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Wrong Bynum, Hinkie

There's only 1 wrong Bynum. And his front name don't start wit dubbleyew.

Will can imitate Frankie Edwards for old times' sake.

Then all he needs to do is bring Nick Young back so we can have a Young/Young/Holiday/Holiday/Bynum/Bynum six-man rotation.

this would be pretty hilarious

I'm really hoping Nick Young isn't on the sixers next year, and since the sixers have been pretty quiet on almost all fronts, I don't expect a lot of leaks. Though is this is an accurate report it would dispel the tanking idea for the 2014 draft

Tray reply to GoSixers on Jun 15 at 14:08

Not exactly sure how signing Will Bynum is inconsistent with tanking, even if he plays well.

Stan reply to GoSixers on Jun 15 at 14:41

I'd rather bring back Sam Young.

Will Bynum is actually a very Rockets-ish point guard. Think about Aaron Brooks, Kyle Lowry, Patrick Beverley.

It is a bit frustrating how LA and Boston always get to skip rebuilding through these one sided trades. I don't think this is up there with Kobe forcing his way to LA on draft day or the original Pau Gasol and KG trades, but it is still pretty terrible.

When coaches like Larry Brown want to bail on the Sixers befoer they fall apart they get a golden parachute and the Sixers get nothing. Yet the same situation in Boston will yield them 2 number 1 picks and a quality PG and center combo just entering their prime, in exchange for a 37 year old on his last legs.

Hate to rant, but this is a get out of jail free card for Boston that lets them avoid years of pain. They handed a shortcut to contention with the original one sided KG trade, and now they get similarly blessed on the other side. It must be so much easier to be a Celtic fan then try and root for the Sixers. I hope Hinkie can turn things around.

@BA_Turner 8m
Doc Rivers been informed Clippers won't accept Celtics offer. Rivers prepared to stay in Boston, sources.

That's good since it really seemed one sided.

The rumor is that because they were really impressed with Hollins (and because of Doc's very high price tag of 7 mil per) that their interest waned quickly.

I don't think the clippers adding Garnett makes them vastly better either unless Blake Griffin decides to get a bit better at basketball...

And ps TK - you are old enough to not have the ESPN Short Term memory and say that Boston skipped rebuilding - do you remember HOW terrible they were for the years before Allen and Garnett arrived, where they obtained the assets (by sucking) to make those trades?

The Celtics were bad, Ainge was about to get fired before he pulled of the Allen Garnett coups. Let's not rewrite history

Oh yeah - if the Lakers lose Howard, they'll likely be on their way to suck town too - no matter what Kobe Bryant thinks of his invincibility

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Jun 15 at 19:40

The Celtics had 2 losing years and then won the Finals. I consider that skipping rebuilding. The four years previous they were a playoff team.

So if a team is in the playoffs they aren't sucking?

Cool - good to know the sixers aren't that terrible since they made the playoffs in the 2011/12 season.

mymanjrue reply to tk76 on Jun 19 at 9:53

It's funny-as I was reading your post, I was about to make the same point about Boston having sucked for years before Garnett-but then remembered the history tk points out in the early 00s-then I scrolled down.

I'kk add one more nitpick of your valid point, tk-that Memphis trade ended up being a home run for Memphis. If you have to dump your expensive star big man, you couldn't ask for better return than a younger, cheaper star big man who will anchor your defense for a decade. It's not a scandalously lopsided deal just cause it seemed like it at the time.

Your point though, is well taken.-if the NBA's a casino, the Lakers are the house

eddies' heady's reply to tk76 on Jun 15 at 19:26

Eh, I think I'd rather go through the years of pain than be mired in the muck of mediocrity that Boston is getting ready to endure ala the last ten years of our Sixers. If your front office is competent enough, you'd have a quicker chance of getting better by going through said years of pain. We got a heck of a point guard and two number 1 picks from Denver in the Iverson trade and I guess one could say we 'avoided years of pain', but what did it really get us, besides mediocrity?

