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Retain Focus vs. ORL Tonight

i think the magic are the only team worse at getting to the free throw line then the sixers

Yeah, they're 29th in makes, 30th in attempts. Sixers are 30th in makes, 29th in attempts, but they play at a slower pace.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 4 at 12:24

Spearheaded by Jrue, this team is setting a new record low at FTA/FGA for the whole NBA, after last year's record low. To be fair, free-throw shooting is down across the league.

Are you basing this on Free Throw rate from B-R.com? If so, it's actually FT/FGA (made freebies/attempted field goals).

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 4 at 15:11

Oh, I had no idea. The stat should be FTA/FGA. And we are the 6th worst team in FT%, so that could be part of what's dragging us down.

Yeah, the stay is meant to reward/punish for making/missing from the line. Just getting there doesn't mean as much in and if itself.

Did tk76 hack your account?:)

heh. Yep. It's looking like one of those "How could you?" losses.

Good piece on Royce White. Morey's response is pretty funny. Basically, only 1 out of 5 #16 picks have meaningful careers, so it's not that big of a loss if he doesn't pan out.

As for White, I think he's some combination of mentally ill, immature and stupid. Also think he's either ignoring sound advice from people around him, or he has some really bad people around him. This isn't going to end well for him.

Mike reply to Brian on Feb 4 at 15:17

fantastic piece. Klosterman annoys me sometimes, but this is one of the best columns i've read in awhile. White is very young and he certainly sounds silly in some of the things he says, but i think his heart is in the right place and he really believes he's doing something that is important. you can't really argue with what he's saying here:

"As much as we want to think that these are just people behind computer screens, those people are living next door to you," he says. "They are people behind computer screens in schools. In hospitals. Working in Washington, D.C. These are real people. How many times does this stuff have to happen before we admit something really disturbing is going on here? I think one person tweeting 'Fuck you, go kill yourself' is disturbing. But when you get into the hundreds of those tweets? The thousands of those tweets? I see a lot of people out there with really volatile mental disorders that are not getting help. Because I go to their own Twitter pages, and I can see they're not just sending those messages to me. They're sending them to a bunch of people."

I did start to read the article but every time they quote White I cringed a bit more, I just couldn't keep reading it - I mean it's not Klostermans fault but White was coming off a bit whackadoo

Me too. And every single response he gave just solidified my opinion on him that he is not just mentally ill but really stupid. And yeah he is not just throwing but probably already threw his career away because he wants to do it all his way.

The majority of NBA players went to college to ply basketball - they mostly were coddled through their early academic careers.

The majority of NBA players are stupid as I define stupid

White isn't stupid, he's the NBA's Ghandi.

Mike reply to Xsago on Feb 4 at 16:49

i think you guys are being a little harsh. he is a 21-year old kid. i shudder to think what i sounded like at 21. no doubt he sounds silly, but the issues he's bringing up are real.

Eh. It's really hard to dig through the nonsense to get to valid points, and he has a habit of talking a somewhat cogent point into drivel. Like I said above, he's ill, he's immature and he's stupid. That's not exactly a good combination for someone who's giving interviews and trying to set himself up as a spokesman for mental illness. Are delusions of grandeur and an extreme sense of entitlement typical symptoms of an anxiety disorder?

At 21 I sounded educated, but I was in my senior year studying biochemistry...look - like it or not great athletes are ccoddled and get very little education even if they are staying in school - it's the dirty little secret no one talks about - combine that with an asinine social advancement policy in most middle and high schools and our country is getting progressively dumber

Ouch, the Magic have 4 out of 5 closing lineup players out with injury. The only one remaining - Vucevic. The Sixers better win this by at least 20. But of course they will find a way to screw it up, as always.

wow i just saw when the sixers play the pacers on WED it will be the pacers 3rd game in 3 days

Wow, did they have a cancelled game or something? I can't remember a back-to-back-to-back in a non-lockout season in the past.

