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The Precipice of Immortality

Had a tough time picking #5, was between Randle, Vonleh and Smart (believe it or not). Man, they better not drop to #5.


1) Wiggins
2) Embiid
3) Exum
4) Parker
5) Randle (although virtual tie with Vonleh)


This is exactly how i feel as well at the moment, including the Randle-Vonleh virtual tie.

Tray reply to Xsago on Mar 27 at 17:40

I would prefer a really good starter to a second or third-rate high-usage scorer. So I might go with Gordon here, or Vonleh.

Gordon is right behind them on my board, but i feel like his FT% is too scary to put him higher.


I might even switch Parker and Randle in this list...I just don't like his game very much. The Carmelo comparisons ring a little too true. Horrendous D, tendency to take lazy long 2s, average athleticism. I don't think he fits with where the Sixers are going. I would be disappointed if he was our man. I like Exum a LOT. Incredibly quick, killer handle, athletic and smart with the ball. Models his game on Derrick Rose. His shot is worrisome though. Do we really want two slashers on the court with MCW and Exum? I like his attitude from what I've seen though, and I think he will only get better, perhaps a lot better. Seems like he gets to the rim with such ease he's still uncomfortable shooting from outside. I would still take him if Wiggins is gone. I think Randle has stretch 4 potential, something which he hasn't really been able to show as Kentucky's only real post scoring option. He shot from outside in high school, and I think he could add that back into his game.

'Immortality' carries a positive connotation, something this Hinkie-
scrapheap doesn't deserve.

'Infamy' works though... but only if the bouncing ball cooperates for 96 more.

Miracle On Hardwood tonight or Saturday??

The Seat You'll Never Sit In. We Owe You One. Show Ya Luv. Passionate, Intense, Proud. Together We Build Sandcastles.

Well this is odd. From a New York Times story on Embiid:

An N.B.A. executive who was not authorized to discuss his team’s draft strategy said he doubted Embiid’s injury would affect his standing. He expects Embiid and another freshman, Jabari Parker of Duke, to be among the first three selections. Wiggins, the executive said, is likely to go lower but still in the top seven.

Don't get wigged out. Andrew's magnificence has been manufactured.

if only he worked as hard as Speights, he'd be a stud. Right?

Sorry, couldn't locate the tongue-in-cheek key. Didn't you hear me smiling? I'll keep your literalness in mind.

I mean, I think Wiggins is a project who could easily end up being a pretty unremarkable, DeRozan with better defense (but less offensive game than he's shown this year) sort of player. But he's still a top three pick in this draft.

Stacy Augmon.

Tray reply to Brian on Mar 27 at 14:23

Unlikely he's that unproductive. But he could very easily be a poor man's Paul George, don't you think?

Tray reply to Brian on Mar 27 at 14:24

Unlikely he's that unproductive. But he could very easily be a poor man's Paul George, don't you think?

Oh, absolutely.

I actually think he'll be much better off going to a team where he kind has to be the man early on. If he goes to the Lakers, for example, he'll shrink into a similar role he had in college and let Kobe take all the shots. I think he'll excel in Philly, and if you get him, you potentially have three plus, plus defenders in your starting lineup for a long time (although who the hell is going to put the ball in the basket?)

Tray reply to Brian on Mar 27 at 14:59

Hopefully Wiggins? And maybe our Pelicans pick. Maybe Hood will surprise people and be a Joe Johnson-level scorer. Though I doubt it.

I actually have a feeling that Houston realized that by running an offense based on analytics you can actually improve your offense more than you can improve your defense. Unfortunately, Houston got kind of stuck because the owner wanted results immediately so they had to focus on what they knew how to fix right away and in addition to it the star they managed to acquire (Harden) is a disaster on the defensive end.

Hinkie has a clean slate in Philly now though, so he's trying to build a team of defensively gifted players hoping that by running a smart system they can improve the offense to an acceptable degree.

I'm not sure it's the correct strategy, but it will be interesting to see how it works out. I think it might be reasonably successful.

Tray reply to Xsago on Mar 27 at 19:56

Don't blame Harden, blame their anemic rebounding and inability to force turnovers. They're sixth in effective field goal percentage allowed, the defending people part of their defense is fine.

You may be right. I see him as a top floor condo unit without windows. Too neutral too often.

remember that one legged 3 hawes hit vs the bucks to send the game into overtime?, thats the difference from the worst record and 2nd worst record

heh. Didn't Turner hit a game-winner in January, too?

the last time the sixers won was when turner hit the buzzer beater vs Boston

Relatedly, Pau Gasol is out against Milwaukee tonight with a bout of vertigo. He will not make the Lakers' two-game road trip.

not that he was having a good year but the bucks shut down Ilyasova with ankle and foot injuries

He was terrible November-January but was okay in February and got hot in March (15 and 7, .580 TS%). I think that's a bit of a setback for us. But only a bit, because it means more minutes for Adrien.

Gosixers on Mar 27 at 17:03

Philadelphia - the sports fan version of Denmark? Enjoyable Read

I did already; very philosophical and academic take.
His take on the unusually lively WFCrowd was dead on IMO. It shocked me sometimes too.
If only fans could curb their expectations...

question: Does anyone still care or want MCW to win the ROY?
I do, but only so he can get some sort of pecuniary reward, considering his mom has cash strapped him.

I only care if it leads to some team overpaying for him in a trade.

Winning ROY is ultimately worthless. I care far more about him developing a jump shot.

The logic (talked around the sixers blogs by many) that Noel should be kept out this season so that he will be eligible for ROY next year is even more ridiculous than this whole MCW-ROY infatuation.

Is someone seriously saying that? Silly.

I was a bit alarmed when I read a quote saying Noel was 80% the other day. If that's true, he's a really slow healer. I was certain he'd been healed for a while and was being held out to work on his game (and lose as much as possible).

I didn't really read it as 80% healed but 80% ready to play. He hasn't played in a year so he's gonna need some time to get back in rhythm.

mcw having to deal with beverley should be a good test for him

anderson floater

bad shot mcw

stop with the jumpers

hey henry sims, happy birthday - go stop dwight howard

anderson to thad

nobody gets back, jones dunk

sims thinks he is better on offense than he actually is


thad 3

another thad 3

anderson iso 3

thad putback

sims to the line

split them

ware 3

oof can't leave dwight like that, where's lavoy when you kinda sort of need him?

sims and 1

made the ft

sims to the line

split them


ware strips harden and hits the half court shot at the buzzer!

down 7 end of the first

anderson 3

beverley hurt goes to the locker room

mullens hurt and goes to the locker room

sims post ups will be the death of me but to the line he goes

made both

anderson to the line

made both

good move by thad

how are they still in this game?? oh there come dwight and harden nevermind

Pat Beverley is doubtful to return with a sprained right knee

mullens sprained ankle and will not return

mcw steal to anderson

3 on sims

mcw to anderson for 3

nice move mcw

davies is still on this team??

played good d on dwight there

davies to the line

split them

down 14 at the half

thad tip in

this has not been mcw best shooting night

mcw to thompson for 3

thad to the line

split them

thompson 3

yep this is the sixers game we all expected to see

elevator play for an anderson 3

another anderson 3

down 20 end of the 3rd

Milwaukee has an 11-point lead; Ramon Sessions has gotten to the line 8 times in the last 90 seconds. How is he so good at that?

nunnally 3

sims putback

nice block varnado

nice play for an anderson 3

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 22:16

Who is "Ware" that was mentioned above?

casper ware

they signed him to a day 10 a couple days after wroten got hurt

eddies' heady's reply to sixerfan1220 on Mar 27 at 22:18

thanks. Don't remember you posting that he was signed. Where'd he play college at?

long beach state

lost by 22

pistons on saturday

One game between us and bucks.

One game away from ~2.55% better odds, 2 games away from +5.1%.

The biggest difference is their odds of dropping to the #5 pick, which would be depressing.

Currently they have a 1:8 chance of drafting #5. Had Hawes missed that 1 footed 3 pointer against the Bucks they would be guaranteed a top 4 pick. If they tie with the Bucks they have a 1:16 chance at drafting #5.

Tray reply to tk76 on Mar 28 at 13:04

Not just depressing, disastrous. Unless you think Randle could be really good.

