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Back Home vs. MIL

maybe this is who the Sixers should draft, pretty sure they would not be on many other teams' boards: http://tinyurl.com/cup9unm

mymanjrue on Mar 27 at 14:38

I have not seen much of Wall, but looking at the numbers and trajectories I would say that in some hypothetical expansion draft where both Wall and Holiday were available, Wall would be the smart choie. Brian-0do you disagree, really?Not trying to troll or quarrel, curious to hear your opinion/reasoning

You are trying to troll and disagree, but whatever. I'll bite.

If Wall keeps up the level of play we've seen for the past 20 games or so, then yeah, he's the obvious choice. If he plays like he did for the previous 160 games of his career (or he's continually hurt) then Jrue's your choice. Depends where you think he's going to land. Personally, I think he's closer to being that bad than he is this good, and he's got the IQ of a doorknob.

I suspect Wall's play will be good for the rest of the season. He's gunning for a contract.

mymanjrue reply to Brian on Mar 27 at 15:35

Brian, that's really not my bag.

Wall's numbers are better than Jrue's this season-0of course, as you say, Wall was only played approx forty games but-across the board, the numbers are better, with the exception of box score counting stats-and Wall gets the edge there when you look at per 36.

is it not to be expected that a young pg will experience growing pains?given that, why do you seem so certain that he is likely to revert to the struggles of his first two seasons rather than continue to improve?

Like i said, I have not watched Wall nearly enough to have a firm opinion. Besides iq, what do you see as his major flaws on the court?

Is it not possible that he won't always be as dumb as he was at twenty?if people stopped maturing at age twenty this would be a truly frightening world, lol

the consensus among basketball talent evaluators seems to be that Wall has a higher ceiling than Jrue. Said consensus is often inaccurate-0but in this case, the most recent statistical evidence supports it. Trying to understand why you believe this consensus to be flawed

Tray reply to mymanjrue on Mar 27 at 16:37

I would bet, I don't know, 50 bucks that Brian would acknowledge that Wall has a higher ceiling. Because if Wall reached his full potential, he'd be like a Westbrook with way better court vision. What Brian thinks, I'd bet, is that Jrue has a way better chance of reaching his ceiling than Wall does, because Wall has all sorts of problems, like: historically broken jump shot, a tendency to throw the ball around, a tendency to play too fast/only at one speed, the fact that he mainly scores on the strength of his athletic ability, not because he's at all a crafty player around the basket. Jrue has a lot less that's holding him back, by comparison.

mymanjrue reply to Tray on Mar 27 at 17:19

thanks tray, that's the kind of answer i was looking for.

Curious-what limitations/weaknesses do you see in Jrue's game?and who would you take in the hypothetical expansion draft, Wall or Jrue?

tell me if you think I have this right-if your number one priority is finding a franchise player, superstar type pg-your choice has to be Wall-0Wall is high risk, high reward-with Jrue, you know he'll never be a superstar, but also that he'll never be less than a well rounded, above avedrage NBA starter

Tray reply to mymanjrue on Mar 27 at 17:29

I mean, if your number one priority was drafting the next Tracy McGrady, back when he was, for a brief time, the best swingman in the NBA and everyone was really into building around great scorers, you should have, in various drafts, drafted Qyntel Woods (remember him?), Gerald Green, Josh Smith, J.R. Smith, maybe Travis Outlaw. These were the guys who people - legitimate analysts - thought could potentially be the next T-Mac in the years when people were looking for that. And if your number one priority was drafting the next Garnett, probably the best player to go after in the last 10 years was Andray Blatche. So, there's a reason that it's stupid at times to make your number one priority drafting a superstar, especially one at a particular position.

To put it bluntly, if Wall fixes his jumper and adds some change-of-pace to his game, he'll still be dumb as a rock. I don't think you can run an effective offense in this league being dumb as a rock.

mymanjrue reply to Brian on Mar 27 at 17:27

Fair enough. We shall see. I just know that I would love to swap our 'young backcourt tandem" for Washington's-Wall/Beal v holiday/turner-we can agree on that much can we not?

