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Show Some Spine

Was hoping to catch some of this Duke game, doesn't look like it's going to happen.

DVR Broken?

You know what, that's a good point.

Or maybe you're recording Kansas instead?:)

8 PM tip not 7

should be able to see most of the first half

Another good point. Just saw this.

Is Kansas on too?

Someone give me a cheat sheet. Anyone else I should be watching closely in this game?

Kansas is on NBC Sports Network - Game 2 semifinal of the battle for atlantis

Kansas on NBCSN but not til 930ish

besides parker and gordon

Rodney Hood on duke probably first rounder

Rasheed Sulaimon on duke looks raw will probably stay another year

jahil carson on arizona maybe a late first rounder

could be fun to have gordon next to noel, but you'd need a whole lot of offense from your perimeter guys.

woops carson is on Arizona state not Arizona

Sixers have got to give a better showing than the first game between these teams.

I think I liked the noose better.

Wish I could have found a pic of him with that nasty looking beard.

Aaaand we're off...Hawes loses the tip. Missed shot NOP, turnover PHI on first two possessions.

with everyone back hope he can still find minutes for thompson

MCW w/ his first steal. Btw, is he the runaway leader for ROY right now?

MCW airball long two. Ugh.

Don't like Turner on Morrow at all.

Spence airballs a three.

et 3!

Turner three.

MCW w/ good D on Jrue. Jrue fouls him on the other end.

MCW dogging Jrue on defense.

Thad cans a three!:)!

Jrue avoids contact, misses the layup.

anderson loses morrow who hits the 3 and is fouled

Two Turner beauties in a row. First his shot is rejected, then he passes to Jason Smith. Then he bricks a long two. Nice stretch for him.

thad 3!

Thad hits another three. I love it!

Another turnverover luckily averted.

sissy hook

I like the confidence he has on that.

Turner loses his man, hits a three.

MCW to Lavoy for the dunk after splitting the double.

mcw splits the double team to a lavoy slam

Hollis getting ready to check in. Good.

thad tips in his miss

MCW rejected, thad misses, follows and hits.

Can Noel turn into A. Davis?

Don't think it's likely he's as good offensively.

anderson 3

I'm wondering when an advanced stats guy is going to put together a team of 90% free throw shooters. I mean, how many points/game do the sixers give away at the line?

Turner hits another three.

good drive by wroten

Thad sends Jrue to the line, which is a rarity (1.8 FTA/game)

nice job worten

he should never shoot outside the paint

Dear Lord, Wroten. Bricks a wide-open three, then slams on a drive. This team is so weird. no logic applies. Anderson wide open for a three, what a shock.

The Sixers have to play more man defense.

Not sure how to respond to this, but I don't think they're playing a zone.

Seems they play more of a match uo zone. They guard whoever is in their zone. Too many of the week side defenders sag to far into the lane and are horrible at recognizing the week side shooter, Turner is the main/worst culprit.

They're playing man, they just don't know how to do it. Especially Turner.

No way that's a true man/man defense

No, it's pitiful man defense. They get glued to every screen, sort of switch, over-help on guys they don't need to help on, double everyone and anyone in the post. It's completely haphazard man defense being played by a bunch of clueless, disinterested defenders.

Another 3 by Turner.

that looked late

33-35 after one.

But 3 of those might come off, not sure if the Davies three was late or on time.

nice play for a williams 3

That three at the end of the first was late, btw.

they are gonna start switching any p/r that is being run for anderson which will cause problems with the bigs trying to guard guards

Great passing, MCW to Allen to Wroten for the layin.

they didn't show any replays, did the Davies shot somehow leave that. 1 on the clock?

Thad butterfingers.

thad should of passed that to evan in the corner

Thank God New Orleans is coughing it up so much.

Turner blocked. Just stick to shooting threes tonight.

nice drive by mcw

MCW uses the pick to get right to the hoop and finishes.

MCW is a better player that Jrue was at this stage in his career.

Definitely. He's also 4 years older than Jrue was at this point of his career, though.

sissy corner 3

MCW baseline drive, finds Hawes for a corner three. Good!


that's how ridicules you are with you turner comments. that was a clear bad call.

It was a turnover, no?

