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Bombs Away! PDX in Town

The last two games Collins played Jrue 43 minutes each, trying desperately to get wins so they beat out Toronto for 9th place and end with a worse draft pick. What is the reason Collins is going to wear down his best player when the team is eight games out?

It's probably equal parts really wanting to win and really hating watching this team play when Jrue is on the bench.

Up front, they're woeful. Just woeful.

Wait, I thought you were talking about the Blazers defense, not the sixers offense.

If you haven't noticed, Hawes was the best signing ever. Just look at his last two games!

Right, I forgot how recent immediate history trumps years of futility.

Grumble grumble grumble, now back to Rails and Bootstrap

Jakey reply to Brian on Mar 18 at 18:48

The soon to be "Spencer Hawes' expiring contract" is gaining value for the off-season...

Mitchell is in favor of Al Jefferson and thinks Hawes is a stud. link. Awesome.

Matt reply to Brian on Mar 18 at 15:46

Your mistake was reading Mitchell's work. My mistake was clicking the link so my computer could be overrun by ads.

That's a pretty loose definition of work.

Mike reply to Brian on Mar 18 at 15:58

Jefferson is supposedly like the worst pick and roll defender in the league. probably doesn't matter to the Sixers. not like anyone in the league runs the pick and roll.

Tray reply to Mike on Mar 18 at 16:56

Also, Jefferson, who Mitchell says does a decent job of getting to the line, actually takes over 5 times as many shots as he does free throws. He's worse than Jrue. His last three seasons' TS percentages are .528, .520, and .517. I would much rather take Vucevic back.

quick shot jrue

thad to hawes

another nice thad pass

LMA fade jumper, wilkins jumper

wilkins jumper

jrue jumper

Nice play by play you've got going here.

LMA fade away goes in, sissy jumper

heh LMA is on fire

wright 3 at the buzzer

sissy bank shot

wright 3 breaks the zone hopefully

thad to the hoop

Andrew Bynum will undergo season-ending surgery on both knees, source tells Y! Sports.

bad shot jrue

Bynum's surgery will be to clean out remaining debris in both knees and take place Tuesday,

sissy hook

hawes to thad

sissy jumper

wilkins putback dunk!

jrue 3!

Bynum's out for the season and the Sixers are winning meaningless games behind Spencer Hawes. Life isn't fair. Warning: bad comparison coming. Remember when David Robinson was out for a year and the Spurs bombed the season only to bounce back and dominate for 20 years? This is the opposite of that.

ahh but did the Spurs have a PHILLYMAX to offer?

thad jumper

tie game


eddies' heady's on Mar 18 at 20:58

This is hilarious with Wilkins getting these increased minutes lately that he makes Turner look even more ordinary than he already is. Mentioned mid-season that there isn't much difference in the two and more and more that seems to be the case lately.

"After believing that Bynum could help the Sixers contend with the elite of the Eastern Conference, the franchise is 25-40 and could be headed for significant changes in their front office and coaching staffs, sources said."


thad puts them up 5

eddies' heady's on Mar 18 at 21:04

Well, there goes my prediction of only 3 wins this month.

Thad dagger.

jrue saves a bad possession

Long twos for the win. At least we can build on this.

lol LMA 3

eddies' heady's on Mar 18 at 21:13

Heh what a clusterfuck. Jrue falling down over Dorell's foot.

Dumbass team can't even tank right.

eddies' heady's on Mar 18 at 21:17

POTG is Turner. What a game from the kid. Jenkins and Lavoy giving him a run for it though. Close call.

So non-sarcastically, what would you all say are the chances that we foolishly use our cap room this offseason on Jefferson or Smith or any overrated player of that ilk?

eddies' heady's reply to Tray on Mar 18 at 22:58

I really don't know, but I'll say they'll foolishly use it on Bynum and his degenerative self. I didn't think they were going to have that much cap room though? Any roundabout number of what they will actually have?

As I understood it, this was the season the split was supposed to go down to 50/50. In the first two seasons of the CBA, the cap was guaranteed to be no lower than the last year of the previous CBA, and it didn't move. In year 3, it was supposed to be 50/50, which to me would mean it would probably drop. Everything I've read, though, is that it's going to be around $60M. I thought closer to $50M. We won't know for sure until late June, I think. If it's $60M, they could have around $14M in cap space. If it's $50M, they have $4M.

