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Will it Work as Designed?

dedmon's 2nd 10 day expired and they did not re-sign him

A shame. Maybe they think Moultrie is about ready to be unleashed.

I don't think they've given up on him yet. I still think there's a decent chance they'll sign him after the deadline.

Moultrie: has been away so long I forgot his first name.

Will he soon turn from magma to lava?... "Mighty Molten" Moultrie! Or will he just add mildew and mold to Brown's "knockdown" house?... "Less Than Garnett" Arnett. Likely, somewhere in between. IF he is in any kind of shape/playing condition.

If he plays any defense, he'll be shunned.

Jack Straw reply to tk76 on Feb 3 at 14:35

I'm pretty sure I saw something from Tom Moore just the other day saying that Moultrie was completely exhausted after doing sprints in practice and still appears to be a week or two away from a conditioning standpoint.

Sadly, Moultrie has been out of shape since he got drafted. My expectations for him have been continuously dropping.

Blatche (hip) is a gametime decision and Kirilenko (calf) is doubtful for tonight

The tall kid could run. Showed a little gumption, but standing next to Allen will do that. A few tools in his box, but still an apprentice (read he started playing ball late).

What are the odds that Brooklyn runs the table till mid-June and happy interviews with Craig Sager & his sartorial splendor?

By George, remember George Blanda and George Foreman!!

Pampered ROY frontrunner (!) Carter-Williams will miss his 13th game of season, assumedly, after having played in 36, recordedly, due to a tuckering out, assumedly, amid reported gobbledygook about shoulder maladjustment to a historical pick. Following Piston's game, he went home to Boston area to watch the Super Bowl, assumedly, and missed his team's morning practice today due to disinterest or inconvenience, assumedly. A microcosmic sample of today's NBA, regrettably.


I don't feel like I need to speed through a foot of snow to catch this one the tube, thankfully.

Roll through Flatbush, attentively. But not before you clean your windshield, thoroughly.
And watch the Sixers, freshly. Disregard scroll on bottom of screen ("Abandon all hope ye who enters here"), fanatically.

wont be around for most of the game

boston doesnt play tonight or tomorrow so rondo should play Wednesday

"Just one more example of why Evan Turner's presence hurts this team, no matter what the goal is (tanking or competing)."

Kind of seems like a logical impossibility. Either a player makes you better or makes you worse. Worse, in Turner's case (see Sunnergren's post on hoop76 arguing that we would win more games if Hollis took Turner's minutes).

Ok, guess it's time I tested my theory with some math.

Both Orlando and Milwaukee are competing for the #1 overall pick so that they can serve as the stop gap for Embiid until he goes to LA.

In that case history would suggest Orlando, or maybe Philly.

hey remember when people thought this team would be good?

hahahahahawes shaking hands with the QB classic

woah and decent ball handling skillz by coach BB!

Sean Deveney of the Sporting News reports Monday that the 76ers are eager to net a draft pick for Turner.
Deveney writes that Oklahoma City and Phoenix are among the known teams to have shown interest in the former No. 2 overall pick, but nothing resulted from that, and perhaps that shouldn't be surprising when you consider Turner's contract situation.

Whole Story

I'm eager to net $30k for the car I'm going to trade in, not likely to happen, though. I'll just hold onto it until it doesn't run anymore.

Um ok, but the best part of the article is the rehash of all the best self delusional hits of Evan Turner

24 turnovers through 3 quarters

down 15 end of the 3rd

wroten to thad

sissy 3 lead down to 9

wroten makes both ft

thompson 3

mcw 3

down 5

yea MCW is single handedly keeping them in this game...while Wroten and 00 look like they were out partying late last night for some reason hmm

Wait I thought he was too soft to make it to today's game?

thad to the line

made both

Why, we might be winning this game if it weren't for Tanking Enemy No. 1's only having 7 points on 6 possessions, or 10 if you count the turnovers.

i like mcw

jawing with some of the nets

woah check out lavoy being all awake

lavoy long 2 goes in

hawes to thad

down 7

timeout sixers

down 5

did ET just get stuffed three times on the same possession??

only once

anderson 3

down 2

timeout nets

need to foul

This is actually a game we would have easily won had Turner merely played his average lousy game. Also, note that Anderson, who would play more and shoot more in Turner's absence, has been really good lately. So has Hollis (.626 TS% last month). Redirecting shots from perhaps the worst shooting guard in the league to those two seems like a very tank-friendly idea. Seriously, I'm pretty comfortable with just moving Hawes.

I'd be really comfortable with Anderson and Hollis creating their own shots.

Here's the short version:

using your 4-pt advantage for home court, the Sixers are statistical favorites in 5 matchups. They're within 5 points against 12 opponents. Turner's variance (if you normalize his # of possessions) is +11 to -11.

And if you're talking about replacing him with someone currently on the roster, the rest of the team averages almost exactly the same number of points per play


Turner's ratio is .872093, the rest of the team is .87241.

I have a chart and shit, don't have the time to go write it up right now.

I think you are both trying to mathematically solve an issue that can't be easily solved statistically. The reality is, the current publicly available statistics can't show what the value of shot creation is to a lineup. Scratching Turner from the team, might results in better performance because his replacements have better TS%, or it might result in much worse percentages for everyone on the team, because they would generate worse shots as a team.

