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Prime Time Embarrassment!

After Doug's last rant the speculation is that this may be his last season as our head coach. Whether or not you believe it either should or could happen, we all know Collins's coaching style so it's certainly possible.

SI.com has an article up with the top ten assistant coaches who should get a head coaching job. Number one on the list is none other than Mo Cheeks-


If we truly haven't hit bottom yet and we fall so far that Doug can't take it anymore, who would you want as our next head coach?

Interesting that Michael Curry didn't make the list. He had some interviews after last season because of our strong defense. At that point I thought he was destined to be the next Sixers head coach, once Doug had enough. Given our defensive performance this year, not so sure I would want that.

I'd say our defensive performance this year is no less impressive than last year's. They shouldn't be average w/ the pieces they have, and they're above average.

I don't want Curry, though. Not sure I want an assistant at all. A guy w/ a proven record at the NBA level or a fresh face from college would probably be my preference.

This team could use a John Chaney dressing down and "Evil Eye", Andrew Bye-Now included.

I like Doug Collins for whatever its worth. I believe he generally cares about the Sixers franchise. If he does want out I don't believe curry is the way to go. How would you guys feel about mike brown.

absolutely not. always thought he was a horrible, horrible coach.

Sharone Wright reply to Brian on Feb 28 at 12:15

If they hired Mike Brown, I would cancel my season tickets.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 28 at 13:41

He coached Cleveland into having a really great defense.

Not really that hard w/ LeBron.

Best coaches in Sixers history: Alex Hannum (re-re-retread), Billy Cunningham (rookie/with re-re-re-retread Jack McMahon at elbow) and Larry Brown (re-re-re-re-re-re-retread).

Need a person with high confidence, much court experience, energy, prudence, thick (or protected) skin and, of course, a roster peopled with honest-to-goodness players.

The players are 99% of the puzzle. I feel like the most relevance a coach has is when he takes a talented team and makes it much worse. There aren't many coaches who can make lemonade, and even when they do, it's usually elevating a bad team to average.

99, too high. With wealthy, immature kids to direct and meld, a head coach today needs a mess o' help to stand alone. Coaching and infrastructure is critical to team success. Chicago without Thibs is Milwaukee. LA plus D'Antoni is Utah.

Don't disagree with those two examples, though I think you're selling Utah short. I think there are way more cases where coaches make a team worse than drastically improve a team. If you have one who doesn't screw things up, you've probably got a keeper unless there's a really good one available. I'd take Jerry Sloan as Collins' replacement.

Like Sloan a lot too. But time and experience wears even the great ones down. Doubt he'd still carry the razor's edge at this point. Don't know though. Have you heard that he's still got the itch?

Haven't heard peep about him since Deron forced him out in Utah. Worth a call, though.

Heard his name a few times as 'possibilities' with no substance behind it - get the feeling that he is done with the NBA - with 'todays' players.

Turner seems like his type of guy.

Soupy Sales was Turner's kind of coach.

A young, shrewd BC & Penn-experienced Chuck Daly was also a help to neophyte Cunningham.

Mo Cheeks lol. Not that I think Mo is awful but he is the epitome of a dime a dozen coach. The guy had to be told by Ed Stefanski to run with a team headlined by Andre Miller, Igoudala, Lou Williams, and Thad Young. At least that was the rumor at the time. I'll be watching for chits and giggles.

The mock lottery is out! Cody Zeller to the Sixers at #11. Yipee!

Does he board like Vuc and shoot like Speez?

I think he shoots like Vuc and boards like Speez.

If only

Two interesting videos from CSN Philly:



The beat writers are pretty much calling out Turner, N.Young, Allen and Hawes for lackadaisical behavior. Nothing surprising. And Thad and J-Rich are getting positive reviews.

eddies' heady's reply to Xsago on Feb 28 at 19:45

This team doesn't have a professionalism problem though, outside of Bynum. At least that's what I've been told.

I think Budenholzer would be a great hire!

Pretty much everyone in the NBA thinks so, except i guess Mike himself and the GMs that are actually doing the hiring.

Philadelphia sports writers excel at calling people out for perceived laziness or not trying hard enough or not wanting to win or 'padding their doubles'

Ford says if the Sixers win the lottery, they go for the big guy w/ the bum knee.

Yeah - but see - the source is Ford - from Hawaii

No one has repeated Bayless' "scoop" from yesterday, have they?

Not that I've seen anywhere

Rich reply to Brian on Feb 28 at 14:49

His defense was really impressive before he got hurt. Really impeccable timing for a rim protector.

Now I wouldn't know what to do with the knee issue.

OK, the lottery machine on ESPN has caught my eye. Here's my question for those of you follow college hoops. Who is the Evan Turner of this draft class? Meaning, the Sixers get lucky w/ the ping pong balls, move way up in the draft, and use the pick to get a guy who's vastly overrated and winds up being a fringe rotational guy in the league. Basically, I want my list of guys I want no part of.


Seriously though - upperclassmen in the big 10 or ACC would frighten me high rated juniors and seniors

mymanjrue reply to Brian on Feb 28 at 14:47

what are your thoughts on oladipo, brian?

haven't seen him. my gut reaction is to stay away because he's a junior who was pretty blah in his first two seasons. I hear he's a legit athlete and the floor would be wind stopper, though. You can do worse than that.