Is one of them a make up game for a weather cancelled game? I seem to recall one of those this year but forget who it includes.

yea tonight they are making up a game with the bulls that got snowed out

That's crazy. Good for us.

Doug has really been pushing Jrue's minutes lately. He played 44 vs. the Kings, I don't think he sat at all in the second half (maybe a minute or two in the third, can't remember). Typically, I'd prefer expanding your rotation against a really tired team. Keep fresh legs out there, run them up and down the floor. Collins usually trims his rotation in those situations, though.

Not sure I saw this here - but it seems that andrew bynum needed some engine fluid or something


Yah, saw that. Second time this year, I think. Maintenance or something.

I don't know much about knees - but bone on bone is bad - and i thought we were supposed to 'naturally' produce something to prevent such things - I wonder if we should be concerned (long term) that he needs a lube job to keep his knee joint lubricated?

Well, there hasn't really been any heartening news about his knees to this point. I guess in my decidedly uninformed opinion, adding fluid regularly is less of an issue than draining fluid regularly, but I'm not basing that on anything. At this point, I just want to see him on the floor. If he looks dominant and mobile, I'm fine w/ extending him. If he looks slow and broken, then fuck it. Fuck it all.

I don't know that i'd call it a benefit - but i've had crappy knees since birth - so I know how much pain they can be in - even if you aren't a 300 lb 7 footer playing professional baseball

What did you guys think of the Rudy Gay deal? Toronto has a ton of money committed to Gay and Bargnani, for the next couple of years now. Don't think he really moves the needle a whole lot for them. Think they're still at the bottom of the division and not a legit playoff contender unless that kid center really comes along quickly.

think it would have made more sense if they didnt give derozan the deal he got

Forgot about his deal. They also signed Fields and Lowry, right? Or was Lowry on a deal when they traded for him?

they signed fields and lowry was already on a cheaper deal when they got him so they will probably be a tax team when they have to sign him

id like to see gay play the 4 some, think that could help him

Did the Derozan deal make ANY sense when they gave it out

Rumor is that colangelo has had a hard on for Rudy Gay since that draft - and loves the idea of Gay and Bargnani next to each other.

I really don't think Colangelo has any sort of plan but he saw a 'star' he could get 'cheap' in terms of assets and jumped.

Guy should have been fired years ago

I think they realized they can't lure a free agent with cap space anyway so decided to get an overpaid very good player who won't complain. I think they are seriously restructuring their team though and Bargnani will soon follow. DeRozan might be out sooner rather than later too. They didn't get better immediately (Calderon is a very good PG), but might be solid in the future. Lowry/Ross/Gay/Johnson/Valanciunas (+ whatever they get from Bargs and DeRozan) could be a solid team in a year or two.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 4 at 19:17

They would have been better off keeping Davis and seeing what Ross turns into, obviously.

Charlie H reply to Brian on Feb 4 at 20:13

At first I thought it was a bad move by Memphis, a salary dump that could have waited until the season is over. But I think Prince will help them a lot on the defensive end; he's still pretty active. And he can shoot. Daye is a question mark; Ed Davis will be solid. It's a classic Colangelo move, getting a guy with some slick offense but not much else. They already have Derozan, what do they need Gay for? Derozan's better.

Richardson now seeking a 3rd opinion

i assume he will be out a while

so basically the Sixers are playing the NBA version of the 2012 Phillies tonight?

johnrosz on Feb 4 at 18:52

Bynum quotes pregame...more of the same...experiences pain when running, jumping, and moving laterally. Forget it guys, I'm out. This situation reminds me of Shawn Andrews in so many ways. I'd never want to play arm chair psychologist, but things didn't really improve for AB in LA until the organization got him a doctor to get his head in the right place. They identified a very real concern with him.

Are the Sixers doing anything in that regard? At all?

His knees are bad, I'm sure they are, but he's also a little off beyond that. Couple that with a guy who some people don't think really even enjoys the game of basketball. Seems like it'd be crazy to give him 5 years.

I'm sorry but if his head was 'fixed' in LA - why would it be broken here?

