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A Couple Minor Moves

they have 2 round picks(theirs and the hornets)

if signing Amundson means less minutes for moultrie then i wouldn't do it, need to keep giving moultrie minutes especially since they wont be making the playoffs unless bynum returns

Playing Moultrie is another option.

Agreed. And, honestly, after being pretty bad in his few stints earlier (when reportedly he was still out of shape after his long injury absence), he's looked pretty good in the minutes he got since Thad went down. He is starting to look like a keeper to me and he needs minutes.

when was moultrie hurt?

As i understand it he missed the entire summer (July, August, September) with some kind of a foot injury. I think that's why he dropped in the draft (he was projected as a mid first round pick). Collins has said a few times (especially during training camp) that Moultrie needs time to get his basketball shape back after not playing (nor practicing) at all, all summer long.

I think they will definitely make a move, but it will be a smaller move. Wright, Young, Hawes and Kwame are all available IMO. I suspect the target will be picks and/or cap space.

My prediction is Wright to a contender for a high second round (if they somehow have one) or a very low first round pick + player whose salary they want to shed. Something like Wright to Chicago for Rip Hamilton and a future heavily protected pick.

Ugh. So they'd trade an expiring contract for a guy with another year left ($5M) for a late-first rounder? Why not just buy a late-first for $3M? I don't see the point of that. Sounds like something they'd do.

How do you determine that Toney Douglas is one of the better on-ball defenders? Is this based on reputation, some statistical measure, or from watching him play? I always wonder how people get labeled plus (or minus) defenders in this league without any good statistical evaluation method. For example, I've heard Turner judged as garbage defensively all the way to above average.

I determine it from observation, mostly. He's able to pressure the ball without getting blown by and without fouling too much. Has been since he came into the league. For a recent example, take a look at what he did to Turner when the Sixers played the Rockets w/out Jrue.

Good on-ball defense, to me at least, is all about making it difficult for teams to get into their sets, forcing ballhandlers into tough positions and really about short-circuiting sets. In that Houston game, Turner couldn't get the ball over half court without turning his back to Douglas and essentially backing him down from about 60-feet from the hoop. That's disruptive.

Yeah, Douglas is very good at pressure on the ball defense. Not sure he is good at off the ball defense though. I'm fine with him taking Ivey's role, but i don't think you can expect too much out of him. He looks like a career journeyman to me. And i think Turner is a better playmaker than him. I wouldn't count on him running the team even in limited minutes. He would have to play off the ball on offense IMO.

He's not a PG. Defensive specialist who can knock down a three (at least this season, he can). I'd put him in to cool someone down on the other team, or I'd use him to change the pace and force mistakes against the other team's second unit. Think it'd be an advantage. Pretty much an Avery Bradley type w/out the overblown Boston media frenzy. (Bradley can probably guard bigger guys, too)

SixersRising on Feb 19 at 10:46

Was that last line just a throwaway? Why would the Pacers do Granger for Hawes-Turner?

Apparently Hawes/Turner is worth a lot more than I thought it was.

The number 10 pick would not be awesome - perpetual no man's land - nice to be there

Paul George was a number 10 pick in Turner's draft. I wish the Sixers drafted 10th instead of getting lucky and jumping into the top 3.

#3, #7 or #10 would've been ideal. #1, #2, #4, #5 were all garbage.

Bigger #2 mistake - Darko or Evan Turner?

Darko. If Detroit had taken Melo they could've piggybacked on his unbelievable postseason success.

I understand that Turner has been disappointing as a number 2 pock but you guys are pushing it.

Is a core of Jrue, Bynum, and Josh Smith a championship contender? Would the Sixers be able to re-sign both Smith and Bynum (assuming they are willing to be re-signed)? I read that the Hawks were the ones to approach the Sixers about a Smith for Hawes/Turner deal. I guess the main question is whether or not Smith is enough of an upgrade over Thad to make it worth it - can't see them keeping both Smith and Thad from a financial/flexibility standpoint.

Cap-wise, they could go over to sign both Bynum and Smith. Whether they would/should is another matter.

Jack Straw on Feb 19 at 12:43

If he can be had for cheap, I'd pursue Dejuan Blair before setting my sights on Amundson.

Tuck reply to Jack Straw on Feb 19 at 13:21

I would love Blair. He always seems to be in trade rumors for the Spurs. Good stats in limited minutes and would improve our rebounding.

