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Exploiting Weaknesses

patrick beverley should be guarding mcw so that will be a good a test for him

worse off the ball D, harden or turner?

Probably Harden, which is more frustrating. He's got the athleticism to be a good defender, he's just lazy as shit on that side of the floor. Turner's lazy, but even if he actually tried he'd still just be an average defender due to his lack of athleticism.

spencer is hired reply to Brian on Nov 13 at 13:17

Turner's D seemed a lot less noticeable when surrounded by Jrue and Iggy. If he is part of this team's future they better surround him with solid defenders.

spencer is hired reply to Brian on Nov 13 at 13:19

I wonder if he gave more effort there because Collins wouldn't of played him otherwise.

I don't think his defense is any worse this year than it was most of last year (yes, it was fairly bad most of last year). I'm not sure it is all his fault, though. The Sixers strategy seems to be to have perimeter players sag off their men toward the basket or the ball. It's no surprise that the Sixers lead the league in giving up three pointers per game (12 per game!).

If the team is going to have a perimeter player sagging toward the ball and basket, I wish that assignment would go to someone fleeter of foot than Turner.

But you'd think that would make them better on the defensive glass, and yet they still stink at it, currently ranking 24th in defensive rebounding percentage

buke reply to GoSixers on Nov 13 at 16:11

Good point. Other than Hawes (who is not always in position), though, they are kind of small for the interior and Thad has just never been a very aggressive rebounder. That shortcoming plus his contract size and length are what probably make him a tough player to trade.

I think on the right team Thad is a valuable bench asset - his contract isn't too horrible - and he would be a positive addition to any team if he's not asked to do too much - but I think he's also the last of the three to go - and I think at least 2 of them will go this season...

3 point defense, defending the pick and roll, rebounding, these have been issues for a while with this franchise - hoping Noel canhelp with the rebounding at least

Tray reply to GoSixers on Nov 13 at 18:17

I think Thad can be a fine small-ball starting four on a contender. At some point in the not so distant past, probably not, but today, it can be done. If you're going to play him 30 minutes a game as a 4 in small ball lineups anyway, I don't see why that can't be your starting lineup. And yeah, I agree that Hinkie probably thinks Hawes and Turner are more disposable. Turner especially so.

The Six reply to sixerfan1220 on Nov 13 at 14:07

Beverley is a game-time decision with "cold symptoms".

Damn it i hate when i have the sniffles

spencer is hired on Nov 13 at 12:35

When does Houston stop the twin tower experiment? Asik is playing a R.Evans role, rebound and get out of the way. The sooner Terrance Jones starts getting minutes I expect them to get better.

I think E.T. against Parsons is an interesting matchup. And does Thad ignore Asik and cheat to help but get back in time to box him out.

All HOU players participated in shootaround but Harden (foot), Parsons (back), Garcia/Beverley (flu) are all listed as game-time decisions

seems like the rockets arent starting asik tonight

id guess terrence jones or casspi will start at PF tonight

I suppose a third key would be exploiting their lousy perimeter defense.

Stan reply to Tray on Nov 13 at 14:01

Nope. It's how you would stop Jeremy Lin.

sixers fan, moved to saigon from phila a couple of weeks ago.

just wanted to express my continuing appreciation for depressed fan, i check in often for solid analysis and genuine sentiment.

managed to catch a couple of games streaming online - at 7 am local time. a little different watching a game with a breakfast pho rather than a black and tan.

keep up the good work brian and assorted commenters, missing the start of the season and all the nba action is kinda tough but depressed fan really helps.

perhaps i can post about the local bball experience - the saigon heat. the bball must be jayvee but the arena food probably kicks ass.

no harden tonight

jones starting for asik

lin starting at SG

no mcw tonight

wroten starting


left foot arch bruise

Well crimeny - when did that happen?

i think sometime during the last game but im not sure

MCW and Harden both out. Ugh.

And so it beings

The New York Knicks continue to engage in talks with the Denver Nuggets about a potential Iman Shumpert-for-Kenneth Faried trade, according to sources close to the process.

But sources told ESPN.com Wednesday that multiple teams interested in Shumpert have approached the Knicks, and said New York remains undecided about whether to trade its coveted perimeter defensive specialist

Don't see why the Nuggets would do that. I don't think Shumpert is a terribly valuable piece, honestly.

First off I meant 'begins' and yeah - it seemed imbalanced to me - article goes on to state that the nuggets probably want draft compensation too (which the knicks don't currently have right?)

I'm sure Hinkie has been on the phone with folks, I wonder when he's going to pull the trigger

aaaand we're off. Hawes WINS the tip. Turnover on the first play. Turnover by the Rockets. Then a turnover on the inbounds play by the Sixers. Pretty basketball.

And another foul on a inbounds play. 2 fouls and 2 turnovers in 23 seconds. Sweet start.

I bet Wroten scores 30 tonight.

Showcasing baby - showcasing

decent chance wroten has 10 turnovers tonight

good rotations on the howard double but lin hits it at the buzzer

Wow, their perimeter D is scary bad.

Turnerover...nope. Lin butterfingers.

Turner 15 feet away from his man who hits another 3.

Did Spencer Hawes just get blocked twice?

Heh, Hawes just swallowed up in the paint twice.

bad shot evan

eddies' heady's on Nov 13 at 19:18

Bad shot Turner, brick.

Turner gunning away, bricks galore.

sissy 3

eddies' heady's on Nov 13 at 19:19

Hawes 3!

Spence for three. Gonna pull Howard out there.