He whined he wanted his own team - he was traded to a place where if he put in the work - he'd be the center of a team (literally) - he'd be the guy the team was built around - it's exactly what he was whining about in LA

Work ethic isn't something a shrink fixes - dedication isn't something a shrink fixes

But welcome to what i've been saying for a while now :)

johnrosz reply to GoSixers on Feb 4 at 19:01


Could it really hurt to give the guy a call?

I'm running out of ideas here.

You don't think the injuries and the people questioning his desire to play basketball work ethic would set his 'A.O.F' already?

I don't often believe these kinds of things but if being 'called out' is bad for Bynum - he's not going to last long in philly - if he doesn't average like 25 and 15 the fans that are left are going to be all over him - in philadelphia if you get the big contract you get the big target - say what you want about Andre Iguodala but he always handled it with aplomb.

At this point I'm ready for a little 'scared straight' with Bynum...bring in all the 'big name has beens' to scare the crap out of him

wow 00 actually wins a tipoff

evan with a nice pass to hawes who misses the layup

vuce jumper

jrue to hawes(who rolled!)

eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 19:15

Spencer with the THROWdown! You go boy

eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 19:16

Dag, the Magic actually shoot more jumpers than we do.

nick young assist!

eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 19:19

The Magic look to have no interest in getting back on defense after their terrible jump shots.

so far so good...7 minutes in, up ten, just run these guys as much as you can and don't go into cruise control mode too early...

eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 19:21

Turner with the million dollar move and ten cent shot.

NYoung weak attempt at a 360. heh

vuce hook over hawes

Just saw tonight's Bynum interview, not sure why any of you would be any more pessimistic off of today's news. Nothing's changed, still says Feb return.

lavoy long 2

eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 19:33

Lavoy should not have hesitated on that shot.

eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 19:34

It's early, but this game is about as damn enjoyful as last week's Wizards game. Bad basketball on both ends from both teams.

We're all glad you're finding it enjoyous

eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 19:38

This really is ugly. Poor patrons that actually attended.

thad jumper

noooooooo thad :(

oh no thad is hurt

eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 19:45

Thad injured after scrambling for a rebound. Immediately grabbed back of his leg. Looked like a cramp that quickly hit him or something.

Big Will on Feb 4 at 19:47

Looked real bad limping into the locker room. : (

eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 19:47

As bad as they look tonight, and on most nights, it's going to be useless and detrimental for Bynum to even come back. They really need to continue to be the bad team they are and lose as much as possible. Talent is sorely needed.

SixersRising on Feb 4 at 19:48

I thought it looked like a cramp as well but didnt look good the way he didn't put weight on it going to he locker room.

ugh this blows

hawes dunk!

eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 19:51

Turner looks like a guy bumming for a ride standing out at the arc with his hand up in the air when the ball is all the way on the other side of the court. heh

eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 19:54

I was being too kind, this game is actually worse than that Wiz game last week. ugh

...wasn't one of those Celtics playoff games last year something like 32-30 at the half? kinda like this but not quite as awful?

Thaddeus Young suffered a left hamstring strain and is continuing to be examined in the #Sixers locker room. He will not return to game.

well strain is much better news than a tear or bone break...and the timing really isn't bad with a few relatively easy games and then the allstar break coming up...right...?

Charlie H reply to das411 on Feb 4 at 20:01

Right. He'll be fine. Might miss 3 - 4 games.

eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 19:55

Great inbounds pass Turner. You bum!

eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 19:56

Evan standing over there with his hand up again. Jrue scores.

eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 20:00

ORL without 4 starters. What a shitty piss-poor half. They just look disinterested.

eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 20:06

Just think if they didn't get those early 14 fast break points when the Magic came out like they didn't care. 16 total now.