He then missed everything on a breakaway layup attempt.

These fuckers can't defend to save their lives.

et jumper

Jrue turning up the heat on D. MCW turnover. Turner w/ a shitty turnaround that drops over Jrue.

MCW getting into it w/ the brow.

See, there's no need to switch that pick 28 feet from the hoop.

MCW w/ a lazy pass. Can't do that shit when you have an actual defender on you.

bad shot mcw

MCW picked by Jrue.

Turner with yet another sissy foul in transition leading to a +1 for the brow.

mcw to thompson

Nice find by MCW after missing another 3.

bad shot mcw

Terrible, terrible possession. They get Anderson on MCW, Jrue on Hawes and wind up with a 20-footer off the dribble by MCW. Terrible offense.

mcw 3


down 6 at the half

55-61 at the half.

Hitting a ton of threes. Turning it over way too much. Playing no defense at all. 6-point game is surprising. Maybe clean something up and you can steal this one.

Woah just saw HINKIE come down the steps behind the bench...then went under and disappeared into his lair

4 free throws in the first half more than 2/3 of the shot attempts were three pointers...really scared of Anthony Davis huh?

Tyreke blows, but it would be nice to have a 3 who can dunk off one foot.

In 1st half, brooklyn starters not named lopez shooting a collective 3-23.

et and 1

hawes and 1(misses it)

good entry by evan

pelicans are in the penalty

in under 90 seconds - that's pretty impressive - let's take advantage boys

anderson misses 3 open 3's

thad to the line

thad misses both

sissy t

Things not quite going well right now. Need to settle down after this timeout.

bad shot mcw

lavoy put back

OK, so 14 will either go to 20 by the end of the Q or back down to about 5. No middle ground. MCW bricks another three, Lavoy gets the o-board and putback.

Heh, garbage shot by Jrue falls.


Ugh, 3 on 1 = 0 points. Ugh.

For the second time tonight, Turner doesn't even hit the rim on a breakaway layup attempt. That's not easy to do.

You're just mean and biased

davies to lavoy

Alright, down to 8. Keep the run going.

Or just have Turner lose Gordon for a three and push it back to 11.

Turner with 6 moves to throw up slop, but it falls.

sorry, should read "contested slop."

Lead down to 5. Turner complaining all the way to the bench about something.

Wroten to the line. 75% he splits 'em.

think worten re hurt his back

down 10 end of the 3rd

77-87 after three.

Probably ball game, maybe not. MCW needs to wake up.

hey brian, the mobile site is MUCH easier to read now but for some reason the new comment counter isn't updating, are you aware of that?

I'll take a look. it's not 100% ready, yet.

Hasn't been working for me (firefox, mac) for a long time

Firefox? Well that's your fault, then.

Oh please - it's not like I'm using Internet Explorer - not a huge fan of Chrome or Safari - of the three Firefox works best for me

Heh. At work I have to worry about browser compatibility. Not here. I support Chrome only.

WEll - so you support less than half the browser use in the states (though I wouldn't support IE either)


Didn't realize so many folk used chrome

Chrome passed IE at work a couple months back, I threw a party.

And according to the link I entered, it was a temporary lead. Microsoft's corporate dominance world wide and people's dogmatic attention to crappy products that are bundled with Microsoft are always going to screw you. I mean why use Microsoft Office when you can get open office for free...

I don't trust google so much - some of their past business practices have made me uncomfortable and I find their chromecast disappointing

I think this should be fixed now. Refresh the page and take a look.

only saw this now, will check it out on mobile once there are actual ppl awake!

nice drive by wroten

It's too bad Jrue can't face the Sixers every night.

wroten to the line

splits them

3/7 now.

at least he got there 7 times?

You know what Monty Python says

more wroten ft

made both!!!!!!!!!!

Hahahahaha guy next to me - "this is the dumbest song in the world " then sings ALL OF THE WORDS to 10-9-8-76ers

MCW 80% to split the pair.

Nope, missed both.

mcw misses 2 free throws

Is Orton hurt?

8/19 from the line.

Orton must be hurt, right?

dont think he is

i guess lavoy and davies are ahead of him in the rotation


hawes to anderson

thad tip in

Wroten almost finished with his right!