Turner is a worthless piece of shit. I'd swap him for a Coney Island Whitefish. Stop trolling me with this anti-Jrue shit.

mymanjrue reply to Brian on Mar 27 at 18:03

chill, friend. the fact that turner is shit was kinda my point

anti jrue?no. anti-0unrealistic expectations for jrue?yes

i sim;ly hope that the front office gets jrue the help he needs before his sixer days end. i assume you share that hope.

coming down the stretch of a miserable season, nobody is in a good mood. i get it. but not every commenter aims solely to antagonize

Tray reply to Brian on Mar 27 at 16:31

When I read that grantland interview, he seemed only slightly dumb.

I think he'd need help figuring out how to put the straw in a Capri-Sun.

Tray reply to Brian on Mar 27 at 17:30

What makes you so sure of that? He only strikes me as dumber than average.

The impression I get from interviews, etc. Speights thinks circles around him.

More quotable gold from Rose. I don't know why he doesn't just admit that he's decided not to play this season because he wants to avoid some marginal risk of reinjury, or because he doesn't want to play until he's back in top form.

Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose said after the morning shootaround that he will not make his season debut against the Miami Heat on Wednesday night, and with just 13 games left before the playoffs, Rose still doesn't know if he'll return this season from May 12 ACL surgery.

"Same, just taking my time and that's about it," Rose said when asked for an update on his health. "Been the same way for a couple of months now."

"I really don't know, man," Rose said. "Like I said, it's in God's hands. Every day I'm just waking up to try and be the best player, try and produce every time I step on the court, just try and get better as a player, and who knows when?"

Fans attending Wednesday night's game will receive a Rose bobblehead.

"It would have been perfect if I was playing, but I guess not," he said.

mymanjrue reply to Tray on Mar 27 at 18:04

lol. he is TORTURING the front office. i love it

Greg reply to Tray on Mar 27 at 18:06

Is there something i'm missing about this situation? Why do they keep making it sound like he's going to play? This has been happening for weeks. The way he talks I'd be surprised to see him come back this season. He doesn't seem to believe he can play for some reason.

Tray reply to Greg on Mar 27 at 18:16

Well I guess there could be two explanations. One, he was cleared to play weeks ago and scrimmages every day, and whenever he's asked he doesn't really explain why he can't play, doesn't say his knee still is bothering him, so they might figure that he's eventually going to play after some process of acclimation to 5-on-5 basketball completes itself. Certainly, you know, a month ago before he started saying these weird things every day, it would have been reasonable for them to think so. Two, they know he has no intention of playing, but put it out there in the media that he is going to play at some point in an attempt to pressure him to do so.

the sixers are holding a meeting for season ticket holders

some quotes can be found here


I liked the tweet that had Aron backpedalling from his earlier brag about getting insurance money for Bynum's contract. I can only assume the question was whether they'd give some of that insurance money to season ticket holders as a refund.

Oh good, we were in trade talks for Rudy Gay:

Tony DiLeo confirming the Sixers made negations for both James Harden & Rudy Gay.

Stan reply to Tray on Mar 27 at 18:22

James Harden would have been interesting. Seeing how well Harden has been playing, I would've traded Jrue to get him. Right now that trade looks bad for OKC, some say they should have traded Westbrook instead. Kevin Martin hasn't been playing that well, Jeremy Lamb is in the d-league and Toronto's pick will be in the lower lottery of a bad draft.

Tray reply to Stan on Mar 27 at 18:26

Yet the Thunder's just as good as they were last year. Maybe that's because Durant's improved and they'd be significantly better still if not for the trade. But I don't think it's worked out too poorly.

Oh - yippee

"Doug Collins is absolutely under zero pressure from ownership." -Adam Aron on Collins' future

Check out the dudes instagram tweet of 'shame in game' - it's hysterical

mymanjrue reply to GoSixers on Mar 27 at 18:14

optimistic reading of that quote-out of respect, we are giving doug space to resign on his own

Yeah - good luck with that :)

Next year, I can't wait to start the "4 more years!" chant for Spencer Hawes.

I haven't been following the playoff picture closely but I just realized the bucks are 8th in the standings, sixers in 9th. With a win tonight we would be 7.5 games behind. Does this mean we can still make the playoffs? I honestly thought we were out of contention. our remaining schedule doesn't even look that hard

Tray reply to Greg on Mar 27 at 18:33


Greg reply to Greg on Mar 27 at 18:40

Woops. Right now we are 7.5 behind. With a win tonight 6.5 behind.

