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Let's Make a Fake Deal!

According to what I heard yesterday, Memphis' 3 for 1 salary dump with Cleveland so they can keep their 'core' together for this season.

I'd be ok with the trade for milsap if he's willing to stay for affordable money and bynum gets healthy if only to keep kwame and spencer firmly rooted on the bench more

Yeah, none of these deals really excite me. I view Gay as kind of a Joe Johnson type of move. He's not worth the money, but if you're already capped out, and you're just adding another piece who can do something very well, why not? A starting five of Jrue, x, Gay, Thad and Bynum would be pretty potent. Put either a shooter or a lock down defender in for the x and you might be onto something.

Yeah but when it comes to the 'fantasy trade' thing I always try to think of it in terms of would they - and since memphis is under the tax level at least now - they won't - zach is a free agent this offseason right?

Utah's glut of big men has been an issue most of the season and everyone knows they should/will move one of them, and I've just always liked Milsap - would milsap allow Thad to start at the 3?

dont know how well thad can guard 3's and the spacing on offense might be messy unless thad 3pt shot comes back

Don't think Thad could do a worse job guarding threes than the other wings have this season.

I'm not a big fan of moving him to the three, don't think he's fluid enough in movement to handle smaller guys, but if they got a legit four, I'd consider it a decent stopgap.

Not very comfortable with Thad at the 3 spot, but i guess it's doable with a legit stretch 4 like Ryan Anderson or even better Kevin Love. He'd still shrink the floor but a front court of, lets say Bynum/Love/Thad would kill teams inside and would be the best front court in the NBA.

havent figured out why brooklyn does this but i would do this


I find your comment about Thad interesting. We have had such a problem on the wings, maybe it is time to try playing him at the three, at least while Bynum isn't playing? The only problem is then we have to play Allen/Hawes/Brown more.

pj_sixers on Jan 24 at 12:31


Even if this was realistic, I would not want to bring Howard here, but it is hilarious to think about the frontcourt when Bynum returns. If anything, the Lakers would benefit from Thad's athleticism and the shooting.

I like the trade for Millsap.

Bynum + Howard on the same team would be hilarious.

Just saying

Lakers get younger and athletic with Thad, maybe someone who fits more in the D'antoni system. Hawes, well he balances the the trade out financially and his contract is the same length

I've thought about this myself but at the end of the day the financial investment is not worth it. P.Gasol wouldn't take the Sixers over the top. And i think Gasol and Bynum were never that great of a fit. They just found ways to coexist out of necessity.

I think the Lakers would do it in a heartbeat btw.

That depends on how you define 'financial' investment.

In the end it's pretty much 38 million (adjusted for this season already played out) over 2 years versus 38 million over 4 years.

Off set by actual wins (with a healthy bynum) and a player who can player with a healthy Bynum and work well with him

The playoffs are not out of sight if Bynum gets healthy soon - throw Gasol into the mix - a healthy gasol, a healthy bynum, and a continuing to mature Jrue? That's a scary team in an east where most of the best team don't have one 7 footer who scares a team let alone 2

Feel bad for Gasol in this whole Lakers mess. He's like the world's best #2 option, but if you don't use him like that, he just disappears. How long before the Lakers fire D'Antoni and just give in to Phil Jackson? Can they possibly do that this season?

Jim Buss isn't bringing back Phil Jackson - Jim Buss is an idiot who will run the Lakers into the ground before admitting his wrong :)

D'antoni was the wrong hire to start with, anyone who knows how to look at basketball knew the lakers didn't have the right pieces.

Not sure Howard works in the Jackson triangle though either - it's better for Pau but worse for Howard - who do you want to make happy

But Gasol is still a great player - being terribly misused on a team that's supposed to be much better - prefect buy low opportunity - and I'd sacrafice Thad to get a year and half of him Jrue and Bynum (healthy).

