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Slowing Down the Voose

According to someone in the other thread, no Hawes tonight

also no wroten

There you have it...

mcw 3! catch and shoot style

eddies' heady's on Nov 27 at 19:10

MCW 3 to start!@

Aaaand we're off. Hawes wins the tip.

MCW hits a three on the first possession.

Orton hits a long two. Where the f did that come from?

Turner bricks a long two early in the shot clock. Afflalo bitches Turner on the other end.

good d by orton

mcw finishes

eddies' heady's on Nov 27 at 19:12

MCW steal and finish!

Steal MCW. Finishes over Oladipo in transition.

voose long 2

Turner misses a three, better than a missed long two, at least.

eddies' heady's on Nov 27 at 19:13

MCW should have pulled that 3 when he received that pass. Instead ET rims a 3 out.

Voose goaltend. That was coming out, too.

eddies' heady's on Nov 27 at 19:15

Anderson was gonna miss the bunny, but, Vuce interfered with it on the rim.

Two on Orton, I believe. Thad coming in sooner than anticipated.

bad shot thad goes in

Thad w/ a bad shot that drops. Hope he and big baby don't get into a long-two contest.

Voose finishes + the foul. soft foul by Lavoy.

lavoy long 2 goes in

Lavoy long two

eddies' heady's on Nov 27 at 19:17

Lavoy makes a bad shot from 16

MVW blocks Jameer's weak shit.

eddies' heady's on Nov 27 at 19:18

MCW gets beat on a Nelson cut, but recovers to block it.

thad misses both

Thad was at 70.8% from the line prior to missing both of those.

et 3!

eddies' heady's on Nov 27 at 19:19

ET corner 3, swish!

Voose w/ the follow.

Turner had no prayer on that oop, but hits the corner three off the o-board.

vuce jumper

11 points for Voose already.

nice entry by evan to davies

eddies' heady's on Nov 27 at 19:24

Good look and pass from ET to Davies over the top.

Davies w/ the finish. Turner hit him over the front (why were they fronting Brandon Davies?)

eddies' heady's on Nov 27 at 19:25

Falling asleep, Thad. Got to be aware there.

mcw 3!

eddies' heady's on Nov 27 at 19:28

MCW another catch and shoot 3!

MCW hits another three.

eddies' heady's on Nov 27 at 19:29

MCW with a brick that banks in.

terrible shot by MCW. It banks in.

Maxielle always seems to kill the Sixers, especially on the o-glass.

eddies' heady's on Nov 27 at 19:30

Didn't know Maxiell was still around, he looks rather chubby.

eddies' heady's on Nov 27 at 19:31

Davies with a terrible turnover. That pass was never there.

Isn't Doron Lamb the guy the troll kept saying was the second coming?

eddies' heady's on Nov 27 at 19:32


eddies' heady's on Nov 27 at 19:33

ET with a contested pullup from 15.

et jumper

down 6 end of the first

27-33 after one. Excellent D, as usual.

injured official

et jumper

eddies' heady's on Nov 27 at 19:37

Orton with a good screen for an ET J.

eddies' heady's on Nov 27 at 19:38

Ugh, bad brick from Lo Brown.

bad shot evan

eddies' heady's on Nov 27 at 19:38

Evan with a bad pullup.

et to the line

eddies' heady's on Nov 27 at 19:39

Evan gets stuffed but bailed out with a call.

eddies' heady's on Nov 27 at 19:40

Vuce is beasting. ugh

eddies' heady's on Nov 27 at 19:41

ET with another over-the-top pass to Davies, he's fouled.

davis banks it in at the buzzer

eddies' heady's on Nov 27 at 19:46

MCW step-back 3! SWISH

Jameer malingering.

nice cut and pass by thompson

Nice passing. Didn't think MCW's was going to be completed, like he was leading a receiver across the middle.

bad pass mcw

right idea at least

That one got away from MCW a little bit.

eddies' heady's on Nov 27 at 19:52

Um, MCW who was that pass to? Airmailed that one.

eddies' heady's on Nov 27 at 19:53

Vuce is nasty with that across the lane lefty hook/finish.

eddies' heady's on Nov 27 at 19:54

MCW brick from deep. CLANK

mcw steal!

more free throws for thad

Wow. Thad hit both.

Terrible pass by Voose. They collapsed the lane.

mcw needs to work on scoring when using the p/r

ORL getting loose w/ the ball. Take advantage, get it to 6-8 by the half.

thad long 2

Thad long two. Ugh. Went in.

thad and 1!

