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Opening Meh

Are you okay? It sounds like you're going to off yourself. The season hasn't even started yet.

I am disappointed that Brian sees what I see in MCW (I was starting to get cloudy judgment based off of so many more positive reviews from others).
However, Turner is worth more than a 2nd round pick, easily. Hinkie won't settle for that.

Turner isn't worthy much if the sixers are willing to trade him - because he's in the final year of a contract - so any team interested in him could wait for him to hit free agency

He's probably worth a top 20 protected pick or something, but little else, he's got a big cap number this year and the sixers aren't taking back anyones garbage contract that messes with their cap space unless they're getting a pretty good sweetener.

I'm planniing to take advantage of ESPN's coverage of college basketball including their online stuff that you can watch at any time - tons more games then just on the networks - to follow guys this season.

With a name to your blog like Depressed Fan how it is not what you wanted? I would think you would've been as happy as a pig in slop.


MHW reply to Brian on Oct 30 at 17:06

I am going to bet against the Sixers 82 times this season, starting tonight with Heat -11. Hoping for 66% or so, if tonight's line is any indication of how stupid vegas is about the Sixers.

ONly logical if one buys the premise that you enjoy being depressed versus the fact that you are depressed by being a fan of teams stuck going nowhere

Sharone Wright on Oct 30 at 17:33

I always defended the NBA in the past, but I am at the end of my rope. The amount of tanking that will happen this year is abominable. It will be unwatchable. I can’t imagine the number of terrible games that will occur at the end of this regular season.
24 out of 30 teams will start the season with between a 0% and 1% chance of winning a championship. What a bad product.
I am a season ticket holder, and I am wondering why I bother.

Very few teams have a legitimate chance of 'winning a championship' - last year the east had MAYBE one other team aside from the Heat when the season started but no one projected the Pacers to be that good.

In the west there were maybe 4-5 teams with a legitimate shot...so how is this year different than any other

All this whining of tanking is from the same people who would complain about chronic first round playoff losses - those were the options

Sharone Wright reply to GoSixers on Oct 31 at 8:50

That is my point. There are no other options. The NBA product is so bad that the only option is to tank.

no wade for the heat tonight

Pelicans' Watch: Ryan Anderson out 1-2 weeks.
Hopefully the Lakers strong play yesterday(at least on offense) wasn't a mirage.

I'm not sure you understand what top 20 protected means Mr Toll

Just overhead from Sixers locker room: "When it's least expected, you're elected; it's you lucky day. Smile! You're on candid camera!"

"Together We Suck"...the tour begins.

No offense but you were wrong about Harkless and Vucevic

A bit early to say on both.

who u tawkin 2, stanley?

Heat announcers are clowns.

All announcers are clowns

Is Thad going to play any at the three?

doubt it

Opening night vs. Miami, looks like about 12k in the seats

Iverson retirement night too right?

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 19:13

I feel like I'm supposed to be excited.

MCW throwdown!

thad on lebron there

Nice touch, LeBron.

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 19:15

ET slam!

ET can dunk!

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 19:16

MCW 3!

MCW 3!

Heh, Turner barely cleared the iron on that dunk. 9-0 start, am I supposed to be happy or pissed?

Bulls had a nice early start against the Heat last night as well - I think their plan is to give people a false sense of whatever before dropping the hammer

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Oct 30 at 19:17

That's just what I was sitting here saying. Do these guys know they're supposed to be stinking it up or what?

Spoelstra you whiny punk

Who is collins working for this year?

ESPN on the countdown show with simmons, rose and sage steele(the host)

I believe Andrew Bynum is active for the cavs tonigh

Ha! Look at Turner pounding his chest

He's a man damn it, a grown man (in my best oklahoma state football coach voice)

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 19:20

Heat's legs look very weary. Spoelstra just said they got off the bus shortly after 3 am.

Who's the 6th man for the Sixers?

wroten i guess

15 players on the roster, 5 of them listed as 'center'

That's just weird

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 19:22

Hawes beasting! 8 pts already.

Good crisp ball movement so far.

Turner's non-athleticism cracks me up

nice entry by wroten to thad

Good early post by Thad, nice entry pass over the top

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 19:24

23 pts in damn near a half a quarter. I guess I'll just laugh instead of celebrate it.

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 19:26

TW for 3!

11/11 from the floor

MCW isn't quick enough

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 19:27

MCW, Wroten, ET, Lavoy, and Daniel Orton. This 'should' be where the Heat make a run.

bad shot MCW

Those last two jumpers by ET and MCW are pretty much what I expect all year

ET leaves lebron wide open in the corner

MCW with four steals?

really? doesnt feel like it

He's long and active on D.

They're free!!!!

This 13-0 Sixers run to start the game against Miami might be their entire season highlight video.

greg reply to GoSixers on Oct 30 at 19:34

19-0 start i believe. They must be the best team in the league

Yeah, I was quoting someone

They played even from the 19-0 start - 14/14 - I expect the heat to have the lead by half time

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 19:34

Terrible, terrible shot Wroten.

eddies' heady's reply to eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 19:35

Gets it back by playing the passing lanes out high for a steal and dunk.

Everyone is playing the passing lanes, particularly MCW

Brett Browns coaching style is a ball hawking defense? I like that

more of that wroten less shooting

Wroten is kind of fun to watch.

33-14 after 1.

will be fun/sad to see how they lose this

Odds they're in the lead going into the half?

at least 7:1

yes but probably by single digits

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 19:39

I really would like to be all giddy and enjoy this, but I just can't.

I kind of want them to win just to see Turner's delusional comments after the game

Win or lose Evan Turner will bust out delusional comments

Ryan Anderson is missing more than 1-3 weeks for that broken toe.

has turner gone to the bench yet?

eddies' heady's reply to sixerfan1220 on Oct 30 at 19:44

Yes when Wroten and Lavoy came in. For him and hawes

eddies' heady's reply to eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 19:45

I think that's what I registered at the first subs. Not sure though cause I'm trying to remember who ET came back in for.

box score says 11 minutes for him so he had to somewhere

Evan Turner enters the game for James Anderson

5:05 in the first quarter according to ESPN play by play

He exited the game at 6:56 of the first - so he wasn't out long

Yeah, they're going to be losing at the half. Maybe by double digits

At this rate it's going to be tied with 6 minutes left in the 2nd :)

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 19:49

ET bricked that three, but very good spacing in that set.

bad pass et

Evan Turner doing his best to get that #1 pick

What a horrible pass. Jesus, Turner.

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 19:50

5+ min drought on O right now.

Hawes to the line.

Nope, on the floor.

eddies' heady's reply to eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 19:50

Nope, side out. Thought Hawes was in the act of shooting.

this whole run is with lebron on the bench

Hey - MCW is on the bench too damn it

Like I said


eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 19:52

MCW with a pullup 3! Fuck running offense, he says. heh

MCW dribbles into a three...hmmm

Dear Brian,

While I understand, support, and sympathize with your feelings toward the upcoming season, I will still miss your posts.

If once is a week is all you can muster, I am ok with that. See you next year.

one of the other depressed fans

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 19:58

Anderson 3!

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 20:04

MCW picks LBJ and a lay in on other end. He's a damn ball hawk that's for sure.

Anyone have the box open? How many shots for Turner?


eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Oct 30 at 20:05


winning at the half!

They held the lead! Great success.

51-49 at the half.

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 20:07

7 dimes and 6 steals for MCW on 4-6 shooting overall 2-3 from deep.

Ok, halftime bets.

Heat win by 15 (pick 15+, or 14-)

Turner finishes with 4 more FGA than points scored for the game (-1 right now)

Make your picks.

heat by 15+

no on turner

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Oct 30 at 20:28

Heat by 14-

Turner with 2 more FGA than pts scored

jason smith started at center for the pelicans tonight

sissy jumper

like when the guard takes the big on a switch and doesnt settle for the jumper


eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 20:29

MCW 3! LBJ answers.

Really solid debut for MCW

MCW 3!

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 20:33

MCW 3!

