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Lay an Egg in the Garden

brandon davies out 4-6 weeks with a fractured finger

no wroten tonight

looks like another week or 2 for moultrie

Davies being out is great for my sanity, terrible for the team. Dedmon at least seems like he can challenge/block shots and grab a few rebounds.

Sanity is vastly over rated, come join me on the 'spectrum' (cause, you know - the diagnosis 20 years ago was wrong :))


i wouldnt be against isoing thad on bargnani every play

Anyone else hear anything about a trade for Gasol? Hawes and Turner outgoing. link.

The Sixers should be getting a #1 in return as well, imo.

The Latino Post

Never heard of it

Found the latino post

Last time they put up something about Pau Gasol was in 2013 :)


Stan reply to GoSixers on Jan 22 at 19:43

They also reported that the Kings would trade Isaiah Thomas, Ben McLemore, Marcus Thornton, Jason Thompson and two future first-round picks for Rondo.

Funny - every thing I've read recently says they'd consider Rondo for a great player (ala CP3) but aside from that Ainge ain't giving up yet

I kind of hope they get blown out early so I can catch a bit of the Duke game and still get to bed early.

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 22 at 19:41

Spurs-Durant should be good.

Orlando still doesn't have Vucevic.

so what is the most Amaro-esque thing this team could do, similar to the Phils bringing Abreu back for some reason? Would that be the 76ers bringing in...McKie to ride the bench maybe?

Signed a guy to a minor league deal - BFD

there are alot better reasons to be angry at amaro and the abreu deal is not one of them

Oh - I gave up on him when he gave howard that needless extension :) I'm a trail blazer - you're all just catching up :D

the contract was a start for me, the pence trade drove me insane

Tray reply to das411 on Jan 22 at 19:45

No, trading for Andre Miller.

no martin and amare for the knicks

both cause problems for the sixers lat time they faced

Aaaand we're off...Hawes loses the tip.

Thad long on a three.

i feel like thad hasnt hit a 3 in a while

im wrong had 3 in the chicago game

eddies' heady's on Jan 22 at 19:44

ET alley to Anderson.

an oop! they did one successfully!!

Melo getting a night off on the defensive end.

James Anderson again.

Doesn't he take every night off on the defensive end?

I feel like melo is a tall iverson almost - he scores a lot of points so people ignore his numerous flaws - he helps his teammates less than iverson and think he's worse defensively than iverson as well

Way too casual on that break.

thad blocked by bargs

I love how delusional Knicks fans are. Makes it fun to go to games there.

Fans of ALL new york teams tend to be delusional

ALL of the teams

Eh. Mets fans seem pretty realistic. They know their team always sucks.

et 3

Turner giving ground like it's his job. Thad leaves Bargs to double, Bargs hits the three.

Turner for three.

mcw to thad

nice pass

Nice find by MCW. Play was made with Thad's movement after the switch.

Turner passes on the open three, rattles in a long two instead.

eddies' heady's on Jan 22 at 19:48

Heh, so Turner put his hand up to his ear/mouth as if he was talking 'long distance' after he hit that last 3. Malik thinks he should chill.

Sissy three. Woody timeout.

sissy 3

10-0 run

Woodson seems clueless to me.

et corner 3

Turner three. Ugh. Tray, where are you?

wonder if mcw leads the league in pissed put-backs as a guard

Turner's getting pushed around by Melo. Interested to see how he reacts.

thad should of let bargs shoot dont chase him off the line

That's either a reputation thing, or just the fact that he hit one earlier. I agree, though.

MCW having no problem getting to the hoop.

Felton to the bench w/ 2.

iverson assist for mcw

eddies' heady's on Jan 22 at 19:55

MCW spin move on the left side of the hoop.

So who's high on Jabari Parker in the draft?

By high, I mean say we're picking #2 and Embiid went #1, you'd take Parker over Wiggins.

his d might not be so bad behind someone like noel but i dont prefer him

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Jan 22 at 19:58

I was preseason, need to continue to see more to come to a more definitive conclusion. Problem is, he's being played out of position most of the time with the team not having any height this year.

You see him as a three?

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Jan 22 at 20:00

Definitely. Just can't get a gauge if he can guard adequately enough there.

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 22 at 20:00

My understanding was that he can't guard them but can play the position on offense.

Can you hide a sieve at the three if you have two really good defenders at the point and in the middle?

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 22 at 20:08

I'm not defensively astute at all, but I think the primary thing in guarding people like LeBron or Durant is to have someone like Hibbert. No one can really stop them on the perimeter when they're making shots.

mcw 3


Wild pass by Turner. Lavoy's cluelessness didn't help either.

et at point

Melo was in the paint for about 7 seconds on that play.

Was that a foot on the line for Hollis or a three?

thompson for 3 who looks alot better the last couple of games

Take the fucking shot, Elliot. I hate that shit. How hard is it to not step back when you drive from the corner?

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Jan 22 at 20:07

agreed, bothers me too

Bargnani rejects Turner slop.

eddies' heady's on Jan 22 at 20:06

It seems so surreal to have held a team below 30 pts in the first quarter. Maybe they did it recently and I missed it but it seems an oddity.

Turner protecting his FG% at the end of the Q. Up by 7 after 1.

eddies' heady's on Jan 22 at 20:08

Um Evan, you might want to shoot it since the clock was winding down to zero.

up 7 end of the first

Why is Kobe at the Miami/Duke game?

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Jan 22 at 20:10

His close relationship with Coach K from the Olympics.

Parker looks taller than 6'8" to me. Maybe everyone else is just short.

mcw to the line

split them

eddies' heady's on Jan 22 at 20:13

Dedmon putback.

eddies' heady's on Jan 22 at 20:14

Wonder why they're not playing Zo Brown at backup PG considering they wanted to get him some run by sending him down to Delaware. He's not down there now is he?

no he isnt

trying to showcase turner as a ball handler?

eddies' heady's reply to sixerfan1220 on Jan 22 at 20:18

That's what I was asking after the Wiz game (which I missed) but no one answered. Issue with that is it can have negative repercussions. I think it exposes his flaws even more.

eddies' heady's reply to sixerfan1220 on Jan 22 at 20:16

Appreciate that. Must've made that decision solely for monetary reasons.

balls are bouncing the sixers' way. not looking good. these knicks are a bunch of quitters, too. they'll start bitching and hanging their heads if they get down by 15.

eddies' heady's on Jan 22 at 20:19

BB's got to sub some help here. This lineup is longing for it.