Draft Express has him 9 - their highest rated upper classmen

Frosh/Sophs in the top 8 but zeller at 4

Ford felt that the Kentucky kid who tore his ACL lost his #1 spot - DX doesn't - I'd like to hear from someone informed and trustworth (DEREK where are you) about Muhammad - is he a real NBA shooting guard?

Ford is comparing him to Wade and a young Michael Jordan, which is asinine.

Stan reply to Brian on Feb 28 at 15:12

Back in 05' I thought he would be somewhere near the same level as Jordan.

Oladipo was on your radar in 2005???@#$?@??

mymanjrue reply to Xsago on Feb 28 at 15:32

think he meant shabazz?

Ok, so he thought Shabazz would be like Jordan when he was what, like 10?

Actually i think he was saying he thought Wade would be as good as Jordan...

mymanjrue reply to Xsago on Feb 28 at 15:37

lol-on further review i believe you are right!

I think McLemore might be the "Turner" of the class. That's of course beside the obvious Cody Zeller if he gets picked high. Oladipo is another candidate after the recent hype around him.

Early instincts suggest Shabazz is the real deal and he has my early vote of "player to keep an eye on". Other guys i somewhat like are Len and Noel. As for the lower ranked guys, Archie Goodwin is a guy that might be intriguing. Still early though, haven't payed too much attention so far, Bynum, playoffs and all...

buke reply to Xsago on Feb 28 at 17:16

I watch a lot of Big Ten games because I live in one Big Ten state and graduated from a Big Ten school located in another. The other night's Indiana vs. Minnesota game was not Zeller's finest hour. Zeller was beaten by Trevor Mbakwe on both ends of the court. He even had a little trouble with Eliason (the backup center). I think 6'6" Rodney Williams also blocked him once (although Williams is a superlative leaper). Zeller also got into some foul trouble in dealing with Mbakwe. If Mbakwe falls far enough for the Sixers to take on the second round, he would be well worth picking up. I could see him as a Reggie Evans type bull. He already has the Reggie Evans type body.

I think Oladipo has been more impressive when I've seen Indiana. He's a good athlete and a quick and willing defender. Offensively he can be quiet some times but he can score in bunches.

eddies' heady's reply to Xsago on Feb 28 at 19:58

Please tell me you're not talking about Len from Maryland? He'll be lucky to be a rotation player. Don't like his game at all.

Need to see more of Shabazz Muhammad but as of right now I'm of the belief that he's nothing more than a chucker on the next level. His defense leaves a lot to be desired, he struggles on that end mightily from what I've seen so far.

Don't really like Goodwin's game at all either.

As i've said it's still early i haven't seen enough of any player these are just my early instincts from the little i've seen.

Len looks to me like a more athletic Vucevic. In a draft like this i am more than comfortable with a guy like that.

Shabazz doesn't do much more than score at this point, but i think he is the only one in the draft that might have a chance to be a real star. I think he has a little Kobe in him.

As for Goodwin i think he is far from a polished player, but his upside makes him an intriguing candidate in the mid to late first round.

Porter is the other guy i like, i'm just not sold on his shooting yet. If his shooting is legit he moves just behind Shabazz IMO.

As for Noel, well, he clearly has talent, but i don't think he will ever be a superstar. I'd say Tyson chandler is his best case scenario and Deandre Jordan and Dalambert are his worst case scenario. And that's more than most players in this draft will amount to IMO.

Draft Express currently has 2 shooting guards in their top 3 (other one is at Kansas) both are shooting guard height as well. It's still early of course but hell - maybe getting lucky in this draft would work out wall

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 28 at 16:56

The Kansas 2 guard you mention is the star of this locker-room celebratory dancing gif.* Perhaps Jrue, who apparently prides himself on his dancing (see 2:15 of this hilarious video*), and McLemore would really hit it off, or, as per mymanjrue's psychoanalysis of Jrue's personality, Jrue would freeze him out because he was jealous of McLemore's moves.

* http://i.minus.com/iynCsXZR3nUrq.gif
** http://youtu.be/Tm6MSs3jxaI

DX updated their mock and has the sixers taking otto porter(who i like) but i dont think he lasts till 11

I like Porter too. He is the 4th guy that i am intrigued by (after Muhammad, Len and Noel)

Interesting thing I heard on the radio coming back from lunch

Dwight Howard has hit 80% of his free throws during practice (they track if for every player, Nash is at like 98%) and we all know what he is in games but the thing I found interesting was that Dwight can't replicate the 'ritual' in the games - there's an added hitch/pause - and that just made me wonder that it's probably some sort of mental/focus thing and how does one even work on that - a lousy movie but i'm reminded of the moment in for love of the game where costner 'clears the mechanism' and hears nothing and really sees nothing but the catcher and the batter - can you learn that you think or is that something inherent?

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 28 at 16:48

I wonder what percentage Iguodala shoots in practice. He's down to a tick under 58% on the season, and 48.5% on the year (out of 99 attempts, so hardly a tiny sample).

Anyway, yeah, golfers work on and partially cure anxiety-related kinks in their putting strokes all the time, so I would imagine Howard's issues could be at least partially reduced.


Insider article about the Sixers. I have no idea what it says, yet, but if i were to guess it's about the long twos.

Basically, it says the Sixers do exactly the wrong thing on offense (which we know), talks about how Collins has disdain for any kind of advanced analytics and then asks why they let Brand and Lou go to sign Kwame and Nick Young.

mymanjrue reply to Brian on Feb 28 at 16:43

Wow. It's like they don't even REALIZE that Doug Collins RAN THROUGH HIS SHOES-literally!-as a player. How dare they.

