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On the Road in ATL

the sixers old friend cartier martin has been getting decent run off the bench for the hawks so im sure he will hit some crazy shot to decide the game

The answer is:

Allen Iverson
Dana Barros
Vernon Maxwell
Willie Burton
James Anderson

I left out Stackhouse and Hornicek going back a bit.

Over Under on Korver Points tonight set at 25

Gustavo Ayon starting for millsap who will come off the bench


puts horford on thad which should be fun

Tip is actually at 7:30, not 7. My bad.

Walking boot for MCW. Seems ominous.

I've got the Sixers broadcast on LP, which is a rarity.

Aaaaand we're off....Hawes loses the tip.

I thought the Sixers had the worst roster in the league. The Hawks have about a guy that should be pumping gas somewhere right now.

anderson on korver

Good call.

Ugh, Wroten w/ an unforced error.

wow i know it's Atlanta but there is literally no one in the stands

Hmm...an attendance of zero would be news worthy

nice drive by wroten

Turner should be the designated help man, Carroll can't shoot. They just need to be smart about their rotations when Turner is out of place.

bad evan shot goes in

Turner hits a terrible shot.

Turner bailed out after one of the worst passes you'll ever see.

Hits the pair.

good drive and pass by et but anderson misses the 3

Three dribble moves to get off a contested elbow jumper and he hits it.

bad pass by evan

Terrible entry pass from Turner to the guy sitting in the front row. Hawes is just so weak in his lower body. He should never post up.

Turner bad shot, doesn't fall. Can't tell you how much I love possessions where Turner just ices the ball and takes a long two.

Sweet Lou! Over/Under for FTA in the half for Lou is 5.

Turner rejected and jogging back on D. Korver hits a three on the other end. Lovely.

good trap on lou leads to a turnover

Good swarming defense. Don't think Atlanta was expecting these traps.

thad floater

Lou did not average 18.7ppg w/ the sixers. they need to check their stats.

been looking forward to seeing schroeder.

Cartier Martin w/ an Evan Turner-esque shot in transition, no good.

Ugh, p&r defense is just disgustingly bad.

Lou watching Turner while he was out is funny to me

also holy shit Brand is on Atlanta

I had the exact same thoughts.


morris 3

down 8 end of the 1st

Darius Morris for 3.

17-25 after one.

Sweet Lou looking like Sweet Lou for ATL. Someone needs to get hot for the Sixers or it's going to be a long night (which I will bail on at the half.)

Anderson hits a jumper, maybe that warms him up.

Not sure why, because he hasn't done a whole lot, but I kinda like Orton.

lavoy long 2

Man, they have thrown up some bricks early tonight.

Look at Lavoy running the floor!

malik freaks out when he does anything like that

its pretty funny

Bench has more energy than the starters tonight

Morris with another 3. Nice. Solid run to start the second w/ their defensive liability planted on the bench.

MCT reply to Brian on Nov 15 at 20:16

so much for that

wroten splits them

Figures DeMarre would have a career night from 3 against us.

MCT reply to Brian on Nov 15 at 20:17

Turner's fault for sure, even though he was on the bench...Eddie Mush effect

3 moves for a contested elbow jumper, hits it.

et jumper

My hair kinda looks like Schroeders, except I'm bald where he's blonde.

nice pass evan thad finishes it

Good find by Turner. Thad finishes.

Wroten to the cup in semi-late transition. Wroten w/ the steal and the finish for the lead. Nice run there. Turner w/ a couple makes, an assist, then Wrotenx2 for the 10-0 spurt.

So where do you guys stand on their record in general? 10-10 or better after 20 games = time to panic? Just sort of enjoying competitive ball and let the chips fall where they may? I don't know how I feel. Shocked/mildly delighted they've been this fun to watch so far, but haven't really put the whole thing into perspective yet.

i want wiggins but all i really want is a top 3 pick

How likely do you think that is at this point?

not good but if they trade some sort of hawes,turner and young?

I think it's small sample size and people shouldn't be panicking...some teams are off to hot starts, some off to slow starts...i think in the end the sixers will have one of the five or six worst records in the league

MCT reply to Brian on Nov 15 at 20:25

I don't know, I go back and forth. I want a top 3 pick, but I also think if a GM has two or three first round picks (even if not top 5) and a ton of cap space he should be able to do something with that. So I expect Hinkie to do his job and make this team better no matter what happens.

