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Making the Great Look Better

wont be in the thread tonight

should be able to watch it

hopefully its not gonna be as ugly as i think it will be

DeAndre Jordan (strained right foot) is a game-time decision

Go, Willie!

Willie has actually been worse this year than he ever was with the Sixers, and that's saying something.

Small simple size. Wait'll the wheels get greased. A stroke is a stroke. And a good bloke is a good bloke.

I've been meaning to ask you, how does the new design look on AOL Dial-Up service?

Stan reply to Brian on Dec 9 at 16:50

I've been meaning to ask- It used to be that when you clicked on the latest comment it would go directly to that comment. Now it just goes to the first comment. Do you plan on changing that? I liked the way it was before.

Tray reply to Stan on Dec 9 at 17:18


Works fine for me if I haven't read the comment - if I've already read the comment than yes it goes to the article itself

Stan reply to GoSixers on Dec 9 at 18:32

For me it goes directly to the first comment. Maybe it's because the comments are always new since I'm always in incognito mode at work?

I don't know what incognito mode means? Even if you aren't logged on the cookie should register what you've read

Stan reply to GoSixers on Dec 9 at 18:41

All of the cookies get deleted once you close the window.

Oh - well that's gonna do it i guess :)

Personally this worrying about mobile stuff drives me crazy - site looked fine on my tablet the way it was and i don't want worse vision - never use my iphone for web stuff

Doesn't look better on your ipad now?

never had a problem before :)

doesn't look significantly different or better to me - but i'm not your normal user

Bare minimum, you don't have pinch-zoom on the comments now.

I believe I can fix this, need the time to do it, though.

Now that's funny!

Was red on pink your choice?

tk76 reply to Dollar Bill on Dec 10 at 0:02

Now don't go all Joseph McCarthy on us :)

...that is as close as I'll come to an old man joke.

Julius & Ethel Rosenberg fail to see your humor.

Hang onto that sthethoscope:)

...that's as close as I'll come to career counseling.

Looks like I got my interesting Wikipedia read of the day. What's on the plate for tomorrow?

Wait - you don't know who the rosenbergs are?

Unless you're in middle school the education system really is in the toilet

well the new site is MUCH easier to read on mobile - we'll see how it works if anybody comments ...

same old Willie!

woah Adam aron just walked past with a sweater that may have broken my camera

Jeremy Lamb rumored to be on the market for OKC in return for a more "veteran" bench presence.

Old Rocket, young talented wing player. Fun to speculate over.

Hmmm - would they take Turner?

God I'm rooting for the bears - I hate this

Rusty reply to GoSixers on Dec 9 at 20:57

After reverting back to himself, I can't picture them taking Turner.

My thought was that they might go after Thad or Hawes. Thad moreso because of his reasonable contract. You can play Ibaka at the 5 in a smallball lineup.

anomiemnemonical reply to GoSixers on Dec 10 at 4:16

They wouldn't take Turner for a poster of Jeremy Lamb

anomiemnemonical reply to Rusty on Dec 10 at 4:13

I really hope they can make that deal somehow...Lamb is going to be very solid for like a decade in the nba I think. Adequate athlete with a freak wingspan and just a naturally very smooth offensive game - the shooting stroke especially. I'd even take Perkins back too if that's necessary.
Hope there's a chance that something along the lines of Lamb and Perk for Hawes + 2nd rounder(s) can be done maybe. I doubt it though. Presti will probably manage something better elsewhere

just got home

looks like i didnt miss much

lavoy gets away with a walk et floater

nice taken charge thad

wroten to the line

nice move thad

thad running at blake in the corner

leads to an and 1(missed the ft)

et splits the fts

To those of you who are always harping on Turner's inefficiency, I hate him too, but I just want to point out that while he has a not so great 22 points on 10-21 shooting, the rest of the team is 21-64 from the field. We would really scuffle without the guy.

lolz willie green bit on et pump fake from 3

wroten to the line

thats a bs call

he was moving

lost by 11

Steph Curry recorded an improbable (for anyone, but especially him) line of 43, 6, 9, and 2 blocks tonight in a loss to Charlotte. What other players have done this? Only LeBron, Wade, Carter, Jordan, Vince Carter, T-Mac, and Bird. I would bet on Paul George to make the list one day. Maybe Wiggins. Orlando is getting blown out by Memphis and should drop to 6-15, worse than us.

and the sixers are 7-15

its a half game difference and there is alot of games left

There are a ton of other teams in similar or better positions; of course we may well pass Orlando. The point is, with all those teams our chances of even a top 3 pick are 50/50 unless we obliterate our roster. And even then, other teams will obliterate their rosters.

It looks like Utah, Milwaukee, Orlando and Sacramento are the teams that will compete with our tanking.

Hopefully Rudy Gay has a positive effect on Sacramento.

I don't think Toronto gets much worse from this deal, but if Lowry and Derozan go it is a different story.

Utah seems better since Burke has arrived.

This season is mentally draining.