Stan reply to Tray on Mar 28 at 16:36

The only way I can see him being really good is if he has a good jump shot. Otherwise he might be one of those guys that doesn't make his first all star appearance until he's about 30 years old.

i think they'll beat Detroit tomorrow

and Kyle Anderson too

Bucks fans are pretty terrified that we'll pass them and really mad at the team for playing its decent vets over the D-leaguer with the 46 inch vert they just signed. See:


Anthony Davis is out for the rest of tonight's game with a "left ankle issue." It's not too late for their pick to slide to tenth... MAYbe 9th with a big losing streak.

I don't want randle with our first pick but boy would I love to trade up for him. He is just such a beast on the boards and I've seen him do it against Michigan state, Louisville, Tennessee , lsu whcih all have pro size rebounders. Philly would love him.

We would appreciate wiggins but I'm not sure our crowd could for the first few years. An iggy type if full package talent. I'd love for any combo of wiggins randle stauskus and lavine. Lavine late first with a combo of seconds.

Tray reply to Rusty on Mar 29 at 1:31

Noel can rebound a ton. How many rebounders who can't score outside of 3 feet do you want on this team? Our spacing would be so bad. I liked Harrell tonight. I don't see why we would use the Pelicans pick on him, but he should be a nice 12 and 10 guy for someone.

I'm not too sold on Noel's rebounding to be honest. We'll see but he probably won't be as good of a rebounder as many think.

Also, why do you think Randle can't score outside of 3 feet? Randle has his weaknesses but destroying the spacing on a team isn't one of them IMO.

10.5 DREB/40, DREB% of 26% was really strong in college, and now he has bulked up. I think his rebounding will be good early and top 10 within 2-3 years. I'm sure his shot blocking will take away a rebound or 2 a game, and pairing him with a weak rebounder like Thad could be a minor issue. But I don't think you have to pair him with another + rebounder.

I'm not sure those are great numbers for college. They are good but not great. Great rebounders (like Randle and Vonleh this year) in college average around 14-15 rebounds per 40 minutes pace adjusted. Noel averaged 11.6. Embiid is at 13.5, Davis was at 12.9. Even Jabari Parker is at 11.5!!! I seriously doubt he'll ever be top 10 in the league. I think statistically he'll be similar to Serge Ibaka IMO - without the jump shot. The biggest reason for all this is his relative lack of lower body strength that i don't think is all that fixable.

Tray reply to Xsago on Mar 29 at 13:27

I'm seeing 11.9. Also, I don't think Davis or Embiid played with a 7' lottery pick, as Noel did with Cauley-Stein (and yes, they sometimes played together). Anyway, I think a decent comparable is Camby, who averaged just 11 rebounds per 40 minutes over his college career (10.7 his junior year), was a very poor rebounder early in his pro career, but then went on to lead the league in rebounding percentage four times and average 11.5 rebounds per 36 minutes or better from 2000 until his last season in the league. Like Noel, Camby was very thin when he got to the league,* but he got bigger. Now, unlike the Raptors of the late 90s, our team seems to be pretty great at conditioning and nutrition and strength, and we've already built Noel up a lot from where he was in college.

* Here's a picture from his rookie season - http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-GQzFkG4ll7A/UZR6WOETM6I/AAAAAAAAC5I/2XS9IFP6S8M/s640/mc.jpg

I'm not disagreeing with this, it's definitely possible and i hope it happens. My point is that expecting him to be a great rebounder right away is simply wrong. There's no guarantee that he'll be a great rebounder. I see no reason why he'd be advertised as a great rebounder.

Tray reply to Xsago on Mar 29 at 13:09

I think it because I watch Randle a lot. He scores at the basket. He rarely shoots a mid-range shot, but when he does they don't go in; hoop-math puts his jump shooting inside the arc at 33%. Even his post scoring is all right around the basket. This isn't someone making or taking, at least with any kind of frequency, hook shots or turnaround jumpers. He either faces up and gets all the way to the basket, or he backs his way down and gets there. Virtually every shot he takes is in the restricted area or a foot outside of it. Of course, he isn't just scoring with brute force; there's a lot of nifty moves in tight spaces and ball-handling ability there. But he's always in the paint.

And I agree with what tk76 said about Noel's rebounding potential. And given that we have a big, well above-average rebounder at point and are likely to draft an athletic, above-average rebounding wing, I don't know why we would draft or need a non-stretch 4 whose best attribute as it translates to professional play is beast rebounding. I think the attributes that we'd want in our next power forward are primarily shooting and defense - maybe passing too. That would make Vonleh and Gordon (less so Gordon) attractive options should we fall to 5, and it might make Payne a possibility at the Pelicans pick, or if we acquire a lower first-round pick. I think Payne is underrated because he's old. So what if he's not going to get a lot better; isn't it pretty clear that he's going to be a very good NBA player? If you get a power forward who can average 14-16 a game and shoot a high percentage from three, that seems like pretty good value in the late lottery.

I wouldn't base Randle's ability based on his shot selection this year. He's utilized much differently than he'd be in the NBA IMO. And reportedly Randle had a jump shot in high school and his FT% suggests he can shoot.

I think Randle will be a lot like Thad, just bigger and stronger (much better rebounder, worse defender). Do you think Thad clogs the lane?

This sounds an awful lot like how they tried to sell Zeller prior to the draft last summer.

There's a very big difference IMO. Zeller was never a shooter but showed some ability in practices. Randle was supposedly a reasonable shooter in high school. Big difference.

Also, Randle is a better prospect than Zeller in pretty much every aspect imaginable.

P.S. Zeller has actually been improving throughout the year. We'll see what happens in a few years.

Watching this UVA/MichSt game and I have to say, really enjoying Virginia's defense. First time in a long time an NCAA game has been even mildly entertaining to me, these guys are relentless and really well coached.

And a 7-0 run for MS. Weren't people on here saying they liked Harris from mich st? He hasn't done jack in this game.

yea hes struggling on offense but Virginia has one of the best defenses in the nation

They have the best defense, I think. Harris isn't even touching the ball, and now he's out with three fouls (why? There are only 8 minutes left)

4 fouls, you only get 5 fouls in college

It was 4 not 3. Ok, makes sense. Looks like UVA is going to lose this, they're gassed. Too bad.

I spoke too soon. Huge corner three to tie it up.

Great game.

TwoSense reply to Brian on Mar 29 at 0:10

"Pack-line defense".
Bennett was cut from cloth same as Dad. Helluva coach. Masterful, at times.

Deepsixersuede on Mar 29 at 9:52

I would have a hard time taking Wiggins over Gordon, and Vonleh over Gordon also. Gordon, other than his free throw shooting, seems to do most things better than Wiggins. And Wiggins' handle scares the hell out of me.

The main talk when Vonleh is brought up is his ability to possibly be a stretch 4 but Gordon's form on deep jumpers looks better than Vonlehs' and Vonleh looks very inconsistant so far.

If Orlando stays at 3 and still believes Oladipo is their p.g. of the future, taking Exum possibly off their board, than Gordon fits perfectly there with either Harris or Harkless next to him.

His athletism next to Vuce would be ideal and he could guard small forwards that Harris can't handle. On a related note, how much better will Parker become than what Tobias Harris will become?

There is no way in hell I'm drafting a guy that shoots 43% from the line unless he's a dominant big, at least on one side of the ball. I'd also never trust a guy's jumper when he's that bad from the line.

deepsixersuede reply to Brian on Mar 29 at 22:10

Brian, if you watch him play you will see his form is fine. He makes winning plays and is flat out the best defender in this draft. The S.Marion comparisons seem valid to me.

At the beginning of the year I wouldn't of settled for Marion in this draft, but he may end up as good as the 2nd player that comes out of this draft, after Embiid.

A small forward without a handle, Wiggins, would be more of a concern to me.

My top 5 are as follows:


No way. You cannot compare him to Marion. Marion has an ugly shot that somehow goes in. Gordon's shot looks like an abortion and it doesn't go in. If they waste a top four pick on a guy who shoots 43% from the line I'm done with them. I'll bet serious money Wiggins is the better defender in the NBA, too. Gordon has short arms and really no offensive game that's going to translate. I think his handle is ok, but it gets overrated because you expect a guy with a shot like that to just dribble the ball off his foot every time he puts it on the floor. He's #8 for me, and maybe lower.