Lurch needs a timeout after the 5-0 run!

eddies' heady's on Nov 13 at 19:22

Nice move James Anderson. Scoop shot lefty style.

good job by hawes running there

eddies' heady's on Nov 13 at 19:23

Dag that was a sweet pass by Lin to DH.


if you are gonna foul him dont let him get the shot off

Turner with a useless fucking sissy foul. God damnit. Fucking wrap him up!

this lineup is gonna give the sixers a ton of trouble

eddies' heady's on Nov 13 at 19:27

Turner's mad at the refs cause he didn't get a whistle. Hands stretched out.

Get the EFF downcourt you complainer!

Thad draws the charge.

eddies' heady's on Nov 13 at 19:31

Guess Hollis Thompson will get extended minutes as the 3rd guard with MCW out.

Get your shit together. second 3sec violation.

Turner with the statue of liberty defense on the Caspi drive. Sweet.

that was goal tending

horrible missed call.

eddies' heady's on Nov 13 at 19:32

That's fucking goaltending man!!! IT was coming off the glass. sheesh

anderson 3!

eddies' heady's on Nov 13 at 19:34

Anderson catch and shoot 3!

Nice backdoor look. Hit the freebies, Hollis.

eddies' heady's on Nov 13 at 19:35

Good backdoor cut by Thompson, good backdoor look/pass by Morris.

down 3 end of the 1st

28-31 after one.

At least they don't have a huge hole to dig out of.

morris 3

7 turns on HOU already.

eddies' heady's on Nov 13 at 19:44

Good sharp pass by Morris to Wroten. Ugh

eddies' heady's on Nov 13 at 19:46

Anderson catch and shoot 3!

eddies' heady's on Nov 13 at 19:48

Bad pass Spencer.

thad should post casspi up more

and the he goes to the bench

et jumper

bad shot hawes

eddies' heady's on Nov 13 at 19:58

Hawes blows the dunk!! All of his 2 1/2 inch vertical. heh

How does a 7'1" guy miss a point-blank dunk like that?

turner w/ a series of moves to get free for a bad jumper. Can't tell you how much I enjoy watching that slop.

hawes prayer goes in

eddies' heady's on Nov 13 at 20:02

Hawes you lucky mother.......


sissy foul

eddies' heady's on Nov 13 at 20:07

Foul him hard Spencer, come on!

Come on! These pussy touch fouls when he's a foot away from the rim have to stop.

Turner with six moves to get free enough to get his shot blocked by about 4 guys. Sweet.

Lavoy to the line.

60-57 at the half.

Solid half of hoops.

am i wrong or does every game seem like they go by quick compared to last year?

eddies' heady's reply to sixerfan1220 on Nov 13 at 20:18

You're not alone in thinking/feeling that. Even though I stopped watching mid 3rd quarter the other night vs the Spurs, I flipped back over to see what the score was at like 9:05 pm and it was over. So just over 2 hours for that one.

They don't draw too many fouls, and they don't commit too many fouls. that's probably why.

bad shot evan

Death. Taxes. And a late close-out by Turner.

Terrible shot by turner, falls.

lin is on fire

Man, that was a really lazy defensive play by Howard, letting Wroten get that layup uncontested.

That's a goaltend too

Turner with the late closeout and fouls him on a made three to boot! Excellent work, you sloth.

eddies' heady's on Nov 13 at 20:36

Great foul Evan, great fucking job man... late ass weak closeout

Keep fucking attacking on that P&R, Wroten.

good drive by wroten and makes the ft

turner completely loses Chandler, right to the rim for a dunk. This is just painful.

Anderson's having a game.

eddies' heady's on Nov 13 at 20:41

Anderson running floater. He hasn't missed tonight I think.

missed once

3 pointer with the shot clock running down

thad from the post

eddies' heady's on Nov 13 at 20:43

Oops, Anderson has missed one shot tonight. Correction.

eddies' heady's on Nov 13 at 20:43

Turner with another late closeout on a made Parsons 3.

Hey, Turner lost his man. What a shock

turner leaves parsons who hits a 3

They really miss MCW's defense. Is wroten in? He should be on Lin.

eddies' heady's on Nov 13 at 20:46

Wroten is one attacking son of a gun.

Crappy rebounding AND three point defense - can we get ONE of them to work?

Turner grabs a board, dribbles down, takes a bad shot.

Gets 3 inches of elevation, misses a layup.

So - Situation Normal then

bad shot lavoy

Missed three layups on that possession, would've cut it to a 2-point game. Instead up to 6 in transition. Bad series of plays.

eddies' heady's on Nov 13 at 20:53

Bad pass Thompson. Results in a Casspi 3. ugh

and now 10. Fugly.

80-90 after three.

Catastrophic end to that quarter, all started by not converting when you had three chances in transition. Bleh. I'm in until/unless they get down by 15+.

eddies' heady's on Nov 13 at 20:57

Damn Evan, that was downright pitiful. Funny though.

Turner rejected by Parsons' elbow.

Turner bad shot, brick.

eddies' heady's on Nov 13 at 20:58

Heh, Parsons swatted that slow shit from Turner.

Turner rejected by Parsons, gets two inches of elevation there.

I like Beverly's part.

nice cut from Anderson

eddies' heady's on Nov 13 at 21:00

Anderson with the reverse layup off a nice look/feed from Lavoy of all people.

Anderson w/ the up and under (the rim). 23 for him now.

Turner grabbed a d-board and actually passed the ball. Pigs everywhere take flight.

evan is gonna get a tech soon

Morris w/ a three. 7-point game, folks. When does he start hack a dwight?

eddies' heady's on Nov 13 at 21:01

Evan pouting like shit after getting no call. Delay of game on Evan now for holding the ball and throwing it to the ref, I think.

eddies' heady's on Nov 13 at 21:05

Bad pass Wroten.

anderson 3 down to 6

eddies' heady's on Nov 13 at 21:06

Anderson 3!