Collins has disdain for any kind of advanced analytics

Immediate grounds for firing in my mind - that old school mentality has to go - if you can't embrace change you get left behind - I won't call him a dinosaur cause - well - change didn't kill them off - a meteor did

I'm hoping the Sixers rub off on the entire sports landscape in Philly. Trade the #4 pick for Revis. Unfortunately I can't think of a baseball player coming off a knee injury the Phils could acquire.

*deep breath* Utley Howard Halladay Lee Ruiz Delmon Michael notsoYoung did i miss any recently- and soon-to-be-injured Phils we can be pissed about yet?

If a professional 'athlete' needs financial incentive to be 'not fat' - he really shouldn't be signed

mymanjrue reply to Brian on Feb 28 at 16:53

Chase Utley!wait, fuck...

Well it's not exactly the same but the over paid left side of the ynakees infield is coming off injuries :)

Do they have any prospects they can trade for A-Rod? I guess you could substitute a hip for a knee.

I'm sure there's some 25 year old AA player that the phillies would be willing to part with for A-Rod - age, contract size, steroid 'rumors' (who cares for f's sake) make a-rod have the value of a turd right now - if the yankees could find someone to pay 20-30% of his remaining salary i bet they'd trade him

I had a long daydream on the train the other day about what I'd do if I was named Yankees' GM tomorrow. Cutting A-Rod was step number 2 on my list.

Was Step 1 telling Derek Jeter to admit he likes fish sticks and retire?

nah, my working theory is devalue range at SS for the next 2-3 years.

mymanjrue on Feb 28 at 16:52

Fun fact: five of the top six in minutes played for OKC have a true shooting percentage of over .600

If they have a problem, which they probably don't, it's that the sixth guy has the highest usage rate of all of them.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 28 at 17:12

Is it me or have TS% and shot location stats become basketball's version of OBP and OPS, in that these stats have come along and reshaped both how the game's being played and what players are valued? Ten years ago, or less, people seemed to believe that what separated a mere "slasher" or a "shooter" from a true star, e.g. Kobe, was mastery of the midrange game. And you'd even see people say of players who could both shoot from three and get to the rim that they were limited because they had no midrange game. And people were in love with big men who could shoot elbow jumpers, even more so than bigs who could shoot threes, who were regarded as a sort of Don Nelson-inspired carnival act (with the exception of Dirk). But now, the ideal player is someone like Harden, who only either shoots from distance or gets to the basket, and no one has any use for players like Hawes or Jason Smith, while everyone loves guys like Ryan Anderson.

Yeah, I think that's a pretty good parallel.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 28 at 17:32

Also though, much like the obsession with OBP, I do think that this is making the game less enjoyable to watch. The current game is probably more fun for the casual observer, but there's a certain fundamental purity to the mid-range game when it's done right that's lacking when you're just watching guys gun for threes and getting to the line.

Being obsessed with anything is a bad idea - there is no obsession with OBP as I see it - most intelligence advanced metrics people have moved on to better numbers - but it's better to use than batting average.

I do think the numbers take something away from the enjoyment, but I prefer drives and threes to jumpers the other team just gives to you. I wish they'd do something to cut down on the foul shots, especially when they aren't "earned" Something like changing the definition of "in the act of shooting."

the numbers definitely take away the beauty of the micro for me. Like I could give two shits about a really pretty drive/finish by Turner or Jrue in the fourth quarter of a game where they're shooting 5/20 from the floor. My mind just ticks it up to 6/21 and I'm like, big deal.

See - I don't buy into this argument - and it drives me crazy that so many people see it as an either or thing - i don't think advnaced metrics ever take away from enjoyment - i still enjoy watching a game - be it baseball or basketball but advanced metrics just allow you to understand the foundations of the game more - for a variety of rasons.

Maybe my brain is just wired all differently - i love the numbers - and i love just purely watching the games - but then afterwards the numbers tell another story that only ADDS to the enjoyment of watching (hooray for severe ADHD)

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 28 at 17:48

Well, the thing is, they didn't use to just give teams long twos. Back when Kobe and Iverson were in their prime, teams seemed to want them to take threes ("they're not going to beat you from three," TV analysts would say, reasoning that they only shot 30-something percent from there) and were much more afraid of their getting hot from 18 feet. And when you did get open mid-range looks, it was because teams were running plays to get an Iverson or Kobe (or Pierce or Webber or Duncan) an open 18-footer. Now, yeah, there isn't a whole lot of fun in watching someone like Turner pull up for a mid-range jump shot in space.

Really interesting analysis. Bballbreakdown is a site that i recently discovered that has some very nice analysis.


hint: watch the video at the bottom, it's the same as the article :)

Oh yeah and it has Jrue in it. It essentially says Jrue inflates his stats against bad defenses.

What player in the NBA doesn't have 'inflated' stats against bad defense?

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 28 at 18:05

Apparently Kobe's worse against bad defenses, or something.

Yeah, but i guess that's all about sample size.

I guess noone. But read/watch the article before you make any judgement.

I wasn't judging anyone so much as wondering why you would single (the writer you) Jrue when feasting on bad teams is what good players do :)

I singled him out because he plays for the Sixers. I don't really care about the other "top scorers" on that list. And he actually has the worst numbers of all 15 players overall, so that's something to be slightly concerned about.