Tray reply to Brian on Mar 30 at 11:32

Well, he did shoot .356 from three this year. Marion shot .299 his one year in college. There are occasionally players who can shoot but who can't make free-throws. Iguodala's shot 62% or worse the last three seasons, but he's an okay shooter. In one of those seasons he shot 39% from three. Bruce Bowen shot 57% for his career from the line and 39% for his career from three - largely from the corner.

42% is much different from 62 or even 57. 42% is like Steve Sax/Mackey Sasser mental problems.

This slop season's movements have dropped the 76ers 51 yr w-l percentage to .514. Tonight's contest has a favorite's chance to neatly register the book at loss 2,000 (2,118 wins). A once well-respected franchise is on Nordstrom's Rack. In a basketball town like Philadelphia there is no excuse for a cheesy, reduced product.
Only a greedy cynic could offer this squad to the public.

wroten back tonight and no mullens

will be watching but wont be in the thread

hopefully they end the streak tonight

Really? I'd rather they get the worst record. The streak doesn't make them any more or less pathetic.

i just dont really want to lose 36 in a row and id prefer they beat detriot than boston

heh old man Lynam actually predicts the W for them tonight, they ask Dei if she does too and she says "...well aren't we out of time?"

they lose the tip and both teams get stuffed on their first possessions...

MCW swipe to thad, DET misses, hollis 3!

15-8 at an early TO, let's see how long they can keep this up...

holding on, 21-17 and MCW seems to actually be making shots so far

woah cool jennings ejected for what now??

33-23 after 1st Q...can the bench do their thing?

oof KCP rejects whoever that was, wroten maybe?

if i'm counting this right, four of the sixers in uniform tonight have yet to win a game with this team - sims, nunnaly, ware and varnado are all 0-for since they were picked up, is that right??


Hey Brian,

What do you think about LaMarcus Aldridge these days? I know you used to not be a fan. Seems like they are much better with him on the floor this year though.

would you look at that, a 70 point half

THAD pushes it to 22

woah up by 30 after 3...sixerfan we may have to ask you to come back

Thad with a SLAM to keep it at 30 with just over 5 left...you guys can come back now, this one may be too far gone for even them to blow...

woohoo it's over!

An "Eastern Conference official" tells the NY Daily News that rumor is Parker is staying. If so, and if we don't pass the Bucks or tie them and win the tiebreaker, we would have a 44.2% chance of having to choose someone like Vonleh or Gordon or Randle or Smart at 4 or 5. Even if we do catch Milwaukee, we'll have a .357 chance at 4.

Stan reply to Tray on Mar 30 at 12:36

Jabari Parker would have to be a fucking idiot if he decides to stay another year in college. And whoever is advising him clearly doesn't have Jabari's best interests in mind.

Tray reply to Stan on Mar 30 at 13:41

Was Duncan a fucking idiot for not coming out after his junior season? The chances of a crippling injury are pretty slim, and I don't think a sophomore season will expose some huge holes in his game that aren't presently apparent. If anything, a chance to play alongside a legit center will give him more of a chance to show he can guard threes and fours. Maybe he's doomed to fail at that, but I don't think confirming what we already know about him on the defensive end will hurt his stock much. Also, next year's draft projects to be a little weaker, and though there are some great big men at the top he'll be the best wing prospect in college. I would expect he'll still be a top 3 pick. The only real issue is injury risk. But teams use high lottery picks on injured players pretty often now.

Stan reply to Tray on Mar 30 at 18:18

I'm not sure how rookie salaries were structured back in 1996, but if Jabari doesn't declare for the draft this year he would be walking away from a guaranteed $4 million. He would also delay his first and second post rookie contracts by year which could essentially cost him tens of millions of dollars. I don't put much stock into player development in college. One extra year of college basketball isn't going to make him a much better player. I think he's better off developing his defensive game when he's getting trained by NBA coaches and playing against NBA talent.

And Tim Duncan lucked into a really a good situation with San Antonio. Him being drafted #1 overall in 1996 really wouldn't have made much of a difference in his career had he been drafted by the Celtics, Grizzlies, Sixers, or the Nuggets the following year.

Tray reply to Stan on Mar 30 at 13:58

Also, he might not like the teams that are likely to get him. Parker might be one of those guys who wants to control his destination. You also forget that winning at Duke next year would build his endorsement value. Carmelo was a brand name by his rookie year. I don't think Parker would be if he came out now.

"round trip ticket" still in play.

South Broad reply to Tray on Mar 30 at 14:05

Haven't seen the Daily News piece but I posted and linked something about this about a month or so ago. No telling which way he'll actually choose, but there's been chatter on Tobacco Road for months now that he's leaning to coming back because he "owes it to Duke" and he wants to play with his friend, Jahlil Okafor, and make a run at a championship.

He'd likely need Hood to stay also if he wants to accomplish that though.

They get Justise Winslow to play swingman though, and he can more than replace Hood. Besides, his twitter handle is Chief_Justise.

Saric changed his mine/ someone reported something wrong and will enter the draft


According to Givony it was his former agent spreading lies about him not declaring and signing with Efes Pilsen. Apparently, Saric was determined to declare.

I'm a big fan of the trade down from 11 strategy, but if we stand pat Harris and Stauskas both look like decent options there. At least they do today.

Stan reply to Tray on Mar 30 at 18:20

The Pelicans pick has gone up to #12 but there's still a chance that it could go down as low as #9.

Tray reply to Stan on Mar 30 at 19:32

So long as Gordon and Vonleh are off the board, the 9th pick might as well be the 13th pick, or the 15th pick. 9 just means more of a chance to screw up and take McDermott or Hood or some overrated mediocrity like that.

deepsixersuede reply to Tray on Mar 30 at 21:40

I think Payne may get some thought from 9 on down also. Isn't he what people think Vonleh may become?

If the sixers don't want to win next year to keep their 1st rounder do they a]pick a euro to stash with the pels pick [Saric,Capela,Bogdanovic] or b]pick players less ready to contribute right away. Ex. [Lawine over Stauskas],[Wiggins over Parker]?

Eh, don't think they need to worry about tanking draft picks to avoid the playoffs next season. The only way they're going to be in the hunt is if they get a star in the making with their high lottery pick, it's not like they're going to go out and sign some free agents to make marginal improvement.

deepsixersuede reply to Brian on Mar 31 at 21:50

Hinkie seems to be a bit anal preparation wise and it wouldn't surprise me if he is running all kinds of scenerios through his head.

Another thought process could be that the 2015 draft is full of bigs and to stock the wing positions in this draft if thought of as equal to a big on the board.

Wiggins and Stauskas would be my hope as of now. Bogdanovich looks good also.

Payne probably can't do as much defensively, or on the boards. I'm a little worried that in the pros he might just be a shooter.

buke reply to Tray on Mar 31 at 12:42

I chuckled when I saw that one draft board listed Robert Horry as his comparable. If he can hit big shots like Horry, he will be well worth drafting. That guy was a human rabbit's foot.

deepsixersuede reply to Tray on Mar 31 at 21:56

I think Thad is going to be given every chance to succeed next to Noel. Being top 5 in steals fits how Brown wants to play and Payne, to me, would be ideal playing behind Thad and Nerlens.

I love Vonleh's rebounding but Payne seems so much better offensively and equal as a rim protector.

So at 9-12 we'd take a guy to back up Thad, and/or back up Noel in super-small lineups? That seems pretty unambitious for a late lottery pick. I think a lot of people are thinking shooting guard there for a few reasons. First, even if we draft Parker this is going to be a shooting-poor team, under a coach and GM that value three-point shooting. Second, we have nothing at that position and no matter who we draft at the top we still won't, unless we take Exum, which would mean we fell to third or fourth. Third, there are a number of guys who project to be above-average shooting guards and good shooters, and who will be available there - Stauskas, Harris, and I would add Hairston and McDaniels, though McDaniels isn't much of a shooter (yet). If we don't take any of those guys, we might take Hood and McDermott, who'd fill the same need at small forward, but they seem pretty limited to me (and most other people), especially McDermott. I definitely think Payne is a nice player who would make sense if we acquired a late first-rounder. But even if we sent Thad away, I don't think Payne does enough things well, consistently at least, for a late-lottery pick. He seems a little too content to jack away from three, and he's a pretty anemic rebounder for someone his size. There's also the age thing and the fact that he barely made an impact his first couple years of college.

deepsixersuede reply to Tray on Apr 1 at 21:45

I am afraid Stauskas may not be there and am not enamored with Harris' inconsistant shooting. Hairston seems like a guy they may not want here with the off the court issues.

