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A Big Game?

if memory serves jrue always seems to turn the ball over vs the bucks and Brandon Jennings seems to catch fire vs the sixers, hopefully that changes tonight

18 assists/16 turns vs. MIL this year in 2 games. Definitely need to reverse that trend, and stop Jennings. Jennings is in the middle of a terrible shooting streak. 21/75 over his last four games, 28%. All MIL losses. That trend needs to continue.

Rob_STC reply to Brian on Feb 13 at 10:01

One of the biggest issues with this team and Doug always says it is the lack of speed and lateral quickness. The 50-50 balls they don't get and when they do get a stop on D they never seem to get any run outs even on the long rebounds. They just don't have the athletes aside from Thad. Pargo can help with that some but I am slighly disappointed in D. Wright. Over the past years he has been a better player then what he has shown with the Sixers. I would venture to say though that if he took Turner's minutes I think that would help him.

This views Holiday through an extremely narrow lens, but interesting.

No one's a bigger fan than me, but he's got a long way to go to reach the elite level. Maybe he gets there when he gets someone else of value to work with, maybe not. Right now, he's been very good in the role he's being asked to play, but the efficiency is dropping like a rock and if this trend becomes the norm, it's not going to be pretty. Hope he turns it around tonight.

SixersRising on Feb 13 at 11:01

I agree with Brian that playing Wright at the 4 makes sense for the matchup tonight with Ilyasova. But the reason Dorell hasn't even held his own minutes [much less taken them from Turner] is lack of consistent effort on defense.

That's the reason Golden State let him go. They wanted a culture change to become more responsible on D which in my mind is the reason that Wright and Monta Ellis were expendable. The result? GS is now a playoff team.

Even though their record is roughly the same since Skiles left, this Bucks team doesn't look nearly as good to me. Would be a nice break if Larry Sanders is still out.

Sixers need to get off to a good start tonight ... then grind it out. Bucks have lost to two straight bad teams, I'm rooting they make it three.

Question: If Bynum actually manages to sit out the entire season with bowler's knee, should be Sixers try and sign Oden? He'd cost less to sit on the bench as our theoretically dominant big man.

GSW is coming back down to earth, and their defense is mostly the problem. They're down to 19th in DFR and falling.

jrue the favorite to win the skills challenge at 3/1

link? Don't even know who else is in it.

Jrue is 3/1 to win the Skills comp, Parker and Lillard (my pick) at 7/2, Lin 4/1, and Knight and Teague 11/2. (Underrating teague)

Yeah, I don't think Jrue wins it. He's going to hit a tire or two. He'll be good in the dribbling, but the passing is always what kills guys.

Found it.

Jrue is 25/1 to win the MVP in the actual game :)

Mike reply to Brian on Feb 13 at 12:23

that seems really high

sanders ruled out, dalembert to start

this is a insider piece but this surprised me a little

on trading for josh smith, "Look for the 76ers, who have been dangling both Spencer Hawes and Evan Turner to other teams, to be a potential landing place."


Where do I sign? If Smith walks at the end of the year (and I'd probably rather let him walk than pay him what he thinks he's worth), you get out of $13M owed Spence and Turner.

OK, so how good would a Jrue, Shooter, Thad, Josh Smith, Bynum lineup be?

Big Will reply to Brian on Feb 13 at 13:48

Without Bynum it's still not very good.

Looking forward, assuming Bynum comes back, is that a workable team? As in, Bynum comes back and dominates, then this summer they decide they're going to re-sign Bynum. Would you lock yourself into that 4-man core for the next 3 years, minimum?

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 13 at 14:36

I don't really like cores where there's only one guy who can really shoot and he's called Shooter because we haven't found him yet. I also don't really like Smith, who has the worst shot selection in the league and still is basically playing on pure talent. But maybe it's better than any of the alternatives. I found this comment from Chad Ford in his chat bizarre:

"I think Turner is one player who is definitely available. Ditto for Spencer Hawes. That package should be able to get them a quality player. They seem to be to be a natural fit for Josh Smith ..."

Why isn't no return for Smith better than being locked into Turner and Hawes? They have, at least in my opinion, a pretty decent shot at signing Howard this offseason. Do they really need to lock up some salary on a shooting guard who can't shoot or a backup center whose only plus skill is mid-range shooting? They're already in decent shape at Turner's position with Lou anyway.

Yeah, that doesn't make much sense to me.

Say the "shooter" is someone at the level of Nick Young or Richardson in the short term. Or say it's a rotation of those two guys exactly. Does that lineup work?

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 13 at 15:30

I mean, offensively such a lineup might only be league-average or a little better, but they would defend. So maybe we'd be a better version of the Pacers. I really can't believe we'd win anything but we'd be giving ourselves a long shot at contention.

The offense would depend on how much they can get out of Bynum. If they can get 25%+ usage at 58%TS or better, that really brings the entire offensive performance up. You'd think the extra attention on him would bring up Jrue's efficiency and definitely the SG. Should be really good looks to go around. I don't think it's a stretch to think they could be a top-ten offense as well.

Man, Smith's efficiency has fallen off a cliff the past two years. His usage should be right around 20%, not 28%.

Honestly, i'd try to figure out the offense later. Jrue/shooter/Thad/Smith/Bynum would be an unbelievable defensive team IMO. With the league being P&R driven these days, Thad and Smith would wreck havoc on opponents offenses. Imagine last years team with Bynum instead of Brand and far more size overall.