I wonder why Wiggins chose Kansas. Seems odd.

Keep it up, Bargs!

Turner and Bargs trading hoops. "I was a bigger bust than you were!"

MCW is 2/10 from the floor.

doesnt seem like its a bad 2-10 that turner might have if that makes sense

Pretty sure all the misses are in the paint.

hopefully as he gets stronger he finishes better

and gets to the line more.

Turner missed one of those and the other was rejected, I believe. Anderson cleans it up, though. Spence to Thad for the jam.

eddies' heady's on Jan 22 at 20:25

Good find by Hawes. Thad behind the D.

eddies' heady's on Jan 22 at 20:25

Anderson cleans up again.

MCW misses two more bunnies, but Thad follows it up.

Back to that Gasol rumor.

If the Lakers plan is to completely reset and go after a max FA+, the turner/hawes package would make a ton of sense. If I was Hinkie, I'd only do it if I got their #1 this year in the deal.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Jan 22 at 20:30

How many years do we have of Pau?

expires at the end of the year

eddies' heady's reply to sixerfan1220 on Jan 22 at 20:31

OK, so why would the Lakers want two guys who expire also? Why wouldn't they just keep him and let him expire?


Yeah, headscratcher on both sides.

unless we're the third team in. Some contender wants Pau, LAL only wants expiring contracts in return. we get pick(s) for facilitating, and take on a longer contract in the deal.

Unless the rumor is bull crap

probably bull crap, you're right.

hmmn. according to storyteller's, he's expiring as well. trade doesn't make sense, then. unless hinkie wants pau long term.

Thad didn't need to switch that pick, and he surprised MCW, gave Melo a step because MCW had to quickly reverse direction.

eddies' heady's on Jan 22 at 20:35

LOL at Hawes tumbling to the floor. ha

Turner was roughly 26 feet away from his man on that play. Shumpert missed the three, though.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Jan 22 at 20:36

Was wondering why they doubled Melo so quickly after the pass came across midcourt. Figured they'd get burnt.

eddies' heady's on Jan 22 at 20:38

Anderson 3.

bad 3 second call

he stepped out

eddies' heady's reply to sixerfan1220 on Jan 22 at 20:39

thought he did too, need to see that again

well they almost blew that lead already until misterrrr anderson hits that big one...for now

et settles for the jumper with a big on him and hits it

3 on hawes

et jawing with the ref while the play is happening

eddies' heady's on Jan 22 at 20:44

Melo just pushed the shit out of Turner on the perimeter playing denial of the pass. Turner complains to the ref.

Melo drains a 3.

Melo up on ET again way out high, foul call this time.

smart play, Melo.

He just wanted to get the ball back for another three off the dribble.

up 5 at the half

Up 5 at the half.

Turner was yelling at Elliot Williams for fighting him over the rebound as the horn sounded. I shit you not.

Man, Parker just will not challenge a shot. Three in a row, drives right at him and he doesn't even contest. Maybe he's in foul trouble.

has 0 fouls according to the box score

Duke is AWFUL defensively this year - first game of the season that was my concern - he should like no interest in defense - i've watched some games since - and he still shows very little interest - but as a team they show very little interest in playing defense - i thought maybe that Coach K fella was going to instill a little defensive effort in them.

You won't believe it but Doron Lamb is taking over the Orlando game against the Hawks. That guy who Steve Toll always used to talk about. 2.3 ppg this year and 20 dnp's.

wish they gave kyle o'quinn more run

i think he could be a solid energy big coming off the bench

Oh, they've been using him with Vuce out. He's been a big part of this 4th quarter explosion.

fyi free league pass til the 26th if you dont have it like me

et jumper

eddies' heady's on Jan 22 at 21:05

Either commit or stay with your man. Felton 3.

ET answers with a deuce.

eddies' heady's on Jan 22 at 21:06

ET backdoor cut thru the lane. Hawes delivers.

eddies' heady's on Jan 22 at 21:07

Our body language just in the first 2+ minutes here looks lethargic. Disinterested almost.

Timeout BB.

Speaking of timeouts to stop runs. I know there was a study done saying there's no statistical basis in saying they actually work to stop runs, but does anyone remember the way Phil Jackson used to do that? He'd call the timeout really early. Like his team was up by 15, the other team hit back to back shots, and he'd call the timeout before it got below 10. Seemed to work every single time. Of course, it doesn't hurt that he could draw up a play for Jordan or Shaq to get a score, but I think he was the exception to the rule, kind of like how Mariano Rivera was the exception to "closers don't matter" rule in baseball.

So Cousins just injured his ankle and Gay injured his Achilles. Both out for the game.. at least. That could shut the Pelicans out of the top 5 if they're out for long. Could also affect our pick though.

@BlakeEllington: Work from Kings spokesperson: Rudy Gay's injury does not appear serious. Cousins' injury may not be either.

X-rays negative. Day-to-day. That's Cousins.

mcw made a putback

eddies' heady's on Jan 22 at 21:09

Hawes airballs a 3 out of the TO. MCW follows.

eddies' heady's on Jan 22 at 21:10

Well, lead gone now.

i will never understand the let someone else beat you

if they want to iso melo every play let them

At the player level, it's an ego thing. At the coach level, it's fucking stupidity.

Turner w/ a slow-mo drive and floater. Tray, where are you?

eddies' heady's on Jan 22 at 21:11

WTF was that Anderson? Thad stole it at midcourt and dished it to Anderson who proceeded to attempt to throw an alley that was probably above the window on the glass. Way too high of a pass.