How about Turner and Hawes for Blair and Stephen Jackson? Both Blair and Jackson's contracts expire and it rids the Sixers from having to overpay Hawes and Turner next year. I'd also be happy to re-up Blair in the offseason on a small short term deal.

And you know Chicago would have made that deal how?

That's not right either

If it's 100% coaching you absolve the player from all responsibility, and things like effort

So wait

You think Brandon Jennings is an upgrade over Jrue Holiday?

Not really, no

Jack Straw on Feb 19 at 12:57

I don't see the advantage in replacing Holiday with Jennings, nor do i see the point in paying Thad, Josh Smith, and Ilyasova to essentially play the same position.

The best you could say about Doron Lamb is that he's a better Jodie Meeks, that's not high praise

However, this time, you'd be right 'massive upgrade' is hyperbole

Upgrade might be hyperbole

YoungGun13 on Feb 19 at 12:59

Sorry i don't want a guy that shoots under 40% from the field. Jennings also isn't good at defense and he probably would take 20 shots a game w/ the sixers which wouldn't be good

nah. Jennings is unstable and he wants a max contract. I wouldn't trade the only certainty we have on this team to make a marginal upgrade at PF.

Most teams are worried about the 2014 payroll and J-Rich is owed $6+ million that year.

Going to add onto the negative feedback here and say that I would never do that deal. IMO Jrue is both a more efficient offensive and defensive (defensive by a mile) player than Jennings, and Ilyasova and Lamb are role players at best. I ascribe to the thinking that you always want to land the best player in a trade. Jrue is that player in this deal.

Evan Turner was the national college player of the year

So what?

Anyone know what Doron Lamb shot from the field and from three in his two years at Kentucky?

Thinks that don't matter when evaluating an nba prospect

1. If he was a top 20 recruit out of high school
2. The number of minutes per game he played versus how he produced
3. Whether or not his team won a national championship

If these things mattered, more duke players would be successful

And people think I'm a troll

Yes. I don't trust Jennings; he seems like the player that will complain about his contract and get into arguments with the coaching staff. I'm satisfied with Jrue's production and his contract. It's not worth losing a player of Jrue's caliber in order to get Ilyasova.

What about Jason Richardson and Kwame Brown for Ben Gordon?

I think that a lot of guys contributed to national titles at Kentucky, and the best players from Kentucky leave after one year. Or they'd have won more titles.

I think once a guy comes to the NBA - his college stats don't matter - what matters is what he's done on the court - the bucks are terrible, he can barely get on the court, and when he does, he stinks

Yes, cause the bench is the sixers biggest problem

Ugh. Ignore the troll, I'll deal with it when I get home tonight.

It has 0 negative cap implications going forward does it?

When did Jennings sign a long term deal below max like Jrue did?

I couldn't care less how Turner does the rest of his career, I just want him off this team. Plus, I think it's more likely that Pops would turn Hawes into a more efficient player than Turner. And, if Pops helped Turner and Hawes become better players then it would just reinforce the idea that Collins is a mediocre coach and maybe the people (Sixers FO) who still think he's good at his job, would change their minds.

I'm not sure Hawes or Turner fit the mold of the types of players San Antonio goes after when they're looking 'beyond stars'. I've always felt Stephen Jackson was some sort of exception to their Spurs ways. I think Popovich would kill Hawes the first time he took a three in a game

Here are the names 'available' (after Smith, and the KG saga, which hinges on KG not being selfish and waiving his no trade clause because, those things, are inherently selfish) according to Marc Stein

Veterans who remain available in trade talks this week include San Antonio's DeJuan Blair, Cleveland's Omri Casspi, Charlotte's Ben Gordon, Brooklyn's Kris Humphries, Oklahoma City's Eric Maynor, Minnesota's Luke Ridnour, Phoenix's Sebastian Telfair and Washington's Jordan Crawford.

Did anyone else see this Sheridan Piece yesterday regarding 'cutting bait' on Bynum? Not that I disagree in principle - but his trade value has to be pretty darn low right now.

Check it out. Harsh words for Bynum

Only thing you've ever said that I agree with.

