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Miami Shooting for 20 Straight

Heh. The Bobcats hammered the Celts last night. Boston scored 28 points in the second half.

Wins for the T-Wolves and Cavs in the lottery chase, as well.

Nick Young coming back just in time to help with our tanking efforts. I look forward to his always terrible shot selection tonight.

The one thing that is worse than watching the Sixers lose is watching the Sixers lose while Nick Young is starting.

I can't stand that guy.

Big blow to tanking chances for the Sixers. Bargnani done for the year. He would've been good for at least 2 or 3 extra losses for the Raptors.

Wait - so do you think the raptors are going to win or lose more?

This tanking shit confuses me. Good news for Sixers tankers, bad news for Toronto tankers. They're going to lose less.

I find NFL free agency more confusing - the chaos of a hard cap is amazing

Try understanding California intestate law as I've been trying to do all afternoon - frigging nightmare

Tray reply to Brian on Mar 13 at 18:53

They barely played him anyway. And giving tons of shots to Gay is just as bad an option. Doubt it has any impact.

young available to play but wilkins will start

So probably Wilkins on LeBron and Turner on Wade.

well that's a recipe for a quick deficit

thad jumper

sissy free throws

sissy hook

jrue floater


wright 3

...so it's super quiet here because everybody is in the house to get free keychains and see the drumline right?

Is Nick Cannon there?

thad to jenkins

bad shot jrue

T on hawes

jrue to the line

So a 17-2 run is a pretty good way to lose ballgames

thad banks in a jumper

thad put back

thad putback

jrue 3!

wright 3

down to 4

jrue 3 up 1!

Where the hell have these sixers been aall season??

I readily admit I'm not watching the game, but the past few, Miami has been letting teams hang around a bit before hammering them in the fourth - I think they're enjoying the streak but more focused on staying healthy and optimizing for the playoffs - i mean they have a 9.5 lead for the #1 seed going into tonight


Wow Jrue!

Big Will on Mar 13 at 21:11

Jrue with the play of the Sixers season?

Big Will on Mar 13 at 21:12

Damn.. jrue kicked it out of bounds

Big Will on Mar 13 at 21:17

You suck Hawes... Blown bunny shot... GAME!

nice play for the wright 3

damn good effort guys

ugh. so close. I hope Boston is not the team that ends the streak

Thad is POTG. He was a man on the boards. Good to see Jrue assert himself in the fourth, wish he would've been able to hit one of those last two. Collins drew up two really nice plays out of timeouts there at the end. The Hawes blown bunny was a killer.

The floor view in the end of this video is amazing. Truly a game of inches.


Statman on Mar 14 at 9:20

Here is the dunk called by Zumoff and Rose: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8AZtFtu3Yc

One bright spot in a lost season ...

That got me out of my seat last night. Interesting that they were putting Bosh into the pick-and-roll late, picking on him. Whoever he was guarding was coming to set the screen.

Wonder why Turner and Jrue were both wearing those red sleeves on their left forearms. First time all year either has worn one.

Tuck reply to Brian on Mar 14 at 11:46

Because Jrue and Evan are the bestest friends in the whole wide world.

Could be. They did an awkward jump-bump after Jrue's dunk on LeBron.

Thought maybe they were going to try to show the refs when they got fouled, "Look at my sweatband, he fouled me!"

Turner spent the whole game fidgeting with it. Played decently well, though, so I'm in favor of the sweatbands.

Somehow the Sixers are playing much much better basketball of late despite losing. And Thad especially has been terrific of late going for approximately 20/10 over the past 6 games while shooting 70% from the field. That's insane.

His rebounding has been unbelievable. Don't know what's gotten into him, but he's ripping down boards with one hand in traffic with great regularity. You kind of expect it against the Heat's bitch front court, but he was doing the same thing against Reggie Evans the other night. He's like a completely different player since coming back from the injury. Maybe the rest really did him well.

His shooting touch was off the first few games, but now, in March he is even better than he was before. At this point i think he is a legitimate 3rd best player on a contender. If only the Sixers had that number 1 guy...

Really the most frustrating thing of the season is the thing that the Sixers are so close, yet so far from being what we all want them to be. With Jrue's and Thad's imrpovement they have a legitimate number 2 and number 3 on a very good team. They can have the number 1 guy if they want to (no way Bynum passes a max offer) and they have a reasonably clean cap wise situation to sign/acquire good role players. If only Bynum could play...

Yep. Fucking cursed team.

Nice sprint by Holiday. Split seam, broke into secondary. Flat-footed free safety James was overly concerned with lumbering tight end Hawes at the flag. Right side cornerback Wade failed at an arm tackle. Containment responsible-Chalmers lost ground through pulling guard T. Young's interference. Rangy right side linebacker Bosh's headless blitz proved futile. Field Judge Allen observed the upfield action without grass stain. Touchdown, Sixers! Shades of Leroy Keyes ... unfortunately, when at Purdue.