Offensively i agree that the team won't be a good fit, but on paper Bynum and Thad are both efficient players and Jrue could become one with so much presence inside. If the shooter is good shooter he should be a plus as well. Even if Smith doesn't become an efficient scorer and Bynum's and Thad's efficiency falls due to bad fit it still should be a good enough offense to contend.

Oh yeah and perhaps most importantly, with Thad + Smith at forward the Sixers would be built to beat the Heat. Not only would they have two players to guard him, but they also have Jrue to guard Wade, and Bynum to terrorize them on the offensive end.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 13 at 17:48

I guess we could be a top ten offense with that team, though we'd be vulnerable to zones and defenses that clog the paint. More importantly, though, Atlanta will never do this. I don't think Chad Ford has heard that they will, he just thinks it would make sense because of his own skewed assessment of Turner's talent, which he probably hasn't revisited since the draft.

The thing is every single team would clog the paint against that team. They do it against the Sixers anyway...

The thing that would really worry me about getting Josh Smith is that you'd be putting him into a system that really likes the long two. I can see Collins encouraging him to take every open jumper he gets, which would be disastrous.

On the defensive end, I think having those interchangeable parts at the 3/4 would open a lot of doors. And having them get beat off the dribble by quicker 3s would be less of an issue w/ 2 legit shotblockers underneath. It would certainly be an interesting team, with the potential to be both really good and underwhelming. Agree with you that there's no incentive for ATL to make that trade, though.

They mention Utah as a team that would possibly be interested in Turner in the same article. Someone mentioned them here yesterday (was is Xsago?). Good call.

Yeah, they make a lot of sense IMO. They desperately need playmaking from their wings and already have plenty of inside presence. Also i think Utah could be a good spot for Turner's psyche.

MCT reply to Xsago on Feb 13 at 16:55

Yeah he looks like he could be part white, Utah will go easy on him :) They love them some white folks out in Utah.

Who do you think they would offer for him? One of the older bigs?

Not sure, but considering Jefferson and Millsap are the only two guys that are truly available i guess he could be part of a deal for them. Not sure the Sixers would be the landing spot for Milsap or Jefferson though. It could be a three team trade.


I think the Hawks would ask for T. Young

Nerlens Noel tore his ACL. wonder if he drops at all in the draft now...

doubt it

When Josh Smith first came into the league, he was projected as a SF. Can he still play SF?

He can guard SFs. Neither he nor Thad are really SFs on offense. Don't want either of them shooting jumpers.

Rich reply to Brian on Feb 13 at 14:52

Thad has had a lot of trouble with staying in front off the dribble against small forwards in the past. But it would be interesting what Collins could do with "Jrue, shooting guard, Thad, Smith, and Bynum." Thad's lack of lateral quickness is protected by two shotblockers and Bynum's lack of mobility is protected by two excellent rotational defenders. They could actually be scary on that end. Offensively, it's not a great fit at all. The shooting guard would have to be a knockdown three-point shooter.

I'm with you in that I'd do the deal and let Smith walk. It takes the 11 million dollars owed to Turner and Hawes off the books.

sixerfan11 on Feb 13 at 16:04

Look at this trade that would get us Josh Smith, Monta Ellis,and Klay Thompson without giving up Jrue, Thad or Bynum! http://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine/

sixerfan11 on Feb 13 at 16:12

the link is messed up. The Sixers would give away Turner, Hawes, Nick Young,Richardson, and Wright and recieve Josh Smith, Klay and Monta. The hawks would give Horford, Josh and Harris for Bogut, Hawes, Richardson, and Turner.The bucks would give Monta for Harrison Barnes and Horford. The warriors would give Klay, Bogut and Barnes for Devin HArris, Nick Young, and Wright. I came up with this and tell me would you do it. Jrue,Klay,Thad,Smith,Bynum with Monta,Pargo,Damien Wilkins, Ivey, kwame, Lavoy, Moultrie, lou Amundson bench

Why on earth would the Warriors do that. That is horrific on their part.

sixersfan11 on Feb 13 at 16:30

warriors would do it b/c bogut is injury prone and they will get back two shooters plus devin harris which would give golden state the best 3-way point guard combination in the league outside of the clippers

So you think they'd give up 3 starters, 2 of which are great young talents with star potential, for expiring contracts? Because Harris, Young and Wright are nothing more than expiring contracts. They have zero trade value, because at this point in their careers they are nothing more than 8th man on a good team. The Warriors wouldn't trade Bogut for these players, let alone add Thompson and Barnes to the deal. And who says the Warriors want to move Bogut to begin with.

Complicated deals like this never work. Oh yeah i just realized you think Ellis is worth Horford and Barnes. LOL!!! This is probably the most ridiculous trade idea ever.

wow dude

mymanjrue on Feb 13 at 18:09

josh smith for turner and hawes i would do in a heartbeat. the fake trade i posted awhile back was turner and thad for smith, that i dont think i'd pull the trigger on. do think atl would want thad in any deal for smith though

Thad for Smith is a no-no. Thad will have a much better contract and the difference between them is minimal.

Alright, made it home on time.

just think, we'll get an entire week without these guys in only 48 minutes...

All I ask is that you don't completely piss me off with apathy in this game. I don't think that's outrageous.