No way I'm watching on Sunday, btw.

ill probably watch after the eagles' game ends

Tray reply to Brian on Nov 29 at 22:15

Pistons just lost to the Lakers.

mcw splits them

wroten 3

Wroten hits a three. No one bothers to get back on D. Jrue cherry picks a dunk. That's awesome.

That Pelicans pick is going to wind up being like #14. Turner padding stats.

Actually, nevermind. .500 in the west will wind up being #9 or #10.

Turner gets his average. SWEEEET!!

I bet that's exactly what he's saying right now. "I got mine, it's everyone else's fault!"

lost by 16

Every other team in the #1 pick hunt is losing in spectacular fashion as well tonight. We need to start selling our players off soon. Milwaukee's 2-13 now, Utah is about to go to 2-15, Cleveland got blown out by Boston and is 4-12.

When will Brooklyn officially enter the hunt too?

Stan reply to KellyDad on Nov 29 at 22:26

Brooklyn won't be in the hunt until 2019. They have to either give up their picks or swap them every year until then.

Tray reply to Stan on Nov 29 at 22:27

Billy King's a clever guy.

Tray reply to Tray on Nov 29 at 22:38

The funny thing about BK is that people attribute this mad strategy of theirs to Prokhorov, but how closely does their current gameplan of building around a second/third-tier superstar with lots of aging has-been stars mirror what he did with us? By 2003, it was pretty obvious that you could not contend with Iverson as your best player, just like it's become painfully obvious that a team can't contend with Deron Williams as its best player now. Instead of blowing things up, King in both cases chose to pile on with overpaid, old former stars. We actually got more out of Webber or Coleman or Van Horn than they're getting out of Garnett right now. As far as I can see, they would do well to jettison Pierce and Garnett more or less completely and focus on getting the ball to Johnson and Lopez, especially once Kirilenko is back.

105-121 final.

Well, better than losing by 37. Jrue is POTG...whoops. Turner gets the nod in a blowout loss.

Well, nice game for Thad and Turner, off game for MCW. Well the Ls are piling up pretty fast now, I just wonder if Hinkie is seriously thinking of trading Turner,Thad or Spence as we get closer to the deadline. I really like Wroten, the kid has no fear and attacks the basket with reckless abandon but as others have said he should not be shooting a bunch of threes.

I know its early, and Kansas' system is just that, a "system" and not "give the ball to your best player and let him work", but does Wiggins actually want to be "the guy"? I have only watched him two games now, but I have seen very little of the type of selfishness that the great players have when the game is in question, and a basket is needed or a run needs to be stopped. Has anyone seen more games and can offer a better scouting report of his play than what I have seen?

what 2 games have you seen? cause the ones vs wake forest and nova he was playing with flu like symptoms reportedly

The Six reply to sixerfan1220 on Nov 30 at 11:00

The Champions tourney v Duke(chicago) and last night.

Rusty reply to The Six on Nov 30 at 11:01

I think that is why Paul George is more of the comp for Wiggins right now. You can tell from last night's game that Wiggins handle is just not there yet. Also, the NBA game will benefit Wiggins given the spacing and his ability to show off his defensive abilities in more isolated situations. That is my opinion thus far. Every time Wiggins tried to be "the guy" he got his pocket picked or showed a mediocre jump shot. I think if you look at early Paul Georgd footage it probably looks similar; Wiggins has his height at am earlier age so perhaps he develops faster.

The guy that continues to impress me is Embid. For a guy that has only been playing a few years, his footwork is incredible. He looks fluid already at his height and he is clearly learning some post moves. I know you have to consider who is on your roster, but I'm not so sure I wouldn't take Embiid even with Noel on our roster. We have seen nothing of Noel yet and this Embiid guy looks Like he could be very special. Plus that twin tower line could be fun.

If we had the fourth pick I would not be opposed to taking Embiid and looking for a wing scorer with the Cans pick. I'm sure I will be the minority on that for now, but I don't see this guy dropping out of the top 5 come draft time. If he does, I expect it to be a Drummond-like situation.

The Six reply to Rusty on Nov 30 at 11:13

interesting thoughts on George as a comp. Makes sense. You can certainly see the talent is there. And I was thinking the same thing about Embiid. His "raw" low post moves are....wow. Real impressive.