And I think they either re-sign Bynum (no idea what it would take/what they'd be willing to offer) or they pay too much for Josh Smith and completely hamstring themselves (sort of). I think it would be stupid to give Smith a max contract, but they'd have maneuverability to add another big name via trade. Thad's a good piece and they have expiring contracts, plus the stud they draft at #11 in a terrible draft.

Ha! What a finish. As you know, I don't care about the tank. Nothing makes me feel better than watching LMA miss a long(ish) two for the loss!

Jrue gets POTG. Turner gets an honorary mention for being the only guy who got the tanking message. 3/4 on the homestand, heh. 15-1 to the finish!

Stan reply to Brian on Mar 18 at 23:23

No love for Hawes for stopping LMA on two crucial possessions late in the 4th?

Hawes was good again. Thought Jrue won the game when he came back in in the fourth, though. Could've gone either way. How many times did Turner get his shot blocked, btw?

I'm so happy Miami won. I've been talking a lot of shit to Boston fans about how the Celtics were a dying team and heading into mediocrity. I'm going to get shit for Green's performance but it's nothing compared to the shit storm that would have occurred had Miami won.

Dollar Bill, please give me your take on this.

miami streak - just another tequila sunrise, good for them & league; built to stop and go. james & wade might be best duo since baylor & west in prime.

green - outstanding last night, quite an athlete; heart surgery survivor deserves standing o... just for playing.

celts - no chest-thumpin' kj, death rattle, despite the pride & tradition...until they acquire howard...and get hondo-ed again by rondo.

What's the prognosis on Bynum's surgery? What kind of procedure is he having done and how long is the recovery time?

They made it sound like they were just scoping both out, which usually isn't a big deal in and of itself. Who knows what it means in top of everything else. My guess is he'll be ready to work out against a chair in early July when it's time to audition for a new contract.

Charlie H reply to Stan on Mar 19 at 10:40

Like mopping the floor without fixing the leak.

Charlotte over Washington is a tank killer.

Clippers are next led by their superstar point god maalik wayns

He and Willie must have some sick one-on-one games.

but nothin can top iggy vs quincy miller. now that's rimmin' & rackin'. rocky mountain spotted fever.

5 on 5 focusing on the Sixers. Did a few guys from Philadunkia defect and create a new Sixers blog?

Hoop76 has been out for a while. I think the majority of Philadunkia's members are there and they are the blog affiliated with ESPN (i don't really read philadunkia to know for sure). As i see it, the good ones left and left Philadunkia to the T'r'oll.

I've read a few stuff on Hoop76. They are not bad so far.

Good for them. I don't read as much as I should, but I always heard there were a couple good guys over there being drowned out by the morons.

Sharone Wright on Mar 19 at 9:42

Sorry I'm late on this, but why didn't DC call for a double on Aldridge on the last play last night? I thought it was pretty standard to wait until a little less than 2 seconds and bring the double regardless of leaving shooters open, because there's not time to pass and shoot. Agree?
In the presser after, DC said he didn't want to leave their shooters open, which I understand when there is 7 seconds left.
Anyway, it worked out.

He shot pretty early, right? There was time for a tip and then the clock didn't expire until after Hawes tapped the ball out. That seems like enough time to pass the ball out, to me.

Anyone know if they had a timeout left on that play where Jrue tripped over Dorell? I think Thad is probably the last guy you want on the trigger there. If they had a TO and didn't use it, that's questionable.

btw, very good game for LMA, but also just so typical. He hits a couple long twos early, give him enough time he'll shoot them out of the game from that distance. He had 18 points on 10 shots early on, and I think he hit 4 or 5 long twos. The rest of the way he had 14 points on 18 shots and I think he was either 0/6 or 1/6 from long two after the first quarter.

non-call on his 3 coulda been a call. zebra remembered in moment his geographical location, said never mind.

Eh. Don't think that's a call they ever make, unless maybe Durant is the guy shooting it.

yeah durantula woulda got that one. aldridge sells fewer jerseys & seats.

Sharone Wright on Mar 19 at 10:02

Good point by you: I watched the replay, and he shot with 2.5 seconds left. My mistake.

Pretty sure they had a 20 second timeout left.

i dont know if you look at all the comments but this is from a woj article towards the bottom

".... franchise is 25-40 and could be headed for significant changes in their front office and coaching staffs, sources said."


by all the comments i mean, i posted this during the game last night and im not sure if you read all the game thread comments when you have to watch on DVR

Saw that. Not sure it's something surprising though. I think the owners are evaluating stuff right now and there might be some changes in the offseason, but not in the way we think. I think Collins will move into the FO. I expect to him to have some say in personnel decisions along with DiLeo, Barzilai and possibly a new permanent GM.

