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One Last Dance in Sacto?

OK, I'm going to watch a bit of this Indiana game. Interested to see how Zeller and Oladipo look.

early results (literally after 4 minutes) I like Oladipo, want no part of Zeller. We'll see if that changes.

it wont

Tray reply to Brian on Mar 24 at 15:21

Zeller sort of strikes me as a somewhat less soft but less talented version of Hawes.

I fell asleep for about 10 minutes watching that game, then went outside to chop some wood. Zeller seemed completely overmatched in traffic, like a 7-foot version of Turner when he was in the lane. No thanks.

NIce to see Sacto come through with funding for a stadium, but too little too late probably, and honestly, Sacramento is a pit, the city is ugly and horrible and Seattle is just a better option for an NBA team in my belief.

Cousins has actually had a .546 TS% in the calendar year. He's getting there. I think Stern and the Board of Governors will keep the Kings in Sacramento.

I'm not watching the game, but if Oladipo were the best defensive wing in the draft, wouldn't he probably not be getting lit up by our next undrafted hometown training camp invitee?

i dont think he has guarded him as much as he should be

Yeah, and then he did and Wyatt disappeared, though I didn't like Oladipo's gambling for a steal in a tied game with a minute left against a really good scorer. Chad Ford, super NBA Draft scout, tweets that Oladipo got "lit up" by Wyatt, which didn't happen at all. Actually this whole tweet is really dumb:

Tale of 2 games for Victor Oladipo. An elite defender but gets lit up by Khalif Wyatt. ?s about his offense but hits game winning 3

What does the "game winning 3" he hit with no one within 10 feet of him have to do with the "?s about his offense"? If anything it looked to me like he has one of these labored shots that he can only make with the amount of time he was given to shoot the ball.

I like Oladipo, but what is he in the pros, really? Thabo with a little more offensive game? Solid starter, could definitely help the Sixers, but not going to change a franchise in any way.

and if we're being honest, let's say the best case scenario in this draft is a Ray Allen. Like, the exact same career as Ray Allen. Hall of famer, to be sure, but adding him to this team doesn't elevate you beyond the #7 or #8 seed.

Tray reply to Brian on Mar 24 at 19:10

I don't think that's true. I think a Jrue/Thad/Ray Allen team would be a top 4 seed. Allen was a really efficient scorer, that's why the Allen/Robinson/Cassell teams were so good. I don't see why Allen/Thad/Jrue would be much worse. We did have, besides Bynum, a fair amount of missed time for Jrue and Thad this year, so I think you're probably underrating the current team. If you signed Bynum too, of course, and he's healthy, you're now talking about a team that would have a shot at Miami and would have a really good shot if they break up. Anyway, regardless of what a young Ray Allen would do for this team, you can always trade draft picks, or productive rookies. So I'd still be excited about a good asset even if I didn't see him as a great fit for us, or likely to help us get that good.

Oladipo hit the dagger 3 to win the game. i like what i've seen all season from him.

Oladipo hit the dagger 3 to win the game. i like what i've seen all season from him.

So I'm watching North Carolina vs. Kansas right now and I've seen four or five consecutive turnovers, and not turnovers caused by good defense either. one was possibly the worst entry pass I've ever seen. Then on the very next play, a guy got hit in the face with a pass standing at the top of the key because he wasn't looking. How is this entertaining?

and now Kansas made a couple shots in a row against zero defense and they're acting like they just won the NBA Finals. It's 33-32, with 16 minutes left. Kansas is a number 1 seed.

oh, and the guy who's supposedly going #1 is 0/9 from the floor.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Mar 24 at 18:55

Yeah as much as I love some college hoops there's been some very bad basketball played in the majority of these early tournament games. Sloppy defense, if any, and terrible shot selection for the most part. I can see why you feel like you do. But I'm still a sucker for any basketball.

This guy Withey is the best big man I've seen so far. Which doesn't say a whole lot.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Mar 24 at 18:59

I was going to ask you on the other thread if you had a choice between Withey and Plumlee who would you take? I guess you just gave the answer.

haven't seen Plumlee. Which do you like better?