Starting the two bigs, think that's a mistake unless they make a conscious effort to work Lavoy in the post.

Aaaand we're off....Hawes loses the tip.

Good action on that first play. A couple nice cuts and Young gets a layup.

eddies' heady's on Feb 13 at 20:11


It would have been hysterical if they showed a clip of Turner with a Hawaiian style shirt on before the game after this comment, lol

MCT reply to MCT on Feb 13 at 20:12

this was in response to Brian's apathy comment

And yet again, Nick Young gets the tougher defensive matchup.

jrue long 2

Jrue hits his first.

well the long two offense seems to be working so far

eddies' heady's on Feb 13 at 20:13

Jrue lets Jennings blow right by him to the rim for a layup

Hawes attacks the mismatch. Wow.

eddies' heady's on Feb 13 at 20:14

They've got Spencer chasing Ilyasova at the arc.


Evan Turnerover x2.

Adios, Turner.

eddies' heady's on Feb 13 at 20:15

Heh, Pargo in for ET already.

That's not a fucking walk. Ugh.

Turner will be traded this weekend I think

eddies' heady's reply to MCT on Feb 13 at 20:17

I'd give anything for you to have some concrete insider info

Ah, fuck it, prayer might have as good a chance of helping

no insider info here, unless you count the ESPN raping for "Insider" access, but it just seems like it's moving in that direction to me....I hope it happens

eddies' heady's reply to MCT on Feb 13 at 20:22

I never thought I'd see the day you actually would say that. Seriously.

I've said it many, many times over the past year and a half. Haven't said many good things about his game, mostly negative. So not sure why this is a surprise but no need to hash on it.

hahaha Sammy D misses the oop and then Pargo blows on the other end

Nice hustle by Nick on that loose ball. Ellis was a little casual. Keep that shit up, it'll pay dividends.

Jrue to Nick for three.

1st quarter free throws!

Spence to the line!

(every time a Sixer goes to the line, it gets an exclamation point)

eddies' heady's on Feb 13 at 20:19

Come on Jrue....

Man, you don't need to foul that dude. It's like 50/50 if he'll hit a wide open dunk.


Nick for three again.

and Spence is 20 feet away from Ilyasova on the other end.

Jrue oop to Arnett. Weird having a big who can dunk out there.

eddies' heady's on Feb 13 at 20:23

Jrue oop to Arnett!

Nick to the line!

eddies' heady's on Feb 13 at 20:24

That was a pretty nifty, very quick pivot-foot spin move from NYoung there. Fouled to the line!! (exclamation points counting with each trip)

stop fouling him, 2 on nick

Fouled Mbah a Moute again? Come on.

Turner back in. Should've gone w/ Wilkins :)

Nice roll by Arnett. Jrue to him for the layup.

eddies' heady's on Feb 13 at 20:26

Arnett rolling to the hoop again. Bucket.

a big that rolled, caught it and finished it!!!!!!

If you're going to be fat, the least you can do is use it in post defense, Turner.

eddies' heady's on Feb 13 at 20:27

Jrue delivers a nice pass to Turner on an actual nice cut and

Turnerover fucks it up by traveling.

Turneroverx3. Would've been a layup for about 100 guys playing in the d-league right now.

three TO's already, set a fucking record why don't you, ET

As a Turner supporter it really pains me to say this but....my God I am so sick of him.

sissy putback

Hawes playing with good energy and aggression tonight.

eddies' heady's on Feb 13 at 20:30

Spencer cleans up Turner's heavy shot from 7 feet.

Turner can't get by Dunleavy on the dribble. Spence cleans up the slop.

MCT reply to Brian on Feb 13 at 20:31

x2, but the next one went in somehow...ugly shit

eddies' heady's on Feb 13 at 20:31

ET over Dunleavy. Baseline J.

Heh, fallaway after Dunleavy stones his penetration again. Good!

Blown bunny.

eddies' heady's on Feb 13 at 20:32

Turner blows the bunny. Geez

ET's finish has been so so so suspect lately. Getting some decent shots from under 15 feet. Still can't score

And again

Jesus, Turner.

woah what can't this rookie do!!

how many easy shots can a player miss in one game

eddies' heady's on Feb 13 at 20:34

Not a bad quarter. So if Turner wasn't out there fucking up we'd be up 20?

To be fair Tuner "fucking up" meant him creating quite a few easy shots....he just couldn't make them.

It is preferable to miss 4 inside 10 feet over 4 long twos. I'll give him credit for that.

stonedeightytoo reply to MikeW on Feb 13 at 20:52

if we're ignoring the 3 early turns then yea

PHI 28, MIL 18 after one.

Getting good looks. Energy looks good. Three more like that, then Bahamas time!

nice shot from jrue even though it didnt count

woops mean pargo


Wright to the line!!!

Why are they waiting until there are 4 seconds on the clock to even move the ball toward the hoop?


Good work, Moultrie.

Moultrie to the line!!!

eddies' heady's on Feb 13 at 20:38

Moultrie o-board. To the stripe!!!!

Turner should really be going in the post w/ Ellis on him.

Great cut and nice find by Pargo.

Turner pointing fingers after Dunleavy hits a three on the other end. Not an exaggeration.

eddies' heady's on Feb 13 at 20:41

Good pass Jeremy. Dorell.

How does Dunleavy get that open that quick? for 3? ET gives instructions to Dorell about something.