I expect Payne to be gone by the end of the lottery and a late first won't get him. I would rather target one of the following s.g.s with a 20 to 30 pick if acquired. [Bogdanovich,Levine,Markel Brown or J. Young]

Stauskas,if he is there, would be my pick if we get Wiggins first. For Wiggins to succeed he will need playmakers around him and Stauskas is a good passer. Wiggins looks like a get it and attack the rim type of player or get it and shoot the jumper type.

Until he gets more comfortable with his handle having 2 playmakers out there with him would be ideal to me.

I like Stauskus a hell of a lot more than Harris. In fact, I'd be psyched if they stayed put and took him with the Pelicans pick. Noel, Thad, Wiggins, Stauskus and MCW would be fun to watch next year. Of course, without One of the top four in the draft, the Pels pick doesn't mean as much. Nothing really means that much until they get their franchise guy, then you have to put the right pieces around him.

Tray reply to Brian on Mar 31 at 9:33

Harris played very well yesterday. I thought that Stauskas looked a little weak with the ball at times, and I don't know about his defense. But I would be pretty happy with him.

Wiggins is having a press conference tomorrow where its expected he will declare for the draft

@SpearsNBAYahoo NBA announced 76ers Arnett Moultrie has been suspended without pay for five games for violating the terms of the NBA/NBPA Anti-Drug Program.

Matt68 reply to sixerfan1220 on Mar 31 at 12:47

I remember listening to (and believing)people online who said he'd be a steal at #15 before the 2012 draft. He seems worthless as a player and toxic as a presense now.

wont be around tonight

korver might be back tonight for the hawks

the bucks have a winnable game vs the pistons

Hibbert complained the other day, after only getting 8 shots in a loss to the Wizards, that there are some "selfish dudes" on the Pacers. I assumed he meant Turner, but it's believed he primarily was talking about Paul George, who went 6-22 that night. George, for his part, told reporters he believes Gortat should win Defensive Player of the Year, which is peculiar. I mention this because George, who Wiggins fans think Wiggins may become, is now shooting just .426 from the field, after shooting .419 last year. The efficiency's okay - .556 TS% - because he gets to the line a ton, but he's been pretty bad for a couple months. I look forward to seeing how far Indiana can go with George as its best player in this year's playoffs.

pistons beat the bucks and the kings beat the pelicans

denver is tied with the pelicans and the knicks are a 1/2 game behind

DeMarcus Cousins > Anthony Davis.

Yeah, I don't see that as an NBA character problem.

deepsixersuede on Apr 2 at 13:11

I find it hard to believe N.Carolina let him go for just that. And it took a long time for them to come to a decision.

What happened, I thought, was the NCAA said there were too many amateurism violations for him to play, and UNC decided not to fight it because they weren't going to win. I never saw anything about on-court/locker-room off-court issues. And we can easily find out how he's behaving in the D-League.

deepsixersuede reply to Tray on Apr 2 at 22:44

I thought I read some things about him associating with a bad crowd, similar to the D.Jackson situation.

no McRoberts tonight

which probably means a full dose of zeller

Zeller's been pretty good lately. It'll be interesting to see if he can keep that up as a starter.

no mullens for the sixers

******BOBCATS GAME*******

do not double jefferson in the post

MKG to the line

split them

sims bucket

zeller jumper of course

thad and 1

made the ft

mcw tip in

the bobcats defense is so smart and sound

mcw bucket

varnado blocks zeller

mcw from the post

wroten to varnado

thad bucket

down 12 end of the 1st

davies to the line

made both

the nuggets beating the pelicans would be huge

lazy close out by sims

tolliver 3

and now down 25

mcw to varnado

mcw and 1

made the ft

odd, MKG jumps on his ft

thad banged knees early in the game and is not limping but he doesnt look right, he seems off

mcw bucket

mcw to the line

split them

down 63-38 at the half

elliot Williams starting over thompson to start the 3rd

mcw and 1

missed the ft

sims putback

mcw jumper

wroten floater

thad bucket

down 25 end of the 3rd

thad bucket

wroten to the line

split them

only 7 games left after tonight

B.J. Rassam on Apr 2 at 21:16

It doesn't matter who the 76ers get in the draft - they need a top to bottom house-cleaning to turn this team around.

Tray reply to B.J. Rassam on Apr 2 at 21:24

No one ever said Casper Ware and Mullens and Eliot Williams and Brandon Davies and Wroten would be on the roster next year. The current roster's just a bunch of placeholders who we needed to sign to comply with salary cap rules. Did you think the plan was to use this roster and add a couple of lottery picks to it?

tk76 reply to B.J. Rassam on Apr 2 at 23:17

They have 2 players in Thad and MCW. Adding Noel and 2 other lottery picks next year. Maybe a couple of their other players either on the roster or overseas step up to be solid role players. Then- if they have a core in place, you have tons of cap space to add some pieces in a couple of years.

That is your complete overhaul.

lost 123-93

at boston on friday

Biyombo is a fucking bum. w\Whoever wanted to draft him is a fucking obsessive compulsive idiot who has no clue on how to be unbiased when I comes to stating fact versus opinion. Fucking dummy!!

Tray reply to KellyDad on Apr 2 at 21:53

Bismack turned out to be pretty bad (as I predicted, more or less alone among DF commenters), but lots of smart people liked him, and even if liking him was stupid, there's nothing obsessive-compulsive about liking him, or biased. I mean, biased in favor of what? Players from Congo? Defense? I don't think you can start someone as offensively limited as he is anymore; even Noel should manage to be an alright player on offense just by getting some dunks and tips here and there. But he could still be a pretty good backup center.

wasn't meant for you at all Tray.

Tray reply to KellyDad on Apr 2 at 22:21

Not being stupid I get that, I was sticking up for Brian. There's just nothing dumb about thinking that some insanely good shot-blocker in a decent European league would be a good draft pick, although like I said, at the time I thought he was so limited in every other aspect of his game that he wouldn't work out.

He's actually probably one of the better 15mpg backup bigs in the league, though that clearly doesn't absolve me from being an OCD idiot.

Tray reply to Brian on Apr 3 at 2:26

On paper it would appear that way. But the Zach Lowes of the world say he's so bad on offense that Charlotte can't afford to play him more than 14 minutes a night.

That sounds like a coaching/roster issue to me, but if he's limited to a productive 15 minutes a game, then he's a decent big off the bench, like I said. Nowhere near what I thought he'd be, but much better than a certain number two pick who's currently sinking a top team in a bench role, for example. I'd like to watch Biyombo a little more to see if his feel for/understanding of the game has improved at all. You need to be a decent passer and know where to move without the ball to be able to play bigger minutes when you aren't a scoring threat. Ben Wallace could do those things (at least after Larry Brown was through with him he could).

I still wish they could've gotten Biyombo for Turner, would've been a much better haul than -$5m, Granger's corpse and a late 2nd rounder.

deepsixersuede reply to Tray on Apr 2 at 22:41

Any chance Noel could become as good as Noa? Calipari compared him to Camby but he seems quicker and a bit better passer on the videos I have seen.

I don't really know anything about Noel, but I think players like Noah tend to display Noah-like skills in college. As Noah himself did.

eddies' heady's on Apr 2 at 22:59

I love Justin Jackson. If we don't get a small forward this year, please let us luck into him next year. Please.

pretty solid night with a cavs,knicks and nuggets win along with a pelicans loss

I don't think Atl will keep up with the Pels. They are nearly Sixers bad.

If the Pelicans decide to sit Davis for the rest of the season (back spasms) all bets are off. They might lose out. The Pelicans have a difficult schedule.

28 of 29. I'm so proud of this group. They just keep knockin' out great days. They really like each other too. And michael is eemowgin as a leadah. Imagine if he could shoot. Ya gotta remembuh, we use a diff'rint yaahdstick.

Stan reply to glowpark on Apr 3 at 10:13

I'm more impressed with Milwaukee.

- They have the worst record in the league

- They didn't go on any historically long losing streaks

- They're not the poster child of tanking

Yes, understated elegance a few blocks from Lake Michigan. Will they beat the Sixers to mattering?

Stan reply to glowpark on Apr 3 at 17:04

Are you related to Dollar Bill?

