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Make Rubio Prove It

And here's my proposed trade of the day.

Turner, Wright and Kwame for Redick and Afflalo.

This assumes the Sixers plan to re-sign Bynum. Afflalo is overpaid and miscast in his role with the Magic, but in the right role, he's a valuable piece. This would be your starting five next year (again, assuming Bynum is healthy and they re-sign him, two monumental assumptions)

Jrue, Redick, Afflalo, Thad, Bynum.

Two 40% three-point shooters who can defend on the wings, Thad and Bynum down low w/ Jrue orchestrating.

I read today that Redick is looking for 4 years/$40M but would probably settle somewhere in the $7M/year range. That means the Sixers would probably be a tax paying team w/ only trades to add significantly to this core for the next 3 years. Redick is 28, Afflalo is 27.

Orlando is probably very interested in getting out of Afflalo's contract. You might be able to pull this deal off w/out including Turner, which would leave him as either a bench piece on the team this year and next, or trade bait. Something like this works.

Making either of these deals means you're 100% committing to re-signing Bynum, though. If you make either of these deals, then decide Bynum isn't worth the risk, you're left with a middling team that's locked in for a couple years.

Where do i sign? It's the kind of deal that could make the Sixers a true contender assuming Bynum is resigned and healthy.

I'm not sure the Magic want out of Afflalo's contract though.

Someone linked to the original article, which is rubbish. This response is doubly so.

Mike reply to MikeW on Feb 20 at 9:59

that's one moronic writer's opinion. Denver has plenty of scorers on the roster. they need even less offense from Iguodala than Philly did. their problem now is interior defense.

Sharone Wright on Feb 20 at 10:00

3-23 from deep? I don't think I've ever seen a lower percentage from a guard.

Apparently, you don't know John Wall. 4/55 from three over the past two seasons. 7.3%.

Sharone Wright reply to Brian on Feb 20 at 10:03

Goodness gracious.

In the past 14 games Kobe has missed 29 out of the last 30 3pt attempts he has taken.

Man, if the Thunder actually pull the rumored Gortat for Perkins + Lamb and a 1st rounder, they will definitely be front runners for the championship. Presti is trying to work his magic again.

Sharone Wright on Feb 20 at 10:27

I looked it up, and Tom Garrick, a guard for the Clippers, shot 0-22 from 3 point land in 90-91. "Honestly Coach, I know I can make that shot."

Ironically, former Seton Hall-er and Boston Celtic Chuck Connors, TV's sharpshooting "Rifleman", shot just .252 from the field (99-393) and .471 from the charity stripe (41-87) in 53 career games, but that was before son "Mark" was born and inspired his best triggering. In summation, Chuck was a brickmeister, but "Paw" sure had an eye!

Some dude of some repute named Michael "Air" Jordan shot only .327 (581-1778) from 3-land.

John Wall's rookie year deep shooting (.296, 34-115) tells ya his "cold snap" 4-55 of last 2 yrs is an anamoly. A chat with former Bullet Don "Waxie" Ohl could do the trick.

3 years of evidence. The 1 year is the norm, while the other two are outliers?

'115 attempts number' vs 'interrupted 55 attempts & post-injury number' - - I'll bet on eventual improvement. Your anti-Wall bias is showing.

Eventual improvement from 7.3% isn't exactly a bold prediction. I don't really have an anti-Wall bias at this point. He's irrelevant.

Hard to label a starting #1 pick irrelevant, especially as he's 86 days younger than young Jrue. Both have talent, both run the point as if they're playing on a raquetball court.

Man the contortions you put yourself trhough to try and justify your daily Jrue bashing really are impressive

Lack of growth, lack of improvement in almost any area, low basketball iq, terrible team

yes, John Wall so far has been irrelevant

And much like evan turner being #2 doesn't matter any more - wall being #1 doesn't matter any more except affecting his rookie salary

"Daily" is inaccurate. As is "contortions"; it's straightforward and easy - all you have to do is watch, then type. Jrue was the East's fuzzy mascot at the AS game, thanks to carney Collins.

Again you use a meaningless argument to try and make your increasingly strained 'hypothesis'

Your Jrue hatred is rapidly approaching other irrational hatreds seen here

Do you always respond to "meaningless"-ness?

Of course, he does. In fact, he responds to himself.

Though if it's what you want to use as a 'point' - Where was john wall on Sunday night - as Jrue took the court with the 'best' players in the league. Did I miss the announcement that he made the team?

Rah-rah from La-La.

The comparison to Jrue, with his 51% true shooting percentage and his 17.7% turnover percentage, are a little too close for me to take such a hard stance on Wall's relevance.

They go about their gross inefficiencies in drastically different ways, but they are both grossly inefficient point guards on bad teams. With Wall's built in excuse that he's both younger and coming off a major injury, I'd be hesitant to make such harsh statements.

#1 pick doesn't really mean much to me after a couple years in the league of piss-poor play. Evan Turner has been better than John Wall, and my opinion of Turner is pretty low.

Disappointing to date, for sure. Hard to be of great positive impact when you dominate ball and lay bricks. Outside shooting and decision-making must improve or he'll remain disappointing.

To me, he'll remain irrelevant. And the fact that he's a legitimate dullard leads me to believe he'll remain irrelevant.

Just out of curiosity

Are there any recent Kentucky players you like?