Eh. The shots would be spread out across the team if Turner was removed, and they'd continue to score at the same rate give or take. Hollis Thompson isn't suddenly going to start taking 20 shots/game, and if he does, they're mostly going to be shitty shots.

The point here is that the opportunities for below average turner to drag the team down enough to turn a win into a loss are few and far between. There are far more opportunities for above average turner to turn a loss into a win, and he's done so on a number of occasions. Put him on a good team, the whole thing flips on its head.

lost by 6

vs boston on Wednesday

almost almost almost enough to make you feel sorry for ET...soon enough he'll be gone and all Phila sports hate can be focused where it belongs, on ruben amaro

Let's go Milwaukee


TwoSense on Feb 3 at 23:18

Is a 2 game winning streak coming up? Or 3 out of their next 6?

"Snowflake" Carter-Williams surprised by drifting down from Boston and punching the clock, so to speak. Met every employer's minimum daily standard. Bravo.

What didn't surprise was his ragged play - - some good, some bad. 6-17 from field, 4 assists/6 turnovers... 92 O Rtg/110 D Rtg. With game still coming down, he threw a nice pass... to Shaun Livingston, obliging opponent, closing out storm #49 in our winter of discontent.

A commendation to old dog Paul Pierce for 14-14 free throw shooting. Clean as a whistle. Professionally diligent. Winning.

Don't invite Dr. James Naismith and Sam Hinkie to the same party. Aside from the fact that one has a plot and one is a pervasive plotter, I don't think they'd hit it off under the best of circumstances.

"There is no greatness where there is not simplicity, goodness, and truth." - Leo Tolstoy

"Truth is ever to be found in the simplicity, and not in the multiplicity and confusion of things." - Isaac Newton

"Am I indecisive? Well, yes and no." - comic strip character

"Al Gorhythm, go on, put it in the peach basket. Then pop it out with the broomstick." - an 1891 utterance in Springfield, MA

tk76 reply to Dollar Bill on Feb 4 at 13:31

The greatest test of courage on earth is to bear defeat without losing heart. (Quote by - Robert G. Ingersoll)

Sometimes it is better to lose and do the right thing than to win and do the wrong thing. (Quote by - Tony Blair)

Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war. (Quote by - Donald Trump)

No matter how hard the loss, defeat might serve as well as victory to shake the soul and let the glory out. (Quote by -Al Gore)

Sigh - half the quotes are from fools

Yes, I found that amusing. A few of them have very good firsthand knowledge about losing.

Trumps really should be be something like 'no matter how many times you go bankrupt, you can find fools to believe in you'

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 4 at 17:29

Are people who invest in Trump's ventures really foolish? I don't know, just asking. Some of them seem to be successful.

Stan reply to Tray on Feb 4 at 19:37

He's had a lot of failed business ventures where investors and banks lost a lot of the money they put in. He's had a handful of cases like this but he still keeps getting banks and investors to put up their money. I don't really know much about his successful businesses but I just wouldn't trust that guy with my money.

Tom Moore @tmoore76ers

#Sixers Brown on trade rumors: 'It's been an incredible surprise to have our team intact this late in the year.'
5:11 PM - 3 Feb 2014

...I agree

Does Arnett Moultrie really think that the Sixers aren't playing him because they're afraid he would win too many games for them?

The Six reply to Stan on Feb 4 at 23:23

He was one of the most disappointing players going back to summer league prior to this season. He should have dominated against such low level competition but instead he just loafed up and down the court and was basically invisible. He's really terrible.

Mike reply to Stan on Feb 5 at 6:54

lol seems that's what he's insinuating:

For the past couple of weeks Moultrie has been practicing with the team after getting clearance from doctors. But when it comes to games, he's still sitting on the bench in street clothes. When asked Monday when he expected to be back and what was preventing him from suiting up, he surly responded: "It's not my ankle. It's not my conditioning. But at this point I really don't care. I'm just sick of all the excuses. If it ain't one thing, it's another thing." Then when asked what it could be, Moultrie said: "I'd rather not say."


buke reply to Mike on Feb 5 at 11:37

I wouldn't say that. That's reading too much into his words. He probably just doesn't want to say too much because he knows he's pissed and he might have some regrets later.

Here's a bunch of words, numbers, and images explaining how Spencer Hawes kills the Sixers D: http://hoop76.com/lack-big-man-mobility-killing-sixers/

tk76 reply to Eric on Feb 5 at 12:39

I think Hawes has actually turned the corner over the past 2 years. I think he is a decent player with some value to most teams. If anything, I think he has been worth some extra wins that could bite them in the end if they drop in the lottery race.

I don't think Hawes is a great center by any stretch, but probably a nice value at his current contract, and I would consider resigning him at that number as long as they are viewing him as a rotational player.

Turner to the Bobcats rumor link

Read the comments on that story, pretty funny.

If they get Ben Gordon and Portland's 1st rounder I'd consider that a big win. Doubt CHA is dumb enough to make the move, but it could be sold as saving them some money, and we use cap space to complete it.

I'd be a fan of a bigger trade where they send multiple players to the Bobcats for a 1st and some prospects (maybe Bismack or MKG depending on what players are involved.) I realize that Noel and Bismack don't fit, but maybe Bismack can round into a nice bench defensive big.

buke reply to tk76 on Feb 5 at 16:24

Well, I would also but who would be the other players given by the Sixers? The two rookies surely are off-limits. If the Sixers are going to include Turner and Hawes in a package, then I guess they could demand MKG and Biyombo along with Gordon and the lower first rounder. If they don't include Hawes (or Thad), who else would the Bobcats really want enough to trade anything for? I really think Turner could help them incrementally but by himself he's not going to be worth too much.