Though I'd rather have a center that could occasionally finish a lob or block a shot or two from time to time, the Bledsoe/Jordan combo can be argued as being not much better than our Holiday/Hawes combo (did I really just type that?).

I don't see this as being such a blessing for the C's as long as the Clips don't end up shitting the bed in whatever years the picks are. Not to mention, I'm of the belief that Doc Rivers is a heck of a coach so they also suffer on that front.

Getting Bledsoe and Jordan would put them in good shape. They could easily move Rondo for good value and end up having only 1 bad contract (Green.) They would have to sign Bledsoe next summer, but it won't be near a max number. So you would have a quality PG and an athletic center both locked up for under 20M and then you have tons of space to add a superstar (or 2.)

The Sixers have a quality PG and owe two first rounders. The Celtics would have a quality PG and C and have two extra picks.

I believe you are vastly over rating the value of Bledsoe and Jordan if you put them on a team where they are required to do more than they currently do...they're good secondary assets.

Then again - maybe that's good enough to lose in the first round of the playoffs - and that's not rebuilding

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Jun 15 at 19:54

Yes, good secondary assets that would fit perfectly next to a star. Exactly what the Sixers should be doing. Jrue + and athletic center for about 10M and some extra 1st's for trades puts you in ideal position to add the stars you need to have contender.

Holiday & Bledsoe, quality PGs? -- loose terminology at this point in time. Both erratic, the Campbell Hall flash less so.

Your Celts-Sixers "rant" strikes as whiny, excludes Sixers' obligation to city and fans to operate with intelligence and firmness in order to compete with traditional bi-coastal league darlings. Longstanding ineffectual Sixers front office is the target. Nash, Lynam, Lucas, Greenberg, Brown, King, Stefanski, Thorn, Hinkie...what a dance card.

And can't forget DiLeo, who had the good sense to seldom speak.

Yep, whiny. I don't appreciate how a few fanbases get entertained while I root for one of the dregs. Especially since I grew up back during a time when the Sixers- for about 15 years- were one of those privileged few.

Ya gotta keep earning' it. Sixers haven't It's as simple as that. They''re unerring in shooting themselves in the foot...for most of the last 30 years. Only 3 or 4 editions in that span truly worth the time.

Celts' tragedies of Bias & Lewis didn't ultimately deter them. Bootstraps & shrewd maneuvers.

Stan reply to Dollar Bill on Jun 16 at 9:16

Re-signing a 36 year old player to 3 years and $30 million is a bad move when the rest of your team is declining, you've lost to the same team two years in a row, and the rest of the East is getting better. They also thought it was a good idea to give Jeff Green $36 million and give deals paying more than $5 million per year to Jason Terry, Courtney Lee, and Brandon Bass. If Rondo wasn't injured and KG decided that he wanted to stay in Boston, you'd be looking at a mediocre team flirting with luxury tax penalties.

Stan reply to tk76 on Jun 15 at 22:46

And don't forget that without Pierce, KG, Doc and a healthy Rondo, the Celtics will be tanking during a year that is supposed to produce a good draft class. Rondo, Avery Bradley, DeAndre Jordan and Eric Bledsoe is a nice core to build around. Even if Boston doesn't end up with a top 3 pick, I bet they will end up packaging that with Courtney Lee and Jeff Green to get a really good player.

I wouldn't be upset at a Will Bynum signing. I'd like to see the Sixers go after Randy Foye, Anthony Morrow, Beno Udrich, Gary Neal, and Marco Bellineli. This year's FA class has some good role players that can be had at a solid price.

The Celtics have been really good at targeted tanking under Ainge. I expected them to tank this year for a while now. They did the same in 2007 i.e. the Oden/Durant year. They got unlucky and ended up with the 5th pick in the draft but with some great maneuvering they managed to get both Allen and KG.

They will trade KG and Pierce. The question is where. I don't think Bledsoe + Jordan is as good as being portrayed. Bledsoe has only been able to produce as a backup PG up to this point and Jordan is a backup center really. He is one of the most overrated players in the league, just because he is athletic and can dunk.