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Mar 24 at 19:08

They each have their weaknesses obviously. But I like Withey for his defense and rim protection especially weakside help. I think Plumlee has better back to the basket moves and footwork. Plumlee is slightly more athletic for whatever that is worth. They both are capable of rolling and converting lobs. If I had to choose between the two it would likely come down to what range (pick) the Sixers are picking in.

what do you mean by what range they're picking in? You mean you wouldn't reach for Withey? Ford has him as #25 on his big board, Plumlee at #13. DraftExpress has Plumlee at #12, Withey at #26.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Mar 24 at 19:19

Yeah that's what I meant. I probably wouldn't take Withey with a somewhat high pick, not that I'd take Plumlee with one either. I don't look at any draft projections or sites so I have no idea what the draftniks are saying.

I'd be contented with a solid defensive center at #11, if Withey really projects as being that.

Tough to tell what his lateral quickness is like, but he does challenge everything in the paint. I'd have to see his measurements at the combine.

for some of these kids this will be the greatest day of their lives. it's unbridled joy. of course the level of play can't match an NBA game, but who cares? it's a different game, and i watch for different reasons.

Tray reply to Mike on Mar 24 at 19:12

I really find Little League baseball vastly more watchable. (Even more unbridled joy there too.) College defense seems to be just good enough to completely eradicate college offense. At least in high school it's a symmetrically bad game being played.

I don't think there's particularly good defense being played in any of these games. Looks mostly like unimaginative offenses being played by a bunch of guys who want to fire up bad shots and make hand signals to the crowd all the time.

I have a feeling the WNBA is more watchable than this. I find high school games better, at least around here, because they run offensive sets and it's less of an individual game.

This guy McAdoo is #19 on draft express's list?

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Mar 24 at 19:44

He's another soft big that prefers to shoot jumpers. Doesn't like to mix it up in the post. I believe they were projecting him as a lottery pick if he came out last year when he was a freshman. That's why I don't even peruse those draft sites, they're rather useless to me.

I can't find minutes anywhere, but I swear McLemore has played about 3 minutes of this second half.

He just got put in because NC was going to commit an intentional foul. Then he was taken out in an offense/defense switch. Seriously? The #1 pick in the draft has to come off the floor for defense in a 13-point game with 1:30 left?

How long do college games typically take? Will I be able to catch the end of the Duke game (starts at 9:40) when the Sixers game (starts at 9:00) is over?

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Mar 24 at 19:41

They usually run right at two hours, or just slightly over. You should be able to catch the last 5-7 minutes, or probably even more if the first game between FGCU and SDSU runs over which is very likely to happen.

Cool. Hope it isn't a blowout. How good is the younger Curry?

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Mar 24 at 19:47

He's got a pretty nasty shot and quick release ala his brother. A nice step-back pullup off the dribble too. But the guy can't spell defense if the teacher writes it on the board for him. His handle is OK. He's got the genes of a shooter passed down from Dell though.

I love how now that Dell Curry has a son in the NBA who's a really good shooter people talk about shooter's genes, even though Dell Curry seems to be the only great shooter in the history of the sport to give birth to another great shooter. Nevertheless, commentators at Duke games are always talking about Curry's genes, like shooting is really this genetic trait. I very much doubt that there are, you know, proteins in our DNA that code for that, but then I'm not a biologist.

eddies' heady's reply to Tray on Mar 24 at 20:04

You're too engulfed in the literal. When I use the term genes when relating to a shooter and his kid, I more mean it along the lines of his Dad being a former player and successful shooter and working with the kid in the driveway at a young age and teaching him proper fundamentals. While also likely enrolling the kids in summer camps at a very young age and continuing throughout their adolescence. I feel the commentators are referring to this also when they mention this very same thing. It's more in the figurative.

Oh so all you/they mean is that he just spent a lot of quality time with an awesome shooting coach. I don't really know. If the Curry children weer adopted do you think anyone would talk about their shooter's genes?

16 points, 16 boards, 5 blocks for Withey.

just a reminder for everyone looking at draft prospects, its a really small sample and you shouldnt decide if someone is good or bad from these games

Yeah, I admittedly make my impressions on the draft on a limited sample size and stats. Don't have the time to do any kind of thorough examination on prospects. Kind of a "know it when I see it" thing. I'm sure if you go back and look I've been wrong more than right (hated Durant in college, and really in his first season in the pros as well). If you're looking for informed discussion on possible draft picks, listen to everyone else before me.