I suppose I should be more literal for the slow to catch on

I find no trade clauses inherently selfish and shouldn't be part of sports contracts - the fact that the NBA makes it almost impossible to get them into contracts indicates they feel the same way as well, the fact that Kevin Garnett would refuse to move to a better performing team after all the money the celtics have paid him demonstrates his selfishness (and idiocy, they don't want you, you're still getting paid and you'll be on a relevant team in LA).

I never understood no trade clauses - they're just awful for teams - and stupid in principle - whether or not they were negotiated is beyond the point (though in the NBA it's not a negotiation, there is a very strict set of parameters to get one - not like MLB where you can limit teams)

All no trade clauses will end up doing is create rancor - the fact that Garnett is rumored to be saying he'll invoke his no trade clause on ANY deal proves his selfishness...i doubt the celtics wanted to give it to Garnett - they just didn't have a choice.

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 19 at 14:32

Yeah, I see nothing selfish about them. Basically, your idea is that a team player should be so loyal to his team, or grateful for what it paid him at least, that he should be willing to be traded to any city or franchise in order to help his team get better. (Or at least most - maybe you're okay with selective no-trade clauses that allow trades to winning teams.) Which is a little weird on multiple levels. First, in the very act of trading a player, doesn't the team sever any ties of loyalty between the player and itself? But second, and more importantly, this just isn't how we think about employer-employee relations in any other context, except for the military. No one thinks it's selfish if an employee declines a transfer and chooses to stay in town. We generally don't think people have an obligation to pack up and move wherever their bosses tell them to. Of course, we don't criticize construction workers for not coming into work when they tear their labrums or are slow to return from blowing their knees out; there are all sorts of areas in which a lot of people hold athletes to a higher standard than other employees. But I don't see why they should. In fact, expectations of extreme loyalty make a lot more sense to me in the amateur context, where players aren't employees and aren't playing for money.

Seems there are multiple reports that we were offered a Turner/Hawes deal for Smith and shot it down.


Garmmar mistakes aside - Andrew Bynum opened foot - inserted mouth - not sure how this hasn't been picked up on yet (language mistakes aside) - Bynum doesn't care what you think

Bynum on fans being upset by not playing: '...I really could care less ... People are going to support me when I’m doing well.'

From Tom Moore

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 19 at 14:37

Should he care? He should care about whether what he's doing is right or wrong, but supposing he's not ready to play, should he care that fans incorrectly think he is, or whether they think he should come back when he isn't ready? Should he factor fan sentiment into when he comes back?

Mike reply to GoSixers on Feb 19 at 14:38

i understand how a comment like that comes off, but fans in Philly particularly are way too sensitive about that crap. if we were in his situation we'd be thinking the exact same thing.

What one thinks and one says are two entirely different things. There are those who take everything ownership says at face value and then are shocked when other things happen because spin isn't taken into account.

I really couldn't care less what Bynum thinks in general, athletes don't tend to be very articulate or very smart, but they do have to be 'press savvy', and honestly, my issue is Bynums lack of savvyness, not what he said.

If you're a super sensitive person like Bynum showed he was in LA - saying things like this isn't going to put the fans on your side in ANY city - you will take the blame for every loss - you will be booed mercilessly - Bynum just set his ass up for fan hatred if he ever plays (and I honestly never thought he would so I'm not worried about that) - it's the insight into how his common sense works...doesn't matter if you think it Andy - don't SAY it

raro reply to GoSixers on Feb 19 at 15:03

In your opinion, was Iguodala 'press savvy'? Honest question.

I for one don't mind it when an athlete speaks his mind. It's refreshing.

The only press memory I have of Andre Iguodala (honestly - I tend to ignore player interviews - unless they're for comedy reasons - like Ray Lewis and his messiah complex nonsense about god being on his side) is early in his career - I think a game at chicago - he had a great game and he called out Dick Vitale for saying that Iguodala wouldn't be a good pro player at all - or something to that regard - and that I liked cause DIcky V has a big mouth - yells a lot - but doesn't say much in my opinion.

I would think most professional athletes go through a 'interview 101' process at some point and one of the key points would be don't insult the fans - another one would be don't insult the writer (unelss your charlie manuel and want to challenge him to a fight) - a third would be 'don't talk to eskin cause he'll twist it'

But like I said - Iguodala and the press - I remember that one thing (and the glasses thing is just stupid - I wish all NBA players would quit it already - geek chic is irritating)

Jesse reply to raro on Feb 19 at 15:13

"I for one don't mind it when an athlete speaks his mind. It's refreshing."