Stan reply to Xsago on Jun 16 at 9:23

I wonder what Pierce's trade value is since he's making $15 million next year. If Boston can't find a trade partner, they'll have to release him in order to avoid the luxury tax penalties. I can see Indiana or Brooklyn trading for him, but that would probably mean that Boston would have to take back either Granger, Humpries, or Gerald Wallace in a deal.

Will Bynum seems like a fine player to go after, since the Sixers have to fill out a roster. He'd be cool with signing for one year, right? If not, they can just find someone else who is.

Not really sure how a guy who is no longer playing in the NBA, and hasn't played for the sixers for quite a long time still qualifies as 'sixers news' but whatever, it's the TMZ era were peoples personal lives are fair game for people

Mike reply to GoSixers on Jun 17 at 19:56

it's more interesting than anything going on with anyone who actually plays or works for the 2013 Sixers

To me it couldn't be any less interesting...period. It's his personal life, it's a shambles, always has been, I'm not sure why that's news for people to care about.

I understand WHY some people think it's news - I understand that the only thing we as a nation love more than putting people on a pedestal is watching them fall from it - I just think - well - it's pathetic -

Mike reply to GoSixers on Jun 17 at 21:46

I hear you but he is my favorite athlete of all time, and part of that is because he's a fascinating individual. People are always going to care about him.

I guess - I have enough people and things in my life to care about I don't have to care about someone I've never met

Sports is entertainment...i have writers for instance who I love, but don't care if they live in Minnesota (Neil Gaiman) have a sister in law who is just too hot (Joss Whedon) or have been arrested for drugs (Aaron Sorkin). I enjoy their work - and that's it - sports to me is the same thing. Except that the 'way' I care for the guys isn't even their entire career - I care when they're on the teams I root for - then that's it

Mike reply to GoSixers on Jun 18 at 10:06

awesome man!

Tray reply to GoSixers on Jun 18 at 10:33

Sorkin's the worst. But anyway, I find Iverson's issues interesting to a point, but this is just sordid and sad.

As long as I don't hear 'Sixers talking to Monta Ellis' I'm happy

This is interesting from an ESPN writer using poor offensive efficiency to indicate teams that might be interested in Ellis (who as we all know, is a paragon of offensive efficiency)

Beyond those teams, others that could enter the picture include offensive-starved squads like Phoenix (finished No. 29 out of 30 in offensive efficiency last season), Philadelphia (No. 26), Minnesota (No. 25) and Detroit (No. 21). All but the Suns have plenty of room under the cap to bring in Ellis, and each is coming off a season where they missed the playoffs.

iggypop4 on Jun 18 at 3:24

Iguodala is opting out of his contract...Where could he possibly go?

Clyde Beatty or the Ringling Bros: "Tattoo Man"..."Iggy the Iron Tamer"..."The Daring Not-So-Young Man on the Fying Trapeze"..."Exercise in 3-D; the little things most mortals can't see."

Or any NBA team willing to pay a wing defender his 'not to be sneezed at' going rate. Expensive "glue" now available at Pelinka's General Store!

Sp correction: FLYING, as in John Starks from the right side past B.J. Armstrong, then a lefthanded dunk in the faces of Horace Grant and Michael Jordan.

Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, he could go back to Denver with a longer contract for less money per year but more money total.

I don't know why Iguodala opting out is a surprise. 1 year 16 million or 4 years 40-50 million, that's a pretty easy decision

...or 6'5" Bill Pleas, LaSalle College '67-'68 recruit, Mount Vernon, NY HS and schoolyard legend (like Gus & Ray Williams, Scooter & Rodney McCray, Earl Tatum), whose jumping talent was prodigious, rare, unusual and high (David Thompson-like). Transferred to Detroit U. to play for Dick Vitale. Had a legendary pro career in Israel, it's been written. Could pluck a shekel off the top of a backboard.

TwoSense reply to Dollar Bill on Jun 18 at 9:53

Legend has it that not only could David Thompson pluck the dollar, but leave four quarters in its place. Change(!) please...