Mcw missing shots that are at least in the paint.

Definitely a turner win steal game.

Jabari defense is brutal. Frankly Randle has looked solid in d in recent games, I think he read something about his steals and block stats. Vonleh looked great to me last night. I think if you're not getting Embid you want the Wiggins Vonkeh combo.

Missed out on the corporate box because I committed to volunteering earlier tonight. Still great to watch a game (no league pass).

Randle's going to have to overcome alligator arms. That's probably why he has no steals/blocks. I don't think I'd use a high pick on him.

If Parker's offense is "that good" he doesn't have to play defense. You can hide him. Question is if his O will be that good.

Wiggins, Vonleh would be pretty sick in terms of athleticism/size. MCW, Wiggins, Vonleh, Noah. Wow, they'd be fun to watch. Probably average about 80ppg, but so fun to watch. They'd need like Wade in his prime or something at SG to carry the scoring load.

Who knew that the 'steals' stat was such a good indicator as I've found out this year.

Rusty reply to GoSixers on Jan 22 at 21:30

That scared me too and still does BUT he has averaged over 1 steal and over 1 block a game in his last 4. I know that's a tiny sample size but this is in the past two weeks which is when I feel like that kept coming up.

Honestly when I watched him early, he just didn't put his hands up on d. That's changing. He also has the ability to block shots but with Cauley Stein I think he is meant to go for rebounds.

Sounds like I am really defending but just things I've noticed, still super nervous on him, but Could easily see him be a athletic bruiser that we haven't had in a while.

nice pass by hawes to anderson

eddies' heady's on Jan 22 at 21:16

Sweet bounce pass from Hawes to Anderson for the jam in traffic.

eddies' heady's on Jan 22 at 21:19

MCW just can't get his shots off cleanly against Felton in the paint tonight. So many in close range too.

Would we like Shumpert? Can't decide if I like him or not with MCW

I'd like him for this season. To help us tank. Might like him long term as a guy off the bench to play some defense. Think starting him next to MCW would be a disaster.

Bobcats about to beat the clips.

eddies' heady's on Jan 22 at 21:21

Thad and-one!

eddies' heady's on Jan 22 at 21:22

This stretch with the bench in here is going to be critical in deciding the outcome. Bench's first run was a dud except the Knicks didn't exactly capitalize.

Few important finishes here. ORL down 3 at the end. BOS tied with WAS.

lavoy should be cut for jumping at that pump fake

That was maybe the most unathletic drive I've ever seen by someone not wearing #12 for the Sixers.

eddies' heady's on Jan 22 at 21:23

Up 5 when BB went w/ Zo, Elliot, Hollis, Thad, and Lavoy.

eddies' heady's on Jan 22 at 21:25

Thad out, Dedmon in. 5 non-NBA'ers.

thompson miracle shot goes in

eddies' heady's on Jan 22 at 21:31

Bench only gave back one point. Up 4.

84-80 after three.

Bench didn't completely collapse, I guess.

Kansas would destroy the lineup the Sixers had out there, and I don't think you can really make an argument to the contrary.

I mean, none of those guys were really any good in college, were they?

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Jan 22 at 21:34

All of them were sporadic and inconsistent. Hollis was probably the best college player to me.

up 4 end of the 3rd

When did al sharpton become a fat knick dancer?

Remember when people thought Lavoy was worth a contract - with the small sample size of one playoff series?

eddies' heady's on Jan 22 at 21:35

ET running point. Anderson back in too.

eddies' heady's on Jan 22 at 21:36

There goes the lead again.

eddies' heady's on Jan 22 at 21:37

Put MCW back in.

stop running at bargs

eddies' heady's on Jan 22 at 21:38

Turner's in tank mode. Airball. And-one for Knicks on other end.

Turner is just being Turner :)

et to the line

made both

with some help from a knick violation

9 minutes. Just lay back and let it happen to you, guys.

Down 4. Starters all in now.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Jan 22 at 21:41

I realize where you're coming from but it sounds like other-galaxy talk coming from you.

There has to be a payoff for suffering through this. there has to be.

Cleveland fans tell themselves that a lot too

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Jan 22 at 21:47

Fucking hope so. Color me dubious though.

In the pasty-faced, furtive egghead some trust.

MCW needs some WD40 for his shot which is M.I.A.

eddies' heady's on Jan 22 at 21:44

Man that's a lot of fouls called on picks not being set tonight.

eddies' heady's on Jan 22 at 21:45

Thad has struggled in close tonight ala MCW.

boston beat Washington

Keep Thad , love him

t on melo

eddies' heady's on Jan 22 at 21:48

MCW misses another layup.

Anderson to the line.

eddies' heady's on Jan 22 at 21:50

Lavoy fouled the crap out of Felton with the body.


mcw 3!

eddies' heady's on Jan 22 at 21:51

ET 3333333333333333333

If clutch existed, MCW would be that.

TRAY, WHERE ARE YOU??? Turner 3. Career high.

Boy, you're slobberin' on him early. Can't you wait until he proves himself?

Eh. I haven't said much about his offense. Think he's electric on the defensive end. He has seemed to be a better shooter close/late, though.

OK. Has done some nice things to date. Just think he's more "eager" and licensed than "clutch" at this point. That tag takes time.

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 22 at 21:58

Wait, so we're talking about a player with two 30-point games in his career and this is the guy we're worried about hurting us with his above-average games? I bet Willie Green has more career 30-point games.

Doesn't have to be a 30-point game. But well above average with high usage turns losses into wins. I'm still waiting for an example of a game where below average turned a win into a loss.

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 22 at 22:08

I thought I had this huge post in which I showed that we are winless in games where he scores below some number of points or shoots below a certain percentage. Is it a coincidence that we lost all of those games, like we wouldn't have won any of them had he played his average game?

Turner, by the way, is 6th on the team in total win shares at 0.9. 10th in win shares per minute. Maybe advanced stats underrate him. I'm sure Turner thinks so.

Win shares aren't an actual count of how many games they won. You know that.