Charlie H on Feb 4 at 20:17

Voose has 12 boards already. Who did we get for him?

a three!!

nick young 3

Charlie H on Feb 4 at 20:21

Swaggy 3

sissy jumper

Charlie H on Feb 4 at 20:29

Spence is kicking butt

Wilkins should not play, ever

good flash by moultrie for the jumper

Charlie H on Feb 4 at 20:35

Orlando is 19 - 60 from the field.

woah nice block by Moultrie of all people!

thats the 3rd or 4th moultrie had post position 1st time they passed to him

damn spence playing like an actual center tonight

I guess Royal Ivey is our defensive closer now.

eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 20:58

Did Turner get hurt along with Thad tonight?


not unless menstruation counts

eddies' heady's reply to MCT on Feb 4 at 21:21

LOL!!!!!!!!! good one

Stan reply to MCT on Feb 4 at 21:28


hahaha and a block from Swaggy

well it wasn't pretty but at least they're not losing these games...big hug for Vuc from Jrue, Lavoy, 00, DOug and McKie after it ends...and Zum names Hawes the POTG for this one, sorry Brian!

thad out a while according to collins

that's no good for us

thad will have his MRI tomorrow

DeMarcus Cousins just got tossed as the 1st half ended.

Heh. He's a stud.

3 in a row. Hawes gets the POTG nod. Voose looking pretty much like the guy the Sixers had last season, just getting a ton of minutes in which to allow a spineless center earn POTG honors against him :)

Best news of the night: 14 dimes, 1 turn for Jrue.

Hope Thad's a quick healer, or Moultrie shows us something big. They've got a big advantage on Weds against the Pacers on the third night of a back-to-back-to-back. I'd love for them to get these next two games.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 4 at 23:12

Didn't teams have a winning record in back-to-back-to-backs last year? I remember the numbers being really surprising.

I seem to remember a trend like that from early in the year last season, don't know if it held up, though.

Court_visioN on Feb 4 at 22:14

Thad =(

By the way, that was the worst active NBA roster the Sixers have faced in a decade, if not longer. They barely showed up tonight and easily got the win. Like they were toying with Irlando. I guess it's also kind of like what elite teams do to them once in a while.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 5 at 0:38

Ironically, the old McGrady Magic teams probably had less talent on the nights McGrady was out than that team did. Take this box score in the last game of the 02-03 season, when they rested McGrady, and only McGrady, for the playoffs (this was the year they played Detroit and T-Mac said it felt good to get out of the first round). I guess you could argue that the young Drew Gooden was better than any player the Magic played tonight, but the rest of the team was so awful.


The Six on Feb 5 at 0:05

Harkless is going to develop into a real nice defensive player. Too bad he had to be in the deal for Bynum. He actually showed some nice offensive potential as well tonight. Oh well...

I'd like to see how he does against a legit NBA athlete before I make a call on his offense or defense. Against Turner he looked good.

the big difference in the Bynum comments is this is the first time he's said he is experiencing pain in quite some time. would you really be surprised to hear they're shutting him down for another couple weeks?

Nothing would surprise me.

eddies' heady's reply to Mike on Feb 5 at 8:34

Wouldn't be surprised and wouldn't be sad either. AB and his agent mapped this out long ago. This season is already a waste, no need for him to come back and salvage what will only be for his personal interests and pocketbook, not anything relating to the teams' (unless by the grace of good fortune it opens their eyes to not forking over any exorbitant amount of money to re-up this broken down youngster). They seriously need as high a chance at a decent draft pick as they can get. Bynum coming back for a few set of games to be his personal showcase to the rest of the league can only serve to be a detriment to this franchises future.

He's never given a shit about this team, and probably never will. There's just no way I can bring myself to believe that he has broken down this much and to these lengths after just playing last May or June in the playoffs. How does 3-4 months of rest and therapy treatments lead to all this sudden "pain"? I mean, why wasn't he experiencing it at the end of last season? Maybe he was, who knows, but it didn't stop him from going out there and competing.

Even if he does come back at the end of this month attempting to show off his wares, only the fans left clinging to this thread of Bynum-hope will find it a positive and believe it will lead to success in the playoffs. Because let's be honest here, the meat grinder that is the playoffs, there's no way he'll be in the tip-top shape required to lead a team to victory after only 2 months of game action. And playing spot mintues he isn't going to squeak any team past a first round pasting. So might as well lick your wounds and settle into your proper place as a team/franchise for this year, lottery bound baby!

