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what's the appropriate reaction to Sheed coming into this game? boo? cheer? both?

isnt playing, has a foot injury

I think with the Knicks too much is being made of Chandlers pick & rolls and Melos isolations. In reality, the only thing the Sixers should be extremely worried about is three point shooting. The Knicks literally live and die by the three and it is extremely important for the Sixers to not give up open threes. The Knicks shooting has cooled off of late and it has resulted in a big drop in winning percentage. After starting the season 18-5, they are only 8-9 over the last 17 games. In November they were shooting 41.5% from three point range on 28 attempts per game, but the percentage has dropped to 35.2 in January whereas the attempts have remained the same.

Make Chandler and Melo beat you. Never double. Never go under a screen. Don't let them hit more than 8-9 threes and you will have a chance to win the game. Make them work on defense. They are old and can't keep up with the speed of the youngsters.

j-rich out

nick young starting for j-rich, hawes for lavoy

Hope this has the desired effect on Lavoy and Hawes. We'll see.

interesting to see if they put shumpert on young or evan, think you can attack kidd

I'd start him on Turner, then just switch him to Young if Nick gets hot. You can definitely attack Kidd. I'd love to see them use a couple small-on-small pick-and-rolls, see if you can get NYK to switch Kidd onto Jrue. Sixers never do that, though.

brooklyn under Avery ran a ton of those

Yep, got Meeks on Deron whenever they wanted. OKC runs them too, the Heat used to run them to get Jrue on LeBron.

@Al_Iannazzone: Shumpert probably will start out on Jrue Holiday tonight.

So either Felton or Kidd will be on Turner. Gotta attack that. Not worried about Shumpert's pressure on Jrue, he eats that shit up.

I've got Clyde's call tonight. It's literally been months since I've had Zum and Rose.

Aaaaand we're off...Hawes loses the tip.

Let's go, get off to a good start, please.

sounds like alot of knick fans are there


Turner lost Kidd on the first fucking play. Missed the corner three, though.

Jrue abuses Felton on the other end.

Shumpert is on Turner.

jrue goes by felton

Felton can't guard Jrue.

Jrue to Thad.

Shump has zero touch.

Thad again. 8 points in the paint.

thad over kidd, pushing the ball/running hard creates those

jrue jumper

Jrue jumper. Don't like the shot, but it falls.

Jrue right to the hole again. Too fucking easy.

Turner, don't leave Felton to run out on Shumpert. Know who you're playing against.

mymanjrue on Jan 26 at 19:17


finally missed that last shot, forced it, and he had turner open. shoulda gotten et involved

I'd prefer shooting an 8-footer over Felton to a Turner jumper.

dont like doubling melo

Yeah, me neither. Though you can get away with it if Shumpert is the guy you're leaving open. If they get another shooter in there, it's going to hurt.

if thads gonna front melo, the weakside needs to help


Hawes w/ a decently tough move. Wow.

Took JR Smith almost 40 seconds to get a bad shot up. That might be a record.

sissy tip in

Man, the Knicks have some really, really bad defenders.

Two on Thad, I believe.

Turner on Melo, that's not good.

wilkins on melo now

Did Collins get a tech? Yep. "That's bullshit."

ugh wilkins

terrible shot by Wilkins.

How about some penetration, Jrue?

Nice job, Wilkins. Let's go.


by the way, im all for it

Wow, I didn't even notice.

Great D, Jrue.

hits Nick Young for the transition 3 +1 on the foul. Nice. Hit the freebie.

nice jrue

Wow, Jrue.

Come on, Wilkins. Can't give him two free ones in that situation. Come on.

PHI 24, NYK 19 after 1.

OK, won the first Q, now don't give it up here early in the second.

Jrue to the bench, Turner back in. So is Thad.

turner jumper

Add Novak to that list of horrible defenders on the Knicks (and the list of guys to get open looks at corner threes from the Sixers)

no one but turner touched the ball that possession

A couple Knicks had a hand on the ball :)

Ugliest traditional three-point play ever. If he makes the freebie....and he does/ Nice.

mymanjrue on Jan 26 at 19:42

nice three poss for the ET offense. sticks with the play, gets the foul and gets the hoop, makes the ft

16 seconds of Turner dribbling out beyond the three-point line, then a foul off the ball.

Ivey three off Wilkins penetration after the foul. Nice.

I love JR Smith long twos.

Don't love Turnerovers though.

