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(Weak) Draft (Class) Day is Finally Upon Us!

I agree with all that. Zeller in his stupid Simmons/Rose "job interview" says he aspires to be the next Lamarcus Aldridge, which is just wonderful:


I find Rose unwatchable. Simmons I can take or leave, but Rose is just such a moron.

Tray reply to Brian on Jun 27 at 10:02

I find Simmons more watchable than readable, I guess. I'm not sure why ESPN loves Rose so much. I would much prefer to see Webber become the ex-player analyst god. He's great.

Leave it to Chris Broussard and Dwight Howard 'sources' to find a way to give ESPN something to talk about tonight aside from this draft crop.

Reminds me of how Kobe tried to steal the lime light when Lebron was drafted stating the obvious about his free agency.

I hope Hinkie doesn't have a panic attack in the next 8 hours. Agoraphobics are prone. A racing mind is a terrible thing with which to draft and maneuver.

Bring on a plowhorse!

I'm excited for the draft! I'd like either Adams or Pope, but I'll talk myself into anyone the Sixers pick, even if it's a reach. And Turner, unless some team is stupid enough to give up a pick for him, I hope he stays with our team for the entire season. There's not much better for achieving cellar status than a guy on a one year contract who thinks he's a hundred times better than he really is.

Pope has been projected to go higher than 11 for a while now, sadly, Adams is a project player - a big one - an upside pick - and a name not associated with the sixers much sadly I think. The SI Mock had the sixers taking him (on Monday) so there's at least one mock that doesn't say Zeller, course they have Shabazz at 8 and Pope at 15 which most reports would indicate is close to the reverse of what happen (Pope top 10, shabazz mid teens)

Did the sixers even work Adams out?

I don't know, I thought the Sixers were keeping their workouts a secret so they could look like they were outsmarting everyone. A guy always falls out of the top ten projection every year though, maybe that could be Pope or McCollum?

Hey - I'd be thrilled to get Pope - prefer him over Zeller I think - just don't see it happening.

There were a lot of reports about who the sixers were working out this year - I'm not sure with the advent of twitter and the blog explosions you can keep workouts (ala Iguodala) secret any more.

More good news for Brian from a more reliable source (Woj)

Alex Len is still the favorite for the Bobcats if he's there at No. 4, but Cody Zeller has remained in constant dialogue, sources tell Wojnarowski.

Zeller is in strong consideration for the Bobcats at No. 4 and the Suns at No. 5, sources say. If C.J. McCollum goes to the Pelicans at No. 6 or the Kings at No. 7, then the Pistons, who pick 8th, have Zeller high on their board.

Of course the other names linked to the sixers via numerous rumors make Zeller look positively wonderful - and Shabazz has demonstrated a lot of issues in various workouts on and off the court according to MULTIPLE reports...

Tray reply to GoSixers on Jun 27 at 12:15

What other names are linked to us via numerous rumors?

I'd like the sixers to somehow come out of this draft with Mccollum & Dieng.

Tonight is going to be a good battle between Ford and Sheridan. Sheridan has had the Cavs taking Len for a while now according to his sources. Ford hasn't wavered from Noel.

And I think the cavs are feeding everyone they can different information because they want to trade this pick something fierce :)

Would they think someone would desperately want to trade for the pick so they could take Len? If someone believes they're sold on Len, they'd just negotiate w/ Orlando for the second pick and thank them for reaching at #1, I'd think.

I think the Cavs re going to trade the pick to the highest bidder. It's all a smokescreen. The only question is if they'll trade the pick immediately or they will draft Noel and trade him in the next 2 weeks after free agency starts.

The Nets and Celtics are discussing a blockbuster deal that would send Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce to Brooklyn, league sources tell Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports. A possible Nets package could include Kris Humphries' expiring contract, Gerald Wallace, Toko Shengelia, and three first-round picks.

Just weird

Tray reply to GoSixers on Jun 27 at 14:34

So Billy King-like though.

Nbadraft.net suggests we'll take Nogueira.


nbadraft.net is terrible....

#11 plus turner

to Sacramento for

#6 plus salmons (7 mill this coming season, 7.5 the next but only 1 mill of it is guaranteed)

then with the 6th pick we draft CJ McCollum

scott reply to scott on Jun 27 at 14:54

whoops. kings have #7. so switch that pick to #7 not #6.

Why do the kings want Evan Turner - they have enough under achieving prima donnas already

Tray reply to GoSixers on Jun 27 at 14:58

To get rid of Salmons? And because Turner has a tiny chance of becoming a good player and Salmons is a finished product? Not saying that they'd do it but it's not crazy.

scott reply to Tray on Jun 27 at 15:12

espn rumor page says utah is trying to trade 14 and 21 for the 7th pick from the kings.

is turner and the 11th pick (while also getting rid of salmons) better than the 14th and 21st.

i think it is. i also really want to draft mccollum.

Tray reply to scott on Jun 27 at 15:25

Well, Turner makes a pretty decent amount of money, and he's probably no better or worse than whoever the 21st pick will be.

I don't think trading up a couple of spots makes sense to be honest. The difference between the prospects is not worth any asset you will need to give up. Unless you are going much higher for Len or Noel, i am against trading up from #11.

Also, for all of Turner's weaknesses he is still very likely going to end up better than all but 10 of these players. At least. This draft is really bad...

My draft board (the short version):

option 1: Alex Len miraculously falls.
option 2: Sergey Karasev, who should be available at 11
option 3: Draft whoever of the "consensus top 7 falls", except maybe McLemore, who i really don't like.

Turner,Thad and all picks for #2. Draft McLemore

The sixers can not trade their pick until after they make it - it's a technicality - but it's the rule

they can trade it if they get a 1st back

You're right...not thinking fully clearly these days - absolutely

Though while I disagree with the 'don't draft a great player from a small league' argument, I don't believe anyone is worth paying 'that much' to move up in the draft (in general)

If #11 and any one of the players not named Thaddeus Young or Jrue Holiday got you a higher pick - I'd be in favor of it to get rid of said player (that the receiving team over valued obviously) and have 'more choices' - but I don't think that's going to happen.