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 20:35

I sure would have liked to have seen Brett Brown coach Jrue up on defense with this ball-hawking style being shown so far tonight. Jrue at the 2 with MCW creating havoc at the 1. Sweet.

sissy putback

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 20:37

MCW steal, again. Hawes putback off MCW's miss.

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 20:38

MCW push and kick to Anderson for 3!


"On behalf of myself and the Sixers, I want to welcome y'all to the first Pelicans game." - Jrue Holiday to the Pelicans home crowd.

Did I just see Thad get rejected by the rim on a dunk?

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 20:41

Be interesting to observe him, but Orton looks just like a true stiff.

orton post move

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 20:46

Orton with the nice move, drop step.

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 20:48

Who the hell is suppose to be on Ray?

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 20:49

Anybody want to guard Ray?

ray allen oh my

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 20:49

Ray at the buzzer from halfcourt. 45 in the quarter for Heat.

when did ray allen take ownership of the sixers/ No need for replay on that -

Still giving up a lot of 3's huh?

Can they at least defend the pick and roll this year?

et finished

Oh come on - it's the first game of the season, he's not finished yet

Dear Referee

Just because Rashard Lewis says he's fouled - doesn't mean he is - and maybe call it AT the shot as opposed to making sure the shot misses or not, k thx bi

WHo the hell just got beat by Norris Cole - where are the big men coming over to get in the way? Brown needs to work on the defensive effort - he don't look happy

thad cleans up his miss

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 21:02

MCW steal! ET blows the bunny

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 21:05

MCW is one assist and two steals away from a debut triple-dub.

sissy layup

This team needs to work on their dunks

I've been half watching, if they consistently play like this, they won't be at the bottom.

Heat are tired, no Wade, and probably under estimated the sixers - they won't surprise anyone - and you can count on them having finishing issues

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Oct 30 at 21:18

Yeah I agree, after what I've witnessed tonight they will secure quite a few wins they should not and will take care of their share of the other dregs of the league. They will win 20+ easily. Their effort has been there all night and the execution hasn't been half bad on the offensive end.

sissy 3!

Hawes just killed another kitten

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 21:15

Hawes for 3! 1 pt game, 2 and change left.

I know it's only one game but as far as I can tell MCW has court vision Jrue Holiday would envy...evan turner with a stupid 3 - RUN THE CLOCK DUMMY

Turner with another missed corner 3 but at least this one was an open look (nice find by MCW)

Turner with blown layup on a fast break - keeping it close - MCW gets a 'mans rebound'

Pretty good coming out party for this kid

oh evan

Did they give MCW both of those steals? Think he's got the triple double

he has 9 i tink

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 21:21

Guess this is gonna be the first game that pisses me the hell off because they won. Welcome to the weird ass season!

This is hilarious.

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 21:22

Postgame wrap! Postgame wrap! (ha just kidding)

Someone has to post video of the presser.

I know these wins add up but boy is this a fun one.

I don't think we will shoot this well throughout the season so I still see us at the bottom.

The effort level is pretty incredible, can that be sustained?

MCW - very interested to see what comes of him.

Not jumping to any conclusions but wow.

buke reply to Rusty on Oct 30 at 21:31

"The effort level is pretty incredible, can that be sustained?"

I doubt it, but it will be tremendously fun while it lasts!

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 21:28

MCW calmly sinks both! POTG in a landslide.

Sixers win!!! Sixerssssssssssss winnnnn

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 21:31

Hawes was no slouch either tonight. Heck of game and effort from him.

Any chance the post game press conference is streamed live?

26 on 19 FGA for turner

Yeah - that's not going to last

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 21:33

Carter-Williams looked so loose and calm out there tonight. Like he was just down at the park ballin' his ass off. Really poised for the first night in the glare of the lights. Pretty good sign from the kid.

Maybe MCW will be the star the Sixers got from the 2013 draft rather than Noel.

9 steals. That doesn't happen too often.

Tray reply to buke on Oct 30 at 23:13

As far as 20/10/9 steals games go, MCW joins a semi-illustrious list of Drexler, Paul, Pippen, Cheeks, gifted banned-for-life cocaine addict Micheal Ray Richardson (led the league in assists and steals in his second season), John Wall, and Alvin Robertson, a forgotten player who did put up some great numbers for 80s Spurs teams (for example, he led the league in steals three times, and in his fourth season he averaged 20, 6, 6.8 assists, and 3 steals). As far as games with 9 steals or more, 38 such games since 1985. Pretty mixed list - a number of hall of famers (Iverson twice, Jordan three times, Drexler twice, Dirk, Pierce, Paul, Pippen, Kevin Johnson, Stockton all once,), some stars (Brandon Roy, Andre Miller, John Wall, Hersey Hawkins, Michael Finley, Fat Lever, Ron Harper), and some pretty lousy players (Rafer Alston, Mario Chalmers, Eric Murdock).

buke reply to Tray on Oct 30 at 23:24

Thanks, Tray, for those details. I will add that I am 56 years old and remember Alvin Robertson fairly well. In fact I remember him as a college player at Arkansas. That's back when Arkansas was in the old Southwest Conference and their big basketball rival was Houston with Phi Slamma Jamma.

Yeah, Alvin was one of my favorite players. Hard nosed to say the least.

Other wings who I enjoyed watching defend:

Gary Payton
Jason Kidd (in early years best I've seen defend)
Nate McMillan

In terms of searchable stats at BR:

No one had ever put up 22/12/9st with less than 4 TO's (MCW had 1 TO.)

No one had ever put up 22/12/7 with more than 7 stl.

So in 30 years no one has put up MCW's line tonight (22/12A/7R/9st/1TO)

Some great lines that came through a search of 20/10a/5r/7st/2to on BR:

MJ: 42/11a/9r/8st/2to
CP3: 33/11/10/7/2
KG: 22/10/14/7/2
Westbrook: 21/10/7/8/2
Alvin: 31/10/10/7/1
Alvin: 27/10/11/7/0
Lever: 26/11/7/7/2

MCW: 22/12/7/9/1

So MCW basic put up a historic type line on his opening night, against the defending champs, playing with a historically bad supporting cast.

Impressive debut that certainly opened my eyes. I'm sure he'll lose his legs in a couple of months and the losses piling will weigh heavy. But just this one game has changed my impression of the kid.

Tray reply to tk76 on Oct 30 at 23:45

The low turnovers do change things. He looked like a deeply unremarkable player in his tournament games, but I don't really see why he can't be as good as Jrue, or even better.

Usually for worse, it is sometime hard to project guys from Syracuse. I'm guessing they liked his athletic measurables and maybe he shot lights out in workouts.

I remember Jrue entered the league with questions about his jumper (30.7% from 3pt at UCLA) but had good form that was projected to improve, and has shot well from the NBA 3 since day 1.

Tray reply to tk76 on Oct 31 at 0:48

The thing is, MCW already seems to penetrate more and create more contact than Jrue does now. So yeah, there's a lot of reason for optimism.

I'm a huge fan of Jrue... but 22 points on 10 shots and 12 assists to 1 TO is very un-Jrue-like in a good way.

Not sure MCW will have many better games than this one in his career.

When was the last time the Sixers had three 20 point scorers in a game? Anybody have that answer conveniently at hand?

im sure thad, lou and iguodala did it once

OK, so that means it didn't happen last year. I don't remember it offhand during Collins' tenure. Seems like during Collins' first couple of years there were a lot of games where six players scored in double figures.

Just happened last March (Holiday with 21, Wright with 22, Lavoy with 20):

Thanks! That's an odd combo no less.

To the people who are upset: jesus, we just beat the Miami Heat in a season where we are supposed to win only 9 games. Be happy! This was the best Sixers win, in a long long time.

To anyone watching you could clearly see enough flaws on this team that will still finish as a bottom 3 team. You see how many wide open layups and 3 pointers they gave up?

Enjoy the win and enjoy either Parker, Wiggins, or any of the other studs coming into the league next year. Hinkie's plan is working to perfection right now.

Tell me - who is upset that the sixers won - no one here expressed any upset at their win...did you bother reading comments before ranting.

