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They Need the Kid

@tmoore76ers #Sixers Brett Brown: MCW not playing tonight. At UPenn. Will stay overnight. Right knee infection

thad is sore but will play

tony wroten and Nate robinson are cousins apparently

@ChrisVito #Sixers official release: 76ers guard Michael Carter-Williams' right knee soreness was caused by a skin infection on front of his right knee

miller starting for lawson

South Broad on Dec 7 at 17:57

Anyone have any thoughts on the Heat coming out and saying they'd like to trade for a guard due to Dwyane Wade's recurring knee issues? Think they'd be interested in someone like a Turner maybe?

Tray reply to South Broad on Dec 7 at 18:10

Um, what would they give us? Cool Beas? Oden?

woah i commented on the last thread and the "thanks for commenting" link took me here already whaaaaat

That's always been the case. It's set to take you to the most recent comment on the most recent story.

Christ, MCW is hospitalized w/ a skin infection on the knee? Wtf?

yea hopefully it doesnt turn into anything worse

Gosixers reply to Brian on Dec 7 at 19:13

When they said infection yesterday I was concerned. Jesus

What happened to the battlestar?

James reply to Brian on Dec 7 at 19:41

Luckily these things usually turn out to not be serious in younger people and those without devices in their legs, though there is always a chance.

He is probably still in the hospital because they haven't speciated the bug (this can take a few days) yet or gotten sensitivities. Because of this they probably have him on prophylactic IV antibiotics which typically cannot be taken at home.

Hopefully this does not turn out to be the rare case of something serious and he gets sent home soon with some topical antibiotics

Aaaaand we're off...Hawes wins the tip.

wroten puts back his miss

Wroten has no problem with Miller's "defense" on the first possession. Miller draws the foul on Hawes on the other end.

Strange drive by Wroten. Hawes grabs the floor board, finds Hollis who finishes in the lane. They should have 80 points in the paint tonight. If DEN uses Mozgov for heavy minutes, Hawes should be able to get open threes all night.

sissy hook

eddies' heady's on Dec 7 at 19:14

It's such an awkward feeling watching these games this year. Too awkward.


Isn't it? Even more awkward to write about them. I mean, should I focus what I write on what they need to do to lose?

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Dec 7 at 19:21

I'd say writing on that is better left for the comments.

It's just weird to be so invested in the team and have such an affinity for them yet these players they're trotting out there are hard to attach yourself to because most of them are look-sees and the rest are heavily rumored to be shipped out of town or not even re-signed. It's just tough on a diehard to have a favorite team with a desire to watch them and at the same time while watching it feels so damn hollow and dispiriting.

Oh no, you don't see us making the playoffs anymore??

eddies' heady's reply to Tray on Dec 7 at 19:24

Get it straight. Never said they'd make the playoffs. Said they'd hang around and likely compete for the 8th seed as watered down and as bad as the East is, all assuming that the roster stays intact as is. Which I'm starting to now have doubts that he'll be able to move any of the three vets for various reasons with each.

I think you also said we were designed to make the playoffs. Definitely said we were not designed to tank.

eddies' heady's reply to Tray on Dec 7 at 19:27

Nope, you need to re-read.

Maybe i'm thinking of buke.

Turner w/ his head up, finds Thad for the oop layin.

nice drive by wroten

Good hustle by Thad gets the loose rebound for the Sixers. Wroten with a cakewalk to the hoop on the other end. 10-2 Sixers. Timeout Denver.

The 15th can't come soon enough.

My God Turner's defense is so bad. At least his close out was sloppy and late instead of non-existent that time. Shot clock violation on DEN.

Faried o-board. Too easy. Get a body on him.

and another. No excuse for that one. No one even challenged the shot.

Hawes at the rim + the foul. Hit the freebie.

sissy travel

hawes and 1

bad shot wroten

Wroten should have to do 20 pushups whenever he takes a jumper.

keep driving tony

They don't have anyone who can hang w/ Wroten off the dribble. 8 pts already.

turner leaves chandler wide open

Turner never moved to cover his man taking a corner three. Someone else challenged, Turner stayed planted in the paint. 2-point game now.

nice pass thad to lavoy

Turner is on Nate Robinson, not sure if it was by design, or a cross match or something, but it was funny.