Spence with the rejection. Anderson again (two or three?)

sissy 3

eddies' heady's on Nov 13 at 21:08

Hawes 33333333333333

Spence for three!

Turnerover on one of his insipid spin moves.

eddies' heady's on Nov 13 at 21:08

Evan with a spin move, swiped from him by Beverley.

eddies' heady's on Nov 13 at 21:11

Hawes 33333333333333333333


Spence with another three.

eddies' heady's on Nov 13 at 21:13

Hawes with aaaaaaaaaaa BRICK

Anderson 3!

eddies' heady's on Nov 13 at 21:14

Anderson 4 3!!!

Anderson 3!!!

3-point game. 31 points for Anderson.

thad from the post

eddies' heady's on Nov 13 at 21:17

Thad off the glass. One pt game.

Thad is automatic. Stupid foul by Anderson.

eddies' heady's on Nov 13 at 21:19

Wroten with the hard take and finish.

Wroten to the cup for the tie!

Hawes wins the second tip of the game!

Good hard drive by Wroten, but no finish.

ugh evan

eddies' heady's on Nov 13 at 21:24

Aw man, heck of a play drawn up there, but Parsons blocked Anderson's attempt.

We get a steal!!! but Evan gets it swiped from him. ugh

Turner you motherfucking scrub. Fucking jogging up the floor in that situation. No sense of urgency. I can't wait until you're playing somewhere else you scrub.

Anderson 3!

Anderson with another 3 to tie it up!!!! What a prayer! 34 points.

eddies' heady's on Nov 13 at 21:27

Anderson ties it with a tough shot to get off!!! Well contested by Lin.

Wroten went way too far under the hoop having to make that tough pass back out to the arc there.

who is turner going to leave open to hit the winning shot here?

eddies' heady's on Nov 13 at 21:29

Mannnnnnnnnnn Wroten almost made that prayer. ugh

eddies' heady's reply to eddies' heady's on Nov 13 at 21:29

Didn't matter anyway, it was after the buzzer.

100-100 after regulation.

Overtime, folks. He should put Morris in for Turner for OT. He won't because that would take balls, but he should.

nic thing about OT is that NBA tv puts it on

STOP fouling Howard is you CANT stop him from shooting

et finished!

eddies' heady's on Nov 13 at 21:33

Turner scores on a drive. What?

Turner made one of those layups without leaving the floor. Excellent job. Up 2.

et shot blocked

eddies' heady's on Nov 13 at 21:34

Turner fancy dribbles for a few secs, all for a pullup that gets blocked. Heh

Turner rejected on one of his shitty jumpers. Wroten charges. Ugh.

Come on, keep the D tight.

eddies' heady's on Nov 13 at 21:35

Turner walked there before that pass I think. Thad to the line.

Thad bailed turner out of a terrible pass in transition. Come on Thad, hit the pair.

thad splits them

wroten has 5 fouls

eddies' heady's on Nov 13 at 21:38

Didn't look like Anderson fouled DH there. Looked like a swipe at all ball.

Ugh, and-one for Howard, and he hits it. Tie ballgame.

Turner actually jumped that time. Gives them the lead. And then Lin takes it right back.

bad shot evan

Hey Look - Jeremy Lin made a 3 - probably should guard those

Turner bricks a three off the dribble. Great offense.

But They just made a three so the sixers must answer (being down one irrelevant to the situation) THEY MUST ANSWER

Dumb shot evan

eddies' heady's on Nov 13 at 21:40

Why does Brett Brown keep calling Turner's number? Every play or set is for him it seems.

Anderson has been pretty hot tonight.

What a pass by Wroten!

Turner is standing in the backcourt begging for the ball while they're running in transition. Hit 'em both, thad.

sissy tip in after a really bad et shot


Tuner with another pitiful drive resulting in an airballed layup, Hawes w/ the follow.

Turner planned that miss for for Hawes

He'd probably tell you he planned all 14 misses tonight. Or he was fouled on them.

Apache? Really?


Turner to the line to seal it. Just hit the fucking freebies you waste of space.

I'm sorry - but did the sixers finally become a lock down 3 point team?

eddies' heady's on Nov 13 at 21:43

Thad comes from behind with the double team and steals it from DH!!

Turner is fouled intentionally.

Nice call on the double coach

eddies' heady's on Nov 13 at 21:44

That was a heck of a call by Brown to double. They never expected it.

Wow, I didn't even realize Wroten has a triple-double.

18 points on 18 shots

Dwight seemed a bit befuddled by the double - maybe he should be doubled more often

Double from the big was the huge move there.

Airball three!

jeebus. Lin three. Two-point game. They're going to have to earn this win at the line.

The record for 3 pointers at the wlls fargo center is now owned by jeremy lin (beating Nick Van Exel and Wesley Persons)

Hey Zum - the game has been longer than 48 minutes

didnt meeks have 8 in a game once?

I'm just going with what they said on the broadcast - it might be a record for a visitor at Wells Fargo - maybe i heard it wrong

Genius coaching call on the dwight double team but WHAT was that inbound call?

Atta boy, Thad. Atta boy!

wroten dont do that again please

Turner padding stats!

eddies' heady's on Nov 13 at 21:52

Sixers win. Sixerssssssssssssss Winnnnnnnnnnnnn

8th seed baby! Here we come!

t'wolves put up 108 on the cavs in 3 quarters

123-117 final.

