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Bobbleheads For All

I'm so tired of al the Nostalgia the Sixers throw our way. It just reinforces how bad the team is now.

Advice is a form of nostalgia, dispensing it is a way of
fishing the past from the disposal, wiping it off, painting over the ugly parts and recycling it for more than
it’s worth.

Every time I hear the world nostalgia, I think of that line.

The people who show up for the nostalgia usually don't care enough to know how bad the team really is - it's for the people who think the 'good old days' really were 'good old days' because the human memory writes it that way :)

sure will be interesting to see if they let AI talk...and if he said something like "if only i had an andrew bynum back in my day" what the reaction would be...

no mullens tonight for the bobcats

man did they have him on a tight leash

wilkins free throws

South Broad on Mar 30 at 20:15

Really hope to see a good performance tonight. easy.

woah since when can Biyombo score??

TwoSense on Mar 30 at 20:22

Hawes, Turner and Wilkins as starters will go down in infamy concerning the history of this franchise. Forever etched in our memories.

no need to run a mcroberts thad


ivey 3

down 9 at the end of 1

great pass jrue to thad

....so the pro-tanking crowd actually wants to see a team as awful as these Bobcats are??

no its about having a better chance at a higher draft pick

ivey 3

ahahahaha nice jump

sissy 3

free throws for jrue!

et jumper

...20 comments through three quarters, your 2013 sixers everybody!

JRUE with the slam!

Well that was ...thrilling

Good to see Derek at the game. Pretty ugly contest, overall. Guess it's better for Jrue to show up late than to not show up at all. Another big third quarter for Turner, which is nice. He's your POTG. In the playoff pipe-dream race, Milwaukee lost to the Thunder. In the tanking race, no one below the Sixers won, but Portland did drop a game, moving the Sixers to within 3 games of #12.

The Sixers signed Jrue's brother. Not sure why, at this point. I assume Pargo or Jenkins hits the bricks to make room for him.

The sad thing is they probably just picked up their best wing defender from the NBADL.

Not only does this team pick a bad year to miss the playoffs, but they can't even tank right. I bet the Celtics are going to tank next year

A lot of teams are going to tank next year :). It's gonna be weird.

Unfortunately the bucks also have 2 games with the bobcats on their remaining schedule. If those games were with the spurs we'd have a much better chance to slip in.

Speaking of which I wish they would televise the heat spurs game today on something besides nba tv.

Tray reply to Greg on Mar 31 at 15:20

Oh yeah, we'd have a great chance then.

Greg reply to Tray on Mar 31 at 16:24

at least we'd have a small chance, which is much better than our current chances :)

Tray reply to Greg on Mar 31 at 16:26

Yeah, like 1%.

Greg reply to Tray on Mar 31 at 16:31

I'd estimate 1 in 50 now, but 1 in 5 if those games were against the spurs.

Tray reply to Greg on Mar 31 at 16:35

Absolutely positively not. Even if we definitely picked up both games and got within 3.5, teams do not make up 3.5 games in 7 games 20% of the time.

Greg reply to Tray on Mar 31 at 17:16

Ok, i'll look into this a little closer. The chances really depends who the games are against. My initially estimation was based mostly on their schedule thinking they might win only 2 (t-wolves and orlando) if those games were losses. I thought we had 10 games left, so i made a mistake there. I see we only have 9 left. i thought we could possible win 8 of 10. I had miami as a loss but if we were in position and needed to beat the pacers to get in i thought we just might win that game.

Anyway, you win. My estimates were too rough and based on wrong memory. Tightening the numbers a bit, i'm getting a number closer to what you said. Maybe 2%. But if we had 10 games left (including just 1 extra allowable loss) as i initially thought that number jumps up to around 10 or 15% (still lower than 20). Oh well. I love estimations this one was obviously wrong in many ways. i'll take this as a lesson that certain small errors can really make a huge difference in the final numbers.