And - man - gotta love the espn headline writers

Spencer Hawes, 76ers hold on, stun Dwyane Wade-less Heat

for those that dont know free preview of league pass for the week

Sorry to hear that BroadStreetHoops was so short lived. Hope Derek Writes a lot on LB (although for this season it probably does not matter that much.)

Here are some notable and surprising first-night statlines.

Rudy Gobert got out from under Favors and Kanter to get 23 minutes. 7 boards, no blocks, positive plus-minus when he played. The Jazz are starting Richard Jefferson. Someone has to score in Utah, so Alec Burks had 24, 6 and 6 on 16 shots.

Durant got to the line 24 times, went off for 42.

Cartier Martin had 17 points in 16 minutes for Atlanta, but John Jenkins got a DNP-CD under the new Budenholzer regime?? Schroeder had a decent debut.

The Ellis-Calderon backcourt combined for 19 assists for Dallas (8 for Monta, 11 for Calderon), Monta had 32 on 17 shots. Monta/Dirk could be an entertaining tandem at times, emphasis on "at times."

Vince Carter is still making himself useful at 36 as his peers retire or fall to injuries (21 points on 16 shots in 25 minutes).

The Nets are letting Alan Anderson be a gunner (4-11, second most shots on the team, 23 minutes). A mistake. Rookie Plumlee didn't play at all.

Bynum played 7 minutes for Cleveland, looked rusty but by no means mummified.

Detroit is leaning surprisingly heavily on Chauncey Billups until, at least, Stuckey returns (30 minutes, 16 points).

Milwaukee has an ODD roster, bizarre rotations (not counting Brandon Knight, who got hurt, two starters played under 20 minutes). Nate Wolters has the green light already (30 minutes, 12 shots). Gary Neal may lead them in scoring, or at least in attempted shots (16 FGA tonight).

Charlotte Bobcats are awful (83 points on 100 possessions). A real threat to our tanking supremacy. Cody did nothing. Ben Gordon didn't even play.

Patrick Beverley is starting in Houston for now, Howard had 26 boards, Francisco Garcia is their latest designated sniper (five threes, 19 points).

Vuce had 22, 16, 3, 3 steals, and 3 blocks. Players who did that at a younger age: Josh Smith, KG, Shaq, Barkley, that's it. Actually good center or not, he's an emerging box score stat king.

Kevin Love is back doing Kevin Love things (31 and 17). Shabbaz didn't play tonight, is already out of favor in Minnesota (according to reports, not just this box score).

Even under the front office's hand-picked coach, Ed Davis still goes to waste in Memphis (8 minutes).

Spurs played Duncan 17 minutes in a competitive game against a really good team. All part of the cryogenically freezing him for the playoffs plan.

The Dragic-Bledsoe experiment is off to a start - a combined 48, 13 and 15 on 33 shots. Miles Plumlee with 18 and 15! I don't really like the Suns' tanking odds. Good point guards take you pretty far these days. They have two, one plays smothering defense and the other is 6'6.

Lillard's still a really nice player wasting his rookie contract in Portland (32 points on 20 shots in a loss to Phoenix).

Sacramento belongs to Cousins now, and so far Cousins is doing alright (30 and 14 on 26 shots).

Brian Shaw seems to have been serious about killing Denver's pace. Really could've helped us tank this year. Yet when it's all said and done, you can't keep Ty Lawson down (20 points on 15 shots, 8 assists). I'm not sure why Denver would want a player like J.J. Hickson (12 and 9, 4 blocks) when they have Faried and McGee and Anthony Randolph (a starter in favor of Faried tonight??), but they did. Lost in that mix of high-athleticism, low-defense bigs, Darrell Arthur and Timofey Mozgov are plying their more plebeian crafts in real-ish minutes, and Nate Robinson is... there. Someone needs to restore some logic to that roster.

Warriors are beating the Lakers by 30. Klay Thompson had 38 on 15-19 shooting in three quarters. Iguodala was quiet but we all know what he'll mean to that team.

I'll say this: I didn't like MCW at all during the draft process, but a performance like that is not something the happens to your average rookie even for a single game. A spectacular performance in every facet of the game. I was honestly shocked and in disbelief.

For as much as I am critical of ET's innefeiecy and whinyness, he does seem to have a real backbone when you put im against big time stars. Even his first NBA game he showed that (also against the Heat- 16/7/4 on 1 FGA.)

I bring this up because MCW look the have the same drive to step into the spotlight, but arguably with more talent and more NBA ready. Which is remarkably odd when you consider how ET was supposed to be so NBA ready while MCW was the guy who would be a bit of a project.

Beyond the numbers and steals, MCW looked in many ways the seasoned vet out there. Some of his simple drive and kicks to open shooters were exactly how good, efficient NBA PG's play. Hopefully that reflects natural PG instincts reinforced by good coaching. The guy I'm sure has glaring holes in his game but he completely masked them for one night on a big stage.

MCW basically looked like what Sean Livingston was supposed to become before his injury.

Statman reply to tk76 on Oct 31 at 9:41

To put MCW's game in perspective, suppose the Sixers won the 2014 lottery and got Andrew Wiggins, and then Wiggins put up that line in his first game -- how excited do you think everyone would be? MCW's line is one of the best debuts ever (most steals, second-most assists for a debut), and it's quite likely one of the best games he'll ever have in his career. I estimate his PER for the game was 51.9!

One note on the Sixers overall: I noticed a complete departure from Collins' offensive philosophy. Without looking at the shot chart, I'd say they were focusing on 3s, free throws, and shots in the paint, with very few long twos. They had a lot more turnovers (18) than Collins would have wanted, but a lot more free throws too. Their success in this game had a lot to do with the Heat's lack of defense, but they might win a few games accidentally (hurting their tanking chances) by upgrading their shot selection in this way.

Statman: Their "long two's" were about half of what their opponents were taking during the preseason. When I looked at it through 4 preseason games, they had attempted 26 midrange jump shots to their opponents 72. I wrote about it a bit here:

I asked Hinkie about that directly earlier this week, and he said it was absolutely deliberate.

Yeah, the different philosophy was verry apparent. They turned down a bunch of early long twos. They also tried to push the pace off of made baskets, which is strangely rare in the NBA.

One of the reasons for the seeming flatness of Collins (and LB) offense was a design to support your defense. Sort of like a ball control offense in football. You could see the result in the 3rd qtr where they scored 36 but gave up 45 pts- although a big part of that was giving up 3's, which is correctable.

Also, MCW's big steal game is largely due to the opponent. Miami does not run with a true PG system, which freed up MCW to freelance for steals. Clearly that is his elite talent entering the league, and he could put it on full display tonight. How much of his points and assists were a direct result of his steals?

It will be interesting to see MCW try and defend Wall and Rose this weekend. He won't get to freelance on defense against most PG's. He also will not have a size or quickness advantage.

The most impactful rookie PG defender I can remember was Jason Kidd. He could not only get the steals and fast break going, but he could physically intimidate many PG's he was defending. MCW does not have that kind on strength, but he does seem to have the same great hands.

Just went back and re-watched every bucket, foul drawn, and assist. Only 4 points and 2 assist the result of his own steals, actually.

Derek, sorry to hear your website went down so quickly...that sucks.

I'm wondering if the aggressive ball hawking that we saw last night is a change in defensive philosophy - any chance you could ask brown next time you get a chance?

Yeah. The situation's a bit complicated and not really meant for public posting.

Are you back at LB?


(Email me if you want to continue the topic)

I figured as much, not really being nosey - just offering condolences, plus I really like reading your stuff somewhere it doesn't constantly say - you are banned :)

That is surprising.

I wonder if MCW will be used some off the ball defensively on SG's (have Wroten cover the PG.) We will learn soon to what level MCW can cover NBA level PG's with Wall and Rose this weekend. But he already seems to have an elite abilty to ballhawk, and he can freelance more when covering a spot up shooter (like last night covering Chalmers.)

Ironically, Jrue and MCW would have been a nice pairing. Jrue/MCW/Iggy would have all time great backcourt defensive potential.