Just wait until the trades start happening

Mike reply to Brian on Nov 15 at 20:33

it's starting to sink in for me that they might not be as bad as we all thought. i truly believe they are impossible to scout right now and that is going to change very soon. also they'll probably struggle on their road trips and dealing with inevitable injuries.

it's also possible that BB is an excellent coach and is in the process of developing a system that really fits this team. MCW's health is crucial going forward and it's not a good sign that he's in a walking boot.

then you have to consider how Hinkie would react to a 10-10 record. obviously he's gauging the value around the league for Turner & Hawes. there are still teams that irrationally believe themselves to be contenders (NYK) who would trade assets. it's a very strange position to be in.

Hell of a steal by Tony Wroten

Sixers just have to be impossible to scout this early in the season with this roster

I love Wroten's pressure D. He's like a worse-shooting Lou who plays D.

Pretty play for a Wroten slam (turner standing and watching from 10 feet away). Turner to the line on the other end.

anderson bad rotation should of let carroll shoot

there's NO WAY they can keep up this level of semi competent play for four more months...can they?

no a couple players have major regression coming their way

MCT reply to das411 on Nov 15 at 20:28

I doubt it. I think they win 30 games, and if they trade a combination of Hawes, Turner, or Young they can get back down to the 20 win area.

I think they have to trade Thad and/or Hawes to get noticeably worse. Turner's coming back down to earth (though he's doing well tonight). Keeping him might be a better path to more lottery balls.

Korver guarding Turner.

thad finally gets the tip in to go

Third time's a charm for Thad on the o-glass.

nice passing leads to a thad bucket +1 ft

Scott from VT on Nov 15 at 20:33

Hey where can I stream NBA or Sixers games online?

I just love how this team goes to the basket. Turner is the only one that falls into bad habits of the last two seasons. No more long twos

lavoy also

Can you remember the last time Hawes took a long two? I can't.

Mike reply to Brian on Nov 15 at 20:38

yep he visibly is aware of it. looks down at the floor and steps back if he has the opportunity.

I hate to bury Doug Collins but how bad it is Brett Brown making him look?

of course that goes in

56-54 at the half. Carroll with a prayer three at the buzzer to put the damper on a damned good quarter. Still, up at the half. Huge second.

oof was that our old friend Cartier??

no it was demarre carroll

Have the Sixers led at halftime in any game so far this season?

Scott from VT on Nov 15 at 20:45

So I'm trying to stream from that site on my IPad but I must not have the app to play it... Does anyone know the app I would need to stream nba games online with IPad... Also anyone catch the Center fromKansas? They are comparing him to Hakeem the dream already.. Anyone want him if we can't get top 3 pick?

Kid is pure raw - he's rawer than sam dalembert was coming out of college - long term project -

Let's not forget Noel is on the roster either :)

ahahahahaha Malik singing the olympics music nice

bad shot evan

Bad shot, Turner.

sissy tip in


sissy 3!

Hawes three at the sc buzzer. nice.


Turner airballs a layup.

hawks at the foul limit


Career night for Turner's man. Coincidence?

Starters have been kind of miserable tonight as a group.

Brown's accent cracks me up.

why is et on teague

bad et shot goes in

Terrible shot by Turner, drops.

22 FTA for ATL, that's rare. Sixers typically don't foul.

eddies' heady's on Nov 15 at 21:13

ET baseline J.

Terrible shot by Turner, drops. That one was late in the clock (partially because he held it for 5 seconds, though)

eddies' heady's on Nov 15 at 21:13

Turner catch and shoot 3 brick.

Turner rejected. Not sure if they'll call it a turnover or a blocked shot.

eddies' heady's on Nov 15 at 21:14

Turner behind his back dribble and then proceeded to look like a slow-mo replay.

They called it a turnover, his 6th of the game.

MCT reply to Brian on Nov 15 at 21:16

Don't think he got hit on the body by Brand there? Malik and Marc did, don't think they are homers either

Tough to get calls when you don't jump. I think it should've counted as a shot, not a turnover, but that's just me.

MCT reply to Brian on Nov 15 at 21:21

Oh ok so it's ok to foul a guy if he can't jump very high? That's objective

Didn't say it was OK to foul him. Said you don't get the calls when you're earthbound and it's super-easy to block the shot w/out fouling.

eddies' heady's on Nov 15 at 21:17

Lavoy bailout.

shit quarter

down 9 end of the 3rd

73, 82 after three.

Horrendous quarter.

man oh man do i not miss BOSSMODE lou

eddies' heady's on Nov 15 at 21:19

Anyone provide a brief synopsis in addition to the nuggets already spoken? Seen they shot 7/21 that quarter. ET has 6 turns, whatelse?