Meeks and Doron Lamb. Did you know Lamb shot 48% from the field and 47% from three in his 2 years at Kentucky!!!!

I had not heard that - thank you for letting me know


These things are important

Do you happen to know how highly he was rated when he was recruited out of high school?

#4 TOP RECRUIT!!!!!!!!!!!! ZERO BUST EQUITY!!!!!!!!!!!

Excellent. Good to know.

Lurker reply to Brian on Feb 20 at 18:13

I don't post often but I felt compelled to say that is the funniest exchange I've seen on these boards in awhile. Thank you.

While I'm here, what do you think about the Sixers trading for Granger? He's coming off a lower body injury. Those types of injuries usually intrigue the front office.

buke reply to Brian on Feb 20 at 14:41

Yes, I did know that, but some of us do follow college basketball and Kentucky was among the most frequently broadcasted teams by the networks and ESPN.

I thought he was Kentucky's steadiest player during his time there and part of me would of liked to have seen him drafted by the Sixers. I was surprised that he went as low in the draft as he did. He's having a pretty silent rookie year but I still have faith that he will come around.

I was kidding around. The troll yesterday was going nuts about him, just kept saying 48/47, nat'l champ, top HS recruit over and over again.

Never know. Careers can be a game of "Chutes & Ladders."

I wonder how many classic novels Jrue read in his nine months at Westwood.

I'd be shocked if Wall can read 9 words.

So 29.6% from three represents a good shooter? And one year sample size is bigger than a two year sample size?

Who said anything about a good shooter? I said Wall's frigid cold snap will melt some.

I'd actually say the dramatic drop in attempts is commendable. He can't shoot threes, so he doesn't take many of them. Unfortunately, if he follows that logic he really shouldn't be shooting from anywhere but at the rim.

I've read reports (on basketball prospectus i think) that suggest players coming off ACL surgeries are pretty much the same players they were before, except for one thing: shooting. Every other important statistic is virtually identical for players pre- and post- ACL surgeries. But their shooting percentages go down, especially in the first season after coming back.

Fast forward to Rubio, he started his post-injury career without being able to hit a single shot, but he has slowly been moving towards his last year's numbers as the season progressed. He is at 41% FG% and 29% 3PT% in February.

I absolutely agree that the same tactic should be employed facing the Wolves, but Rubio may actually be able to make some wide open shots.

well, even if Rubio is working his way back to shooting like he did last year, you still want him shooting jumpers. The guy shot 35% from the floor. 34% from three isn't terrible, though. Still, make him shoot and don't foul him. Until he learns to shoot, it's not hard to defend against him.

I agree that Jrue should dare him to shoot. That being said, even though executing the defensive gameplan against Rubio is easy, actually stopping Rubio is less so. No matter how you defend him it's close to impossible to make him a scorer and successfully defend the pass.

Anyway, i don't think Rubio will beat them. It's all about rebounding and not letting Pekovic get 30 points at the rim.

Ken Berger reports at CBS that we've been in talks about trading Nick Young, but he doesn't say to whom or for what. Some sites say Monta for Smith is in the works, which if true would end any chance we have at overtaking Milwaukee.

Monta is a worse package than Turner + Hawes IMO.

He's probably going to opt out, so at least they don't screw up their cap space with that deal. MIL will probably have to throw in a pick, you'd assume.

Not sure how Smith would impact our chances. Probably less minutes for Ilyasova, who is much more efficient than Smith. Their defense would improve, though. And they'd get rid of the Monta offensive albatross (while inheriting the Smith offensive albatross). Overall, they'd be better, though. Think that's probably safe to say. Unless he hates being in MIL.

People who live in Milwaukee hate being there, it's sort of a pit, and though 90 miles away really is the poor ugly neglected sister of Chicago and a blite on an otherwise rather pretty state (if you ignore the majority of the people)

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 20 at 12:07

Smith's a better offensive albatross. You're also trading one of the league's worst defensive players for one of the league's better ones.

True. Creating a minute crunch for the team's best offensive weapon, though.

ESPN's 5 on 5 folk don't think anyone should come to Philly Here

I agree with the strategy, but remember last year when the Sixers played them in Minny? They did the same thing, and Rubio did a decent job with 22 points on 17 shots. He was in a good battle with Jrue that night, that the Wolves ultimately won (Well, they shouldn't have, Dre got the ball. But you know, "star" gets the whistle).

Just because a strategy doesn't work, doesn't mean it's the wrong strategy. - Eddie Jordan

Rich reply to Brian on Feb 20 at 14:20

You enjoying watching Braces wallow away behind the Lakers bench? He looks like he's doing literally nothing. Maybe the high school freshman team will hire him back.

I'd like to know what that freshman squad did when they were sophomores. I don't think you can undo the fast Eddie damage.

So Mitch Kupchak again said today that the lakers aren't trading dwight howard.

This is what I live about the 24 hour news cycle - the media will just keep using the term 'un named sources' and more often than not make crap up to get 'eyes' and thus Kupchak will have to deny this probably 2-3 more times before the deadline.

Jim Buss ego is too big for him to give up on Howard (or bring in the right coach)

At least their "sources" are team sources, not "league sources" like Cooney and Mitchell.