Despite Evan Turner's best tanking efforts, the Sixers pull one out in overtime.

Anderson is POTG.

"Hero ball" has been the worse part of Evans game this season.


eddies' heady's on Nov 13 at 21:54

That was a really exciting game to watch. Well, except for having to stomach Turner's forays and fuck-ups.

9 games but only 2 road games so far

Nice first quarter and overtime for Turner. Great game by Anderson. This tram won't quit. All credit to Brett Brown.

I have to say that I'm happy to see Dwight back in form. That was just the tenth 23/15/6/2 steals/6 blocks game since 1985.

the jazz get their first win of the year vs the pelicans

JamesAndersonIsBack on Nov 14 at 1:15

The Sixers play some seriously sloppy basketball but I honestly don't care as long as I get to see James Anderson finally break out this season. I wish Morris would stop hogging the damn ball and trying to show off all the time though. He's not at Michigan anymore. Still waiting for Wroten to finally break out and go off for 30+ like he's capable of. Wroten and Anderson are huge steals for the Sixers if they fulfill their potential. I like the hustle of Brandon Davies, too. Here's hoping somebody can actually play like a big man on this team. It's getting frustrating watching Hawes get outrebounded and outmuscled every game. Wroten possible 6th man of the future?

Interesting how last year's team had a defense that was designed to forever opponents to take long twos and an offense that choose to do the same. Now they have an offense that wants threes and a defense that seems content to cobbed them.

As for last night, the game was entertaining and reminiscent of Willie Burton.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Nov 14 at 9:11

Please excuse typos.

JamesAndersonIsBack reply to Xsago on Nov 14 at 21:15

I don't know why anybody was surprised by this. He played just as stupid in college but everybody acted like he was amazing.

The fact is that David Falk was right about both John Wall and the NBA. It was obvious from day one. The owners need to stop whining because they're the ones deciding to draft the wrong guys and overpay the wrong guys.

Hopefully more guys who can actually ball will get their shot like Anderson is right now. Honestly, what happened to Wayne Ellington?

He got his shot and he wasn't good?

If guys were good teams would play them

JamesAndersonIsBack reply to GoSixers on Nov 14 at 22:10

I don't think it's as simple as that. You can't say he got his shot when he was a star coming out of college yet they just stockpiled talent again and again, never developing anybody. He has the ability to score 20 a game as a sixth man.

Not really. The opposite has been true for years now. Every year another person "experts" write off gets his shot and shows that it's ability that matters, not stats.

Also, the funny thing is I was saying since he was at UNC that Danny Green was a great shooter and nobody wanted to listen until he started going off for the Spurs. It's about ability and finding the right situation. Imagine if Durant had gone anywhere but the Sonics/Thunder.

Poor writing aside, Nene says the spurs are not as talented as the wizards - thus loses all credibility - not exactly a great talented guy who plays at a high skill level either...

JamesAndersonIsBack reply to GoSixers on Nov 14 at 22:20

How does he lose credibility when what he was saying is true?

People tried to say the same crap about Gerald Wallace when he ripped his team, that because he didn't put up stats he should shut up.

Nene has been a huge disappointment, sure, but the fact is that he's right in what he's saying.

What Go6ers meant was that saying the Wizards have more talent than the Spurs is ridiculous. He loses credibility for that, in Go6ers's view. Personally I think reasonable people could disagree about a straight talent-to-talent comparison. Wall, Beal, Nene, Gortat, Ariza is a very talented group, if not a group of great, efficient, smart basketball players, whereas the Spurs at this point are largely an assortment of maximized role players... and Duncan and Parker and Leonard. He's probably wrong but one can see what he was driving at.

JamesAndersonIsBack reply to Tray on Nov 15 at 0:05

I get what he was saying (I disagree about the Spurs mostly being role players, also, but I get what you're saying too) but the point is that a true leader would've turned that team into a winner by now. John Wall has more potential than any guard the Spurs have (Yes I know Tony Parker is amazing but John Wall is so athletic and talented that he was supposed to change the position according to his dickriders), and Bradley Beal has the kind of athleticism that the Spurs have probably never had at guard. You throw in the guys around them, and they should be better than they are.

Nene will never fulfill his potential at this point but the fact is that he comes from a different time and he needs to instill some of that in these kids. They all want to ball like they're a part of that late 90s-early 2000s group but the fact is they were mostly streetballers and these are kids who were brought up in basketball in the most cushy, groomed for the league way possible. I've never seen another group of players who saw nothing wrong with missing wide open layups. Can you imagine how much shit players of past eras would get for missing open layups?

Wow, Turner has been incredible when he's driving this season.


Too bad he's settling for way too many mid range jumpers, that drive his usefulness down. That and the lazy defense...

buke reply to Xsago on Nov 14 at 10:03

One could see this from just watching the games but nice to see someone quantify it. Perhaps he's just trying to hit an occasional 3 and jumpers to demonstrate to the defenses (and maybe himself) that he can. Maybe it would be better to work on more of those shots off-the-court for the time being and just take fewer shots on the court with a higher percentage being drives.

I thought he played pretty fair defense in the overtime last night which surprised me a bit since he has looked gassed in the OT periods so far.

ET had that vacant look on bench last night. Getting your shot blocked 5 times tends to dispirit, at least for awhile.

When Spence gets mad, he gets even. The key for an opponent is to keep him from harrumphing.

Chandler Parsons choked on a couple late free throws. One grazed bottom lip of rim, one was soft but straight off right. Raymond Chandler and Louella Parsons would write a book on it.

"Duh-wight" Howard. When did his front name become two syllables, Malik "English major' Rose?