Wow, Turner bailed out of another turnover.

Jrue back in.

eddies' heady's on Feb 13 at 20:42

Jrue 4 3!


jrue 3 but that was a bad possession

eddies' heady's on Feb 13 at 20:42

Ellis got that o-board w/ Moultrie, Dorell, and Lavoy all right there.


very nice Jrue, just keep attacking and keep the damn ball away from ET

Clean the glass, folks.

Jrue with the easy deuce. Ball fake was purty.

Not a great possession. Shot clock violation.

Don't relax, please.

bad shot jrue

eddies' heady's on Feb 13 at 20:47

Bad brick by Jrue. Way long on that J.

Jrue passes up open 3 for contested long 2....#1 pet peeve for Wright and Jrue IMO


Don't like the shot, Jrue. Just get in the friggin' lane.

What a garbage shot. Jrue to Spence for a deuce.

Nice, Jrue. Just do that all night.

eddies' heady's on Feb 13 at 20:50

Dammit Jrue, away with that underhanded shit down there. COme on

Bleh, then he turns it over on the next drive. Had Spence, just a bad pass.

Future Sixer Josh Smith has 30, 10, 5 and 2 blocks at the end of three.

He's trying to play his way to Philly.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 13 at 20:56

Turner and Hawes are totally fair value for him.

Wilkins in. But not for Turner.

eddies' heady's on Feb 13 at 20:54

Good block Jrue, on Jennings.

Jrue w/ great D moving his feet, then a block to finish it on Jennings.

I can't believe this guy has drawn three fouls.

Nick to the line!

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Feb 13 at 20:56


I like the fact that we have an 85% shooter from the line on the team.

Turner completely lost Dunleavy on that play.

Bank closed for Jrue.

bring wilkins in, cant rebound

eddies' heady's on Feb 13 at 20:57

Get the fucking rebounds!!!

8 o-boards this quarter. That's pitiful.

Wilkins hits a foot on the line, cheap assist for Jrue.

Had Hawes cutting there. Turner hits in the paint. How about a stop, huh?

evan to the rim

eddies' heady's on Feb 13 at 21:02

Turner, dominate please. Danny Ferry just may be watching kid.

Doug trying to save Jrue from getting his third foul in the last two minutes. Keep it at 10, please.

Turner to the hole. Are you watching Danny Ferry?

wow that monta ellis what a finisher

eddies' heady's on Feb 13 at 21:04

Turner blows a bunny and then spreads his wings at the ref in amazement at the no call.

And the Bucks get numbers going the other way while he complains.

Turner complaining while the Bucks break down the floor. Fitting end to the half.

PHI 50, MIL 43 at the half.

Hate ending halves like that. Fuckers.

Nuggets having serious troubles w/out Iguodala.

Gallinari is out too.

bulls/celtics, first to 50 might win

Turner, Wright and Nick for Josh Smith and Lou Williams. Conserves Atlanta's cap space. No one left to play the wing on the roster, though.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Feb 13 at 21:19

What's so bad about that? It's almost like no one's playing the wing now, so.

30 minutes/game for Wilkins?

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Feb 13 at 21:24

I could live with some combination of he and Thad if it meant getting rid of Turner. I mean, they had Thad guarding Durant and some other star earlier this season.

isn't there some rule about teams not trading for guys they let leave? or is that just if you trade them away?

oh hey sixers about to blow that lead already

only if they trade them away. They could trade for Lou.

lavoy tip in

Damnit. That was the same play he turned it over on the last time they met. Don't fucking blow this game.

Turner's draft class buddy Paul George with 23, 12 and 12 tonight.

Lavoy dunk. Nice feed by Turner. Good play out of the timeout.

jrue steal and dunk

Play some fucking defense.

Turner to the hole.

eddies' heady's on Feb 13 at 21:25

Come on Jrue, bad shot and a brick at that.

O-board....ET with a layup and wail out at the ref for a call.

Hawes with a handoff to Ilyasova in the lane. Awesome.

Fucking turnovers.

can we haz more moultrie yet?

Turnovers + o-boards = trouble.

Jrue should've taken the 6-footer instead of passing to Hawes for the 20-footer.

Dunleavy at the 4? Come on, just post up. Or do that.

Great steal, Jrue.

Turner to the line!

eddies' heady's on Feb 13 at 21:30

Knock em down Ev, knock em down.

Or make these freebies!!!!!!

Jrue to Lavoy, lead back to 9.

jrue to lavoy, good job to push it to 9

so is it gritty playoff veteranness that is letting them push the lead back up to 9 here...or just lack of talent by the Bucks?

Turner's man falls down, he still turns it over. Fuck.

eddies' heady's on Feb 13 at 21:35

Damn Turnerover. RUnout on other end. Can't get by Dunleavy again.

Jrue should've gotten the whistle there. Lavoy did.

Lavoy to the line!

They're free.

Think that was Jrue's second block. Better win this, Lavoy. Nope.

ok so how about you sit 00 and put in the one center who's not completely terrible?

Jesus, this guy is helpless offensively and they just keep fouling him.

Gotta hit that, Hawes.

Hawes to the line!

Pretty feed by Jrue.


It's funny, they've gotten to the line so rarely, it's like their shitty shooting from there hasn't bothered me so much lately.