8th seeds I've become numb to. They get you nowhere but the flatline you've been the last 10 or so years.


Eh. You really think the strategy was to fake an injury and miss four months in a contract year? If so, I think he's gotten worse counsel than Royce White. And 2 months is more than enough time to get into game shape.

For draft position, they have the 11th-worst record right now, I'd say even if they lose the rest of their games, they still aren't in the bottom five at the end of the year. Looks like a shit draft class to me, too.

Anyway, if your hatred for Bynum is growing, look at it as Jrue actually having a viable weapon to work with for a couple of months, see what he can do in that situation. Everything he's done so far this year has been on his own.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Feb 5 at 8:53

I've sort of really felt all along that it wasn't so much to fake an injury for 4 months but instead to play this injury out as long as possible so he can only play a few set of games towards the end of the season as a showcase to the league for his next gargantuan contract. Believe I said this back in Nov/Dec. It was my thoughts then and they're pretty close to coming true as of now with the way this thing is going. After that trade, this season was never a priority as far as playing was concerned for him and his agent. They intended to milk it for all they could until the timing was right to trot him out there for 15 or 20 games so they could have a stronger negotiating point.

There will be a diamond or two in this draft. Maybe not a star per se, but there will be someone that will slip out of the top five that can be a good partner for Jrue going forward.

And sure I agree with you and would like to see what Jrue can do with a legit big man, but at this point I just don't want to even see that if it causes the team to win some games that they normally wouldn't have any business winning therefore jeopardizing the chance at lottery balls accumulating.

Some of his pain is probably legit, but to think that he has broken down this severely this quickly just leads me to believe it is all part of a bigger charade. Again, he was just playing a short 9-10 months ago and now the guy can't even jump, run sideways, or cut without any pain? That smells to me. Yeah, degeneration is a factor but I just don't see how it has degenerated so rapidly.

I'd think a full season would be the strongest negotiating point. Pushing it this far is going to chase some suitors away, possibly even the team that can pay him the most.

Anyway, not much to do about it now. I'm not all that interested in accumulating decent players in the draft. That keeps you at the eight seed.

why is it so difficult to believe he's legitimately injured again? he's been hurt every season of his career. last year was the exception.

The only thing Bynum said that was negative last night was that the injections didn't help him much. Everything else was pretty much the exact same statements he's been giving. Unless you are scared (and legitimately so) about the "...I guess" After he said "February return."
This Sixers team with injuries and roster is the absolute worst Sixers team talent wise since pre-AI. I think they have even less weapons than the EJ year.

Yeah, I don't think that's really debatable.

I'm wondering if there are any Turner lovers still out there beating the drum. What's the excuse du jour for his shitty play? Can't be Iguodala holding him back anymore. It's not a lack of minutes. He's got the ball in his hands plenty, so it really can't be that. I mean, even if Jrue just hates his guts and won't pass the ball to him, why doesn't he do anything when Jrue's out of the game, or the many times every game that he's bringing the ball up the floor himself?

He's been very up and down all season long. As we are approaching the end of his third season in the league, i'd say this might be a good time to trade him. I'm not as down on him as you are but he can be very hard to watch at times and with Jrue's and Thad's development i'm not sure anymore if he is all that important to the team. I'm sure there are teams willing to invest in him and the Sixers should try to cash in whatever they can.

The one thing about Turner's play of late that really stands out and is a red flag for me is his inability to play through mistakes and more importantly lack of success on a play-by-play play. And when i say inability i mean complaining to the refs, talking to himself, shaking his head in disbelief, instead of getting back on defense and hustling. When you want to be really good and you fail you should try harder IN-GAME and show some hustle. Turner is sort of doing it the other way round. I'm not as concerned about his inefficiency, lack of athleticism and not great playmaking ability, but this is inexcusable.