Just need a good defensive 3

I agree that D'antoni has been criminally bad this season, but i think people give the Lakers roster too much credit. It's simply put a poorly assembled roster. They can be an offensive juggernaut (which they still can become actually, they are 6th), but defensively they were banking on Howard to save them from everything. Nash, Bryant and Gasol all have major issues on the defensive end of the floor and Howard has been bad himself this year.

Their bench is non existent - they've had better benches in the past - Howard when he is DPOY can make up for a lot of defensive sieveness - as he did in Orlando

The mistake was forgetting why it worked with Pau and Bynum - it worked a very specific way because they didn't get in each others way

The other mistake was forgetting that when people get older they get slower - and that Kobe is still an egotistical jackass who shoots too much.

I seriously doubt the Sixers can incorporate both Bynum and Gasol in a month and a half. There is no guarantee they will even make the playoffs let alone challenge for a title. It's basically a gamble for next season, and with Gasol and Bynum they would have zero cap flaxibility (and more or less zero trade assets) to improve the team in the offseason. Do you think Jrue/Turner/shooter/Gasol/Bynum/ can challenge for next years title. Maybe, but i think they will be challenged on the defensive end.

And this is before we even take a look at Gasol's play this season which is extremely worrisome, but i do believe he has 2-3 more years in him and this is more on the terrible mix of payers and coaching that the Lakers have right now.

Yeah - gasols play is exteremely worrisome but tons of people here are ready to max out Andrew Bynum

If you're ready to over pay Bynum you're ready to take a gamble on one season of being a dominant front court in a conference with no front courts

PS - the sixers are pretty capped out already if they keep Bynum

1) If they think Bynum is a lock to resign AND he will be healthy long term, i'd do this. Doubt Memphis has any interest in it though as they already solved their luxury tax issues.

2) Absolutely not. It's debatable whether Smith is better than Thad at all of late and he will be a free agent in the offseason asking for far more money. He is older and at the same time of their respective careers they've produced relatively similar results


3) Honeslty, i wouldn't do it. Giving up Moultrie for what is essentially a salary dump is not worth it IMO. If they thought Bynum will come back super healthy, and they can be a threat in the East this year, than maybe, but right now Millsap is just an expiring for the Sixers. He wouldn't resign, or he'd ask for too much money and the Sixers have far more pressing needs IMO.

4) As much as i would hate to lose Jrue, this is something that i simply have to accept. I love Gasol and i think even Conley is underrated. There is no way the Grizzlies would do this though. Oh, yeah and Bynum and M.Gasol would never work IMO, but than again you can probably let Bynum walk and rebuild around Conley/Thad/Gasol. You should probably be able to add a very good wing to that core cap-wise.


Do you know when tax payments are calculated in the new CBA? Is it before or after contracts expire? I wonder if with the new restrictive tax rules expiring contracts might return to some sort of attractiveness

Pretty sure it's calculated right after the trade deadline, and it's based on yearly salary. Expiring contracts won't help people lower their bill this year, but trade exceptions could come in handy. The Sixers have a $1.7M trade exception they could use to help somebody out. Take back a player on their rookie contract.

Take back a low first round pick on their rookie contract - 1.7 doesn't get you a 'high rookie' pick :)

Hmmn. OK, I'll give you some examples of guys you could use it on. Give me five minutes.

Matt Barnes
Quincy Pondexter
Earl Clark
Fab Melo
Chris Wilcox
Tobias Harris
James Jones
Avery Bradley
Eric Bledsoe
Iman Shumpert

all guys in the right price range. The ones you want aren't the ones that would be made available, though.

So the ones that I would want are on a different list?

Nah, what I meant was that the guys on that list that you'd want probably wouldn't be made available in just a salary dump.

Oh yeah, I know what you meant I was just obliquely saying I don't want no one on that list :)

Brian would you swap Turner and Allen for Evans and Thompson (or T.Robinson)?

Man - how did we miss this one

The kings do it to dump the trouble maker and a bad long term deal (The kings are paying more tax than the sixers - did you know that?) - and bring home a 'favorite son' to prepare for the move to Seattle.