Denver is almost as bad from the line as the Sixers are.

Denver's Taco Bell promotion is triggered at 110 points scored, vs. 90 for Charlotte last night.

Wroten to the line. He's about 90% to split the pair.

South Broad reply to Brian on Dec 7 at 19:31

Not watching the Sixers broadcast tonight?

Nope, Denver broadcast on DirecTV.

South Broad reply to Brian on Dec 7 at 19:35

Sixers are also on 752

excellent. Thanks for the tip.

Will Fornier be the guy who sets a career high against Turner tonight?

lavoy long 2

Turner again planted in the lane when his man hits a three. Literally didn't even lean in his direction.

Fornier scores over Turner in transition, Turner planted to the floor.

nice cut and pass

Anderson finishes off the nice feed.

thompson 3!

Hollis with the three in transition. I'm really liking this kid.

up 2 end of the 1st

This was probably the Sixers best defensive first quarter of the season.

27-25 after one.

good d robinson hits a tough shot at the buzzer

Davies is not a keeper.

eddies' heady's on Dec 7 at 19:39

Who the heck is gonna score in this lineup?

No one. Lavoy long twos, Anderson ill-advised drives, Thompson spot ups. Those are your three options, I'd prefer the third if it presents itself.

lavoy tip in

The Clips are going to hammer us. Absolutely demolish us.

Tray reply to Brian on Dec 7 at 19:44

By the way, I don't agree that we can easily win 5 of the next 10. I would say just 3. But that's a win or two too many.

Min, Tor, BK, BK, MIL.

All under .500.

I'm not saying they will win those five, but it also wouldn't shock me. This is a winnable game, too.

Tray reply to Brian on Dec 7 at 19:49

We don't win on the road though, and Minnesota and Toronto are substantially better even on a neutral court.

I hope you're right.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Dec 7 at 19:50


This lineup is hustling, I'll give them that.

Don't think Darius Morris to Lorenzo Brown has been an upgrade.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Dec 7 at 19:47

Haven't really seen enough to make a determination. Seems like Brown hasn't gotten as many minutes as Morris did. Plus, when MCW has been playing it seems like he brings in Wroten at backup PG.

It's shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic. I didn't think Morris was bad enough to warrant getting cut, but I guess they wanted to take a look at Brown. Doesn't matter either way.

anomiemnemonical reply to Brian on Dec 7 at 20:07

I say drop Zo and give Kendall Marshall one of those 10 day contracts while MCW is recuperating.

Other day in his d-league debut, Marshall scored over 30 on like 18 shots and was 1 board off a triple double.

3 on lavoy

sissy 3


Brown to the hoop.

Man, Robinson is getting a whistle every time he goes to the hoop.

Turner really showing up in MCW's absence. 0/0 from the floor so far.

Man, terrible defense and missed FTs makes the NBA so watchable.

offense has been blah since wroten left

Wroten back in.

Turner with two steals!!!!

Next thing you know, he'll get his first block of the year. Defensive maestro!

et jumper

Turner 20-footer. Yay!

Is that 3 on Faried? He got 2 in the last 20 seconds.

box score says 2

Man, that was horrid defense by Faried.

ugh thad need to make that

Turner brick from 19.

Good pass to Wroten in transition for the layup from Turner.

2 shot clock violations in one game!

Locking all windows and doors.. on their future.

Second shot clock violation by Denver. Never thought I'd see that from this defense.

It's rare for a hustle guy like Faried to be a shitty defender, but he pulls it off.

Turner brick from 19. Thad grabs the o-board and converts.

eddies' heady's on Dec 7 at 19:59

Thad putback. up 10

eddies' heady's on Dec 7 at 19:59

Turner gets a Foye 3 in his eye.

too far out to shoot that thad

Turner w/ the late rotation, Foye hits the open three.