Thanks for pointing out my error :) good job

Greg reply to Tray on Mar 31 at 17:27

If you are wondering where the 10-15% comes from, mainly because the bucks have a hard schedule. i expect them to win about 5 but without the bobcats maybe 3. Maybe a 35% chance they win 2. in the other hand our schedule is easy. If we had 10 games (the mistake in my calculation) i could see us winning 7 of 9 heading into the pacers game. Chances both happen are maybe .35 *.30 or something like that. I didnt do the math exactly but clearly the data was wrong anyway.

ewwww ew ew ew do NOT look up pix of the injury that happened to that dude in that NCAA game today

Tray reply to das411 on Mar 31 at 19:47

I couldn't quite understand why the announcers were acting as if this was the only gross leg injury that ever happened in a basketball game. Multiple times they said they'd never seen anything like it. Maybe they never saw Shaun Livingston. Anyway, Plumlee looks strictly like a backup to me. I'd sooner draft the Louisville center, although he kind of has a poor man's Thabeet vibe.

That was pretty bad. Pitino said it was compound after the game. I was watching and you could just tell it was completely unnatural. Didn't rewind or watch in slo-mo or anything, but it was bad.

Tray reply to Brian on Mar 31 at 21:19

How'd you like Plumlee?

One of his better games, I suppose, but no thanks.

He bit on Dieng's pump fake near the three point line and gave up an empty lane to the cup. Four years of top level coaching for that?

Rich reply to Tray on Apr 1 at 1:16

Livingston's injury came to mind right away, but IMO this one felt a little worse. Maybe time has made that one seem a little less worse, and maybe the emotion of the Louisville players/coaches plus the fact that he's a college kid is clouding my judgment, but I still think this one was worse. That's just my two cents.

Regardless of how you feel about the injury though, I'm not sure how the announcers are supposed to react better in that spot. It was freaking brutal. In basketball, Livingston is the only thing I can remember even close to that gruesome. Are there any others? (Don't provide clips, please)

Tray reply to Rich on Apr 1 at 9:59

No, you're right.

Rich reply to Tray on Apr 1 at 1:22

Against my better judgment, I watched Livingston's again. As painful as that is to watch, Ware's felt, at least to me, worse by a decent amount.

Both of those are tough though, man. It's tough to even think about doing any physical.

I haven't seen this recent one - but I remember LIvingston's injury - his legs just went the wrong way - but the college kid, they said compound fracture which means bone through the skin so I could see how just the bone makes it more grusome

Stan reply to GoSixers on Apr 1 at 21:16

This is an image of Kevin Ware's leg-

WARNING- View at your own risk. This picture is pretty gruesome.

Yeah, that's the worst I've ever seen. The angle they showed on TV, you tell there was something unnatural about his leg when he was lying on the sideline, but I didn't realize the bone was sticking out like that. Man, I can understand why the guys on the floor and on the bench were so shaken up. Such a freak thing, too.

Stan reply to Brian on Apr 1 at 23:01

The doctors actually expect him to play next season, which is surprising to me based on that picture.

Sharone Wright on Apr 1 at 9:44

I'm trying to wrap my arms around how historically bad this Bynum trade was, and I have quick question: are we on the hook for J-Rich through the '13-14 season also?

And not just 2013/2014. J-rich has a play option for 2014/2015 as well.

Stern has to fine the Heat for sitting Wade and LeBron against San Antonio, right? I mean, that's the exact same thing Popovich did in Miami.

Nope, because the Heat know how to play the game. Sit a guy for an 'injury' and you're fine.

Pop's problem was telling the truth, the truth never does you any good

makes sense.

Tray reply to Brian on Apr 1 at 11:14

No because that game was only on NBATV.

I'm still waiting for Dollar Bill to cry foul about the Sixers signing Jrue's brother, then make some kind of obscure reference to nepotism in the 40's.