Kobe and Tmac had pretty mediocre handles at 18 as well. And George had a pretty good long range shot from the moment he arrived at Fresno State. I'm not sure I really agree with the comp.

Berdj Rassam on Nov 30 at 14:28

Got beat by 16 at home, and lost in all 4 quarters - pathetic!

has Turner's trade value or lack thereof reached the point where it's more beneficial to the team to keep him for the rest of the season to tank games?

Tray reply to das411 on Nov 30 at 16:08

Turner's not an efficient source of offense, but we'd score at an even lower rate without him.

Why? Silly assumption that whomever they brought in to replace him doesn't play more efficiently at BOTH ends of the floor

Tray reply to GoSixers on Nov 30 at 18:07

We wouldn't be trading him for a fourth-year veteran, or anyone who would be likely to play nearly as large a role in the offense as he does. If Turner goes, it'll mean more shots for MCW, Wroten, Anderson.

They don't have to play a large role in the offense if they do it more efficiently and play defense at a league average rate

REplacement level players aren't really too hard to find an inefficient volume shooter who doesn't play defense isn't exactly an asset

Tray reply to GoSixers on Nov 30 at 21:43

No, that's just wrong. Turner's using a lot of our possessions, right? And he's got a TS% of .536, better than every other guard on the team. (Of course, if you assume that gets a lot worse, then maybe we get no worse if you deal Turner and just force MCW and co. to take way more shots. But even that assumes that MCW and co. don't get even more inefficient than they already are with increased usage, a dubious assumption.) Now, suppose that our deal for Turner brought us back some prospect and an old guy on an expiring contract. Here is just one hypothetical deal that people have thrown out - Kirk Hinrich and Tony Snell, plus maybe a pick. Now, I don't think we would play Hinrich much, because we have guys like MCW and Wroten and Williams to develop. And Snell, though a good shooter in college, was the 22nd pick in the draft, has done almost nothing in Chicago, didn't create his own shot much in college, and therefore probably isn't going to step in and use much more than a quarter of the possessions that Turner uses now. So unless he's four times more effective with those possessions than Turner is with all the possessions he uses, Snell would not come close to replacing what Turner does for the offense. So increased responsibilities in the offense fall to MCW, Wroten, Anderson, Thad, and even lousy players like Lavoy Allen, all of whom are not very good at making shots, with the exception in Thad's case of shots around the basket.

Tray reply to GoSixers on Nov 30 at 21:47

Also, the point of any Turner/Hawes/Thad deal is to tank; if some Klay Thompson were out there in the rookie class, and there isn't (or at least, no one out there is currently anywhere near as good as Klay Thompson, maybe in two years someone will get that good), I doubt Hinkie would trade Turner for him.

Spencer should be hired on Dec 1 at 9:49

Does Bynum having a big game last night affect how good Cleveland thinks they could be? Does getting E.Turner without giving up Waiters look good to them?

If Hinkie feels E.Turner isn't a core piece would he move him for a couple of guys that can play a role here in the future? A Kerasev,Zellar and C.J.Miles [expiring contract] trade may allow the other shoe to drop [Hawes] and give our team an inexpensive backup center and Korver type shooter for the future.

Cleveland may improve, helping our lottery chances and we may take a step back, as Tray just mentioned.

JJ Redick out 6-8 weeks

Reggie Bullock, anyone? That seems a little cheap for Turner.

Willie green probably

Turner's a pricey patch. They might do something, but it won't be him.

@BobCooney76 James Anderson to bench, Hollis Thompson starting for Sixers at Pistons

Matching up with the Pistons or is this permanent? Sounds like Brown doesn't want Turner on Smith, but who knows...

Tom Moore wrote this today

The Bulls, having lost star guard Derrick Rose for the remainder of the year with another knee injury, are reportedly interested in Turner. They supposedly think Turner could be a good substitute for Rose as an offensive initiator and like that the Chicago native is in the last year of his contract.

The Bulls own Charlottes pick (top 10 protected) this year.