Jeremy: 8 turnovers. Linsanity: 9-15; 12 assists.

Home, James. Anderson, not Harden!

These feisty 76ers are partially justifying Comcast bill. Motto update: "Together We Sag And Bulge"

Good rundown.

Officially, ET was blocked 3 times according to the Yahoo box score (Wroten actually 4). Lots of shot blocking going around last night. "Duh-wight" himself was blocked 3 times.

Dwight's only moves remain L turn into lane, hard set elbow to vicinity of face (official discretion) and 2-handed jam, or L to R lane running flip shot, or reverse pivot lobs. Focus issues intact. Superman or Clark Kent, depending on moment. That said, guarding him would be a monumental chore. Hard to defend/coach against such shoulders, such spring, provided the cape is donned.

Not you, too! For me, last night's game featured the Houston announcers and they went on ad nauseam about him being either Superman or Clark Kent at various stages of the game. That double team and steal by Thad in overtime sure put a damper on their mood, though.

It's not like Dwight didn't strongly suggest the allusions. :) The trick next time will be inserting Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen to describe his game persona and production.

"It's a bird. It's a plane. It's Supermanchild!"

The game (and nature) has given him much. Can't help but think he's got more to give - but maybe not. Stats, large; finishing, medium or small. He's 28 next month. Wilt's teams won titles when he was 30 & 35. Moral: "The book isn't closed until it's shut" or "Where is Jerry West, Elgin Baylor, Gail Goodrich, Keith Erickson, Happy Hairston & Jim McMillan when you need 'em?"

JamesAndersonIsBack reply to Xsago on Nov 14 at 21:09

Don't forget about his dumb, lazy passes. Him and Morris really cause a lot of Sixer turnovers.

As for Hawes, he is some semblance of the player he used to be in Sacramento, but I doubt he will ever be that again. The Sixers need to trade him and ET at the deadline for the best deals they can if both keep this up. I was very against re-signing Hawes but if the Sixers can get a decent return for him then I'll have to eat crow on that one.

I've been impressed with Hawes' play so far this year. He and Dwight Howard are the only players in the league to average 16-10-2 blocks with 50% shooting (add Anthony Davis if you take away the 50% shooting requirement). But Hawes also adds the ability to shoot the 3-point shot (nearly 2 made per game with 50% shooting). He's hit a bunch in the 4th quarter of close games too. What part of his play so far do you all think he can sustain? If he maintains his current pace for the year, he's not only a tremendous bargain for his contract but he's probably also a strong contender for the all-star game and a contender for the all-league team. Who would have thought that two years ago? (Not me)

Least-likely to sustain the 50% shooting from three, but if he's close to 40% and taking as many as he is, he's a legit asset. Still doesn't battle for rebounds as much as you'd like, and he's still really weak on the interior on both ends of the floor, but he seems to have accepted that and learned to stop trying to be something he's not.

He's not the type of center I'd want if I was building a team, but he's leaps and bounds ahead of what he used to be. Hopefully, they can get a good return for him in a trade this season, because his price tag will go up after the year and I don't think he's in the team's future.

buke reply to Statman on Nov 14 at 13:16

As I believe Tk76 sort of speculated recently, he may turn out to be the early 21st century's Jack Sikma!

If he completes a good (doesn't have to be great) season, I hope they resign him for 3 or 4 years at an average of 10 million per if they can. If the team could give Dalembert a 6 year contract averaging 10.8 million per year after the 2005 season, they should be able to do something for Hawes now.

JamesAndersonIsBack reply to buke on Nov 14 at 21:22

It would be a huge mistake to resign Hawes.

Unlike previous seasons when Hawes would have a nice run of games, this year I'm sold on his improvement. He is stronger than he used to be and smarter on both end of the floor. He is a good rebounder in his space, but is not the kind of guy who will get you boards outside of his space. So combined with a more athletic and physical PF he probably could be a quality starter on a good team. I don't think he fits well with Thad, but maybe with Noel if Noel can ad some weight and finish well inside.

Hawes' major weakness is his inability to finish in the lane- but that can almost be a non-issue if he continues as a 3pt threat and occasionally beat his man down the floor on the break (which is surprisingly happening most games.) He certainly is not Vuce on the boards... but who is :)

The Sixers will be really thin in the frontcourt next year unless they land Julius Randle. Hawes has played above his contract thus far, and it will be interesting to see what the market is for a 3 pt shooting non-athletic center. Bu the numbers you would expect a big payday, but I think the league is (understandably) biased against finesse centers. But if he averages a bunch of 3's a game then it changes the equation. I just wish he could drive successfully to the rim from the 3pt line off of a pump fake- but that is asking too much.

Some might consider '9' still in the vein of a nice run of games - maybe if it gets up to 20.

Hawes Major Weakness is weakness - for his size and height he's just kind of a marshmallow - his major weaknesses are mostly defensively related.

I do think he appears physically stronger (or at least heavier) than he has in the past. You sort of expect a 25 year old to be a fair bit stronger but maybe a half step slower than a 21 year old... and I'm sure the weight work helps. I'm not saying he is above average strong, but i also don't see him being pushed around like he once was. he absorbed some serious shots from Howard last night and nearly stood his ground.

The only sample size issue I have is that in the past he has worn down and gotten dinged by injuries. he may be the kind of player who can get by with his physical size/strength when healthy, but losing even a bit completely throws him off his game? But overall, I just think he is a relatively driven player who has improved since he has entered the league and is learning where he is effective. I'm notr saying he is great, just that he no longer is garbage and is now actually an asset on the floor.

