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A New Look ... and a Game

Brians favorite bobcat is out of the rotation and could be available for trade...just saying

Stan reply to GoSixers on Dec 6 at 14:08

Al Jefferson?
Kemba Walker?
Ben Gordon?


Turner for Biyombo. Do it! Btw his numbers are good this year.

I am all for that - nice bench guy behind Noel for the future.

Tray reply to Brian on Dec 6 at 16:35

From Lowe's piece today on the Bobcats' defense and whether it's sustainable (by the way, it's cool but kind of mindboggling to me that ESPN is willing to pay someone to write non-Insider articles on these incredibly picayune topics):

Biyombo is their best rim protector, but he's a mess defending out on the perimeter, and it's hard to play such a limited offensive player for an extended time.

anomiemnemonical on Dec 6 at 14:16

I had a cat like that but smaller

That's a pretty cat with good elevation. But not a bobcat.

I blame google image search if that's the wrong type of cat.

Yeah, that's a mountain lion. FWIW, bobcats are much smaller and fuzzier with spots and a short "bob" tail.

jsmoove on Dec 6 at 14:53

for those that don't access the site on a mobile device is there any way to go back to the previous design? this is really hard on the eyes and not to userfriendly. the previous design was bout the best webpage design to view / use on the web. bunched over to the left and the comment counter was topnotch

I don't think I'll go back, but any suggestions on how to improve the new layout are welcome. The comment counter is still there.

jsmoove reply to Brian on Dec 6 at 17:00

wheres the comment counter? using IE currently

am i seeing things or the 2nd time you come to a story, it seems lees zoomed in?

maybe cause there arent any open comments

Might be, I'll check it out.

Jfp reply to Brian on Dec 6 at 15:41

I notice that when reading the story there's a place to toggle back and forth between the story and comments. But, when in the comments section, there's no way to toggle back to the story. Intentional?

There's a link at the top below the image, but it's hidden. Need to fix the style

Actually not a huge fan of that toggling back and forth - liked how you had it 'shrink' most of it away if you had already read it

Jfp reply to GoSixers on Dec 6 at 15:52

Agree with this.

I can confirm this. When reading the comments, you can't get back to the story if you wanted to - no visible link.

I think it'll take some getting used to, but overall it might improve the mobile phone and game thread experience.

When clicking on the last comment (below the article) in the home page, it doesn't take you to the comment but to the top of the page.

Houston has a deadline in which they want to trade Omer Asik according to Marc Stein. They want to trade him by the 19th so that the obtained assets can be moved again by the 20th trade deadline...

Keith Pompey: #Sixers coach Brett Brown on leaving @Michael Carter-Williams (R knee soreness) home. “There’s a little bit of infection there. There’s some inflammation ... Twitter @PompeyOnSixers

WTF - infection?

Christopher A. Vito: "If you made me guess, I'd say he doesn't play" Saturday, #Sixers coach Brett Brown said of Michael Carter-Williams Twitter @ChrisVito

anomiemnemonical on Dec 6 at 17:10

Kendall Marshall just shy of a triple double in his Delaware debut: 31 pts, 9 reb, 10 ast, 2 stl. (11/18 fg; 5/9 3pt); 36 minutes.

And the Sevens still haven't won a game. Can't wait for this 2014 NBDL draft! I smell a generational d-league superstar

interesting new look, kind of strange how the text size changes when you widen the window though...and Brian why is the "sign in/out" text grey on black, is that intentional?

Yeah dynamic web site adjustment is one of the cool new things allow web sites to be flexible for various displays (puters, tablets, phones)

Not sure if you can integrate it brian - but bootstrap has built in stuff for that

commenting still takes you to a second page that you have to click back from, any way to just...stay on the thread while posting comments Brian?

Well see now you're asking for fancy Ajax type integration of web 2.0 - that shite ain't easy :)

ssshhh i'm trying too scare you-know-who away!

kobe back on sunday

*to - any chance we can edit these things?

please dont double jefferson

thad jumper

nice move thad

sissy 3

hawes to thompson

thompson 3!

sissy 3!

et reverse dunk!

thad blows by zeller passes it to lavoy

hawes to the ft line

brown has missed 2 wide open corner 3's

anderson floater

sessions strikes back

down 3 end of the 1st

not a good start to the 2nd

thad to the ft line

hawes to wroten

bad possession ends up in a wroten layup

thompson corner 3!

wroten to the ft line

et corner 3!

wroten tip in

I think I'm going to program a script that posts under "truesixerfan1220" every time something good happens for the other team/the Sixers' future.

wroten to the line

biyombo sprained ankle

will not return

going small with 4 guards

OK, just made it home for the end of the first half. Anyone care to recap quickly?

were able to keep pace on offense for the 1st

bad start to the 2nd on both ends(mostly the bench) got them behind

missing some open 3's

defense still sucks

Sixers give up a lot of points in the first half
Spencer Hawes continues to build trade value
Evan Turner shoots too much

Is his man at least lighting us up?