Yes. "The Teller" may have been Thompson's spare nickname, behind "Skywalker." Incredible leaper, great player. Made Monte Towe grow, Tom Burleson burly and Norm Sloan famous. Wolfpack '73 & '74: 57 wins, 1 loss (UCLA, regular season; avenged loss by beating Bruins - Bill Walton, Jamaal Wilkes - in '74 NCAA Semi-Final)!

Ford has the Sixers taking Zeller in his latest mock.

Pope at 9, Schroder has slid to the 20s, I wonder if the sixers are targeting him with the pick they are rumored to be trying to get

Charlie H reply to Brian on Jun 18 at 19:03

In a draft like this, he's worth the risk.

I have a feeling Trey Burke is going to slide to the 2nd 10. Carter-Williams and Muhammed might go higher, maybe 2 or 3 other surprises, as there usually are (Caldwell-Pope, Dieng, maybe even Hardaway, who's been getting raves). The question is would the Sixers take Burke over Zeller? He's fast and he's a winner. I think the Sixers need speed more than anything.

Adams is projected at 10 by draftexpress - Withy not in the 1st round anymore.

Giannis Adektubo is listed at 196 lbs. That has to be a misprint, right? He's 6'9 and weighs less than Jrue Holiday. Even Kevin Durant and Thaddeus Young outweigh him by 40 lbs.

The fact that this guy is 6'9, has a 7'3 wingspan, played the point forward position, and is only 18 has me intrigued. However his light frame and the pedestrian numbers he put up on in league with inferior competition has me concerned. The Sixers could draft him, stash him on their d-league team and hope that he can develop into a really good player. Or they could draft another player that can be a solid role player, contribute right away, and serve as a trade chip in the near future.

Would you take him over Zeller? Michael Carter Williams? KCP? Steven Adams?

From what i've seen he hasn't had any weight program and his frame can support a lot of added muscle. He is a project, but in a draft like this he is worth taking a gamble, due to his potential. I probably wouldn't take him over Zeller and Adams, but i would over MCW and KCP.

Up by 3 with under 10 seconds left... you should take the foul.

Or just grab the fucking rebound. Frustrating as hell. Spoelstra really should've lost that game by bringing Wade back in.

Charlie H reply to Brian on Jun 19 at 11:13

Not sure I remember this right, but I couldn't understand why Wade took and missed a long 2 with less than 2 seconds left in regulation. Was the shot clock running down? Maybe I was looking at the shot clock and thought it was the game clock. After that, Parker rushed up court and missed a baseline runner. I have to watch this game again.

I also thought it was weird that Van Gundy failed to point out that Ginobili took 3 full strides on that drive late in the game with Lebron defending him. Jon Barry mentioned it this morning on ESPN radio. Not even Lebron gets away with that.

Great game. After Game 5 I decided that SA is a better team. I say they win tonight. I don't see Popovich losing 2 in a row to a team with no point guard and no center.

Stan reply to Charlie H on Jun 19 at 16:58

That was a really good defensive play by Ray Allen on Manu at the end of the game. I thought it was a foul at first because that's what Van Gundy told me, but after I watched the replay a few times I saw that Allen had a clean strip on the ball.

Stan reply to Brian on Jun 19 at 17:06

A 9 year veteran toted as the best player in the NBA shouldn't turn the ball over twice in the final 40 seconds of an elimination game. And a coach with 4 championship rings should know better than to not have his HOF PF on the final defensive possession.

Anyway, those mistakes made this my 2nd favorite Finals game of all time.

Completely agree.

I thought the Spurs would win in 7 even before the series started so we'll see. I still think that's what will happen. Overall i think they are the better team in the series. The Heat got really lucky last night.

And the spurs got really lucky in game 1
Or the spurs have gotten really lucky this entire series because no one saw Danny Green doing what he's doing - ever in his career

Tray reply to GoSixers on Jun 19 at 10:50

He was really great from three this season, so what's going on here is within normal random variance. For example, he shot 51% from three for a whole month this season. There was a 4-game stretch in that month when he shot 20-32.