The sixers do it to piss off brian and make him sad

You don't even need to post the idea. It's Cousins for Hawes :). And yeah, i hate Cousins but it would be extremely fun to watch Collins coach him.

Cousins for Hawes doesn't work

And just for brians sake


Yeah, i wasn't talking specifics, just the general idea :)

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Jan 24 at 13:53

.I think that is a great trade on every level :). Basically you get something for nothing.

And Sacramento clears a bad contract (Thornton has to be a bad contract right?) They save about 9 million over the length of all the contracts - talk about a team that needs to shed salary

I mean - the fact that the kings are more into the tax level than the sixers is nuts right?

The Sixers aren't taxpayers.

Oh - right - I see now (i'm half sick at work) i was reading the thing backwards. I saw a number and assumed it was how much tax they owed.

Never mind much of what I said

Though I still want the sixers to get cousins purely because of the epic brian and tray head butting contests

I see what's happening. The number the trade machine shows is a negative. Meaning Sacto is $12M away from paying the tax, the Sixers are $6.2M away. Sacto is actually under the cap a little bit.

Yeah - I see it now too - working when you're sick is probably a bad idea :)

The lakers are closer to 30 mil in the tax - that's just insanity

They might be willing to trade Meeks into a trade exception when they give up the ghost :)

Man they gotta play 600 ball the rest of the season JUST to get to 500 - I think they need to give up that ghost already and be aggressive.

That place is imploding - and it's fun - now - I want the sixers to take advantage

I'm just happy you f'd up the link.

I think the biggest need for the Sixers (with a championship and a resigned Bynum in mind) is a very good "3 and D" wing. At the same time though that's a huge problem because there are very few worthy candidates around the league and none of them is even remotely available. Unless of course you think Granger is healthy and young enough to fill that role.

If you add Gasol you only need the defense part

You also have to think granger is 'very good' and 'defensively good' in addition to being healthy

I think he is good enough defensively. Not great, but certainly much better than everything the team has right now.

Granger doesn't fit the bill, never did.

Well - if you're stealing him from the pacers - sure

I would LOVE to do it :). Doubt the Wolves would, but nobody knows with them. I bet Love is gone, next summer at the very latest.

I was looking for a team with a disgruntled big man that didn't need a point guard :)

I would trade Hawes and Turner for pretty much anyone in the league.

Stan reply to Brian on Jan 24 at 18:33

DeMarcus Cousins and Marcus Thorton?

The Wolves were apparently heart broken they didn't get Turner in that draft. They were dreaming of the Jonny Flynn/Evan Turner dynamic duo, I guess.

No way they do that, unfortunately.

Over, and under, estimate Kahn at your own peril

Judging from the fake trade, it seems like Thad is the Sixers best trade asset.

Well a combination of best trade asset that is 'most' dispensable. I'm sure if the sixers put Jrue on the market he'd be quite sought after - but aside from Brians Memphis pipe dream trade, you won't get good value for him.

I think you'd probably get good value for Jrue if you put him on the market. I don't think you'd get a player of equal value with as much tread left on his tires, though.

Here's a question. You're Tony DiLeo/Doug Collins. You're kicking back on your off day. The phone rings, it's Danny Ainge. He's sick of Rondo. Offers Rondo straight up for Jrue. (Salaries match next year, believe). Would you do it?

Hmmm - that's tough - cause I hate Rondo so much - but gonna go with no - 4 year age difference matters -

Rich reply to Brian on Jan 24 at 14:27

No. I'm coming to the conclusion that Rondo has way more value to the Celtics than any other team in the league. On a team that shoots a very high percentage from long two range, and is happy to stick with that shot, he's great. How many assists does he have that are 19-footers by Garnett that teams are willing to give up? How many of his assists were Ray Allen running off screens or spotting up in transition? I'm going to say it: I think he's flat-out overrated. He's a guy that makes pretty much every decision on a team that's been a (sometimes well) below average offense for years. Why is he never held accountable for this? He controls the whole freaking offense.