Tray reply to Rusty on Dec 9 at 22:36

Toronto should get better, Sacramento should get worse. Toronto just traded their least efficient offensive player... who bizarrely was taking more shots than anyone on the team. Now Valanciunas and Amir Johnson and Terrence Ross actually get to do things on offense. Even DeRozan should benefit. DeRozan's having a quietly good year.

Sacramento, which had a passable, average offense until yesterday, has brought in a vortex of suckiness to take shots away from the newly kind-of-solid-on-offense Cousins, an extremely legit scorer in Isaiah Thomas, and McLemore, who isn't too good yet but is steadily improving. Soon Cousins will be pouting his ass off over his diminished role and revert to the often disengaged guy he was in past seasons, while McLemore will see the ball less than he did in Bill Self's patented "hide the brightest NBA talent on the team" offense at Kansas. And their backup point guard just went from being Thomas to some guy named Ray McCallum. And Derrick Williams is now firmly ensconced at starting power forward. The only good news for the Kings is that Gay will play solid defense on wings when he wants to. Anyway, that's the conventional wisdom; maybe Gay will go back to being the decent player he was in Memphis. But I think it's far more likely that he sees this as an opportunity to be the Kobe to Cousins's Shaq. I'm sure if you asked him who should shoot the ball more, him or Thomas, who shoots 40% from three, 46% from the field, and gets to the line at a superb rate, he thinks he should. This is a guy who banned stat sheets in his team's locker room in his capacity as team captain this season.

I have not seen evidence of Brett Brown actively trying to lose... but not hacking DeAndre Jordan down the stretch when the game was somewhat within reach was the first I've seen him not actively pull out all of the stocks in an effort to win a game. Not that I have a problem with letting a game slip away this year.

And the ET play where he missed a guy coming on the break because he was complaining to the ref... then too late reaching out and giving up a 3 point play... was just about the most Evan Turner play I have ever seen. He should have to watch that replay 100X in lieu of writing on the blackboard "I will not whine to the refs in a way that hurta my team" 100X.

I'm both saddened and relieved I didn't see the Turner play you're talking about. How many more times do I have to watch him in a Sixers' jersey?

tk76 reply to Brian on Dec 10 at 12:42

It was a classic. ET has this whiney face on with both hands pleading as he is backtracking down the court but turned away from the basket he is defending. Then you see a shocked look as he notices Jared Dudley (possibly his man) coming in free for a layup, so hastily reaches out and whacks Dudley's off hand for a weak and one basket. Then he just looks sad and grumpy.

Basically all of the bad things about ET concentrated into 5 seconds- and this was a key point where the Sixers had just gotten back into the game midway through the 4th qtr. To be fair, ET had a good game and this was by far his worse momeent, but it was such an ET moment.

I'd trade turner for willie without batting an eye right now.

You'd trade Turner for the 60th pick in the 2020 draft without batting an eye

And really this here is the sad thing about him. He's gotten to the point where his game isn't really an issue anymore, he's developed a reasonable all round game, but his on court attitude and behavior is simply unacceptable and ruins all of the good stuff that he does.

tk76 reply to Xsago on Dec 10 at 15:26

I've been overall happy with ET's game this year. He really has done A 180 in terms of shot selection and efficiency. I would hope that he will get a bit smarter with his whining to where it is at least not directly harming the team. Iggy used to have terrible body language, but it would not cause him to be lazy on defense.

I actually don't have a problem with ET as an important producer on my team. But given the state of the Sixers, where they want to maximize draft position and are not looking to bring ET back, it makes sense to deal him on Dec 15th even for a weak return.

They will have a problem finding a trading partner with both Afflalo and Derozen likely on the market. Afflalo in particular, will be much more desirable to teams.

You don't have a problem with his defense? Or the fact that he turns high percentage shots into low percentage shots with his complete lack of athleticism? His numbers are inflated imo. I bet he's below .500 in TS by the end of the year.

buke reply to Brian on Dec 10 at 17:15

He'll never be a great shooter, but who on this team (other than maybe MCW with a little more experience) could get off the same number of shots with any better efficiency? For the time being, that certainly doesn't look like Wroten.

Thad is a more "efficient" shooter, but Thad has had 6.25 years to show whether he can average 20 points a game for any stretch of his career and he hasn't done it.

When you're the leading scorer of this team, you have to take all kinds of shots - good and bad - because there aren't enough competent offensive players to add up to 90 + points if you don't.

Your mission in life seems to be able to discredit any accomplishment by Turner at every turn. It's reached the level of a nervous tick. Do you honestly think anyone with any decision making responsibility for this team is going to be influenced by what you write? Do yourself a favor and seek a higher mission.

I don't have a mission, and I don't think anyone employed by the Sixers (or anyone else) really cares what I think. I hate Turner's game. I hate his attitude. I hate all the excuses everyone makes for him. I want him gone. The desire to watch my favorite team play has nearly been snuffed out by the fact I have to watch him flail around on the floor to do so.

buke reply to Brian on Dec 10 at 20:04

No one is making excuses for Turner. He is who he is: a flawed player who happens to be the most prolific scorer on a terrible team. The reason he is the most prolific scorer is that he has the best ability of anyone on the team to create his own shot. If Thad and Hawes had the same abilities to create their own shots, they would be the leading scorers. End of story.