I'm not liking this guy Zeller at all. He basically has zero defensive potential. Is it too much to ask to actually draft a front court player who has a prayer of altering some shots in the lane and maybe even getting a couple blocks every now and then? Or we could just try to make half our roster power forwards who can't stop people.

Do you see one of those who is available at #11 in this draft who will provide anything offensively?

Unless you're talking about like a 40% shooter from three at PF, I'd prefer a one-way defensive big to a one-way soft offensive big.

Your preference for defense first has been well noted

The sixers have no bigs worth a grain of salt at the moment - as far as I'm concerned (and no - Thaddeus Young isn't a big) so one good at either end of the court is a vast improvement and saying Zeller has zero defensive potential (once again, as a 4) seems over stating the case, not to mention it's not like there's a huge outpouring of big 4's in the NBA anyway.

I'd personally rather they draft pope but looks like that won't be an option - but maybe they can steal withey in the second round

I agree with you I'd rather have Pope as well. Zeller is not going to be able to play center, that's the problem. We already have Thad and Moultrie to play the 4, unless the Sixers are moving one of them, there's no need for him. He will be bad defensively in the NBA. I'd rather they draft Adams and just tell him not to shoot.

Well I'm not sure Moultrie is a reason not to draft anyone, he's not exactly anything yet...I have more faith in Zeller and his offense than others, I think he'll be better and more dynamic offensively than Thad is

Fair enough, Zeller does look like he has some skills and athleticism. If the Sixers do pick him in the draft, I don't see any reason they should hold onto Thad then. They would need to pick up a defensive big somewhere else.

I really don't see it as an either or situation, I mean they need a bench too...be it Zeller or young, and you aren't getting a defensive big for Thaddeus Young in trade...the sixers are a long way from contending in my mind so you have to build intelligently and use your assets to maximum value.

Of course, there's still the Bynum wildcard

Why is Zeller branded as a guy who has zero defensive potential? Frontcourt defense is not just shot blocking. He was a very good P&R defender in college and projects as a very good one in the NBA as well with his athleticism and foot speed. He will also be able to defend stretch 4s on the perimeter, at least physically.

He won't be an all defensive team guy of course, but he does have potential to be at least passable.

Of course, i view him as a PF. If you only view him as a C, his defense will be problematic, but i don't think he is a C in the NBA. And he is probably not a great fit with the Sixers, but lets face it the Sixers can't draft for need. If he is the best player available, they should take him and see what they can get for Thad.

There aren't a lot of even passable defenders in the NBA with alligator arms.

There aren't a lot of 7 footers playing PF either.

Sorry, but i think this is taking things out of context. Is the fact that Zeller's wingspan is the same as his height good? No. It's the only thing keeping him from being a top 3 pick.

But is 6'11" a small wingspan for a PF? Again no. Zeller has more than the required height, wingspan, standing reach, athleticism and foot agility to defend well against most PFs. He might have problems against Zach Randolph and the like but those kind of players are rare these days.

His standing reach is less than Thad's.

Defense isn't just about standing reach. Having long arms is a huge benefit to getting your arms in the passing lanes, contesting shots, generally being able to use your body to keep your man in front of you. Long arms make you bigger than you actually are. Short arms make you smaller. I'll be surprised if Zeller isn't a big liability on the defensive end. His best role would be like a psycho T energy guy, using frenetic energy to hide his size, but he's too soft for that type of role.

If he can hit threes at a high rate, he'll be useful. If he can't, he won't. That's my take.

I really hope the sixers are the team that gets the Mavs first round pick - even if it's for cash

So do the fans of the other 28 teams...

Hmm...it seems the hold up now in the Clippers Cletics talk is the NBA front office who doesn't like the fact that there seems to be a deal that involves a coach, which isn't part of the CBA, see, coaches have no value

If Zeller is there at 11 he is a no brainer pick unless Caldwell Pope slips unless somebody unfathomably drops. Zeller was never as good as the hype from his freshman year nor was he ever as bad as people tried to make him out to be after his sophmore year. The Sixers need productive bigs bad. Zeller to me at least projects to being a rotation player and in this draft thats better then a lot of guys.