The Six on Apr 3 at 14:08

I don't want Parker, but I want him in the draft. If he's not there (and he appears to be leaning towards Duke) and Embid is out(still no decision) as well, the Sixers really need the no 1 pick to have any shot Wiggins (who I would want at No 1). This wasn't the case a month ago.

In addition, Chad Ford is talking that Exum's agent won't let him visit teams that already have a young PG in place. I like the idea of Exum a lot but do you draft a player that has no desire to be a SG/PG mix?

I would not at all be surprised to see Exum try and follow the Kobe route and force his way onto certain teams (ie the Lakers if possible.) Whether he can pull it off is another matter.

As for Parker, I'm greedy in hoping the Sixers can draft Wiggins this year and Parker next year. MCW/Wiggins/Parker/Thad/Noel works. I'm not liking the odds, but I love it when a plan comes together.

Matt68 reply to tk76 on Apr 3 at 16:30

Wait, is Parker really expected to stay in school now? That wouldn't make any sense. If anything, the collective underachievement of the freshmen should make them more willing to enter the draft now. That is, unless he's getting enough money in college to mitigate the financial benefit of the NBA.

Tray reply to tk76 on Apr 3 at 17:16

I am increasingly persuaded by the drumbeat of analytics people who think Wiggins is going to be a second or third wheel on the order of a Deng or DeRozan or Eddie Jones. Even from a purely scouting perspective, there's plenty of room for pessimism.

Rusty reply to Tray on Apr 3 at 19:45

It is a reasonable argument and we can't know for sure. I am basically using that as my hedge when we don't get the top pick.

One thing about the statistical models such as WARP: they place a huge emphasis on steals because of what they typically indicate for athleticism. But Bill Self doesn't. Since Self took over Kansas in 2004, Kansas as a team has finished in the top 100 in the nation in steal% just once: 86th in 2011. His defensive scheme is very anti-gambling.

I guess I would be more concerned about relatively low rebounding for someone that athletic, poor efficiency outside of transition, the fact that most of his halfcourt offense is outside shooting and that he's just an average shooter. I don't know why it's reasonable to be so optimistic that he'll make huge strides in improving his handle and his shot and his shot selection and his strength. Plenty of players with great physical tools don't attain those skills. I don't understand why it isn't correct to view Wiggins in the Gay/DeRozan/George band of prospects. Is it that he has even better tools? Is he more skilled than they were at his age?

As far as mental makeup, I feel like anytime someone raises his passivity they're mocked and told that's all Self's fault, but I remember last year it was McLemore Self was holding back. People said Self was an idiot for using McLemore, his best talent, as a spot-up shooter when he was so much more. But so far in the NBA, the one thing he can do besides dunk in transition is spot up. Maybe Self knew that there wasn't much more McLemore could do. Before that, Self was holding back Xavier Henry, and Brandon Rush, and Julian Wright, and J.R. Giddens, each one of them a great athlete and super-hyped recruit. Did any of them become good players after they got out of the oppressive Self system? Not at all. (Henry had a blip this season, but now he looks like the fourth best shooting guard on one of the worst teams in the NBA, behind Meeks and Young and Bazemore.) In fact, the Kansas players with decent careers, in Self's tenure, have been the less touted recruits who were good at Kansas. Aldrich, Arthur, Chalmers, and the Morrises are all competent to good role players; Withey looks like he'll be another. I'm not saying Self didn't underutilize Wiggins to a degree, but I don't think there was vastly more to get out of him, and I don't think his disappearing in games was all coaching.

I used steals as an example because of how much steals impacts the predictive models, and because I think it is largely system based.

I do agree that there are some concerns on half-court scoring. I've said many times that I think ball handling is his swing skill. If he doesn't improve it, he will disappoint respective of where he's drafted. He'll be useful, but not all-star level. It, IMO, is the primary reason why he's not a great half-court scorer yet, and why he's labeled as potential. That being said, if he improves his handle, I think his potential is high enough that you can't pass on him. The combination of an improved handle, changes in rules between college and pro's, and floor spacing could drastically change the level of player he is.

His finishing at the rim is a more unknown to me, though. Strength will certainly help, but his touch is questionable. With the right mindset, he should be able to draw fouls and help offset that, but that's his second major question in my mind.

His mental makeup, work ethic, and coachability will be huge. That's something the Sixers need to do their due diligence on. If that's strong, I think he'll blow past the statistical projections.

Brian - we are now aligned in the Wiggins + Stauskus targeting. I feel as though I haven't seen eye to eye with you all year and maybe its coming together as we head into this draft. I was high on Lavine in the first half of the season, but there are too many big holes to get me excited about him that early. And I think that is reflected in his draft stock these days. He could be an Archie Goodwin type guy this year, although I expect someone to take a shot on him earlier.

My biggest argument for Stauskus is about shooting and what a REAL shooter should look like. I feel like there is such a disparity of guys who are perceived to be shooter and guys who can just stick it. I would actually put McDermott in the same category but I think Staukus would be easier to hide (if need be) on defense and that is ESPECIALLY true with MCW and Wiggins on the court. In fact, I think those 3 would REALLY compliment each other especially if Wiggins can keep a repsectable 3pt shot as he did this season. I think you can look at how much Stauskus evolved from his freshmen to sophomore season and the different role that he took. He has holes, plenty of them, but he belongs the NBA floor at the end of game on the offensive end. And just watch some of his plays in his videos, very NBA-like pick and roll and dribble hand off plays. I was very high on him, then he had a shitty stretch, and now I am back on the bandwagon. I think I have a better feel of what he can really be now and I hope he is there at 12 because I think he can be a damn good pro with his shooting. Around 44% both years in much different roles. And, hell, Philly could use a shooter.

My problem with other shooters in this draft is that you get the James Young, Gary Harris, etc. "so called" shooters. Its like James Anderson, sure they can get hot but the consistency really isn't there. So, yes, I am taking Staus over Harris every day of the week.

I am still high on Randle because i think he willbe a double double monster and fit into a good team, but I don't see him being a superstar. I get the knocks, I just think I could really appreciate watching him bruise night in and night out.

We could really use Jabari and Embid declaring and I am holding hope that it happens. I can live with a top 4 pick then.

I agree with what you are saying about shooters, but do you really think Stauskus is the same class of pure shooter as McDermott? I realize Stauskus won't have the same athletic limitations, but I also don't think he will be nearly as exceptional a shooter.

Rusty reply to tk76 on Apr 3 at 20:21

I am going off percentages and Staus is at the 44% range for both years. McDermott was high 40's on higher usage for all 4 years (scary that he was at 48 or 49 this year). So I would give McDermott a definite edge. I suppose I am contradicting myself a bit versus what I said above but I think I am willing to give up that slight margin of shooting for what else Staus can do offensively. I think his handle is legitimate and I think he is a good athlete as shown by some of his dunks this year. He is significantly younger and showed huge steps in his game this year (in my opinion) so there is reason to believe he will work to get better and better. I like that upside.

All of that said, I think McDermott could be very good as well. I think he has a high floor and he is in the same camp that he belongs on the floor of a late game offensive possession, no questions asked. I wouldn't be against having him because I really think our team could use an elite shooter based on our current makeup. I know this may not be the makeup in 3 years but assume MCW and Noel stay....shooters needed.

One interesting thing I noticed was that Klay Thompson shot high 30's , low 40's from 3 in college. I have zero context for that and the system he played so I am not making conclusions from it, but it gives me some confidence that both NS and DM will translate their shooting to the league.

I think both will be very good shooters.

Stauskas is a safer bet in some ways because he has a well defined position and role and i think he's practically a can't miss good role player. His upside is somewhat limited, he'll never be a star but he's the type of player that will succeed in the NBA. Probably a pretty good get in the late lottery.

McDermott on the other hand is a fascinating case. He has some obvious limitations that suggest he shouldn't even be an NBA player at all, but on the other hand he's such a good shooter in every aspect imaginable (catch and shoot, off the dribble, limitless range) that it's very hard for me to imagine him failing in the modern NBA. Due to his major defensive question marks (and really he doesn't have a position), he's definitely a bigger risk than Stauskas, but he also has a much higher upside IMO. I mean, it's possible that he becomes a smaller Dirk Nowitzki or something like that.

As for where i would draft them, one thing i do know is this: Outside of the top 5-10 picks in each draft (pretty much outside of the range where stars are found) it's a smart strategy to look for players who have at least one absolutely elite skill that will undoubtedly translate to the NBA. Both McDermott and Stauskas will probably be top 10% in the NBA in terms of shooting, right away. There's just no way they fail IMO. And on the right teams they can be very useful.