Turner to the hoop, gets it.

Hollis battled for a tough board on the prior possession. Nice job.

eddies' heady's on Dec 7 at 20:01

Foye layup. Why did Evan throw his head up in disgust after Foye made that?

Thad w/ a huge block, ruined by a Turnerover.

They switched Turner off Chandler, Thompson on him now.

Wroten fouls Foye on a three. Stupid.

not sure why they keep fouling nate.

nice drive by wroten

Wroten right to the cup. Just keep doing that.

53-49 at the half.

Awesome defensive first half! 49 pts on about 49 possessions.

up 4 at the half

eddies' heady's on Dec 7 at 20:09

I have no idea how they just shot 50% for a half but they did.

anomiemnemonical on Dec 7 at 20:14

Could Spencer Hawes be the best passing and the best shooting Center in the game nowdays? All the Okurs and Brad Millers are gone and I can't think of anyone better than Spence

marc gasol

anomiemnemonical reply to sixerfan1220 on Dec 7 at 20:21

His assists just higher or is there some other way of comparing?

i dont know if his assists are higher

more of a eye test thing

anomiemnemonical reply to anomiemnemonical on Dec 7 at 20:17

scratch that, Channing Frye. He's still playing right? How about the passing, is Spence #1?


anomiemnemonical reply to Tray on Dec 7 at 20:38

No what

He is not the best passing big man in the NBA; Love, Gasol, and Duncan are better.

anomiemnemonical reply to Tray on Dec 7 at 20:52

I said Center not big man. 4's excluded

Kevin Love - 35% from three, 19.5% assist rate. Hawes is 45% from three this year with a 15.2% assist rate. Cousins, surprisingly, has an 18% assist rate. Duncan's assist rate is a bit higher than Hawes's. Marc Gasol's was 21.5% before he got hurt. Some smaller power forwards like West and McRoberts have great passing numbers. But leaving them out, I would say that Love, Gasol and Duncan are certainly better passers than Hawes.

anomiemnemonical reply to Tray on Dec 7 at 20:51

Didn't see that second reply, I thought you were just gonna leave it at No. Love, West, and McRoberts don't play center and I'd classify Duncan as a PF. I don't consider Cousins as a superior passer to Spencer though. Can't say I one way or the other with Gasol but I'll take your word for it since I don't know. But you can't just take Assist Rate numbers and 3pt% from 1/4 of the current season to make a list like that

Wait so you'd classify Duncan as a PF but Hawes as a center? What center-like things does Hawes do that Duncan does not? Perhaps generalized goofiness?

anomiemnemonical reply to Tray on Dec 7 at 21:12

There are no center like things, there are just different types of Centers just like there are different styles of everything else. Basketball positions are nominal rather than descriptive unlike most other sports, where you have "goalie" or "punter". Duncan has started most of his career at the 4, Spencer at the 5. By your logic Hawes is a shooting guard or something since he doesn't do the traditional 'power-forward-like' things either, whatever those are.

I don't know about that, there are plenty of stretch 4's who don't guard anyone in the league.

anomiemnemonical reply to Tray on Dec 7 at 21:43

There are plenty of players at every position who don't guard anyone.

3 shot clock violations!

thompson tip in

thad missing some easy shots tonight

Alright, just got back from walking the dog. Did I miss anything?

a shot clock violation

Turner fucks a chicken, misses the layup.


Wow, Wroten to Thad for the one-handed oop.

Of course he missed the freebie.

Miller slicing and dicing. Have a feeling he's going to have a monster second half.

Anderson misses a pair. you've got to be shitting me.

Turner has Nate Robinson on him and takes a 17-foot turnaround. Bricked. Great work.

nate rob is gonna go off

Wroten at least hit the rim on that three attempt. Baby steps.

sissy tip after worten drove

Anderson w/ a bad brick from three. Remember when he lit up Houston?

Thad to the line. 75% to split them.

Wow, he hit both.

thad makes both free throws

Wroten w/ the dunk, thad assists off nate turnover.

Turner misses from 16. Hanging his head.

bad shot evan

Turner bricks a three.