Tray reply to GoSixers on Dec 1 at 15:18

There's speculation in the chicago papers that Thibs would like to trade Marquis Teague.

if anyone else is wondering

that pick is 1-8 protected in 2015 and unprotected in 2016

I'd take it for turner :)

Pistons shooting a league low 28.8 from 3 so far this season - the sixers could be the tonic they need

You called it.

After one, Pistons are on pace to score 160 in this game. Perhaps this game will set a season record for defensive futility.

mcw floater

mcw in the paint

sissy 3

go under on stuckey please

orton hawes front court

pistons going zone here

thompson missed a corner 3

mcw to the line

mcw to wroten

Hmmm - remember when the sixers were 3-0 and everyone thought that the 'tanking' plan wasn't going to work?

Tray reply to GoSixers on Dec 1 at 17:27

I remember when a couple commenters thought so. We're still fourth in a four-team race for the first pick, and well behind Utah. Even if we make no moves, we may well manage to finish second through sheer ineptitude, but I'd prefer to make some moves to guarantee a second/third finish and give ourselves a shot at first.

down 70-46 at the half

So - some better defense in the second quarter to reduce it to a 140 point pace :)

There's a few things that have been concerning about this franchise for a long time that haven't changed this year

1. P&R Defense
2. 3 Point Defense
3. Defensive rebounding

its hard for me to judge the defense when the whole scheme might/will change when noel gets back

Except that this sisn't a new phenomenon it seems to be systemic within the franchise - though hopefully Noel would help with the rebounding, not sure he'd help with the 3 point defense

guys can be more aggressive knowing they have a shot blocker behind them

Tray reply to GoSixers on Dec 1 at 16:47

Systemic within the franchise? We have all new coaches and massive roster changeover. How could it be systemic?

Andre Drummond having his best game of the season so far?

Pistons have 5 players in double figures at half time - sixers with 0

Carter-Williams early season (surprising) shooting touch seems to have vanished since his injury

drummond's ft form looks to good to be such a bad ft shooter

thad put back and 1!

nice outlet from mcw to thad

mcw steal and 1!

nice outlet by hawes to et

hack a drummond

he missed both

drummond steals it and turner fouls him hard

thad hook shot

hack a drummond

he splits them

et jumper from the paint

et to the line

worten to davies


et corner 3!

et step back 3

bad shot

20 on 11 shots. Good to see him putting up numbers at a time when trade rumors are beginning to kick up.

down 12 end of the 3rd

great box out by thad

t on monroe his 2nd t

he is gone

mcw contested shot in the paint

lazy pass by lavoy

drummond to the ft line

he makes both

Here's a tidy list of players besides Drummond who have had a 28/17/5 steal/2 block night. It's just 8 games and 3 players long:


Tray reply to Tray on Dec 1 at 17:42

Spoke a little too soon. Here's a list of 30/18/6/2 nights. It's two games and just one player long.


thad put back

pistons lead back up to 23

nice up and under from spence

mcw to the line

hawes to thad

mcw steal throws the oop to anderson

nice play for an anderson 3

hack a drummond

he splits them

nice play for an anderson 3 but he missed it
thad fouls out

Here's a list of players under the age of 23 with a 15/6/6/6 steals line (MCW's line tonight). MCW would slot in between Curry and Rubio. He's already done this before.


lost by 15

But the pistons scored progressively less each quarter :)

And yay counting stats

well hey at least there are only...five more months of this left...

Taking the subway out to Brooklyn to catch this Kentucky game. I will be interested to see how big Randle looks in person and what James Young's game is like.

I was going through Draftexpress's rankings to see if there was anyone from Providence to watch. Crazy how many Kentucky guys make up that top 100.

I am just happy the Eagles got the "W" and will take this as another "L" for draft purposes.

anthony davis broke his hand timetable TBD

We could have two top 7 picks.

i dont think the pelicans are that bad

Look at the standings. Right now, there are five teams that have worse records than the Pelicans in the East that would currently make the playoffs. None of those teams get to participate in the lottery. So though the Pelicans are .500, they would currently pick 12th. But that's a .500 record with Davis, and with Memphis and Minnesota trailing them. Memphis and Minnesota should pass New Orleans - as is, Memphis is tied with NO and Minnesota is just half a game back - so that would bump New Orleans to tenth. And that's just assuming that current trends play themselves out. Once they lose Davis, who's been a top 5-10 player in the league so far this season, they could get caught by a couple of Eastern teams as well. Right now they have a better record than the Nets and the Knicks.