I started writing a post about that exact same thing this morning, but dropped it because I just didn't feel like writing about Turner today.

We'll see how my afternoon goes, maybe I'll finish it.

Mike reply to MikeW on Feb 5 at 9:38

i mean, that's just not true. in every single update he's given since he was cleared to resume basketball activities he has specifically said he has NO pain. last night was the first time he's said he is experiencing pain.

I don't have the time to look it up, but he's definitely been saying he needs to work some mechanical things out in that knee, and the docs said it would just happen w/ work. Sounded like there was a catch in there or something that's supposed to smooth itself out.

if we dont make the playoffs we keep our pick because its lottery protected, but if we do make the playoffs we lose the pick to the heat right?

and if we dont make the playoffs and keep the pick this year, then the heat get our pick next year? is it protected at all next year?

not making the playoffs this year and keeping the pick when there's a shitty draft class is such a sixers move. ugh.

I don't know the specifics. Usually, protected picks are protected for a couple years, then turn into second-rounders later or turn into unprotected picks. The Sixers also traded a protected pick in 2015 to the Magic in the Bynum deal, so I gather that pick to Miami expires after next year or turns into a second rounder.

Mike reply to Scott on Feb 5 at 9:45

the pick is lottery protected this season and next. in 2015 it's top-11 protected, in 2016 it's top-8

Hmmn. Then how did they trade their 2015 first rounder to Orlando? Is that pick owed to both of them, somehow?

they dont give Orlando a pick until they give Miami a pick

So if they make the playoffs every year, this year's pick goes to Miami, the 2015 pick goes to ORL. Otherwise, they line up for their picks whenever the protection doesn't kick in.

i think there is something that says the Orlando pick gets pushed back if Miami doesnt have our pick by then

The 1st round pick given to the Heat is lottery protected in 2013, 14', and 15'. It turns into a 2015 and 2016 2nd round picks if the Sixers miss the playoffs for the next 3 years.


The 1st round pick given to Orlando is lottery protected until 2017 and Orlando won't receive a 1st round pick in 2014 or 2015 unless the trade with Miami has been satisfied. In 2016 it is top 11 protected and in 2017 is it top 8 protected. If the Sixers still haven't satisfied the trade, with Orlando by 2017 the Magic will receive the Sixers 2nd round picks in 2017 and 2018.


Excellent. Thanks for the legwork.

Bynum 'guesses' that February is the target? Bynum still can't move laterally or jump without pain?

The whole "I guess" thing gives me pause. It gives me pause in 'well the team said I'd be playing sometime in February so I guess that's what we're looking at but hey - i'm just the guy who is injured'

I either saw or read a more definitive quote from him at some point yesterday or last night, I think. Who knows. Wait and see, as usual.

I was using the article that Mike quoted below.

What I read there doesn't sound encouraging to me. It leaves the wiggle room and the fact that only one knee is pain free is worrisome - he's still in pain jumping and moving laterally - that whole 'anti gravity' thing is nice - i.e. - my knees can't handle my entire body weight.


"Not a specific target date, but it's in February," Bynum said. Then added: "That's the target, I guess."

"They didn't really help that much, to be honest," Bynum said. "My right knee, I guess it feels phenomenal, but my left knee, I still feel a little bit of that stuff. It was an attempt at just trying to ease the pain a little bit."

"At this point, no. The only reason I wouldn't play would probably be a bone bruise or something like that. It's still in there, we're just trying to grind it up without creating a bone bruise," he said. "It's a fine line. It catches. It used to catch in my right knee, but it [cartilage] broke off and ground up. I don't feel anything in my right knee, so we're just hoping this one does the same."

"Now we're up to about 2-, 2 1/2-, 3-hour days," he said. "It's all running, elliptical, weights - lower and upper - and basketball at the same time. So it's good.