BTW - I've never asked - what's the 1220 stand for?

my birthday is December 20th

Gotcha - thanks - things like that can dig at me for a while if i don't ask :)

I didn't do a lot of research on Bennett because he was being projected high in the draft - now he's rumored to be tumbling (woj) - anyone reliable got some insight?

He looks like a high upside guy, really athletic and skilled offensively (probably the highest offensive upside in the draft), but i'm really worried about him getting overweight in the NBA. He has that type of body. And he hasn't exactly helped his cause by being injured and adding 18 pounds in the process. Last report had him up to 260. Too scared of the thought of Oliver Miller, Michael Sweatney, Sean May and the like...

Over Under on comments related to this being David Sterns last draft - 100

So if the Nets somehow miraculously land Garnett and Pierce for Brooklyn's crap, would anyone's view of Ainge and King change?

That all depends on the first round picks - if there's 3 of them - what year are they - what protections - but right now - that deal seems to tilt in favor of the nets just because they get rid of Gerald Wallaces awful contract...

To be honest it doesn't matter what kind of picks those would be. The Nets would go all in with that trade. And i think they'd be legit contenders. A lineup of Williams/Johnson/Pierce/Garnett/Lopez is no joke no matter what. The biggest question mark for that team would actually be the coach.

Tray reply to Xsago on Jun 27 at 17:50

Why would you really want Garnett and Pierce for what they make at this point? Can a Williams-Johnson-Pierce-Lopez-Garnett team win anything? I guess they'd advance to the second round.

I think they can. Garnett and Pierce still have a year or two in them IMO. Sure that roster would be criminally overpaid but it doesn't look like Prokhorov cares about the tax bill. On the court, that lineup looks like a very good lineup on both ends of the floor. This is not what the Lakers did last year. These guys are actually good fits. Of course a lot will depend on injuries...

Tray reply to Xsago on Jun 27 at 18:14

Garnett's one thing but I don't see what Pierce adds.

Rumor is that it's done if KG approves it (one of the new no trade clauses in the NBA) - the picks are 14/16/18 - no mention of protections - but depending on that, those 16/18 picks could be pretty solid values.

I think Billy King probably has some sort of mandate from the crazy russian owner and will lose his job (or possibly life, i mean he is russian after all) if the nets don't make it out of the first round of the playoffs.

It's a very risky trade for both teams IMO. In a way too risky. They might be panicking...

I think it's a good risk for the celtics and a bad one for the nets

the celtics tanking for Wiggins seems to be taking shape

Yeah, i knew this was going to happen months ago. They did the same in the Oden/Durant draft.

eddies' heady's reply to sixerfan1220 on Jun 27 at 17:21

That's fine, as long as we tank for Jabari Parker.

Rajon Rondo and Gerald Wallace and Kris Huphries

That teams isn't any worse than Jrue Holiday Thaddeus Young ahd the various scraps on the sixers roster

Not much of a tank job if you're looking at a 30 win team

I don't think Rondo will play until New Year at least. Possibly sit out the season if they want to keep him. Or showcase him before trading him too before next year's deadline. I seriously doubt they'll keep Rondo.

And have you seen Wallace and Humphries lately?

Have you seen the sixers play recently?

Admittedly I didn't know Rondo was going to be out that long - but to truly tank you need a team with below average players littering the roster

The last 'great' tank job was


eddies' heady's on Jun 27 at 17:32

Have no idea why I'm on this guard tip with this draft (assuming SF Otto Porter will be long gone) but, I'd be thrilled if we ended up with Trey Burke. Something about that kid. See tons of room for growth with his game, mentally and physically.

I also wouldn't be upset if they took Shane Larkin at #11. He wowed me many times this past year, mostly unexpectedly. His height will be talked about as a detriment but ala Ty Lawson it will amount to much of nothing. Really believe this kid is gonna be a heck of a player on this level.

And I started really liking him last year but wasn't able to catch him that many times this year, but Isaiah Cannan isn't bad either. Not at #11 but late 1st/early 2nd seems about right for him. He can flat out fill it up, but of course I felt the same way about Andrew Goudelock a couple years back and he hasn't panned out too well.

Also wouldn't be mad if they ended up with Zeller, but that's not going to happen as I fully expect him to be off the board before #11.

eddies' heady's on Jun 27 at 18:03

For that last 2nd round pick at #42, I'd like for them to select Richard Howell, a rebounding machine. Kid transformed his body his last two years (shed weight and toned up) and snatched up everything within his reach this past year. Coach K raved about what a beast he was to compete against.

If not him, then Trevor Mbakwe or Brandon Paul from Illinois would be nice consolations.

Just please no Kenny Kadji (the guy is already 26 years old I think!), Reggie Bullock, or Archie Goodwin with that last pick.

Stuck late at work. You guys are on your own for probably the first round of the draft, at least. Wonder if anything fun will happen.

I'd say there are less than 3 trades in the first round - one of them involving Thomas Robinson

Ahh! Draftexpress has changed their mock to take account of the latest draft gossip, and now has Zeller at 10 and us taking Adams.

Ford has the same.... I like Zeller more than Adams but it's close.

Tray reply to Xsago on Jun 27 at 18:46

Would you say there's a decent chance Dieng ends up being the better player and defensive center than Adams? I take it he is currently.

Yes. But i also think Adams has higher offensive upside. I think Dieng is pretty much maxed out. A solid role player, but not more than that.

Nbadraft.net's player comparisons are an hilarious, though no doubt wildly inaccurate, indication of how bad this draft is. These are their comps for their predicted lottery picks: Valanciunas, Tony Allen, Tayshaun Prince, Larry Sanders, Ray Allen (!!), Kyle Lowry, Stephen Curry (!!), a poor man's Shaun Livingston, Michael Redd, Rodney Rogers, Lamarcus Aldridge, Noah, Danny Green, Meyers Leonard. Later we get comps to Dermarr Johnson, Nick Young, Hawes, Wesley Person, DJ Augustin, Ruben Boumtje-Boumtje, Yi Jianlian, Shawn Bradley, Bo Kimble, and Will Barton.

sixers are trying to move up i think

Oladipo and McCollum possibly targets...

eddies' heady's reply to sixerfan1220 on Jun 27 at 19:17

Move up at the cost of what?

turner? dont know

and obviously the 11th pick

On the train please post any updates.