Jesse reply to Brian on Mar 25 at 13:08

You were right about Favors over Turner. And you were right about the benefit of trading up to get Drummond. I can't remember other specific examples, but I remember there being other instances when you were right about draft picks that I felt the opposite about.

Tray reply to Jesse on Mar 25 at 14:35

Brian generally likes all physical big men and tough defenders and hates all finesse-y players unless they're point guards. Sometimes this pans out (examples you gave) and sometimes it doesn't (loving Bismack, not liking Durant or Vucevic, how we should've taken Chris Singleton over Vucevic, etc.) On the whole it makes more sense than being the type of person who falls in love with big men with "intriguing" skill sets, but it's a little hit or miss.

That's not an unfair assessment, a bit incomplete, but not unfair. I didn't hate Durant because he was dainty (I didn't like that, but it wasn't my main complaint), I just thought he was an inefficient gunner, which he was until his second year when he flipped a switch and became an assassin. Voose might not be a starter on a legit team, his defense is a huge problem and he never gets to the line. So if you're able to trade terrible defense and below-average efficiency for really good rebounding, then you can start him. If not, you can't. Singleton blows.

Mostly, what I look for is legitimate size + good athleticism from bigs, and a tangible skill and/or plus size for perimeter players. And when I say tangible skill, I don't mean rebounding for a SG, or passing for a center. I mean position-specific stuff (shooting and shotblocking, respectively, in this case.)

Tray reply to Brian on Mar 25 at 15:24

Yeah, I agree that Vucevic is overrated. But like you just said, you really look for shot-blocking in big men to the exclusion of other valuable skills - so, for example, you really didn't like Greg Monroe, whose offense probably is worth the lousy defense. But you really liked Udoh, who doesn't even rebound much and whose offense is as bad as Bismack's. He is a good shot-blocker though.

Yeah, I really didn't like Monroe. Of course, his numbers have gotten worse each year. He's about as efficient as Voose now, so I'm not sure the offense makes up for it. He should do well at the four with Drummond at the five, if that lineup is ever realized.

Alright. My wife is pissed at me for changing the channel, but I'm here. Let's see what they can do.

Aaaaaand we're off...Hawes loses the tip. But Thompson tipped it out of bounds. Sixers ball!

lol they are booing hawes!!!!!!!!

Spence right in DeMarcus' face. 20-foot sweetness!

Turner picking up right where he left off.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Mar 24 at 21:13

What did he do? A ref pass?

Nah, double dribble.

Jrue tips in his own miss.

eddies' heady's on Mar 24 at 21:16


Nice D, Turner.

wilkins dunk

eddies' heady's on Mar 24 at 21:18

Bad call there. That was nowhere near off Thad.

Turner hit a shot.

Turner blocked. As usual.

eddies' heady's on Mar 24 at 21:19

Turner should give up going to the cup.

No need for "going to the cup."

eddies' heady's on Mar 24 at 21:20

They're booing Spencer everytime he touches it.

1/5 start by Jrue. Get to the hole.

Loose ball foul on the Sixers there?

eddies' heady's on Mar 24 at 21:25

I know they think he's garbage, but did Spencer say something to the local papers today or something relating to his tenure there?

KingEskin on Mar 24 at 21:25


Jrue needed to shoot there. Even if that wasn't a terrible pass, there wasn't enough time for a catch and a shot.

Heh. They really hate Hawes.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Mar 24 at 21:28

I'm thinking he said something to the media because he's played back there before with us and I don't remember them doing this.

yea he said something along the lines on how he wants the kings to move to Seattle

Dorell three.

bad shot jrue

Jrue's on the front rim w/ everything. forget the long twos, please.

Put Jrue on Tyreke.

he's on him now. Tyreke hit a 20-footer on the first possesion. Missed a runner on the second.

eddies' heady's on Mar 24 at 21:33

Doug went the hell off when Jrue pulled that early bad shot.

The one he made from the wing? Or the second long two he missed from above the foul line?

I'd actually respect it more if it was after the one he made.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Mar 24 at 21:35

The one that was straight on above the stripe that he missed.

PHI 22, SAC 31 after one.