I'm not really concerned until the sixers start running an offense that doesn't, you know, SUCK, and until Jrue has a big man, any big man who knows how to post up and catch

Good defenses aren't going to let a team's only offensive weapon beat them. I'd expect Hrue and Irving to have splits like this. U don't think it's a very good playoff predictor, Jrue has outperformed his regular season on the playoffs each year, against top defenses.

wait what they were floating Hawes for...Lou Amundson and Ridenour??


rip out, Belinelli will start

Man, TNT thought they were getting an awesome doubleheader here tonight.

love, rose, bynum all hurt and the lakers are the lakers

Well, at least they're spending the entire pregame talking Indy.

eddies' heady's on Feb 28 at 20:10

Who's the announcers tonight? Anyone know? It will likely be the B crew if LA's playing next right?

Yeah, probably.

So how many months ago was it when Iguodala sank a pair of free throws to knock this team out of the playoffs?

eddies' heady's on Feb 28 at 20:13

Even though Reggie will pain me to hear him repeatedly chat up the Bynum thingie, I hope he's on tonight so he can call out all these undedicated, dispassionate softies we've collected/groomed. At least I believe that's what he'd say.

Just watched this. Makes me sad. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ga1vxwONt6g

Mike reply to Brian on Feb 28 at 20:59

i don't think i've ever felt better for a professional athlete in my life than when he hit those 2

seems crazy that it was actually fun to watch this team such a short time ago, and now we get this mess.

Mike reply to Brian on Feb 28 at 21:25

last season wasn't really a whole lot of fun though after their hot start. it was fun for a few weeks after the Rose/Noah injuries.

that moment for me was really about redemption for Iguodala, it may sound extreme but that's all i will remember from that series in 10 years.

MCT reply to Mike on Feb 28 at 21:03

that's a bit extreme

aaaaand we're off. Hawes loses the tip.

of course why not lose the tip...and start the same damn lineup that has been so awful?

good work thad

Good work, Thad.

Get down the fucking floor, Turner. Bitch.

Bitch dunk.

Great possession there.

put jrue on marco and young on hinrich, jrue is the only one who can run through screens

get down the fucking floor, Turner.

Turner +1.

Turner -1.

oh wonderful, turner actually has confidence

eddies' heady's on Feb 28 at 20:23

Uh-oh Greg Anthony just said Turner wants to put on a show because of family there. This ought to be good.

eddies' heady's on Feb 28 at 20:24

Turner woffs at Hawes after he went under that screen there for Deng.

Come on Jrue....

eddies' heady's on Feb 28 at 20:24

ET semi-postup, he's def gonna get his shots up tonight.

eddies' heady's on Feb 28 at 20:26

Fuck you, Hawes, you shooting Jumper bastard.

Hawes. Just Hawes.

eddies' heady's on Feb 28 at 20:27

Terrible forced shot Jrue.

damn Hawes you're so weak man, so weak. Guards go up stronger than that.

How does a 7'1" guy never get the ball above the rim on that attempt?

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Feb 28 at 20:30

He should be able to jump high since he doesn't have any semblance of a sack to weigh him down.

They didn't show any of Collins' crazy expressions. That's extensive editing.

jrue long 2

Jrue, get to the rim.

So Jrue hits back-to-back shots, next time down the floor he doesn't touch the ball. Smart.

mymanjrue on Feb 28 at 20:33

et beating in hi hometown. tantalize us one more time et, go for thirty

eddies' heady's on Feb 28 at 20:33

Put our star, Wilkins, in.

shooting 50% from the floor and down 3. This is going to get ugly fast if they don't start playing some D and grabbing an occasional board.

eddies' heady's on Feb 28 at 20:36

Shit, Wright. come on

Johnrosz reply to eddies' heady's on Feb 28 at 20:42

He is SO lazy, it's hard to watch

hahahaha two on one open and...that was almost Vick-esque

sissy layup

eddies' heady's on Feb 28 at 20:39

Jrue should have pulled it from deep the first time. Hesitation threw off his rhythm.

quick shot jrue but was going for the 2-1

They actually went for a 2-for-1. Three was halfway down.

PHI 22, CHI 23 after one.

Doesn't really look like the energy level has lifted much from the other night to me. They just hit their shots, which we all know isn't sustainable.

3 assists on 11 made shots.

I'd prefer a four-minute run for Pargo with Jrue on the bench here.

Lefty runner from 13 feet by Jrue, good.

eddies' heady's on Feb 28 at 20:45

Agree on the energy level being subpar. The opponent looks like the aggressors while we just look like we're going through the motions.

eddies' heady's on Feb 28 at 20:46

I'd like for us to sign Jimmy Butler. Something about him, is he a free agent?

Nah, he was a first rounder last year, wasn't he?

30th overall, his 2nd year

eddies' heady's on Feb 28 at 20:47

Just let him go right by you and throw it down, Lavoy. Foul the motherfucker hard man. You just watched him.

Box the fuck out, Hawes. You bitch.

Everyone not named Jrue or Turner is 3/13 for 6 points.

feels like every time they go to this pargo jrue back court the other team's lead grows

Yeah, that's not a mirage.

eddies' heady's reply to sixerfan1220 on Feb 28 at 20:52

Lavoy does his share to help, or better yet not help.

it really makes no sense, don't know what Doug is thinking

Moultrie is in.