If they do trade Turner and Hawes for that package, the team does have a legitimate shot of overtaking Milwaukee by the end of the season. Don't know if I can bear to watch though.

I think if they wanted to get MKG and a 1st then Thad would have to be part of the deal. I don't see ET getting you much of anything, and Hawes is only a rental.

The problem is that ET has a huge cap hold, so although he is a RFA, having him on your roster this Spring hurts your ability to make other moves until he is signed. While Hawes is a UFA, so is simply a rental.

That said, the Bobcats and the Pistons are two teams that really need to make the playoffs this year and have tradeable assets. And ET and Hawes would help those teams by giving them at least more depth.

Somewhat related, I read a rumor that the Bobcats might try and trade for Monrow- who I am not sure is a good fit for them. I guess they want to try and build a good halfcourt team in the Memphis mold, but neither Al Jefferson or Monroe is a good defender.

That would be the most porous interior defense in the league, but they'd be good for 40pts a game up front.

buke reply to tk76 on Feb 5 at 17:14

They should trade for Morrow instead of Monroe since they don't shoot threes very well.

So far MKG hasn't been worth that much either and frankly he is less developed than Turner at this point, at least offensively. For a team that has a chance to move into a playoff position where they don't have to face Miami or Indiana on the first round, I think they get a higher probability of doing that with Turner and Hawes than MKG and Biyombo.

The Bobcats have never won a playoff series and they've only played in one. Winning one would be quite a milestone for that franchise and its fans.

Well at least they put to rest the Bobcats this summer and return as the Hornets.

go look at what happened to the bobcats d when MKG got hurt

top 5 d since he came back

turner will never give you value as a defender

MCW+MKG+Noel would give you the foundation of a great defense... but I'm not sure they would ever score. You would almost have to pair them with Dirk and Ray Allen in their prime in order to have an average offensive team. Add Bismack to that team and you would be even more challenged offensively.

Simplistic arguments like that make little impression on me. "He was out and they lost more often. Therefore, he is critical." I would want to know which teams they played and whether or not there had been any changes in the performances of other players.

As far as Turner's defense, he definitely appeared better at it during his first two years and has been better over the last couple of weeks than he had been in the last year and a half (when he had been mostly awful). I'm not sure he couldn't play better defense on another team 1) with more to gain from playing better team defense and 2) that didn't require him to exert as much energy on offense. He does seem to be exerting more energy on defense and less on offense very recently so maybe he knows something.

Blanket statements with no evidence to support them are not that impressive at all...I don't see what your point is - you made a statement about MKG that lacks, you know, any sort of support in evidence - why should any one present you any sort of supporting evidence.

It's not like 'they're better at defense' was pulled out of his ass - it's been reported in multiple places - whether or not you believe it or want to parse it based on numerous factors until you can find a way to make it 'irrelevant' to your unsupported hypothesis is a different story.

They're a better defensive team since his return...that's quantifiable - and has been quantified - if you don't believe it - do the research yourself to disprove it

MKG's best strength is supposed to be his defense, so I doubt it would be random. But without looking at the strength of the opposition it is hard to quantify the degree of improvement.

defensive rating while he was hurt: 104.1(15th in the league over that time frame)

defensive rating since he came back: 100.1(5th in the league)

defensive rating for the year: 100.8(7th in the league)

*-*-*-*-*-*CELTS GAME*-*-*-*-*-*

And I've got the Celts broadcast, yay.

You get a tommy point
you get a tommy point
you get a tommy point

So this is not one of the five matchups where the Sixers should be a favorite.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 5 at 19:13

I think it is, actually. But Vegas favors Celtics by 3.

Not statistically, using your 4-point advantage.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 5 at 19:16

Our MOV is only 4.78 points worse, but more to the point, Boston's 3-16 in their last 19 games... I struggle to see how the current beaten-down incarnation of the Celtics is substantially better than us. Crawford was probably their best player this season.

I'm just going by differential.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 5 at 19:23

I'm saying their differential has dropped. You need a moving average to be really scientific about this. They're -7.8 in their last 23 games, which seems like a big enough sample to conclude that the team is really worse now, not just cold or something. They started 13-17 and went 3-16 since. Probably not statistical noise.

What's the sixers differential over the same span? They've also gotten their best player back recently, and he's getting into shape.

Man, the Celts are a really weak rebounding team.

Tray reply to Tray on Feb 5 at 19:19

And 2-11 in their last 13 road games dating back to 11/30, including losses to the Bucks and Vuce-less Magic. 1-6 with Rondo, I believe.

Vegas thinks they're 7 points better than us, on a neutral floor.

Does anyone have a top three for the draft right now that isn't composed of Parker, Wiggins and Embiid in some combination?

Stan reply to Brian on Feb 5 at 19:08

Embiid might stay another year in college. If that happens, #3 would be Exum

As Chad Ford pointed ut today - lots of prospects say the same darn thing in January/February - and every year there are a couple guys who are 'different' and might stay in school - but in the end - most come out.

Ford Also speculates that the 'euro prospects' might get more attention as GM's scouts start going over and scouring those players as they usually do this time of year.