Or just 'sources' - the nice vague - could be the bartender where dwight was drinking last night

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 20 at 17:31

Honestly I haven't seen much reporting about Howard getting traded, outside of that one Rondo-for-Howard story. And that was from Ken Berger, who's a pretty respectable reporter. So maybe there were some brief talks.

Berger and Woj are the two best national guys in terms of breaking stories. I like Zach Lowe in terms of analysis.

Yes - but in terms of abject comedy - do you prefer NBA TV or TNT (and we're just talking analysis - not the comedy of Saegers god awful outfits)

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 20 at 18:11

I really like the personalities on TNT, and while they're not statistically sharp, don't know much about most of the teams or players in the league, and tend to fall back on the sort of analytic cliches you get on talk radio (e.g., so and so's not a true #1, various teams are doomed to fail because they lack a big man they can just throw it to in the post), they do have some insight into the more, I don't know, emotional side of the game that your favorite smart basketball writer can't give you. Like it's kind of hard for a writer to say what effect Westbrook's throwing a huge fit at a player for clogging up the paint during one of his post-ups has on his team; you either get this junk about how a guy like that can't lead or win the big series, or on the other hand this junk about how misunderstood he is and how that's just part of what makes him so good. Or a statistically inclined writer will say that they're still first in the league in offensive rating so clearly everything's cool. But a retired player can speak to what effect similar behavior had on his team's play, and I do find that sort of thing useful.

Matt reply to Tray on Feb 20 at 18:44

They know drama

Shaq is a boob, but I agree for the most part. I think the bigger the stars make shit analysts, though. Shaq and Magic are as bad as they come. I kinda like the lesser stars because I think things with teammates, coaches and game situations impacted them more, and they had to recognize and exploit the nuances of the game to be successful. A lot of stars were just physically so much better, it didn't matter what anyone else did.

This is probably not what you were getting at, but I often wonder if, knowing what I know now, I would've enjoyed watching Iverson in his prime as much as I did. I almost feel like really digging into advanced stats sometimes strips away the beauty of the game and its harder to just enjoy a magical play if it leads to the guy's 25th point on his 27th shot. I think that's why I love going to playoff games so much. You can throw the numbers out and just enjoy something even if its unsustainable, because get the win and who cares? Three more til the next round.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 20 at 20:16

I've actually been thinking a lot about that lately, how stats have changed what players we appreciate and what players we don't. Today, we'd think of Iverson as a rich man's Monta Ellis, though to be fair, it was a way worse time for offense. I'm still waiting for an analogue in basketball to OPS+ or ERA+.

And yeah, replace Shaq with Webber full-time.

Alright, made it home in time for the T-Wolves feed on League Pass.

The Rockets will send Patrick Patterson, Cole Aldrich and Toney Douglas to the Kings for Thomas Robinson, sources tell Y!

morris to PHX for a 2nd rounder also

Houston also gets Garcia, Honeycutt

Garcia's contract is what SAC wanted to dump, probably. Still, that's crazy. I would've given them Turner and an expiring for Robinson and a salary dump :)

$6.4M team option next year for Garcia. Don't know what the buyout is. Good for Robinson, gets away from Cousins.

Strange trade. I don't know how often you see teams trade one perfectly good young player (Patterson) for another good young player (Robinson, although I guess Robinson's both higher-ceiling and more unproven). Why would either team want to make this deal?

Shuffling deck chairs? I don't know.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 20 at 20:31

I guess Morey may think that Robinson will be a better player in the long term and give them more athleticism/rebounding/defense/size. Whereas Patterson kind of duplicates the stuff Parsons does.

Holy shit. They gave up on Robinson that quickly? Wow.

Aaaaand we're off...Hawes loses the tip.

Excellent work, Turner. Way to pick up your man.

Hawes can't back down Derrick Williams. Turner won't give the ball up in transition, turns it over. This is pretty.

Of course Rubio hits the long two. If he hits his next five from there, then you start fighting over the screen.

evan putback

Good follow, Turner. OK, settle down now.

Stop complaining, Turner. God damn. Looks like he hit the buffet in the Bahamas, too.

Ridnour with a fastbreak 3, not a good start

Bad shot, Jrue. but he hit it.

come on Spencer, go up strong man

And the TWolves can't miss from three.

BAd turn by Jrue. Worse turn by Rubio in transition, worse turn by Hawes in transition the other way. Pretty stuff.

is Jrue hurt? why is he out?

Didn't look hurt, and only has one foul. Maybe in the doghouse?

Jrue out. Did he pick up his second foul?

evan cant finish, rubio to the line

nice lefty finish Pargo


pargo 3

Now Jrue coming back.

lavoy jumper

By the way, the Sixers have won two road games since November 30, and the last road win was on January 1.

This is a decent write-up on our season:


They haven't played a whole lot on the road.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 20 at 20:36

Well, 2-14 in the last 16 road games doesn't seem insignificant to me, though the quality of the 16 opponents was pretty strong overall.

Jrue was out for 4 of them as well.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 20 at 20:41

And now we're Thad-less, which isn't great either.

Get down the fucking floor, Turner.

Don't fucking bite on a pump fake from 22 feet, Pargo.

Loose with the ball, Jrue. Shitty.

Feel like they're down more than 10.

Jrue long two, good. Ugh. Play some fucking D and go to the hole.

wright 3

GET DOWN THE FUCKING FLOOR, TURNER. There are 2 PGs on the floor, you aren't one of them.