Jrue's shot is on. If only they'd give him the ball.

Assume Turner for Jrue here. Jrue hasn't sat yet.

moultrie jumper

mymanjrue on Feb 28 at 20:55


Nice job, Turner.

mymanjrue on Feb 28 at 20:57


Pargo to the line!

8 o-boards for CHI, 11 d-boards for Philly. I'm no math genius, but that's not a good percentage.

eddies' heady's on Feb 28 at 21:01

Turner has Nate Robinson running at him on a secondary break and he pulls up from 15?

Moultrie oop from the bricklayer.

mymanjrue on Feb 28 at 21:01

YEAH, ET LOB to Moultrie~!~!chemistry with those two. solidarity?

You-ball-man, Pargo.

eddies' heady's on Feb 28 at 21:02

Looked like that Turner to Moultrie oop was actually a pass to a streaking Thad. Not sure though.

ugh evan

eddies' heady's on Feb 28 at 21:03


hey remember when these two teams had scores this low because they were good?

mymanjrue on Feb 28 at 21:03

ugly possession by turner there

20.1 seconds of Turner dribbling before he fumbles it out of bounds. Intense pressure from Boozer, admittedly.

Rod Thorn's alive? Wow.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Feb 28 at 21:09

Sure he is, he woke up Feb 22nd.

tnt on tuesday lol

Thad picks up where he left off against CHI in the playoffs last year.

Turner passed ahead after a team rebound!

Risky pass, Jrue. That's not going to work against a D like this.

Jrue to the line!


eddies' heady's on Feb 28 at 21:11

Damn Jrue, that was awful considering Kirk was on you.


damn nice concentration by Deng

PHI 39, CHI 45 at the half.

Close game. And mind-numbingly boring.

Jrue's three at the buzzer comes late. Ugh.

Rich reply to Brian on Feb 28 at 21:16

He just will not shoot the ball before the half unless it's a regular shot. Probably my least favorite part of his game.

eddies' heady's on Feb 28 at 21:13

Surprised Turner only took one shot that quarter I think.

mymanjrue reply to eddies' heady's on Feb 28 at 21:15

he would have had another had he not turned it over onn the possession where he dribbled for twenty seconds...but yeah he was looking pass first. transition lob to moultrie after grabbing the d-board is the play of the game thus far(heated competition for sure_)

buke reply to mymanjrue on Feb 28 at 21:24

I'm not sure whether he was going to shoot it or pass it on that sequence. I think he sometimes keeps dribbling until he gets either a good shot or good pass attempt. Sometimes the best choice is to just get rid of it (preferably before the shot clock goes down to nothing).

Kenny is talking about that play now on TNT. He attributes the problems to the fact that the Sixers don't have a big man for the guard to feed from the wings. I still don't believe that big man should be Bynum regardless of what Kenny says. These guys are too star struck. They believe that once you are a star you are always a star. I guess they forgot about all of the falling stars.

mymanjrue reply to buke on Feb 28 at 21:39

you should post more. always thoughtful

I rarely defend him, you're making shit up again

eddies' heady's reply to MCT on Feb 28 at 21:41

"....you've got all the answers...."

MCT reply to MCT on Feb 28 at 21:41

sorry meant to reply to eddie's

mymanjrue reply to MCT on Feb 28 at 21:48

lol i was like damn...

buke reply to mymanjrue on Feb 28 at 21:50

Thanks for the kind words but almost think I post too much.

mymanjrue on Feb 28 at 21:20

lots of people talk about thad having made a marked improvement this year...i really haven't seen it...more minutes, yes, marked improvement, no. these links tend to support my take



He improved his DRB% and post defense, while keeping his offensive production the same despite being the no.2 option on the team and being guarded by the opponents best interior player on a nightly basis. If that's not improvement i don't know what is.

Wanna know how good he's been? Take a look at this instead:


Basically when Thad is on the court the Sixers are essentially playing like a .500 team in terms of point differential per 100 possessions. The 12 games below .500 are, in a way, all a result of the time he is on the bench or injured.

eddies' heady's on Feb 28 at 21:31

Screw you, Hawes.

eddies' heady's on Feb 28 at 21:32

Catch the damn ball Evan!

missed the play, what happened?

MCT reply to Brian on Feb 28 at 21:34

Jrue turnover, low bounce pass to Turner cutting that went off his foot and out of bounds.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Feb 28 at 21:34

Jrue led him on a semi-break with a pass that he fumbled for a Turnerover and the subsequent arm flailing frustration.

it was Jrue's TO

eddies' heady's reply to MCT on Feb 28 at 21:36

OK, but it was still a Turnerover.

no it wasn't, and it wasn't scored that way either...no need to make shit up, Turner will screw up enough on his own

eddies' heady's reply to MCT on Feb 28 at 21:39

Flew right over your usual 'defending' Turner head.

It might have helped if the pass wasn't at his ankles. Talk about a predictable one track mind.

It might have helped if the pass wasn't at his ankles. Talk about a predictable one track mind.

sorry that was a shitty pass by Jrue

eddies' heady's on Feb 28 at 21:33

Hawes, Hawes, hawes.

Hawes rocks. Love possessions where Jrue never touches the ball.

Thad to the line.

Splits 'em. Shocker.

man this is getting ugly

Thad to the line. Splitski?