I'm more concerned about Jabarai Parker doing a 2 year mission than Embiid not coming out

Is that a serious possibility? I'm starting to talk myself into Parker. Think he and Thad at the 3/4 with Noel in the middle might really work. Give Thad the tougher defensive assignment at either position.

Yup, it's a possibility, mormons do a two year mission at some point, remember Sean Bradley?

Yeah, he did it after his freshman year of college?

Man, wouldn't that be the Sixers' luck, get the #3 pick, draft Parker and he does his mission.

Did Steve Young do one?

Nope - neither did Danny Ainge


David Robinson had to go to the Navy - he did alright :)

He also grew like 8 inches after he joined the Navy, right?

No idea whatsoever - I just remember he missed a few years serving his country :)

I read earlier this season that Parkers 'make up' made many think he'd be more likely to take a mission than not - though do you really pass on him then - or do you just take an extra two years to collect high draft picks (the hype for 2015 has already started ;))

Mine is Wiggins, Embiid, and Exum.

Do you question if Parker's offense will translate to the NBA? Or just really high on Exum?

1) Really high on Exum
2) Really low on Parker's D
3) Have some questions on Parker's O against stronger defenders. Think he tends to settle for tougher jump shots when there's somebody who can match him athletically. Still think he'll score in the NBA, but in order to be a superstar with his D, it's going to need to be an efficient #1 option, which I question.

I have Wiggins, Embiid and Exum as my top 3.

wonder if Bradley will guard mcw at all

would be a good test for him

Aaaaand we're off...Hawes loses the tip.

Good defense on the first possession, shot clock violation for Boston.

If they play a Rondo-centric offense, MCW can shut them down by himself.

Turner misses from five feet.

letting them play early

as they call a touch foul

Spence runs the floor! Turner finds him for a reverse under the hoop.

Bass walked on that play.

hawes to thad

mcw to the line

split them

Turner showing his value on both ends. Gets his pocket picked by Avery Bradley in transition, completely loses his man on the defensive end, gets a wide-open layup on a simple cut to the hoop. Stellar stuff. Remember when he was playing way over his head and might have had some trade value?

Anderson with a circus +1.

lavoy needs to roll there

anderson and 1

made the ft

thad putback

Thad w/ a man's rebound in traffic, and the putback.

bad shot mcw

thad 3 bails out a bad possession

Thad three at the buzzer. Bailed MCW out there, way too much dribbling.

Man, Lavoy just has no clue out there. Wake the fuck up.

wroten to the line

made both

stop trying to shoot the gap when bradley is running through screens, if he hits the jumper so be it

Yeah, Celts still take a ton of long twos, huh? Thought they'd give up that nonsense now that Garnett and Pierce are gone and they have a new coach.

Lavoy takes about 14 seconds to get down the floor, walks into a three and misses it.

down 11 end of the 1st

23-34 after one.

Hollis blew an easy dunk at the end of the quarter.

Turner only played 5 minutes, not sure if it was punitive for two consecutive terrible plays. If it was, I'm sure his defenders will cry because he's being punished again.

OK, another draft question: Lavine or Hood w/ the Pelicans pick?

gary harris

Why him over the other two?

i havent seen alot of Lavine so i wont comment on him but i like Harris more than hood cause i think hes a better shooter, better off ball defender and better ball handler to me

numbers don't back up him being a better shooter. Harris takes a lot of threes, which maybe impacts his percentage. The other two are both over 40% on a decent # of attempts.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Feb 5 at 22:17

Hood, by a mile. Though I like Harris somewhat too. Just don't see it in the Lavine kid yet. Admittedly haven't seen him much though.

Saric or James Young for me.

I'm wondering if LaVine is all hype. Haven't payed any attention to him, but he's playing the majority of his minutes against backups in college right? That scares me. We can all see how that worked out with Waiters...

lavoy is so bad

sissy runner/floater

Wroten gets some slop to drop.

Turner at the table, coming back in.

lakers with 8 healthy guys on a back to back up 19 on the cavs


Cleveland is such a joke. I wouldn't be surprised if they wind up worse than us after really trying their hardest to make the playoffs in the summer, and trading for Deng to push them over the top.

Nice D, Turner.

Man, this would be such a huge loss. They haven't lost a game they really needed since Dec. 21st vs. MIL. (I guess you can count CLE on Jan. 7th, though it didn't seem like it at the time).

MCW named Eastern Conference rookie of the month for January

thad 3

mcw to thad

You know what I think? Turner isn't shooting lately because he's mad we'd consider trading him.

pouting? possibly. He and Moultrie probably sit around and stew about being persecuted.

stop trying to shoot the gap

Sixers lead. Rondo coming back in now. Like to see MCW match up w/ him the rest of the quarter, see if that slows down the BOS offense.

3 on thad

bad shot mcw

anderson to the locker room, looked like he was grabbing at his back

4 on thad

Heh. Good coaching.

Flop city by Rondo. that should be a fine.

Turner trotting back on defense while his man catches and dunks the oop.

8-0 run, Turner back to the bench.

nice play even though hawes missed the 3

wroten loses Bradley

Why is he in and MCW out?

not sure

Sullinger had a fat foot on the line there. hope they don't review it.

mid back contusion for anderson

down 9 at the half

nick young got hurt so the lakers are down to 7

only 3 on thad now

et makes both

anderson 3

Hawes erased by Green. MCW w/ a hard foul on Bass on the other end. Get up, sissy.

hawes and 1

made the ft

Definitely a 3 man race the top. I think they all come out and you have a small risk that someone takes Exum in the top 3. Then wildcard from there.