Mike reply to Tray on Dec 2 at 9:40

not sure where you are getting them picking 12 at. they have the 13th best record in the league, so that's more like the #17 pick.

they would miss the playoffs if the season eneded today so they go to the lottery which at worst is the 14th pick

my bad i wasn't accouting for conference standings

MCW has put up some interesting numbers the past few games, but has looked lousy. Hopefully he starts playing a bit smarter again soon. But I guess there is no real rush right now.

Isn't that what rookies do though? Have flashes every now and than, make dumb mistakes, sometimes put good numbers without looking that great overall?

Quick recap from UK game in Brooklyn

I noticed Providence's D playing Randle to his left a bit. It threw him off but he still showed his superior strength inside. I am very curious to see what he looks like his first 10 games in the league. I know that doesn't mean much but I have no idea how his game will translate over. I love his intensity. He had a few things that really impressed me: 1. He got his eye poked and got taken out, immediately got up to go back in the second his eye was cleared 2. Same thing happened with his ham string after a missed dunk, came off court and tried to check himself in 3. His intensity on the dunk was as if "i have been quiet and I need to slam it down" 4. Relentless inside. With all of this said, I would not be shocked to see him fall out of the top 3/4 and see Embiid move up. Randle will be a double double beast throughout the year but I could see teams afraid of his height limitations. I don't fear it myself but question how "superstaresque" he can be if there is a scheme against him.

2. Cauley-Stein looked good. I welcome teams taking him ahead of us because I don't see our need for him but he looks athletic, moves well, great defense and solid finishing today. I root for him to do perform like this all year.... hard to see that type of play not go in the top 10.... personally I am not taking at 5 besides Embid in the top 10.

3. James Young really impressed me. Offensively, he played in the flow of the game. Nothing forced in the halfcourt, and logical decisions in the fast break. Good stroke that was on display. I can see him being streaky but it looks smooth. A few faulty passes but right decisions and I think he can clean those up. What I was impressed with, and I welcome Derek's opion here, was his defense. He funneled Harris (Tobias's brother) into the shot blockers and played straight up. Moved his feet well and never gave up too much "dominating" postion.

4. Harrison bro's.... Aaron looked very smooth. I am curious of a coach could unlock more from his game simply from allowing him to do more things without his brother around. Perhaps silly logic.

I got retweeted from DraftExpress tonight... amazing that I am a grown man and still got excited about that.

"I got retweeted from DraftExpress tonight... amazing that I am a grown man and still got excited about that. "


Thanks for the thoughts. I was on family duty most of the day, so I have a full DVR to get caught up on.

'96 Allen Iverson (1)
'84 Charles Barkley (5)
'80 Andrew Toney (8)
'65 Billy Cunningham (4)
'64 Luke Jackson (4)

Best of 'top 10' drafting, above.


Matt Guokas (9)
Freddie Boyd (5)
Doug Collins (1)
Marvin Barnes (2)
Darryl Dawkins (5)
Charles Smith (3)
Clarence Weatherspoon (9)
Shawn Bradley (2)
Sharone Wright (6)
Jerry Stackhouse (3)
Keith Van Horn (2)
Larry Hughes (8)
Andre Iguodala (9)
Evan Turner (2)

In light of history, you may want to temper your '14 draft mania.

tk76 reply to Dollar Bill on Dec 2 at 15:41

The draft mania is less based on the soccer's finally getting a high pick and more more about this current draft class being special. We won't know for a long time whether this year will be as good as it is being projected. But it certainly seems like this will be the right year to have a top 5 pick and multiple lottery picks. Some years have 1 star or less. This year could have more than 5, and the Sixers should at least have a shot of landing one. That seems worth some enthusiasm.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Dec 2 at 15:42

Go Union!