It could be a mess or it could be great. We'll see.

mess favored by 20

Yeah, I saw this last night, then read the story on the train this morning.

My initial thought last summer was that ownership was giving Collins carte blanche for this year, and possibly next, but they were making any decision that went beyond that. That changed w/ the Bynum deal (sort of), but the framework is still in place for them to clean house either this summer or next and give whoever they bring in the flexibility to make major changes. Could still break that way.

I just hope if Collins does stop coaching, he doesn't appoint his successor and slide into the front office. I think the guy is a good coach, and he's milked more wins out of this group than most coaches could have, but his personnel decisions are highly questionable. If he isn't coaching, I want him gone or in an advisory role where he can smile for the cameras but has absolutely no say in personnel decisions.

anybody else kind of wondering what this team would look like with Collins broadcasting...and Malik as the coach?

Sharone Wright reply to das411 on Mar 19 at 12:58

I like that!

I know the team should be losing instead of winning, but it's really enjoyable to watch them finally starting to figure it out. The thing that stands out to me is the change they've made in their offense, which is visibly improved right now. The offensive rating over the last 11 games (i made the split at the Collins press conference after the Orlando game because it coincides with the better offensive play) is 101.2 and is up from 98.7 prior to that. And the differences in style:

1. Faster pace
2. Better ball movement
3. Visible focus on the corner 3
4. Attacking the paint more frequently

And they've actually played some very good defensive teams over this time period. Of the 11 games 7 were against top 10 defensive teams and 2 more vs average ones.

The pace thing is a mirage. I actually looked it up because I thought the same thing. 3 of the past four games, they've been under 90 possessions. They had 94 last night, which was up, but the other three games of the home stand it's been down.

Well, using the same sample size of 11 games, the pace has indeed gone up over that period of time. It was 92.83 in the first 55 games until the Orlando press conference and is at 94.52. now the difference may seem small, but it actually isn't, 1.7 more possesionss per game is the differnce between bottom 5 and somewhere in the middle.

Yeah, I didn't go back that far, just this home stand. 3 games in 80's, then last night at 94.

One staggering stat i mistakenly found:

The top 8 teams in "corner 3 attempts" are ranked 2th-9th in offensive efficiency. The impact the corner 3 has on offenses is staggering. The only good offensive team that "disregards" the corner 3 is the best team - OKC, but they are 3rd in making corner 3s. One has to wonder, how good they can be when they realize they need to focus on corner 3s more.

The Sixers interestingly, do take a decent amount of corner 3s, but it's not enough to help their struggling offense.

more Damien (more cowbell)!

What would you say the odds are the Sixers win one of this upcoming back-to-back, @ LAC (26-8 at home) and @ DEN (30-3 at home)?

depends entirely on mentality of hosts; if they bring it, sixzrs go down. if they don't, "cresting" visitors could surprise one or both (after all this is not your older brother's spencer).

depends entirely on mentality of hosts; if they bring it, sixzrs go down. if they don't, "cresting" visitors could surprise one or both (after all this is not your older brother's spencer).

Tray reply to Brian on Mar 19 at 16:00

Under 20%. Probably both home teams have a 90% chance of winning.

btw, I really liked Jrue's shot selection last night. A couple of those threes seemed like quick pulls, but whenever he finishes a game with more threes (6) and more at the rim (8) than long twos (5) it's a good balance. I'd love it if he'd get 5+ threes up there every game. It would do wonders for his efficiency.

Did anyone read this yet? Man, I hope the guy's mother likes him at least:


Most interesting piece of news in that article was the link to the article that the USFL is making a comeback

MCT reply to GoSixers on Mar 19 at 13:48

well maybe Bynum can get a new gig as a mascot...is there a USFL team called the "Fat Lazy Bitches" ?

If there is, I think we found a trade destination for Turner.

kings beat the clippers last night

Wow. Outscored them 38-18 in the fourth. Clips should've given Willie more than 1 minute of burn.

billups hurt his groin, green might start tonight

Sharone Wright on Mar 20 at 8:39

I normally do not like Phil Sheridan, but he summarized the Bynum thing pretty well:

By the time the Sixers announced Bynum would have "season-ending" arthroscopic surgery on both knees, it was like hearing an embarrassingly awful TV series was finally getting canceled.

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