Or Turner getting rejected.

when you put ivey turner wilkens togerther on the court there is nothing you can do

Turner is just terrible.

OK, bench added a point to the lead, Jrue back in now. Turner coughs it up, but at least he forced the jump ball.

turner pullup

Tuner hits a transition 17-footer.

When was the last time he passed the ball to another Sixer?

Jrue to Thad for the dunk.

bad shot evan

Turner hasn't thrown a pass in about 7 minutes of game time.

Shit, that's gotta fall.

Nice shot, Felton.

Great D, Thad.

id maybe iso thad on amare for a possession to see what happens

Jrue to the line. He was going for the dunk, I think.

Nice move by Turner the previous trip down.

They're fucking free.

jrue 3


mymanjrue on Jan 26 at 19:59

ET surprisingly good defending melo to my eyes

nice half from him

holiday was on fire in the first, quiet second


bad shot jrue

Alright, up 6. Push it back to 10 by the half.

Jrue and 1. Good attack. Hit the freebie.

Hawes w/ the rejection on Melo. Think Hawes can win the jump?



Jrue over Kidd on the baseline. nice.

nice oop

Turner with 18 inches of air for the oop from Nick Young. NICE! Up 12. Finish this half.


Fuck you Hawes. They're free.

PHI 53, NYK 41 at the half.

Very good second quarter, should be 14 right now, though.

I'd like to see some drive and kick in the second half if NYK makes an adjustment on these drives by Jrue, as they should.


Shumpert on Jrue to start the third, Jrue hits on the baseline.

nick young contested shot goes in

Jrue to Nick (bad shot that drops).

nice move for a nick young 3

Nick for three. Nice.

This feels good!!

Turner rips a board out of Chandler's hands.

Oh, Turner. Coughs the ball up twice on one trip down the floor.

Nick to the line off the handoff. Hit 'em.

turner passed it! to thad who almost finished it

Bad possession there, Jrue had to rush a three at the buzzer with Chandler in his face.

Turner w/ the steal on the other end and Thad to the line. Tech on the Knicks. Hit all three of these, please. (Jan 2nd is the last time Thad hit both freebies on a two-shot foul).

up by 17 with three foul shots here. Just please make them. This is the type of situation where blowing 2 of 3 can light a spark under the other team.

he made both!!!!!!!!

Alright, 3/3, up 20. Come on, now. Put this team to sleep.

gotta grab these rebounds

Nick back to the line. Man, this Knicks defense is just terrible.

Knicks going big, now. Thad on Stoudemire.

Jrue hasn't touched the ball in the half court for a while. Not sure why.

mymanjrue on Jan 26 at 20:37

Wow!best game in some time, thus far. Think the Knicks have a run in them so gotta stay focused

Particularly nice to see Evan having another decent game..not perfect, but positive contributions on both ends to date

Wanna see Jrue get a career high...I say he finishes with thirty five, provided its not a thirty pt game at the start of the fourth

best defensive effort in wquite a while

Don't get sloppy, now. Already in the penalty with 6 minutes left. That's a great way to let a team back in it.


Knicks in a zone. Thad attacks and hits. Nice.

bad shot jrue

Really don't like that three, Jrue. You had the lane.

There you go. That's there all night.

Jrue. heh.

Nick to the line again.

i like nick young in the starting lineup

When he plays like this, yeah. But you know he's probably more likely to heave up 12 bad shots and miss 9 of them.

yea but i think hes less likely to when hes starting and doesnt need to be a bench scorer

I don't see much of a difference in his game depending on role. I guess maybe the rest of the team doesn't defer to him if he's out there with the starters and there are other legitimate options. His approach seems the same to me, though.

Jrue massive heat check, drops.

Doubt Jrue and Thad get back into the game in the fourth unless something really bad happens.

Nick Young for three, kick from Jrue.


mymanjrue on Jan 26 at 20:51

getting to watch this game with my brother which is a special treat, and it's the game of the year!

my bro loves jrue's dances through the lane. no turnovers tonight, which is key after some high to games lately. twenty nine and six asts, four boards,a steal

Heh. Candy from a baby, Jrue.

Was that a corner three by Thad? Attempt, I mean.


His second attempt on the season from three, then.


PHI 83, NYK 58 after three.

It'll be a really bad sign if Jrue returns to this game. 31pts/5rebs/6asts/1stl/0 turns through three.

i'm sitting here counting chickens, but...
is this our first blowout this season?