Zach Lowe says the Pellies' pick has a decent shot of rising to 8-10.


so assuming i did the search right

at least 37 years old to have a 20-20(rebound) game

duncan tonight

robert parish in 1991

Tray reply to sixerfan1220 on Dec 3 at 0:10

If you use his actual numbers, 23 and 21, he's the oldest player to ever do it by two years and 36 days; Parish did at 35 1/2. If you plug in the 2 assists and 2 blocks, he beats the record by two years and 66 days, and you find that only three other players have ever done it after the age of 33, five after 32, and ten after 30. To put it in perspective, here are some great players who you'd expect to have had 23/21/2/2 games in their careers, and did have a lot of them, and how old they were when they had their last such game:

Garnett, 8 times in his career. The last time was when he was 29 and 7 months old.

Olajuwon, 13 times in his career. The last time was when he was 29 and 7 days old.

Shaq, 12 times in his career (5 times in the 1993 season!). Last time was when he was 32 and 8 months.

Robinson, 6 times in his career. Did it last at 27 and 4 months.

Barkley, 11 times in his career. Did it last at 31 and 10 months.

dang. I really wanted to see a quadruple overtime.

It seems that with Trey Burke in the fold, the Jazz might not be quite so awful after all. They beat a pretty good Rockets team tonight. Of course, Hayward will not usually score 29 on 18 shots, Alec Burks won't usually score 21 on 11 shots, and Favors won't often have 14 and 13 on 6 shots, but Burke's 21 and 6, 0 turnovers on 50% shooting is encouraging. They ought to at least be competitive in their Eastern Conference games if they have a capable point guard. With this win, their average scoring margin improves to -8.85, which isn't so much worse than our -7.06. Better still, basketball reference says the Jazz have played the second toughest schedule in the league so far. They've only had one home game against an Eastern Conference team, it was Chicago, and they won. They haven't played Sacramento, us, the Bucks, the Bobcats, the Magic, the Cavs, the Wizards, the Knicks, the Pistons, or even the scuffling Grizzlies or 9-10 Wolves - and they will play a total of 26 games against those teams. They also get three more cracks at the Celtics, Nets and Raptors.

Deng played 56 minutes tonight. Thibs is going to kill that guy this year.

Jrue can apparently only score efficiently against the Sixers. He had 19/8/12/1stl/1blk/2 turnovers, but on 9/22 from the floor and only 1 FTA in 49 minutes. Ryan Anderson w/ a huge night in what should've been a loss to help our second lottery pick, but was a win for the Pelicans.

Stan reply to Brian on Dec 3 at 0:30

Gustavo Ayon
Gustavo Ayon
Gustavo Ayon

The Magic gave up Ryan Anderson for Gustavo Ayon

Orlando is a smart franchise. super smart.

Court_visioN reply to Brian on Dec 3 at 13:24

great playcall at the end of the 3rd OT though.

Yeah, really smart call having him catch the ball at a full run.

I caught the final 5 minutes of the IND/POR game. Paul George had 5 three pointers in the final 3 minutes and they still lost.

vucevic rolled his ankle last night

magic dont know if he will play tonight

Nik Vucevic had an X-ray on his left ankle after the game tonight. No fracture. He walked out of the arena w/out crutches

Mirza Teletovic of the Nets has asked for a trade. If you can get him for nothing (or close to it) i think he could be a good investment. He could be a poor man's Ryan Anderson. Has unlimited range and a lot of scoring moves. Will struggle defensively though.

In other news Giannis Antetokounbo, the Milwaukee Bucks draft pick, has grown an inch and a half since the draft and apparently he should be able to grow more. The kid might become a 7 footer and has guard skills. If i'm Hinkie i'm sending Turner or Hawes for that kid if the Bucks want them.

Stan reply to Xsago on Dec 3 at 12:02

The Bucks are not going to trade that kid. People in Milwaukee are apparently excited about this kid's potential. His stats aren't impressive but when you watch him play you can tell he has the potential to be a very special player.

Is Mirza any better than Chris Copeland or Jonas Jerebko?

Yeah, i know about the greek kid. I've been onto him for a while, and this recent "growth" thing reminded me. Turner would technically be a good fit in Milwaukee so maybe they would trade him for him who knows, even though they do like Antetokounbo.