Think it's going to take a little more than we saw in the first twelve.

eddies' heady's on Mar 24 at 21:36

Tyreke is a freaking one man show. To this point.

eddies' heady's on Mar 24 at 21:37

Ivey, Evan, Dorell, Lavoy and Moultrie. ugh

Turner made that pass too early. If he pushes to the middle one more dribble, Wright can catch and shoot the wide open three from the corner, instead of catching, dribbling and turning around.

lavoy jumper

Toney Douglas being completely bitching Turner again.

no being. He's making Turner back the ball up the court, again. And now Turner commits the offensive foul.

There you go. That time he pushed the ball up, got in the lane and found Wright for a three. Do that again.

wright 3

Trading long twos. Exciting stuff.

lavoy putback

That was Turner-esque, Jrue. This looks like a loss, folks.

Thad's calling Cousins a cunt.

t on cousins and thad

eddies' heady's on Mar 24 at 21:53

Cousins shoved Thad before going to that timeout.

They're still jawing about it... Double tech on both.

Thad to the line. Splits 'em, I bet.

Nope, got 'em both.

eddies' heady's on Mar 24 at 21:55

They're giving Spencer the business. heh

lavoy had a good run there for a first time in a while

3 on Cousins, looking for his second tech, as well.

Get Jrue the ball in the post when he has Thomas on him, please. Fuck, another turnover. Spence wasn't looking.

Wilkins is fearless, I'll give him that.

wright 3!

eddies' heady's on Mar 24 at 21:59

They'v cut it to 5. Thought a minute ago this was gonna get ugly.

Dorell 3!

Wright w/ a really nice play to save that bad pass, then gets it back and hits the three. Sixers on a monster run since Cousins' meltdown.

Jrue to the line? Are they over the limit?

Who did they take the year I was afraid they'd take Aldrich?

They're free, Jrue.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Mar 24 at 22:03

Speights wasn't it? Just a guess.


Yeah, think that's right. If they didn't move up to #2. Between those two, flip a coin.

wright 3!

Tie ballgame.

eddies' heady's on Mar 24 at 22:04

WTH was that Jrue? Too deep and too early man.

2-for-1. At least an attempt at a 2-for-1.

Didn't have to foul him, Lavoy. There was no way he was converting that.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Mar 24 at 22:07

Yep, his momentum was going to carry him out of bounds without Lavoy's push.

ugh jrue almost got that

Damnit, Jrue got the steal and missed the bunny. Ugh. Almost a pretty play.

PHI 58, SAC 58 at the half.

play like that and you'll win by 20.

If someone could post a comment when the second half is about to start I'd really appreciate it. Wife wants to watch the end of a show during halftime.

starting back up

eddies' heady's on Mar 24 at 22:24

Now Brian.

Gracias. I'm back.

thad jumper

Wilkins, good.

Jrue is really gunning for o-boards tonight.

Jrue drive and kick to Thad for a jumper.

4 on Cousins. Really should've been called for a foul on the trip of Turner, too.

first, not too.

Jrue long two.


sissy jumper

Come on, Hawes. Jrue takes it right back, though. Jrue with a block. Then a three by Thomas.

5 on cousins

Jrue to the line. 5 on Cousins, I believe. Or at least it should be.

Fuck. Jrue splits the pair again. Concentrate.

Airball from the line for Jason Thompson.

jrue 3!


Turner w/ a pair of long twos. And these idiot announcers are talking about how much Turner has improved his shot.


Jrue to the bench w/ a three-point lead. Keep it there, please.

bank is open

Wright has 19 points on 8 shots.

Turner w/ the Ole!

lavoy hook

Why isn't Turner posting up Thomas?

Spence long deuce. Big game for Lavoy.

PHI 91, SAC 82 after 3.

Excellent job by the bench to push the lead in the final 3 minutes. Bring it home, now.

Jrue to Wilkins for a corner three. Great ball movement on that possession.

little quick lavoy but it goes in

Lavoy again.

eddies' heady's on Mar 24 at 22:52

Lavoy's finally remembered he gets paid to play basketball for a living.

Great board by Jrue, spins out of it, leads the 4-on-1 break which ends in a spence dunk.

Jrue with his fifth steal and the conversion. Pretty. He's on Tyreke now.


Adios, Sacto.

Jrue won't get enough minutes to finish off this triple double.

Got burned by Jrue going for an o-board there.