There goes the lead.

eddies' heady's on Dec 7 at 20:45

Pretty respectable crowd there tonight, considering.

Everyone bought their tickets early to see the Jrue/Lawson showdown.

Tray reply to Brian on Dec 7 at 20:57

So now that Jrue's on another team can we admit that Lawson turned out to be the better (offensive) point guard?

To this point, yeah. Though I'm hesitant to say Jrue has reached his potential at 22. Lawson's topped out.

Tray reply to Brian on Dec 7 at 21:04

Well now, Jeff Teague has added a lot of wrinkles to his game this season, at 25, and Lawson's free-throw-rate has gone up from a career average of .333 and .320 last year to .502 this season - which is astonishingly and perhaps unsustainably high, but he's doing it while being his team's first option, which hasn't always been the case.

5 on lavoy

orton makes both fts

are nuggets wearing throwback uniforms?

77-77 after three.

o-boards are killing them.

tied end of the 3rd

I predict a sixers win in overtime.

nice taken charge by orton

Hollis with a big o-board. Like that kid. He's the opposite of Evan Turner.

It's amazing the Sixers have this lineup in a tie game with 9 minutes to go.

eddies' heady's on Dec 7 at 21:01

Hollis turnover.

I think Williams bit on that pump fake, but I'm not sure.

eddies' heady's on Dec 7 at 21:06

Hollis catch and shoot 3

have no clue how its this close considering they are getting killed on the o-boards and at the line

Down 3 and Brown hasn't gone back to the starters yet...make that tied with Hollis hitting the three.

eddies' heady's on Dec 7 at 21:07

So, is Brown bringing back the starters now to tank?

Turner bricks a stupid shot. Hickson w/ a big follow on the other end. Spence misses a three.

eddies' heady's on Dec 7 at 21:08

And the Nugs take their largest lead at 4 right after ET, Spencer, and Thad came back in. heh

aaaand they're down 4. No one knows how to box out on this team.

Turner misses a dumb fucking shot. 2/11 now.

eddies' heady's on Dec 7 at 21:11

Turnerover, stellar.

turner tried to go 3 on 5

wroten saved him

Turnerover. Fancy dribbling to get by Miller, heh.


good drive by wroten

hello jordan hamilton

eddies' heady's on Dec 7 at 21:15

Brett Brown hit the tank trigger when he pulled those bench guys.

What does this say about the widespread assumption that we can guarantee ourselves a top 3 pick if we trade Turner and Hawes?

Thad has to go if you want guarantees. I think trading Hawes makes them a lot worse (or keeping Hawes if he reverts to his old self).

anomiemnemonical reply to Brian on Dec 7 at 21:38

Na moving Hawes needs to be priority #1 now before Spence, too, 'Turners' his value down to 0.

Tray reply to Brian on Dec 7 at 21:50

Even Thad doesn't guarantee anything. Utah and Milwaukee are extremely bad and should be pretty hard to dislodge from the top 3. Six other teams have worse records than us, and several of them could do things to get worse too. Orlando minus Afflalo might be worse than us minus Thad, for example.

eddies' heady's reply to Tray on Dec 7 at 21:53

Hold up, so are you saying that we could legitimately hover around the fight for the 8th seed just by default?

I think by midseason we should be pretty far back of the 8th seed.

eddies' heady's reply to Tray on Dec 7 at 21:23

I don't know much about that assumption, or how widespread it is. But I'm beginning to lean more and more to the belief that he'll have a difficult time moving either one of them.

Well that should do it. Now if Cleveland somehow hangs on to beat the Clippers, we'll have passed them in the standings. I guess we should be rooting for the Bucks to beat the Nets on the assumption that the Nets will turn things around. Maybe the same goes for the Jazz in their game against the Kings, who don't have bad numbers.

Definitely root for the Bucks. The Nets will make moves to get better if they have to, they have nothing to tank for.

Tray reply to Brian on Dec 7 at 21:22

What moves can they make?

To ensure a bottom-three record? Thad has to go if you want to absolutely sure about it.