Now without Ray, and with Garnett and Pierce slipping a tad (not a ton though), Boston needed Rondo to pick up the slack. He hasn't, because he's not that kind of player. Sure, the guy has had some major playoff performances and is a kick-ass competitor, but if I'm building a team, I'll take my chances with Jrue.

How about this?

Yeah I thought about using Bynum to get love - but then you're still stuck with no front court partner to go with him?

Bynum/Thad works better than Love/Thad. Love/Bynum works best of all, though.

Yup :)

Hence why my trades kept bynum.

I still believe there's a deal to be made keeping Jrue and Bynum and getting Gasol. I really do think that Buss is going to make ANOTHER panic move this season - and it's going to be trading Gasol in a desperate move to make Dwight happy

If the Sixers stand pat and Bynum never plays... how many wins and what kind of draft pick?

I know this is a weak draft but they need talent and it ain't tanking when you truly stink, right?

They have 17 now. Let me look at the schedule.

No fewer than 31, I think. Probably closer to 35. In the late lottery, I suppose. Maybe from 8-12.

tk76 reply to Brian on Jan 24 at 14:44

So basically they would be in in line for the 7 seed only to make a late run to drop back to 12. Then watch the 7seed move up into the top 3. Just like the AI trade year.

I'd say about where they are on pace for now - 30-34 wins - unless their SOS is radically shifted in the next half of the season, assuming no coaching change

Here's mine proposed deal...a person can dream can't they?


You have to 'save trade' and they will give you a special link. Your link is the general trade machine link

didnt link it right

khouse reply to khouse on Jan 24 at 14:38

Sorry guys...here's the right one!


Maybe you could rationalize that deal for the hawks - but there's no positive spin on it for Utah whatsoever.

What exactly does Josh Smith do better than thaddeus Young?

tk76 reply to khouse on Jan 24 at 14:41

Who is left that can play SF or SG?

Jason Richardson And Evan Turner of course

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Jan 24 at 14:45

ET is gone in that trade.

Smith would have to play SF, right? I guess Dorell at the two.

tk76 reply to Brian on Jan 24 at 14:48

Jrue, Dorrell, Smith, Millsap, Bynum.

That is one funky lineup.all though.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Jan 24 at 14:49


the hornets become the pelicans sometime today

All in favor of more specific names - but pelicans is god awful - if stern really 'cared' about new orleans he'd give them back their old name and make the utah team go with something more appropriate like 'rich old white guys' - or 'polygamists'

I guess Army Corps of Engineers doesn't roll off the tongue.

tk76 reply to Brian on Jan 24 at 14:47


Atlanteans seems a bit too on the nose too don't you think?

New Orleans Negelected?

New Oraleans Bubba Gumps?

Seriously - Utah Jazz - Jazz is probably illegal in that state
It's like having a team in a desert named the lakers, at least with clippers you're on the ocean right? (It is about the ships right, not coupons? I mean with sterling you never know)

Besides - why not just go the toronto rout - pick something a marketing company thinks is a good idea -cause we know marketing companies are real good with LONG term trends

mymanjrue reply to Brian on Jan 24 at 18:22


Would yo do it?


And Thad straight up for Gallinari?

Court_visioN reply to Juan on Jan 24 at 15:23

No reason for Denver to do that whatsoever. They already have a Thad with Faried.

Kyrie and Jrue are unanimous selections among ESPN's 5 bloggers link Haberstroh picks Jrue first, Kyrie second, everyone else the other way (talking reserve guard slots 1 and 2 here).

tk76 reply to Brian on Jan 24 at 16:27

Writers will pick he new guards to make it interesting. While I think coaches will pick the proven vets. But I guess we will find out in a few hours.

Do you think the Bucks split the vote and neither get in? My guess is that Monta might get some votes based on the fact that he's a big name who has never made the All-Star game and is now on a "playoff team." Sort of the Iggy vote? I also expect Deron williams to get the nod. Kyrie as well.

Well that would at least lead to some national "Jrue snubbed" articles FWIW.

Does Turner/Thad/Moultrie get us anywhere near LMA or Ryan Anderson?