Bench played really well in the 2nd quarter. Otherwise, they've been pretty shitty tonight.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Nov 15 at 21:21

Slow start?

Defense was fine in the first quarter, they just couldn't throw it in the ocean. First was pretty similar to the third, actually.

Anderson followed up his career night w/ a 2-point effort so far.

Wroten coming off the triple-double, has zero boards in 27 minutes so far.

This is a strange, strange team.

Those guys are the type of fungible league average guys who will have a 'great' game every now and then but to expect any sort of consistency from them is a fools errand. No big surprise they follow up a hit with a clunker

eddies' heady's on Nov 15 at 21:22

Hollis 3! Good arc.

Thompson 3!

eddies' heady's on Nov 15 at 21:23

Hollis steal and fullcourt dunk!!!

woah well done hollis!

Replay of the second Q. Wonder if ATL goes back to the starters before it's too late.

So what do tanking advocates root for tomorrow night?

Tray reply to Brian on Nov 15 at 21:34

I still think that there's an outside chance of the Pelicans tanking the second half of the season to avoid losing the pick, so I'll root for a loss.

Hollis and Davies pitching in.

This may be the worst lineup I've ever seen on the court at one time in the NBA

Lavoy to the line. Working hard on the o-glass.

i forgot lavoy had a 22 rebound game last year

Nice floor balance.

eddies' heady's on Nov 15 at 21:28

Anderson turnover, runout Hawks. ugh

eddies' heady's on Nov 15 at 21:29

Lavoy just shot a fucking 3, pull that motherfucker Brown.

Lavoy from three? No good.

That's ballgame, folks.

well that was fun while it lasted

Fun useless NBA stat fact of the night; tonight Demar DeRozan tied the record (post-1984) for most points in a game with just 1 assist or less, 1 rebound or less, no steals, no blocks. The record was previously held solely by Allan Houston, with a 37/0/0/0/0 line. So far this season Gay and DeRozan have been astonishingly bad, shooting 36 and 37 percent from the field respectively, although tonight DeRozan shot 13-22 (4-6 from three).

This is the first time I think I've actually seen Brent Brown going to tank mode during the game. He went way too long without Turner, Young or Spencer on the court at any time.

Eh, they played like crap in the third with those guys out there. When he want to the second string in the second, they went on a run. Even in this quarter, they were only -2.

Wow, Brooklyn is 2-5? That isn't the type of roster that's going to survive having to play a strong second half w/ heavy minutes just to make the playoffs.

eddies' heady's on Nov 15 at 21:33

Wroten brick from deep.

Still our ball.

Turnerover #7!

eddies' heady's on Nov 15 at 21:34

That's the 2nd time Evan's actually palmed it, think he just did it the possession down before that one where the ref called it.

sissy jumper

eddies' heady's on Nov 15 at 21:36

Anderson brick from 3, Thad o-board, Thad near bad pass turnover, Turner gathers it and ends with an and-one!

Turner and-one. Why would you leave your feet on a Turner pumpfake? You can block his slop flat-footed.

nice move by et

Turner +1 again. He got 1.5 inches of air on that one.

nice job by wroten to pull the chair

bad et shot goes in

Bad shot drops again for Turner.

eddies' heady's on Nov 15 at 21:40

Turner in rhythm.

lol, the injury update was on Brandon Davies

eddies' heady's on Nov 15 at 21:41

Evan getting to the cup again, short on that one. Got to get a stop here. Nope, gave up a dunk.

Turner rejected by the rim. Need a stop and a hoop here. Turner takes a dive and gives them a free deuce.

eddies' heady's on Nov 15 at 21:44

Make these two Wroten. Yes.

eddies' heady's on Nov 15 at 21:45

Spencer ends up on Teague. Wroten blows a for-sure bunny, shit.

They get a layup. Put a bow on it.

Heavy minutes for some guys on the first night of a back-to-back. Wonder what they're going to look like tomorrow night (and wonder what Jrue's going to do to them if they play defense at the point like this).

davis is gonna kill them

eddies' heady's reply to sixerfan1220 on Nov 15 at 21:49

Any word on when they stop phantomly sitting MCW? That bruise came out of nowhere.

eddies' heady's reply to eddies' heady's on Nov 15 at 21:50

Zum just said no MCW for rest of trip, wow.

they say hes out for at least the rest of the road trip

Wow, Jrue's numbers are horrible. shooting 39.8% from the floor. Usage shouldn't be that high on that team, either.