I remember Sam added almost nothing to his game aside from becoming a better rebounder (which was important.) Instead Sam just thought he was a better offensive player, which actually hurt the team by playing outside of his strengths. But Hawes seems to be a guy who really works on his game.

JamesAndersonIsBack reply to tk76 on Nov 14 at 22:00

I've been following Hawes since he was in high school. He's regressed since coming into the league. He was supposed to be the kind of big man who changes the game forever because he had the ability to use his skills and finesse offensively in any part of the court. He used to be quicker, more skilled, more polished, and a much smarter player. He's now the worst of both worlds because when he came over from Sacramento, he added weight and tried to be a true big man. He'll never get that back. I used to love to watch him play.

Check out some of his earlier highlights if you don't believe me. He's a shell of himself and always will be now. Speaking of Hawes in high school... what the hell happened to Martell Webster? He seemed like the real deal when he was drafted.

He was supposed to be the kind of big man who changes the game forever because he had the ability to use his skills and finesse offensively in any part of the court.

Except that Dirk Nowitzki was already in the league and had done that

JamesAndersonIsBack reply to GoSixers on Nov 14 at 22:16

Dirk Nowitzki isn't a big man. He's a tall guy who is much more like a perimeter player. Hawes was an actual big man who used his athleticism and ability to play the game in a way other big men couldn't. Dirk never played the 5.

SPencer has never really played the 5 either

It requires physicality and boxing out

Things Spencer can't due

He's almost afraid of physical contact

and he likes to kill kittens

JamesAndersonIsBack reply to GoSixers on Nov 15 at 15:32

I'm aware of that, but he used to be able to use his ability and athleticism/quickness to make up for his lack of strength or toughness. In his old highlights, you can see the way he was all over the floor, jumping a lot higher than he does now to block shots, get dunks, using his very impressive feel for the game to play the position in a way that really frustrated his opponent. He was 7 foot but he played a lot smaller in a good way, like it was unacceptable for him to not be as quick, athletic, and as skilled as possible. Honestly when he came to the Sixers, he was coming off a season where he was finally coming into his own in a lot of ways. Him and Jason Thompson were great together at first.

That's not who he is or will ever be again.

Hi Toll, Lara, or whatever your name is. You can change your identity but you're not skilled enough to change your style.

JamesAndersonIsBack reply to buke on Nov 15 at 0:07

Not sure who any of those people are but I'm none of them, thanks.

If you can't respond to what I say then don't respond to me at all, kid.

Sure, bub. Not responding to you sounds like a smart policy. Thanks for the chuckle, though. At 56 years old, I'm not called "kid" often.

JamesAndersonIsBack reply to buke on Nov 15 at 15:35

Well if you act like a kid then I'm going to call you one. Don't really give a crap what your age is because age doesn't make you mature or not childish. Instead of responding to what I said, you tried to peg me as some people I've never met in my life.

Who thinks this guy is the troll?

JamesAndersonIsBack reply to Brian on Nov 15 at 16:09

Don't really care. People want to talk shit out of nowhere rather than responding to what I say, and you can call me whatever the hell you want to call me for saying something back like a man. If somebody's going to act like a childish little idiot then I'm going to fucking call them on it when it's directed at me, as I have every right to do.

Felt like talking basketball for a bit. Don't feel like dealing with the bullshit of people who deem themselves experts when they've never laced 'em up for so much as a pick up game against real competition. Statheads don't know the game and never will. They get proven wrong every year yet still think they know everything. Fine by me. No need to waste my time on them.

Go Sixers (no, not the username). Adios. Keep up the good work, Brian. Always appreciative of a blog by somebody who has actually watched every game for as long as you have.

Felt like talking basketball for a bit. Don't feel like dealing with the bullshit of people who deem themselves experts when they've never laced 'em up for so much as a pick up game against real competition. Statheads don't know the game and never wil

I love comments like this - at this point you lose all credibility and your comments regarding 'talking stuff' come off as hypocritical and ridiculous. Seeing as how you deem yourself an expert.

Question - how much organized basketball do you think jeff van gundy played? Think he knows the game?

Every time a person makes your juvenile ESPN commentator worthy comment about 'statheads' and never playing the game (which you don't know for a fact) said person loses all credibility in the argument - and it usually stems from people who can't understand the statistical argument - or the statistical argument disproves their point so they have to be dismissive an childish.

JamesAndersonIsBack reply to GoSixers on Nov 15 at 18:21

I'm not the one who started with being dismissive. You love to say how everybody who disagrees with you "lost all credibility" but the fact is that I know more about basketball than you ever could. You feel free to keep going on like that though. Like I said, I just felt like talking basketball for a bit.

You're not Jeff Van Gundy. Jeff Van Gundy drew up plays and coached a team. The job he does now, he just speaks on common sense, basic things that have been lost in this current time. That's not really basketball knowledge so much as it is being blessed to come from that tradition that has really been lost in a lot of ways. Right now the only person's opinion I really respect about basketball players is Kobe because he studies all of them and when you ask him about a player, he'll tell you as somebody who is thinking of how best to defend that player. Actually that's not true, but most of the other people whose opinions I respect don't actually comment on the game because they're either coaching, playing, or working as an assistant. I do respect Jim Lynam though. It's hard not to respect a guy who made a career after coming out of the public league in the shadow of the more well-known players of his day.

Funny thing is you're projecting onto me what is actually true of you. Statheads use nothing but stats because they don't know the game, and nobody loves stats more than ESPN. I also never even said that applied to you.

I also never said anything about organized ball. There are plenty of streetball players who know the game. You kind of have to when you're playing against real competition, because the game is much more crowded and you're on your own a lot more.