Barring that, I'd probably be willing to take on Ilyasova's deal for something like Turner/Hawes (as you suggested a few days ago) and take a chance he can return to last year's form.

My guess is Thad straight up might be enough to get Ryan Anderson.

Stu reply to Brian on Jan 24 at 15:52

Assuming you felt confident about Bynum's health and extension this summer (big ifs, I know), would you do it?

Obviously brings a very different dynamic to this team than Thad does-- probably enhances our offense a nice amount and make our defense somewhat worse.

Yeah, I think I probably would. Though I'd have to ship Turner out immediately and get a legitimate defender at the three in here. Can't have that many holes defensively. Offensively, he's the best stretch four in the game.

Well, second-best if you count Love. Can't stop thinking of Love as a five, but I guess he's a four in Minny now.

That's because with Love at center, Love/Thad/2xShooters/Jrue would be an awesome closing lineup :)

I think you can have an athletic shotblocking center starting and playing 25 minutes per game with Love moving to center in the 4th quarter. Thad can start at SF and later move to PF. There is some mixing and matching but i have a feeling that would be an extremely effective lineup.

P.S. I'd trade Bynum for Love in a nanosecond.

tk76 reply to Xsago on Jan 24 at 18:53

Long term, everyone healthy, I don't think Jrue/Love gives you as much of a chance of building a contender as Jrue/Bynum. Love might be the better player, but it is much easier to fill in the remaining pieces around a Bynum. You need a guy who commands a double team, finishes at the rim and is a deterent in the lane. I guess you can still find that guy and put them next to Love, but that is a harder task than finding a nice stretch 4 to put next to Bynum.

Basically, Bynum covers up a lot more weakness of teammates than Love dose. there are a fair amount of high scoring stretch 4's that would be fantastic next to Bynum but are weak on their current teams. But finding the right complement to Love will be a bit more of a challenge- maybe a skinny pogo stick guy?

Since they're announcing the reserves tonight, thought I'd get my thoughts down on Jrue and the ASG.

I'd obviously be happy for the guy if he made the team. Think he probably deserves it. At the same time, there are legit arguments to be made for a couple of other guys. In terms of the team, I think it'd probably be better for the Sixers if he didn't make it (hoping Bynum is back on the practice court over the break, they need reps together in practice, a lot of them).

If he doesn't make it, shouldn't be a huge shock and really shouldn't be a huge deal. He's 22. He should be getting better every year. If this is his last legitimate shot to make the ASG, something has gone drastically wrong. Keeping my fingers crossed for him because I think he's a throwback, good kid, hard worker, listens to his coach, does things "the right way" if that even matters in the NBA. It would be nice to see him recognized and see him play against the best in that mockery of a basketball game, but don't get into conspiracy theories or undue angst if he doesn't make it.

tk76 reply to Brian on Jan 24 at 16:35

I feel the same way. Jrue has played well enough, but you can't deny he has been reduced to being a guy who puts up guady numbers on a bad team... and his TO's do hurt them.

Earlier this season, befoer the wheels fell off, I'd say it would have been an injustice to leave him off the squad. But that was when they had a winning record with Jrue in the line-up- which is no longer the case. It is really hard to justify haveing the captain of a sinking ship get singled out for praise. Sort of like when CEOs of flounderingt complanies get huge bonuses.

I also share your long term view on Jrue- but still think it is likely that he is a near miss All Star for most years. I think he could improve (less TO's, more FT's) and still be the 3rd-5th best PG in the East on any given year. I expect his raw PPG/Asst numbers won't go up all that much, but his usage and effeciency will be better as he learns the game and hopefully gets real teammates.

a guy who puts up guady numbers on a bad team...

And Kyrie Irving isn't a guy putting up gaudy numbers on a terrible team?