Tray reply to Brian on Dec 7 at 21:27

No, I meant what moves can the Nets make to get better. I don't know how tradeable any of those pieces are. I guess I could see someone wanting Shaun Livingston, or Brook Lopez in a huge blockbuster, but other than that who can they move? Are any of the old guys expiring?

Bad pass, Thad.

not his mess game tonight

best not mess

eddies' heady's on Dec 7 at 21:20

Turner's trade value just plummeted to sign-and-trade in the offseason status.

If someone takes him I'll be shocked just because he's going to be a RFA this offseason.

anomiemnemonical reply to eddies' heady's on Dec 7 at 21:32

Agreed. There may have been a brief 5 game window at the beginning of this season to fleece some other team by slipping them Turner for something very modest but that's gone. Thad and Spencer still have value, ET is just some guy you'll have to pay salary to now. Hope they learned a lesson and will hurry up with Spencer before his inevitable spiral in a week or two

eddies' heady's reply to anomiemnemonical on Dec 7 at 21:43

Eh, I'm really on the fence with regards to anyone taking Spencer off our hands. Yeah, I agree that he could offer a playoff team a borderline quality backup (still soft as charmin on D,) but he's only an expiring worth 6.5 million. That's not a lot of savings on a team's cap. Also, I can't see anyone wanting the guy because of that very same reason that his contract is up. Seems unlikely that even playoff bound teams or contenders would want to Rent-a-Spence.

Thad could be in demand though, just not sure who'd want him being that I think he's overpaid slightly and such a tweener. He's not really this great player at either position. He's sporadic night in and night out along with a still not-developed shot from 10 feet and out (he's never had any touch). He'd make a decent bench player but not sure I'd want a bench guy that gives you what he gives you at 9 mil a year.

You're undervaluing Thad, I think. Unfortunately, so does most of the league I'd assume. His defense is very, very valuable, even at the 4. He's an efficient scorer who doesn't need a ton of touches. I'm pretty sure the Sixers think he's an undervalued asset, so there are probably only a handful of teams who would give enough for them to be willing to pull the trigger (unless the goal is to tank, in which case they wouldn't have a problem being on the wrong side of a lopsided trade).

Spence's value to a team isn't his expiring contract, it's his play. Just about every contending team would love to have him, I'd think. San Antonio is probably atop that list. They've made a living playing guys like him next to Duncan for years (Bonner, Diaw), and he's better than the guys they've used in that role.

None of the teams that want either guy are going to be willing/able to give us a good return on either, so it's going to have to be a tough deal to stomach on our part. I think that's the hiccup. They have to get worse this season, and maybe a lot worse, in the trades, and none of these teams are going to have high draft picks, unless you can con a team that thinks they're better than they are into giving you a pick that winds up in the lottery (like Cleveland).

anomiemnemonical reply to eddies' heady's on Dec 7 at 22:05

Thad is a "luxury player", you're right. Nobody 'needs' players like him per se but having one is extremely valuable and useful for any team. I'd call him a situational player rather than bench or starter. There are some games you can play him 35 minutes and really see him dent the other team throughout. Then there are other games where he should be on a leash, depending on which match-ups you can exploit in order to gain those mismatches he feasts off. Teams will just have to accept his limitations like shooting and defensive rebounding and work to facilitate his strengths like P&R defense, energy, mobility, etc. plenty of other good things.

anomiemnemonical reply to eddies' heady's on Dec 7 at 22:31

I actually think plenty of teams will want Spence if his game doesn't slump too far back to normal. He'd give instant depth to quite a few big man rotations as long as they're not expecting unreasonable things from him like shot blocking, or catching lobs, or competent defense. Clippers could really really use him, Blazers too if it's off the bench for RoLo and not in place of him next to Aldridge. OKC and SA are even more natural fits. Plus renting shouldn't be a problem in my opinion, because those teams need the spare parts he offers now, and if his play does drop off (it will), they'll be glad he isn't glued to them for 3, 4 more years.

Turnerover on the inbound pass?

lost by 11

92-103 final.