Agree 100% with this. I understand why athletes stick to trite, empty sound bites - it doesn't get them in trouble with the overly pervasive and reactionary media - but it's also a giant waste of time for everyone involved.

Bynum's quote doesn't bother me at all. It's true and fair.

So you're ok with a player who doesn't care about the fans?

The fans he plays for?
The fans he buy tickets or watch the games on tv - thus giving the league money - thus making sure even though he never sets a foot on the court this season he's going to make ALL his money?

Like I said - it's about a little common sense and savvy - which Bynum has never had - just sad to see it come out -

I'm sure michael jordan never gave a good god damn about the fans - but he NEVER would have said it publicly.

I wonder how much people would love it if the players honestly said how that felt about coach bonaparte?

Jesse reply to GoSixers on Feb 19 at 15:25

He's saying he doesn't care if the fans are mad at him for not rushing back. That's different than just flat out not caring about fans. If fans want him to rush back then he shouldn't care about that - it's moronic to risk worse injury prematurely due to fans' erroneous line of thinking.

"Rush Back" is one thing - but he doesn't seem to have shown any interest in playing at all this year - he's just full of excuses and delays and passing the buck in every interview.

I imagine if this was Andre Iguodala people would raise holy hell

welp Tom Moore has him saying he'll "definitely be back sometime this year...I don't think anyone's more upset than myself. I have the most to lose by not playing. I want to get back" - unless you think that is just sports cliche 101 also

Mike reply to GoSixers on Feb 19 at 17:03

fair point

Mike reply to GoSixers on Feb 19 at 17:05

I'll give em credit - that was funny (simmons didn't write it)

"At this point he represents just one of the many soul-meltingly depressing things about Philadelphia sports I have to ignore in order to sleep at night."

My favorite of the quotes

Plus Andrew Bynum hates mothers :)

One question though - I know Bow Wow - I know Omarion - who the hell is Robert?

Mike reply to GoSixers on Feb 19 at 17:27

heh, R Kelly

The dude who likes fish sticks?

And made that REALLY weird mini series for IFC?

Ok - for some reason I never knew the R stood for robert

Mike reply to GoSixers on Feb 19 at 18:06

haha fish sticks was Kanye i think

but yea R Kelly made Trapped in the Closet

Yes, I looked it up on the internet - and they both were 'in' the episode - though of course - tom cruise was their primary target :)

Stan reply to GoSixers on Feb 19 at 18:07

That's Kanye West

Yes - Kevin Garnett is rational

Catledge on Feb 19 at 15:08

After all these years, I still follow the team from afar, and after all these years, they still suck. How long does it take to put a strategy in place? Have they made even one good personnel decision since they signed Moses? Who are these idiots that are chosen to run the team year after year? Maybe, unlike basbeall, hockey & football, there is a shortage a good minds in NBA circles.

I wouldn't say there's a shortage of good minds because other teams have made smart hires...for a long time, ed snyder owned and cared very little about the sixers (and at the same time showed too much loyalty to a failed GM but 'team legend' for the flyers and failed to win any titles as well and now they're a middle of the pack franchise as well). I think it comes down to an ownership comitted to doing what it takes to win a title, but it also comes down to luck, and sometimes it comes down to losing in the short term so you can win in the long run.

It is sad but really luck plays WAY too much a part in building a successful NBA franchise - all the winning NBA franchises these days have had some sort of luck, be it lottery, the teams above you drafting badly (passing on michael jordan, drafting rafael araujo instead of andre iguodala) or teams looking to dump money so you can fleece them (the lakers made two of those trades but the NBA vetoed one) or having a team in a 'hot' destination and players liking each other and conspiring to form a super team ala Miami.

The problem starts with ownership - it starts there - I don't think the new owners are any better than the old owners - and the only basketball mind INVOLVED in the purchase for reasons unknown publicly is gone, which makes this ownership group more uninformed and more beholden to the guy coaching the team who hasn't shown an ability to win in a long term in the NBA

And the phillies haven't been run well for a while - ruben amaro has made a plethora of bad mistakes - the flyers can never find a goalie and thus can never win a title and the eagles - well they just made a coach and GM switch so who knows if that's going to work.

There's a lot of Philadlephia teams at crossroads right now if you think about it

Catledge reply to GoSixers on Feb 19 at 15:26

Bah Humbug...don't try to confuse me with facts.