Pekovic looks like an All Star tonight

Hawes needs a perfect setup to hit that jumper.

down 10 feels like 20

Would Kahn consider Turner for Williams? That seems like a Kahn sort of thing to do.

Kahn had a boner for Turner in his draft.

PHI 25, MIN 35 after one.

35 fucking points. Pitiful.

Stop with the long twos already. Get to the fucking hole.

MCT reply to Brian on Feb 20 at 20:38

Hawes sort of just listened?

ugh looks like moultrie isnt going to play

eddies' heady's on Feb 20 at 20:38

Hawes walked like shit on that flail of a play.

Good push, good attack.

Turner why did you leave Williams like that?

Come on. They leave Barea wide open for three AND Williams wide open under the rim? How is that even possible?

eddies' heady's on Feb 20 at 20:42

Not that it's anything new, and mostly cause it's crossed my mind several times today but, someone just has to take Turner off our hands. For the love of whatever, please someone anyone just do it.

The organization is apparently split on Turner. How, I have no idea.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Feb 20 at 20:44

The split ought to be whether he's total garbage or just a scrub.

Turner, brick.

Hawes actually shows, but Young gets hung up on the screen for about 3 seconds. +1 for Schved.

eddies' heady's on Feb 20 at 20:45

If you're going to stick your hand in there Turner, foul the guy hard enough where he can't get the shot off please.

Wilkins sighting.

Jrue cheating early for the screen, leaves the middle of the floor open. Hawes watches Barea go right to the hoop. Textbook what not to do against the p&r.

eddies' heady's on Feb 20 at 20:48

Heh, the Wolves are heading for at least around 110 in this one. If they aren't gonna save my eyes from Turner I really wish they'd get rid of whatever few guys are actually helping Jrue from time to time and tank the shit out of the rest of this year. It's a waste, and has been for a while. This mess flat out sucks.

eddies' heady's on Feb 20 at 20:52

At least when Wilkins either drives or gets near the rim he can get his shot off without it getting blocked.

Shved that open for 3? come the fuck on.

Lavoy follow.

lavoy putback

Jrue, just fucking drive every time. Maybe try to draw some contact once in a while, too.

i forgot how bad this team is

eddies' heady's reply to sixerfan1220 on Feb 20 at 20:55

yep the last week off was sort of a relief from my point of view as a fan. It kind of felt good not to have to watch this shit.

13/10 for Pekovic already.

Nice pass, Turner.

eddies' heady's on Feb 20 at 20:56

Turnerover you just fucking suck. Fucking suck man...

not sure what you were trying to do with that pass Turner

where is moultrie?!

Rubio flop

MCT reply to MCT on Feb 20 at 20:57

still an O foul though

Excellent work, Turner.

eddies' heady's on Feb 20 at 20:58

Heh, Turner pushes off and after the foul is called he looks over to the bench and Doug and the coach beside him just had their heads buried. ahahhah

Jrue to the line! It's like seeing a unicorn.

They're free, not that it matters.

Great pass, Jrue. Give Wilkins all of Turner's minutes in the second half.

eddies' heady's on Feb 20 at 21:00

Wilkins finishes with the left hand inside. See that Evan?

Good follow, Lavoy. Good move out of the post by Jrue, too much English on it, though.

eddies' heady's on Feb 20 at 21:02

Wilkins finishes in transition. Get your pen out Evan. Borrow Curry's notepad paper.

Jrue's 4th steal, I believe. Up to Wilkins for the conversion. Turner would've definitely gotten ahead of the pack on that play, right?

PHI 41, MIN 56 at the half.

They actually closed that quarter well. Heh.

eddies' heady's on Feb 20 at 21:04

Sorry fucking half. They're still on break it seems. Think it was two years ago, but we played Minny the first game after the break and stunk the joint up on their floor. Just like tonight so far.

0 minutes for their best big since thad went down

Think Collins is worried he'll get pushed around by Pekovic. Not sure why he isn't worried about Hawes getting bitched, but whatever. Couldn't hurt to put him in.

As disheartening as that first half was, I think they come back and win. Don't ask me why. I can't think of a single logical reason. Just a feeling.

Hawes + Turner = 3 points, 4 turnovers.

Hawes + Turner + Nick Young = 2/11, 5 points.

Could be worse, could be losing to the Pacers by 36, like the Knicks are.

they might fall to the 5 seed

I hope I'm not left with only rooting for Melo to fail in the first round again when the regular season is over.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 20 at 21:17

And ping-pong balls.

Assistant coach is ripping Rubio.

Kwame will save us

well he benched hawes and turner

not turner lavoy

Turner's in thee. Or they got another fat guy. Benched Lavoy and Hawes.

Blown dunk by Kwame on Jrue spoonfeed.

Nick to the line! Didn't see the play, but he was in the paint moving in the general direction of the hoop, so I approve.

eddies' heady's on Feb 20 at 21:20

Damn I got happy when I saw Wilkins out there but then I saw #12 too.

nice shot selection Turner

Nice shot, Turner.

OK, two gifts on this possession, get some fucking points.

You have to put points on the board while the TWolves are stepping on their dicks. Come on.

eddies' heady's on Feb 20 at 21:22

Can't Turner play well and light it up just one time before the deadline? Just once.