Turner is your tanker of the game, coming up big when they need him to be the man with a .25 TS%. 3/12 from the floor, 0/0 from the line for 6 points. Great job, young man.

eddies' heady's on Dec 7 at 21:51

Don't know if it was because they were tired from the road/home back-to-back or what, but tonight was the first time this season that some of the guys looked disinterested. Their body language was off or something. Guess they're just tired from the pace and travel combined, but Evan looked beaten down and dispirited, Thad looked not as spry and spent, and Hawes looked similar to the Hawes we'd all come to know and loathe before the first 15 or so games this year.

Wonder were there any revealing quotes in postgame interviews?

I kind of disagree with a lot of comments regarding player's value. You are making it sound like the only assets that have value around the league are superstars and draft picks (future or recent). I don't think that's really the case. We still probably don't have a good idea of what the market is after the new CBA kicked in and teams started giving out shorter contracts, but i definitely think that shorter contracts are not necessarily bad. 15-20 teams every year will still make moves to improve during the given season (though this year everything is kind of messed up because the East is terrible). Not everyone will sacrifice current production for future production. If that were the case the whole league would be ruined and i don't think the league is anywhere near that.

I'm not saying that Hawes or Turner for example have great value, but the fact that they are on expiring contracts is not necessarily a bad thing. Definitely not for every team.

unless they can flip him for something more doesnt make much sense

If they take him before the 19th, they can still trade him again this year. So he might just be a stop gap acquisition.

That being said, Morey and Hinkie make a lot of smokescreens. Hinkie might just be doing Morey a favour by floating the "idea" around so he can drive up the price on Asik.

Is Hollis Thompson a bench rotation player? I haven't been able to watch him but his statistics look solid.

He has the length to defend, how does he look on that side of the ball?

He's been a pleasant surprise. He has the potential to be a nice glue guy 3 and D type of player. I like him. He works very hard and has constant energy on both sides.

Knicks running away with another loss, down 19 in the second quarter. Should fall to 5-14. Is it necessarily the case that they will not explore tanking? They own their pick, right?

the knicks pick goes to denver who might have to send it Orlando

Knicks and Nets have no motivation to tank, unless they're really keen on having a high pick in the second round.

the sixers have the nets 2nd round pick

Billy King!!!!

Wrong. Their pick goes to Denver in the Melo trade. Hence, they won't tank.

Same thing with Brooklyn who owes Boston the worse of the (Atlanta-Brooklyn picks).

The Knicks are hilarious. They are losing by 35 to the Celtics in MSG.

I watched a couple of first quarter possessions, they are simply taking turns in ISO ball on the offensive end. Ridiculous.

Isn't that what worked for them last year?

Chandler might be back next week

They were shooting and hitting a ton of threes last year and Chandler single-handedly made the defense respectable. There were plenty of ISOs but still managed to kick the ball to open shooters. They are not doing that right now.

For all the guys that are worried that the team might be too good:

The last game the Sixers won in regulation was exactly one month ago. They've won only 3 OT games in the meantime.

If that's not a bottom 3 team i don't know what is. And it's going to get even worse after some of the players get dealt (Hawes in particular). Without Hawes for example, the team would have almost no spacing on offense.

I was tracking the point differential - and even with some wins in the way - it's trending downwards - which is a 'good' sign for tank favorable people

You can't erase wins. Doesn't matter if they're OT wins or regulation blowouts.

true - but the trends are in the tanking favors - and the 15th is coming

Tray reply to GoSixers on Dec 8 at 15:08

By the end of the season, the majority of teams will be 2 or more wins off of their pythagorean standings. Happens every year. I suspect that if you ran a simulation of the rest of the season 10000 times, the most likely scenario would be us picking 5th or 6th, given that we're only 4th worst in scoring margin and that a lot of wins and losses are already in the bag. Now that doesn't take into account trades, but there's no way that we'll be the only team that tanks to get worse. And there are teams that can do greater damage with trades. Remove Afflalo from the Magic and you lop off their best and most efficient scorer and their best perimeter defender. Subtract Turner from us, or even Hawes, not nearly as large an impact.

and in how many of those imaginary seasons do they start 3-0?