I'd be thrilled if they unloaded Turner and moved up in the process. I'd even be thrilled if they moved up to get Zeller under those circumstances

I'd say about 75% of this is all smoke blowing - though as long as the trade doesn't involve Jrue / Thad - or giving away any MORE first round picks it's fine

Is there any player in this draft that you drool over and say he's worth a future first rounder in addition to this years?

Who's reporting it?

Hey - I didn't post the rumor - the other guy did :)

A look at Bodners Twitter feed references

Turner, 11, 35 for #7 from the Kings

That's fine - i'm fine with that

Some rumors about Thad +#11 +#35 to Sacramento for #7 and Cousins... Brian would be soooo happy.

There's no way cousins is in the deal - no way - i believe a rumor that involves #7 for 11 and Turner and #35 - but not cousins too

If turner was coming out this year - would he have been the #1 pick?

eddies' heady's on Jun 27 at 19:29

Hinkie will shift over to my good list pretty quickly if he can pull off shedding Evanordinary. That would be near unreal.

once again, friendly reminder before this starts - the only person who actually knows anything is Sam Hinkie and he isn't talking

I think this is the guy with the sixers rumors - works for slam online


He says that Cousins WAS involved in discussions but SO was Thaddeus Young

Rodney reply to GoSixers on Jun 27 at 19:36

which is exactly what xsago said initially

Positive tanking move, if they give up Thad instead of Turner.

dont boo stern its his last draft!

Didn't someone say that unlv dude was slipping? Ford just said he heard he's going #1

@GoodmanESPN: Cleveland picks Anthony Bennett with the No. 1 pick.

eddies' heady's on Jun 27 at 19:42

WTF Who are the Cavs trading him to? lol

Man, the Cavs love to reach, huh?


Guess nobody in the organization remembers the Tristan Thompson pick. Can't wait for Kyrie to leave Cleveland.

eddies' heady's on Jun 27 at 19:44

They just took Tristan Thompson for their PF spot, has to be a trade in the works and they picked him for someone else.

Might think he's a three

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Jun 27 at 19:47

Eh, there's never been a 260lb three in this league has there? He's got to be going somewhere else.

Their 4 weighs about 320. Maybe they're putting together an o-line.

I don't understand the NBA.

Jason reply to Jason on Jun 27 at 19:59

this was supposed to be a new post about the zeller pick.


hmmmm does this mean there are trades afoot?

Or maybe they REALLY loved Bennet - and that's why there was so much talk about the The Cavs looking to move the pick - they wanted Bennett but knew they could get him latter.

trade up for noel please

eddies' heady's on Jun 27 at 19:49

I'm not a believer in Nerlens Noel, thought they would have been crazy to take him there anyway.

eddies' heady's on Jun 27 at 19:49

I'm not a believer in Nerlens Noel, thought they would have been crazy to take him there anyway.

Is anyone in this draft worth believing in?

Btw, Turner's value is moving up 4 spots in the worst draft ever (and they'd have to give up a second rounder, too)

eddies' heady's on Jun 27 at 19:52

Katz says that CLE says that Bennett was the "best talent".

yknow Hinkie being completely new to the org and having no biases about any current Sixers...could mean that he is NOT completely sick of Turner, no?

bobcats took zeller!

Ahahaaaaaaaaaa!!! I love MJ

Actually their GM pushed for the pick. It's been reported for days. MJ was against it.

eddies' heady's reply to Xsago on Jun 27 at 20:04

Jordan's probably having flashbacks to Adam Morrison. ha

Thought the draft started at 5 (and was stuck in traffic anyway even though I left at 4:30) but knew you were loving that pick

Jay Bilas calls McLemore the most upside player in the draft - that's the KOD

One of these scrubs is going to drop. Pope? McCollum? Mclemore?

Charlie H on Jun 27 at 20:04

Noel still there at 5.

Charlie H on Jun 27 at 20:06

Burke or McLemore will be there at 11??? Nah.

eddies' heady's reply to Charlie H on Jun 27 at 20:09

Burke please.

Charlie H reply to eddies' heady's on Jun 27 at 20:16

I think Burke gets picked in the next 3 slots. Maybe Muhammad.

It's the same group we've been talking about. Zeller was the only guy projected to go as low as 11 of the guys who've been picked so far.

Anyone just see Cooneys tweet basically admitting he has no sources? Hilarious.

yea its funny how the "mainstream" guys are getting shut out but guys from say liberty ballers arent

the best part of draft night is all these draftniks and draft sites always have it bassackwards.

also stern's troll game is top notch so far

eddies' heady's on Jun 27 at 20:08

If the predraft reports are somewhat true about CLE maybe liking Len at #1, maybe Anthony Bennett is gonna be shipped to PHX.

Len to PHO. So far, only Zeller has jumped up from the 11+ range. Need some more reaches to get McCollum to drop, probably.

eddies' heady's on Jun 27 at 20:12

NO has to select Burke here right? ........Nope, Nerlens Noel.

eddies' heady's on Jun 27 at 20:14

Pelicans better have a never-ending buffet table set up at their practice facility for Noel. Or PB&J sandwiches late at night before bed.

Need Burke to fall to DET, then McCollum falls to 11, maybe.

Or that makes Pope available at 11

pope to Detroit

Now that's a curveball...

Sigh - I should have read Bodners twitter first instead of the other guy - he had that :)

That fischer guy says the sixers couldn't get 7 cause McLemore was there and that they can't get 8 cause the pistons are locked in on burke - this could feed Brian's hope that McCollum is the target?

Noel traded to the 76ers

@WojYahooNBA 12s
Philadelphia sends Jrue Holiday and a first-round pick in 2014 to New Orleans for Noel, league source says.

THe sixers are tanking folks

Jason reply to GoSixers on Jun 27 at 20:23


Depends on the pick that is traded and its protections

but the sixers are trying to tank - that seems obvious

Charlie H reply to GoSixers on Jun 27 at 20:27

If they're tanking, why give up the #1 in 2014?