It's the ASG - people are dazzled by gaudy numbers

It's the NBA where '20 ppg' is some sort of magic thing that makes people salivate - where double doubles make people orgasm (just look at the constant voose commentary here when he's putting them up)

I'd rather see a sixer get credit for gaudy numbers on a bad team than a player having a less than mediocre season get in on his 'reputation' or some other such nonsense

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Jan 24 at 16:49

I'm just talking about my opinoin about how deserving he is compared to the other guys. Obviously the selection process is a bit flawed and very subjective, as is the star system of the league.

That said, Monta Ellis has put up huge numbers on bad teams (25PPG for during 26 win seasons), and yet he now has a better chance putting up lesser numbers for a "winning playoff team." Same thing with Iggy.

Do you think irving or more less or equally deserving as Jrue?

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Jan 24 at 16:57

Probably about equal, maybe give a slight nod to Jrue this year. However, lobg term I expect Kyrie will be a bit better than Jrue as he is better at drawing fouls and has his 3pt shot is a bit better. He is a guy who can definitely be a reasonably effecient high volume scorer- which I am not as certain about Jrue. But honsestly, I am really high on both guys long term. They are both complete players.

buke reply to GoSixers on Jan 24 at 16:52

You hear the Voose comments because he is a center who appears to be developing fairly nicely and the Sixers could really use a developing real center especially at a very affordable price. The Sixers picked Voose because they felt he was the best center available when they drafted and, apparently, they were right. The sourness may be due in no small part to the frustration over the fact that even when management makes the right decision they manage to nullify it by subsequent action.

Ig and Lou contributed far more but you don't hear people squawking about their departures too much.

Louis Williams is out for the season and Iguodala's numbers are down - Voose is putting up big numbers on a bad team - last year he wasn't on a bad team (and he had a coach who wouldn't play him)

Well, for those wanting to dump Turner and Hawes, here's one that works per the trade machine:

San Antonio gets: Hawes, Turner, and Wright

Sixers get: Stephen Jackson and Tiago Splitter

Jackson is in final year of contract so Sixers get some salary space and a big man. Sixers might be worse, but if it's a tank year, that could be a good thing. San Antonio gets some new blood and depth at the expense of Splitter. For them, they have one more committed year on Hawes and Turner. San Antonio usually doesn't make bold trades, though.

Curiously, the trade machine gives an impact of -2 wins for both teams.

It wouldn't be bold for San Antonio to make that deal - it would be foolish - Turner hasn't really shown much to impress in the league - what makes you think San Antonio would look at him and say 'oh my god he's young' and do back flips?

That's not bad. SAS would have to see something in Turner, but they make odd calls on players pretty frequently (Jacksson, Diaw), guys who you don't think are going to work in their system, then do (sort of).

tk76 reply to buke on Jan 24 at 16:53

I think that is a really poor return for Hawes and ET. Both are guys who are on short deals and produce on the floor- just not in ways that the Sixers really need. You can do a lot worse at reserve center than seding 6.5M X2 years for Hawes- especially if you have a legit starting center (whichj the Sixers should have.) Turner is also a productive player who probably could be valuable as a bench player on a good team like the Spurs who have great shooters.

What team wouldn't want a 7 footer that can't rebound?

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Jan 24 at 17:00

I guess look at every teams back-up center and see how many are better than Hawes. Some teams actually have decent rebounding PF's and can use a guy like Hawes who has some skills. But on the Sixers Hawes is the softest guy on a team of soft players.

Buke reply to tk76 on Jan 24 at 21:02

I don't disagree with you. I think San Antonio would get the better of my proposed deal but the Sixers would get something: an upgrade defensively in the post, a serviceable vet wing for temporary duty, and significant salary relief after this season. I mentioned that I thought this deal would make the Sixers worse in the short-term but that may not be a bad thing the way this year is going.