Sharone Wright reply to Greg on Mar 27 at 18:43

If the Sixers beat the Bucks tonight, and then the Bucks go 5-7 over their last 12 games, and the Sixers win all 12 of their remaining games, including 4/6/13 at Miami...the Sixers still miss the playoffs. But yeah, sure, they're still in contention.

If the sixers win 9 more and the bucks win 2 more. Yeah, that's not very likely.

Sharone Wright reply to Greg on Mar 27 at 18:50

No, the Sixers would still miss the playoffs in that scenario because the Bucks hold the head-to-head tiebreaker. It would need to be Sixers win 9 more and Bucks go 1-11.

Not sure where my math is wrong. If we win tonight we are 6.5 games behind. If we get 7 more more wins than them after this game then that should put us 1 game ahead. When I said 9 wins i wasnt including this game tonight. Either way this does seem very unlikely.

sissy layup

thad putback after wilkins badly misses a 3

jrue to thad

good play ends in a thad dunk

Like Brian was saying earlier today, fan interest in this team isn't waning at all.

Hobbes reply to Tray on Mar 27 at 21:26

I didn't catch the earlier remark from Brian, and I can't determine the seriousness of your remark. But I can't fake interest if someone paid me, and I'm not even able to drum up engagement in blog conversations. This squad is unwatchable, there's not much debate about player profiles, most of what's on this team is just temp personnel, and the local beat coverage is really lame. Attendance at home games is down about a thousand from last year.

Only good news is that it's not hamstrung for years to come. It can make moves (though it's a lousy time to be in a lottery or have money). League product is also pretty poor.

Tray reply to Hobbes on Mar 27 at 21:32

He was saying that ticket sales really aren't that low and they're higher than when we won our last championship, 30 years ago. I think that there's little to no fan interest in this team, and that the ticket numbers just reflect season ticket sales in the wake of the Bynum trade and our overrated playoff run. So yeah, I was being sarcastic.

Hobbes reply to Tray on Mar 27 at 21:40

Sixer brass should be doing cartwheels that 16,000 tickets do get sold. I can't figure why, myself, except to see the talent on other teams. Or maybe see Bynum's hair.

Tray reply to Hobbes on Mar 27 at 21:46

Well you see, when the Sixers sold 41-game packages, or 20-game packages, or whatever, a day after the Bynum trade was announced, those tickets count towards attendance for a game taking place 9 months later, even if no one comes in and redeems the ticket. So the tickets "get sold," largely, because they GOT sold back when people thought we were going to be a good team.

Da Jruth on Mar 27 at 21:40

Spencer Hawes is a glorified putz. Sabotaging tanking opportunities. Way to show up when it counts big fellah!

Here's a line you don't see every day. A guard has shot 2-17 from the field, but still has 15 points (and 12 assists) because he's also been to the line 14 times. What (hint hint) winner, electric talent, alpha dog . . . um . . . possessor of an A.I. "it factor" . . . fireball with a lot of talent . . . and fearless player who keeps comin' at ya could this be?? Seriously, getting to the line all the time even when no one has any reason to respect your shot is a valuable and rare skill.

thats why i get so pissed at jrue cause hes a decent shooter and struggles to get the line

Pretty ugly game. Spence came up big. He's your POTG. Jrue did a great job on Ellis when he came back in the fourth. Solid game for Turner. Excellent night for Brandon Jennings.

Collins has the audacity to say they are not quitting on the season, and talking about how many games they cut into the Bucks' lead. This team recently lost 12 out of 13 games when it actually mattered in terms of making a run. That is what you call quitting, coach, they already quit! I despise this team, especially management. But yet I keep watching every game and commenting about them, so I guess in some way that makes me a hypocrite just like our head coach.

buke reply to sander on Mar 27 at 22:19

Well, there you go. I haven't watched the Sixers in more than two weeks. I've watched the college basketball tournaments instead. Some people around here can say whatever they want about NCAA basketball, but at least each of those games in post-season really mean something to those players and their fans.

Tray reply to buke on Mar 27 at 22:30

That's also true in the NBA playoffs. There's no sport where everyone fights to the death in every regular season game.

Matt reply to buke on Mar 28 at 8:45

Watching Heat-Bulls reminded me what the NBA game can be like when the players try and aren't terrible. Tough being a Sixers fan, we don't get either.

Since we've got all this talk about playoffs from Collins and the scribes, here's what needs to happen. To be clear, in no way am I saying any of this will happen.

The Sixers need to finish with 7 more wins than Milwaukee from this point on.