Sigh, this whole 'getting compensation for Rivers' thing reminds me of when Snider let Brown off scot free with his pre built landing in Detroit

Hinkie will speak on draft night

That's big of him. Somebody needs to tell him it's NBA, not KGB. "Really sharp" or petrified of first major decision?

Unsurprisingly, per usual, I disagree with you. His only mandate is to make the sixers better, his decisions will tell the story, I don't feel like he has any obligation to 'talk' with the intrusive uninformed ignorant media of Philadelphia which assumes that because they don't know what's going on that nothing is going on.

I'm not sure why anyone thinks there's any huge rush to hire a coach anyway - not a whole lot going on in terms of coaching until summer league (which isn't really all that relevant anyway) and then training camp - building the roster and an intelligent front office that can build a winning roster is more important than who the next coach is

No coach with whom to confer on fitting draft choices? Seems be overlooking the saw, "there's no GM in team." Have never witnessed a more mysterious beginning. Questions are natural. Can't take your word on his wonderfulness. Evidence, man, evidence.

There's evidence aplenty if you knew where to look, but you don't bother looking at that evidence because it doesn't fit your window.

The coach's job is to coach the team, the coach's job is to figure out how best to use the players he has.

Oh yeah, Doug Collins was the coach who was building the roster last year - how did that work out?

The evidence for Hinkie's basketball acumen are out there, I'm sorry if it doesn't impress you, but I (and Hinkie probably too) really couldn't care less

The only thing that matters is the results, wins and losses, the rest is BS..

The DX situational vs boxscore series is an interesting read

Dear Mike Miller

Your job is to make open looks - they don' get much more open than that - your team mate mr james as you should call him just showed you how it's done

Birdman's hustlin', peckin' away at Spurs like Woody the Woodpecker.

Battier can't go 6-6 can he?

Old man pass by Ginobili. Hard to bend sometimes.

When Battier, James, Wade hit from outside - uh oh, opponent.

Bosh, no spark plug there. BIG shot, Tim; old man pass at the other end though. Oxygen tank, please.

Big miss, Tim. Hang in there.

The King!

A salute to current Heat, champions once again, and a nod to 'Nova's Rory Sparrow and Camden High's Billy Thompson, original '89 Heat starters who got the ball rollin'. God bless Ron Rothstein for his forbearance.

Charlie H reply to Dollar Bill on Jun 21 at 17:44

I remember when Jerry West traded Mike McGee to get Billy Thompson. He said Thompson was one of the best shooters he'd ever seen. I never understood why he was so highly touted coming out of high school. He always seemed awkward and not very quick. I'd say he was about the 5th best player on the '86 Louisville team.

I think Rony Seikaly, a rookie from Syracuse, was the starting center.

Zeke from Cabin Creek was on to something. Billy's career FG%: college .528, NBA .505.

5th best?? Was leading scorer on a balanced championship team - a young Pervis, Milt, Herb Crook, Jeff Hall (Sixers eventual prize Kenny Payne incubating on pine). All-Final Four selection. 19th pick in Draft. Led a team that beat Drexel, Bradley, NC (Daughery), Auburn (Person), LSU ("Hotplate" Williams) and Duke (Ferry, Dawkins) for tourney championship. Wasn't flashy, but was long-limbed and could find ball and net. And he won. 1 of 4 in history to win NCAA title and NBA title in consecutive years. Others? Russell, Henry Bibby, Magic.

His NBA career was disappointing though, as was Milt's. But...

2 Final Fours/1 NCAA Ring, 2 NBA Rings w/Lakers, Heat 2 yr starter, literally 1 minute played with Warriors, Turkey, Israel (championship there) and now pastor of a church in Boca Raton [elev8.com] and associate chaplain of the Heat.

Not bad for a tall, gangly kid from Camden bouncing a ball.