Tray reply to Brian on Nov 15 at 21:53

Look at Tyreke's numbers. But what Jrue's doing now is of a piece with the second half of last season.

Tyreke, despite being a horrible decision by NO, at least has the excuse of battling an ankle injury.

eddies' heady's on Nov 15 at 21:52

Tough first game of the triple roady. Tomorrow night should be interesting, oddly I feel them staying competitive during that one. Legs will/should be heavy though. We'll see.

bobcats beat the cavs in CLE

The Cavs are making the playoffs, just ask their owner.

Btw, how long does Kyrie get a bye for that team being so god awful? I mean, if he's a legit superstar, he should be able to keep them around .500 on his own.

he broke his nose again and will now be playing with one of those masks til it heals

Tray reply to Brian on Nov 15 at 22:03

Kyrie isn't a real superstar though, at this point.

103-113 Final.

Turner's string of sub-.50 TS ends at 2. He had 27 on roughly 23 possessions tonight. 7 turnerovers to go along w/ it.

Turner will never do anything right for you will he? Lol. He had a good game. Can't you just leave it at that?

Did he? Solid scoring, shitty defense and 7 turnovers = a good game?

I didn't read you comment bout Turner's defense all game till now. It's just obvious where you stand on him. You will never be able to have an unbiased comment about Turner.

Just go back and read all of you comment on any play by turner and you are over the top negative toward him. It's really kinda ridicules/pathetic.

Da Jruth reply to KellyDad on Nov 15 at 23:30

Cease the whining; see 8:19 and 8:30 comments.

So bitchy.

Stan reply to Brian on Nov 15 at 23:22

Yea you are usually overly negative about Turner. It seems like you go out of your way to say something negative about him. He was a bust at #2. He's not going to be on this team next year. Get over it.

I think his scoring was a little more than solid in the fourth considering he had two and-one's and made both freebies. This is especially true since nobody else had it going. On the other end he may have given up twice as many points and continues to get crushed by picks and gives no effort to get around or recover.

Yep, the fourth saved his efficiency, and depending on your definition, it probably wasn't garbage time just yet.

eddies' heady's on Nov 15 at 21:54

McKie on the postgame? Nice, wondered what he was doing.

yea CSN hired him as an analyst

eddies' heady's reply to sixerfan1220 on Nov 15 at 21:57

Always liked him, since at Temple. Glad he's doing something, think he'd make a good college coach.

Is Brook Lopez the best player on the Nets?

With Williams struggling mightily this year - YES.

ryan anderson is suppose to play tonight and thad usually loses him alot on defense but i doubt he plays normal amount of minutes with this being his first game back

you can hide turner on aminu to start but if they go jrue/ gordon/evans that will cause trouble

It's only fitting that at 5-5 I'm conflicted on who is worth keeping right now. Clearly MCW and Wroten are the no-brainers being on rookie contracts. Beyond that are Turner, Hawes, and Thad.

For better or worse, despite his warts, Turner has graded out so far as a top six small forward behind Durant, James, Anthony, George, and Iguodala. After those six the gap widens substantially. It's also worth noting that he's been the most productive player in the league at attacking the basket. Hawes lands at about five as well, but after Lopez and Horford the rest of the top ten are essentially a toss-up.

The problem is that all of the value they've gained is essentially offset by being free agents next year. Unless they're traded to somewhere that they will definitely re-up, like Hawes to the Sonics, then I don't think there will be enough of a return from interested teams for Hinkie to pull the trigger. Thad on the other hand remains to me the most movable piece on the team. He has a guaranteed, slightly below-market deal for several years and is still only 25.

A couple of other notes on Turner that don't acknowledge his very apparent defensive deficiencies:

Brett Brown's preaching the importance of physical fitness seems to have reached Turner. Aside from sporting a noticeably improved physique, he is fourth in total distance traveled at 26.2 miles. Conditioning and the team's incredible pace don't appear to be an issue.

He's as clutch as Harden and Durant... so far. In games where the Sixers are ahead or behind by five points or less, with five minutes or less remaining in the game, Turner has been as good as either of them.

Harden: 3W - 2L, 1.0/3.2 (31.3 FG%), 3.0/3.6 (83.3 FT%)
Durant: 4W - 2L, 0.8/2.3 (35.7 FG%), 2.0/2.3 (85.7 FT%)
Turner: 4W - 1L, 1.2/3.4 (35.3 FG%), 2.4/2.8 (85.7 FT%)

buke reply to Cin on Nov 16 at 12:59

Thanks for those numbers and insights.