Jrue out. Ivey/Pargo back court for the final two minutes. Ugh.

eddies' heady's on Feb 13 at 21:42

ET to the line!!!!!!!!!

hey remember that time last year lavoy actually looked good but only compared to 00 and the other guy being so awful? #freemoultrie

evan jumper

eddies' heady's on Feb 13 at 21:43

ET pullup

That's a blatant goaltend.

eddies' heady's on Feb 13 at 21:44

That was goaltending on Sammy there. Clearly on the way down.

Sometimes I miss watching Sammy's blatant goaltends

ivey 3!

Ivey43!!! Big shot. Get a stop now to end this quarter.

eddies' heady's on Feb 13 at 21:45

Pargo drive and kick to Ivey for 3

PHI 75, MIL 72 after three.

Don't fuck around, Doug. Put Jrue in to start the fourth and play the rest of the way. Need this win in the worst way.

*Shaking with anger* why did 97.5 just tweet "Sixers said "no" to Josh Smith"???

Tray reply to MikeW on Feb 13 at 21:49

Maybe they asked for Thad.

Looks like it was just something Mitchell said. Fucking boob.

Jrue's playing the three in this lineup, I believe.

sissy jumper

Hawes J. Come on, string together some stops.

FLOP on ellis there no?

15+ shots for Turner typically means a loss.

eddies' heady's on Feb 13 at 21:54

Gave up the lead. Don't think they've lost this year when going into the 4th quarter with a lead.

Jrue to Spence, blown bunny.

JRUE TO THE LINE!!! Stop the presses.

eddies' heady's on Feb 13 at 21:57

ET back in for Ivey. Go on a tear.

eddies' heady's on Feb 13 at 21:58

ET throws an oop that hits the front of the rim. He's done that several times lately.

sissy tip in

eddies' heady's on Feb 13 at 21:59

Spencer follow.

Good job, Spence.


How was that off the Sixers? It went off Udoh's arm? God damnit.

eddies' heady's on Feb 13 at 22:00

On that Jrue drive there, he has to get to the line somehow instead of going under the rim w/ the left hand. He needs to just throw his body into the defender and absorb the contact like Lou used to do.

eddies' heady's on Feb 13 at 22:01

They foul Mbah a Moute again. Touch foul but still.

thought he walked.

I don't know, folks. Looking lifeless. He's probably going to miss this freebie and they'll get the o-board.

Hawes to the line! Should've dunked and gotten the plus one. Fucker.

eddies' heady's on Feb 13 at 22:05

Damn Sammy, how?

Jrue to the line! Needed points desperately on this trip. hit the freebies.

Sammy pushed off big time there

eddies' heady's on Feb 13 at 22:07

Call the fucking foul!! Hawes got pushed.

Pretty pass from Jrue to Hawes. Come on, get a stop AND a rebound.

eddies' heady's on Feb 13 at 22:08

Turner palmed the shit out of that ball. Lucky they called a foul.

Get the fucking rebounds. God damnit.

if only the sixers had a sam dalembert

sissy jumper

eddies' heady's on Feb 13 at 22:11

Really small here. Spencer J.

Show some fucking urgency. You're down by 5.

now 3. Jrue to Hawes.

Jrue to Turner. Another stop.

eddies' heady's on Feb 13 at 22:13

Spencer .... BRICK!

eddies' heady's on Feb 13 at 22:13

How the fuck did Jrue lose that ball? No one hit it did they?

Think Jennings did. From behind.

Court_visioN on Feb 13 at 22:14

Dammit Jrue.


Got his fucking pocket picked. I almost got excited for a second. Jrue should be on Ellis here.

Nice move, Turner. FOUL.

eddies' heady's on Feb 13 at 22:15

Man, I thought Jrue should have kept attacking before the D got set and across midcourt.


Still have 3 timeouts. They aren't in the penalty yet? Jesus. Bet they blow this inbound play and waste another 3 or 4 seconds.

Yup. 3 free seconds. Fucker. How did they not know that play was coming?

Use the timeout. Go for the quick two. You've got 3 timeouts.

go for the 3

wow, we got a rebound on a missed FT! Oh man I'm fucking nervous right now

OK, somewhere below the equator TK76 is screaming for the Sixers to take a three for the win. If they do, I want it to be Jrue or Nick.

Court_visioN on Feb 13 at 22:19


questionable play there.

wow that could have went better...a quick jump shot? why?


Court_visioN on Feb 13 at 22:21

Royal you idiot. Ballgame.

he had no business being on the floor in that situation, why Doug?


eddies' heady's on Feb 13 at 22:22

Great pass and choke Ivey. Grrreeeeaaattttt

Fitting end.

PHI 92, MIL 94 final. F me sideways. Have fun in Houston, Jrue. Have fun in the Bahamas, Turner. Hopefully you'll be changing your return flight to a different city.

I guess Jrue is the potg, but it didn't feel like it.

eddies' heady's on Feb 13 at 22:24

That was a bullcrap look and quick J from Jrue off that inbounds play. Just not a preferable look or shot in that situation. Too much time was left to pull that jumper, wonder if that was actually the desired look drawn up or if he broke off and freelanced.

Seemed like the play. Get the pass and drive. He pulled up early. Bad play. Spence had a follow dunk that he muffed. Then the Ivey turnover. Ugh. OK, down 4 heading into the break, on the wrong end of the tiebreaker.

doug's rotations have been really bad

Toronto closes to within 2 games, surviving a 4-21 shooting night from Gay to beat New York at MSG. Detroit closed to within 2.5 behind 16 and 18 from Monroe, along with 24 points (6 threes) from Calderon and 20 and 8 in 21 minutes from Will Bynum.