I agree with MCW looking like a seasoned vet on a good playoff team. It's definitely the one thing that has impressed me the most too and is something that was sort of obvious during the preseason as well.

Making the simple smart plays at the right time and playing under control is something that is developed over time for most players so i'm not sure how that bodes for his upside, but his size will definitely help him in that regard, as he will be among the biggest PGs in the league no matter what.

I also like the fact that he really didn't shy away from the spotlight and is even motivated by it. I was skeptical about his mental attitude towards the game during the draft process, but so far he's shown only very positive signs. He looks like a guy who truly wants to win these games and wants to be the one leading the team to those victories. And most importantly he truly understands how one should play to be a winning type of player, which is something Turner for example is lacking. It's not about being the most visibly noticeable diva, it's about being the most effective player. MCW looks like he gets that.

you guys see Bynum played 8 minutes last night?

It all fell into place, like alphabets into vegetable stock ... Heat Ring Nite win over Bullies, celebration/travel decompression, shelving Wade insult (& now-obvious boneheaded decision), the Doctor & historical others in the house, A.I. street mesmerization and lording, bottom-of-pool predictions/expectations, 19,000-plus crazed glam rock fans (many close-to-stagers styling stretch waist trousers on the suggestion of time), insane bucking bronco push from gate (11-11 fg!), MCW's close death dedication/inspiration, plugged-in Turner & Hootch, I mean Hawes, plugged-out constipator Collins, vanishing of Beached Bynum, Heat 4Q oven downturn ... a recipe for shock.

MCW: Michael Conley's rookie peak game probably doesn't compare. Last night - exception or predictor??? Cool cat - for one memorable event. Will his predation go on vacation as schedule presents better PGs? Confidence and fire can go a long way. Guy Rodgers-like domination and QB-ing.

Nice job, Sixers. Now what'll you do without supersized adrenaline?

Brett Brown - breath of Maine fresh air. Basketball and running - what a novel idea!

No doubt they will lose a ton of games- but it is great to watch a team try and run even off of made baskets. I hate watching teams take the air out of the ball. 24 seconds is too short a time to waste half of it before getting into any kind of set- which breeds late clock isolation.

Me too. Drying paint.

I was too young to watch the ABA, but I do regret how the league has moved away from a more open game and focused on isolation. Going back to the great Celtics teams of the 60's to the Lakers of the 80's, those teams could run and defend. And you had crazy teams like the Nuggets who would just try and outscore you (I guess the Suns under Nash bore some resemblance.)

Somehow that was lost in the ugly 90's, where the league decided to reward teams for mugging players and turning a once beautiful game into a grind. As a result, today's game is all about generating 3 point looks against psuedo-zone defenses and the the aestetics have suffered.

Loved ABA games when they'd occasionally reach network on Saturday or Sunday. Couldn't wait to see Craig Raymond again :) (his LA Stars played Pacers for '70 title, lost 4-2). If you've never read "Loose Balls" by Terry Pluto, get a copy - you'll enjoy.

Those Nuggets were so loose even Bill Hanzlik scored in double figures for 2 seasons. And oh those unis!... scored with every color in the rainbow. Alex English, former Gamecock - great, great shooter. Kiki, son of a Miss America & a former NBA-er Ernie Vandeweghe, nephew of NBA-er Mel Hutchins - how's that for a jump-start?! - also had nice backspin.

Control freak, oversized ego coaching usurps much fun from game. Though some '76 Indiana Hoosiers may have a different point of view.

Not liking the negativity around here at all. The team has a plan, even if people don't like it, and MCW looked pretty darn good. Now I am not believing he is that good but it wouldn't surprise me one bit if he ended up being a much better pro then college player. The pro game is much more wide open Watch the games, don't worry about winning or losing, and focus on the development of MCW and it wont be that painful a year at all. That's my advice.

People often confuse negativity with realism...you can have doubts about a guy who was drafted 11th, came into the league with questions, even after one great game against a tired undermanned Heat team without being negative.

I liked the kid when he was drafted, yeah he has holes, but it wasn't a draft awash in perfect talent, but I feel no better or worse about him after one game

buke reply to KH on Oct 31 at 12:14

Can't say I perceive the same hostility toward MCW you seem to. I think most Sixers fans around here or other boards would be thrilled if he developed into a top flight young point guard. The truth is he hasn't been around long enough to make enemies among the fans.

Turner and Hawes are a different matter. They've disappointed fans deeply and often enough that some fans just can't get past those feelings and their greatest fears are that one or both of those players will be retained after this year if they have good years. Plus a certain percentage of fans will always care about being right more than anything else so some of those who've already declared Turner and/or Hawes to be worthless bums are uncomfortable with any reality that might challenge their opinions.

Hah, can say I've been disappointed by Hawes, as that implies some level of expectations. Frustrated (often by his inability to finish in the lane) in probably a better description. That said, the guy is interestingly quirky and seems to put in the effort to improve.

Hawes has turned himself into a decent rotational player, even if I'd prefer a center who filled a more traditional role. Heck, he even finished a few times on the break- which is more a testament to his effort than his abilities. I'm almost to the point were I'd be fine having Hawes stick around as a 20-25 mpg center if no one wants him (like last time he was a FA.) Noel-Hawes might actually work on some level.

I think after years of watching AI not have a legit big teammate who can finish and play off of his talent (would have loved to see AI/KG) and then watch Jrue have the same issue when he drove the lane... I was more frustrated for who hawes wasn't than I was for what he is.

MCW enters the league with his onld AAU teammate Nerlens Noel in tow, so he should not have to wait long to have a willing and able finisher at the rim.

On the potential Hawes/Noel tandem- I could see a guy back down Hawes and go to shoot over him... only to have Noel come out of nowhere for a weak side denial. I can also see MCW pushing the break and having Noel at the rim and Hawes at the 3 pt line. Far from conventional, more of a Jack Sikma throwback- if he can learn to rebound like Sikma.

buke reply to tk76 on Oct 31 at 13:42

Interesting that you brought up Jack Sikma. I remember him as a pretty intense scoring and rebounding big man. He played in a era before perimeter oriented big men were fashionable, but I was surprised when checking his career stats that he did take a fairly large number of 3 pointers in the last few years of his career.

He was the rare outside shooting big who was definitely not soft. He was quite a big time player early in his career- although like Hawes he never shot over 50%. He was a 6X All star every year from age 23-29- before he became a 3pt threat late in his career. He also finished top 10 in MVP voting twice- including 7th as a second year pro leading his team to a championship in 1979. Like you, I more remember he later year.

Sikma played the same time as Steve Hawes, but well before Spencer was born- so I doubt he patterns his game after him.

Yeah, i think as a fan base we've gone a little overboard with Hawes just because he isn't what we want to see from the C of the team. But on a reasonable contract (less than he is payed now), as the 7th-8th best player on the team, i have no problem with watching Hawes play 20 minutes per game as a Sixer in the future. That could easily happen even if the Sixers became a contender.

Interestingly, i find his game far more enjoyable now that he's shooting threes instead of long twos (for the most part).

MCW first player ever( or as far basketball reference goes back to) with at least 24 PTS 7 REB 12 AST 9 STL

22 not 24, woops

Statman reply to sixerfan1220 on Oct 31 at 13:16

ESPN's game story (quoting Elias Sports Bureau) listed two others: Johnny Moore in 1985 and Rickey Green in 1982. Both of those guys were top of the line at getting steals, which is obviously the limiting factor in MCW's stat-line. Another interesting tidbit: Oscar Robertson is the only player ever to achieve a triple-double in his first game, so MCW missed by one steal from joining that super-exclusive club.

It was the 1 TO that made the line historically unique.

Yeah, i agree. Also, the opponent and the outcome should probably be added as well.

This has the chance to truly redefine how fans watch the NBA. The possibilities are endless.

nerd food

It already is, much of nba.com/stats utilizes it, and there's an even more powerful behind the scenes one that teams (and some members of the media) get.

(I'm also assuming that there's an OH MY GOD powerful one that only teams get. I just haven't seen that one).

Well at the very least i would assume they get the raw spatial data and if they have good ideas and people they can utilize it to quantify pretty much anything that is happening on the court.