They didn't - WOJ got it backwards - they GOT a #! - and it better have limited protections.

eddies' heady's on Jun 27 at 20:22


assuming he is blowing up the whole team im ok with trading jrue

Trading jrue indicates that he's blowing up the team right?

Nerlens is actually perfect for n'orleans though


eddies' heady's on Jun 27 at 20:22

Please let us get Burke now............

eddies' heady's on Jun 27 at 20:23

Well, no Bynum nonsense anymore.

@WojYahooNBA: Correction: New Orleans sends a 2014 1st round pick to Philadelphia in the deal.

Ok - that sounds A LOT better

I want to hear the protections on that draft

I want to cry.

eddies' heady's on Jun 27 at 20:24

But they're giving up a coveted 1st rounder next year in a loaded draft class.... that's not wise is it?

getting woj tweeted wrong

eddies' heady's reply to sixerfan1220 on Jun 27 at 20:26

Yeah just saw your correction. I was about to say WTF if they gave up next years.

I'm just beyond shocked....

Any bets on Brian's reaction?

I believe Brian feels tanking is a bad idea

I want to know the protections on that pick

is this the last night for this site?

‏@WojYahooNBA 32s
Philadelphia also sends the 42nd overall pick in this draft to Pelicans with Holiday, source tells Y!

Also, welcome to the Hinkie era, i'm excited.

Too bad we didn't have the live blog for this draft.

wonder what they are gonna get for thad

No league pass for me this yr .... Sixers suck

what the hell, we traded the #11 pick as well? Damn.

Jason reply to Jason on Jun 27 at 20:28

David Aldridge ‏@daldridgetnt 2m

Source confirms @WojYahooNBA report that the 76ers will trade Jrue Holiday/2014 first to NO for Nerlens Noel. NO also gets 11th pick.

Jason reply to Jason on Jun 27 at 20:29

Looks like Aldridge is wrong fortunately.

Bob Cooney ‏@BobCooney76 1m

It appears Sixers GETTING pick from New Orleans, also, perhaps first round. Not giving up first round

Geese reply to Jason on Jun 27 at 20:31

Jrue Holiday gone & next year's #1?

eddies' heady's on Jun 27 at 20:27

We're definitely taking Burke now. Minnesota has too many PG's and Portland has Lillard. Yes!

ESPN giving Shane Battier a try out on a big night - bad idea?

I'm a little shocked at the fact that Jrue Holiday isn't a sixer any more - there's currently no one on the roster that I actually like (I don't dislike thad but not a huge fan) but I'm also liking that Hinkie isn't afraid to be bold.

You gotta think that Thaddeus Young won't be on the roster next year

Charlie H on Jun 27 at 20:30

So they take a pg at 11? They supposedly like Carter-Williams. I don't. He's skinny and has a more inflated opinion of himself than 2 Evan Turners.

Jason reply to Charlie H on Jun 27 at 20:31

I'm ok with a player having a high opinion of themselves as long as they produce. Sixers could very well trade down as well, looks like we want assets.

eddies' heady's on Jun 27 at 20:30

Hold up. Did we give up the 11th pick too or not?

Know, this is the worst reported trade.

Official trade is Jrue holiday and #43 pick for Nerlens noel and top 3 protected 2014 first round draft pick.

Charlie H reply to Jason on Jun 27 at 20:36

Yeah, but he seems to think he can shoot. He can't. Let's hope he has enough humility to shoot 500 jumpers a day this summer.

No one knows because you can't officially announce trades tonight...yet...it's all fluid

So far what i've heard that seems conifrmed is nerlens noel and the 2014 #1 for Jrue Holiday and #42 - haven't seen #11 reported anywhere

the only comment on protections was broussard about top 3 but he had the pick going the wrong way.

I think people targeting a position at the sixers next pick aren't paying attention - they're going to sthink next year - if 11 is their pick - they're taking the #1 talent on their board - cause they're cupboard is going to be emptied

Broussards report says the 'sixers' pick is top 3 protected - so I wonder if the pelicans pick is top 3 protection

Trey Burke to the Timberwolves

eddies' heady's on Jun 27 at 20:31

Fuck. Burke to Minnesota? What about Rubio? Ugh ugh ugh

wow, my spelling is awful tonight, no* not know. Also it's the 42nd pick to be correct.

Charlie H on Jun 27 at 20:33

Ugh. Burke goes to Minnesota. The 10th pg they've drafted in the last 5 years.

trade utah maybe

We gave up the 2014 1st round pick (unprotected I guess since the pick below #14 was promised to Miami) and Jrue Holiday (our best player) for a center coming off an ACL tear. If the 2014 1st round pick wasn't included, I could live with this deal. This is the angriest and saddest I've ever felt over a trade. I wish we still had Billy King.

Except that you can't trade your 2014 pick twice :)

The Hornets are giving the sixers THEIR 2014 #1 pick (possibly top 3 protected only)

So breathe

Still haven't seen confirmation on that top 3 protection - but if it is top 3 protection - i think hinkie just got a steal of a deal even though I'll miss Jrue immensely - this is what you do - you get the best assets

Rumor is Burke is moving to Utah

eddies' heady's on Jun 27 at 20:34

Dag I can't believe Minny took Burke. Another PG. Sheesh!!

Carter-Williams, if he is the pick, will have to grow on me. Didn't care for his game too much this past year. Worry about his man to man D since he played only zone in college.

@CoupNBA 1m
The 76ers just made the trade countless other teams have been unwilling to make over the years. Escaping the middle.

but how the hell do you get a decent pick out of a team that'll have jrue and unibrow??

The sixers will have two lottery picks in 2014 - the Pelicans ain't making the playoffs

Fuck Hinkie

Well that was the most unsurprising thing of the night

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Jun 27 at 20:38


That jake guy

Was just texted that #Sixers are preparing to select either Steven Adams, CJ McCollum or Michael Carter-Williams depending what POR does.

Bodner has a rumor that the sixers have traded for the #10 pick (McCollum)

evan turner now at the 1 possibly

eddies' heady's on Jun 27 at 20:39

If they do trade for McCollum, then who might they be targeting for PG in free agency?

Who ever is cheap

The sixers aren't trying to win - so their moves won't be liked by those who oppose tanking

Charlie H on Jun 27 at 20:39

McCollum is the guy we need now. Oh well.