He did. Back in November. There were a couple in there.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Feb 20 at 21:24

Yeah, then Jrue and Thad started freezing him out.

thought it was Collins first. Or maybe the refs.

MCT reply to Brian on Feb 20 at 21:27

you two are like the drunk guy at the end of the bar who swears people are trying to fight him when no one is saying anything. No Turner supporters around here anymore in case you haven't noticed

Tray reply to MCT on Feb 20 at 21:36

mymanjrue occasionally still uncorks a 20-post rant in Turner's defense. Only a couple weeks ago he said Jrue tried to freeze Turner out of a triple-double.

I remember that. Turner had like 4 boards and 4 assists in that game.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 20 at 21:40

He was 40% of the way!

mymanjrue reply to Tray on Feb 22 at 22:11

i think he had eight six and four in the first half. my point, however, was that if Jrue has so little confidence in ET as to blatantly refuse to pass him the ball, open or not, as he did in that second half-then Turner shouldn't be on the floor. I mean, what is the point?

there isn't any doubt in my mind that Jrue and Evan have a competitive edge in their relationship. over the course of this year, the debate over who is the superior player has basically been settled, but there have still been some flashed of immaturity from Jrue in my view. The last five minutes vs Memphis jumps out in my mind. If Jrue is going to continue to evolve into a team leader, he definitely needs to stop feeling threatened by the likes of Evan Turner

I'm sure some will distort my words here, as if I'm suggesting that Turner's struggles are Jrue's fault...which is basically absurd. However, there are occasional stretches where Jrue does freeze Turner out...sometimes it is warranted as Turner is killing the offense, sometimes it is unwarranted, as Turner is on a rare hot streak. But whatever the reason, if you guys haven't thought a handful of times while watching the Sixers this year "heh, Jrue totally does NOT want to pass to Turner"...well, I don't believe you, because it does happen

mymanjrue reply to mymanjrue on Feb 22 at 22:15

that Mark Titus guy wrote something about Turner, I think around the time he was drafted...if I'm remembering correctly, he intimated that ET was not exactly beloved in the Buckeye locker room...don't think it's at all farfetched to speculate that there is some volatility in the Jrue-Turner relationship

eddies' heady's reply to mymanjrue on Feb 22 at 22:23

Don't get it confused, it's not volatility, it's just stark contrast, that's all.

eddies' heady's reply to mymanjrue on Feb 22 at 22:21

I notice the same thing with Jrue, and it is for the good for it to happen.

Even when I know Jrue is ending with a selfish tough shot, I'm content with him not passing to "him", .... sitting over there, not cutting, with his hands thwarted out shot-ready, his defender only a length away.

You wouldn't pass to that particular player either if you were a heady, understand-situations-and-tendencies point guard. You just don't.

mymanjrue reply to eddies' heady's on Feb 22 at 23:01

lol, colorfully put as ever. If you describe things correctly, Fearless Leader Paul Douglas Collins needs to not put "that player" on the floor, which was my point...it accomplished nothin

As far as Jrue goes-I would put the occasional freeze out of Turner in the same category as his occasional freezeouts of everybody else on the floor, his tendency to get drawn into dick measuring contests with his PG matchup rather than just getting the last laugh by making a smart basketball play, tendency to, in certain situations, overdribble and turn the ball overtrying to force some heroic one on one play-0or wildly passing off of a forced attempt at a heroic one on one play-all these things, in my mind, are Jrue reverting to a me first, AAU type mindset

I'm hard on Jrue lately, because I have seen enough from him this year to believe that I was wrong in the view of his ultimate limitations that I had formed by the end of last year. I now think he can be not just a very good player but actually pretty close to a great one, a guy whose ceiling is the evolutionary Gary Payton. I was totally bullish on Jrue, but very disappointed in his lack of improvememt last year. We've seen enough greatness this year to know what he is capable of. I want to see him make the adjustments he must make in order to deliver that brilliance on a consistent basis.

I am also desperate to see him play with an elite offensive player, someone who has to be the primary focus of the opposing defense. I'm smiling just thinking about it. Jrue could be absolutely lethal.

I believe in Jrue, and I'm ready for him to be a little less of a kid and a lot more of a man-want to see him channel all that brilliance so that he is playing and making decisions with a singular focus on what will put the team in the best position to win. He's not there yet. He's got a fantastic chance to get there, though. That's why the whiffs of a dysfunctional environment in the locker room and a rapidly deteriorating head coach are so frustrating...

It strikes me that Jrue is like the straight a student in a classroom full of kids on the verge of failing...the beleaguered teacher is so grateful for Jrue, and has his hands so full to overflowing with all the D students, that he kinda just lets Jrue do his sthing. So Jrue keeps getting his As, sure, but isn't really learning, or getting prepared to continue to excel even once he's in a classroom FULL of a students...

Jrue turn. Come the fuck on.

got it back.

evan gets the roll

eddies' heady's on Feb 20 at 21:25

ET with the roll!!! Hey hey now

Turner with the "shooter's" bounce!

Get it under 10 here. Chip away. They're coughing it up every time down.

Lazy pass, Turner. Got lucky.

evan jumper

eddies' heady's on Feb 20 at 21:27

Turner with the silky smooth J.

Someone call Danny Ferry, right now.