Average Turner = Loss
Below average Turner = Loss
Way above average Turner = Win

High usage, streaky shooter is going to give a bad team more wins than they deserve.

High usage, streaky scorer is going to give a good team fewer wins than they deserve.

Put Monta Ellis on the Heat and:

Average Monta = Win.
Above Average Monta = Win.
Way below average Monta = Loss.

Goin' out on a limb again, eh, barrister? Don't worry, Willie's got ya covered.

eddies' heady's on Jan 22 at 21:52

Turner has had a very efficient game.

Celtics won.

Bucks are within 4 of Detroit in the 4th quarter.

Why is Lavoy in the game?

5 on hawes

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Jan 22 at 21:55

Hawes has 5

eddies' heady's on Jan 22 at 21:55

Turner pulls up for another jumper w/ Chandler on him. Brick, barely made it to the rim

3 on other end ugh

I see we're being victimized by James Anderson's above-average game.

Good D by Thad, Melo settles for a contested 22-footer.

Anderson wide open for the layup. up 5.

eddies' heady's on Jan 22 at 21:56

Anderson has been key at certain points tonight too. Rebounding, attacking etc.

lavoy long 2

eddies' heady's on Jan 22 at 22:00

Lavoy J. heh

eddies' heady's on Jan 22 at 22:01

Melo 3, they were lucky as shit to get that on that possession.

eddies' heady's on Jan 22 at 22:05

Thad 3333333!!!!!!!

thad 3

Thad fucking dagger. Jeebus.

Reustlme@jmu,edu on Jan 22 at 22:06

Thad. I just want to win WITH him.

eddies' heady's on Jan 22 at 22:07

ET with a tough fallaway!!!!!

Just for some perspective. Thad + MCW = 35 points on 38 shots. Hawes has 3 points total. And we're going to win this game. Why? Because Turner was way above average and he has a sky-high usage rate.

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 22 at 22:28

I actually see a number of reasons why we won this game. One, Turner. Two, Anderson with 18, twice his average, on 11 shots. Three, and just as important as anything, 17 offensive rebounds to the Knicks' 8, just one of which was Turner's, 6 of which were MCW's, leading to our taking 7 more shots than the Knicks and surviving their three-point barrage. Of course, if not for any one of these things, including Turner, we don't win. Anyway, the whole Turner fixation is illogical. Obviously the main reasons we've exceeded expectations this year are Thad and Hawes. Their average games are too good for us to be as bad as Milwaukee. Because Turner's a bad player and his average game helps us lose games, you've concocted this story where Turner is this streaky threat to the tank who kills us on occasion with his above-average games. In reality, his rare good games would never get us anywhere if it weren't for the unexpectedly decent roster around him. Brandon Knight actually has slightly better numbers this year, has two 36-point games this season, three 25 and 7 games, three 20 and 8 games, ten games with a TS% over .600, but it hasn't mattered because their better, equally dangerous and streaky version of Evan Turner doesn't play with Hawes, Thad, and MCW. The best players he plays with are John Henson and a very raw 19 year-old rookie.

Not sure how that disproves my theory, it's just that their baseline is lower than the Sixers.

eddies' heady's on Jan 22 at 22:08

Knicks fans are booing like crazy. heh!!!!

Turner throws away the inbounds. 7 points in 20 seconds isn't impossible. i can't believe the Knicks weren't fouling immediately after MCW stole the board from chandler.

eddies' heady's on Jan 22 at 22:09

I had them with 15 wins by the end of the month. Looks like that's sure to happen now. Was beginning to doubt it.

nice to see mcw do other things even though his shot isnt falling

MCW padding stats.

eddies' heady's on Jan 22 at 22:14

Sixers win!!! Sixerrrrrrsssssss winnnnnnn

won by 4

vs the raptors on friday

110-106 Final.

Ping pong balls deflating.

Pull the trigger, Hinkie.

bucks beat the pistons

just got back from the game.

you gotta be kidding me. At one point in the mid-to-late 4th quarter, the sixers played Allen, Dedmon, Brown, Williams and Anderson. The Knicks went up by 2, I think.

If this isn't a clear tanking move, I don't know what is. Were any of those guys even drafted?! Jeez Louise. The Knicks are terrible. We tried to give them the game. Granted the starters went in to close out the game, but man oh man.

I hope Melo gets impressed by Turner's performance and tells Dolan- "I want you to bring in Evan Turner, if you don't, I won't consider re-signing here". So out of desperation Dolan gives up Shumpert, Hardaway Jr., some salary filler, 1st round pick in 2018 and whatever 2nd round picks they have remaining.

no 2nd round pick til 2018

Wouldn't shock me. Melo probably appreciates Turner's offensive game.

I wasn't aware of these pretty reprehensible comments from Iguodala on Sherman:


Chandler 35 min, 14 rbs
Hawes 24 min, 1 rb

Spencer - what a specimen.

Spence's contributions don't show up on the stat sheet. Like his defense in the paint, the screens he set, how he was stretching the floor, his leadership and etc.. He played an important part in the game and that's why they won. People like you rely too heavily on stats in your basketball "analysis".

Spence sucks. (People like you rely on excuses.) He recalls to mind an early Dustin Hoffman vehicle, "Little Big Man."
Can shoot some. Is allergic to paint.

Isn't that ironic?

What's really ironic is your posing as Brainman, the blogging sage of Lotusland.


By the way, the front door is always open. You don't have to slink.

Hmm...what's 'ironic' is that your addled brain didn't realize i wasn't talking to you - i avoid talking to you and addressing your ramblings cause encouraging alzheimers patients to continue their bad behavior is unhealthy.

Crawl back under your rock, please and thank you.

Dedmon getting another 10 day contract

Aaron Gordon's steal rate is apparently awful too. I'd take rsndle every day over him. I actually want no piece of Gordon anywhere in the lotto. Just don't see it at all.