Next , I agree on Harris over Lavine right now. More complete, Lavine could be a complete flop I think. It's a shame because he plays in a n offense that is painful to watch and he disappears. Highest ceiling, lowest floor.

I think James Young will keep moving up the wing list. It's clear he has a stroke, looks like a normal young guy trying to find his flow in games but i really like what I see. Watch him.

I think Hood struggles at the next level, he was limited against Syracuse and only does one thing well to me (shoot) and I'm not sure his true range. I stay away from him.

Guy I am really starting to like in the mid first is Stauskus, Watch the recent draft express video on what he can do. A LOT of stuff you see in an nba offense. Combo him with mcW and he is easy to hide on d. Would be an elite shooter from the get go. At 6'6 he isn't undersized. Wouldn't it be nice to have an elite shooter with whichever guy we take early? I like him after the first 12 guys or so.

I'd hope a sophomore was more complete than a freshman. I'm taking the guy w/ the higher ceiling w/ that pick, especially when it's a guy who can really shoot. Think that's my #1 thing w/ that second pick, get a guy who can just shoot the lights out.

If you're looking for the most complete team coming out of this draft, in the short term, you want Parker w/ our pick and a guy like LaVine/Hood/Harris with the second.


Rusty reply to Brian on Feb 5 at 20:40

I was with you on Lavine 3 weeks ago. He just hasn't looked the same and that goes for his shot as well. If you are looking for highest ceiling , then I agree he is your pick.

Harris was a more complete player last year for the record. Lots of questions on Lavines floor.

And I take Stauskus over Hood every time. Elite elite elite shooting whether spotting up, off the hand off, off the dribble. Keep your eye out.

Wow, great number for Stauskus. Big jump from his freshman year in 5 more minutes/game. Surprised he gets to the line 6 times/game.

Anyone read the story on liberty ballers about how hinkie is waiting for people to come to him? link.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 5 at 20:31

Yeah. It seems like in return for access LB peddles Hinkie's bs spin.

I think that might be putting it kindly.

Magic are blowing out Detroit, by the way.

Fuck. We need Detroit and NYK to start playing well. Pass the Pelicans. Though I guess dropping below Orlando wouldn't be bad.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 5 at 20:38

Yeah I think moving to 2 is the primary goal here. And Detroit and NYK are just bad teams.

mcw to turner

I'm seeing a bunch of stories about Richardson coming back in March. I don't see any reason why they would play him if/when he's ready.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 5 at 20:40

He couldn't be much better than Hollis at this point.

Could be. I don't want a vet playing for a contract to suddenly get on a hot streak in March.

he has a 6 million player option

doubt he turns that down

Man, can't believe he's got another year left. Wow.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 5 at 20:44

Aren't all our scrubs playing for their next contract?

evan half assing chasing green leave him open for 3

wroten at the buzzer!

down 6 end of the 3rd

82-88 after 3.

Wroten w/ a half-courter at the buzzer to move them within 6.

Think Brown is going to have to sit the hot hands here for a stretch in the 4th. Turner had 11 that quarter, Wroten scored the last 7.

cp3 might come back on sunday when the sixers face the clippers

Humphries is a like a gazelle out there.

Elliott Williams to the locker room

Hollis from about 28 feet. 5-point game.

Man, Boston just loves long twos. I wonder if they're intentionally setting up a system to tank.

kaman fouled out

lakers down to 6

thad bucket

Back to 6.

Rondo leaves his feet to pass almost every time. He so rarely shoots on those drives, not sure why people leave their men at the last second so frequently. Poor discipline.

Turner's going to be under 30 minutes in this one, looks like.

wroten steal and dunk

Here they come. Thad cuts it to 4.

Time out, Boston.

rondo coming back in

sacre fouled out

lakers down to 5

If Young misses some games that would really aid their tanking. Although they just got Blake and Nash and Farmar back all at once.

Well, Lavoy is in there, so maybe Brown got a call to make sure they don't win this one.

Well now we have a close game, and as tk76 is always telling us we're 13-3 in those.

tk76 reply to Tray on Feb 6 at 0:12

Somehow managed to lose there last 2 games, both being close down the stretch. Maybe things really do even out in the end :)

Turner rejected by a flat-footed Sullinger (of course, Sullinger is always flat-footed).

Turner just moves away from Sullinger, giving him a free dunk. That's awesome.

Green's hurt. He'll still probably dunk on Turner.

Celtics timeout. Chance to cut it to 2 or 1.

Stop the fucking ball. That's horrible.

Turner converts, back to 4.

Despite having 6 fouls, Robert Sacre will remain in the game. A technical was assessed, and each subsequent foul will also be a T.


farmar got hurt

only have 5 players

and they're going to win!

Shit, Hollis 3. 4-point game, 45 seconds left.

CHeck out the 3 point differential between the two teams in that game

Why? They have 5 available players without Sacre, it's just that none of them are centers.

Tray reply to Tray on Feb 5 at 21:21

Oh, Farmar's hurt too.

Shot clock violation. Down 4, 1:24 to go.

that's ballgame. (and technically not a "close" loss, by TK76's standards).

And Orlando gets a win - that's good

thompson 3

Turner loses the tip? Sort of? It went out of bounds. Jumping it again.

Wait, replay. It was off Turner, I believe.