Smart foul, Voose. Thad hits the long two and gets the +1. hit the freebie.

eddies' heady's on Nov 27 at 20:03

Thad fake, step-in, and jumper, plus the foul.

15 pt lead now down to 5

10-0 run to the end the half

down 5

50-55 at the half.

Strong finish to keep it competitive, and keep me interested enough to watch the second half. They got really, really sloppy there in the last couple of minutes.

sprained left foot for for jameer and wont return

Terrible pass by Lavoy, but no one moved an inch to help him out of that double.

Ugh. MCW w/ the pullup three. Not crazy about that. Better than a long two, though.

Nice hands, Turner.

credit where its due
turner has done a good job on afflalo so far

This is pretty scary. Are you inside my head?

Turner's doing a decent job defensively on Afflalo, who seems to be trying to emulate Turner's game.

lavoy long 2

mcw to orton

eddies' heady's on Nov 27 at 20:24

Effort level is good here.

3-point game. This is a win if they can put together a burst.

eddies' heady's on Nov 27 at 20:25

Bad shot MCW.

eddies' heady's reply to eddies' heady's on Nov 27 at 20:26

and they get a 3 on other end

thad 3!


eddies' heady's on Nov 27 at 20:30

Thad 3!?

Afflalo doesn't usually take this many long twos, does he? He's shooting like 50% from three on a bunch of attempts/game.

MCW w/ the finish off the turnover. Get some stops, huh?

Man, why ice the ball there, Turner. They were scrambling and you had MCW wide open for a three.

good job to attack thad

Good job creating space w/ that bump, Thad.

I forgot about Orlando. Jaques Vaughn said something like "Don't take a three, take a step in, it's an easier shot." last season.

mcw long 2

spacing wasnt great there

eddies' heady's on Nov 27 at 20:35

MCW catch and shoot long 2

eddies' heady's on Nov 27 at 20:36

MCW has struggled all night long with guarding Oladipo, especially staying in front of him.

MCW has taken 16 shots, 0 FTA.

nice job thompson


eddies' heady's on Nov 27 at 20:37

Hollis follow putback.

eddies' heady's on Nov 27 at 20:38

Hollis airball 3.

Lo Brown steal!!! ugh he's blocked by Vuce

Brown really should have pulled out of that 1 on 3.

down 4 end of the 3rd

73-77 after three.

Won't take much to steal this one. Be nice to see them get to the line in the 4th.

Turner stripped, gets it back and hits a jumper in the lane. need stops.

eddies' heady's on Nov 27 at 20:43

Lazy pass Davies. 2 the other way.

thad 3!

eddies' heady's on Nov 27 at 20:44

Thad 3!!

THAD43!!! Again.

Get some fucking stops.

thad to the line

bleh. they're free.

need stops.

bad shot thad but he gets the roll

MCW's assist numbers bother me more than his FT numbers

not his fault when anderson and et cant make a 3

Thad's having a hell of a return game.

eddies' heady's on Nov 27 at 20:49

Thad step-back J over Vuce, rolls in.

eddies' heady's on Nov 27 at 20:50

MCW bricks a bad three.

Ugh. Stupid foul.

eddies' heady's on Nov 27 at 20:51

Afflalo blows by ET and ET fouls him for an and-one.

et jumper

eddies' heady's on Nov 27 at 20:54

ET coming off a curl, deposits over Vuce.

eddies' heady's on Nov 27 at 20:55

They doubled Vuce that time and forced him to give it up.

mcw floater

eddies' heady's on Nov 27 at 20:56

Anderson bricks a wide open 3. MCW finishes after an o-board.

mcw to the line

eddies' heady's on Nov 27 at 20:58

Catch the fucking ball Lavoy!!

Runout on other end.

heh. you hate lavoy.

eddies' heady's on Nov 27 at 21:03

MCW with a thud of a brick from deep.

Ugh, MCW building a house from three.

These Orlando announcers crack me up.

South Broad reply to Brian on Nov 27 at 21:05

Yea me too. Earlier they were saying "I know Sixers fans cringe when watching Vucevic play against the Sixers".

That first round pick of the Heat convo was entertaining. They mocked Moultrie.

That Oladipo three was the dagger.