If Milwaukee plays to their record (beats teams w/ a lower win%, loses to teams with a higher win%), they will be 4-8 over their last 12 games. If they do that, the Sixers cannot lose another game. They have to finish 11-0.

That's your starting point, here it is broken down further:

MIL 0-12, PHI 7-4
MIL 1-11, PHI 8-3
MIL 2-10, PHI 9-2
MIL 3-9, PHI 10-1
MIL 4-8, PHI 11-0
MIL 5-7 or better, no chance.

Here's MIL's sched: vs. LAL tonight (b2b), vs. OKC sat, vs. CHA mon, vs. MIN 4/3, @ NYK 4/5, vs. TOR 4/6 (b2b), @ MIA 4/9, @ ORL 4/10 (b2b), @ ATL 4/12, @ CHA 4/13 (b2b), vs. DEN 4/15, @ OKC 4/17.

Here's PHI's sched: @ CLE tomorrow, vs. CHA sat (b2b), @ CHA 4/3, @ ATL 4/5, @ MIA 4/6 (b2b), @ BKY 4/9, vs. ATL 4/10 (b2b), @ WAS 4/12, vs. CLE 4/14, @ DET 4/15 (b2b), @ IND 4/17.

So Milwaukee has 8 games vs. playoff teams, and 4 games against bad teams, but 3 of those games against bad teams are on the second night of back-to-backs. They play 6 at home, 6 on the road.

The Sixers have 5 games against playoff teams, 6 against bad teams. One of those games against bad teams is on the second night of a back-to-back. They play 3 at home, 8 on the road (and they've won exactly two road games this year).

So not very likely, at all. If they were a couple of games out it would be doable.

Tray reply to Brian on Mar 28 at 12:00

What scribes? Teams don't make up 7 game deficits over 11 games, ever. That's just crazy talk.

Saw it somewhere this morning on my phone. Think it was Philly.com.

It's not going to happen. I could see MIL finishing like 3-9 or something, but the Sixers are going to top out at like 6-5 in these last 11.

Chad Ford has Noel back at #1 on his list. Pretty sad updates. Basically everyone in the top 5 has looked like crap in the tournament, I think the only one in the top 10 he had something positive to say about was Oladipo.

Ford also has us taking CJ McCollum at #11 if Zeller isn't there. Formerly, he had us taking Plumlee in that position.

I assume Lehigh's competition is pretty poor (as if any competition in college isn't poor). Solid numbers all four years. Looks like he can shoot and he gets to the line. Pairing him with Jrue would make for a small back court, but Jrue can guard 2s. Bleh.

Solid numbers all four years.

The problem of course is the 'all four years'

Yep. The four years, the poor competition, and I believe they also say he isn't a great athlete.

Presti is going to basically get one year of Kevin Martin and the #10 pick in this shit draft for Harden, btw.

But he's a genius?

Serge, Westbrook and Harden were all good picks. I remember there being questions about both Harden and Westbrook that early. Durant was a no-brainer, obviously. The Perkins contract isn't looking so brilliant. Didn't they also have a trade in place for Tyson Chandler in place prior to that, but they backed out of it for some reason?

Who knows, maybe trading Harden was the responsible thing to do. I just don't think he got such a great return for him.

they traded for chandler but he failed his physical

What's responsible have to do with professional sports - you sign harden to a long term deal cause you're not going to be able to use the same money on an equivalent player. The perkins contract was pretty bad - and i'm not sure how chandler failed his physical - he seems pretty good in NY - has he had chronic health issues I missed?

Of course, we'll see what happens come playoff time, I think not having Harden and instead having the fragile inconsistent Martin hurts come playoff time

Yeah, I tend to agree. Think Durant and Westbrook are good enough to cruise through the regular season w/out much help, but having that third guy is much more important in the playoffs.

Rich reply to GoSixers on Mar 28 at 16:45

It'll be interesting. The West playoffs are going to be great. I think I agree with you that missing Harden will hurt them in the playoffs (and that they didn't get enough back for him). But even with Harden, their ceiling to me felt like the NBA Finals runner-up again. Now I think that it's like 50/50 they lose a series to any of the other four contenders in their own conference.

I think the Heat would really like to see a finals rematch against them. In a small (but pretty meaningful) sample size, it seems like they have OKC figured out.

buke reply to Brian on Mar 28 at 14:02

Here's another guy who played four years against lower D1 competition: Damian Lillard. Same thing with Kenneth Faried.