"Jumping and impact and lateral stuff is still tough. Defensive slides, getting low. It's almost like a range issue or a range-of-motion type of issue. I'm doing 75 to 80 percent [body weight on anti-gravity treadmill]. Still one-on-zero [on court]; it's more aggressive, but still one-on-zero. I hope to be at that stage soon, at least one-on-one, two-on-two."

grade 1 strain for thad, probably out at least 3 weeks

3 weeks from today is 8 games


3-5, probably.

Between 3-5 and 4-4 with Thad. Without him, i doubt they win more than two (Charlotte and Orlando). And even those are not a shoe in.

Minny has been pretty bad and the Clips have been absolutely terrible lately. Depends on how the other bigs play in Thad's absence. Need one of them, at least, every night to not completely suck.

Well, yeah, they play some bad teams but the Sixers without three starters (Bynum, Thad and Richardson) are not much more than a D-league team either. If you thought they rode Jrue too hard so far you ain't seen nothing yet. But who knows maybe we'll see a stretch of those "good" games from Hawes and Nick Young. They've been better since inserted in the starting lineup anyway.

Than again, without Thad the Sixers are really really bad, like worst in the league bad:



Thad is a top 15 player in the NBA in on/off court. He is very high every single year.

And if you want specifics look at the offensive numbers without Thad. The Sixers offense without him this year has fallen to pathetic levels: 95.1 points per 100 possessions. That's far worse than any team in the league. And their defense (107.2) is not much better.

Those haven't been updated for a while, but the point still holds. b-r.com has a bunch of new stuff on player pages. Shot locations and on/off being two of them.

The numbers i posted are from b-r.com (i love their new stuff). They just don't have a comparison for all players in the league (or at least i couldn't find one) which is why i also used 82games (which are not updated). The numbers are even worse since the update...

Yeah, I missed the first link. That new stuff at b-r.com has me mesmerized.

Yeah the clips have been 'terrible' and that will happen if you lose chris paul and then blake griffin.

I'd say if either of them play against the sixers - even with a healthy Thaddeus Young - they bitch slap the sixers.

Eh, they missed Griffin for one game, not the previous 6 losses in 8 games. The Sixers have been missing Bynum the entire year and they haven't been that terrible.

Chris Paul being out those 8 games probably had nothing to do with it right?

I'm sure it did. Is he expected back any time soon?

He and Griffin both listed day to day whatever that means - griffin was scratched shortly before the wizards game - no word on how much longer either is out.

Just one of them back I believe is enough to beat the sixers cause, well, the sixers bench is weak - deandre jordan has shown improved offense and can out rebound the sixers 'front court' all by himself if need be - when you said 3 wins i assumed you were picking orlando, milwaukee, and charlotte

And i wouldn't be surprised to see them lose that Milwaukee game

Actually, I had Minny as the third. Just going by records. But there are other winnable games in there. Clips. Indy in 3rd of 3 straight, Milwaukee. Even the Knicks game if Jrue abuses Felton again. They've been defending much better of late, if they can keep that up w/out Thad, maybe they get 4. I think 3-5 is a decent bet at this point over the 8 games. Bynum also might be back for some of those games :)

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 5 at 15:28

Brian's point is, the Clippers were 2-5 in the healthy Griffin, no-Paul stretch. Including a blowout by the Raptors and a loss to the Suns. So, possibly a winnable game.

That presumes Paul doesn't play - I've heard no report that he's been given a long term out diagnosis - I mean we all know you have psychic abilities and inside sources so maybe you know

Isn't he listed as out indefinitely? That's what I'm seeing.

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 5 at 18:18

I think "possibly a winnable game" is totally consistent with the POSSIBILITY that Paul might get better in time for our game. In that case, it wouldn't be a winnable game. But if he is out, it's at least a game we have a chance in.

Scott reply to sixerfan1220 on Feb 5 at 13:11

I'm not going to care about Bynum's injury situation until he returns to the court and shows what he can do. I wouldn't re-sign him if he doesn't play at all this year and I wouldn't re-sign him if he doesn't look like he'll regain his athleticism. The speculation over his injury and the deciphering of his statements seem like a waste of time. I'll worry about his long term impact when he returns to the court.

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