Charlie H reply to Dollar Bill on Jun 23 at 9:43

In my opinion, Ellison, Wagner & Crook were better. Didn't realize his shooting percentages were so high or that he was all-Final Four. I liked that team a lot. They were a tight unit.

Billy was also on the '83 team that lost to Houston in one of the best Final Four games I ever watched. Derek Smith, the McCray brothers, and Olympian Lancaster Gordon.

One blogging Louisville fan has Wagner 7, Thompson 11 and Crook 17 on all-time Cardinals Top 20. Also, Griffith 1, Unseld 2, Ellison 3, Butch Beard 5, Derek Smith 6, Junior Bridgeman 9, Rodney McCray 10, Jim Price 15. Gordon didn't make his list. Search of "Louisville Top Twenty All-Time" will find it for you. Decent read, rankings subject to writer opinion of course.

welp somehow i discovered what Kwame should be working on this offseason: http://www.woai.com/sports/story/Patty-Mills-towel-wave-demo/RlVYUrhgXUisMwPvT8TM0Q.cspx

2015 unprotected 1st to the celtics for rivers pending league approval

Cody Zeller or Mason Plumlee? That's the tricky 'Indiana driveway 1-on-1' question which tantalizes many Sixers fans. Throw in the Pitt pipefitter, the gargantuan from Gonzaga, a big from Bucknell (of the ferocious Patriot League) and who-knows-who from overseas, and the Sixers war room could result in a draft night donnybrook, if, and only if, Hinkie the Hermit permits others to enter.

No chance of Plumlee.

Why? Certain to go earlier?

certain to go later.

Tray reply to Tray on Jun 25 at 13:59

way later.

We shall see. From what I've read, very unpredictable draft.

2 days, 3 hrs until Hinkie comes out of his burrow!

I would offer you 20 to 1 odds we don't take Plumlee, and that no lottery team does either.

I've never seen Zeller or Plumlee run, dribble or shoot, but unless they're gettin' rid of Hawes, don't want Zeller, who may be a duplicate perimeter type. "If you're 6'9" or above, get inside and work, you worthless piece of pastry."

I liked Plumlee's attitude in interview w/Jalen Rose (& some other slickster). Seems like a positive kid. Comin' from the Rat's program, you know he can take some gnawing on his psyche. Caveat: I liked Wesley Johnson's in his interview too.

insert: [Johnson's] demeanor

I've never seen Zeller or Plumlee run, dribble or shoot

That's all folks

Won't take but a glance to catch up on the "talent", buddy boy. Got better things to do with my time than watch today's brand of college ball.

It's nice to see that ignorant uninformed decisions are not limited to our electoral process

High irony, low tide.

@WojYahooNBA 1m
Brazil's Alexandre Paranhos - 6-9, 245 pounds w/ perimeter skill - working out for Nets (today), Sixers (Tuesday), Knicks (Wednesday).

Aron 'out' with Sixers.


Young, good-looking marketing/business former-NYK employee set to take over.

Still might happen but the sixers and Aron are refuting this report

Should mean O'Neill named CEO by the end of the week I'd imagine.

Is funny that a year after Mike Dunlap that Brett Brown is getting interviewed - Brett Brown was a great coach in the NBL - he won championships with the North Melbourne Giants and the Sydney Kings and the Australian game misses him. He'd favour a defense oriented physical game but there is no real example of how a NBL coach translates in the NBA.

shaw to denver

Brian S. on Jun 24 at 21:18

My sense is that the Philadelphia franchise in the NBA has been declared a development team. Maybe they have moved the 76ers down a division or two like they do in English soccer.

The Sixers should be a development team right now IMO. It's for the best long term.

Hey look - bynum rehab is over

Just in time to steal money for the next 3-5 years

Would you trade Thaddeus Young and Jrue Holiday for Russell Westbrook and someone else to match salaries?

tk76 reply to Stan on Jun 25 at 15:47


Why would the Thunder?

Mike reply to Stan on Jun 25 at 17:09

lol like OKC would ever do that

Charlie H reply to Mike on Jun 26 at 8:42

I think they would. It would make Durant happy. Their defense would be way better with those two, and Holiday wouldn't take shots away from KD.