Is Turner going to play the point?

Hey CJ

God has nothing to do with it

Jason reply to GoSixers on Jun 27 at 20:40

Does it really matter if he thanks god?

eddies' heady's on Jun 27 at 20:40

I hope they do trade for McCollum and take Shane Larkin at 11 here. Please do that Hinkie.

Burke reportedly moved for the 14 and 21

here we go here we go...


eddies' heady's on Jun 27 at 20:44

Sixers pick is .......... Carter-Williams. Don't know how to feel about that one. ugh

Burke traded for 14 and 21 to Utah.

He is like Evan Turner with less athleticism and a worse jump shot :)

eddies' heady's reply to tk76 on Jun 27 at 20:47

Agree on the jumper. But I think he's way more athletic than Turner.

Charlie H on Jun 27 at 20:44

The next Jonny Flynn.

Based on everything that has gone on tonight - it's possible that Carter Williams never plays for the sixers even in summer league

Jason reply to GoSixers on Jun 27 at 20:45

I agree, i think he's getting traded.

uh.....no more Jrue but we have flattop and this guy??

And most likely 2 top 10 picks in the 2014 draft - if not top 6

eddies' heady's on Jun 27 at 20:46

Damn, Carter-Williams can't shoot for shit. At least for now.

This Blog is going to go into a coma until the 2014 lottery isn't it?

No wonder they haven't hired a coach yet - but Hinkie is going to have some things to talk about to the Media tonight.

I wonder how Chili's is tonight

parting with jrue will be tough but havent we always asked to not be stuck in the middle? they have a plan which is nice

Which is all I have ever asked for - a plan - they never seemed to have a plan - it was all scatter shot nonsense

Presuming the pelican pick is in the lottery and not top 3 - the sixers will have 4 lottery picks in 2 drafts - and possibly one of the best in the 2014 draft -

All I've wanted since 2002 is the belief that they are at least trying to build a team that can win a title - and this is the first step - and they're going to stink - on ice - but that's what you gotta go through

broussard says its top 3 protected

Yeah but at this rate - the sixers pick itself is going to be top 4 - and I don't think the Pelicans are making the playoffs

MCT reply to GoSixers on Jun 27 at 20:57

agreed, I think NO will be good enough to not have a great shot at top 3 but will still be in the lottery...we may have the #1 pick at this rate

eddies' heady's on Jun 27 at 20:50

This must mean they're gonna hold on to Turner to ensure a full-on tank, no? That wouldn't be the worst thing, but man I shudder to think of having to watch him for another year.

Depends on what they can get for him - everyone is in play - if they can get assets that will help for 2014/15 beyond - he's gone

That's the target now - 2014/15 and beyond - 2013/14 is just in the way - Turner actually thrives when he's 'the primary ball handler' reportedly - so trade him just in case

Charlie H on Jun 27 at 20:51

I have no idea who's gonna play the point next year, but I don't think it's gonna be Carter-Williams. He's not physically ready.

eddies' heady's reply to Charlie H on Jun 27 at 20:54

If they do keep MCW I will always wonder if their target was actually Burke before Utah and Minny threw a wrench in their game. I would have loved for Burke and Noel to be the two building blocks. MCW? It's just hard to buy in to the kid with that awful jumper which has become quite typical of this franchise.

At least they've got a big who definitely can't shoot jumpers.

Now all I'm thinking about is where is Thaddeus Young going to play next year

The Pelicans will make the playoffs next year:

Jrue + Davis + Anderson + plenty of cap space and trade chips in Gordon, Vasquez and Lopez.

eddies' heady's reply to Xsago on Jun 27 at 20:51

I tend to agree.

Jason reply to Xsago on Jun 27 at 20:52

There's only 1 open Western conference playoff spot next year with the Lakers implosion. Definitely be in contention though, but the west is very tough.

The Lakers haven't imploded just yet - it's all talk - Dwight says a lot of things :)

And I think people who want to hate on tanking are going to over state how good the Pelicans are and ignore how good the rest of the west is

True, but i'm a big believer in Davis. He's a future MVP caliber player IMO.

Tray reply to Xsago on Jun 27 at 20:58

I think someone in the Lakers/Mavs/Jszz trio will make it. Wouldn't count out the Blazers either.

Pelicans will be pretty good next year i must say, but i love this move. Clearly jrue was our best player and only real trade piece, and i will miss him dearly, but this is just another move that had to be made. Possible chance to get Wiggins, HUGE upside with noel, can't say no to that

Charlie H reply to Tyler on Jun 27 at 21:11

Didn't the Sixers trade their #1 next year in the Bynum deal?

The sixers #1 pick in 2014 is lottery protected - that doesn't seem to be an issue right now (I think it was traded to the heat though wasn't it?)

The hornets #1 pick in 2014 is transferred to the sixers UNLESS it's a top 3 pick

That's a win

Charlie H reply to GoSixers on Jun 27 at 21:15

yeah, that's right. For Moultrie. I thought they gave a 1 to Orlando. Maybe that one's in 2015.

Vucevic, Harkless, #1 to Orlando is how I think it went.

Yeah but you can't trade your #1's two years in a row -

2014 first round draft pick to Miami
Philadelphia's 1st round pick to Miami protected for selections 1-14 in 2014 or 1-14 in 2015; if Philadelphia has not conveyed a 1st round pick to Miami by 2015, then Philadelphia will instead convey its 2015 2nd round pick and 2016 2nd round pick to Miami [Miami-Philadelphia, 06/28/2012]
2016 first round draft pick to Orlando
If two years after Philadelphia satisfies its obligation to convey a 1st round pick to Miami, Philadelphia's 1st round pick to Orlando protected for selections 1-14 in 2016, 1-11 in 2017 or 1-8 in 2018; if Philadelphia has not conveyed a 1st round pick to Orlando by 2018, then Philadelphia will instead convey its 2018 2nd round pick and 2019 2nd round pick to Orlando [Denver-L.A. Lakers-Orlando-Philadelphia, 8/10/2012]

That's from RealGM

Charlie H reply to GoSixers on Jun 27 at 21:25

Thanks. I'll be trying to understand this all night.