Off Bayless. Sixers ball. If they score quickly, they don't need to foul. I think I'd prefer a good shot here, then fouling. Especially if Rondo gets the ball. Put him on the line.

MCW w/ a clutch turnover. Dribbled it off his foot.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 5 at 21:25

I bet on the Sixers when the line was -2, so I was kind of hoping for a one-point loss here.

Oh good - the old fart will have something to say about how the young kid is a huge failure

lost by 6

lakers on friday

So I get two games this weekend huh - that's nice

Darren Wolfson of 1500 ESPN tweeted that nothing has changed since the beginning of the season regarding the Timberwolves’ interest in 76ers guard Evan Turner. Although Minnesota covets Turner, President of Basketball Operations Flip Saunders is still not willing to include a first rounder that Philadelphia would want in return.

I thought Kahn had been fired?

Heh. They "covet" Turner. That's hilarious.

That was my favorite part of the excerpt too - covet ;)

PS - 3-14 in the last 17 - don't tell me the sixers don't know how to lose.

Admit it - you didn't think Milwaukee would suck this bad

I didn't spend a lot of time thinking about other teams. I thought the Sixers would be worse than this. Of course, I also would've adjusted my thinking when the Sixers started picking up too many wins early and I would've made adjustments.

Or you could sit tight and arrange for people to write about how smart you are...and how even if you don't make a move it's the smart thing to do. :)

No surprise there. I've always thought Minnesota will eventually be the landing spot for Turner. They loved him during the draft and tried to move up for him IIRC. And they've been rumored to be interested in him ever since.

I'm not really sure why being high on him going into the draft, under a different regime transfers to now - his NBA play has already indicated that he was 'over drafted' - you'd think they'd be smarter now

Well Hinkie himself hinted about keeping tabs on players they were interested during the draft. So i guess that actually exists. Also changing the GM doesn't always mean a complete regime change. Some of the people in the organization remain the same. And most importantly they have been rumored to be interested in him over the past few years frequently, so i am assuming there is some legitimate interest there. Now, what they'd give up for him is an entirely different question.

I believe it actually exists - but 4 years of NBA play has more impact than 'we liked him in the draft' I would think...I don't think an interest in Turner leading up to the draft would bear much relevance on how much they value him today - with multiple seasons of mediocre at best play played

Tray reply to Xsago on Feb 6 at 12:14

But I assume after four years of being terrible, they stop keeping tabs on prospects they liked in the draft. Or at the very least, they substantially revise their expectations for those former prospects. Of course there are cases where a player's just misused for the first few years of his career, but I think we've put Turner in a variety of situations and he's failed in all of them.

I never said they are expecting the same results they thought he'd be capable of before the draft. But there is a legitimate chance they think he could be better than he is right now with a fresh opportunity considering they were high on him once, don't you think?

Big, big loss tonight. Good work, guy? Man, I hate this situation.

Michael Carter-Williams named rookie of month of January.

Two big games going on right now. Pelicans/Hawks and Blazers/Knicks. Both scores in our favor right now, but close.

Three-team trade. link

Sixers get right to swap picks with one or both of them in 2015.

tk76 reply to Brian on Feb 6 at 0:18

That is not such a good trade given they are taking on a 3 year contract and not getting a future #1.

If you still hold out hope for catching the Bucks, they're up by a point at halftime at Denver. Although all that means is that they have about the same tiny chance of actually winning the game as they did when the game started.

The Six on Feb 5 at 23:21

Bucks Nuggets coming down to the wire. Sanders with a monster game.

this is an insider piece but it does a decent job on why trading turner isnt the easiest thing in the world


Can you sum it up for us without insider?

he isnt as good as the raw numbers indicate

if you trade for him the cap hold could cause some problems/better to sign him in free agency

Since the 2005 collective bargaining agreement, only five players in the fourth year of their rookie-scale deals have been traded midseason for a package including a future first-round pick

Interestingly that's the second piece about Evan Turner on insider today...in another piece debunking 8 conventional wisdom ideas they talk about how Evan's improved 'counting stats' may make it look like he's figuring it out but he below average PER (mid 13's) would counter that and his increased numbers are a factor of the sixers pace

I wonder if this is a response to Hinkie "playing chess."

I doubt it has any connection...but there is a 'portion' of folks out there who think better numbers Turner is putting up mean he's better :)

Some other interesting debunked/proven ideas

Golden State doesn't play super fast and is good defensively

Anthony Davis not 'great' at rim protection

Blake Griffin better on P*R defense then you might think

LaMarcus Aldridge just shoots too much but is not efficient

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 6 at 16:55

I can't tell which of these are debunked and which are proven, could you elaborate?

I could - yes.

Didn't realize LMA's TS% was that low this year. Guess that's what happens when you make love to the long two every game. His OFR is still 110 because he never turns the ball over, which is again the result of settling for long twos all night long. Good for him. Cracks me up when people say he's an all star. Fucking scrub.

cavs fired their gm

Interesting move so close to the deadline, wonder if this takes them 'out' of play and means Gilbert is accepting the playoffs are out of reach.

Could mean he thinks they should be in the playoffs, and he's bringing someone in to get them "over the top."

I guess - but unless you bring in someone 'in house' you've only got 2 weeks to figure things out - seems like a pretty tight schedule.

Then again, maybe he just had an emotional moment after the embarrassment of losing to a team that didn't have enough guys to make up for a fouled out guy lst night.