6-15 now when Turner takes 15+ shots. Though he wasn't terrible tonight. Good in the fourth, actually.

buke reply to Brian on Feb 13 at 22:44

His defense was better, too.

I actually thought they played a pretty good game for a change. One of the problems tonight was a familiar one: when Hawes comes out to take a shot, no one else is near the basket for an offensive rebound or a possible inside pass. I wish Collins would play Moultrie more minutes because the guy does attack the board. I also wonder why Nick Young went silent in the second half.

johnrosz on Feb 13 at 22:31

I love how Doug pretends Moultrie isn't the best big on the team tonight, gotta stick with big spence, his long 2's are invaluable

They had 2 timeouts left. Doug actually saved them this time.

19 minutes for the best healthy big the sixers have, 7 for the best wing?

I really don't even want to see this team in the playoffs and luckily for me it doesn't look like they have much hope to make it anyway.

Clippers just had 46 in the first quarter. Houston has 28 and they're getting blown out.

Disappointing game. At this point i really can't see them making the playoffs. They effectively need to makeup 5 games over Milwaukee, with 19 of the remaining 31 games on the road, Thad out until early March and Bynum out indefinitely. And since Bynum still hasn't even practiced one on one, let alone 5 on 5, it's hard to believe he will be back soon after the allstar break.

At this point, i'd say it's time to blow it up. If you can get Smith for Turner and Hawes, you have to do it IMO, because it's the type of all or nothing move the team needs, but if you can't i say keep Jrue, Thad, Allen and Moultrie and try to get as many expiring contracts, good value contracts and/or picks for the others as possible. They could even end up with a top 10 pick as a bonus, because they will inevitably lose a ton of games.

Mike reply to Xsago on Feb 14 at 8:04

i think they think Bynum is going to play. and they still want to see what the team looks like with him in the middle. unless they get word before the AS break that he is out for the season, they're not going to do anything.

Mike reply to Mike on Feb 14 at 8:05

should say before the Trade Deadline

buke reply to Mike on Feb 14 at 11:10

Another question that may be going through their heads is whether the potential trades now get them anything more than potential trades in the off-season. As much as I would like to watch some different players for the rest of the year, trading now may reduce their bargaining options later. We've heard about a possible Josh Smith trade but who knows if the Sixers are really in the mix for that one.

We keep hearing about the trade bait of Evan Turner and Spencer Hawes, but maybe an expiring contract player like Nick Young is more attractive to a playoff bound team. He gave some valuable bench scoring during the playoffs last year.

Matt reply to Xsago on Feb 14 at 11:51

Can someone clarify their pick situation?

I thought the Sixers owe 1st round picks for the Bynum deal and the Moultrie deal. Basketball Reference says its the 2014 pick for Bynum and only a 2nd rounder for Moultrie.

sixers make the playoffs: pick goes to miami

sixers miss the playoffs: keep pick

orlando doesnt get a 1st til Miami gets the pick from the moultrie deal

Also, the 1st round pick that should go to Miami will turn into 2 second round picks if they miss the playoffs both this year and next year.

Matt reply to Xsago on Feb 15 at 12:18

Thank you both. I thought it was an either/or thing for this year's pick with Miami and Orlando.

Collins can synthesize all-stars, can't crystallize teams. 'Broadcaster' is his natural place.

He's definitely failed to make a bunch of lemons into lemonade. I guess the hope is that Bynum is the necessary sugar. Problem is, w/ Bynum and Thad healthy, they have 2 legit starters, 1 situational starter, 3 rotation guys and nothing else. Tough to compete with that.

Thad - bad luck. Bynum - bad 16 million (castor oil, not sugar).

Collins disposed of and then gathered ingredients this summer. The product is on him, no matter how much tongue wiggles and waggles. All teams encounter setbacks. The condition of this team is inexcusable, though Harris, Aron & Co. appear to excuse. Empty seats are strong expressions.

Don't disagree about the personnel moves. Think he's failed as a GM rather than a coach, though.

Not impressed. He coaches up/blows smoke/inspires one or two at a time. A strong coach coalesces an entire group to perform. His doghouse-favorites game is regressive.

Collins is a 'flipper' - he'll make a team better in a year or two - then wears out his welcome and is gone...

I honestly have no idea what's going to happen w/ this team over the next 5 months or so.

Mike reply to Brian on Feb 14 at 14:03

really all depends on Bynum's health, though i guess that is obvious. if he's out the rest of the year they aren't going to make the playoffs & things could get ugly, but it might actually buy them more time since they still "will not have seen the roster as it's designed." (Dileo's new catchphrase) and i think they would still sign him & not just blow up the roster/fire the coach.

worst case scenario is probably if Bynum returns and is ineffective or just looks like a shell of the player he was last season. then they really have a problem.

Tray reply to Mike on Feb 14 at 14:21

Even if Bynum comes back, we have to go 20-11 to make the playoffs if you assume Milwaukee finishes 41-41. I think that's a whole lot to ask, especially since Bynum and Thad won't play in all 31 of those games. If they're both back by March 1, after a stretch in which we're likely to go 2-3 or 1-4 (@MIN, MIA, @NY, ORL, @CHI), they'd have to be 18-8 or 19-7 with Thad and Bynum - over .700.