P.S. Obviously, very different players from a position perspective, but this whole McDermott thing kind of reminds me of Stephen Curry before he was drafted. Is it possible that McDermott can become a forward version of Curry? Who knows, maybe...

I think Staus is a good shooter who will find a place in the NBA, but he is not comparable to McD who is a freak shooter. I think he is a better shooting/scoring prospect then Korver or any other shooter to enter the NBA in the past 10 years- probably Curry is the closest comparison as a pure shooter. It is hard to compare his shooting to Durant when drafted because of the age difference, but I think McD is currently in the class of Dirk, Curry and Durant- which is crazy for a college player. He can shoot off balance, has a quick/high release and has 26 foot range.

I agree that it is impossible to know how he will fit in the NBA. He clearly needs a team willing to try and hide him on defense. And with players like this, the question always is whether his offense will warrant a team being willing to adapt to him. If he can score like Dirk then I'm sure he will be a star that teams will be more than willing to create a defensive scheme to hide him. But if he is more of a one dimensional shooter like KK then he is destined to be a bench guy. And KK is a bit easier to hide as he is more purely a wing where McD is bigger/slower and stuck as a tweener.

Stan reply to tk76 on Apr 4 at 12:06

How do you think McDermott's offense is going to translate to the next level? He's going to struggle defensively but I really don't mind it if it means him being a really efficient offensive player.

I agree with a lot of this. Honestly, i get everything that is going against him and why he shouldn't be a top 7-8 pick, but i simply can't imagine him not being a good offensive player in the NBA. He doesn't really need all of his game to translate to the NBA. His shooting is enough. He has mechanics, separation, range, consistency - everything is perfect with his jumper and the jumper alone will make him a good offensive player. Korver is a popular comparison, but i don't think Korver is that good off the dribble. And he definitely doesn't have those one legged Dirk-like shots that McDermott is really good at.

The reality is, McDermott has been the most efficient player in college, despite having one of the highest usage rates and really being the only offensive weapon on the team for years. And it's not like he started that at an older age, he was very good even as a freshman and was dominating as a sophomore.

deepsixersuede reply to Xsago on Apr 4 at 17:56

I totally agree with your comment of taking a defined role player with the Pelicans pick. In fact I believe if we trade into the late first [20 to 30] that the player taken there may end up better than the player taken 2nd by us, since an upside guy may be picked there.

Tk, you mentioned a while back that you doubted they would put an undersized p.f. next to Noel. How would you feel about a Thad/McDermott tandem there as long as a big player was behind them for situational purposes. And could Sims grow into that role?

I like Sims as a rotational player since he is a nice change-up to all of their skinny athletes. I'm sure we'll see a lot of Sims-Noel on the floor next year unless they draft Embiid.

As for McD, I'm not sure what I think of him. I sort of doubt the Sixers will want a guy who would break up their multipositional athletes, but I'd love to see a shooter like that on the team. As for Noel, I guess it depends on how much stronger he gets.

Casper Ware signed to a 2nd 10 day

no Mullens for the sixers and no Avery Bradley for boston

Mullens looks like Lurch of The Addams Family, which isn't the insult it appears to be on its face. 6'9" Lurch, aka Ted Cassidy, averaged 17 points and 10 rebounds for the Stetson University (FL) Hatters in his 3 seasons as a player ('52-'55). Sadly, TV's biggest butler died in '79 at age 46 from complications following open heart surgery. Moral: don't wear your heart on your sleeve. His last words: "You rang?"

******BOSTON GAME*******

sims to the line

made both

mcw o-board

thad stepback jumper

sullinger gets boston on the board

thad 3

nice drive by anderson

wroten floater

bayless 2 changed to a 3

thompson 3

up 23-17 end of the 1st

davies hook bank shot

mcw putback

stop running olynyk off the 3pt line and his jumper

so he promptly hits a 3

Double agents: Bailey Howell, Mel Counts, Gerald Henderson, Bob McAdoo & Ed Pinckney.

sims to the line

made both

bayless hits both ft

mcw to the line

split them

steal and wroten finish

mcw to thad

mcw bad shot and 1

made the ft

getting killed on the o-boards

sims putback

mcw to the line

made both

down 51-49 at the half

if only bayless tried this hard on d when he was guarding tuner

sims to the line

split them

sims back to the line

split them

varnado block

williams 3

williams steal and wroten finish

varnado and 1

made the ft

great d

wroten to anderson

up 76-71 end of the 3rd

sims to the line

made both

thompson 3

davies and 1

missed the ft

mcw to the line

split them

up 3 6:04 left

mcw steal and finish

really nice mcw game tonight on both ends

thad tip in

up 8, 2:50 left

thad jumper

won by 9

at brooklyn tomorrow

that game is actually here, I'll be there and they are HEAVILY promoting steep discounts on all merch...maybe i'll pick up 50 and 00 t-shirts, i did manage to get 3 #33s and a jrue one last year for $10...

also, Henry Sims shot 18 free-throws

The Six on Apr 4 at 22:46

I guess the only question now is, with the Sixers most likely locked into the second worst record, do they let Noel play a game or two? He's worked hard getting back. Assuming he's healthy, maybe not such a bad idea at this point.

the pelicans just lost to the jazz

their schedule to end the year:


Stan reply to sixerfan1220 on Apr 5 at 0:00

Fuck Yea

Their #10 right now. #9, where Cleveland is at right now, is the lowest they can probably go. It would be almost impossible for them to catch Detroit or Sacramento- 5 game lead with with 6 games left in the season.

Cleveland's schedule:

Golden State
Golden State

New York:

deepsixersuede on Apr 5 at 7:49

H.Sims is averaging 14 ppg. and 8 rpg. over the last 10 games against starting players, how good could he become as an off the bench big.

T.Wroten is averaging 5 apg. over the last 10 games and seems to be trying to involve his teammates more, a good sign.

Everybody wants K.Love here in 2015 but realistically that probably won't happen but how about the following scenerio.

We draft Wiggins,Stauskas and a stretch 4 this draft and in 2015 target a guy like R.Jackson, a 23 year old who seems to be on an upward swing as a scorer and may be gettable for a decent salary.

T.Young, [stretch p.f.]

Scoring is gonna be needed here eventually, especially if Wiggins isn't what we hope he could be. Jackson could come here with playoff experience under his belt and a J.Harden like resume, at a slightly lower level and price.

I like the concept of finding an undervalued free agent scorer, but I don't think Reggie Jackson is that guy, or has anything like a Harden-like resume. I'm sure Jackson could score 20 a game on the right team, but the question is how he would do it. Until this season Jackson wasn't a three-point shooter at all, with percentages in the twenties; now in his third season that's up to 33%, which still isn't high enough to move the dial on his being an efficient player. Maybe he improves to 35%, but it's unlikely he'll ever become much of a shooter. He gets to the line at a very low rate, a little less than once every five shots. And that's been extremely consistent from his rookie season to this year, when he's been a semi-featured player at times. Harden, as a rookie, got to the line at a rate that was over twice as high; by his third year, he got there three times as often as Jackson is now. Is Jackson a great finisher? Like a lot of guys who are athletic but not that big or strong, no, he's not; this year he's shot 60% flat at the rim, compared to Harden who's shot 65% or higher since his third season. Finally, Harden is famously not a guy who operates in the mid-range; Jackson shoots 45% of his shots from 3 to 23 feet, where he's good - 39% from 10-16 and 16-23 - but not great.

deepsixersuede reply to Tray on Apr 6 at 8:46

Surprised that he isn't getting to the foul line more, I loved the fact he shoots a very high free throw percentage. I like the fact he can handle and allow M.C.W. to play off the ball some but wonder if our management would rather put a catch n shoot guy next to M.C.W. .

Yes, Sims definitely should be kept on as a backup center. Considering that Wroten is just turning 21, clearly he is worth keeping. If I were making personnel decisions, I'd be inclined to keep Varnado too. I also think that James Anderson should get another year just for some additional age and continuity. Probably better to keep Hollis at this point than adding a new free agent. All this assumes that none of these players, or any others mentioned, are involved in a trade.

Add those players to Thad, MCW, and Noel and you have eight returnees. Then, keep three draftees on the roster. Sprinkle in with two free agents of one-to-three years in length, pick up a waiver or D Leaguer later, and you're done.