Gosixers reply to Brian on Dec 6 at 20:32

Oh I didn't see a minute of the game. I was just paraphrasing with the general summary I'm sure could be used at the half time of most games :)

down 11 at the half

to no ones surprise the defense is still a mess

et bucket

bad pass spence

I added that arrow on the right to get back to the story in response to some comments from earlier.

remember when zeller's agent was touting him as a stretch 4?

Yeah, I wasn't buying. Man, he's been horrible. Hasn't even attempted a three.

With a strong finish, Wroten could get a triple-double.

et baseline jumper

et floater

Turner w/ the floater over Zeller.

nobody tell brian that 00 just hilariously tried to go coast to coast...and turned the ball over while flailing

Ugh, Thad blows the bunny

Zeller w/ the slow-motion drive for the dunk. Nice challenge, Lavoy.

i deserved that zeller dunk

Get the 2-for-1, now.

thad to the locker room

down 12 end of the 3rd

Good work getting the 2/1.

72-84 after three.

Big run to start the fourth?

Turner came to life right when I got home, I didn't get to fully enjoy his pitiful first half. Serves me right.

et gets that to go somehow

That is such a trash shot by Turner. It drops.

Nice D, Turner.

lavoy has been solid on the o-boards tonight

Man, can't miss these easy ones if you're trying to come back.

lavoy bucket

Zeller making you eat your words :)

Heh. The Bobcats/Papa John's promotion is triggered when the Bobcats score 90.

trap leads to a turnover

foot on the line! by thompson

The trap works. Jump ball after the timeout. Need a run here, Hawes coming back in.

I chuckle whenever I see Bob Cooney use the word efficient. Not sure why.

Who did Taylor just blow by for that dunk?

et cant get the board on 2 different misses

Turner mis-timed his jump for that board. Can't give them three shots at it. Bleh. This is a loss, and an important one at that.

Gosixers reply to Brian on Dec 6 at 21:05

Expected though without maw. Any word on Thad?

hes back in

hurt is glute

Man, they're just standing there watching Charlotte grab o-boards.


wroten chasing a triple double

lost by 17

Bad defense makes bad offense look good. Good defense makes bad offense look terrible. Result, 17-point loss to the Bobcats. Well done!

turning point was when they turned the corner coming out of the tunnel

that was a real beaut

nice effort Suxers

This was the most important loss of the year so far.

The Bobcats are a playoff team right now, right?

Yes! And since that can't evaluate talent, they're not sacrificing their future with this shitty win.

Cleveland got blown out tonight by Atlanta. Waiters had 30 on 13-20 shooting, and Bynum had 20 and 13, 9 offensive rebounds. But Irving missed all 9 of his shots and all three of his free-throws, and no one else showed up. Milwaukee, on the other hand, survived overtime against the Wizards behind huge nights from Khris Middleton and John Henson, and some late-game shotmaking from Knight. Probably not a sustainable way to win. Orlando somehow is losing by 40 to the Knicks, and Utah will almost certainly lose at Portland tonight. We need to tank faster.

The competition at the bottom is so much more fierce than the competition at the top.

Seems Tyreke Evans injured his ankle. Not really sure if that helps us or hurts us.

Third quarter Jazz score: Portland 28, Utah 5. With 4 minutes left. Toronto just lost and will go to 6-12. At least Sacramento is winning.

lawson hurt his hamstring, will be a GTD for tomorrow

Tray reply to sixerfan1220 on Dec 7 at 0:23

We should still lose. Denver's still a pretty good team; Shaw's given up on the slowdown plan. Do you realize that if the draft happened right now we'd pick 9th and our pick from the Pelicans would be 10th? Who would have thought?

Meanwhile, the Lakers come back to beat the Kings, who now drop to 4-13. Yet another team that's better at tanking than us.

I'm with you, it's getting critical. Looking at the next 10 games, there could easily be 5 wins in there. Easily. If this team has 12 wins before the end of the year they're in serious trouble. Hinkie has to do something, and do it quickly. I don't think Turner for Waiters is a move that's going to help tanking, either.