Unlikely, not impossible. Also don't think MIL is a lock to finish at .500.

So great - best case scenario - 8 seed an and ass whiping from the heat that everyone tries to say is good cause of the 'experience'...cool - maybe the sixers will get lucky and lebron bosh and wade will run into each other, tear ACL's like the Rose luck of last year

It's looking less and less likely that it'll happen at all. But if Bynum does come back, I think there's value beyond pure experience in even getting swept in the first by Miami. They're going to have to evaluate where they are with Bynum in the lineup if they can. And not just evaluate where they are in a game against the Wizards in April, but evaluate where they are in a seven game series against a good team. This evaluation serves a couple really important purposes (a) do they re-sign Bynum and (b) if they do re-sign him, what pieces do they need to add to/remove from the current roster to be able to beat these teams in the playoffs going forward.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 14 at 14:51

I'd take the pick over whatever's gained by having this seven-game evaluation. What have we learned from previous first round defeats anyway - that we need more offense? They don't need to play anyone for whoever runs the team to know that.

Apparently, Collins learned he needed to get longer on the wings from the playoffs last year. Then he got longer and less athletic on the wings. And now he knows we need to be more athletic on the wings.

I think it would be meaningful to see how Miami tries to stop Bynum in a long series. Also meaningful to see if they can stop him.

If they don't make it, they don't make it. I'm not going to cry about it. And if they made a trade that hurt them for the rest of this season but helped in some way beyond this season, I'd be in favor of that. But in terms of actively trying to tank w/ the players on the roster right now vs. trying to get into the playoffs, I vote for the playoffs. A late lottery pick doesn't excite me. I'd be just as happy giving that pick up to Miami this year.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 14 at 16:12

As a lot of people have pointed out in this space, there's been a lot of talent drafted in the late lottery in recent years, in supposedly weak drafts. We might not get the next Paul George, but finding someone who can fill one of our many positional needs isn't unrealistic.

Yeah, I consider it negligibly more likely than getting a similar bit player with their first round pick next season. One of those picks is going to Miami. Doesn't matter to me which year.

buke reply to Tray on Feb 14 at 16:50

You're right - not unrealistic at all since the team has numerous "positional needs" and will likely have even more when the season is complete. Even if they don't trade anyone currently on the roster, Wright, N. Young, Pargo, Ivey, Wilkins, and Bynum could be gone. Right now I would guess that Kwame (or possibly Richardson) will be amnestied. Moultrie was a low first rounder but he's given the team a lift lately.

Can't use the amnesty on either of those guys. They can use the stretch on them, though.

buke reply to Brian on Feb 14 at 17:20

OK, looked it up. Didn't know the player had to be under contract when the new CBA was enacted and couldn't be used on a player traded past that time. I guess I didn't realize that it was only a one time remedial provision.

Yeah, the stretch works though. For Kwame, I think it would mean about a $1M cap hit for the next three years if they used it on him. For Richardson, maybe $3M/year for the next three. I'm hoping Richardson just retires, but it's doubtful.

Maybe they could just stop signing stupid contracts? I mean was anyone really going to give Kwame two years?

Doubt it. he's been a big part of this team's success, though.

I needed the laugh - thanks

buke reply to GoSixers on Feb 14 at 20:16

Well, I didn't think it was such a terrible idea at the time, but I didn't realize that a 6'11'' man-mountain with a decade of NBA experience would be too intimated and insecure to take a lay up or a 6-foot wide open jump shot. Did you? One doesn't normally expect such limitations from seasoned players of impressive physical proportions.

Had you never seen Kwame Brown play before? Seriously - fine he's been in the nba for a decade he's also been terrible for a decade...no demand...no need to give him a second year to make sure you get him - nothing special about it - just a guy who is tall

Well if you wanted to put up money on a Eastern Conference Finals appearance I bet you'd get AMAZING odds

I think making the play-offs is a complete pipe dream at this point. I don't think we are necessarily looking at late lottery at this point more like middle lottery. I was looking at the schedule and to my eyes unless Bynum comes back and plays significantly and well there is about 10-12 more wins on the schedule imo. They could finish easily finish with the 7-10th worst record in the league. Detroit, Toronto, Minnesota, and New Orleans could all plausibly pass the Sixers. Remember the Sixers have out perforemd there point differential playing the easiest part of the schedule. The should actually be worse. I'm not advocating tanking just saying I think we are heading to more then a late lottery pick. There are lots of l's coming.

Michael Jordan says in an interview that he'd take Kobe over Lebron

Demonstrating yet again that someone else should be running the NBA team he owns - and that just cause you can play something well doesn't mean you understand it

Scott reply to GoSixers on Feb 15 at 9:02

jordan's only reasoning was that kobe won more titles. lebron should have then replied with russell was twice as good as jordan since he won almost as many more titles.