Didn't know NBA/stats alreeady uses this data behind the scenes. They really need to work on the interface to make it more accessible. Anyway, i'm interested in the smart new statistics like assist opportunities which i haven't seen before.

Speaking of it didn't the NBA install the SportsVU cameras in all arenas this year? Only 15 teams had them last year. How could NBA/stats use them when half the arenas didn't have the cameras?

Sorry, I meant that the data will be used on nba.com/stats. or at least I think that's what I read. Let me go back and find what I had previously read.

solid breakdown of some of the stuff MCW did last night


spencer is hired on Nov 1 at 8:35

I am glad to see some positive Hawes talk for a change. Would a 3 year deal for 15 million total work for you, TK76.

Derek, what end of the floor was the selling point for drafting M.K.Williams in your and Hinkies mind? Could his passing lane D be seen on film in Syracuses' zone?

His defensive rebounding caught my eye early in the opener and he and Turner even things up for our team on the boards.

I'll try to answer this.

Steals have proven to be a very good predictor for future NBA success, more so than any other stat. That's probably the biggest reason why those players capture the eye of the analytical crowd.

That being said i think MCW was a very difficult player to project in general for various reasons:
1. He was a sophomore, who barely played as a freshmen, essentially leaving only 1 year of reliable data.
2. He was a "very old" sophomore - turned 22 recently, and age (or performance/age) has historically been the best predictor of future success.
3. His defensive ability is very difficult to project in the zone Syracuse plays.
4. His shooting mechanics looked good in general, but his precision and shot selection were horrific for some reason.
5. He was arrested for stealing a bathrobe and slippers from a mall!!! Where is he in terms of maturity and will he be able to develop it?

The important thing to keep in mind when projecting players is about how good they can become in a certain system with X improvement on certain skills. Teams like Houston (which is the line of thought Hinkie has i presume) and San Antonio, have especially been good at finding players who can be very effective within their system. I think MCW is well suited for this system, but he might not be as good in a different environment. The entire team will essentially be focused on his development though this year, so i fully expect him to have every chance to succeed.

P.S. As for the Hawes question, I think Hawes is worth somewhere around 3 years, 10-12 million per year, possibly 15, if he proves to be a good fit within the new Sixers system. But i don't think resigning him makes sense for the Sixers at the moment.

Stan reply to Xsago on Nov 1 at 14:48

I didn't realize he was 22. Is he one of those kids that stayed back a year in middle school so that he could dominate the competition against younger kids?

Nerlens Noel and Andrew Wiggins have apparently done this as well. They stay back a year in middle school, dominate the competition, get recognized by scouts, and then take extra credits over the summer to skip a grade once they receive scholarship offers.

In some states it is commonplace for an entire football team to be held back so that the players are all a year older as seniors.

I'm interested in MCW's driving lane D against Wall and Rose.

An amped-up, long-limbed, skinny kid grabbing 7 against a hungover, flatfooted team and fairly average rebounding frontline doesn't augur the next Magic Johnson to me, though Magic liked what he saw. Gravity and court happenstance dictates numbers happen. Credit for 1 game of exciting initiative and execution.

Your namesake, Spencer Hawes, despite his shooting ability, is a stubborn pill to swallow. In paint, some nights legit, some nights tissue paper. Maybe he'll benefit from Brown's encouragement and tough energy. At least he looks leaner, more fit, ready to give it a go. Consistent production his bugaboo due to slow lateral feet and romance with floor space. As you suggested, Noel may clean up from weakside for him in time. But the suggestion is damning in itself of Hawes's inclinations (to date).

3yr/15M is way below market value for a 7 footer with a pulse- so they should probably consider him for that unless they have a better option who can protect the lane better than Hawes. I doubt they will be able to sign him for that. He will probably get 7-8M per year, and I don't think I would sign him for that.

Big picture, they probably won't sign anyone to a deal longer than 2 years unless they see the guy a a good fit with their franchise player. And given they have not yet found their franchise player, it is hard to project who they might keep.

I guess certain role players like spot up shooters who can defend will work with any team. A defensive specialist like Noel will work on any team. Probably a hustle guy like Thad works to- but not at 9M unless he fits a starter (say next to a dominant big like Bynum was supposed to be).

But Hawes, Evans and MCW have more specific skill sets that may or may not fit with the future of the franchise. If the draft an elite PF who can operate in the post and defensively control the lane, then Hawes could be a good fit (even as a starter.) If they get a pure wing shooter then MCW and/or Turner could be a good fit. If they draft a ball dominant scorer in the Lebron/Kobe/DWade mold, then ET and MCW will likely be poor fits unless they drastically improve their shooting.

I think Jrue could have fit as a 3rd best player on a great team regardless of the composition. He can shoot, drive, defend and play PG or SG. But the guys left on the roster are not nearly as versatile, so I doubt Hinkie will know whether they want to keep them or not until after the draft- and even then it will be a best guess.

To be clear, I'm not saying that Jrue is a superstar or better than some other players. But he is really versatile and can be effective for a broad range of teams. His main weakness is that he should not be asked to be a team's best player (same was the case with Iggy.)

Thad will shoot better than 5-15 and get to the line at least once tonight. How's that for a safe call?

Turner has eliminated SOME of the lead in his a**. Griping mouth may be better controlled under Brown, but that remains to be seen.

Andrew, son of former Sixer guard Mitchell Wiggins. How good can the kid be?

As good as Jellybean's son? Maybe not.

Bobby Bonds and Ken Griffey Sr were both All Stars, but it seems like the NBA is more a league of journeyman fathers.

Stan reply to tk76 on Nov 1 at 15:51

Jalen Rose' father, Jimmy Walker, was the #1 overall pick in 1967. Probably the closest in all star talent.

doubt it. Kobe sprung from b-ball genes both sides. mom is chubby cox's sister. jb, more naturally talented than dad Wiggins. plus, Kobe marinated in Italy and Philly cultures - distinct advantages.

Stan reply to Dollar Bill on Nov 1 at 15:55

His mother was 2 time olympic silver medal winner in track and field.

I want to know how good Yao Ming's children will be. Yao married a 6'3 basketball player from China's womens national team.

what was her time in 94 ft?

Yao's kids - barring a miracle, none will have winged heels.

no Nene for the wizards tonight

Alright, feel like we're looking at about a 30-point loss. Wonder if they'll surprise me again.

thad bucket

thad putback

Move your feet mcw

Nice pass, turner

Ick - can't we find a happy medium and lose with at least some positive play?

hawes to thad

nice drive by turner

lavoy long 2

this is what i expected the other night vs the heat

sissy 3

john wall does not like MCW for some reason

down 10 at the half

Anyone see the story on Turner on Philly.com today?

Hinkie isn't my GM.

Pretty funny.

Steve reply to Brian on Nov 1 at 21:51

Pretty clear that by "not my GM" he means that Hinkie's not the GM who drafted him as opposed to meaning he has a lack of respect for Hinkie.

heh MCW almost blew the alley oop

Mcw has been pretty invisible, at least to my eye. This is a winnable game right now. Thad is nearly unstoppable

nice drive by MCW

5 straight

bad long 2 by MCW

They were both free

Nice d by orton

tied at 74 end of the 3rd

lavoy putback

Anderson finally gets a 3 to land

MCW 3!

Wroten plays so out of control it's scary.

et putback

Are they going to win this game? Hinkie's going to have to move Thad and Turner if he keeps playing like this.

Jason reply to Brian on Nov 1 at 21:13

Hawes too.

Holy shit! They're burying them.

My emotions are all over the place right now. Root for wins or hope for the high draft pick?

Hah, of course the sixers would start out 2-0.

Tanking is so hard to do.

thad putback bails out evan's bad shot

What's Thad's line tonight?

27 and 8 REB

Ball game. Hawes ices it. Wow.

2-0 start, the one year we didn't want it. 109 pts. Unreal

Thad is just a man.

good deflection by hawes

great game plan on beal tonight

he hasnt done much

109-102, final

2-0 bitches!!!