JamesAndersonIsBack reply to JamesAndersonIsBack on Nov 15 at 1:44

Nevermind. It figures the season I stop watching any games but the Sixers (last year) he finally starts scoring again. Hope he gets a chance to play on a less selfish team someday and contribute the way he can.

JamesAndersonIsBack reply to tk76 on Nov 14 at 21:26

Why do people always forget about Moultrie? He had a ton of upside coming out of college.

The Sixers trading Hawes and ET at the deadline and starting a healthy Moultrie and Lavoy Allen as their frontcourt would be best for all parties involved. If Lavoy can't step up and play after 15-20 games, throw in Brandon Davies. Last year, people were talking about Moultrie as the future 4 of this team with all of his upside, and now everybody wants to forget him?

Hawes's numbers are inflated. 90 to 100 shot games make lot of points and rebounds available.

Some improvement shown, reminiscent of lefty C Darrall Imhoff - who set a better pick and could actually roll to the basket - in a relatively strong '69-'70 campaign (13.6/9.5/2.7; .571 TS%/.540 eFG%/.159 WS/48) for Cpt. Jack Ramsey's 2nd pro edition of scrambling run 'n' gunners. [Team finished 42-40; 6 averaged in double figure scoring (just like current club is showing); offense - 121.9 (1st of 14); defense - 118.5 (9th of 14); lost in 1st round to some rookie jazz buff named Kareem who averaged 36 in 5 gms.]

Spence still soft as a west coast big or a butterscotch krimpet, take your pick; sees lane as the Roosevelt Boulevard, our city's most dangerous road. Occasionally taps into his inner tiger, but it's a loooong season.

His counting stats may be inflated due to the increased number of shots but his percentages from the field and the three point line (though bound to come down) aren't going to be as affected...and it may just be me but 'pace' seems up around the league - i wonder if anyone has looked at league wide pace through the first couple weeks

His %s are out of sight so far, and that's far out! :)

Pace does seem up around league. Makes for some sloppy segments but also some fun viewing. Underaged, undertutored kids populate the league - Indy 500 ... "millionaires, start your engines!"

zach lowe kinda touched on it in here(scroll down a little)


Thanks, I skimmed the article yesterday but hadn't read the whole thing yet - interesting - sigh - if only i had more time

Darrall Imhoff! The centerpiece of UC-Berkeley's greatest run!

Darrall beat Oscar in Semi-, Jerry in Finals (winning bucket with 17 seconds left); 3rd pick in NBA draft.

Pete Newell, who worked for Lakers after leaving Cal and was instrumental in Kareem get from Milwaukee (bye bye Elmore Smith, Junior Bridgeman, Brian Winters and Dave Myers), taught him well. Newell one of only three "Triple Crown" - NCAA, NIT, Olympics - coaches in history. Dean Smith & Bobby Knight the others.

Darrall Imhoff (40), Kevin Johnson (11), Jason Kidd (5) & Al Grigsby (4) - only retired Golden Bears numbers.

Another example of how success is so often coach driven in college basketball. With Newell, Cal was a top powerhouse. After him, one hears from the program only occasionally. Same thing Houston since Guy Lewis and Oregon State since Ralph Miller. As a Big Ten Conference state resident and fan, I wonder if the same thing will happen to Wisconsin after Chester's own Bo Ryan steps down.

And West Catholic HS alum Herb Magee's 45 yrs (961-387, .713, 3rd all-time in wins) at Philadelphia University/Philadelphia Textile of East Falls and Lansdowne-Alden HS alum (now Penn Wood) Glenn Robinson's 42 yrs (853-312, .732, 11th all-time in wins) at Franklin & Marshall of Lancaster are closer examples of coach-driven success and program impact ... big shoes, small places, large marks.

Rockets assistant coach Chris Finch played for the Diplomats & Robinson.

With his influential dad Butch having just passed, Bo might be tempted to get out soon. On the other hand, what can a gym rat do on a beach? Great career for the former Chester Clipper. Currently 47th in wins, 670-212, .760, closing in on Denny Crum.

He's had an amazingly good career at Wisconsin. Despite rarely seeming to have an impressive team on paper, his teams have never finished lower than 4th in the Big Ten. He has a string of 12 consecutive NCAA tournament appearances going. Not many programs in the country have accomplished that in their entire histories. Wisconsin was able to hire him right out of the DII ranks, so they've gotten a higher return on their investment than they likely would have had they hired (and paid more) for a coach with an established DI reputation.

spencer is hired on Nov 14 at 23:54

Watching a bit of A.Gordon tonight and he looks like a S.Marion type athlete and a possible s.f. who would fit our ball pressure and running style. He also has shot the 3 well tonight.

I hope Spence stays and if we have a bunch of young players on rookie deals maybe a bench featuring Spence, Thad and Wroten could be affordable in 2 years. Even if we end up in the 4 to 8 range a starting 5 of Noel,Moultrie,Gordon,Harris[Mich.St.] and M.C.W. could run teams out of the building if Hinkie can get it done.

Maybe it's just me but i don't think building your team strictly on running teams out of the gym is a good strategy. If you can do that in addition to having a great half court game great, but you need to have a great half court game in the playoffs.

buke reply to Xsago on Nov 15 at 11:00

One of the best examples of that could be seen in Philly's 2008 playoff series with Detroit. The Sixers were a second half away from going up 3-1, but toward the end of the first half, the Pistons clamped down and forced a tough half court game from that point on. The Sixers lost that game and the next two as the running game was taken away from them for the rest of the series. That series had to be a major influence in them acquiring Elton Brand that summer. He did help the half-court game, but unfortunately was hurt again and missed most of the 08-09 season. This team doesn't have the best of luck (other than the Bulls series breaks, of course).