15 over new orleans and 19 over atlanta were the two biggest wins. There might not have been any other double-digits wins, actually.

ugh a whole quarter of turner point guard?

Heh. I bet we get Mack if this lead holds.

Good backdown by Turner. To the line.

please put moultrie in

Come on, Turner. That's just sad.

I wonder if they'd need to score another point to win this game. Can the Knicks score 23 in the final 10 minutes?

nice flop

why is jrue coming in

Down to 18, now.

Jrue and Thad coming back in. 18-point game. Pretty terrible run for the bench here, all they needed was to show a bit of life and end this game.

Has Hawes really only taken 4 shots? That's really low for him.

evan corner 3

Turner three at the buzzer. That'll do it.

mymanjrue on Jan 26 at 21:06

wtf ivey had turner right under the bucket for a layup, kept dribbling and eventually threw a bad pass to Nick Young that got to the Knicks before it got to Young

Pleased to see Turner continue to attack at the rim occasionally, although he has not had much success. Had a variety of problems finishing under the basket tonight that I noticed, but I'd have to go pay for synergy to check that out further

ET FOR THREE!off great team ball movement

jrue first turnover

Oh, Thad. That was such a pretty play, too.

Defense hasn't let up.

mymanjrue on Jan 26 at 21:11

Turner saves that possession by driving to the hoop and getting the whistle. Almost-0and should have-had the hoop too but failed to get the roll

Thad missing that dunk was criminal, he owes Jrue an assist and a Sportscenter highlight

Thad fails to get Jrue back his assist, missing a catch and shoot twenty footer from Holiday. That's a pass I hate seeing Jrue make, but not complaining here....except about Thad stealing assist from Jrue

jrue, et thad to bench up thirty two?

Surprised Jrue and Thad are still in there.

33 for Jrue.

mymanjrue on Jan 26 at 21:15

turner has it goin on from his midrange spots, nothin but net from the top of the foul circle

JRUE scores it again, ties career high with thirty three, I believe. think he's hit that number twice this season

bank shot for jrue

Career high for Jrue on that banker. 35.

Jrue is NASTY

Sad to see Spike Lee leave the WFC dejected.

Heh. How was Ivey a -7 in this game?

Xsago w/ a really good call on the Knicks three-point shooting being the key. 4/26 from downtown.

good game

No Big Macs for anyone.

PHI 97, NYK 80 Final.

They could've scored 0 points in the final 10:18 and won by 5 points.

Jrue is POTG. Career-high 35 on 25 shots, 5 boards, 6 dimes, 1 steal, 1 turn.

Great game. Jrue continues his rise to stardom. Good to see a good defensive game for once.

Now, they need 4-5 more of these before the allstar break to have a chance at the playoffs.

Think they'll have a shot unless they go 0-8 into the ASB. Neither Boston nor MIL is playing great ball, if Bynum comes back and they can incorporate him, they can catch one of them.

Yeah, i know but they have a lot of road games after the allstar break. Road games are always tricky.

And honestly,seeds 6-8 in the East are all wide open IMO. Hawks, Bucks and Celtics are all up and down and any of them might decide to blow it up as we approach the trade deadline. The top 5 are a lock, but i predict the Knicks will fall to 5th with Chicago rising to second place.

DNPCD for Wright in a blowout win. Wow.

Doghouse, injury or trade?

Probably doghouse.

Memphis Monday night. Going to need this type of effort again.

milwaukkee is not playing poorly.

They have stretches of good and they have stretches of bad play. Right now they are in the midst of a good one. I think there is a reasonable chance that they will make a big trade and who knows what happens after a trade like that.

Tom Moore on Jan 27 at 9:56

when was the last time a Sixer had 35 points? Iverson?

memphis is home vs the hornets/pelicans tonight

rondo tore his acl

mymanjrue reply to sixerfan1220 on Jan 27 at 14:50

yep out for the year. an opportunity presents itself.

Never like to see good players go down, even on the Celtics.

Ironically, I guess Jrue would have made the AS game as an injury replacement. Much better to have him picked before this happened- no *.

I still don't see the Sixers passing the C's unless Bynum comes back soon. One win does not change the outlook on this team.

Of course they won't pass them without Bynum. But with a return after the allstar break, they have a very good chance now. While i believe Rondo is overrated he is still a very good player and critical to the Celtics offense which was bad even with him. It might get ugly without him.