Nick to the line!

4 on Pek?

In the bonus w/ 7:10 left on the clock. And Jrue gets whistled for a shit call. 4 on Jrue.

In comes Ivey.

call every gm now!


eddies' heady's on Feb 20 at 21:30

Heh, Evan wails out after he misses a bunny. Poor guy.

there was contact there

eddies' heady's reply to MCT on Feb 20 at 21:35

I didn't say there wasn't.

Turner complaining on both ends. Awesome.

eddies' heady's on Feb 20 at 21:31

He's turned into such a little whiny bitch. Serves him well.

Pretty big swing there. Pek committed his fourth foul, but they gave it to someone else. Next play, they call a phantom foul on Jrue for his fourth. He goes to the bench.

They're free, Nick.

Yep, that was their run. Got it to 9. Now it's over.

What did Pargo do wrong in the first half?

Stop bitching.

sissy hook

evan jumper

Turner to the line after 21 seconds of Turner dribbling. Nice. Hit the freebies. TURNERISTHESAVIOR!

buke reply to Brian on Feb 20 at 21:47

Wonder if he's auditioning for a possible trade to Minnesota? They were interested in him at draft time and it is Big Ten country after all.

hey eddie's, Turner sort of heard your prays...see, he likes you!

MCT reply to MCT on Feb 20 at 21:46


eddies' heady's reply to MCT on Feb 20 at 21:48

I sure wish DiLeo would hear them. Or whoever the dumbfuck is that is "split" on whether they should keep him.

I think "split" probably means some want to trade him now, and some want to trade him in the offseason or let him expire after next year

Keep it under 10 heading into the fourth, please.

ha, nevermind

eddies' heady's on Feb 20 at 21:46

21 more secs of Turner dribbling and then a turnover. Got it back!!

Turner, of course, with his shit packed and then a turnover. Winner.

did you see that hustle though?!


Turner botched that possession 3 times, and saved it 2 times.

PHI 67, MIN 76 after 3.

It's doable. See what happens when Jrue isn't in there to freeze out Turner? Leave him on the bench for the fourth.

Pistons won, Raptors lost. MIL up 11 on the Nets in the second half.

Jrue coming in to ruin everything.

That was a walk on Pek.

And back to 13 after AK47 drains these freebies.

Wright fouled Kirilenko with his chin.

Another spoon-fed dunk goes for naught. Well, Wilkins to the line, at least.

By the way (random commenthere) if anyone else here is in to the microbrew thing, do not ever try Green Flash Brewery's Rayon Vert (Belgian style Pale Ale). Just cracked one open and it tastes like acetone

stonedeightytoo reply to MCT on Feb 20 at 21:57

thanks the green flash i partake in isnt liquid

LOL, I guess that makes sense

Ivey three. Get some stops, please.

Malik groaned when Hawes shot that three

Hawes building a house in late transition. I don't think Jrue has taken a shot this half.

eddies' heady's on Feb 20 at 21:58

Guess Doug thinks Ivey is this much better defender than Pargo against this daunting Wolves backcourt.

they don't call him "Smoke" for nothing

I actually don't even know what that means

stonedeightytoo reply to MCT on Feb 20 at 22:02

one of my homies is called that bc hes darkskinned

Get some penetration, Jrue.

Nice pass, Hawes. That was another walk on Pek.

eddies' heady's on Feb 20 at 22:00

Awesome pass Spencer. That was straight to the wrong guy.

5 on Jrue. Collins will..................take him out.

eddies' heady's on Feb 20 at 22:01

Jrue with 5.

Nice foul, Ricky. That's five on him, too. But he's been hurting more than helping tonight.

come on Nick

They're fucking free. Damnit.

Nick Young is a wild man. You gotta love him.

wow, fucking wow

0 for god damned 3 from the line. You fucking asshole.

eddies' heady's on Feb 20 at 22:03

WTF Nick??????? damn man it's an open 15 footer

Thank you, Wilkins. Thank you.

they are in the penalty early, that's good at least

Wilkins with a nice block

Wow, big rejection by Wilkins.

1.7 on the shot clock and Hawes fouls him on the inbound pass.

eddies' heady's on Feb 20 at 22:05

1.9 on the shot clock and Hawes fucking holds.

One the whole, this is likely Wilkins' best game for the Sixers this year.

sissy putback

Turner rejected by the rim...a bunch of slop...Hawes follow 20 seconds later. Down 7. LET'S GO!

eddies' heady's on Feb 20 at 22:06

HEH, Turner that was some ugly mess there.

Hawes follow.

Jrue back. Put him on Ridnour.

eddies' heady's on Feb 20 at 22:07

Jrue back in with 6+ left. Hmmnn

Jrue scores in paint.

What do they have to lose, really?

Back to 7 on a strong move by Jrue. Come on. 7-point game.

two at the line for Jrue after the mismatch

eddies' heady's on Feb 20 at 22:11

Oh snap, here's the inevitable tease. Should have known it was coming.


eddies' heady's on Feb 20 at 22:13

Bad contested shot Jrue. come on. got it back on Pek illegal screen

Wilkins is having a game

Wilkins, money. down 6.

eddies' heady's on Feb 20 at 22:14

Damn, the Wolves might want to trade for Wilkins instead of Turner if he keeps this up.

