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maybe the ASG bid will help jrue with the refs, sometimes its his own fault as he shies from contact but also when he gets hit the refs are a little inconsistent calling it

I do think he's been getting more calls recently. The problem is the games have to be close for the refs to even care about that. They let so much contact go in a 20-point game, on both sides.

...is that Pronger next to him? damn would that make for a hilarous sitcom

Bynum will make a token gordon appearance enough to convince teams to over pay him in the off season - it seems 9 games is enough to show teams you're recovered from an injury fully - i say 12-15 maybe - and the sixers won't be playoff bound

I know the love for Doug abounds here, but the history still is what the history - he has yet to make it past the 3rd season - and whatever the excuses - this season seems to be following the same type script - and - if people care about these things - eastern teams firing their coaches this season have shown better performance if you're a believer.

ASG - don't care - never care - I think I gave up the game itself the year someone got voted a started and hadn't played a single game yet all year (Carter, Iverson maybe? I forget who)...gave up on the dunk contest the year nate robinson used the unknown ADA clauses to beat Andre Iguodala.

This team made it's big trade for the next 5-7 years in the off season - don't see them having the cojones to pull off something major / franchise altering twice in 12 months

ADA? As in Americans with Disabilities Act? Nate only looks like a dwarf when on an NBA court, he is five foot nine

A. It's a joke
B. Nate's 5'9 with shoes adding over an inch to his height
C. It's a joke

don't see them having the cojones to pull off something major / franchise altering twice in 12 months

Yeah, I agree. I'd settle for something positive, even if it isn't terribly meaningful.

Who's back next year?

Collins - yes

Sorted by age:
Maalik Wayns PG - FA - yes
Arnett Moultrie PF - yes
Jrue Holiday PG - yes
Shelvin Mack G - FA - no
Lavoy Allen C - yes
Evan Turner SF - yes
Thaddeus Young PF - yes
Andrew Bynum C - FA - yes
Spencer Hawes C - yes
Dorell Wright SF - FA - no
Nick Young SG - FA - no
Kwame Brown C - yes
Royal Ivey PG - FA - no
Jason Richardson - yes
Damien Wilkins SG - FA - no

I think the vets that can sign elsewhere will gladly do so, and we won't miss them much. I think the team will, or at least should, be looking for deals involving Hawes, Kwame, Richardson, and ET. The new owners made a splash in their first offseason, hopefully they exceed expectations in year 2.

Wayns is already gone.

So essentially, you think everyone on contract will be back.

Anyone else the Jrue ASG infographic the team sent out link

Not a big fan of PPG and APG being the top two stats, but the graphic itself is really well done.

Interesting. So, Jrue is the youngest Sixers allstar ever huh. Nice achievement on a storied franchise.

That's pretty sweet. Did they make one with Iguodala last year?

Not that I remember.

Jrue just looks all sad in the picture

Stan reply to GoSixers on Jan 25 at 17:10

It's probably the only picture where he doesn't look like he's 14

this should be the picture for the the next game thread


I wish they'd let him use that during the game, those things can't fall over.

felton expected back tomorrow and kidd might not play, also pretty sure j-rich is out

So does this mean postups are an extremely inefficient offensive weapon this season?


I can't see it on my work computer. Will check when I get home. Is this PPP per offensive play type?

Yeah, Abott (Truehoop) re-tweeted this earlier. It's a list of players with 80+ postups in the league this season. They are ranked in terms of points per postup. His point was that Howard has recived the second highest number of postups (thus making his desire for more touches baseless).

But if i understand this correct, there are only two efficient postup players in the league (Durant and Bryant at 1.12 points per postup). Everybody else is at 0.97 and worse. Unless there is a catch in the way these are calculated, this means that postups are extremely inefficient. Howard is at 0.78 points per postup btw. Ouch. Thad is 15th on the list at 0.92.

Maybe they don't count FTs resulting from those postups which would certainly improve the numbers (even though a lot of these guys aren't very good FT shooters)? This is really weird.

I'd like to see Bynum's numbers from last year.

I'll take a look later.

*This was meant as a reply to the previous post.

The list apparently was compiled by a Utah Jazz journalist btw.

A couple mitigating factors I can think of.

(1) this is only counting plays that end w/ a post up, meaning a shot or a turnover. Turnovers are probably pretty high, considering decent post threats get doubled most of the time.

(2) Doesn't give any credit for the pass out of the double team.

So look at it this way, a guy gets the ball in the post 15 times in a game. He passes out of the double 5 times, turns the ball over twice, hits 4/8 on the actual shots he takes. That's 0.8PPP, but the team should've made those kick outs into good looks, so it's an effective weapon for the team, overall. Say the team gets 2 threes and a layup out of those kick outs. Then as a team, you're looking at 16 points on 15 possessions, which is above water.

Yeah i thought of it as well and it's the probably the reason for these stats. But the % of shots or turnovers is still awfully high (from a glance i didn't calculate anything). The FGA + TO amount to something like 80-90% of the postup possessions. So would 10-20% of kickouts lead to enough high-efficiency shots to offset these terrible numbers? Which way does synergy track postups?

They only track if the play ends on a post up. Kick outs aren't accounted for at all. That play goes down as a catch-and-shoot, or however the play eventually ended.

The endings are foul shots, shot attempts and turnovers.

Wow, is Bynum further in the rehab process than we think?


He looks pretty good in this video.

Man is Bynum huge. "like 8 ft tall" as Jrue puts it hardly and exaggeration. He looks bigger than Shaq.

I fed Iguodala a softball for his ego. "Are you the best perimeter defender in the NBA?" AI: "Nope." Me: ....Who?" AI: "Hand to God, Jrue."

Iguodala talked about a game where Holiday pressured Rose full-court. When he started to, AI said "OK, cute. come on." Then he did it.

Good read.

Regarding what he said about Jrue... If Bynum is ever healthy and they build a decent team- then Jrue will get to focus more on defence, and I expect he will become Gary Payton.

Is there a story to go along with the tweet? Anyone have a link?

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 26 at 4:17

A long series of tweets from an interview that he'll post audio of this weekend, wherever he (Moore) writes nowadays.

he has more quotes on his twitter page, dont think the whole story comes out til monday

boston blew a 27 point lead, lose in double OT to the hawks

johnrosz reply to sixerfan1220 on Jan 26 at 0:10

Celtics and Lakers mediocrity...the only real satisfying part of this season other than Jrue's big step forward

Charlie H reply to sixerfan1220 on Jan 26 at 15:10

So sweet that KK hit 8 3s in the second half. Wish I had listened to the Tommycast.

@IanBegley: Felton, Kidd, Shumpert, Anthony and Chandler will start. #Knicks

any word on Richardson?

no but i doubt he plays

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