Or maybe Kyrie's agent said something (the biggest problem in the NBA today that no one talks about is the influence of agents)

You'd think Cleveland would've learned its lesson about appeasing stars, or supposed stars in this case.

Yeah, well, I'm not sure Gilbert gets it. This whole Luol Deng thing might have been what got Grant fired, the trade shined a very public light on what a freaking mess that organization REALLY is...i mean how will they ever convince lebron to come back now?

Rumor being floated that Silver's first big move as commission will be to try and get a second year added to the age limit / high school limit thing...before the current CBA expires.

of course that requires the Players Union to find an executive director which they haven't had since they FINALLY canned Hunter.

Dunk Contest Participants:
Paul George
John Wall
Damian Lillard
Terrence Ross
Harrison Barnes
Ben McLemore

This should probably be the last year Paul George participates in nonsense at the ASG. Assuming he continues on the path to elite.

Lillard is contemplating doing all 5 events

How is Lillard in the dunk contest? He's not really a dunker or a high flyer...

He said yes

Any real sixer fan has stopped watching the dunk contest since they let that annoying midget steal it from the real winner

nick young broke his knee, out at least 2 weeks and obviously wont play tomorrow

Don't know if I should be happy or sad about that in terms of tanking. I mean, personal history says Young is a terrible basketball player. But apparently he hasn't been bad in LA.

I just hope if they beat us they actually have five guys available at the end of the game.

Interesting read on the power of the new data SportVU for those interested, and probably useful for those who wish to mock new analytics for what ever insecurity they harbor that makes them afraid of evolution

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 6 at 20:37

Because depressed fan commenters hate analytics and fear evolution.

MCW in the skills challenge

40% chance he blows it by missing the free throw

Jared Zwerling @JaredZwerling
Source: Evan Turner will likely not get traded, but could change if Philly can get a 1st-pound pick. Turner will be a pricey attractive FA.

Nothing new here, other than the expectation that they won't trade him at all. That would be disappointing on several levels. But really, the only teams that would trade for him now are those who think he will help a playoff run (Bobcats?) Otherwise, an interested team would be better off waiting for this summer given they would not have to deal with his cap hold limiting their flexibility early on in FA.

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Hmmn. Did you get that on the homepage, or some other page.

Strange, I can't find any reference to it anywhere. Anyway, let me know if you see it again. I removed code from the site the message mentioned.

Stan reply to Brian on Feb 7 at 10:56

I got it on the thank you page that comes right after you submit a comment. Chrome wouldn't let me submit a comment last night so I just copy/pasted what I saw via Firefox.

I think the Sixers are going to win this game against the Lakers. They can't lose them all. And it might be the last win before the allstar break as they finish it off on a 3 game west trip against fairly difficult opposition.

And 16 wins heading into the allstar break is a nice total. The Sixers appear to be well positioned going forward.

That would be a 24 win pace, but more likely they would end up closer to 22 wins, which would be great.

The Sixers are rested for the Utah game, Utah is on the second night of a back-to-back.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 7 at 10:58

Unfortunately, Utah is 3-10 in back-to-backs, with a scoring margin of -9.8 (although with one day of rest, we're not much better - 8-20, -8.6.) On the other hand, 10-14 at home with a scoring margin of -3.4, compared to our 7-18 mark on the road with a scoring margin of -8.4. They're also 7-9 against Eastern teams. I think we'll lose.

We're also 6-6 in last 12 road games.

Stan reply to Xsago on Feb 7 at 13:27

I wouldn't mind a loss today provided that we lose to next 10. 5 of those games are against Orlando(2), Utah, Milwaukee, and Cleveland.

Tanking ain't easy. Can't wait for next year.

no farmar for the Lakers tonight and steve blake is a GTD

Anthony Davis to replace Kobe in the all star game, up to Scott Brooks who starts for Kobe

********LAKERS GAME**********

nash turned 40 today

mcw tough bucket to start

mcw to thad

mcw needs to fight around the screen better

anderson 3

bad shot mcw

nice block by Wesley johnson

thad 3

nice cut by thompson

mcw doing better vs the trap tonight then vs any team that has trapped him this year

t on kaman

hawes made the ft

wroten to the line

split them

up 9 end of the first

lavoy has been doing some decent stuff lately, he still sucks but good for him

bad shot thad

williams 3

anderson to the line

split them

mcw has about 2-3 hockey AST and another couple blown cause the sixers cant hit open shot

doing a good job at getting in the paint

nash just crossed up evan

et 3

up 3 at the half

Anderson has been getting some sort of wrap on his back when he comes out , have they said if that's from something that happened tonight or was that from the Boston game...?

boston game

thanks, did not see = power out

glad brown is stressing mcw's p/r defense to him

mcw gambles off blake who hits a 3

lakers came out playing defense

sissy 3

good find by mcw for an anderson 3

et air balls a 3

et misses a corner 3

bad 3rd quarter form mcw so far

mcw 3

bad shot mcw

nice cut by thompson

lavoy airball hook shot

wroten putback

can post on a different thread but not this one?

getting 3 happy and the Lakers lead by 10

anderson 3

thad blows a bunny, fouls kaman

he hits both

charge taken by thad

hawes splits the ft

et 3

lost by 14

at the clippers on sunday

another huge loss. Keep 'em comin'!

Orlando beats OKC. We're within half a game of the second worst record in the league. Who ever would have thought with the second worst scoring differential in the league?