Obviously there are people on this site who think this team could only get better by getting rid of Hawes and Turner regardless of the consideration received. I don't agree with them, but I thought I'd throw them a trade that's a bit of a left-fielder for their consideration.

tk76 reply to Buke on Jan 24 at 21:17

I guess it depends on how good Splitter is on both ends of the court. I honestly have not seen onough to know.

i don't think coaches are going to vote in Deron Williams because now he's perceived as a coach killer. they stick up for their own. real good chance Jrue makes it imo.

mymanjrue reply to Mike on Jan 24 at 18:27

think youre right. plus, despite the numbers, i think perception around the league is that deron is having a down year

Yeah, Lopez is the only guy on the Nets that will make it. I think Jrue has a very good chance of making the team. There is too much talk about him making the allstar ame i think, for him not to make it. The writers rarely get it that wrong IMO. Almost every single prediction i've read has Holiday as the second East guard behind Irving.

Philadelphia guard Jrue Holiday has been selected to the Eastern Conference All-Star reserves, league sources tell Y!

Nice scoop, and congrats to Jrue. If anything, getting the nod will only help his progression, as he is a better player when he assumes the role as best player on the floor (although when he forces it too much he struggles.)

I am happy for him. Not only will this motivate him to continue improving, but it will also market the Sixers as a legitimate team with a star player. It helps when recruting players on minimum contracts and more importantly star free agents.

Stan reply to Xsago on Jan 24 at 19:09

Lebron James 2014?

Adrian Wojnarowski‏@WojYahooNBA

Philadelphia guard Jrue Holiday has been selected to the Eastern Conference All-Star reserves, league sources tell Y!

Jason Richardson for Steve Blake and Devin Ebanks:

Evan Turner for Ersan Ilyasova

Kwame Brown for Rashard Lewis and Dexter Pittman:

Lavoy Allen and garbage for JJ Reddick and garbage

Spencer Hawes for Greg Steinsma and Dante Cunningham

Nick Young for Timofey Mosgov and Jordan Hamilton

Arnett Moultrie and Royal Ivey for Omri Cassipi

I think I've traded away everyone on the team except for Bynum, Thad, Jrue and Wright :) I think I traded Ivey 5 times, but fuck logic.

That leaves:


My fake trades were so controversial that it's pending final approval by Brian :)

I'm happy for Jrue. The deal he got this summer was a steal. He could've gotten a max deal on the open market. Holiday is 13th in the NBA in PPG and 4th in assists.

Predict Jrue 2 years from now (24 and in his prime.)

I'm guessing similar numbers: 19 ppg / 9 APG / 4 reb/ 1.5 stl / 45% / 38%

But I expect less FGA more 3's, drives and less long 2's. Also lower usage rate and dramatioally lower TOs. So better TS%, eFG% and WS/48. If he somehow learns to draw fouls, then his scoring could bum to elite level (22 ppg.) Otherwise, similar scorig on less shots.

I'd say similar counting numbers, slightly better efficiency less and slightly less turnovers. The biggest improvement IMO will come in the fact that he will do it with less effort and he will be able to focus on D more.

I'll say 21/10.5 something like that, maybe better if Collins is gone by then and they sign Bynum. Think they'll play at a faster pace post-Collins.

Also think he better post a 20ppg season soon or this town will turn on him.

Stan reply to Brian on Jan 24 at 19:37

Doug Collins isn't going anywhere, he's going to coach here till he's 70. Didn't Iguodala average put up good numbers in his 4th year only to have them steadily decline?

19.9 ppg, fell 0.1 ppg shy of being forever loved :)

mymanjrue on Jan 24 at 19:28

Congratulations Jrue!

Wow, no Nets in the team? That's kind of nuts

think the coaches said fu to the team for the whole avery thing

Or Brook and Deron split the vote. Brook really should have made it, but I'd probably take Noah and Chandler first too.

tk76 reply to Brian on Jan 24 at 20:09

Is this the most "losing" All Stars in one year?

In the West 2 players with osing records and 2 with .500 records. I the East 4 players have losing records.

Yeah, 40% of the starting lineups are on losing teams, too.

You think Jrue is in the skills competition?

tk76 reply to Brian on Jan 24 at 20:22

Sure, why not?