Thad to the line, need both of these. Down 9.

thad splits them

That was the Evan Turner defense we've come to know and loathe.

et to thad

Eh, don't start w/ the timeouts know, Brown. Too little, too late.

know = now.

eddies' heady's on Nov 27 at 21:08

Their bigs killed us tonight and were pretty much the difference. Big Baby threw up quite a few prayers that fell and Vuce was unstoppable, Nicholson was key at certain points. Really missed Hawes tonight.

lost by 11

jrue comes to town on friday

So here's a somewhat useless stat. The youngest player ever to have the line Vucevic had tonight - 10 field goals, 15 defensive rebounds, 5 assists, 3 blocks, a steal - is Vucevic, tonight. Now, if you took the line he had a minute ago, with one less defensive rebound and one less block, the youngest player to do that ever was also Vucevic, back in April. The next youngest is LeBron, and the third youngest is, again, Vucevic. And, the players who have had tonight's line from Vucevic are just these: Barkley, Bird, Garnett, Malone, Dirk, Shaq, Olajuwon, Robinson, Webber, Divac, Horford... and Andray Blatche.

anomiemnemonical on Nov 28 at 1:32

Pleeeaaase do this one thing for me Hinkie.. I'll do anything.


Cleveland may be willing to do a Turner for Waiters swap, according to Broussard. What do you say Brian? I don't quite share your level of antipathy for Turner (though I'm not too far behind), but I'd love this deal. Waiters may be inefficient and a bit of a gunner type but I've been real high on his shot-creation ability since his Syracuse days. I say we make it a homecoming for both of these guys and just do this.

I'm not high on Waiters, but to me he'd be less of a lost cause than Turner. Maybe they could turn him into something. Who knows. Yeah, I'd do it. Don't think they're going to get any kind of return for Turner, this is probably somewhere close to the best case scenario. Plus, if they trade him there's zero chance they re-sign him, so I'm on board.

spencer should be hired reply to Brian on Nov 28 at 11:53

I don't totally disagree with what Waiters said, Irving doesn't seem to involve his teammates and looks to score first, but the whole Bynum situation may be that teams main problem.

If Waiters can defend and hit the 3 I would do the trade and Kiresev could be a solid bench piece if added in.

spencer should be hired on Nov 28 at 10:13

I don't know how well B.Ingram [Hoopsworld] knows S.Hinkie, he said they are friends, but he pointed out that he believes Sam won't trade assets just to get a higher draft pick and that building a winning culture is more important.

On his [Ingram] chat it was also pointed out that Asik [Portland] and Thad [Houston] would both be good fits. Houston would need a backup center along with Thad to pull the trigger.

Thad and J.Freeland to Houston, Asik to Portland and M.Leonard and C.J.McCallum to the Sixers, would ya?

spencer should be hired reply to spencer should be hired on Nov 28 at 10:16

It works salary wise on the trade machine.

No. You don't give up Thad without getting draft picks...

Leonard is a wasted lottery pick and McCollum has had the same injury twice in the span of a year. That's a terrible trade.

People should try not to over value the sixers assets - they have some - but not as much as you see to be thinking

spencer should be hired reply to Xsago on Nov 28 at 11:45

Leonard, like Spence, came out a year too early but as a 20 year old had his moments last year. [18 m.p.g., 5 pts.,4 reb.] He is raw but could have a future. McCollum has a chance to be good and injury issues may be a reason Portland lets him go, plus depth at s.g. .

Saving 5 million in cap space each of the next 2 years adds to this trades value. Young upside players on reasonable deals seems to be our g.m.'s trademark, and this deal would represent that.

Kidd is making some veteran coaching moves already :)


I love the music.

The Columbus kidet: 21.5 million to be pocketed for first 4 yrs of melodramatic mediocrity. It's a wonderful country.

'Magic' C-W's 7 assists per game in uptempo, early-shot Sixers "arrangements" is nothin' to write home about. Give me his 39+ min (and 24+ usage rate) and I could average 4 (on today's assist grants), and I run like Francis Muldoon and see the court like Gunther Toody.

Am happy for Vucevic. Seems like a nice kid. Didn't see him as a building block early with Sixers; thought he was too timid, push-aroundable. Remove Collins. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Now a contributing big with a future.

On Jameer: Discount your blogmaster's blindness and relentless put-downs. The former captain of the Chester Clippers PIAA Quad A Champions and undefeated St. Joseph's Hawks (27-0, #1 seed) is nothing but a winner (Wooden Award, Naismith Award, Bob Cousy Award, Oscar Robertson trophy, cover of Sports Illustrated, NBA All-Star). Jameer couldn't help it if Dwight's marbles ran amok, year in, year out.

Imagine this Sixers team if players weren't in superior shape. Or, rather, don't - instead, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

This morning I'm thankful that I saw Oscar Robertson pound the ball on Convention Hall's echoing floorboards with his left hand, hopping, pump-faking, waiting, up-thrusting and releasing in great form a soft right-handed mid-range baseline J.