Personally I was counting on that ice capades road trip to make up for that start but that week long rest is ridiculous

Tray reply to Xsago on Dec 8 at 14:54

So 7 teams have worse records than us, but you're extremely confident we'll be in the top 3 because we've had a really bad month. The Bucks are 2-14 in the last month and one of the wins was in overtime. The Jazz are really bad. Orlando wants to deal their best player, Toronto is rumored to be considering dealing theirs, the Knicks might wisen up and move Melo, the situation in Cleveland is fluid. The only thing we know about the lottery at this point is that we don't know what it will look like. Don't forget, either, that there are young players on our roster with substantial room for improvement.

No, the reason why i am confident we'll end up with a top 5 pick is twofold:

1. They are only 1 game away from a bottom 3 record despite having won a lot of lucky games and despite having one of the easiest schedules in the league to date (easier than any of the teams below them). The luck will eventually start turning against them.

2. And more importantly, i think Hinkie is completely in control of the situation and will make moves accordingly. And i disagree that other teams can disintegrate the team easier than the Sixers. Without Hawes this team is, even considering the "hot" play in the first week, the worst team in the NBA. The bench has been hilariously bad. Pretty much every non-Hawes lineup that has gotten extended minuted has been hilariously bad. Btw, Afflalo, much like Turner is pretty much putting empty stats on a bad team (the Magic so far have been better without him than with him on the court).

I'm not saying having more wins than they should is a good thing. I'm saying that 1) these things tend to even out over the course of the season, 2) the team will get much worse via trade and 3) they were supposed to win 5-6 games considering their schedule even when they were projected to win 15 games.

P.S. Read this article for example. According to this the Sixers are behind their expected win total at the moment, which is why Brown is only 4th in these rankings.

What article?

It's hard to say that Spencer Hawes is the sixers best player this year

Oh sorry, i forgot to post the link:


The article is about the new coaches in the NBA not Hawes or the Sixers.

As for Hawes, it's easy, just look at the on/off data:


The Sixers ar 10.5 points per 100 possessions better with Hawes than without him. The bench is hilariously bad, especially on the offensive end. Turner is interestingly 2nd at +9.2 points per 100 possessions. The lineups with Hawes or Turner on the bench have been outscored as if the sixers were a D-league team.

No i mean I know hawes is the best sixers player this year - but man - just sticks in my craw to SAY it is all :)

I only need him to maintain it for a couple more weeks so he can be moved somewhere for good assets :)

anomiemnemonical reply to Xsago on Dec 10 at 4:33

I still don't get it; how can you be so unequivocally optimistic..? It's not about being the worst team, it's about having the worst possible record and now the Sixers have some significant ground to make up in that department. Like you said further down the thread, a whopping 10 teams may be tanking and, like what 7 or 8 of them, are below us in the standings, most by several wins. To me that's pretty troubling...all of those teams are bad and will only get worse. The tanking competition will only get tougher going forward.
Would you agree that without Randle, Wiggins, and Parker this draft wouldn't be all that special? Because that's the draft board the 6ers may be looking at since they're the ones stealing OT wins against Milwakee and waiting forever to pull the trigger on Turner and Spence.

@WojYahooNBA Rudy Gay is headed to the Kings, league sources tell Yahoo Sports. He has been pulled out of the Raptors lineup for tonight.

@WojYahooNBA Sacramento will send John Salmons, Vasquez, Patterson and Hayes to the Raptors, sources tell Yahoo Sports.

@WojYahooNBA Along with Rudy Gay, Quincy Acy and Aaron Gray will be traded to the Kings too, league sources tell Yahoo Sports.

Sacramento is basically trading every good role player they have for this guy. That's a little exaggerated but not far off. I would expect Toronto to improve, Sacramento to get worse. Vasquez gives them a pro to backup Lowry, Patterson and Hayes give them some quality depth, losing Gay just subtracts a lot of wasted possessions.