Westbrook is like Melo. Great talents whose contribution to the team is minimized by their selfishness and refusal to sacrifice.

There's no proof that it would make Durant happy...I think winning would make Durant happy, and that trade makes the Thunder a worse team

Ford released a new mock again

He claims Zeller is a 'dark horse' at #2 if the Cavs take Noel (someone is yanking his chain - they have to be)

Ford still has Zeller as the sixers first choice and the same names as usual that no one likes.

Pope at 9
Adams at 12
Schroder at 16
Muhammed at 18
Bullock at 19 (if the sixers can 'get back' into the first round - that would be nice)

Ford has the Sixers taking Withey in the second round. 70% chance he's better than the guy they pick at #11.

draft express new mock has the sixers taking zeller

Fucker better really be able to shoot the three.

Tray reply to Brian on Jun 25 at 19:32

What for? Some folks here seem to think he's the white (young) Amare Stoudemire with post moves.

That's not quite my impression of him.

Actually it's the opinion of no one

Tray reply to GoSixers on Jun 26 at 9:58

Okay, he's the white Thad with post moves and a three-point shot. Anyway I'd rather draft one of the higher-upside prospects, like Adams, Tony Mitchell, maybe Shabbazz, Gisnnis...

Court_visioN reply to Tray on Jun 26 at 13:15

I personally think Zeller has as much upside as a lot of the other guys... I just get the sense that as fans a lot of us are tired of perimeter oriented big men, hence the distaste for Zeller at 11 (honestly it's probably pretty good value in reality)

Plumlee and Olynyk on the other hand I want nothing to do with.

I think part of the problem is that people are looking at the position he played in college and trying to translate that into the NBA - he didn't play in an NBA friendly system and was out of position - he's not a 5 in the NBA and anyone who projects him there is deluded :)

I'm not sure he's really a four in the NBA. Same functional size as Thad, if one is too small, the other would be as well, no?

With nba over, i was curious to see how Philly's other pro basketball team was going to do, but the latest schedule has the team removed


Wikipedia still shows the team existing link

In news that will brighten some days - Ford has 'more' on Zeller at 4

ESPN.com's Chad Ford reports that there's a "growing belief" that Cody Zeller is seriously in the mix for the Bobcats at No. 4. According to Ford, GM Rich Cho is pushing for Zeller, but is getting resistance (Twitter links).

If CJ Miles can 'net' you (sorry) the 22nd pick in this draft, Evan Turner has GOT to be able to net you something right? I mean a future second round pick with top 50 protection?

Eric Gordon reportedly very available

To be honest, i don't really want him. Too injury prone to matter.

Sure, but there are people here who have in the past indicated they would take that risk - I'm not one of them - I thought it was a stupid contract to offer him and New Orleans was dumb for matching that - it's like instinct - he didn't want to be there - let him be someone else's problem.

I don't even think I'd trade Evan Turner for him

Kevin Peltons Draft Rater which I don't fully understand but know he's been doing it for a while while working for other sites is available for insiders

Ranks Pope 3, Zeller 4, Adams 11, Olynyk 16, Oladipo 17 (interesting cause he's a top 3 pick), Plumlee 26, Shabazz 27,

The link is here

The second round steals might be an interesting read for some

Check out the history of his rating system over the past handful of drafts. Didn't look like something they should publicize to me.

I didn't see a link to the history - do you have it?

He wouldn't have drafted Evan Turner in the top 10

I liked Hollinger's draft rater far more. Almost every year he was right on some of the steals and busts.

woohoo well today is finally here, in just 12 hours or so we'll actually know what he's doing as opposed to all of the useless speculation up to now

"Aron's standing in the organization took a header when former coach Doug Collins reamed him out loudly and in front of everyone on a team flight home late in the season. Collins, it turned out, wasn't amused when Aron used his Twitter feed to commiserate with fans about the crap they were watching, as if they didn't know it already."

^ in which we see the rarely executed reverse smear campaign maneuver!

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