To be honest, this whle Jrue All-Star thing was not that compelling. I was more excited for Iggy last year. Right now it seems like the future hangs in the balance over Bynum. And I'd love to see some players gone by trade, especially if they can add some carftiness and toughness to this team. and no, that does not mean captain Jack.

this would be pretty hilarious as a fake trade:


or if you want to see the Sixers put together the funniest frontcourt of all time:


tk76 reply to das411 on Jan 24 at 20:01

Weren't Sammy and Cousins teammates in Sac?

Stan reply to das411 on Jan 24 at 20:52

My prediction is that for the next 1.5 seasons, Jrue and Bynum will go on a tear and grab the league by the balls. Kobe's contract ends in 2014. In order to surpass Jordan's championship totals, Kobe will make a return to his hometown, reunite with his buddy Bynum, and ride the coattails of Jrue Holiday :)

you mean...ALL STAR jrue holiday!

There have been 50 players in NBA history that have made the ALL Star game at age 22 prior to this year. 47 of the 50 had a better WS/48 FWIW.

johnrosz on Jan 24 at 22:54

I really like watching Dragic, I would love him on the Sixers. Would be a great way to get Jrue off the ball defensively for stretches, he can run point when Jrue goes to the bench. He just seems like he does a lot of things well.

I'm not big on the trade machine, but I wonder if there's some combo of ET+ that could get him here.

Dragic is a shit defender, but he'd be a perfect backup pg, and you could play them together. Don't see why Phoenix would trade him, though.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Jan 24 at 23:17

Is he? He doesn't seem like that bad of a liability when I watch. He gave Jrue a tough time from what I remember. I don't think he's an AWFUL defender, may be though.Even still, Sixers need someone like that, maybe easier to get Calderon?

Don't get how they came into the season without a backup PG and expected that not to be an issue.

Heh, Calderon makes Dragic look like Iguodala defensively. He'd be great for them offensively, though. Too much faith in Turner heading into the season.

My favorite fake deal all season long:


Simple, yet effective.

i know they probably shoouldnt be trading for a center with bynum hopefully coming back, but i wonder what it would take to get Mozgov from denver

If it doesn't take a lot, they should pursue it anyway. Mozgov would be a decent backup center.

Hey what about this trade guys ?


Why OKC would do it : Turner is a better and more productive player now, than anyone the PHI gets, I think Maynor is still coming along from his injury. Turner off the bench could be a very good piece for OKC if he could play some PG with Westbrook sliding to the SG. Moultrie would be a throw in of youth to make salaries mach.

Why PHI would do it : Maynor could spell Jrue at PG and real solidify the position for this team and play with him too. Lamb fit more with Jrue and Bynum than Turner, he is a classical SG. I prefer Jones III as potential player than Moultrie, in a couple years could play the PF next to Bynum, as his game is more of a SF perimeter oriented, If he only could learn to defend the others PF in the league.

tk76 reply to JH on Jan 25 at 13:21

Or, they could have just drafted Perry Jones....

Hey what about this trade guys ?


Why OKC would do it : Turner is a better and more productive player now, than anyone the PHI gets, I think Maynor is still coming along from his injury. Turner off the bench could be a very good piece for OKC if he could play some PG with Westbrook sliding to the SG. Moultrie would be a throw in of youth to make salaries mach.

Why PHI would do it : Maynor could spell Jrue at PG and real solidify the position for this team and play with him too. Lamb fit more with Jrue and Bynum than Turner, he is a classical SG. I prefer Jones III as potential player than Moultrie, in a couple years could play the PF next to Bynum, as his game is more of a SF perimeter oriented, If he only could learn to defend the others PF in the league.

Yeah, I'd do it in a heartbeat. It would depend on what OKC thinks of the two young guys in the deal. If they're high on them, the move doesn't make sense. If they aren't, then why not?

I don't want to sound so hateful of Evan Turner but if I could get any kind of useful asset that fit better he would be gone tommorrow. He is not a good enough athlete to succeed here as a wing. He is 6'6 and converts in the paint at a ludicrously low percentage in the neighborhood of 40%. He costs too much money as well when you take into account him being a number 2 pick and his cap hold numbers.

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