I'm sorry mister, I'll get off your lawn too :)

Hey look - if the sixers had gotten lucky in the 90s - they would have had a team with allen iverson and tim duncan - they would have won titles

unfortunately - the balls went the wrong way, the sixers got the second pick and just like they did less than a decade before - they took the tall skinny white kid from Utah.

Now - no one talks about it much - but the 1997 NBA lottery was a pivtoal moment in the sixers history (and celtics history as well - but who the hell cares about the celtics)

The Bynum quote mentioned above is just a slightly more mature version of what Turner said last week when asked a similar question. They both should've just said some form of "No one wants me to (get on the floor/play better) than I do."

mbah a moute and a first-rounder for redick is the latest rumor.

I wonder if ORL has any interest in a D-League level star, instead. Turner's contract matches up w/ Redick's.

ESPN stole my Turner for Tyreke Evans trade idea and they're making people pay to read it.

Javier reply to Stan on Feb 19 at 18:36

Can you post a link, or can you copy & paste the article or exert please

Stan reply to Javier on Feb 19 at 18:42

From their insider article


Javier reply to Stan on Feb 19 at 19:41

Thanks Stan, I appreciate it man.. Definitely already peeped it since its out there already, & sorry didn't mean to get you into a awkward situation, &.sorry to Brian & rest of site for any inconvenience

Just so you all know - and since it's Brian's site - that's illegal

Stan reply to GoSixers on Feb 19 at 19:08

I suppose you can joke all you want - if ESPN decides to drop the hammer - it's not on you or javier - it's on brian

and before you say 'espn wouldn't do that' - of course they would - if they knew - web streams of revenue are harder to create and keep - people just posting their copyrighted pay to read material on the web costs them potential revenues - sbnation has a policy against it

WEll - the one sbnation blog i read has a policy against it :)

Goodness gracious, that's a horrible deal. A young star in the making for two (or three) rotation players. And to top it all of they would absolutely hamstring any sort of cap flexibility the team might have. None of Jennings, Ilyasova and Lamb is a core player.

from Zach Lowe:

What is Philly supposed to do now?

The Sixers have to make major decisions about their future from a position of almost total uncertainty — a huge disadvantage. Re-signing Andrew Bynum at a fair number this summer would cap them out, and doing the same with Evan Turner next summer would clog up their cap sheet for nearly a half-decade. Bynum hasn't played all season, and the organization at this point is very worried he'll never play a game in Philly.

How do you approach the trade market from that perspective? Jrue Holiday is a stud on a very good contract, but everything else is up in the air. The organization is divided on Turner, they're not necessarily committed to keeping Thaddeus Young for the duration of his contract, and Bynum is a mystery with funny hair. The Sixers could go in any number of dramatically different directions over the next few days, and which direction they choose will affect the league's broader landscape going forward.

Mike reply to Mike on Feb 19 at 19:28

not really anything new. wonder which camps are split on Turner. assuming it's Thorn vs Dileo/Collins, if Thorn even has any voice anymore.

How the fuck is the organization split on Turner? What a joke.

Stan reply to Brian on Feb 19 at 20:03

It could be about his trade value. If the most you're going to get for him is a 2nd round pick or an expiring contract, I see no point in trading him. The Sixers don't have cap space next summer anyway and the following season Turner might have value as an expiring contract.

What do you suppose a 'fair' number is for evan turner? The mid level? less, more?

Mike reply to GoSixers on Feb 19 at 20:02

i honestly have no idea what the opinion of him is leaguewide. i was totally shocked about the Josh Smith rumors, so i am probably under-valuing what other teams think his worth would be.

Josh Smith has been rumored to be on the market for a while - last trade deadline as well - as I think he's made it clear he doesn't want to re-sign in Atlanta.