Nope. Missed both.

mymanjrue reply to Brian on Feb 28 at 21:38

no such luck

eddies' heady's on Feb 28 at 21:39

Hard ass foul there Hawes. You damn manchild you!

Lively bench. The only time Hawes shows any emotion is after his man dunks.


mymanjrue on Feb 28 at 21:41

thad finally finishes

Hawes, you spaz.

Hawes + Thad = 4/19 for 9 points (1/4 from the line, all Thad)

Heh. Oop to Hawes. Good idea, Jrue. May as well just take a giant shit on the ball.

Turner crosses the Mendoza line after that hot start.

MCT reply to Brian on Feb 28 at 21:50

sounds about right

mymanjrue on Feb 28 at 21:49

Ten points for spence!

mymanjrue reply to mymanjrue on Feb 28 at 21:49

BOARDS, not points

Miss a jumper, foul the Bulls. Miss a jumper, foul the Bulls. Miss a jumper, foul the Bulls.

mymanjrue on Feb 28 at 21:51

nicely done by jrue there


get hot Jrue

mymanjrue on Feb 28 at 21:52

alright jrue get hot!

Our offence creates jump shots, their offence creates lay ups.


mymanjrue on Feb 28 at 21:52

JRUE and one!en fuego

eddies' heady's on Feb 28 at 21:52

All these Turner pass attempts to Hawes are becoming comedy ala Hawes' drives.

2 straight makes for Jrue. They tried to not give him a touch on the third possession, but Spence literally fumbled a pass and it bounced to Jrue who hits and gets the foul.

mymanjrue reply to Brian on Feb 28 at 21:54

yeah that was pretty funny. ball don't lie

They're free.

Got the o-board, though. Get a good look now.

mymanjrue on Feb 28 at 21:56

Rod Thorn(+hairpiece) in da house,

did Nick Young just airball an 8 footer?


HeeHawes to the line.

Jrue isn't making $11M next season. It's 4 years, $41M.

did him making an all star game trigger a bonus?

I don't think so. I thought it was $43M max, if he hit all incentives.

It was 46 if i remember correctly. It is 11.5m per year if he did hit the incentives.

leave it to hawes to make both

Jrue to the line?

Nope. Hawes.

mymanjrue on Feb 28 at 21:59

can dorell get some fourth quarter burn?shot looks sweet tonight

two more freebies from spence. double double!

Great D, Jrue.

eddies' heady's on Feb 28 at 22:01

Is this the part where the tease kicks in?

We'll see. Best move Collins made was sitting Turner when they started to go on that run.

PHI 62, CHI 68 after three.

Don't think Jrue should sit at all here if Collins wants a win.

Chicago is defending free throws mercilessly.

Come on, Thad.

Siss to the line!

mymanjrue on Feb 28 at 22:06


pargo jrue back court

eddies' heady's on Feb 28 at 22:07

Damn Dorell, airball?

Pargo/Jrue in the back court. Down 6 when they came in. Pargo immediately loses Nate for a three. D. Wright airballs one on the other end.

Wright to the line for three. Hit two of 'em?

mymanjrue reply to Brian on Feb 28 at 22:09

again, no suck luck

mymanjrue on Feb 28 at 22:08

aaaaaaand a miss

Now Jrue to the bench. Think this one is over, folks.

Did he go 1/3 from the line there?

sissy tip in

Get Jrue back in after this timeout, please.

mymanjrue reply to Brian on Feb 28 at 22:16

welllll that woulda been smart

Here's a fun stat for you. Hawes is 6/6 from the line. The rest of the team is 6/15.

The stat page just took a hoop away from Turner. He was 6/12 for 12 points, now he's listed as 5/11 for 10 points. Strange.

MCT reply to Brian on Feb 28 at 22:17

I thought they gave one of Thad's buckets to Turner in the 3rd, that explains it.

Moves Turner well below the Mendoza line.

Still no Jrue.

Hawes dunked!

sissy dunk

Unfortunate series there.

Jrue got plenty of rest during the last TV timeout, no excuse for having Pargo in the game this late. We had it to 4, Jrue should have come right in after that.


10 blocks for Noah. Pathetic triple double.

Awesome, awesome job Turner. You rock.


Turner hasn't hit a three in over a month. So much for that improved shot.

Jrue gets no shots on these last three posessions. And 1 for Chicago, I'm out

mymanjrue on Feb 28 at 22:21


YAY! Turner hit a shot!

eddies' heady's on Feb 28 at 22:24

Turner bitching heavily at the ref for I'd assume the no-call on the other end.

I wonder if Tray will look up the last 20pt/20reb/10 block game tonight.

Why is Turner running the point?

Why is Turner shooting jumpers?

MCT reply to Brian on Feb 28 at 22:29

I think this has to be definitive proof that we are tanking

Tray reply to MCT on Feb 28 at 22:38

Do you think if he amasses counting stats down the stretch as we tank, he'll pick up trade value?

MCT reply to Tray on Feb 28 at 22:45

no, I think our best bet with him is to trade him for another young player who has not lived up expectations either and give both players a change of scenery...outside of that, we would probably have to take on a shitty contract to unload him and I would rather not add to our future cap...so we're probaby fucked until after next year


MCT reply to GoSixers on Feb 28 at 22:48

ha, don't give these people a heart attack. I was thinking Derrick Williams but he is playing a little better now right? So we probably couldn't make that trade.