Tray reply to Brian on Apr 1 at 11:14

Windsurfers are known to be nepotistic.

Interesting, there are reports that Justin Holiday is not only signed for the duration of the season, but that he has a team option in his deal for next season.

Lets just hope this means the Sixers organization learned from the mistake with Lavoy Allen's contract.

Yeah, it's odd that they waited this long to get him. He shot 40% from three in the D-League, if that translates, he could be useful.

Well it wasn't just them, the whole league never truly gave him a chance. I think he wasn't that good earlier in the year. He got better after the allstar break especially shooting the three. He was not a shooter earlier in his career, but if he has indeed learned how to shoot, he may have a career in the NBA as a role playing 3 and D wing.

I also think teams passing on him has something to with his body. He looks extremely thin for a forward.

has to be an odd dynamic to join a team where your little brother is the face of the franchise. Think I read something about their younger brother being really good a couple months back.

ESPN has him at #25 on their list Class of 2015.

the sixers waived pargo to make room for holiday

ESPN nba page has some free agency preview stuff today- some stuff locked bheind insider

This Video had an interesting tid bit I didn't know about, the guy Abbot who is talking to indicates that before the knicks 'guaranteed' 100 million to Amare straight up the suns (who he worked for) offered Amare 100 million but certain years were conditioned on playing games the year before - i.e. you get year 4 only if you play X games in year 3.

I didn't know such things were allowed in the NBA

Tray reply to GoSixers on Apr 1 at 17:12

If team options are allowed, I would think that you could say in the contract that the team has to exercise a team option if the player reaches a certain incentive.

That kind of incentives have been allowed for a while. I remember a few years ago a team sat a player towards the end of the season so that he couldn't meet the incentive criteria even though he was one of the better players on the team. Forgot who the player was.

Well see - that situation right there is why I would have thought the NBPA would fight against it - teams can finagle these things if you're close at the end of the season, they can just make you inactive

I really don't like any of the PF/Cs in this draft

I wouldn't be pissed if they took Withey are lucked into Noel, I suppose. I probably won't be too pissed no matter who they get, though Zeller and Plumlee would definitely rate an ugh.

buke reply to Brian on Apr 1 at 22:53

Withey has been ranked as a low first rounder all year so it would be surprising if the team took him where they will draft. His shot blocking is great but he should have grabbed a couple of rebounds that he let go during the crucial final regulation moments against Michigan. I sort of like him, but remember, he is a fifth year senior, so according to your own rules of thumb he should be discounted somewhat.

Kelly Olynyk is predicted to be taken somewhere around where the Sixers should draft. Despite the fact that his projected comparable on some boards is Spencer Hawes, I'd like the Sixers to pick him if he is available. He doesn't really remind me of Hawes as he seems to move much better. He's a Canadian and he looks like a hippie, so my guess is that he might not share Hawes' political sentiments anyway.

Yeah, I don't expect much from any of these guys. Of the bigs I saw, Withey was really the only one who impacted the game with his size/length. Zeller looked unbelievably weak and soft, Plumlee looked clueless. Didn't see much of Gonzaga, the one game I saw, thought their big was playing too much away from the hoop, but only saw like one half. Withey looks like a rotational guy who will block some shots and play physical down low, which would be a pretty good haul out if this draft IMO.

I think it's extremely likely the sixers will draft a big in this draft. There are plenty that could be available when the Sixers will draft (11th most likely). Zeller, Plumlee, Gobert, Len, Olynyk, Austin, Withey, Dieng... They all have some minor or major red flags, but it's a very weak draft so we can't expect too much out of it.

I really like Len of these guys. I think he has the potential to be really really good. Not really excited with anyone else. Withey and Dieng will be good backup centers. Plumlee and Olynyk look like busts to me. Zeller might be a nice player but nothing spectacular. Gobert and Austin are major question marks. They have potential, but i'm not sure what they really can be.