As for Teletovic, i'd say he's bigger and a better shooter than Copeland and Jerebko. He also has a better overall offensive game. Definitely has higher potential than them even though i do think he will have a lot of problems defensively against any NBA 4. That being said, i think it can be a low risk/medium reward move. Here's a fun video with a crazy commentator on a couple of threes from the European championship couple of months ago. Dude's got incredible range:



Tray reply to Xsago on Dec 3 at 17:50

Hammond, their gm, loves Giannis. And surely they realize they've got to tank now. Whatever Senator Kohl does.

I think Hammond has known this for a while, but is never allowed to tank. That's why he always go after high ceiling guys in the mid first round. Guys that are major risks but have high lottery talent. If they are not competitive though he might lose his job.

I think they'll get better. Maybe not playoff better, but i do think they will be a 30+ win team in the end.

Tray reply to Xsago on Dec 3 at 18:39

Sanders will help. But they're last in the league in offense and he won't help with that, and I'm not sure what else will. Their players aren't especially cold vis-a-vis career norms, outside of Ridnour and Zaza shooting 31 and 36 percent, respectively. Neither one's actually shooting much anyway. Their best scorers are Mayo and Ilyasova and Ilyasova is kind of banged up. Brandon Knight has never been good.

Their offense is terrible because they have zero players who can create for themselves. They have a ton of shooters, but no shot creators. That's why i think Milwaukee is the one place where Turner could actually be a good fit.

Sometimes it is as if you can just substitue "Eagles" for "Sixers" in these articles.

And maybe some day - the cabal will realize Ruben must be fired

Statman reply to GoSixers on Dec 3 at 17:37

Seriously, I think Amaro might be the only GM who goes after players who never walk. (Good trivia question that I don't know the answer to: when's the last time Amaro signed/acquired someone who walks more than once every 11 plate appearances? It certainly wasn't Byrd, Michael Young, Delmon Young, or Revere.) This isn't even about the more advanced "sports science" principles like WAR or WPA, it's the basic concept that everyone else figured out in the early 2000's, that getting on base is important. So it's kind of like hoping your GM can advance to first grade when everyone else is already in high school.

If only it were that simple - he gives out some bad unnecessary contracts (hi ryan, hi chase) that are like 'career achievement' awards.

Tray reply to Statman on Dec 3 at 18:01

There was Werth. What about Pence?

Statman reply to Tray on Dec 3 at 19:47

Werth would be a good example, but he was signed in 2007. Wasn't Gillick still the GM then? Pence has never been a high-walk player, but his combination of high average and power made him worth acquiring (he played exceptionally well in 2011 after they got him). You could argue, though, that Amaro paid $1.25 on the dollar to get Pence and sold him for 50 cents on the dollar.

Stan reply to Statman on Dec 3 at 18:08

I can't think of a player that Billy allowed to walk. 7 year contracts for Eric Snow and Aaron McKie. Even Willie Green got a contract right after he was seriously injured

no vuce or nelson for the magic tonight

Not helpful to our tanking chances.

if its about making the playoffs for the Bucks then they might trade Giannis for ET or Spence.

anomiemnemonical on Dec 3 at 18:23

Kendall Marshall to 76ers. Good move. He'll have to play over in Delaware though unless they waive someone

Well how about Elliot Williams?

anomiemnemonical reply to Tray on Dec 3 at 18:51

Yeah. Him or Zo.

anomiemnemonical reply to Tray on Dec 3 at 18:54

Then again, on second thought; who is Marshall and what's he done

the sixers didnt sign him the sevens did so sixers dont have his rights

I think this is his point. To quote some twitter nba dude:

In order for #Sixers to call-up Kendall Marshall, they would have to sign him to an NBA contract and waive a player currently with the team.

Lawrence Frank has been 'reassigned' in Jersey - guess you can't be disgusted when your head coach cheats

Are you talking about the coke thing? I've been out of it.

Yeah I guess - was listening to ESPN New York on my walk at work for the hell of it and they said Frank had been reassigned - the host (MIchael Kay) talked about how Yes had a great shot of Frank when the spilled cup incident happened and he didn't look happy.

I would like to know who billy king sold his soul to - dude has been stealing six figure incomes for a LONG time

Tray reply to GoSixers on Dec 3 at 19:10

That's really speculative to assume that he criticized his boss and got himself fired over it because there's some footage of him looking unhappy. Would Kidd really fire him over an argument about something Kidd got fined for?

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