Jesus, another fould?

This fucking flopping spaniard gets bailed out of more shit.

eddies' heady's on Feb 20 at 22:15

Screw you, Hawes. That weak ass J.

they are in the penalty, take it to the fucking hole

Turner blocked 2x. Fouled on the second. Hit the freebies, please.

eddies' heady's on Feb 20 at 22:16

LOL AK47 making ET his girlfriend. Twice.

fuck you Turner, another missed FT

5 missed freebies this quarter, right? 3 by nick, 1 by jrue, 1 by turner. in a 6-point game.

nice pass jrue

eddies' heady's on Feb 20 at 22:17

Jrue to Spencer. SLAM!

Great fucking pass, Jrue. Spence dunk. 4-point game. STOPS.

Pek to the line, bleh.

eddies' heady's on Feb 20 at 22:18

A hard foul from Turner? Balls.

5/11 from the line in the fourth. In a 6-point game.

Bad shot, Jrue. no stop here, that's game.

eddies' heady's on Feb 20 at 22:22

Hawes to the line.

Hawes to the line. Man, that corner three would've been huge.

Hit the fucking freebies.

well he made both of course

Brick city from 2 feet by Hawes.

eddies' heady's on Feb 20 at 22:23

Ugly, ugly ass lumbering move scoop hook from Hawes. Weakling.


Gota foul. Fucking motherfuckers.

game probably

eddies' heady's on Feb 20 at 22:25

We go to a Lavoy 15 footer in a 2 for 1. Grreeeaaattttt strategy. Or rather bad damn shot from Allen there.

eddies' heady's on Feb 20 at 22:26

Is that correct that the Wolves have only one made field goal this quarter, their first?


eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Feb 20 at 22:27

Them's my Sixers.

Get someone else in to give the foul, Collins. Why is Jrue in there? Stupid.

eddies' heady's on Feb 20 at 22:29

See there's not a lot of Friday night games on the schedule coming up the next several weeks, and not even that many left the whole season. Bummer.

harden has 44 on 19, game still going too

Hit the first two, miss the third...or just miss all three.

stonedeightytoo on Feb 20 at 22:30

phila blows

PHI gives it away, MIN takes it final.

POTG, Evan Turner. Someone tell his agent he's Depressed Fan's player of the game, see if that pumps up his trade value.

eddies' heady's on Feb 20 at 22:31

Doug calls timeout, Brian James drawing it up.

7 seconds left Dougie boy, let everyone go home already

Miami next

easy win.

harden ends up with 46 on 19

I found this comment on a Bucks Blog

by MadTown Hoops

"I hate Spencer Hawes as a player, but particularly as a person. He’s an insufferable know-it-all and his private comments have come off as racist and classist. His rebounding numbers and percentages are average at best and he likes to take threes, despite shooting at a 30% clip. We do not need that on our team. "


WEll, the only thing I wonder is how madtown hoops was able to participate in private conversations with Spencer Hawes to know that he's a racist (his classism comes off constantly, in public discourse)

Harkless had 20 on 15 shots today, and 8 boards, 5 of which were offensive. Vuce with a typical 16 and 13 night on 11 shots, 2 blocks.

Jesse reply to Tray on Feb 21 at 1:33

And he is 19, correct? I have a sneaking suspicion that he is going to be really good. Dileo has shown that he is not completely inept at scouting, and obviously the Magic really wanted Harkless to be involved in the deal for a reason.

Mike reply to Tray on Feb 21 at 7:19

did you happen to catch the final score of that Orlando game?

Tray reply to Mike on Feb 21 at 13:06

They lost by a significant margin, but I believe the game was tied going into the third quarter. So I don't think there was much garbage time. I actually thought about that before I posted the numbers.

Bucks and Celts both lost. The dream will not die!

So Houston is the only team making trades. Again. I even have a feeling they might not be done yet. I wouldn't be surprised to see some combination of the newly acquired Robinson and Garcia as well as T.Jones and G.Smith be sent to Atlanta for Josh Smith.

Aldridge has the Sixers among the teams chasing Redick hardest. It's not a small group, though.

Bucks, Pacers, Spurs, Sixers. That's the group. Sixers won't get him.

My hatred of JJ Redick makes it difficult for me to consider if it would even matter if the sixers got him - I mean - if it's only Evan Turner or Spencer Hawes - sure - just to get them off the team - but how much does he matter?

He's a really good fit going forward. Who knows how much it matters if Bynum either doesn't re-sign or isn't healthy going forward.

Even without Bynum i think Redick is a legit starting 2 guard who can be kept long term. And i think he would be reasonably easy to move if signed to something like a 7 million per year contract,if he is no longer a good fit. Legit 3 point shooters have value these days, and Redick has truly expanded his game of late.

He'd probably be movable at that price. It would be better if he was an add-on piece for them, meaning Bynum stays. Still think I'd try to get Afflalo and Redick from ORL.

Gotta have something the magic want - and the sixers roster isn't jam packed with pieces to want

Gotta have something they want and/or be willing to take something they'd like to get rid of. I'd probably be willing to take Al Harrington back in the deal as well (I think his contract can be stretched).

If saving money is orlandos desire


Also works if you sub Wright and Wilkins in for Hawes. Saves them even more money.