Just hoping Len falls to the Sixers, but i'm getting the feeling the Raptors screwed that up for them, by suddenly tanking better than anyone, even though they have zero incentives to tank because they owe the pick to the Thunder. And i have a feeling that the Thunder will draft Len.

only took the raptors most of the year to realize how good valanciunas is

In your latest one-game sample special (although this guy's been picking it up all month), Harkless has 26 on 15 shots through 3 quarters. He's starting to look like yet another vindication of our league-best late-lottery/mid-first-round drafting.


Tray reply to Brian on Apr 1 at 22:19

Just two out of 4 attempts. But he's been to the line 7 times. That's like a night's worth for our team. I think that given our tendency to draft highly touted recruits with disappointing college careers (with the exception of Vucevic, a Doug pick), we will do one of three things - pick Michael Carter-Williams, the 6'6 Syracuse point guard who can't shoot, and attempt to convert him into a 2 guard, pick Isaiah Austin, the 7'1 stringbean out of Baylor, who's like a poor man's Perry Jones, or, pick Alex Len, the big Ukrainian center from Maryland. Unlike Vuce, he is a shot-blocker and (it's said) an active defensive player.

buke reply to Tray on Apr 2 at 10:17

The Sixers also have a history of drafting very good athletes in the first round, so I wouldn't rule out Glenn Robinson III. I think they will most likely pick a big with that first pick but they surprised everyone by picking Harkless last year.

Is Robinson a big time athlete? His dad wasn't.

buke reply to Brian on Apr 2 at 11:58

He's definitely a better athlete than his father but not the scorer his father was. His projected comparable on some boards is Iguodala.

Stan reply to buke on Apr 2 at 12:50

Is he a good defender? If the Sixers take him, I wonder if they'll give him the same jersey number they gave his father.

I think I have a bias against him because of his father. Unfair.

Stan reply to Brian on Apr 2 at 13:19

I do too. I assume he's going to be a lazy asshole that doesn't play defense, shoots 3's all day, and bitches when he gets benched in favor of a rookie. Unfair indeed.

Tray reply to buke on Apr 2 at 13:35

Poythress also seems like a possibility if he actually declares. (And I guess the same could be said of Cauley-Stein.) But there's a lot of talk that the UK freshmen were such disappointments that only Noel will come out. They run the risk of getting buried by the new freshmen if they do that though.

buke reply to Tray on Apr 2 at 16:06

I thought I read within the last day or two that Cauley-Stein was not declaring for the draft. I don't think Calipari can have many of them stay because he has another load of top rated freshmen coming in next year.

Tray reply to buke on Apr 2 at 16:12

Right you are. Goodwin's declaring, Cauley-Stein is returning, Poythress hasn't decided.

Is anyone from that Louisville team rated highly for the draft? Thought their two guards were pretty fearless, but doubt either is an NBA player.

i think Gorgui Dieng is the highest rated and DX has him 22nd on their top 100

Dieng will be a very good backup center. I expect a contender to grab him late in the first round. He can be a very good backup center on a rookie deal.

My only memory of him is him hitting two or three jumpers from the elbow.

Tray reply to Brian on Apr 2 at 18:04

He blocks a lot of shots too. Supposedly he's a fine defensive center.

Works for me. As long as he isn't named Zeller or Plumlee I'm fine w/ a big man.

Tray reply to Brian on Apr 2 at 18:27

I hear Bismack's even less talented brother is declaring, interested?

yep. why not? athletic freak like his bro?

Stan reply to Brian on Apr 2 at 18:31

But he's 23. I thought you liked your NBA draft prospects to be barely legal :)

I do. I also like them to be good players. I'm not going to get either wish this year.

miami "resting" lebron, wade and charmers again tonight

hes raw and might be a reach where the sixers are picking but im intrigued by steven adams who declared for the draft tonight

Alex Poythress is staying in Kentucky. Looks like we'll be drafting Kelly Olynyk, the next Lou Amundson

In all seriousness, Alex Len may be the frontrubber for our pick and he's playing now on ESPN, in the NIT. In the early going he looks quite mobile, long, good at blocking shots and generally contributing on help defense, less than dominant on the glass-eater, nice touch from outside, capable passer.