Let every other player go regardless of whether you have to pay them or not.

Tray reply to buke on Apr 5 at 16:28

This I don't agree with. I think Sims and Wroten and Anderson are probably NBA players - that is, among the 500 best players in the world, excluding really good European players who aren't interested in leaving Europe. Varnado, probably not an NBA player. But I don't think any of the four are that good and I place little to no value on continuity with a team in such an early stage of development, that hasn't at all been successful. There's absolutely nothing here that would be detrimental to break up, no special MCW/fringe NBA player x on our roster chemistry that couldn't be more profitably built up with some better talent.

As to specifics, starting with Sims, I don't think he's a backup center on a good team. He puts up some good lines, but he's not a good defensive rebounder, or a shot-blocker, or a good offensive player. He seems to be a really good offensive rebounder and that, combined with some competent but below-average play in other areas, should earn him a spot on some NBA bench. But he's not an ideal or even a good choice for backup center. I think a vet of some kind makes sense to pair with Noel. Wroten is not a competent backup point guard, nor a competent bench scorer because he doesn't have a jump shot, at all. I'm not actually too sure that he'll be in the NBA in five years, but if he develops a jump shot somewhere else and becomes a useful player, good for him. We will easily be able to replace Wroten with a player who's better now and has a better chance of being good in the future. And Anderson's just roster filler. A shooter, who shoots under 32% from three, which happens to be his career average. He's much more athletic and much better around the basket than he's given credit for and that's why he's actually an okay player and should stick around in the league. But there are many players who do what he does better.

59 losses and counting. Air out the bed, change the sheets. Everyone in the hamper.
Evaluate each after spin cycle. No one jumps out at me as a must have, 6'8" Thad included... contributes in many respects but 21 games with 4 or fewer rebounds, and not the world's greatest defender.

buke reply to dollar bill on Apr 6 at 12:07

Agree that there are no "must haves" on this team, including Thad, but I'm making two assumptions:

1) While they want to be better next year, they don't want to be too much better as they'll be shooting for another pick in the top half of the lottery.

2) No self-respecting higher priced free agent will come here next year so the signings will be mid-level players at best with fairly short contract durations.

If these assumptions are correct, they might as well just keep the best of the current roster (it's cheap) while signing two or three modest improvements and featuring the rookies prominently.

The advantage to the front office going forward next year is that they've set the bar so low that 27 wins would seem like a big leap forward.

Tray reply to buke on Apr 6 at 12:26

I do think our young players would benefit from playing with some over-the-hill veterans. I recently saw a piece where Durant talked about the professionalism that Ollie brought to the Thunder early in Durant's career. A wise old backup point and a wise old backup center to assist MCW and Noel in their development would be nice. Just to throw out names, Andre Miller and Jason Collins.

isn't that (the only reason) why JRich is still around?

buke reply to Tray on Apr 6 at 19:30

I would like to see them sign a veteran point guard in the offseason, too. As much as I liked Andre Miller when he played here, I would prefer that they go with someone a little younger. I believe Darren Collison, Steve Blake, and Shaun Livingston are available this summer.

deepsixersuede reply to buke on Apr 6 at 8:58

I am hoping Sims can play a role similar to what Lavoy did here, some 4 and 5 off the bench. The biggest difference I see is effort every night and a vocal defender and as Tray stated a good offensive rebounder.

Our coach has stated Anderson will be back but I actually like E.Williams more because he seems quicker defensively and may fit our style more.

Varnado seems fine as a 5th big and fits age wise [26].

I am higher on Wroten than most because his ability to get to the rim is LouWill. like and he has size and a willingness to defend. I am just not sure if he is a 1 or a 2 but would love to put a Russ Smith next to him and pressure the ball with our 2nd unit.

Sims appears to have a somewhat higher ceiling that Lavoy and, unlike Lavoy, he isn't undersized. I agree that Elliot Williams might be a better choice than Anderson but I don't see them keeping both of them, if they keep either of them, and I just have a hunch they would choose Anderson.

Yeah, I think for a 20 year old who barely played previously, Wroten certainly did well enough for this team. I don't think he has any business playing point guard, but I'm glad he's trying to improve his playmaking instincts. He has plenty of speed and athleticism and has a future as another finisher in the rotation.

FYI, the team has a 1 year player option for Anderson, but has 3 more years of cheap player options for Hollis and E.Williams. So they will give those guys every chance to stick.


Why does MCW wear black leotards?

no mullens again

garnett is back tonight and will start but i doubt he plays much

ill be watching but wont be in the thread tonight

nice effort

lost by 4

at toronto on Wednesday

the magic won so at worst the sixers will have the 2nd worst record

deepsixersuede on Apr 6 at 9:17

A lot has been been talked about recently [Libertyballers] about Wiggins being affected by a defense that doesn't gamble [steal rate] and him playing in an offense with 2 bigs [ability to get to the rim] and I agree with both premises but would like to do the same about J.Randle.

He plays with 2 guards who look for their shot first. He isn't a focal point offensively. And he has played on the block most of the year because his coach asked that of him till recently when Dakari Johnson has stepped up inside.

Though he was critiqued for playing on the perimeter too much in highschool he is now being described as a p.f. that can't stetch the floor.

What would everybodys' top five be as far as a safe pick is concerned. Parker and Embiid seemed the safest all year but Enbiid's back woes and Parker not coming out possibly has changed the draft dranatically, in my opinion.

That's all wrong. First of all, Randle takes the second most shots on the team per minute. (Third most in raw numbers because he sits with fouls more than the guards.) That drastically undersells, though, how much he actually gets the ball because of all the time he spends at the line. He leads the team in usage rate, which factors in free-throws. So he's very much a focal point.

Second, he's played on the block because it's what he can do. He's made 3 of 18 threes, a third of his jump shots inside the arc, shoots 70% at the line. He doesn't have to make threes in the NBA, but it's a college three-point line; he should be shooting better than 17%. And actually, Randle often brings the ball up in transition or faces up in the half court from the three-point line. He's not always stationed on the block. But he very rarely will pull up for a jump shot because he isn't much of a shooter.

Other than that, what Randle is more often criticized for is (a) struggling against teams with size (like LSU, a team which features a 6'9, marginal NBA prospect and against which Randle made 10 of his 31 shots in three games this year) (b) super-low block/steal rate (c) not actually being that efficient in college when you consider that he's bigger than almost everyone he faces, but will be at a size disadvantage height/wingspan-wise in the league against most defenders. Randolph, for example, shot 59% in his one season in college from the field. Randle shoots 50%. Why? Because of much poorer touch, fewer moves, and four inches less wingspan. This piece is a little out of date, but it brings these points out better than I can.


As for who's safe, I think Embiid will almost certainly be a really good player if health doesn't hold him back. If doctors think his issues look like they may be chronic, then he's not safe. But on talent, he's the surest thing in the draft. I think the next safest prospect is Parker. He may not even be a huge scorer, but he'll definitely be a pretty good one. I think both Exum and Smart are actually pretty safe picks; guards with their tools are usually, at the least, very good players. Not that I would want Smart on this team. Finally, I'll go out on a limb and say that I think Hairston will almost certainly be a pretty good NBA shooting guard, and that he's a safer pick than Harris or Stauskas. He may not be the most creative or explosive scorer off the dribble, but he has the size and strength to be pretty good in that regard. I don't see any big hole in his game that could potentially be his downfall. Harris, on the other hand, could easily be a pretty mediocre player and Stauskas could easily be a pretty one-dimensional one.

deepsixersuede reply to Tray on Apr 6 at 20:24

Tray, a very interesting article. It sheds a lot of light on his upside. I am not a Hickson fan and he looks like a similar talent in the authors eyes.

Interesting. I think we'll disagree quite a bit on who's safe and who isn't this year.

Funny, but recently i actually realized that Wiggins is the safest pick in the draft. His defense will immediately translate and he's a decent shooter already. Something like an MKG with a decent jump shot? That's a starter right away. Parker is fairly safe as well, even though i have some major reservations about him. There's very little chance that Randle busts out IMO, so i consider him fairly safe as well. And i would add here the two elite shooters in the draft, because shooting always has value in a rotation role at the very least so i can't see McDermott and Stauskas busting out.