You have the mentality of a guy who has to look through 200 resumes. You're always looking for any reason to dismiss people from further consideration. I understand why the guy with so many resumes and so little time has to think that way. Your reasons escape me.

You're missing the point here. I don't care which school a guy played at, because all college basketball completely sucks. You can keep ranting about how it's just great to see these kids caring about winning and losing in the tournament, and how much it means to the fans. I just wish some of them cared about playing quality hoops instead of just playing no defense and jacking threes after passing the ball around the perimeter for 30 seconds on every fucking possession (to be fair, they only jack up a bad three on the 30% of possessions where they don't either (a) turn it over or (b) get a wide open look because the defense can't spell rotate).

and to be clear, I wouldn't be upset w/ McCollum. Of the guys who will be available, bleh is a ringing endorsement. Plumlee and Zeller rate "ughs."

buke reply to Brian on Mar 28 at 16:00

I've seen Zeller numerous times and I hope they don't pick him either. I don't have much of an opinion about Plumlee although one should approach selecting big white guys from Duke with some skepticism. I can't really see the Sixers picking McCollum so I guess I don't care that much about him. If I had to guess, I would say that they either pick Kelly Olynyk (if he is available) to compensate for letting Vucevic get away or a very good athlete like Glenn Robinson III.

But criticizing the college game as a source of pro prospects makes about as much sense as criticizing medical schools as a source of doctors. There are only two sources: the domestic college game and the international game (and many of them play at US colleges). On the whole, the US college game still provides the greater share of good players. Until there is another system devised, you're stuck with this one. But I'm pretty sure that no system will provide steady and dependable drafts full of NBA all stars so if that is your dream, I think it is unattainable.

But there are better places to learn mecdicine (say Johns Hopkins or Jefferson versus the University of Florida for instance) and there are better places to learn basketball and show your skills at an NBA level.

Not all medical schools are the same, not all college programs are the same - it's disingenuous to lump them all together

I'm not criticizing the game as a source for prospects, it's the only game in town. I'm skeptical of the game as a predictor of success at the next level. I'm criticizing this particular draft class for being weak.

You're probably right that I'm overly negative toward the college game, and my disinterest is getting in the way of the point I should be making (but I'm obviously failing to).

Let me put it this way: I think the level of competition and the general haphazard play on the college level have created too great a divide between the college game and the NBA. To the point where production on the college level is a very unreliable measure, it's even more unreliable when considering an upperclassman as a prospect. There are certain things that can't be faked, like shooting form, but even advanced stats from college have to be taken with an extreme grain of salt unless you're talking about tendencies. Measurements mean more and more because the body of data from actual games is becoming less and less reliable as an indicator.

Charlie H reply to Brian on Mar 28 at 16:28

The two biggest flaws are the short 3-point shot and the Cult of the Coach. I'm a Syracuse fan, and I swear they'd be better if Boeheim didn't show up for the games. He's got one very good deep threat, Southerland, and he can't get him more than 3 or 4 attempts per game from behind the arc. And no matter what, they play a 2-3 zone. Never changes.

Well in terms of NBA preparation, the 3 pointer is one of many flaws - one of the biggest (the defensive rules in college being another) there is - Personally, I'd shorten the shot clock to 30 seconds and like you said get the court dimensions to match

The shotclock is probably what bothers me most.

Put in a shot clock and there's no villanova miracle :)

I mean most things I'd change to be more like the NBA in college, I guess you could leave the possession arrow in the game and maybe the 1 in 1's.

I think the defensive rules do more harm in player evaluation due to the looseness and absence of the defensive 3 second rule - i'd want that changed before the shot clock

I'm talking watchability when I say shot clock. Drives me nuts.

Charlie H reply to GoSixers on Mar 28 at 17:35

There's a shot clock in college ball? Seriously, I always forget about it because it hardly ever seems to be a factor. What is it 35 seconds?

My point about the 3-point line is it's just too short a shot to be worth an extra point. The result is way too many jumpers. The NBA line is too close, too. It should be 25 feet, like the ABA was. The college line should be about where the current NBA line is. Bring back the entry pass.