I thought about watching that, but I'm more in the mood for Tosh.0 reruns.

So soft, but he blocks shots and helps out on the defensive end. Could probably do worse.

eddies' heady's reply to Tray on Apr 2 at 22:32

Something about that guy that just doesn't draw me in. After seeing approximately 50 of his college games the last two years, he just isn't agile enough to me, sort of a lumbering type. Don't like to compare because they're usually taken too literal but he's almost, for lack of a better description, like a slightly more athletic Cole Aldrich. Maybe he'll eventually grow on me, but as of now I don't want him. Also, yes he's still very young and obviously raw, but in a conference with a dearth of legit big men he doesn't even crack 1st, 2nd, or 3rd team All-league.

I see what you mean, although he didn't appear to lumber. He just looks like he should lumber, if you know what I mean. Anyway, he doesn't strike me as a great defensive center, just a pretty good shot-blocker.

I actually like Len quite a bit. I think he is the best (or second best, depending on Noel's injury) big man prospect in this draft. He is huge and looks pretty athletic to me. He also has some skills, but is too passive and probably not using his skills to his advantage as much as he can. But that's definitely something he can improve as he gets older.

Turner with some funny comments per Tom Moore's column here.

How does Wall get to the line so fucking much?

jrue needs to watch his tape on it

Jrue is too crafty for his own good around the hoop.

Melo has 42 points, 1 rebound and 1 assist. One-point game against the LeBron and Wade-less Heat.

mymanjrue on Apr 3 at 1:38

so, only three guys in the nba have as high a usage rate as jrue with a lower ts%-rudy gay(although since moving to toronto, his ts% is the same as jrue's), josh smith, and michael beasley. jrue is 16th in the league in points per game. among the top twenty in ppg, only rudy gay and monta ellis have a lower ts% than jrue. only gay has a lower o-0rating, per basketball-reference. monta's is 100, same as jrue's. really, gay, ellis, and holiday are the clear outliers among the ppg leaders, judging solely by the most common advanced metrics-everyone else is markedly more efficient. none of the the others in the top twenty have an o rating below 105, and only paul george, paul pierce(both 105), damien lillard(109), and LMA(108) are beneath 110

looked around the league at starting point guards, and these are the guys i identified with a lower ts% than jrue: kirk hinrich, ricky rubio, avery bradley, ray felton, jameer nelson. hinrich and bradley are injury replacements of course, and felton starts in the same backcourt with jason kidd, whose ts% is around .570. rubio has missed much of the season. brandon jennings is a tenth of a percentage point ahead of jrue at .506, and greivis vazquez is a tenth of a percentage point behind at .504

i think this metric undersells jrue somewhat, for a lot of reasons. but it is a sobering reminder of just how ill equipped jrue is to be the "face of the franchise" and the centerpiece of a roster. a franchise with jrue as its face will only show said face in may as an annual lottery entrant

we vastly overrate jrue-0understandably so, as he has been pretty much the sole bright spot of this miserable season, and he is the sixers' best player on most every night.

let's all remember-jrue looks like he will be quite a good starter in the nba for years to come-and next to the likes of damien wilkins, nick young, evan turner(nine out of ten games), royal ivey, etc etc, it is easy to mistake that for stardom. but as long as he is asked to carry this team, both he and the team will struggle. management needs to add substantial talent around jrue-a franchise type player and a couple of above average starters-for this team to contend. and if the only way to acquire a true franchise player is to someday swing a trade involving jrue, that's probably the smart thing to do. jrue is a great piece and is going to have a long and produvtive career, but we need a true franchise player regardless. eye on the prize

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