Rusty reply to Xsago on Apr 7 at 13:02

Agreed on all of this. I guess I'm officially on teamstaus

Tray reply to Xsago on Apr 7 at 17:16

A lot depends on the definition of safe. Wiggins will almost certainly be a starter, but blowing your #1 pick on mkg with a decent jump shot would be pretty terrible because of the opportunity costs in getting that instead of something much better. I assess safeness relative to expectations at the pick where someone's likely to be drafted.

On McDermott and Stauskas, it is rare for an elite shooter to play his way out of the league entirely. But there are a few that barely play because they're so limited - Bonner, Novak, and Morrow come to mind. I think McDermott shows some signs of being that kind of a player, though he should be better than them. But can you imagine any of his awkward post-ups playing in the NBA? I can't. Stauskas should at least be a good backup, but could he only be that? I think so.

Randle, similarly, won't bust out completely. But could he have a career like Corliss Williamson or Al Harrington or Tyler Hansbrough? I don't see why he can't, and that would be a big disappointment for a top 5 pick.

1. For me a safe pick is a guy who has 0 chance of busting out. Whether a player lives up to the place where he is drafted has very little to do with him being a safe pick. Some of the guys who become stars are have a reasonable bust potential as prospects. For every star there are 2-3 who are out of the league in 2-3 years. Those are not safe picks, even though some of them do pan out.

2. McDermott doesn't need to use his post up abilities at all to be successful in the NBA. All he needs to do is shoot (off the catch, off screens or off the dribble). He's an elite perimeter shooter regardless of how the shots were generated. He might not be a star, but i can't possibly see McDermott not being part of an NBA rotation for a long time.

3. I don't see any similarities between Randle and Williamson/Harrington/Hansbrough. He's production isn't entirely based on energy. Not even close. How good he becomes is up for debate but there's no way he's less than a good rotation big no matter what.

Tray reply to Xsago on Apr 7 at 20:48

Couple points:

How we define safe is purely semantic, there's no right answer. That said, I think simply asking whether someone is guaranteed to be a rotation player is a pretty pointless inquiry when you're talking about high lottery picks. Turner was/is a rotation player who very much belongs in the NBA, and he's still a huge bust and disappointment who in the end was only worth a second-round pick in a trade. It only would have been slightly more dismaying had he simply been unable to play in the NBA at all. So I prefer to define safe as an acceptable floor relative to likely draft slot.

As to McDermott, again, some of the very best shooters in the world get very little playing time because they can't defend and offer nothing besides shooting. Novak is like that, Kapono was like that. Redick was like that until he became a very capable defender, and Korver was probably a net liability until his defense improved. As NBA prospects go, McDermott projects as an unusually bad pro defender, and very little that he does on offense besides shooting should translate. So rotation player, sure, but I think he could be farther on the edges of an NBA rotation than you think is likely.

Finally, I strongly reject the notion that Hansbrough and Harrington and Williamson's games were just about energy. Hansbrough had some advanced footwork and post moves, Harrington had all kinds of ball-handling and perimeter ability, and Williamson wasn't just a strong undersized guy who threw his body around; he was actually a fairly adept scorer. And I'd grant you that Randle handles the ball well for a big man, can face up, has made an occasional jump shot, and has a fair amount of skill in the post. But it's all relative. His handle is good for a big man, but he constantly turns the ball over; he can face up, but he can only go in one direction and can't do much short of getting all the way to the basket; his post game is nice, but not good enough to save him from putting up pretty mediocre efficiency numbers and struggling against defenders who at least resemble guys he might see in the NBA. And then there are the serious size/athleticism limitations. So you add this all up and I see a very good chance that he wouldn't be a starter on many teams. Hence, on my definition of safe, which you're free not to use, he's not a very safe high lottery pick.

If we go by your definition, not a single player in the draft is safe and very few ever are. Pretty much everyone might end up as disappointment for the position they'll get drafted at.

Parker isn't safe at all as he has the only slightly less defensive concerns than McDermott and he'll get drafted much higher.

Embiid has played less than 650 minutes in college and a decent portion of those minutes were against backups. It's entirely possible that his effect was only a result of small sample size. He's a full year older than his class, fouls so much that he might not be able to stay on the court, is still fairly raw and has already shown some injury issues (which i'm not really concerned about but you have to take into account). There have been many big men with only slightly worse stats that completely failed in the NBA. There's no guarantee that he'll be worth a top 3 pick.

Smart can't shoot at all and unlike some of the successful non-shooting PGs he isn't elite in anything. He might not be anything more than a 10th man. And so on and so on...

My point is, noone is a guarantee to be good enough for his draft slot. That's virtually impossible. And it almost never happens.

Tray reply to Xsago on Apr 9 at 14:03

I don't think you understand my definition. I didn't say guarantee. I define safe as low bust risk relative to slot. No one is perfectly safe, of course, but some players are safer by this definition than others. Safety is relative, of course. We say planes are safe, and we also say some cars are safe, though none is anywhere near as safe as a professionally piloted plane. But they're safe for cars. What's a safe prospect? Maybe one who you think has an 80 percent chance of being a decent value for his slot. And I really do think it has to be slot-relative. Say you pick a prospect at 45 who you're sure will have a career as good as Kwame Brown. Pretty safe pick, I'd think. But no one would call the actual selection of Brown at 1 a safe pick. That would just be weird. "Oh, his floor is a serviceable rotation big who can rebound and defend a little; safe pick."

Adonis Thomas will be signed to a 10 day replacing nunnally

@ChrisVito: #Sixers Nerlens Noel: "I'm 100 percent." Said he's stronger than he had been. Had increased vertical leap by 3 inches.

I wonder what the 3" increase is compared to? His vert during the progression of his rehab or his vert before the injury? either way, can't wait to see him on the court.

Not sure what you are trying to say.

He is missing this year because of his right knee. He tore his ACL in his left knee.

by he i mean rose

@jeffborzello Bill Self and Joel Embiid will have a press conference tomorrow at 3 p.m. Eastern.

the pacers are resting their starting 5 vs the bucks tonight, any chance the bucks can beat the pacers' bench?

Philly Fast Break reply to sixerfan1220 on Apr 9 at 13:44

Vegas seems to think so. Indiana is just a 2.5-point favorite for tonight's game. Sadly, it wouldn't matter from the Sixers' perspective, no way Milwaukee wins 3 of their last 5.

No way? Cleveland at home and Atlanta at home, last game of the season, are both winnable. Atlanta will probably have the 8th seed locked up by the time they play Milwaukee and very possibly will rest everyone crucial, while Cleveland, even if they win tonight, will be eliminated - I think - if Atlanta beats Boston at home tonight.

Tray reply to Tray on Apr 9 at 22:10

Turner (21/6/9) doing his best to screw us over.

Tray reply to Tray on Apr 9 at 22:33

Turner with 23, 7 and 9 on 18 shots. Lavoy had 8 and 8. Bucks lose 104-102, pretty much eliminating any chance of our catching them. All thanks to Turner.

TwoSense reply to Tray on Apr 9 at 23:58

That elimination of chance actually belongs at the feet of Hinkie, truth be told, considering the returns he held out for.

Tray reply to TwoSense on Apr 10 at 0:45

Oh, absolutely. But it really is ironic that Turner cost us a Milwaukee win. Especially after having been just about the worst stretch run acquisition ever up to this point.

mullens back tonight along with lowry for the raptors but amir johnson will not play

im skipping this game

hopefully they keep playing well and finish the year strong

lost 125-114

at Memphis on friday

anthony davis and eric gordon ruled out for the year but they have 2 games left vs Houston who looks like is locked into the 4 seed so hopefully Houston doesnt rest anyone those games

Is there really much of a difference between the Pelican's pick falling at 10th or 11th? Right now Draft Express has McDermott at 10 but my guess is that means he's likely to go anywhere from 7th to 14th.

i guess there isnt a difference but the more players to pick the better

There might be a difference or there might not be. If we're crazy about Saric and someone picks him at ten, that's a difference. Or if someone wants to trade us a couple picks so they can take McDermott, but he goes at ten, that's a difference too. It's entirely dependent on who we want and who the tenth pick is. Usually there won't be a consensus #10, so the chance that the player you think is the best player available at 10 won't be there at 11 isn't that high. But maybe it's 25% or something. So that's something. And if we're looking to trade down, there's likely to be some team who really wants the guy who goes at 10 and isn't there at 11.

matt68 reply to buke on Apr 11 at 8:33