People are getting a bit too caught up in steal rate. The pendulum has swung. It has value, but now people are using it to override other indicators, and it's not foolproof enough for that. Gordon's a very good defender now with tremendous defensive potential when his body (almost inevitably) fills out.

What exactly about Gordon don't you see?

I think as usual, people are getting caught up in the "what" and not in the "why". The reason why steal rate has been a fairly good indicator of future success is because it's the stat that best captures athletic ability (and maybe size) among the traditional ones. And i think it's ridiculous to judge players who are obviously very athletic because they don't average a lot of steals.

You should pay attention to it, but it's not a deal breaker by any stretch of imagination.

It just seems like it's one of those secrets that stat guys have known for a while. "hey, that seems to be a pretty good indicator". And now a few publications have written about it, and now it's turned into "hey, the guy won't succeed becasue his steal rate isn't great." Woah, slow down.

Gordon's incredibly athletic. Huge run / jump athlete, slides his feet extraordinarly well for a big man, and is a very smart team defender. When he fills out and plays the 4 full time (like I believe his future is), I don't think anybody is going to be questioning his athletic ability due to his low steal rate when he was an 18 year old college freshman.

buke reply to Xsago on Jan 24 at 12:33

Well said. Sometimes of bit of knowledge is worse than none at all if it leads to myopia. Regardless of the field of investigation, measures, while fun to view, require context for a fuller understanding.

Tray reply to Xsago on Jan 24 at 12:43

Randle, however, is neither obviously *very* athletic, nor that defensively engaged or useful, nor someone with good size for his position. Though he's been better on that end lately. I don't think he'll be a bust but I expect more of an Al Jefferson career for him than a perennial All-Star career.

As far as Gordon and steal rate goes, Gordon is such an athlete that you have to think that has more to do with defensive scheme or his individual defensive style than it has to do with his talent.

Randle's not on the same level athletically that Gordon is, but right I think his low steal rate is more indicative of his lack of effort on that end of the court. I'm not sure whether that's a good or bad thing (at least, in theory, that's correctable), but he has looked better of late. Not that he'll ever be a great defender, but I think he can at least be passable, especially when you take into account his defensive rebounding.

How do you still feel about Julius Randle? There's something about that guy that tells me his skills won't translate well to the NBA.

He has the strength of a PF and he has a similar height and wingspan to Elton Brand, but he doesn't use his body well enough to compensate for the length he gives up.

If it were up to me, I probably wouldn't take him till the 7 or 8th pick in the draft.

Eh, his wingspan isn't really comparable to Brand's. Brand had a 7'5.5" wingspan (compared to 6'11" for Randle) and a 9'2" standing reach (compared to 8'9.5" for Randle). I consider reach to be more significant than wingspan for post players.

I do have more concern with Randle than I did to start the season, but I still have to keep him in my top 5. He's very talented, and does use angles well, which he'll need in order to get his shot off against NBA level length. But there's some valid concern. I do think in the NBA, with better spacing and when he'll be double teamed less (I don't think he does a good job of reading and reacting to double teams right now, which isn't surprising for his age) will do his game well.

Requisites of an outstanding defensive player:

feet movement
peripheral vision
trunk strength
hand quickness

If you have all that in strong measures, ya got the goods to disrupt.

Really, the last one is about 10x more important than the others, imo.

Yeah, begins and ends there; a capitalized 'd' would've fit. Need the spectrum of other qualities though to accomplish aim of blanketing assignments.

There's more glory in getting buckets. Great defenders get made fun of in this city, mostly by the likes of you.

You couldn't be more off base.

That I don't like your idol Iguodala is a matter of personal taste, not ignorance of his defensive play. Cheer him till your heart's content..."Go, DollaBillz!"

Ate your bowl of Provocative Pops this morning, eh?

"Ate your bowl of Provocative Pops this morning, eh?"

By the way, I find those are particularly appealing with a little bit of wheat germ, grape nuts, or flaxseed sprinkled in.

Thanks, buke. Sounds like you know your way around a healthy kitchen.

I recommend Special K, bananas & cold milk. Or a naugahyde booth at a roadside diner.

Not particularly surprising, but, from Chat:

Jordan (New York, NY)
You have Jabari going to the Sixers at number 3, is he the best fit among the top prospects for them going forward? MCW-Exum back court could be lethal

Chad Ford (1:21 PM)
Exum will be a real possibility there. They like him and you're right, that would be a great backcourt. What I keep hearing from Philly, however is that Wiggins and Parker are 1-2 on their board.


With the style and pace of this year's team, you have to figure they are going to go with some combination of speed and athletasism in the draft. That would explain why Wiggins is less likely to drop on the Sixers board than he might for other teams. In fact, a slow adjustment for Wiggins would probably lead to them keeping their #1 pick next year, which does hold some value.

Do you think any of this year's picks come in and add to wins the way MCW did this year? Say they dump ET and Hawes and don't add any quality FA, do their picks put them in the playoffs next year? I guess it depends if the East is this bad again next year.

I guess Parker could be good offensively from day 1, and Embiid defensively. And I guess MCW will be more efficient next year and Noel will help dramatically improve their defense. But I still don't see them as being that much better than they are this year, which is fine IMO, as long as they are in the playoffs 2 years from now with an ascending team.

buke reply to tk76 on Jan 24 at 16:23

"Say they dump ET and Hawes and don't add any quality FA, do their picks put them in the playoffs next year? I guess it depends if the East is this bad again next year."

Pretty unlikely given the history of teams who have been in similar situations. Even Lebron's first two Cavalier teams didn't make the playoffs and there's no clearly convincing evidence at this point that the Eastern Conference will be as bad next year.

Despite its normally inferior status to the West, I don't remember seeing the conference with so few playoff quality teams before. The over/under for this Sixers team was about 16 or 17 wins before the start and that seemed like a reasonable prediction, but they will probably exceed that by a significant margin simply because of the unusual abundance of similarly awful competition.