If you look through 200 resumes and only find 2 worth while - then 99% of the resumes were not worth while. You want to cherry pick certain names - and everyone does that - they'll ignore the failures and point at the successes. There are like 190+ division one schools - 15 players (let's say) per team - that's close to 3,000 players, I bet if i scanned the past drafts I could cherry pick more than one or two complete and abject failures as easily as you cherry picked two successes (and sorry Lillard isn't a success yet - one year does not a success make)

Tray reply to Brian on Mar 28 at 12:05

Re: the poor competition - yes, but see below.

"Catching the interest of NBA scouts after his breakout 26-point performance in the first round of the 2009 NCAA Tournament against Kansas, McCollum earned national attention after scoring 30 points to guide Lehigh past Duke in the postseason last year."

He got to the line in college, so whatever. He can't possibly be worse than Pargo/Jenkins/Ivey/Turner.

Tray reply to Brian on Mar 28 at 17:17

Wait so now everything's the "did he get to the lien in college" test? Or are you being sarcastic or what

Nah, not really sarcastic. Just saying they could probably do worse than this kid. I'd like to see how he measures at the combine. Getting to the line is more of a "There's no way I'd want a senior who still couldn't get to the line." That's an epidemic on the team they have to consider w/ every pick they make, IMO. It might not be the end of the world if you have one or two guys who don't get to the line, you can sort of overlook it, but when you've got a team full of them, you have to take it into account. And while I don't think the college game translates well, I think it's probably safe to say that a guy who didn't get to the line in college probably isn't going to miraculously learn that skill in the pros (especially if the guy had 3 or 4 years to do it in college and never did).

Tray reply to Brian on Mar 28 at 17:43

Not disagreeing with anything you said, but you have this undersized 2 guard who's not that quick or athletic, why is he going to translate to the pro game so well, or well at all? Why wouldn't he very possibly turn out to be a 6'3 Turner? I can't really think of too many successful 2 guards who fit the undersized and unathletic profile.

Depends what you're expecting out of this draft. A guard who can shoot at #11 seems like a better outcome than I'm expecting.

My expectation for this draft is summed up here


mymanjrue reply to Brian on Mar 28 at 22:05

just read dx's writeup on mccollum and watched the video accompaniment. definitely intriguing but i don't think i want him. sixty perent of his field goal attempt's are jumpshot-in the patriot league. if you wath the video, you'll see why-he isn't athlertic enough to finish at the rim against college defenders. looks to me like he would get his shot blocked even more than turner.

-poor athlete
-most effective as a jump shooter when creating his own looks off the bounce or off of ball screens

not the profile i'm looking for to fit next to jrue on the perimeter. i know we have no shot, but cheking out mclemore's dx profile and imagining him and jrue in the same back court was like hoops porn. would be a highlight reel tandem, at the very least

i'm not excited by any of the big men available after nerlens

Interesting video from Henry Abbott. Probably not hard to guess I don't agree w/ his take on hard fouls.

Tray reply to Brian on Mar 28 at 17:18

His video with Thorpe on how much college ball sucks was really good, and I was very surprised by the Arnowitz Jamal Crawford interview.

never saw those. what was surprising about the crawford interview?

Tray reply to Brian on Mar 28 at 17:33

Crawford seemed really smart and level-headed and conscientious, when through most of his career his style of play wasn't all that different from J.R. Smith's. He's never seemed demonstrative on the court, so I wouldn't expect him to come off like Smith, but I would have expected him to seem, I don't know, more like this moody gunner. But do watch the Thorpe thing, he makes many of your points in an insightful way.


Headed out the door, I'll check it out tonight.

Charlie H reply to Tray on Mar 28 at 17:37

thanks for this Tray

Good stuff, though I think you intimated that I'm not insightful :)

Tray reply to Brian on Mar 29 at 10:58

No not really, I just thought there were some interesting points.

It seems that the lockout season did some real damage this season, Bynum never passed the 5 minute scrimmage barrier, Rose is still unsure if he will play this season, Granger flirted with a return then, now is heading to surgery and Amare returned and got injured again. Bogut returned, leaved, did a surgery and now is trying to come back. The real Dwight Howard please stand up ! Dirk did a surgery at the beginning of the season and Deron Williams have two jelly ankles.. Jonh Wall knee's.. Griffin did a surgery and missed the Olympics Carmelo is not 100%
Thank God Lebron is not human and Kobe is a training psico

Bucks are about to beat the Lakers and crush the Sixers hopes!

AI in the building tomorrow night.

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