Turner's look-back 'snarl and yap' at the 20-straight rampaging Heat in the time-out aftermath of a surprise Holiday dip in the net was telling. Evan, despite his average speed, leaping & shooting ability, loose vitriolic lips and aversive Collins conditioning, is an undaunted competitor at heart...The Fire This Time. I'll be impressed if and when he brings it to Cleveland, Detroit and Milwaukee consecutively on the road some winter.

I'm not sure what you said, but I think I agree. Turner had a good game today and it didn't come off a good shooting night or from exploiting a matchup against a smaller and less athletic player. He was making quick decisions and playing sound basketball. The team overall has been playing a lot better in terms of execution. I was surprised to see them run a designed play and actually execute it well. Last year they would have relied on Lou, AI9, or Jrue to make a play in an iso situation.

They ran two nice plays at the end. One got their 7'1" center a wide open look at the rim, the other got their best three-point shooter a wide open corner three. Those would be encouraging signs if they were headed to the playoffs. Did it against a good defense, too.

That was funny Stan.

Basically said Turner is a spitfire. Needs to bring it consistently.
A true pro doesn't depend on geek juice of a marquee opponent or playoffs.
Jrue is guilty of same inconsistency, to a lesser degree. Remove from Collins could help Turner. As could more orange ball. And less body fat.

Tom Moore on Mar 14 at 21:47

Thaddeus is a roamin' gladiator, but .553 from the charity stripe is a slayer of victories. Dem newfangled muscles have hardened his touch. Worst season prior: .691.


Fox terrier Jeremy Pargo, who became a Sixer partly on account of one November night of rabid play in Cleveland, has not been let loose since a 9 minute run in Atlanta Wed March 8.

Bull mastiff Lavoy Allen's minutes have been reduced of late as he refuses to budge from his favorite spots.

Coming-off-injury beagle Nick Young is ready to be unleashed, romp about in the sunshine of his next step-back shot.

Afghan hound Dorell Wright's been in and out so often he's applied for a new passport, though lately his trainer is noticing him favorably.

Next chow time: Saturday 7:30

Hope Collins continues the extended burn for Wright even when Nick Young is back at full strength. No idea what to expect, though.

I hope i will never see Nick Young play basketball again. Unfortunately i am a Sixers fan and as painful as it is the Sixers need to lose right now. And the best way to lose is unleash Nick Young and let him take 20 shots per game.

It's a shame that Bynum didn't suit up even for a game. Wright's talents are wasted this way. He would fit in very well next to a good post up player IMO. If Bynum gets resigned i still think Wright should be resigned if he is reasonably cheap.

Young is a double-edged sword. Give him 20 shots, every fifth game, he's going to hit 15 of them.

True, but he will single-handedly lose the other 4.

Tom Moore on Mar 16 at 11:17

Column: Losing isn't always the best way to improve:


Tray reply to Tom Moore on Mar 16 at 17:29

I didn't really like this column. On a nitpicky note, it's hard for me to see how starting Moultrie for Hawes would be a tanking move. Moultrie's probably a better player, however raw. More generally, the point of the piece seems to be that losing tons of games does not guarantee the #1 or #2 pick, and that you might only pick fifth instead. (I was thinking from the title that you were going to make the more interesting/less obvious point that losing lots of games and getting great draft picks doesn't always translate into a successful rebuild; see Charlotte.) Well of course - it's a lottery. Besides, we have no chance of finishing 1st or 2nd; at best, we'll finish 3rd, and that usually does guarantee a pick in the 3-5 range. Then, after showing that finishing with the second worst record in the league, something we have no chance of doing, does not guarantee a top two pick, because it's a lottery, you then go off on this tangent about how failing to successfully tank worked out for Boston anyway, and finally, you point out that we are not Boston because we don't have Al Jefferson and Delonte West or Theo Ratliff's expiring contract to trade. Of course, whether this team is or isn't like Boston 5 years ago is a totally random and irrelevant comparison, but I don't even know if you're right; Thad's a really good, young player on a pretty cheap contract, and the gap between Turner's trade value and Delonte West's trade value in 2007 probably isn't as big as we would think. If the right players were on the market a creative GM could possibly get a really good return on them.

'82-'83 NBA Champ Sixers vs. '71-'72 ABA Champ Pacers (beat Doc's Nets in Finals, 4-2):

Moses Malone or Mel Daniels?
Bobby Jones or Bob Netolicky?
Andrew Toney or Roger Brown?
(veteran) Julius Erving or (young) George McGinnis?
Mo Cheeks or Freddie Lewis?
Clint Richardson or Rick Mount?
Franklin Edwards or Billy Keller?
Marc Iavaroni or Darnell Hillman?

Closer in talent (and cohesion) than you may think.

above post misplaced; was meant for tonight's thread, as a fascinating aside


That was funny Stan.

Basically said Turner is a spitfire. Needs to bring it consistently.
A true pro doesn't depend on geek juice of a marquee opponent or playoffs.
Jrue is guilty of same inconsistency, to a lesser degree. Remove from Collins could help Turner. As could more orange ball. And less body fat.

Don't know how the above was posted as I was sleeping at the time. There's nothin' like 3-day old comments for breakfast though.

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