Tray reply to tk76 on Jan 24 at 16:24

I don't think a rookie Wiggins will be much better than Turner is now, as far as moving the needle on win-loss goes. In fact he'll probably be worse. I think a rookie Parker will be a significant improvement on Turner, and MCW will be better next year, and we'll have Noel, which should all more than make up for Hawes's loss. That team could win 35 games.

buke reply to Tray on Jan 24 at 16:31

I have my doubts that Noel will be able to shoot like Hawes despite reports that they have been working on that part of his game. Hawes really isn't bad if one doesn't have the normal defensive expectations for a traditional center. When you consider the legacy of fairly soft and perimeter oriented big men, Hawes is one of the better ones. If he wants to stay here for a reasonable amount, I think they should just keep him.

Tray reply to buke on Jan 24 at 16:47

Noel will DEFINITELY not be able to shoot like Hawes, but he will rebound and block shots and be an exceptionally mobile pick and roll defender. So I think that's a win. Yeah, maybe Hawes could be a backup big for us, if he's willing to take a cheap deal.

buke reply to Tray on Jan 24 at 18:45

And they could both play at the same time with Hawes hanging out more in the perimeter area, setting picks, shooting, and occasionally driving. Hawes is also a pretty good passer.

Too many variables to predict at the moment. There's a difference between what Parker and Randle can provide right away and what Wiggins/Gordon/Exum can provide for example. Anyway, when you calculate the addition of Noel, the improvement of MCW, the improvement of the bench and the addition of the two high profile rookies should be able to win 30+ wins IMO. Probably not a playoff team, but they should be better.

The average production that MCW provides is replacement level, is that so difficult to understand?

Stan reply to lara on Jan 24 at 16:58

I thought you got banned.

Yes, and there have been 5 single seasons ever where a player has put up 17 pts, 6 asst, 5reb, 2st and 1 3pt per game (and no player has ever done it for 2 seasons.) It will be 5 seasons after MCW does it this year. MJ, Magic, Bird, Kidd and DWade.

But those are just counting stats and rookies never improve... There is a lot better chance that MCW improves his scoring efficiency through experience and shot selection than there is other players all of the sudden raising their total games to match MCW's level of multifacetted abilities.

MCW will not reach the level of those other players, but any metric that considers him below replacement level is a failed metric.

no wroten tonight

seems to be improving though

*******RAPTORS GAME***********

jonas over hawes

mcw misses a shot in the paint

derozan jumper

ross on mcw to start

mcw should be fined for rotating off ross to amir johnson

mcw corner 3

sissy hook

anderson to the line

go under when derozan is the ball handler on p/r

more energy since the bad start

thompson doing a good job on derozan

mcw was fouled no call

lavoy tip in

et at point

nice cut by thompson

good pass evan

et long 2 goes in

up 1 end of the first

good drive by thompson

hawes gets the loose ball and his shot goes in

nice moves by anderson

7-0 run by Toronto

timeout sixers

wonder if the sixers lead the league in giving up o-board off missed fts

sissy tip in

hawes to thad

3 on evan

mcw 3

mcw to the line

made both

up 1 at the half

bad shot evan

thad in the post

sissy 3

thompson tip in

thompson 3

sissy and 1!

dedmon splits the ft

t on Patterson

thompson hits the ft

down 2 end of the 3rd

thompson 3

bad shot mcw

raptors bigs set really good screens

mcw 3

mcw splits the ft

mcw makes both ft

mcw to thad

Caught most of the 4th but my wife was talking to me through it all. Looks like a close loss which works. Was Turner in DeRozan?

they switch so much but he spent some time on him

thompson was the best on him

Should've given the foul right away

He got elbowed in the face, how was the foul on him

I do love seeing Turner benched.

melo has 56 at the end of the 3rd

Turning it in now

5/17 for 13 points for Turner. Tray is this loss because of Turner? I'd say it was a loss w/ an average Turner game anyway

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 24 at 22:05

5-17 with 13 points is a well below-average Turner game. If Turner played his average game, which is more like 8-17 for 19 points, and nothing else was different, we still would have lost, but it would have been very close. Of course, this whole idea that Turner either is or isn't exclusively responsible for a win or a loss makes no sense; it's a team sport. I would say that (a) the team as a whole played a poor defensive game, but not any worse than usual, (b) players not named Turner or Hawes generally performed pretty well on offense, many of them unusually well, although Thad was a bit worse than usual, and (c) Turner and Hawes combined to shoot 11-34 and 1-6 from three and, combined with our defense, collectively cost us the game. So yeah, I do think that Turner's shooting was a major contributing factor; he and Hawes each left about 5 points on the table compared to their usual effort.

Tray reply to Tray on Jan 24 at 22:13

And we could quibble about what Turner's average game is, but he averages 19 points on 16 shots, so I think 19 is a fair number on a night when he takes 17 shots. Basically I think that when we give up only 104 points, which is pretty low for us, and two non-big-three guys have strong nights on offense, as Hollis and MCW did today, we should win. We didn't because two of the big three were terrible.

Let's treat it like a trial...

Q: Tray, let's use your measurement of winnable games, 4-point advantage for home court, which is hardly a fact before this court, but we'll stipulate. Would you not agree Toronto (+2.8ppg) would still be a clear favorite to win this game over Philadelphia (-8.4ppg) even though the game was played in Philadelphia?

A: yes.

Q: So seeing as they "should" have lost the game, by your loose definition of should, on an average night, thus an average night from the defendant, and in fact "would" have lost this particular game, the surprising defensive effort notwithstanding, had he performed to his "average" level, then you would have to say his below average game had no impact on the final outcome, correct?

A: yes, you could say that.

Q: thank you, Tray. You may step down. The prosecution would like to enter the game tape as exhibit X in the case of the fans of the Sixers getting a high lottery pick in the 2014 draft vs. Evan Turner.

lost by 9

OKC comes to town tomorrow

guess durant is a GTD

Holy shit, they have 101 going into the fourth!

Melo is out there gunning in a 35-point game, which is such a testament to the type of player and person he is.

I'd never wish an injury on someone, but if I was a bobcat I'd fucking level him every time he went to the cup.