A couple more easily available factoids about Turner's offensive performances this year:

1) He is averaging 21.9 pts. a game at home, but 27/gm on the road (more comfortable on the road perhaps?); and

2) Of the four games where he has not shot over 50%, three were Cleveland, Houston, and Chicago where he played 47, 46, and 39 minutes respectively. He may be in better shape but his offensive style of driving and attacking the basket on most of his shots seems to take its toll as his minutes are extended.

In the end, Hinkie's stubborn refusal to make any signings of notable rotational players last summer who could have helped this team may be the critical factor that sends this team to a bottom five finish. By February these starters should be pretty gassed.

"Stubborn Refusal" is different that "Specific Plan", even if you disagree with the plan, it's rather obvious the sixers have one for this season and signing 'notable rotation players' who would do nothing to help this team contend for an NBA title was not part of it.

buke reply to GoSixers on Nov 16 at 13:52

Well, OK, one man's meat is another man's poison (or one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter), but we can both agree on his single-mindedness in pursuing his goal.

Nevertheless, considering the bargain free agent market last summer (for example, he could have acquired a very good 3 point shooter in Anthony Morrow for a veteran minimum), he could have signed at least one decent backup or spot starter to help the bench. On this road trip we are operating with a bench of Morris, Allen, Orton, Thompson, and Davies. I like Orton well enough and think Davies has some potential but that bench is downright cruel to your coach and starters.

I'm sure they could have signed better free agents but better free agents are contrary to a rebuilding concept...and would continue the mediocrity that is low lottery / first round playoff exit (barring injury to superstar)...

Whether you agree with it or not, the plan is the plan, and lamenting the team not doing something that is contrary to the plan makes no sense - for the first time since 2002 the sixers have a visible plan - give it a chance before saying it's a disaster.

Look at the Oklahoma City Thunder - that's a contending team that was built by sucking at the right time...like it or not - the road out of mediocrity in the NBA is to suck, at the right time (not like charlotte which just sucks all the time and the one year it's probably smart to suck they make moves they believe will get them better)

I mean - the phillies signed marlon byrd this week - i think it's a terrible idea in principle - but since the lens of RAJ is that 'we can still contend' as opposed to 'god we're old and over paying everyone' - it makes more sense...

That meat poison one - just never works for me :) I can handle the terrorist freedom fighter metaphor though not a huge fan of it :)

Like or dont like that plan - that's fine - but criticizing the GM for not making moves that hurt his plan - that seems unnecessary :)

buke reply to GoSixers on Nov 16 at 14:12

Whether you draft stars or more ordinary players, you need 12 players on a team and you can't fill the roster with stars. I'd rather have Anthony Morrow than Darius Morris (and certainly more than Kwame who could have been released) because Morrow might be worth having around for another year or two whereas we are almost certain that Kwame won't be and Morris is not looking too probable so far.

Likely Hinkie will be more active or much more active (if he let's go of both Turner and Hawes) next summer but doing a little something last summer shouldn't have been ruled out.

Morrow signed a minimum salary contract with a team option - it's not like he was a sought after player - players like him are always around because of their limited contributory possibilities.

If the plan was to be as bad as possible this year - then yes - making moves last year that would have made them better this season should have been ruled out...anything contrary to the plan should have been ruled out - hence why the roster consists of mostly dregs no other team would want - which is also why I expect Hinkie to be rather active long before this off season...

Tray reply to buke on Nov 16 at 15:24

Suppose Hinkie is trying to maximize losses this season, which you may think is a bad idea, but it at least seems to explain what he's doing. Are you saying that even with that objective, he still should have signed Anthony Morrow because Morrow's just so good, and so potentially helpful to us in seasons after this one, that we can't let some other team wrap him up? That seems like a stretch. I think either you're on board with tanking or you're not; if you are, then of course it was very wise of our GM to not sign, as you suggest, maybe the most accurate role player shooter in the league.