Tray reply to Brian on Dec 7 at 13:20

I keep seeing people saying it's too early to panic, but a quarter of the season is over and we can't just assume that we'll regress to our pythagorean standings. There may be good reasons we're outperforming them, for one thing, like our fitness, which seems to give us an edge in overtime games. In any event, we trail a ton of teams, have three more wins in the bag than you'd like at this point, and many of those other teams will make tanking moves too. I'm not too sure that dealing Turner will be enough, either; some of the scrap heap guys who would get his minutes can play, and do at least try to defend the opposing team.

Tray reply to Tray on Dec 7 at 15:21

Actually, if I could revise, we're only one game better than our pythagorean standings; the problem is that a ton of teams are underachieving their pythagorean standings. The thing is, there's no reason to think that by the end of the season everyone will finish with the record that they should have; if you look at last season, many teams finished the season 2-3 games off their pythagorean standings, and some finished as much as 4. They need to get going. It's not as if we're the only team that can quickly get worse with trades. What if Orlando deals Afflalo? What if Toronto deals DeRozan? What if Cleveland were to move Bynum or Varejao? At least one of these things will likely happen.

The December 15-19 window will be telling.

15th is the first day you can trade FA's from the offseason.
19th is the last day you can trade a player and have that same player eligible for another trade this season.

Honestly I feel like Morey and Hinkie must have some crazy "asset" valuation system. It is like pricing derivatives with some of these variables.

Think about the premium Hawes has in this situation. Take any team that was supposed to make the playoffs this season that is underachieving (Knicks, Nets, Cavs, etc.). They can give it one last shot and acquire Hawes this week. If they don't turn things around by Feb 15, then they deal him. They wait until Dec 20, and it is MUCH less valuable to acquire him given the inherent loss of flexibility with him. I am sure Hinkie has Hawe's theta figured out in his head.

Regardless, I think that window will have some activity with us included.

well it seems like Simmons really really really likes MCW all of a sudden (Sixers are at the end of this):


and suggests Thad + Lavoy for Greg Monroe and some useless contract in part one...hmm...

anomiemnemonical on Dec 7 at 16:26

I have a feeling that the Cavs are the ones who aren't willing to do the Waiters for ET deal. Otherwise it would have been done already I think. Waiters was the 4th pick only one season ago (different regime but still)...why would the Cavs just chuck him and bail the Sixers out of their 2010 draft blunder and bring back less talent at double the salary? Not to mention having to look forward to that June 30th robbery when Turner's 8.7 mil QO is due or he walks.

Waiters is locked through 2016; at $3.7 mil this year and then $3.9, then $4, and then a team option at $5.1 for 2015-16.

I'd bet that Waiters earning his keep at 4 million dollars annually for the next 3 years is way more likely than Turner playing up to 9 mil/year for god knows how long.

Moreover, aside from "SF", I can't think of anything about ET that would fit in CLE anyways. They need shooting and defense and Turner would just stand there motioning for the ball the whole time while the offense continues running through Irving

Also, the reasons for Waiters being shopped in the first place sound strangely familiar: 1) off the court he's stubborn with certain entitlement issues that make him delusional about his offensive role; and 2) on the court, he blows off defending on one end and plays inefficient hero-ball on the other. So yeah most def. should acquire Evan Turner to fix all that.

I've lost all faith in this rumor after getting excited originally - too lopsided to be real. Sixers get to just make Turner and his impending RFA someone else's problem and the whole gaffe of ET at #2 overall 4 years ago gets salvaged into a brand new, recently top-drafted player on a fresh rookie contract. Then on the flipside the Cavs essentially drafted Evan Turner with pick 4 of 2012 to rent for a few months

I don't see a problem w/ the logic here. The reason I think Waiters is likely to get moved is that he dared to speak out about Cleveland's golden boy, and that's a good way to get a ticket out of town. No matter how true his words were, Cleveland is going to kiss Irving's ass in the fear he'll pull a LeBron on them when he hits free agency. Gilbert's a terrible owner.

anomiemnemonical reply to Brian on Dec 7 at 17:04

Yeah I don't like Gilbert. Or his kid. What do you think Sixers could get for Turner that's both reasonably decent and realistic?

Honestly, I'd be looking for a fringe piece on a rookie contract. A guy who could be a rotational player in the long term. Possibly Shumpert. I'd love it if it was Biyombo. Those guys aren't going to get you any more wins in the short term, but they can be pieces to a young, up-tempo team in the long term with their defense and athleticism.

but what if they've decided the highest value ET has is the cap space for next year they would get by letting him walk? as disappointing as it would be to not get anything for him, don't other teams see how horrendously awful he is?

anomiemnemonical reply to Brian on Dec 7 at 20:38

Getting Shumpert would be even better than Waiters, but NY won't go for it. Actually Waiters for Shump was being discussed more seriously than anything with Turner but Waiters added to a team that has JR Smith and Carmelo would just be absurd.

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