The crowd is chanting MVP

He finished with 62. I kinda wish Garnett was playing for the other team.

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 24 at 22:33

In even more surprising scoring news, Kings play without Cousins and Gay, so Marcus Thornton has 22 in the first quarter on 11 shots. Against Indiana. Thornton's shooting 36% this year, half of his shots are threes, and he's made just 29% of them.

Tray reply to Tray on Jan 24 at 22:46

And Teletovic had 24 in the second quarter tonight. Scoreless in the first. That's even more surprising.

If Turner is not moved by the deadline he becomes a restricted free agent after the season and we can match any offer. Is that correct??

If so, what kind of offer does he get and based on your number do we match???

buke reply to BUBBA on Jan 25 at 0:05

That is correct as I understand it. My guess is that he doesn't get an offer that is much more than he's making now, if he gets even that. Whether the Sixes would be interested in matching an offer in that range, I don't know. Guess it depends upon who they add this summer.

I can only assume anyone even entertaining the thought of matching an offer for Turner is hoping for years of questionably successful tanking. That or they've never seen him play.

buke reply to Brian on Jan 25 at 1:27

Well, OK, but you've been wrong before - many times. Unlike most schmucks on blogs who really don't pay attention to what others say, I have a long memory.

I'd bet everyone who reads this blog knows I've been wrong before and can list dozens of examples. You aren't special, and your views aren't enlightened or unique, they're just wrong and misguided. Still waiting for Hinkie to sign a couple solid vets to help this team out?

In case anyone is counting, the Sixers are currently 4 games better than their differential says they should be. Oh, and since MCW has come back from injury, they've moved from the #30 defense in the league to #24, not including tonight's game (about 104 points on 100 possessions for Toronto.

People still not worried with 5-7 other tankers within 2 games of the Sixers?

The thing about tanking, and wins being much more damning for a tanking team than losses being damning for a playoff team is the opponents. You see, if the team ahead of you has one more loss than you heading into the final 10 games of the season for the playoffs, it's extremely unlikely they're going to be able to go 10-0, because they're going to be playing against teams that want to beat them basically every night. They're going to mostly be playing against teams that have playoffs on the line, or maybe a coach coaching for his job, or at the very least a couple players playing for their next contract. In every case that team is going to be facing someone who has an incentive to make a 10-0 finish for the team you're chasing hard.

When you're racing to the bottom, the opposite is true. It's like collusion against the team that's trying to tank from behind, because no one playing the team you're tanking to catch is really going to have an incentive to stop the worst team from tanking, except maybe a player or two on that team who want to win, but that doesn't matter because their opponents don't want them to win.

These wins matter more than I think anyone is admitting to, most of all Sam Hinkie. It's already too late for bottom two. In three weeks, bottom three will be a dream and bottom five will probably have slipped away as well. Benefit of the doubt is gone.

If there's an economics major out there, I'm positive there's an applicable theory to what I'm talking about here.

Without going into too much depth, i struggle to understand how, a team that has the third worst record and can easily get much worse via trade at the trade deadline is on pace to become better than the teams ahead of him (two of which have been playing .500 ball for 2 months now).

Like i said i am fully confident that the team will be in good position to have a top 5 pick by the end of the year (a bottom 4 record has a very high chance of ending with a top 5 pick). And i'm happy with a top 5 pick no matter where it lands.

Tray reply to Xsago on Jan 25 at 14:50

I think the argument is that with MCW our win percentage is closer to that of the 6th worst team. But even if we make no moves, who's supposed to take the 3rd spot away from us? I don't like the Kings' chances, the Jazz's chances, the Celtics chances, or the Cavs's chances. All of those teams are better than their records, due to trades or getting players back from injuries. The Lakers are the one major threat I see, especially if they move Gasol, but even if they don't. I don't think Kobe will make them better if he ever comes back.

Other than that I think his argument about it being harder to catch a tanking team than a playoff team makes little if any sense. For one thing, in reality tanking teams down the stretch play (a) other tanking teams, which down the stretch will be nearly half of the league (b) playoff teams that have secured the seed they want and/or can't improve their seed and don't care about losses, (c) playoff teams that are actually trying to move down a seed, and (d) playoff teams that want to win games but rest a key player or two.

Tray reply to Tray on Jan 25 at 15:23

I do agree, though, with the larger point that this has been a failure in tanking so far, though we still may catch Orlando depending on what they do with Afflalo. (Vuce is traveling with the team now and should be back in about 4-5 games, if not sooner.) The goal was a top 2 pick, not to land the least of the three stars at the top of the draft, whoever that may be. This may be a draft with two legit superstars and one Melo, or even a draft with just one legit superstar. People like you and, I suspect, Hinkie himself, have always been terribly confident that this was a bottom two team; you even thought we might catch Milwaukee once Sanders came back. But we just have a little too much talent to be that bad. I don't think Hinkie realized that Thad or Hawes or even Turner would be this good in Brown's offense.

Ok, so first of all, it's impossible to ensure you'll have a top 2 pick. That's not a strategy, that's a dream. The Sixers might end up with a top 2 pick, but it won't be because of anything they did to ensure they'll have that pick. All they can do it get more ping pong balls in the lottery.

Second, you mentioned the Sixers record with MCW, but you can actually make the same or a very similar case with the other teams as well. Orlando has a similar record when Vucevic is healthy (maybe even better). Sacramento and Utah have been good since Burke got healthy and the Gay trade. And the Celtics might improve quite a bit as Rondo gets up to speed and play 30+ minutes per game. The Lakers have always been the team that scares me the most, but between the LA fans, D'Antoni knowing how to get some wins out of a terrible roster and the threat of Kobe coming back at full strength it's not impossible that they will improve as well.

What i do agree however is that Milwaukee has proven to be absolutely horrendous and it's impossible to catch. Larry Drew should be fired the day the season ends. The job he's done is Eddie Jordan-esque.