Schroeder to Atlanta. Has an awful shot. But Fraschilla and the other guy say he can "really shoot." In the NBA, you can't shoot from below your shoulders like that. Looks like a set shot too.

Take it one step at a time

if the heat don't get the 2014 pick (they won't) they get 2nd round picked in 2015/2016

Sixers own 2015

Starting in 2016 - the Magic own the pick with protections
2016 - 1-14
2017 - 1-11
2018 - 1-8

If not conveyed, the Magic get 2018/2019 second round picks

Assuming that the plan works - the magic will get the sixers 2016 first round pick

Also, when we are looking at MCW clank jumpers next year just thank the final game of the season, could of had the 10th pick and gotten McCollum, whom the blazers will get as a reward for losing their final 13 straight. Tanking pays.

eddies' heady's reply to Jason on Jun 27 at 21:00

Any teeth to that rumor someone posted earlier where Derek said that the Sixers were trading for McCollum, the 10th pick? Maybe just hasn't been announced yet?

Derek has said that they aren't getting McCollum - he's keeping his twitter updated

Sounding like the #sixers are keeping MCW. Know they wanted McCollum.

so this Olynyk to the Celtics for...um...nobody?

gotta love the NBA and guaranteed contracts :)

Dear Sam Hinkie

Trade Thaddeus Young and get that kid from North Carolina and I will give you my kidney if you ever need one

so this trading high on Jrue deal is kind of like the Bobby Abreu trade to the NYY or Cliff Lee to SEA, except we are actually getting something of value in return?

It really is a new era o Sixers Basketball

Someone make sure brian hasn't gone for the booze

Muhammad will be playing for the wolves - that's gonna go well

Jay Bilas is such a putz

Tray reply to das411 on Jun 27 at 21:05

Yes. I think it's fantastic. We've traded a league-average point guard for someone who will potentially be a top 3 defensive center, plus a late lottery pick in a stacked draft next year, plus the assurance that we'll have at least a top 5 pick next year.

Jason reply to das411 on Jun 27 at 21:06

I stopped being a phillies fan after the Lee trade.

eddies' heady's on Jun 27 at 21:03

Hinkie had Aaron Brooks, Kyle Lowry, and Jeremy Lin and somebody else I'm probably forgetting. All small in stature guys, geez why didn't he take Shane Larkin instead of MCW??? ugh

MCW played AAU with noel

Charlie H on Jun 27 at 21:05

If Stern does that finger wave applause thing again, I'm gonna scream.

man oh man will it be awesome when Hinkie finally shows up tomorrow and does the Stern "turn it up" wave to the dumbass Philly media hating on him

South Broad on Jun 27 at 21:08

Jrue? Gone? Are Thorn and Collins still on board as consultants as reported? Doesn't seem like it.

Jason reply to South Broad on Jun 27 at 21:09

Being a consultant is the cushiest gig in the world my friend. Get paid to do nothing.

Ex President of the United States sittings on the 'board' of any company has to be a cushier job :)

Something that just occurred to me is 'how fast' must this trade have come together - I mean - who had Nerlens Noel being picked by the Pelicans - I mean this isn't a 'wink' deal you can have in place before the night can you?

I wonder if hinkie was on the phone with every team as noel slid - or did they know where he was going to end up?

Mike reply to GoSixers on Jun 27 at 21:17

thinking the same thing. unbelievable trade.

eddies' heady's on Jun 27 at 21:13

Funny that this is two straight years that the team has traded the supposed franchise player for a potentially dominant center, potentially. Hope this one turns out better than the last.

Here's hoping Sam Hinkie doens't listen to sports radio as the hosts who can't see farther than the tips of their noses (if that far) are going to shred him for how bad the sixers are going to be next year (and they're going to be terrible)

Plus - I don't have to get NBA League Pass

Now I just have to find out about this ESPN FULL Court Package and figure out what teams to watch aside from Wiggins - Where did Jabari go to college?

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on Jun 27 at 21:16


Sigh - I hate Duke

Mike reply to GoSixers on Jun 27 at 21:20

he obviously doesn't give a fuck. dude has balls.

The Celtics also gave up the #16 pick to the Mavs - but that pick might end up with Atlanta

eddies' heady's on Jun 27 at 21:15

What year does the Sixers 1st rounder owed to the Heat become 2 second rounders if they keep missing the playoffs?

doesn't take as long as you think

If the 2014 pick is not conveyed to the Heat - the heat get the 2015 and 2016 2nd round picks

Orlando gets the 2016 pick with protections
1-14 2016
1-11 2017
1-8 2018

if not conveyed by then - orlando gets 2018/2019 second round picks

it seems like the pelicans pick is top 5 protected not 3 but not sure, but seems top 5 protected at the worse

eddies' heady's reply to sixerfan1220 on Jun 27 at 21:17

Insider alert at bottom of ESPN's coverage graphic said top 3 protected.

It's still unclear since it can't officially be announced yet - i've seen reports of both top 3 or top 5

best part of this trade is how ALL of the current sixers are freaking out about it on twitter...NONE of them are safe and they're starting to realize it

Iguodala tweeted that McCollum is the best pick of the draft.

Charlie H on Jun 27 at 21:19

Will Schroeder drop to the 2nd round?

no just went to the hawks


Why the fuck would Portland take McCollum. Motherfuckers

i think i over time i will talk you into liking the jrue deal

Doubt it. Being a fan isn't always about your brain. Two summers in a row this team traded away my favorite player.

Same Here - but both times they did it to position themselves to better compete for an NBA title

as opposed to trading iverson to maintain making the playoffs

they have a plan for the first time in a while

should pick up more assets if/when they trade turner, thad hawes etc...

Charlie H reply to Brian on Jun 27 at 21:49

I hear ya. The Sixers have traded all of my favorite players over the years except Toney and Bobby Jones.

You have to talk him into being in favor of tanking - which he really isn't :)

Oh come on - he played in the patriot league

Fucking fucking fuckers.


Anyway, they got the #1 pick in this year's draft with the contract of the #6 pick and a lottery pick next year. Wish there was no protection on it. And yeah, they're going to suck.