Sure, but then my point still stands...Jordan doesn't know how to evaluate anything

Jordan is the best scorer ever, and for some reason that makes him the best player ever...I have never compared Lebron to Jordan, it's apples to oranges - Lebron is Magic 2.0 - and personally if I'm lebron, overall, I'd rather be compared to Magic than Jordan any day of the week

Funny quote from agent David Falk:

“You guys are in dreamland. Because this team [stinks] so bad you guys want John Wall to be someone he will never be. “Before Wall becomes Nenê, I would trade him and get rid of him," said Falk.
Falk continued by saying: "Let me ask you a question. Who’s bigger, Kyrie Irving or John Wall? John Wall. Who’s a better athlete? John Wall. Who’s faster? Who’s stronger? John Wall. Now, who’s a better player? Kyrie Irving. John Wall will never be as good as Kyrie Irving was in his first week in the NBA. You want to know the reason why just nine teams have won an NBA title in 40 years? Because if both of them came out today, 99 percent of all general managers would still take John Wall instead of Kyrie Irving. They’d take the athlete over the ballplayer. And they’d be wrong.”

Not shocking that the anti-athleticism rant would come from Evan Turner's agent :)

Mike reply to Brian on Feb 15 at 9:15

what was this in response to?

Don't know. I saw it on ESPN's rumors page.

I guess he probably could've worded this better and i don't think things are as black and white as he portrays them to be, but i actually agree with most of this. I too think that athleticism in the NBA has reached the point where it's overrated. It used to be underrated in the past, but it has become really overrated over time.

Really hard making that sale after watching 2.6 years of Evan Turner.

As i said it's not a black and white situation, but it's really hard to say the opposite as well, after so many athletes turned busts. And most of them were drafted high simply because they were athletic.

Also, Turner's issues are not so much in his relative lack of athleticism IMO. They are in his head.

His head doesn't stop him from beating Mike Dunleavy off the dribble.

I think it kinda does.

But anyway, the reason that the No.2 pick didn't produce a star for the Sixers can be attributed to two main factors and neither has to do with Turner's lack of athleticism (which was supposedly overlooked in this context:

- Bad draft class (Turner is still a top 10 player in the draft class, which has seen only one true star - so far)
- Bad scouting (The scouts must have figured out that Turner has mental issues with his approach to the game. That is inexcusable)

buke reply to Xsago on Feb 15 at 11:21

Agreed. Turner is no less athletic than Andre Miller was when he played here but their mental approaches and body languages sure look different. Brand seemed to have had below average athleticism the entire time he was here, too, but mostly he was steady and reasonably effective.

buke reply to Brian on Feb 15 at 11:14

OK, but how about the 2.6 years of watching Andre Miller?

I wouldn't use the #2 pick on Andre Miller, either.

I also think Miller is much more of an NBA athlete than Turner is. Miller always had a burst, he just used it sparingly. Seemed more sluggish than hampered by his athleticism. He also had elite skills needed for the position, which Turner doesn't. Not a good comparison in my mind.

buke reply to Xsago on Feb 15 at 11:13

Well, on this subject, I always refer back to Charles Barkley's quote about Stromille Swift:

That boy can run and jump like a deer. But, I would never put a deer in a basketball game.

Don't have to go to stromile swift - the sixers have a perfect example of a lottery athlete who was bad at basketball

Larry Hughes

Evan Turner lacks athleticism and basketball skill and IQ

Andre Miller is a better NBA player than Evan Turner

buke reply to GoSixers on Feb 15 at 13:26

Of course Andre Miller is a better basketball player than Evan Turner. That's not at issue. The theme was whether a player with unimpressive athleticism could be a valuable and successful player. So far Turner isn't those things and he may never be but others with unimpressive levels of athleticism have been.

Try to take a moment to digest the theme of a conversation before you exercise your natural inclination to jump on someone's words. You might just learn to control some of your obsessive oafishness. Compare yourself to your despised Evan Turner. Just think if he could train himself to refrain once in awhile from pouting to the refs every time things don't go his way. Eventually he might be able to refrain from doing it most of the time.

Evan Turner lacks athleticism and basketball iq, and seemingly the ability to have any kind of work ethic that sticks since his shot keeps sucking...he won't ever be a good NBA player because he lacks both athleticism and skill

buke reply to GoSixers on Feb 15 at 15:46

Again, the point wasn't about Evan Turner. You keep missing that.

Rob_STC on Feb 15 at 9:54

Just heard WIP rip Tony DiLeo as a GM. Funny they never talk about the Sixers but in a city where the Sixers are the 4th most popular franchise DiLeo doesn't have the personality to gain confidence from fans. That rumor that he shot down first of all, Atlanta in their right mind would never do that deal. And why regardless wouldnt the Sixers. Josh Smith has an expiring contract even if he wouldn't resign. 2 stiffs for a decent athletic big man. DiLeo certainly didn't endear himself to an already dead franchise in this city.

It's ridiculous to rip DiLeo at this moment IMO. Ever since he took over he's made one significant move and that was giving Holiday a 41 million dollar extension. As it turns out, that decision was a tremendous success, as Holiday probably would've gotten a max deal in the summer.

mymanjrue on Feb 22 at 23:14

WOW...thirty onepoints for Jeff Green tonight, Celts up thirty in the final moments of the fourth.

Green might be the number one beneficiary of the Rondo injury...more I see him lately the more I think that Danny Ainge WASN'T crazy giving him that big deal...at his best, he is electrifying. 31 points, 7 boards, 5 blocks, 4 assists two steals, 1 turnover tonight. 11-14 from the field, 3-5 from three, 6-7 from the line...I'd imagine there were at least one or two thunderous slams among those 11 field goals

Unfortunately, the 4/12 for 11 points he put up the following game is more the norm for him.

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