For now, he's on the team and all the rancor in the world won't change that. Only an appealing deal or the end of the season will. And if management unexpectedly decides to keep him around after this season, you'll just have to deal with that, or pick another team to follow, or switch your attention to college basketball.

WEll most of the rancor tends to come from others who think that there's too much criticism of certain players - and this isn't a new phenomenon - back in the bad old days it was sam dalembert who was terrible and people made excuses for and told people to 'stop being mean to him'

Everyone has their on opinion and way of expressing it - it's one of those things about America - you can express your opinion pretty much any way you want and the only person (on this site) who has any say in what you say is brian - cause it's his sand box

If people stopped criticizing people FOR their criticism of a given player - most of the rancor would evaporate

The impact of the ability to create your own shot is something that can't be truly measured via advanced stats at the moment which is why a lot of those inefficient wing "shot creators" are getting killed by the community. I expect that to change.

In the meantime, it's going to be difficult to gauge the proper value of these players. They are not useless as many think as evidenced by the incredible fall of OKC's offense last year when Westbrook went down. They wen't from the best offense in the league to one of the worst in the playoffs during the Westbrook-less span. You always need to have at least 2 "shot creators" on the court. One is usually the PG and another one is a wing or a post up (or face up) big man.

Of course not all shot creators are equal, far from it, so the key is understanding how much they actually help the team (if at all).

I had teammates who were talented and hellbent on creating their own shots, and mostly what I recall is how selfish and dispiriting was their play ... offensive offensive "geniuses" with little interest or capacity in sharing the ball or the unglamorous grunt work at the D end of the court. Headlines sometimes lie. "Inefficient shot creator" can translate to morale sapper, also-ran.

Pete Maravich's 3,166 LSU shots - 38 pumps per game! - resulted in one NIT invitation, no NCAA tourney qualification for Tigers. On the other hand, Jerry West, the logo, two-way demon, NCAA Final combatant, NBA Champ.

That said, the 'Pistol' with the gray floppy woolen socks and hungry forward lean was fun to watch, a phenomenon, an exception. Did things with the basketball no others will. And the game is ultimately an orchestrated circus without the elephants. Glad he came to town.

OK, but I doubt the teams you played for had a 24 second shot clock. When time is running out and the team stuff isn't happening, then players have to take it on their own.

I'd love to see the Sixers turn into an imitation of San Antonio where crisp team ball movement is the goal and the ball doesn't hit the floor for very long but they haven't resembled that since Collins' first year. That was completely gone by his third year and hasn't returned yet.

How often is Turner "creating" these terrible shots at the end of the shot clock? They rarely use 15 seconds before they're heaving it up.

anomiemnemonical reply to Brian on Dec 10 at 18:09

how bout them rebounds tho

anomiemnemonical reply to Brian on Dec 10 at 18:12

how bout them rebounds tho

He's developed a reasonable all around game?

Defense is part of the all around game yes?

buke reply to GoSixers on Dec 10 at 17:03

He actually played OK on defense overall last night (for him anyway). Of course, to be expected, he did have some lapses including that most memorable one described above. That one even provoked a well deserved outburst from Malik. It must be said that he seemed to be a bit embarrassed as he paid notably more attention to defense in the minutes following that episode.

Well good for him. I'm so proud he paid attention to defense for a couple minutes in one game. Give that man an extension!

He actually played OK on defense overall last night (for him anyway)

Look at how much qualification there is in there

He's a defensive liability - and most likely his porous defense off sets most of his improved offense (and doesn't excuse his awful 3 point shooting, lack of increased rebounding, increased turnover rate and diminished assist rate)

Evan pops his lid more frequently than most others. Why?

If he covered his man like he covers referees his WS/48 wouldn't be .052, 2nd worst of his 4 NBA seasons.

Has talent, competitive fire, physical restrictions, a disarming side and a reprobate side. In short, he's a piece of work. Needs a Phil Jackson or Doc Rivers-type to massage his temples, set him right, sustain the positives. Talented teammates to apply peer pressure would help too.

Is the production he brings worth the energy he takes?

Just saw the camera pan across Hinkie in the stands at the Kansas v. Florida game.

Anyone watch James Young in that Kansas game last night? Impressive shot. And it was great to see Wiggins demand the ball at the end of the game and drill those 3's.

Wiggling for Wiggins (or Parker or Randle or ?) ... what a league this has become. No more than 10 teams worth watching, if that. Do you think contraction is discussed in league office?

The Six reply to Dollar Bill on Dec 11 at 11:03

I have long been a believer that there should be ZERO pro sports in the state of FL. College football and NASCAR is all they care about. Of course there is no taking the Heat out of Miami at this point.

Heat, the house that Ron Rothstein and Rony Seikely built. Hatched the same year as Charlotte Hornets/New Orleans Hornets/New Orleans Pelicans.

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