Lavoy w/ a Moses Malone move following his own miss.

thad tip in

Jrue to the floor face first, then to the line.

HUGE tanking fail. Fortunately, as we conclusively proved in the last thread, the Sixers are the best late-lottery drafting team in the last 20 years.

tk76 reply to Tray on Mar 25 at 4:52

*second best

Best late-lottery. It's only been proven the Spurs are the best post-lottery drafting team.

They're probably the worst at drafting as "winners" of the draft lottery, though. Iverson is the only one that's panned out for them since the lottery began. Stackhouse, Van Horn, Bradley, Turner, Charles Smith. 1/6 in top 3 picks.

Tray reply to Brian on Mar 25 at 9:54

Stackhouse and Van Horn were alright. Look at Charlotte's draft record.

Van Horn didn't play for them until later in his career. Stackhouse was gone within 3 years and never reached an average level in Philly.

The second-best player they wound up with due to a top 3 pick was Hersey Hawkins (they traded Smith for him before the season started) and he was basically a solid starter, that's it.

Tray reply to Brian on Mar 25 at 10:25

I thought we were just talking about the picks themselves and whether they were good picks, not whether they played well for us and us alone.

We probably were. I was talking about how the franchise is generally cursed.

Rich reply to Tray on Mar 25 at 13:05

Well you see, Iguodala, despite having Ben Gordon, Josh Childress, Ben Gordon, Shaun Livingston, Devin Harris, and Rafael Araujo go ahead of him, wasn't "a find" because he played at Arizona and on ESPN a bunch of times. So therefore not "a find", which of course means it wasn't a good value pick.

And Jrue, because he played at UCLA, is also not "a find" because he played there and also some AAU basketball. That combo is deadly. I have no respect for Kevin Love anymore, either. And because Jeff Teague has higher win shares (don't mention that he gets to play with defensive bigs like Horford and Smith), brutal job by the Sixers passing on him. Oh yeah, I'd rather have a guy that plays 13 minutes a game like DeJuan Blair, too. For all of those reasons, drafting a guy that probably goes 6th if you draft again at the 17th pick, also isn't a good pick.

It's pretty simple...

if guy out plays players he was drafted after, he's a find, fortunately for the sixers - toronto was very stupid

Tray reply to Rich on Mar 25 at 18:55

Yeah, I accept defeat here. Good points.

jrue cant make a ft tonight

Yep. Would've been an efficient night for him if he could.

the road losing streak is snapped!

PHI 117, SAC 103 Final.

Really should've gotten some rest for the important guys there in the fourth. Anyway, Wright POTG, see you in Utah tomorrow night.

Tray reply to Brian on Mar 24 at 23:27

Well, you have time to watch Plumlee now. He's the blond one.

Going to be hard for them to hold my attention long. Have a couple shows on DVR I want to watch before I go to bed.

Fucker has four fouls. I'm not watching him ride the pine. Looks like I'll get another chance next weekend anyway.

Tray reply to Brian on Mar 24 at 23:41

He's back out there. Setting some crappy screens.

Tray reply to Tray on Mar 24 at 23:51

Fouls himself out guarding some 6'6 post player in goggles.

Thank Christ for my LaSalle Explorers (my alma mater), took me away from this forgettable Sixers season...tough loss for Temple, great season for them.

That garbage time freebie Turner hit brought him sooooo close to the Mendoza line in efficiency. Jrue fell further from the mark. Luckily, Lavoy and Wright were insane.

Sweet game for Cousins, by the way. I'm never disappointed when I see that guy play.

so was that a showyaluv or an L for Lavoy that he flashed during that interview?

Tray reply to das411 on Mar 25 at 0:32

It's a Roman Numeral for the size of the contract he thinks he should get.

Sharone Wright on Mar 25 at 12:04

The Sixers reduced my season tickets for next year. The tickets (lower level, sec 106) were $44 for many years, then the new owership raised them to $49 last year. The invoice for 2013-14 reads $39. One would think they would make some kind of big announcement about this considering what a media hog Adam Aron is about anything positive. I'm kind of wondering if it is a typo. Anyone hear anything?

any idea if they are in the same place? I had a "big game" plan for the bleachers behind a basket for the past two years, and those were "upgraded" farther away but for the same price this season, perhaps they are stealthily moving you farther away too?

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