I'm wondering if they're going to be below the floor in terms of cap space if they don't re-sign Bynum (which they won't).

Hawes-ET-Thad-JRich help there no?

I need to do the math. Hold on a second.

They have $36M against the cap w/out the rookies, so maybe $40M. What's the cap number, $57 something?

That's roughly 70% of the cap. Isn't the floor like 85% or something?

They can stay bad enough and hit the minimum by giving Nick Young a one-year deal.

I don't think the cap number if officially official just yet - still calculating - it's not official until the free agency moratorium is over - didn't they report that it wasn't changing much a few weeks ago?

It was $58M last year, I think it dipped a little, reportedly.

Williams, Turner, ?, Thad, Hawes to start the season. Maybe Dorell at the three. Noel out until December, probably. That's a 20-win team unless Noel is an immediate difference-maker.

You can't believe Thad is going to be on the roster next year can you?

He's next out the door

Jalen Rose job tonight is to remind people that veterans don't respect rookies

eddies' heady's on Jun 27 at 21:30

Carter-Williams over Shane Larkin? Will be interesting to watch and see how those two pan out.

Larkin is a serious threat on pick and rolls and will pull up on you if you go under and just straight blow by you and draw defenders if you go over.

Can't remember Carter-Williams running much pick and roll under Boeheim. Charlie H can either confirm or refute this I believe.

big size difference between them though

I will not pretend to know much about either of them though, I didn't follow college hoops much this year until the tourney

eddies' heady's reply to MCT on Jun 27 at 21:39

That size don't mean squat if you can't shoot jumpers or get by guys when it comes to pick and rolls. The same argument was made about size with Jrue/Lawson and Ty didn't turn out too bad.

If we're talking defense, Larkin is more than adequate on that end (if he's not in the post obviously) whereas we all have no idea about MCW because we've only seen him play zone.

is MCW slow? I wasn't aware, I thought they were saying he was a good athlete. Again, I don't know much about either player but would hope MCW would be less of a liability defensively against bigger guards

eddies' heady's reply to MCT on Jun 27 at 21:48

Yeah, I'd agree he'd be better against bigger guards but that wouldn't be much of a concern with Larkin if you have Noel back there :)

He's not necessarily slow, he just isn't an offensive threat in a pick and roll scenario. Though, he is an above average passer. Just not an individual threat to pull up or get to the cup.

I do cringe at the "he's not a shooter" comments I'm hearing on MCW...that always scares the shit out of me

get me Bullock

Charlie H reply to MCT on Jun 27 at 21:55

No, he's not slow. In my opinion, he's an excellent defender. It showed even when he was playing zone. Excellent hands, moves his feet well. His defense was one of the big reasons they got to the Final Four.

Whether or not his defense will translate to the pros is doubtful. He's so thin.

eddies' heady's on Jun 27 at 21:32

Dallas just got a steal. ugh ugh ugh

Except Dallas isn't going to want to sign him - they don't want to add salary - i gotta wonder where he's actually going to play next year

Teh Tank is ON!!!! At least we're doing it right so that we'll stink really bad.

Does Portland have any salary they're looking to shed?

Start looking around the league for teams that desperately want to shed salary. I'd start calling them right now, get picks to take bad contracts. Unprotected first rounders for next season.

Dallas wants to shed Shawn Marion
Houston wants to shed thomas robinson

http://storytellerscontracts.com/ always a good place to look :)

Bulls were looking to dump Richard Hamilton earlier this week supposedly
Biedrins makes 9 mil next year ;)

Ben Gordon makes 13.2 - let's take the bobcats pick too :)

Honestly - who thought that sixers fans would have much to talk about tonight beyond whoever was picked at 11 (thank god, cause if it was only MCW - i think there'd be mass suicides)

I would've been happier if it was just MCW at #11. No Zeller = win. Never for a second thought they'd trade Jrue tonight.

well now we know why they were so friggin quiet, not even Woj knew about this deal!

Wasn't Woj the one who said Bennett was slipping this afternoon?

I like the quiet - i prefer the quiet front offices - i just get a better feeling that they have confidence in what they are doing and don't need to leak anything to gauge reactions - it gives me more confidence when a franchise just does what they're going to do and there's no leaks

Oh I knew you were going to be very unthrilled with the trade, and I get being unthrilled about it, but being stuck in the middle is the worst place to be in the nba and you know it rationally - it's that emotional part of you that's upset. I get that too...but i'm excited, and even if they had gotten guys i wanted (zeller / pope) I wouldn't have been all that excited, because I know that even though both would have contributed (in my mind) to making the sixers better - it would have only been incremental...I have something to look forward to now - it's just going to take a few years ;)

tk76 reply to Brian on Jun 27 at 22:08

I think I posted that they were going to trade Jrue when Hinkie was announced. Jrue is a guy who has less value to an analytic guy, since his raw numbers are inefficient and somewhat inflated.

Not that I agree...

depends what numbers you're talking about. On/Off he's always been very good.

‏@derekbodner 1m
So, to recap: The #sixers pick they owe to Miami is top 14 protected next year. The pick the #sixers get from Pelicans top 5 protected

oh man top 5?

I don't think it matters - they're getting that pick - I don't think the Pelicans will get in the playoffs but I don't think they'll be worst 5 either - Sixers just joined the fraternity that the suns ain't getting out of, or the bobcats, or the wizards...the magic still looking pretty bad too

Celtics and Sixers joined the group at the very bottom. Bobcats and Magic are probably both still there. That's four. One of the Pelicans, Wiz and Cavs will still be there, probably two of them or all three. Sacto. Who am I missing?

Until KG approves that deal the celtics aren't that bad yet (i still don't think they're bottom 5 bad after the deal - they're the 2012/13 sixers)

You forgot the Suns


I don't believe the cavs make the playoffs next year - but i don't believe they're bottom 5 either

Don't forget free agency has to play out still as well

You're assuming Irving plays more than 20 games, which isn't a safe assumption. And they blow even with him. They need to make a good trade to get out of this group, imo. And they should've drafted the guy the Sixers traded for.

I still gotta believe that the cavs have a trade set up and just aren't announcing it yet - danny ferry can't be that stupid can he?