To be fair, that Piston's team was way more talented than the Sixers. The big surprise was the Sixers winning the initial games, and the Piston eventually beating them was to be expected.

I think it is unfortunate that the NBA moved away from high powered running teams like the Lakers in the 80's (or Boston way back in the 60's.) The Dr. J Sixers teams got out and ran well too.

I don't think running teams necessarily need to be bad in the 1/2 court or bad on defense. There just have been certain systems (GSW, Phx, Denver) that have given running teams a bad name. I'd argue that Miami is really at its best when it tries to be a more unstructured uptempo team, but probably do not fully take advantage of their talent in that regard.

I'm all for the Sixers building themselves into an uptempo team if the talent they acquire fits. I think Noel will be a terror in that regard- both in terms of generating break out opportunities with his defense and finishing on the break. Wiggens obviously will do best in an uptempo system, as will Randle, Exum and Gordon.

JamesAndersonIsBack reply to tk76 on Nov 15 at 15:59

The Pistons were on their way out. They were beatable. The problem is the Sixers wanted to act like winning one game was "shocking the world". The only people who didn't act like that were Reggie Evans and Iguodala. The Sixers had talent. They didn't play to their ability, as usual. Same story every year until this one.

Building a running team is never a good idea. You have to build a half-court, lockdown defensive team that can run when they get the opportunity to. That's what the best teams are, and that's how you win. The Sixers have the ability to do that when the starters are on the floor, and much moreso when Moultrie and Nerlens are healthy and they replace Turner with somebody who can actually stretch the floor and play defense.

The Sixers are probably at their worst on the fast-break because they're an undisciplined, sloppy team. MCW, Anderson, and Thad can run the fast break right but that's about it. Wroten has all the ability in the world to but he still needs to mature and start being aggressive all of the time, not just when he really feels like it.

no MCW tonight

lou williams will be active tonight but dont know if he plays

What do you all think of offering Hawes for I Shumpert? I might even throw in a second round pick to sweeten the deal for NYK.

Wouldn't do it. What use would the Sixers have from Shumpert? But they can try and make it a three team trade and get a first rounder from somewhere.

Yeah, NY should be interested in several of the Sixers because NY is locked into their roster for the next 2 years. Hawes, ET and Thad would all be good fits. If Shumbert can be flipped for a pick or a player who better fits for the Sixers then it could be a good opportunity.

JamesAndersonIsBack reply to raro on Nov 15 at 15:49

Definitely wouldn't do that. If he keeps it up, I'd want a decent draft pick and possibly an expiring contract for Hawes. Shumpert would get in the way of our young guys like Wroten and MCW, and of us being able to see what Anderson can do for the rest of the season.

I don't know why people want to trade Thad. He's here for a few more years, and he fits the team perfectly off the bench going forward.

JamesAndersonIsBack on Nov 15 at 16:25

Okay last comment, promise.

I'm going to feel like TS% is a made up stat to try to make statheads feel like they know more than they do. MCW plays the game exactly the way it's supposed to be played. I didn't think he was all that special coming out of college but at every level he's worked his ass off and improved. In HS, he was slow and pretty clumsy. When he got to college, he was much quicker and more agile and coordinated. When he debuted for the Sixers, he as more of a complete player than he's ever been and it showed. He played tenacious defense on somebody who should've eaten his lunch easily. His passes were not only crisp but every single one of them was the right play and was right on the mark, to the point where he could've hit a dime every single time. He's tougher than you'd think he is, and he's more fearless than he should've been and doesn't back down. He's like Mo Cheeks kind of special, and he's still really learning how to score at the NBA level. He has something inside of him that most players don't, that feeling of anger and frustration that turns to drive and willpower, and it shows. When his team is playing really stupid and losing handedly, he steps up and takes over. That is something that is rare.

Is this seriously the dude you all are comparing me to? I never use stats in my argument, not once.

Disagree on Shumpert. I've been watching him a bit since he was at GT.

JamesAndersonIsBack reply to JamesAndersonIsBack on Nov 15 at 16:36

He's not amazing but he can score a bit. I was kind of surprised to see he broke out in NY because he wasn't a huge star in college in my opinion but he's not garbage.

*was a more complete player than he's ever been, not as

All stats are made up, in some sense, and TS% is a pretty terrific stat as "made up" stats go, because it directly measures the rate at which a player scores when he takes a shot at the basket, whether from the field or the line. It's a whole lot more meaningful than just asking what percentage of his shots a player makes.

JamesAndersonIsBack reply to Tray on Nov 15 at 18:26

I agree with that, sure, but my point is that stats never tell the whole story. MCW doesn't need to shoot well at all. As long as he's able to hit the three at times and able to drive the lane when need be and take over the game in different ways, that's all that matters. His overall game is much more important than his scoring.

One of the reasons I respect this blog when I don't respect others is because Brian is able to use stats to complement his basketball knowledge, not to attempt to make up for a lack of it. That's the only way stats should ever really be used.

JamesAndersonIsBack reply to JamesAndersonIsBack on Nov 15 at 18:28

Oh, and GO SIXERS. Can't wait for tonight's game.

Adios. Keep up the good work, Brian.

MCW doesn't need to shoot well at all.

This statement is nonsense - of course he needs to shoot well, he becomes more of a threat when he can shoot well, and defend, and have court vision...shooting well is a weapon of a well rounded great player...early season indication is that he did work on his shooting - hopefully it sticks more than Turners attempts ever did

James Anderson's game was unbelievable. He is a modern day Willie Burton.

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