I'm also thankful that 'Stars-and-Stripes' forward Dave Gambee hustled like a good teammate, while others got the glory. And then there's Overbrook's Wilt, the world's nonpareil basketball blessing, and spirited West Philly Speedboy 'Wally Wonder' Jones, integral part of those 68-13ers. And the great work of tall timber trio Jackson, Walker, Cunningham. Lastly, I thank my lucky stars for having witnessed Hal Greer's take-it-to-the-bank 15 ft-er, over and over. Philadelphia 76ers, World Champions, 1967; 6 scoring 12.0 to 24.1 ppg. Royals ('O', Lucas, Adrian Smith, Connie Dierking, Happy Hairston), Celtics (Russ & the traditional assortment of scuffling arch-villains), Warriors (Thurmond, Barry, young Dukee Jeff Mullins) - BOUNCED!!! Tip of the cap to coach Alex Hannum, who wasn't afraid to mix it up in his day.

spencer should be hired reply to Dollar Bill on Nov 28 at 12:49

I used to look at D.Nelson's Golden St.'s teams stats differently because of their style of play. "Inflated" comes to mind as an adjective. Are these current Sixers subject to the same scrutiny, as are many current N.B.A. teams. Pheonix, under Hornacek are doing similar things.

The A.B.A. is dead, long live the A.B.A. !!!!

Meh - the word inflated is just silly - evaluate a player as he operates with in the system - efficiency is not a factor of pace - efficiency doesn't look at points per game - it looks at how the points are obtained...are they performing efficiently with in the system or not - are they acknowledging their strengths and weaknesses in the system they are playing - I think - honestly - the only person you could say is playing efficiently with in this new system is (shockingly) Spencer Hawes who also seems to have discovered a new skill that makes him a stronger asset - though at the same time - it's still a pretty small sample size in comparison to the rest of his career - but hopefully in a few weeks that will be a different teams problem

Kansas Game on obscure AXS tv game today - that kind of sucks

spencer should be hired reply to GoSixers on Nov 28 at 14:19

M.Smart is hitting the 3 ball again today. They are mentioning D.Wade as a comparison to him on the game because of his physicalness and defense.

He and M.C.W. could become a dominant backcourt on the defensive end.

Looked at highlight reels of Dion and then Bradley Beal on YouTube last night. The thing I noticed was that all of Dion's highlights were of him creating his own shots whereas Beal has a lot of spot up highlights. So is this because what Dion is saying about Kyrie not passing the ball to him is true or is he not good in that situation?

The latter. Waiters is like Turner. Can only play on the ball and pretty much only creates for himself... and not very efficiently.

Beal, on the other hand is pretty much Ray Allen's successor.

Tray reply to Xsago on Nov 28 at 15:19

"In a vacuum, Waiters can do many things quite well. He’s a strong perimeter shooter when he has a chance to get his feet set (Waiters shot 41.6 percent on spot-up three-pointers last season, according to Synergy Sports)."


And the next paragraph from the same article

But Waiters’ style last season was far too loose for projection as a potential star. It’s one thing to expect baseline improvement in terms of a young player’s skill development or understanding of the NBA game, but at the moment Waiters operates from a place of fundamental limitation. He hinders his own efficacy by playing on tilt and courting low-percentage shots, all of which can’t be totally mitigated by his scoring talents.

My point isn't about what Waiters can do, but rather what kind of player he is. Turner can shoot corner threes well, but he doesn't settle for them all the time. Waiters wants to create with the ball in his hands all the time. And he's not very good at it. That's a fundamental problem.

A lower paragraph from the same article:

If Waiters were more engaged off the ball, then some of the damage could be stemmed. But for now, he’s only activated when in control, and only somewhat effective when given that freedom. Waiters isn’t beyond growth or change by any means, but his combination of ball dominance and shaky judgment doesn’t at all ticket him for the positional elite. That’s OK, frankly; the Cavs can benefit from Waiters’ presence as long as he continues to curb his more problematic instincts.

Tray reply to Xsago on Nov 29 at 10:08

Well, the more I read about Waiters, the more it seems that he actually is exceptionally good at getting to the rim, but that he's exceptionally lousy at finishing. Whether the latter can be cured is hard to say; this is a nice article about what he does wrong when he gets to the basket.


It's like reading an article about Turner, except Turner is better in pretty much everything but three point shooting (and according to the shotchart Waiters can't hit non corner threes ether at a reasonable efficiency).

I don't know, maybe he'll prove me wrong, i just don't think Waiters will become an impact player in the NBA. And even more importantly, i want 3 and D type of players like Batum, Butler or Green on the wing, not combo types.