Stan reply to KellyDad on Nov 1 at 21:30

What's up with the pic? Is that a cry for help

I figured some people on the blog might want to kill themselves at some point during the season. Just giving them some helpful ideas.

Hmmm....one can only hope you show us how first

I see your still the same bitch from last season. Some things never change.

What ever you say 'suicide encourager'

bad shooting night for MCW but only 2 turnovers for him

the magic beat the pelicans

So we might not end up with a 1st round pick this year?

Cue all the over reactions one way or another when less than than 2.5% of the season has been played

They will win more of their next 35 games than the last time they started the season 2-0.

That last team went from 3-0 to 10-29.

spencer is hired reply to tk76 on Nov 1 at 23:29

On your Jrue comments from earlier, I was wondering how Brown could have helped him develop. And will this coaching hire cost us Wiggins but would that be a bad thing if he becomes a great coach.

No. Good coaches don't win without superstars.

spencer is hired reply to Brian on Nov 2 at 8:13

Brian, in this draft there is more than one possible star. If M.Smart is the next J.Harden, and we get him at #3' I will be alright with that.

eddies' heady's on Nov 1 at 23:17

Yeah, yeah it's still awful, awful early but,

the one thing that is absolutely freaking hilarious to me, but at the same time gratifying in a certain sense is, they appear to look way better than last year and with glaringly more talent present on the floor. The returning players (Hawes, Thad, Turner) look much more toned-up, slimmed-down, and better conditioned. The new guys (starters and some subs), so far, apparently bring their own unique contributions compared to some of the players of last year (MCW, Wroten, Morris, Anderson).

Most importantly, the thing that jumps out at me the most is, the discernible difference in the coaching. It's a world of difference and it ain't even close. Yeah, again, it's early, but these guys have not just bought in on the floor but, as mentioned, off the floor too. They're believers, and sure appear to be astute listeners too. That's big, to me.

But back to what I was originally getting at, it's hilarious in the sense that we've all supposedly been told by various sources (certain media, fanbase, and numerous commenters here) that "Hinkie has a plan", and ownership has tosssed in the fire their card of "mediocrity", and just sit back and watch "cause the plan is working", when on the flipside it seems plainly obvious we've all been duped. That is some funny shit right there!

But it's gratifying also because, I was souring and dreading just the thought of how excruciating this season may possibly be for me as a diehard fan, when actually as the way-too-early returns suggest, it looks and has turned my feelings the polar opposite. I can get on back on board now (shouldn't have never been so mopey to have left in the first place) if this is the quality of product on display.

That's some satisfying and entertaining basketball to view. The effort is tremendous, the poise is almost downright scary (considering most of these guys are pups and haven't played together before), the cohesion is visibly present, the execution is often precise, and the roster turnover seems refreshing. The whole shebang is just really something I can gather myself and rally behind; competitive every night and decent enough to contend for a playoff spot. Something feels familiar. The often played out, tightly clinged to .... Hope. It's back! (though hope is often means good and bad for me)

This is certainly not to say that I wasn't damn tired of the mediocrity for the last decade, but I could never shake my apprehension for dealing with the thought of the team going down this hope-they-get-lucky frequently-coined-tanking path. Yeah, I wouldn't disagree it was needed (10 years of mediocrity?), but I was having a pretty hard time stomaching it. Whereas foreshadowing a bit after seeing these first two games, it doesn't look like that's anything I'll have to concern myself with.

Hinkie, Brown and Co. pulled the wool over all of our eyes. 8th seed here we come!

No no, we're still tanking the season. Don't be ridiculous.

eddies' heady's reply to Tray on Nov 1 at 23:47

You love the word ridiculous don't you?

You keep making yourself believe that if you want to, you'll eventually be the last man standing with regards to this so-called belief they're "tanking".

It ain't happening. There's no signs of it from their on-court play, and particularly their effort and much-required heart. The talent level bump from the new guys and subs and the zeroed-in focus from the returnees is another non-sign. The coaching is a major improvement and the numero uno non-sign tanking isn't in the works. Add all that to the number of bad and somewhat weak, and also-medicre teams across the league and it isn't even close to possible. The probabilty isn't "almost slim to none". It's none. N-O-N-E. None.

Your wishful thinking is admired though. Just a bit misguided I believe.

Let it keep playing out and we'll see.

I mean, this - everything you typed above - is insanity, there's no other word for it. How can I even respond? First of all, they decided to put the most physically talented player on the roster on ice, for a year, when everyone knows he could come back mid-season if we were at all interested in winning 40 games. Every player we signed this offseason barely belongs in the NBA and has spent real time in the D-League. Someone like Anderson may look good on a given night, but he has a three-season track record of shooting under 40 percent from the field and being a barely okay three-point shooter. The team traded away the best player on the roster and didn't resign its only good shooter (Wright). Knowing that they had the softest center in the game and crap behind him, they chose to do nothing about that situation but sign Daniel Orton minutes before the start of the season. They had this second-round pick who's been described as Reggie Evans with talent, and they sent him to Iran so they could push back his rookie contract clock a season. And again, they choose not to play the most talented big man on the roster and the best defensive big man on the roster, for the whole year. I'm really not sure what more they could do to lose games, other than trade Thad and Turner, and there's no evidence that they're not planning to do that midseason when there's more of a market for them and their improved stats. So only someone who's really good at willfully deluding themselves could look at this situation and not at least see a desire on the part of management to tank the season. Point one.

Point two, you'd also have to be crazy to think this team can win. Like, how would it do that? The team is comprised of lousy shooters, extremely young and raw players, turnover liabilities at every position, and overmatched defenders, except at a couple positions, and really, being a great defensive point guard, given the phenomenal state of the position at the moment, is like being a good defensive center in the Shaq era. You just don't stop nearly half of the point guards in the league. Anyway, I'm not sure why I spent a few minutes explaining all this, because it's extremely obvious to every sentient basketball observer on the planet that this team is trying to tank and will successfully tank, and that our 2-0 start is a statistically meaningless blip on the part of a roster that we probably won't even have in its current form by the second half of the season.

eddies' heady's reply to Tray on Nov 2 at 1:26

Three things

1) Your condescension is loathsome. I apologize for not being a sentient basketball observer on the planet like yourself. Let me step aside. Excuse me for being a plain old free-thinker and -obverver

2) It is an absolute hugeeeee stretch to call Noel "the most physically talented player on the roster". Thad says Hi, Carter-Williams waves quietly, hell even Evan might bend his elbow to begin to raise his hand. Noel is nothing more than a stringbean of a raw athlete at this point (with an injured rehabbing knee to boot). And piling on and calling Noel the "most talented big man on the roster" is quite a bit hyperbolic. He's provided no evidence of the sort to make such an outlandish claim. He may not even be as good as Hawes when it comes to all-around game. He couldn't hold Thad's jock on his best day at the moment.

3) You conveniently listed negatives in they're lousy shooters (questionable), young and raw, turnover prone, overmatched on D, but you left out not a few but all of the positves they bring indivudually and collectively. And you omitted the X-factor completely - Brett Brown.

I must be crazy as shit because not only do I think this team can win, I know they can. They've shown me. Even if they didn't win either of those games, the signs are there.

buke reply to Tray on Nov 2 at 1:56

Try to remember something: you don't "know" what "can" happen. A little humility is a good thing. You're not nearly as bright as you think you are. I understand that this mental condition is part and parcel of growing up in a generation whose teachers placed such undue emphasis on reinforcing self-esteem, but it is not so difficult to rise above the mistakes of your upbringing.

MojoSoDope reply to eddies' heady's on Nov 3 at 9:59

+1 Enjoyed reading this post and feelings. Good insights. I think it's pretty funny too. This season seems to be shaping up to at least be interesting, entertaining, and fun. Go 76ers!

eddies' heady's on Nov 1 at 23:55

No one thinks their "plan" is, if things keep going as they are, potentially backfiring right before their eyes do they? LOL, there's no way is it? If so, that makes it even all the more funnier.