Don't forget the return of varrejao - and I think they have some room to sign some guys this off season.

Cavs or Wiz or both

All worse than the pelicans - adding Jrue MAKES them better don't forget :)

Ferry's in Atlanta, right?

Absolutely right - for some reason I thought he was the cavs GM

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Jun 27 at 21:54

Don't see the Wiz or Cavs still being there. Not if Wall and Kyrie stay healthy all year.

I agree with the cavs - and supposedly the wiz were pretty good the last third of the season but I don't see it maintaining - they're still the wiz

Not to mention that by obtaining Jrue Holiday - the pelicans are better than they were before the night started

I wonder what they'll get for Eric Gordon or if this will shut eric gordon up (and if he stays healthy - that might be bad in getting a top 10 pick)

eddies' heady's on Jun 27 at 21:45

Even if we end up with say the 3rd or 4th pick next year (our own), Aaron Gordon or Jabari Parker or Joel Embiid won't be too bad of a prize if we were to miss out on Wiggins.

Villaneuva - DET
Marion - DAL
Thomas Robinson - HOU
Richard Jefferson - GSW
Granger/Gerald Green - IND
MWP - Lakers
Drew Gooden - MIL
Boozer - Bulls
Amare - Knicks
Hedo, Afllalo, Harrington, Big Baby - ORL
Gortat, Frye, Beasley - PHO
Salmons, Thornton, Hayes - SAC
Bargnani, Fields - TOR

Start making calls, Hinkie. You aren't fucking done destroying this team to save it.

What about Biedrins baby - BIEDRINS :)

If you look at this from a macro point of view, I like what this says about Joshua Harris as well. Obviously he has to be on board with this, he knows they're going to stink next year, they're going to probably lose season ticket holders for a bit, their attendance is going to take a hit obviously - but he's sucking it up short term - he's playing the long game

Damn, the more I think about what this move means about who is running the sixers the more I'm glad

re-posting this again

@CoupNBA 1h
The 76ers just made the trade countless other teams have been unwilling to make over the years. Escaping the middle.

Evan Turner

an hour ago

Wait, did Jrue get traded?

Evan Turner when he heard about the trade, "See, they know I'm the future! They chose me over Jrue to build around."

MCT reply to Brian on Jun 27 at 21:55

and then they drafted a PG 10 mins later, lol

Hey - if you REALLY wanna get crazy - Bodner has this to tell you

The #sixers could enter next offseason with Nerlens Noel, Michael Carter-Williams, two top-10 picks and nearly $40m in cap space. A plan.

Dude - if you will consider signing in Cleveland you got to consider Philly don'tyou?

You wanna be a sports god? Win a title in Philadelphia - get THOSE fans to love you and you are supreme

Stan reply to GoSixers on Jun 27 at 22:22

How are they going to end up with 2- top 10 picks?

The sixers pick and the pelicans pick - what's the problem here?

Stan reply to GoSixers on Jun 27 at 22:25

What is the protection for NO's pick? I thought it was lottery protected

their own pick and the pelicans pick

Wizards and Cavs will be fighting for the playoffs.

I'll believe that when I see it.

Wait, Olynyk went #13? Heh.

Hey Simmons - the nets 2016 / 2018 picks aren't guaranteed to be non lottery picks - i'll put money on at least the 18 being a lottery pick if not the 16 after the nets realize they aren't going anywhere

Keep sliding reggie - keep sliding - all the way to 35 please

Charlie H reply to GoSixers on Jun 27 at 22:05

What's the story on Bullock? Rebounder and banger right?

eddies' heady's reply to Charlie H on Jun 27 at 22:06

No, one trick pony shooter.

How many good shooters did the sixers have in 2012/2013?

Plumlee's a goober.

If anyone asks you the definition of a 'long' face - show them a picture of that guy

MCT reply to GoSixers on Jun 27 at 22:02

his face is Abe Lincoln long

‏@JakeLFischer 46s
A source simply just texted me: "Say goodbye to Evan Turner." #Sixers


Play him 35 minutes/game. Best way to tank.

@JakeLFischer 17s
No additional information about Evan Turner deal at this point in time. I was simply told to say my goodbyes to #12.

Well, I don't know who they are going to trade Turner for. They don't need another draft pick, especially not a 2nd rounder. Maybe he's be involved in a sign and trade in a couple of weeks.

Trade turner for a future draft pick

Say 2016 or something - accumulate assets - it's a long game - trade turner for a future pick...beyond 2014

buke reply to GoSixers on Jun 27 at 22:17

Well, they need a veteran point guard next year. Calderon is a free agent. Philly could probably get him for Turner level money in a sign and trade.

Oh hell no - get me an Undraft Free Agent rookie point guard - give tony battie 15 million or something to get to the salary cap minimum - but i in no way want a point guard who knows how to play in the nba running this team

Yeah - I'm not sure how reliable this guy is - he's been pretty off on some 'locks' tonight including Detroit 'wanting' Trey Burke so the sixers couldn't get #8 - and then the pistons picked my guy :)

...so what does The Trade (2013 edition) do for the coaching hunt...??

It should mean they're making a big offer to Eddie Jordan to come back for one season.

Nah - you hire the guy you want - you tell him you know they're going to stink next year - and you bring a guy in you want to coach your team when it's contending...based on what Hinkie has done tonight - i wouldn't be surprised to see the 13/14 sixers contend for 9-73

Could you IMAGINE if collins was still the head coach but Hinkie took away his gm powers - collins would be having apoplexy right now :)

Fuck that. If you're all in for winning the lottery next year, I don't want a good coach on the bench who might squeeze an extra win or two out of them.

Hinkie pulled off a great tank trade - you gotta trust he'll hire a good tank coach

Hell - hinkie should coach the team next year :)

Unless they do something stupid, they'll have roughly $20M committed after next summer. Less if they move Thad for an expiring.

It'd be pretty funny if they finagled a deal where they moved Thad and attached Richardson to the deal for an expiring. Then they'd head into the draft with 2 top-ten picks and nothing but rookie contracts on the books.

well if you really really really want to blow this team up and clear space, this is pretty much the nuclear option:


Kobe is going to play next year

Brian reply to