Tray reply to Xsago on Nov 29 at 12:46

Here's another consideration. Right now the Sixers are sixth worst in the league in margin of victory. Two of the teams we trail are the Nets and the Knicks; let's assume we surpass them in lousiness by the end of the season. The three other teams we trail are Cleveland, Milwaukee, and Utah. If Turner really is quite a bit better than Waiters, and he certainly is right now, a Turner-Waiters trade could get us past Cleveland. Then we'd at least be in the top three, and probably the top two because Milwaukee's been playing without Larry Sanders and has only gotten a combined 14 games from Ilyasova and Knight. We'd also be in a way better tanking position overall.

Now, you might say there are too many other teams in the tanking mix to make a tanking deal that's largely designed to get us past one team worthwhile. I'm not sure, though, who else is really in the mix. We lose games by an average of 6, an average that's steadily climbing; the next closest team is Boston at -4.65. They have a decent defense (12th in DFR) and have to at least play Rondo a bit this season if they want to trade him, and if they do trade him they'll get some talent back that's not currently on the court. Charlotte has the league's 3rd worst offense, but the 5th best defense. It would be unusual for a team that's played a fifth of the season so well defensively to fall apart. Thanks to the rise of Bledsoe and Markieff Morris, I think we can write Phoenix off completely as a tanking contender. Orlando, which has only gotten one game out of Tobias Harris yet, has too many solid pieces to sink to the bottom of a very weak conference, even if they do deal Afflalo. And Sacramento's pretty bad on both ends, but they've also played an incredibly strong schedule - just 3 games against Eastern teams (ATL, BRK, DET) and everyone else a Western playoff team. In spite of which, they're still a lot better than us.

I don't think making a trade just so that you can make another bad team better makes any kind of sense. The Sixers are bad already and will get even worse when they trade at least one of the three 25 year olds for future value (good prospects, picks). Waiters on his own is neither IMO. Waiters + a pick or Karasev is good enough for me.

Tray reply to Xsago on Nov 29 at 16:50

What if we reasonably decide not to trade Thad, because he's underpaid and very good and it would be nice to keep him, and the other two cannot fetch us future value? Shouldn't we still move one just for the sake of tanking, regardless of what we get (so long as what we get isn't financially punishing)? Otherwise, we could end up 4th or 5th in the draft

In theory, you go for the best deal you can get unless you think you can get more in a sign and trade in the summer.

That being said, i don't think there is any way the Sixers won't be able to get anything for Hawes for example. The contenders would kill for a legitimate rotation big who can stretch the floor. Someone will give something for him.

Turner is trickier, but i think you can convince someone to give you a better prospect than Waiters at the very least.

How about Henson from Milwaukee?

Waiters was the #4 pick, is that right? Two years left on his rookie deal, less than $5M/year?

a little more than 4 million in 2014-2015

a 5.1 million team option in 2015-2016

6.7 million Qualifying Offer in 2016-2017

On March 1 2014 the sixers will retire Iverson's #3, a Saturday night game against the Wizards

They're going to keep milking that guy to sell tickets until he's in a grave.

Stan reply to Brian on Nov 29 at 11:16

I was thinking the same thing. I thought his game against MIA was his retirement celebration. I completely forgot about his jersey being retired. I wonder what their next celebration is or at what point AI is going to stop crying.

Bynum's contract is only guaranteed for $6 million this year and the Cavs have until Jan. 7th to decide if they want to keep him and pay him an extra $6mill. If Bynum is traded before January 7th does his salary count as $12 million outgoing? And does his contract become fully guaranteed?

Can a team that's over the cap create what is basically a trade exception by re-signing on of their players to non-guaranteed contract? The Knicks are over the cap next year but can they re-sign Kenyon Martin to a 1 year/$10 million contract that's only $1 million guaranteed. They can then shop Martin to take back a player who is making $10 million/year.

I'm not exactly certain of this, but as far as i know, Bynum's salary for trading purposes counts as 12 million at the moment and the acquiring team will have the same chance to waive him by January 7th and not pay the remaining 6 million.

As for the second question, i don't know the details, but i'm pretty sure teams that are over the luxury tax limit can't resign their own players at whatever salary they would like to. Especially if they are repeat offenders. They need to use some of those tax payer exceptions to resign even their own players. The Knicks just did that with JR Smith, leading to the whole Chris Smith (or whatever his name was) situation...

...can JRich be traded while still hurt?

yes but since he have much value

he doesnt

not since he

Anyone know if Hawes and/or Wroten are playing tonight?

bunch of the beat writers just tweeted that yes both will be back and Thad will start

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