Even more proof that it (tank) was never in the works, to me. They're not that foolish. Can't be.

spencer is hired reply to eddies' heady's on Nov 2 at 0:05

We will know our organizations mindset in a week or two if they win a few more games. Pheonix saw during preseason that Bledsoe along with Gortat made them a possible 500 team so they moved Gortat. We may see the same thing happen here.

The players aren't an indicator, they will play hard regardless. But Hinkie will have the final say. I don't want an outright tanking because the teams that tend to do that end up with the 5th pick or something similar. If its meant to be it is meant to be.

eddies' heady's reply to spencer is hired on Nov 2 at 0:33

I don't disagree we'll know their mindset more clearly after several more games. But my belief, and the evidence thus far, is pointing towards doing everything to win.

I disagree with you on one thing though. The players are one of the most important indicators to me. If a GM sees his took-forever-to-hire hand-picked coach can get this hodgepodge of guys to play at THIS level, and execute this WELL so quickly, and buy in to what he's trying to sell, he'll perk up to what he may have stumbled upon. And daydream of what could possibly become.

Hinkie isn't stupid. The taste of winning is quite influential and hardly ever bitter.

Yeah, agree they've looked good so far. Completely disagree about everything else you said tonight. This team was built to lose. If they're at or near .500 after 20 games, I think Hinkie will take action to make sure they finish at the bottom.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Nov 2 at 0:53

Eh, don't see how you can sit there and say it "was built to lose". How so? Why? Just because us fans thought so and questioned and thumbed our noses at their every (non) move?

Be interesting to see how it all goes down as the season progresses but I don't see him stripping it down, when if some of the guys keep looking like this he's just got a front row seat for their auditions as keepers/pieces going forward. He's not gonna lose his ace in the hole of assets and potential jockeying in the '14 draft if they turn out more of a winner than he originally envisioned. As MCW or Noel may eventually show (or not), the prizes are scattered throughout and not just at the top all the time. See Paul George and Greg Monroe and the like.

Interesting to see how after two only two games your entire belief system can be changed...

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on Nov 2 at 11:44

A morsel of evidence and a little bit of foresight can do that. Just sit back and watch the games, as will I.

The competitive desire and will to win in each individual player can't be measured. Yeah, the team maybe was built to lose, but it wasn't built to not compete. It's a natural inclination in most every player to compete their ass off when stepping on the hardwood. And these guys are doing a hell of a job with that.

There's too many mediocre to weak to downright bad teams in this league as I mentioned last night for these guys to execute as they have and put forth the effort they have for them to be anywhere near the bottom of the dung.

Mock all you want or be in disbelief of how I can go from one extreme to the next. Just watch. You'll see.

It's the Evan Turner is a scrub early declaration and the Jrue/Lawson debates all over again. Only time will tell. Having a differing belief is nothing new for me.

A morsel of evidence and 'foresight' is what you had all off season and now after two games you've suddenly flipped your switch and approach to the team...so you must not really have any strong belief in your ability to analyze things or you were complete wrong in the off season.

Changing any belief about how the season is going to turn out after 2 games is just a sign of no real belief in what you're saying.

The Heat are 1-2 - do you now think they some how won't be a serious finals contender?

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on Nov 2 at 19:44

See, you have it all wrong. I haven't changed my belief to anything. Those concerns were in relation to the off the court stuff, which was what I was referring to. That has not one iota to do with what is now occuring on the court. The games have started. Plans can change. For them, not me.

Your comprehension baffles me sometimes.

Whatever you say eddy - your ability to reform your argument to try and make it look like you're almost always prescient and psychic is fascinating - i should have known better than to engage you - it's a waste of oxygen - all you want to do is trumpet your 'expertise' and have people some how in awe of you on the internet

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on Nov 2 at 19:47

You a non-reading motherfucker. You just have an agenda.

Whatever you say Eddy - Whatever you say - keep telling yourself that - just like you tell yourself you know more than everyone about pro and college ball (yet fascinatingly no one wants to give you a basketball job)

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on Nov 2 at 19:51

I've said no such thing, ever. You must think that if you're gonna falsely accuse me of it.

Agenda again.

buke reply to Brian on Nov 2 at 1:02

Do you really think he could do that? If this team were .500 or better after 20 games, the Sixers fans (who do care and do know something after all) would be enthralled and they would be the talk of the basketball media after being a "no-brainer" for last or near last place. You can't buy spirit like that. Some things are more important than a high draft pick.

Whether they will be that good, well, we'll just have to see. You are right. They were built to lose. Sooner or later that will probably happen, but, if it doesn't, we're looking at a minor miracle. You don't f*ck with miracles!

eddies' heady's on Nov 2 at 0:07

74 points in the paint? Did they ever get that many in any game last year?

That's unbelievable considering our 7-footer floats around the arc sniping 3's in opponent's eyes, our "tweener" doesn't have much in his repertoire of post moves, our 3-man who really has never settled on a comfy position that couldn't get by old man Paul Pierce all last year much less finish with any regularity, and a rookie PG that probably hasn't even realized he's not still in the Carrier Dome playing.

That philosophy is a recipe for success. Success of the non-tank variety (uhhh hmmmm - clears throat).

TwoSense on Nov 2 at 1:50

Feels weird to say but Hawes outplayed Gortat by a mile tonight.

Don't worry guys, everything is going according to plan :)

The team was never built to lose. It was built to maximize the value of the assets, which also includes development of young players. That means Turner, Hawes and Thad should look as good as possible and the team while the team inevitably finishes at or near the bottom of the league so they can maximize the value of their draft pick (which would go to Miami if they make the playoffs).

Anyway, the players can't possibly keep this up. I expect they will completely fall apart in the second part of the season. Enjoy the wins while you can.

An as a reminder, Charlotte started 7-5 last year and Orlando started 12-13. They both finished with the 2 worst records in the league (21 an 20 wins respectively).

P.S. I'm just glad this team will at least be entertaining while losing.

spencer is hired reply to Xsago on Nov 2 at 8:07

My biggest issue when tanking is talked about is how the assets are valued and used. That will make or brake our g.m., in my opinion. My best example, in my mind is Spence.

You know how I feel about him. He has gotten a little better at different things over the last couple of years and seems to work hard at it. This year, particularly last night, his outlet passes have been "Waltonesque" to help start our break and the offense seems to take a major step back with him on the bench.

I would love for him and Thad to be part of this teams' future while Evan has to win me over because of his attitude at times. But even Evan, dispite his end of game brainfreezes, has gotten a lot of his points in the flow of the game, unlike last year.

There was no "flow of the game" last year and much of the time it was just "every man for himself."

Look at the benches around the league. There are a lot of weak sisters. IF Sixers continue playing with energy and heart, Ls aren't inevitibilities.

Turner and Hawes have put in work over the summer and their play is bearing fruit early. At some point - don't know when - there'll be a reversion to the mean. When Vegas hangs a 16.5 on you, pressure of expectation is gone. That easing vacuum and Brown's positivity and transfusion of guts/mental toughness have netted two comeback wins. That's entertainment!

Gortat is as limber as Frankenstein, past his peak, I estimate. Given the choice at present, I'll take the brute in Minnesota over him. NEE-ko-laaah!

buke reply to Xsago on Nov 2 at 11:21

I'm 90% sure that you are right, but the 10% uncertainty is the type of stuff that makes life worth living. A little uncertainty once in awhile is a good thing.

Wall hit a wall, partly because Beal street was dark (4-18). Harrington's 'hula hoop' breakaway was amusing (I wonder how Wittman viewed it; his team better ring up some Ws soon or he'll be gone).

Lavoy Allen surprisingly dented opponent (19 min, 5-6, 4 rbs, 2 assists). Who woke him up?

"Creating a winning culture" is a load of horse crap. It does you no good if you don't have a top 10 player. And what's the point? I don't expect half the players on this roster to be here next year.

traded or not re-signed
1. Lavoy Allen
2. Kwame Brown
3. Spencer Hawes
4. Evan Turner

5. Brandon Davies
6. Darius Morris
7. Hollis Thompson

8. James Anderson
9. Daniel Orton

Injured Reserve
10. Jason Richardson

That leaves:
Thaddeus Young
Michael Carter-Williams
Nerlens Noel
Arnett Moultrie
Tony Wroten

I only saw the first quarter so I am not sure how he looked for the rest of the game. It seemed like MCW really turned what was an awful first quarter into a decent statline : 14 (15 shots) , 5, 4 on 40% shooting. By no means a great statline, but if you take just the last 3 quarters I bet it was alright? You guys tell me.