Tray reply to Xsago on Jan 25 at 17:16

I think you misunderstood most of what I said. I said I understand Brian's dire predictions to be based on our being better than our record with MCW. And then I said, in my view, that our competition for the #3 pick is also better than their records, for similar reasons, so I reject Brian's argument, or what I think he's arguing. And then I said, like you just said, that the one dangerous team outside of the current top 3 is LA. So we agree on all of that.

As for a top 2 pick, you misunderstood that too; I meant that the goal was a bottom two record, and that we've more likely than not failed at finishing there.

Is it your contention there will be more teams in the league trying to lose than trying to win at some point this season? If it is not, then this logic doesn't invalidate my theory. I find it flimsy, at best.

tk76 reply to Brian on Jan 25 at 9:32

It was pointed out last night that they are 8-2 in games decided by 6 points (and OT.). That right there explains the whole point differential/expected record thing. They are effective in close games and I don't think that is a fluke- although not entirely sustainable.

I guess after trades they might do worse in close game, but I think a big part is the coach andthe PG running plays instead of ISO like so many other teams. Regardless, that 8-2 is probably 5 more wins then one would expect for this team, and those 5 wins will impact their draft position.

Statistically, 5 extra wins do not somehow regress back. You can't expect to have those same 5 extra wins the second half, but you still end up with 5 more wins for your season total.

You seldom see a bum drop an outstretched quarter. Sixers and tight finishes, same thing.

Who was "covering" DeRozen and Lowry last night? Splice that together and you have a how-not-to instructional videotape.

Tray reply to tk76 on Jan 25 at 14:54

They can regress back if you underachieve your differential, OR, and people somehow forget this possibility, if you simply start playing worse, i.e., if your average scoring margin drops. Trades, of course, would cause that to happen, as might any number of other things, like MCW hitting the rookie wall, any of the big three going on a cold streak, injuries, and so on.

To be honest the 8-2 record in close games makes me think they'll go 2-8 in the next 10 rather than them being all that good in close games. Sure, Brown has run some good plays, but for the most part, the Sixers got lucky in many occasions. Over an 82 game schedule, these things could easily even out. It's doesn't always happen, but it happens often enough.

Statistically, you can't expect things to "even out" but you you also would not expect them to sustain similar success. My point is more that they have already permanently skewed there record enough that it will be hard to lose enough games after the trading deadline.

It's like flipping a coin a hundred times and needing it to land heads at least 47 times. If the first 15 of the first 20 tosses just happen to be all tails then the odds are now stacked against you (odds are 40 of the remaining 80 will be heads, ending up with a total of 45.

So even if the Sixers "expected win-loss" of 11-32 is a more accurate reflection of what we can expect of the second half of the year, that still would put them at 25 wins for the year.

Like I've said before, maybe that will put them in good position- I just worry that puts them in the 4th or 5th slot of the lottery and you then are relying more on luck to hopefully move up. The point of this year was to be brutally bad so that you are locked into a bottom 2 record. Trading away a vet in December for nothing likely would have accomplished just that.

Yeah - excpet at least for me - when I said what I said, I said it was about more than just this season and this draft positions, so now, I'm not 'worried' cause I wasn't worried...my opinions of what I said before haven't changed.

Too bad we couldn't steal Teletovic for nothing early in the season when he was asking for a trade. He's found his range and Kidd figured out how to use him (similar to how Ryan Anderson is used). He's balling right now, 34 off the bench last night.

well apparently they have declared tonight a wear blue game for some reason - weren't the Thunder doing that 2 years ago during their finals run?

Tray reply to das411 on Jan 25 at 14:37

It's that way at every OKC playoff game. They all wear the same t-shirts.

sixers wear blue every saturday home game

durant will play

wroten says he will play

This clearly evens out your prior post.


Not sure if anyone realizes it, but Wroten isn't a rotational guy on a legit team. He's maybe worthy of a roster slot, but you can't give him even 15 minutes/game.

Just so I'm clear on the logic being discussed, heading into a great draft the real tanking goal is just to finish with a bottom five record. That's the goal. So finishing 5th is ok for Sam Hinkie. Finishing with roughly a 10% worse chance at landing the #1 pick and your choice of studs is no big deal for a guy this heavily invested in analytics? A franchise that looks for a 0.05% edge wherever they can find it. They've always been cool with just leaving 10% on the table when it comes to the draft which could define the franchise for the next 10 years.

Seriously, I mean, isn't this whole "As long as they're bottom 5" just rationalization by apologists? I find it slightly more palatable to the "well, maybe the 2014 draft just isn't that important to Hinkie" logic, because insisting on a #1 in this draft was the sticking point in the Jrue trade. THIS draft. But now THIS draft isn't really that important.

He fucked up. Don't know why people can't just say it. He was trying to put the worst team in the league on the floor, he failed. And more importantly, he failed to act when it became clear he failed. For whatever reason, he failed. Maybe fate will smile on the wicked and they'll win the lottery anyway, but even finishing with the third-worst record is a failure. Finishing 5th or 6th is laughable.

WHose logic are you talking about? Also wasn't aware that the season was over and all the games for the rest of the season don't count for the lottery.

The "bottom 5 is good enough" logic is from above in this post. The "the 2014 draft isn't the goal" logic is from you, I believe. They're both apologies, and if the season isn't over, why are you guys already making apologies?

It is in no way an apology, and your comment is a corruption of what I said...I said that the goal is to build a championship team and that there are many ways to do it and too many people are focused on just one thing...your bitterness or anger or whatever you want to call corrupts your ability to see things rationally as far as I'm concerned. You can't see beyond the 2014 lottery - to you that's all that matters - and that's the whole shebang - if that doesn't work out you you expect it to the whole thing is just a giant waste of time and they shouldn't even bother any more. Screw that up and just pack it up - go home - fold - whatever...there is such a thing as a long view - and not really sure when you stopped understanding what people said - but that's fine...it's your sandbox

Is there something else I should be worried about besides the upcoming draft when we're talking about two lame duck players? Should I be worried about Turner's development? Hawes building up his asking price? Right now, I've got a shit product to watch on