The league has to do something about this. This is the third star PG that has suffered a torn ACL in the past year (Rose and Rubio are the others). It's an alarming trend and even though you can't stop injuries from happening, i do believe some better precautionary measures are possible.

tk76 reply to Xsago on Jan 27 at 18:42

They would have to get rid of sticky shoes. they let you cut harder, putting greater stress on your knees. But also, all of the weight work leads to greater forces on joints because the muscles are stronger. In some ways this can protect a weak joint, but it also sets you up for things like ACL tears.

But I don't see them making that change.

yknow Aron tweeted this morning that they'll be announcing the promo schedule for the rest of the season soon and it'll include 3 bobblehead giveaways of Wilt, Dr. J and Iverson...but said they won't retire #3 until he officially retires with the league...hmm and there's been a lot of chatter on here about how they need a backup point guard...

he said that cause he isnt retired not that they are interested in him

Mike reply to das411 on Jan 27 at 17:41

how about Iverson to the Celtics? lol

So, will Jrue start the AS game or Kyrie? If Jrue was an All Star starter it would be a bit mind boggling. That is usually reserved for guys who are headed for HOF.

Tray reply to tk76 on Jan 27 at 19:18

Irving's likely headed to the Hall of Fame so I guess it'll be him. The only other player to ever, at the age of 20, average 20 points and 5 assists, while putting up a TS% of .550 or higher, is LeBron. And Irving is averaging 24, 5.5, and has a TS% of .576.

tk76 reply to Tray on Jan 27 at 20:29

Maybe Jrue can be to Kyrie what Drexler was to Jordan. That would not be a slight on either guy... although I don't see either the playing to that level, it is great to see well rounded do it all PGs. Interested to see how that translates to team performance down the road.

Tray reply to tk76 on Jan 27 at 21:36

The 19/8/.520 TS% at 22 club isn't that big either, but it does include Marbury and Damon Stoudamire.

Using 8.0 assists seems a bit punitive when Jrue averages 8.9. Using 8.5 leaves hall of famers, Chris Paul and Stoudemire.

And Kevin Johnson, too.

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 27 at 22:21

Jrue, notably, is the least or second least efficient of all of them, alongside Stoudamire.

I think I could live with it if he wound up a hair worse than those other guys when all is said and done.

Yeah, as I posted before, there have been 50 previous 22 year old All-Stars, of whom, 47 have better WS/48 than Jrue. But it is all gravy based on even the best case expectations most of us had for him.

Jrue is locked up through 2017 at a reasonable salary. Certainly not franchise player type money, and I still don't think he becomes one. But he is rapidly becoming a draw to a franchise player.

You might not remember, but last spring Bynum listed his preferred destinations. Cleveland made the list (Philly was not mentioned.) I think that was all about Kyrie. But I think Jrue is seen as that type of player right now.

Stars who want LA/NY etc will still not choose Philly. But stars that want to play with a young, elite PG will put Philly on their list- which is a new development.

WS is kind of a chicken/egg thing. Some of the story here is that typically 22-year-olds on bad teams don't make the ASG.

Mike reply to tk76 on Jan 27 at 19:50

Irving hit a pretty ridiculous shot to beat Toronto last night

mike conley sprained his ankle tonight and hasnt returned since

Usually I get bummed out about automatic 1st round playoff losses before they even happen (see 2 years ago) but this year nothing would make me happier than seeing how Bynum would respond in an 8 v. 1 matchup vs. Heat. It would be a great test for him to show he is worth the money. Really really hope it happens.

tk76 reply to MikeW on Jan 27 at 20:26

Yeah, actually leads to some great individual matchups. Jrue vs Wade, Thad vs Lebron, Bosh vs Bynum.

Sure, they lose most of the matchups, but those are the kind of games you want to see them playing if you have long term aspirations for these players

Mike reply to tk76 on Jan 27 at 20:58

it's crazy but Wade is like barely even a top 30 player anymore, if that. he can't shoot a lick, and is not nearly as explosive at getting to the basket as he was even a year or 2 ago. so it's pretty easy to guard him.

meanwhile: http://www.philly.com/philly/blogs/sixerville/Talk-turns-to-Andrew-Bynum-as-return-seems-to-be-nearing.html

Conley in a walking boot, doubt he plays tomorrow

It's looking like Bynum is getting close to returning, possibly sooner than we thought:


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