Tray reply to Tray on Dec 8 at 23:57

Unfortunately, Stein says Toronto plans to deal Lowry and/or every other non-Jonas player on the roster in an effort to tank for Wiggins. What a shocker. We're sure to pick top 3 though, we have a killer scoring differential.

I really don't get you. Everyone knows that possibly 10 teams want to tank for a high draft pick. The fact that Toronto wants to blow it up is nothing new. But for most of those team it's difficult to accomplish. In the mean time, Toronto got better IMO.

Tray reply to Xsago on Dec 9 at 11:45

For which team is it so hard to accomplish? Milwaukee could deal Ilyasova and Mayo and sit Sanders all year. Cleveland could deal Varejao and possibly Bynum, who's playing fairly well these days. Toronto could deal DeRozan and Lowry and Amir Johnson; Lowry is likely to go. Orlando could deal Afflalo and maybe Davis. Brooklyn and New York don't care to tank, so we'll leave them out. Boston could move Jeff Green and Jordan Crawford; I'll grant you that that wouldn't get them to the bottom, but they're not one of the 8 teams we're trailing anyway. Utah doesn't need to accomplish anything because they're already so bad, but they could always give up on the Favors/Kanter duo and ship Kanter out. Sacramento just got a little worse, by accident, and just traded two of their three power forwards. When they then trade Jason Thompson, as it's reported they will, they'll at least have an awkward positional hole that they may have to fill with the dreadful Derrick Williams as a smallball four.

Sitting Sanders would be the same as sitting MCW for the year. His injury is relatively minor and he will be back soon. And Ilyasova na Mayon are not as easy to trade as Hawes and Turner due to their long term contracts.

Varejao and Bynum have had minimal impact on the Cavs so far. They won't get much worse by dealing them. And Irving is bound to bounce back after a terrible start.

Toronto needs to deal a ton of players (DeRozan, Lowry, Vasquez, Johnson, Patterson) to reach worst in the league territory. That's no easy task.

Meanwhile all the Sixers need to do is trade Hawes (which is easy, the key is getting as much as possible for him) and become probably the worst team in the league right away.

Boston has like 12 good players. And they are close to .500 with Rondo still injured. Tanking for them with so much competition is almost impossible right now. They might make the playoffs.

Utah and Sacramento are legit problems i agree, mostly because they are in the West where they'll inevitably lose a ton of games (they are better than some of the eastern teams). But they are only 2 teams. Not enough to force the Sixers to drop out of the area where they would be in position to draft a potential superstar.

I get the feeling that you think other teams want to tank more than the Sixers do but i think you couldn't be further from the truth. Hinkie will make sure the roster is not competitive on a nightly basis when the time comes. In the mean time he's just trying to squeeze as much as possible out of the players and create assets.

On Hawes: lines up and drills threes at a good clip when given time to calibrate. Gets feisty in battle every so often. Next elemental low block hoop move will be a surprise. Opponent layup drill when he's in the painted area. Numbers look good. Won't be a big results dropoff if he goes. Spencer, west coast puddy cat.

WHy do people keep trading for Rudy Gay

i have no clue

That's hilarious. I can't wait until Cousins punches him for hogging the ball.

In more important news: The Eagles really impressed me today. Huge win and their o-line was huge in the fourth against a tough Detroit run defense. Awesome to see the game in the snow, too. Maybe one of my teams won't depress the hell out of me this year after all. Let's go Bears!

I was pretty impressed - i don't get a lot of games this year - buyt after the first half i thought it was done myself - then 14-0 - and FOles looked awful throwing the ball in the first half. I'm recovering from a flu so i'm a lot out of it, but it was a fun day of watching football - 49ers/Seahawks game was pretty good too.

Hey Brian - what's that yellow '0' at the bottom of the screen - i - i didn't even notice it before - is it the new comments counter in the wrong place?

firefox on a mac? What's your screen width?

17" powerbook - It was the 0 from the new comments thing - for some reason it moved - the like button was up in the comments spot - it seems to have resolved itself

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