Yeah but see I would actually LIKE Cousins on this team ASSUMING the sixers do the right things to work on getting his head right - I think the Kings have handled him badly - like really badly (I was going to say as badly as houston has handled royce but then i remembered that article - i think on grantland - where they interviewed royce white and i was baffled)

Demarcus Cousins was the best raw talent upside player in his draft who probably has the matuirty of a 5 year old and a huge sense of entitlement (both of which are curable)

Maybe the seattle group will be better at running an nba team than the maloofs have been the past decade or so (longer probably)

Why is Turner, period

Nick hit a shot. Yay.

Great job, guys. Turner stands there and lets Deng get the o-board flat-footed, standing behind him. Then Nick Young fouls Hinrich on a 20-footer with 1 second left on the shot clock. They actually had a chance before those two plays.

buke reply to Brian on Feb 28 at 22:36

No, they didn't have a chance. The dream is over. For the game and for the season. And maybe for next year.

the offensive foul wipes out the missed shot, which is a bonus for Turner. Excellent job.

Remember that smoking hot 4/5 start by Turner? 2/11 since. 6/16, 12 points. Stud.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Feb 28 at 22:36

You have such a predictable one track mind.

I'm pretty sure this is the perfect example of irony.

However, I can never be sure of what is ironic or not

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on Feb 28 at 22:40

You're rather good at being sure of what is sarcastic though. This time maybe not so much.

Believe as you wish to believe, you always do, no matter how wrong you are proven

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on Feb 28 at 22:44

You're not privy to the comment and it's nature, let it go. I was complimenting you actually.

Where I live we have indoor plumbing - no no privy's you're correct.

I'm sorry you still have to use an outhouse

True. You're not the only one. Being unique, unpredictable, and open minded obviously isn't a high priority for you guys.

Wait a minute - my mom told me we were all snowflakes

Are you saying she lied?

buke reply to GoSixers on Feb 28 at 22:44

No. You are rather unique. Somewhat predictable but unique nevertheless.

Damn it, without my unpredictability I am nothing.

Back to being a statistic in a system that a civil servant dominates

Though no one who actually knows me as a person would ever call me predictable ;)

Eh, the last time I was open minded I wasted two years waiting for Turner to be something more than a scrub. Fool me once...

I'm also pretty much the only Sixers fan in the world who wants them to win games and isn't rooting for them to tank. That's unique.

Is it unique to be apathetic to whether they win or lose since neither really makes a serious bit of difference?:)

mymanjrue reply to Brian on Feb 28 at 22:44

his fourth quarter was painful to watch

Tray reply to mymanjrue on Feb 28 at 22:58

Did Jrue freeze him out of having a 13-point game or something? I missed the action.

mymanjrue reply to Tray on Mar 1 at 0:08

jrue was magnanimous; must think the battle's won

complete list of centers that spencer hawes defends well:

And he took out one of my favorite non sixers in the league

Nice second half after my annoying day at work - thanks sixers

"Toughen up Luol." - Thibs.

So can you give Hawes POTG when he had about 8 of his shots blocked by Noah, and his man put up historic numbers?

The praise Mr Anthony was heaping on our Mr Hawes made me think that Anthony may get a piece of the Hawes contract pie

well we'll always have...that one time we didn't all completely hate this team

Well let's see, there's Jrue, and then there's, um, um, well there's, I don't hate Tony DiLeo just yet, so yeah, there's Jrue and Dileo (and no I never liked zumoff or malik)

I don't 'hate' Thad - but I don't really like him

I know you were kidding but I started thinking about it - sheesh - that's just sad - ugh - I really don't wanna be a clippers fan

buke reply to GoSixers on Feb 28 at 22:56

This is a collective problem. That's why I get irritated at posters who insist on villainizing particular players. Hawes has a place but he is not capable of fulfilling this team's complete frontline needs. Turner can do a number of things but not well enough and consistently enough as he tries and as this team needs. Thad can be effective but he can't consistently go up against people like Boozer and Noah. Nick Young and Wright aren't completely incompetent either but failure and mayhem have a way of causing players to lose their compass. This is a collective problem and when things break down enough, the situation becomes every man for himself.

I never wanted Spencer Hawes to come back to this team after last season for one season let alone two. I think what the sixers have is a motley collection of at best 'replacement level' players on their roster save for Jrue and Bynum (injured) and Thad - but Thad is still a rotation player to me - not a focus player.

I don't know that it's the worst roster in the NBA top to bottom but when you think about individual things like overall talent, or upside, or contending, there's just nothing I see positive, as a whole, on the roster. I see one upside player who is healthy one who is injured whose career might be limited to chronic knee issues.

That's just how I see it, the places said players 'have' are on the bench - back ups who play maybe 10-15 MPG max - not as starters on nba teams

buke reply to GoSixers on Feb 28 at 23:10

I'm not sure if you are talking to yourself or to me. I never respond to my own post so I'm a bit confused.

I agree that this is a motley collection of players that don't fit too well together. Believe it or not, I think things might be a bit better (although not to the point of being a winning team) if they had a true pure point guard (like Andre Miller) instead of a scoring combo guard masquerading as a point guard. So, even the Sixers' best player is part of the collective problem to a degree. At this point, I'd rather not talk about the coach and the front office.

Oh, and technically Bynum isn't a "player" at this juncture.