I heard Brian say he was invisible so I am not sure what to think. But that statline is not bad, especially on 2 TO's in this style of fast pace play.

I am glad he gets to face such intense PG competition early on. Rose time tonight.

He made some big plays late in the game, but he was pretty bad for the most part. Perhaps beyond the stat line, he really had trouble staying in front of the quick wall. He stands up too tall sometimes and can really get burned by some change in direction. Obviously many guards will struggle to keep Wall in front of them, but there are a lot of hyper quick point guards in the league, and it's a concern I have of MCW.

MCW: Was incinerated by Wall in Q1. Phoenixed in 2nd half.

the game is on NBATV tonight for the out of towners

Hey - we've got the free league pass preview going anyway - but at least I'll get to see this one in HD

The Heat are 1-2, I doubt anyone in Heat land is doubting they'll get it together...people are jumping to a lot of conclusions (just in general) with little evidence, some people seem to have completely flipped their 'vision' of the team as well - it's pretty interesting how desperation can make people see things that aren't there.

buke reply to GoSixers on Nov 2 at 11:47

What you're seeing is the enjoyment over the possibility that a joyless plan may not succeed as planned.

Yes, it is still inconceivable that this team as constructed could come close to the playoffs, but it is no longer inconceivable that this team could be significantly better than anyone expected. If that happens and the team has two lottery picks that aren't in the top five, I'll take it. If a miracle happens, this team makes the playoffs, and has only one first round pick as a result, I'll enjoy that crazy ride too.

For this viewer, either of those outcomes is more fun than "we're going to have one of the absolute worst teams possible, get a very high draft pick, and don't get too attached to the players on this team because as many of them as possible will be gone soon enough."

I don't believe it's inconceivable they could make the playoffs, I don't believe that they could do anything significant in the playoffs.

I believe my 'beliefs' towards what a team should be doing have been made clear repeatedly. I don't care about chronic playoff losses with no belief they can make the Conference (let alone NBA) finals, which is basically what we've been dealing with since 2002, I've been wanting a rebuild since then- I hated the Iverson trade, because it maintained mediocrity without making the team more competetive towards the title.

As long as I believe that the 'plan in place' involves TRYING to build a team that can content for those finals appearances, then I'm going to enjoy rooting for the team, the record is irrelevant to me - the wins and losses are irreleveant to me - what I was looking forward to this was player development - i guess just MCW this year since Nerlens wasn't going to play, and seeing what Hinkie could do with his assets...

My issue is that after two games you can't 'change your mind' any more than you can change your mind about the Heat after 3 games :)

buke reply to GoSixers on Nov 2 at 12:30

The Iverson trade HAD TO HAPPEN, just like the Timberwolves' trade of Garnett. They also received one of the most dependable point guards of the 21st century in that trade and the difference in team play was virtually immediate. "I never played with a point guard like this before," said Kyle Korver at the time.

A problem they had then that they don't have now was the amount of money sunk in and frozen by Chris Webber. Once that hurdle was clear, Stefanski had to make his mark by paying too much for both Brand and Iguodala and handcuffing the team once more. Although we don't know for sure whether or not Hinkie is capable of significantly overpaying someone within the next year or two, we do have reason to believe that the NBA free agent market has changed since then if last summer is any indication of next summer.

I didn't say the Iverson trade didn't have to happen - i said I didn't like it - for the reasons you seem to like it - it was a trade that left the team running place -it wasn't a trade for assets (ala the Jrue trade) - I believe the sixers 'haul' from the Holiday trade is more valuable towards building a championship contending team then what they got for Iverson, primarily because the trade motivation was wrong...

The Garnett trade - even in the long run - sucked for the timberwolves (check out this time line of the trade.

The Iverson trade was a treading water trade, it did nothing to improve the team enough to matter or 'unimprove' enough to get quality draft picks.

I'm glad kyle korver played with the 'best point guard' he ever played with, but Andre Miller wasn't a needle changing (positively or negatively) net for the sixers...

Tonight, by the way, is their only national TV appearance (ESPN, TNT, NBA TV, and ABC) of the season according to my reading of the national TV schedule - unless they make the playoffs, of course. :)

Not really surprising...they are expected to be terrible and unlike a team like the lakers or knicks who have the national caché when they stink - the sixers are just the sixers...

Is there a package out there that allows me to buy the games and watch them on my schedule on my computer or tablet?

buke reply to GoSixers on Nov 2 at 11:55

Yes, the Broadband Choice. You pick five teams (used to be 7) but you don't have to pick them all at once (In fact, I don't think I've ever picked all of mine). They usually have an early season offer of around $109. You can watch any games of those teams live or on replay. Replay if often better because it takes less time.

As far as I know there is no "one-team" deal.

And the ios app actually works fairly decently (depending on your internet connection, obviously)

Thanks for that - I know TK had mentioned it earlier but I wasn't sure about the details.

And actually - it's 129 - which means i can get all games for all teams for less than 50% more than what it costs to get all 5

That's some messed up pricing structure.

You buy the whole season you pay about $6.33 a team

You buy the broadband package you're paying $26 a team

That's just nuts, at this point I'd just pay for the cable package to have the more options

There's a 'mobile' league pass for $50 bucks but who in their right mind thinks watching games on their phone is doable - i love my iphone - but video is just nuts (i suppose I could use apple tv and airplay from my phone?)

buke reply to GoSixers on Nov 2 at 13:57

OK, so the $109 deal is no longer available. That was what I was charged but I'm on automatic renewal.

You're right about the pricing structure, but I guess my view is based on having the full League Pass for a two or three years in the past and wasting it. In fact, I watch very few games outside of Sixers' games on the choice Broadband I have now. Outside of that, the games offered by the national networks (TNT, ESPN, NBA TV, ABC) and my local cable sports station for Wolves games are more than enough for me.

I know the increase in price isn't all that much but why pay more when I'm pretty confident based on experience that I won't use the additional availability. I'm also a college basketball fan and if I want to watch some random game on replay during off hours on my computer, I'm just as likely to watch some college game offered for free by ESPN3.

You are off by a factor of 2 since you will get to see the other teams about 14 times since you can watch them play your fave 5. I would rather it be 7, but 5 works for me... once I finally decide on the teams.

I thought about that - honestly - but even still - it's much cheaper per team to buy 'all' the games than just 5 of them :)

Sure you get to see every team when you play the five - but it's possible that you get to see other teams only 10 times (just saying, if you chose 5 eastern teams you'd only see each western team) 10 times

You could do it on a per game basis - you'd still be getting a better deal with the tv - get enough DVR's and enough hard drives and you could record and watch every game if you've got that time of game (yeah i've thought about it)

My cable company does not offer NBA League Pass, so I have to go the online route. I guess it all comes down to how many non-Sixer games you want to see. And that likely depends on just how bad the Sixers are this year. I can always upgrade later to the full plan.

I think I will pick more Western teams, both since the SIxers play them less, and because they don't overlap as much with Sixer games. I would like to have all of the games, but if I really want to watch another team then I still can, it just takes a bit more effort.

How much does parking typically cost at WFC?

I think its been raised this yr. 15 or 18 bucks to sit your car in an open lot for 3 or 4 hours. Ain't that a jim dandy of a bargain?

was $16 at the opener, anyone going tonight so we can find out if they've discovered dynamic pricing there?

I am still sure this question will solve itself but I am stuck here. I have a very tough time blatantly rooting to lose and I have learned that quickly in just 2 games. At the same time, I ultimately think we need to lose some games.

With that, who do I root against here? I want MCW to develop. I want Turner and Hawes to build trade value. I would like to see Wroten and Anderson prove something of themselves.

Sheesh this is a strange season. I will have my "lucky" sixers t-shirt on tonight which pretty much guarantees we lose.