Tonight's a good night for the tanking all around so far

When asked if he kept a workout routine during his time off, Bynum said, "not really."

Scott from VT on Feb 8 at 0:41

What does everyone think of Chris Walker out of Florida? Seems very raw but great athleticism...

eddies' heady's reply to Scott from VT on Feb 8 at 2:32

I'd much rather have Jerami Grant any day of the week. Really growing on him for that Pelicans pick lately. Much to go, but still.

I do wonder from time to time why Wiggins is thought of so much more highly than this kid?

Because he's a year older than Wiggins and can't shoot at all?

Granted, i've seen very little of Grant but at the moment don't like him at all. He seems like one of those great athletes that stick on the fringes of the NBA for a while because of their athleticism, but simply doesn't have the game to be an impact player.

For example, is he better at all than say Rodney Williams, the guy who plays for the Sixers D-league team and was part of the Sixers summer league team? I'm not sure he is... I definitely wouldn't touch him in the lottery...

buke reply to Xsago on Feb 8 at 13:59

I can't speak too much about the Syracuse forward, but I am well versed in Rodney Williams having watched him for multiple years as Big Ten fan and resident of Minnesota. I would be surprised greatly if Grant was not significantly better than Rodney. Rodney is a player who came into college with big time hops (I guess he still has those), but had a lamentable lack of development as a player during his four years at Minnesota.

During his freshman and soph years he was listed as a first rounder in mock drafts. After his senior year, he wasn't drafted at all and he shouldn't have been. He definitely did better than I expected in summer league, but he still didn't show all that much.


Rumor of the day that would cement Gilbert as being a fool.

If fired by Detroit Joe Dumars would be a leading candidate for the Cleveland GM job (probably baseless speculation, but would be just awesome if true)

Stan reply to GoSixers on Feb 8 at 16:24

It's funny how a few years ago I thought Joe Dumars was a genius.

Interesting pic from the Sixers' PR guy of 00's shot chart vs Deandre's shot chart:


I know there is talk that this draft isn't living up to its hype but I have to disagree. Perhaps it is due to me watching significantly more college hoops this year, but the level these guys play it is impressive. And the mistakes and flaws hey have as 18 year olds is completely understandable.

I know the draft falls off after the first few picks but I think their are potential all stars out to 14. Potential key word but it really does some deeper than usual as well.

tk76 reply to Rusty on Feb 8 at 18:09

It depends what kind of hype. It is unlikely that we will get one or more Lebron/Durant/MJ type of generational talents. But there should be several future All Stars and the depth of talent seems really promising. So maybe deeper than the Lebron/Wade/Melo draft but without with more Melo and less Lebron in terms of the level of the best players.

Certainly heaps better than some of the recent drafts.

Tray reply to tk76 on Feb 8 at 20:19

Is it really unlikely that between Wiggins, Embiid, Parker and Exum we'll get even one generational superstar? I think there's about a 60-70% chance that we'll get one from this draft.

I don't know. I expect it more likely we get a Wade than a Lebron. About how often do we see that type of player enter the league? Off the top of my head:

MCW (hah)

That spans about 30 years, so about 1 every 7-8 years. Am I missing someone? There certainly are a lot of all timers like Hakeem, Robinson, Dirk, etc who don't quite make the cut IMO.

Tray reply to tk76 on Feb 9 at 0:35

Hakeem doesn't quite make the cut?? I would probably add Dirk and Barkley. Anyway, what you're leaving out is that players who are even advertised as potential superstars only come along once every 7 or 8 years as well. Usually when a player's touted that highly, he turns out to be as great as people expect. It's not as if every year people say someone in the draft will be an all-time great, and once every seven years they're right.

Tray reply to tk76 on Feb 9 at 0:51

Hakeem doesn't quite make the cut?? I would probably add Dirk and Barkley. Anyway, what you're leaving out is that players who are even advertised as potential superstars only come along once every 7 or 8 years as well. Usually when a player's touted that highly, he turns out to be as great as people expect. It's not as if every year people say someone in the draft will be an all-time great, and once every seven years they're right.

Hoping to land a top 10 all time guy is nice but it's not a strategy. It takes incredible amounts of luck to do it. The last potential top 10 all time player was drafted last year IMO - Davis. It's gonna be a while till we get the next.

The comments were onl about the relative strength of this year's draft. I ws saying it sounds like this year will be a great draft class, but probably won't have a generational star. Tray thinks it likely will. Either way, there is a good chance the Sixers get a star if things play out right.

Rusty reply to tk76 on Feb 9 at 14:23

Yes - I will gladly take a Wade/George/Melo type talent in the top 5. I could see Embid being generational as he could be the best two way big man for a long time and has shown glimpses of being really special. But I guess if you aren't considering Hakeem in the generational discussion then I would be really stretching.

I also think there could be all stars in the 5-15 range. And picking right there could be very rewarding.

I have been very encouraged by the progress I have seen in all of the big name freshmen. Even though more flaws are being exposed, I think everyone has shown why they got the hype they did.

I still subscribe to the notion that this is the right year to execute a tank.

Agree with all of this.

As per generational players, it is all sort of arbitrary, and Tray's list is as valid as any. You cold probably consider adding guys like AI and KG to that list, depending on where yo want to set the bar. If the Sixers were to have a player as good as Hakeem then I would be ecstatic.

buke reply to