Man - you know TNT is regretting the ability to 'flex' games

October: 1-0
November: 9-6, 10-6 overall
December: 4-11, 14-17 overall
January: 5-9, 19-26 overall
February: 3-8, 22-34 overall


Hey look - they used jrue in a national commercial - cool.

gerber's or st..joseph's aspirin?

I think he means the commercial for tickets on NBA.com, where some kid is choosing a game to buy tickets to and players from various teams are begging him to pick them. Jrue's one of the more vocal, but the kid goes with the Wolves and the Hawks.

mymanjrue reply to Tray on Mar 1 at 8:09

that kid is dumb.

Thanks, Tray.

Takes Wolves & Hawks over Sixers (at the moment) - smart kid.

My post was a comment on Jrue showing momma's boy tendencies rather than manning up when his team is in the crapper. He's talented, but isn't a natural leader. Collins alluded to some on team, who went unnamed, with leadership capabilities in his post-Magic game upchuck. Who dat?

Definitely not a natural leader like Jameer. Who has picked that team up by the bootstraps...oh. Nevermind.

Jameer is a better leader, but I don't wish to damn with faint praise. Quiet but tough, and unrelenting. Not flashy like your crush, just more effective...

Jameer, career (570 g): .118 WS/48
Jrue, career (272 g): .077 WS/48

Jameer, career playoffs (44 g): .142 WS/48
Jrue, career playoffs (18 g): .133 WS/48

Jameer, career A/TO: 2.33
Jrue, career A/TO: 2.17

Jameer, career FT%: .814
Jrue, career FT%: .787

Jameer, career 3PT%: .382
Jrue, career 3PT%: .372

Jameer, career TS%: .541
Jrue, career TS%: .515

Jameer, career ORtg: 108; career DRtg: 107
Jrue, career ORtg: 101; career DRtg: 106

When Jrue achieves 5 seasonal WS/48 numbers .130 and above (one season .220) as Jameer has, let me know. For that matter let me know the FIRST time Jrue breaks .100; the "rising all-star" is currently sporting an .076, well below par.

Jameer: stolid, lunchpail, gutsy; the little engine who did.
Jrue: a long-limbed kid who loves the ball, dribbling, dipsy-doodling and orange rims; plays out of his mind at times (not a compliment).

Collins did team and Jrue a disservice by making Sixers Jrue-centric, puffing the kid up before he's earned his stripes.

Hmm...I wonder how Jrue's numbers would work if he was on a roster with more talent and Dwight Howard for the majority of his career.

Here arrives the easily-anticipated theoretical negation.

But there's product. And there's talk.

Howard has 2 offensive moves, a dunk and a left whirl to lane from block. And his blacksmith touch has backboards calling in sick on occasion.

Jameer shoots all by himself; those numbers are true.

"theoretical" negation.

Is it theoretical that his ws/48 this year - that year without howard is .067?

.067 is both real and cherrypicked. He also notched an .074 and .082 WITH "Superman" & More Talented Co., but you conveniently omitted those similar figures.

Jameer's been hurt, missed games this season. And general exodus of talent, not only Dwight, is a factor - theoretically. His individual performance this year is what it is. Numbers say subpar. On the other hand, numbers don't express intangibles, spiritual contributions, on and off court.

Nelson's body of work, while constructed in a team context, is singular, real and irreversible. As is Holiday's. The 'what ifs' about either player ARE theoretical, and sometimes a companion to dreams.

Is it also tangible that the only post season success his Jameer's team has had during his tenure in Orlando was achieved when Jameer was out with an injury and Rafer Alston was leading the team?

Did Jrue's team not also suffer a dramatic downgrade in talent?

I'm not quite sure what point you were making when you said Jameer has sucked in other years as well, other than to say his one good year was a fluke.

Front paragraph, a regurgitation. Avoid repetition; it tends to bore.

Closing paragraph, putting words into my mouth again, a tiresome "trick."

Don't have time to further the back-and-forth. Would end in impasse anyway. Let's simplify: You cheer on the boy, I'll cheer on the man.

I'll cheer on the better player who plays for my favorite team. You can cheer on your home town hero who choked away a #1 seed in college and has been a disappointment throughout his entire pro career.

My comment wasn't about their career achievement, was it? I was just wondering why a gutsy, gritty leader like Jameer can't elevate his bad team.

gerber's or st..joseph's aspirin?

9 teams have a worse winning percentage than the Sixers, 8 teams have less wins and 5 teams are only 2 games behind.

buke reply to Stan on Feb 28 at 23:39

Of all the numbers that are thrown out on these sites, those might be the most head shaking. Nevertheless, that doesn't make this team any easier to watch. Right now I'd rather watch a decent college basketball team.

Tray reply to Stan on Feb 28 at 23:57

Only four teams have been outscored by more on the season than us (Charlotte, Orlando, Phoenix, and Sacramento). With less minutes for Jrue and Thad, which we should probably be doing just for the sake of minimizing injury risks in meaningless games, we could go pretty far in the lottery. Even Sacramento and Phoenix (3.5 GB) could finish with better records than us; they have just 9 and 10 road games left, respectively, compared to our 16, probably only two of which we'd be favored to win.

Fun fact; besides Noah, the only other players in the 3-point era with a 20/20/10 blocks game were Shaq, Olajuwon, and Shawn Bradley. 22, 22 and 13 blocks for Bradley in one night! For what it's worth, he's the league's all-time leader in block percentage.

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