Tray reply to Tray on Nov 16 at 17:08

And I will say for your argument, obviously there's some point at which you have to make choices that will impair your tanking chances because the upside for the future is too big. For example, Hinkie did not go into the draft last year attempting to draft players he thought were lousy. (Although some people have suggested he liked Noel and MCW in part because he thought they wouldn't add much their rookie seasons.) You can't pass up a really good, cheap talent in the draft. But can you pass up the several wins Anthony Morrow might get you in years 2-4 of his contract so that you don't pick up several wins now? Yeah, I think you can, because he's not that great, you're not going to be that great in years 2 and 3 anyway (that is, signing Morrow is really more of a move that a contender should make), and there will be more Morrows in the future. But we're only going to have 2-3 years of lottery picking if things work out, so you really can't draft wrong to maximize tanking. On the other hand, say we had the 20th pick in the 2013 draft and there was some player who projected as a completely NBA-ready backup center. You might opt to not draft that guy because he could hamper tanking and you can get your backup center two years later.

I remember when they first announced SportVU a couple years ago, thought it would be a great addition - in time as more footage is acquired, I think smart teams are going to be able to use it properly (I also think that the average fan is only going to get a fraction of what is available)...teams are going to have to stuff up their analyst/intern folk to take advantage of it all I bet. Sometimes when you have a preponderance of data finding what's helpful can take some time (and when you gotta do it all by yourself it can get overwhelming - trust me)

Credit to the NBA, and as Zumoff stated last night, their striving to remain on the cutting edge. Like you said, the regular fan may not be privy to what is actually the cutting edge, but what we have available essentially makes them the go-to place for statistical queries.

Depends on the queries you want to make and how much raw data you have access to...me - I love to deal with the raw data and manipulate it - but finding it (for free) is always a pain - and ESPN keeps changing how they deliver their shot location information (regarding free throws mostly) in its raw form :)

lara reply to GoSixers on Nov 16 at 13:20

SportsVu is over 7 years old

To my knowledge this is the first year that its data, at least a portion of it, has been available to fans.

Yes - that too :)

This is one of the first articles I remember seeing about it's usefulness


That's from 2012 and mentions only ten teams using it.

I don't know when stats inc bought sportvu though

Actually - to some teams - the short length of their contract can be an asset - teams with long term cap issues who think they are closer to contending would be more interested in taking on a 'short term' helper usually - but those teams usually lack the assets as well to make it worth while to the sixers so 3 team deals need to be swung, and you've got to think every time you add a team it makes a trade at least 50% more difficult to complete

Usually young players don't qualify as short term help when you factor in variables like changing teammates, locations, and other things that more seasoned players are accustomed to, which is why I have their contract length working against them.

Maybe on Turner, and not sure I agree with that point when you're bringing on a player to contribute, not be a focus, but Spencer is in his 7th year in the league...he's been around long enough (and played on two separate teams) to be able to adjust to such things like that.

not to mention the 'rapid' roster turnover for the sixers versus last season might play in the favor of a guy like Turner and Spencer who 'adjusted' quickly to the changing team mates AND new coach...

I think both guys have more positive value to the right team than negative value...it's just a matter of finding the right team...and the right assets to make a deal work...I believe there would be a market for Hawes, Turner, and Young, the question is will the market return enough assets to make it worth while...or can Hinkie find a third team to facilitate a move to a contending team.

To my mind, that's the bigger problem, finding a way to leverage the trade options to obtain future assets without taking on too much salary - which when making moves with contenders tends to require a third team.

Speaking of 'contenders with need' with Asik demanding a trade again and smith a bit injured - the rockets are a team that might have some interest in hawes - but again - who is the third team to take on asik and give the sixers something useful (you know - like the magic - they're owed a lot of first round picks - getting hands on that 'denver or new york which is worse' pick could be pretty cool ;) but orlando probably not interested in moving it.

Hmm...orlando has some nasty contracts that could be used to lower their salary committment - obtain asik and all the sixers ask is that single first round pick :)

hmmm trade machine doesn't let you add picks but how does this look?


Won't load it

I'm assuming it was something like

Hawes to Houston
Asik to Orlando
Hedo or Jameer to PHilly? (I played around with it but I can't tell if Hedo is owed 12 or 6 this year and what he counts against the cap/tax thing)

even better

To HOU: Nash, Hawes
To ORL: Asik, ET, Jordan Hill, Kwame
To LAL: JRich, Afflalo
to 76ers: Harkless, Vuce, TJones, Motiejunas, Beverly, and of course Davis to make the salaries work

Hmm...yeah - that's not hapening :)

trade machine links are broken

need to screen cap it or just say what it is

SportsVu is over 7 years old

It has not been around the NBA for 7 years - it has not been available on NBA.com for 7 years - and when it first rolled out it wasn't even used by all NBA teams at once. The company works with a lot of sports...and most of its data is kept to itself so it can make money - but yes - it's good to know how long the company has been around...

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