder and supposedly a great defensive center, is at .094.

0.1 is average but just like any stat really win shares are a flawed stat if viewed in a vacuum. It is skewed towards players playing on winning teams. Just compare the Thunder and the Clippers with teams like Wizards and Bobcats. They pretty much show that almost the entire rosters on the Clips/Thunder are better than any of the players on the Wizards and Bobcats which is certainly not the case.

Jamal Crawford is an interesting example. Whenever he is on a good team his WS/48 are good, when he is not they are bad. And i think it's fair to say that he's been the same player for a very long time.

I am somewhat surprised that Jrue isn't a little better in terms of WS/48, simply because he is the best player on a team with 17 wins already, but it is true that his defense could improve. It's also worth noting that the team defense (and offense) hurts him in terms of WS/48.

I like WS better when comparing guys playing on the same team. And they say Holiday is third behind Thad (which is probably ok) and Wright (which is a bit of a surprise).

"It is skewed towards players playing on winning teams."

I don't see that to be the case as these numbers wouldn't then appear:

8 win Wizards - Nene Hilario .132, John Wall .168
10 win Cavs - Kyrie Irving .129, Anderson Varejao .178
13 win Hornets - Ryan Anderson .145, Anthony Davis .145
13 win Suns - Jared Dudley .127, Goran Dragic .110
15 win Raptors - Kyle Lowry .203, Jose Calderon .165

32 win Clips - Caron Butler .084
32 win Thunder - Kendrick Perkins .054
32 win Spurs - Gary Neal .060
26 win Heat - Mario Chalmers .086, Shane Battier .062

Seems to me to be a decent barometer of individual performance. Strong, average, substandard play; the number has a respectable eye. No stat is all-telling.

Wall and Nene missed a lot of games. In the ones that they played in the Wizards were not as bad.

Irving missed time as well. With the way he is playing if he was on a winning team he'd have twice the WS/48 he has right now, and so on and so on.

Even the WS/48 numbers that they have are far below where they would be if their team was winning. Their numbers make them slightly above average players. In some cases that is true, in others (example Irving) that can't be further from the true. Of course the beauty of the stat is that winning should be accounted for when evaluating a player, but it shouldn't be the end all be all.

That's why when you evaluate a player you take: win shares, PER, team's record, on/off court stats, +/- based stats, defensive and offensive efficiency (both the players and the teams), how important a player is on the team's success, as well as the good old "eye test", which still has to be taken into account to a degree, because there is no stat that manages to capture everything and is perfect.

Just saying that because his WS/48 are below average he shouldn't be an allstar is only slightly better than saying he is the only player averaging 19p and 9a in the league. You have to take everything into account.

Lakers down 19 in Toronto. Loving this :)

Lakers at 17-23 now, same as the Sixers. If you had told me that the Sixers would have the same record as the Lakers half way through the season i'd have been ecstatic.

the coaches ballots are due wednesday for the all star reserves, so jrue has monday(on national TV) and tuesday to change some minds

Durant got to the line 21 times tonight, for the second game straight. Since 1985, only three other players have put such a streak together: Shaq, Malone, and Jordan, each with one 2-game streak. Durant made 20 of his 21 tonight, after going a perfect 21-21 the game prior.

mymanjrue reply to Tray on Jan 20 at 23:39

unreal. he does get every call though. love to watch him, personally

mymanjrue reply to mymanjrue on Jan 20 at 23:45

37 actually isn't all that impressive given all the ft's, and team lost in ot to denver. durant seems to do well against dallas and denver, his last two opponents.

iguodala played only twenty seven minutes in an ot game against one of the elite wing scorers in the game, surprising

Tray reply to mymanjrue on Jan 21 at 0:07

It's kind of impressive to shoot 7-20 and score 37 anyway.

mymanjrue reply to Tray on Jan 21 at 0:19


That's impressive marksmanship.

Interesting stat of the day:

The Sixers are 4-3 in the 7 games that Wright has started. 6 of those 7 games were on the road against a pretty good opposition.

vs Knicks L
@ Hornets W
@ Celtics W
@ Raptors W
@ Grizzlies W
@ Warriors L
@ Raptors L

Maybe it's time for a lineup change? Wright is mostly useless off the bench anyway, but he has done well in the games he has started. The difference is incredible:


To be fair, that lineup hasn't been good as a lineup overall, but i think the numbers might be skewed due to the terrible game in Toronto, since the sample size is relatively small. Anyway it's definitely something worth exploring.


The more i think about it, Wright is probably a very good example of how better teammates help your stats. It's one thing to play with Jrue and Thad in the starting lineup, it's another to play with Turner running the point, Hawes in the middle and Ivey/Wilkins, let alone N.Young, on the wing.

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