Mike reply to GoSixers on Feb 19 at 20:10

i know, i just thought they could get a lot more than Turner & Hawes

I don't think the hawks would take turner and hawes :)

Kris Humphries is a lot more than Turner and Hawes

And no I don't think Humphries is good - it's just a reflection on what I think about Turner and Hawes

I honestly think this Atlanta "rumor" is nothing more than a game of telephone. Someone at ESPN said the Sixers had been dangling Hawes and Turner (it might've even been in a chat). Mitchell responded to that by saying the Sixers would be crazy, then Mitchell cited two "league sources" who said the Sixers wouldn't do that. What "league sources" Mitchell has outside of the Sixers organization is anyone's guess. Then, all of a sudden, Mitchell now refers to the rumor as the Hawks offering it, and the Sixers turning it down. It just doesn't add up. Ferry has been hell-bent on creating/preserving cap space for next summer. The only contract he signed anyone to was a bargain deal for Lou. If he's going to move Smith, there are deals out there where he can get either (a) a decent asset and/or (b) expiring contracts to preserve that cap space. Why would he want Turner and Hawes? Why would he give up that cap space he struggled to create for those two guys?

There are two ways this rumor makes sense: Ferry is a slobbering idiot or Mitchell is a complete hack.

I do believe the Sixers would've turned it down, though. They'd be stupid to turn it down, but they'd do it. I just don't believe the Hawks offered it.

Mike reply to Brian on Feb 19 at 20:52

i think you're probably right

On the one side we have reports that the Sixers want to see the team play together and don't really want to make any kind of major deal and on the other side we have THIS.

I like Lowe, he is one of the best NBA writers out there and if he is right about this, maybe there is something brewing that we don't know about. After all the Sixers have shown the ability to hide important stuff (especially personnel related) from the media. The next 2 days will certainly be interesting.

As for the different opinions i think there are three "heads" in the Sixers decision making process. Collins, DiLeo and the owners (Harris, Aron...). Thorn is an afterthought IMO.

Mike reply to Xsago on Feb 19 at 20:05

i didn't really get the feeling Lowe was saying they are going to make a move. i think he's just saying that they definitely are capable (at least more so than many other teams) of making a move that would dramatically shake things up for at least 2 franchises for a number of years.

Would I do Turner/Wright for Monta/2nd rounder? Only if Monta promised to opt out next year.

Bucks 102, Nets 101 with 15.4 seconds left, Bucks ball.

Bucks take the lead w/ a Larry Sanders tip-in. Terrible p&r defense by the Nets letting Jennings get to the rim set it up. Deron is fat and slow.

and Deron gets called for an offensive foul. Flop by Monta and a REEEAAAALLLLYYYY late whistle.

Wow. Three full dribbles before they blew the whistle. Nets down 3 with 6.7 seconds left.

Joe Johnson sends it to OT, can't believe they let him get the shot off. Think it was Monta that lost him. Nope, Mbah a Moute.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 19 at 21:57

Meanwhile, Toronto closes to within 1.5 games, winning their 5th straight. I don't think Gay's made them any better - he's been horribly inefficient - but perhaps their defense has improved by subtraction.

Nets win. 3.5 back, now.

Stan reply to Brian on Feb 19 at 23:26

I wonder if the front office is more interested in getting 4 extra games out of Bynum vs. Miami or get a lottery pick in the draft.

playoff games especially vs Miami will be worth FAR more evenue than whatever pick they end up with....whom you hope might turn into what Bynum or Jrue is already?

Mike reply to Brian on Feb 20 at 6:59

isn't it technically 4.5 since Mil has the tiebreaker? meaning we would have to actually finish a full game ahead of them if it comes down to Philly or Mil for the 8 seed?

i think in terms of money Philly has a greater interest in playing a 1st round series against Miami. Miami is going to get a prime TV spot no matter who they play, and it would be 2 guaranteed sell-outs at WFC.

Well, really four. They're 3 back in the loss column. 4 behind Boston in the loss column. That's really the only number you need to keep track of. Right now, passing Milwaukee would mean tying Boston, and the Sixers can still take that tiebreaker.

Mike reply to Brian on Feb 20 at 9:49

ah gotcha

Wojnarowski writes that "The Philadelphia 76ers could be a real possibility for Redick in free agency, sources told Yahoo! Sports. Redick has a strong relationship with coach Doug Collins, the father of his close friend and Duke assistant coach, Chris Collins." Along those lines, do you think it's at all possible that Orlando would trade us Redick for Turner? And is that too high a price for a rental of Redick, especially if Redick doesn't re-sign, or are you okay with getting nothing for Turner and possibly seeing him flourish somewhere else?

I gotta admit i kinda like some of the rumored names that might land with the Sixers. Reddick and Dudley have both been two of my fantasy trade targets all season long :)

That doesn't follow for any one of a dozen reasons.

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