Yeah - but I wanna get rid of hawes :)

But yeah - there's a deal to be made - but purely a dump really - orlando doesn't get much talent compared to what they're trading away - but they do save some money this year and long term...the sixers would probably have to include a first round pick with protections to even entice orlando and, well, they can't really until like 2017 right?

I wonder if they could do something else, like remove the protection from the pick Orlando already has from them. They also have 2 second rounders this year, which are probably more valuable than a late-first from the Spurs (last pick in the first round vs. like #5 in the second round w/ no guaranteed contract).

Never thought about protection modification -

All the sixers can really offer anyone is cap relief really - though with the 'super tax' kicking in soon - maybe that's enough for some teams (like sacramento yesterday - saving a few million and giving up on the #5 pick after less than one season)

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 21 at 12:57

Who watches Orlando games to know if what Zach Lowe and others say is true, but supposedly he's become an above-average defender, shoots well standstill or on the move, is a smart cutter, and a decent passer. So basically a perfect glue guy to fill in between higher-usage players.

Now they're saying the Bucks have dropped back in Redick talks.

Not sure who chris palmer is but he's very disappointed that the celtics want be able to run out a rondo/tyreke back court

Broussard said the Pistons are out of it too

I bet the magic are over playing their hand :)

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 21 at 13:07

Yeah, supposedly the demand has always been a first-round pick and a prospect.

The demand for HIckson is a first round pick - no takers

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 21 at 14:09

Hickson's probably not good enough of a defender to be worth that much, but I'm glad he's rehabilitated his career. Actually, I take that back, I'd trade a pick in the 20s for Hickson.

The problem is Hickson is a free agent. Noone wants to commit to paying him a lot of money long term AND giving up a pick.

Tray reply to Xsago on Feb 21 at 14:22

Oh I didn't know he was expiring. But I mean, what if it dawned on the Thunder that Perk gives them nothing and that a run-and-jump big man would help them play with the Clippers and Heat? Maybe their 29th pick would be worth it.

jordan crawford to boston, dont know for what

dexter pittman and a 2nd rounder to Memphis for a trade exception and the right to ricky sanchez

It's probably going to be Fab Melo to Wizards.

Celtics will send the Leandro Barbosa expiring contract to the Wizards for Jordan Crawford, league source tells Y! Sports.

@Chris_Broussard: Sebastian Telfair to Toronto For Hamed Haddadi deal done, source says

PHX also gets a 2nd rounder

So once again a lot of smoke but mostly a lot of small deals getting done it seems :)

If the hawks don't move smith for at least a first round pick and a 'guy' who maybe doesn't last another year or two and they let him walk for nothing - that's a mistake

Smith is gone IMO. They'll just accept the best offer available at the last minute.

Despite Evan Turner's name being "all over the place" in trade talks, league source says Sixers do not expect to make a deal.

Ken Berger tweets:

Despite Evan Turner's name being "all over the place" in trade talks, league source says Sixers do not expect to make a deal.

Tray reply to Tray on Feb 21 at 14:48

Does that mean people want Turner?

yea, kinda

Not necessarily - maybe it means the sixers called every team and tried to get them to take turner - for a ball of wax even - and no one wanted him

Sure that's less likely - but still :)

However, what it can mean is that while there is 'interest' in Turner it's not really 'knock me down with a feather' interest it's more like 'we'll take him off your hands here's a pittance' interest if none of the deals encourage the sixers to make the move

maynor to POR for a pick

redick to MIL for Doron Lamb, Tobias Harris and Beno Udrih

Well we all know Doron Lamb is a superstar waiting to happen so I'm saying the Magic got fleeced :)

Orlando sends Ayon and Ish Smith to Milwaukee as part of deal for Redick, source tells Y!

Hakim Warrick to the Pacers for Josh McRoberts.

jsmoove reply to sixerfan1220 on Feb 21 at 17:43

this should be the magic not pacers

yea my bad

morrow to Dallas for Dahntay jones

Thunder got Ronnie Brewer from the Knicks

Brewer to the Thunder for a 2nd round pick. Interesting trade. I thought Brewer was a good fit for the Knicks because of his defense, but for some reason his minutes were reduced as the season progressed.

The knicks decided to stop pretending to play defense?

Saw this in a chad ford chat - made me laugh

However, with that said, I've heard rumblings that if Howard told Laker officials this summer that the only way he'd stay in LA is if Kobe leaves, the Lakers could end up choosing Howard over Kobe.

Either the Sixers thought that Turner was worth more than Redick or Orlando thought that Tobias Harris, Doron Lamb and the expiring contract of Udrich was worth more than Turner.

I'm gonna say the bucks thought it was worth more than turner - cause redick is more than turner

Tray reply to Stan on Feb 21 at 16:16

I think Tobias Harris may be worth more than Turner. (To say nothing of Doron Lamb!) Not sure what happened to him this year, but he looked good last season.

So we got Charles Jenkins? WTF?

i like him more than pargo

Tray reply to MikeW on Feb 21 at 16:19

It's as if they think we're a contender that just needs an extra backup point guard to shore things up around the edges. Or maybe we're going to use him to tank games and give Jrue lots of rest. Hopefully that's the idea.

Stan reply to MikeW on Feb 21 at 16:23

He's the next Jeremy Lin....wait....there's only one Jeremy Lin.

gave up a 2nd rounder